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The Simpsons' predictions for 2023 include an inflation crisis, nuclear conflict between the US and China, and public health and safety fears. The show is renowned for accurately predicting future events, often sparking discussion and intrigue among its devoted audience. The series has previously forecasted events such as the election of Donald Trump and continues to captivate viewers with its uncanny predictions.
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The Simpsons predict an inflation crisis and nuclear conflict in 2023.
Homer is told that anarchy and the end of civilization are coming soon to a country near America.
A film shown to Homer presents cards with phrases like "no local farming," "peak oil," and "dangerous trolls."
Homer receives reassurance from a man that he is the person to know when things go wrong.
The video suggests that there will be nuclear conflict between the United States and an unknown country.
The Simpsons predicted a nuclear war between US and China in 2023 and Trump as president in 2024.
In an episode, a news presenter announces the war and a big nuclear strike.
Another episode predicts Trump as the 45th president of the US in 2017 and Lisa as the president in 2024 inheriting financial problems from Trump.
The show also predicts a public health crisis in 2023 caused by a new beef burger that turns people into zombies.
The Simpsons animation often depicts real-world events, such as using beef as feed for cattle and the spread of prions causing mad cow disease.
Some individuals have experimented with using flesh as feed to improve the protein level and taste of animal meat.
The increased usage of animal feed containing prions led to the spread of mad cow disease, which shares symptoms with depictions of zombies.
The Simpsons also made a forecast in 1998 about Russia wanting to distance itself from the Soviet Union, which came true in 2014 with Russia taking control of Crimea.
The Simpsons has made several predictions about Elon Musk and Tesla in their episodes.
In Treehouse of Horror 33, the cartoon family lives in a version of Westworld where broken robots are transported in a cyber truck.
In episode 716, a white Model X may be seen briefly during a humorous retelling of Stephen King's "It".
Fat Tony is revealed to be Maggie's Godfather and provides the Simpson family with a lease on a Lexus SUV.
The Tesla Roadster, Model S, and autopilot feature have also made appearances in different episodes.
00:00in my God
00:07Simpson's predictions for 2023 is
00:12ever since mankind first appeared on the
00:14earth curious individuals have been
00:16attempting to Divine the future from the
00:19mysterious babavanga to the Mayans even
00:21The Simpsons have made prophecies that
00:23will give you Shivers the long-running
00:26series is renowned for having garnered a
00:28reputation for accurately predicting the
00:30future the television show has been
00:32successful for more than three decades
00:34because of a devoted audience that is
00:36immersed in the characters of Homer
00:38Marge Bart Lisa and Maggie as a result
00:41of the fact that the Simpsons have in
00:43the past accurately anticipated events
00:45such as tiger attacks and the election
00:47of Donald Trump as president many people
00:49now pay close attention to the show's
00:51future forecasts so without further Ado
00:54here are the forecasts for 2023
00:57inflation crisis this forecast which is
01:01reportedly for the year 2023 may come as
01:03a surprise to you despite the fact that
01:05we are all well aware of the current
01:07situation with gas prices and the rising
01:09expense of living Homer is told by a guy
01:12that anarchy and the end of civilization
01:14are coming shortly to a country near you
01:16in America Homer gives his response
01:18saying America can't fail because we're
01:21just as strong as ancient Rome the
01:23viewers presented with a film in which
01:25the following statement is made the
01:27Contemporary world is an Unstoppable
01:29March of development the video continues
01:31after Homer says delicious and then asks
01:34or is it we're slaves to the system shut
01:37the grocery and we starve then cards
01:40with phrases like no local farming peak
01:43oil Ben Bernanke solar flares 17-year
01:46cicadas and dangerous trolls start to
01:49emerge Homer continues by saying oh my
01:52gosh this film with no citations and no
01:55date has persuaded me Beyond any
01:56reasonable question
01:58Homer receives reassurance from the man
02:00who says to him I'm the person you want
02:02to know when this stuff hits the fan
02:05nuclear conflict between the United
02:07States and China another prediction is a
02:10nuclear conflict it would seem that The
02:12Simpsons have predicted that there would
02:13be a nuclear war between the United
02:15States and China in the year 2023. in
02:18one of their episodes you can hear a
02:19news presenter stating it is with great
02:22regret that I notify you that the United
02:24States of America and China have
02:25declared war on one another it is
02:28anticipated that a big Nuclear Strike
02:30will arrive on our beaches within the
02:31next hour Trump as president of the
02:34United States in 2024 the program takes
02:37its ability to predict the future to a
02:39whole new level in the episode BART to
02:41the Future from the year 2000 when it
02:43names Donald Trump as having served as
02:45president of the United States during
02:47the course of the episode Lisa holds the
02:49office of President we overhear her
02:52speaking when she is in the Oval Office
02:53and she says as you are aware we've
02:56inherited quite a financial problem from
02:58president Trump trump was inaugurated as
03:00the 45th president of the United States
03:02in the year 2017 and also very possible
03:06in the year 2024 The Simpsons predict
03:09public health and safety fears are
03:10rising the information relating to the
03:132023 Resident Evil forecast made by the
03:15cartoon series The Simpsons has recently
03:18burst on social media platforms both in
03:20the United States and internationally it
03:23is suggested in episode 4 of season 21
03:25of The Simpsons that in the year 2023
03:27the Springfield burger restaurant which
03:29is where the show's main setting is
03:31based would create a new beef burger
03:33this beef burger was made using a
03:35totally different way from the
03:36traditional one first the excellent beef
03:39is ground up and mixed with other
03:40ingredients to form feed which is then
03:43given to the cattle next the beef that
03:45comes from the kettle that were fed the
03:47same sort of meat throughout their
03:48development is used to manufacture
03:50hamburger meat after trying the brand
03:52new beef burger a reporter began to
03:54extol its delicious qualities however
03:57the reporter suddenly went insane and
03:59began biting other people as a result
04:01the whole town quickly descended into
04:03insanity and the majority of the popular
04:05Nation turned into zombies after it was
04:07revealed that Bart was born with
04:09antibodies to the virus and the
04:10remaining survivors reliant on drinking
04:12Bart's bath water to live the Resident
04:15Evil dilemma was resolved by Bart the
04:17son of The Simpsons character Homer
04:18Simpson it should come as no surprise
04:20that the serial animation of The
04:22Simpsons is itself a work that depicts
04:24reality in a tone that is ludicrous the
04:27majority of the information included in
04:28each episode of the animation has been
04:30thoroughly deliberated over by the
04:32show's producers as well as content
04:34industry Specialists therefore despite
04:36the fact that some of the information
04:37can seem to be absurd it is in fact
04:40substantiated by real world occurrences
04:43or proof for instance utilizing beef as
04:46feed for cattle is something that really
04:48happens in the real world some
04:50individuals have been toying with the
04:52concept of using the flesh as feed in
04:54order to improve the protein level of
04:55the feed in order to make the animal's
04:57meat taste better this is possible since
05:00the cost of rearing animals in the west
05:01is quite affordable prions which were
05:04eventually referred to to his mad cow
05:05disease were disseminated across the
05:07Animal Planet as a result of the
05:09increased usage of animal feed due to
05:11prion's degrading brain tissue animals
05:14and people Afflicted with mad cow
05:15disease will exhibit symptoms like
05:17irritability short temper and extreme
05:19hostility in this respect they are very
05:22similar to the depictions of zombies
05:23seen in films and on television
05:25therefore The Simpsons are less of a
05:27forecast for the year 2023 and more of
05:30an outrageous creative portrayal of
05:31actual events that have occurred
05:33throughout history Ukraine crisis 1998
05:36was the year that the Simpson tide the
05:3919th episode of season 9 of The Simpsons
05:41had its debut during the course of the
05:43episode a delegate from each Nation
05:45attended a United Nations meeting where
05:47they discussed the respective nation's
05:48future intentions the envoy from Russia
05:51said that they wanted the other nations
05:52to believe that the Soviet Union was in
05:54the past this remark was made by the
05:57Russian representative after then there
05:59were some shots showing the flag of the
06:00Soviet Union being hoisted along with
06:02some troops queuing up it is claimed
06:04that this Terror terrible forecast was
06:06the most recent one that came true in
06:07the year 2022 2014 was the year when
06:10Russia officially took control of Crimea
06:12and in February 2022 Russia launched an
06:15invasion of Ukraine and began conducting
06:17airstrikes on Ukrainian residents the
06:20showrunner for The Simpsons noted that
06:22this forecast is not comparable to some
06:23of the show's trivial predictions but
06:25rather comes from the continuous
06:27conflicts that have been present
06:28throughout history Elon Musk in
06:31Treehouse of Horror 33 the cartoon
06:33family lives in a version of Westworld
06:35in which the employees of the amusement
06:36park utilize a cyber truck to transport
06:38broken robots to a facility where they
06:40may be repaired monorail Homer becomes
06:43caught in an endless loop of a
06:44catchphrase and the humanoid robot has
06:46to be turned off by flipping a switch on
06:48his nose after that he is hurled into
06:50the cargo area of a cyber truck the next
06:53episode titled not it will include more
06:55of Tesla's time spent in Springfield a
06:58white model X may be seen on screen for
07:00a brief period of time during the show's
07:01humorous retelling of Stephen King's It
07:03which only lasts a few seconds in
07:06episode 716 of The Simpsons which airs
07:09in December 2021 fit Fat Tony is
07:12revealed to be Maggie's Godfather and
07:13provides the Simpson family with a lease
07:15on a Lexus SUV after some time has
07:18passed Bart has seen tinkering with the
07:20Falcon doors there was also a cameo of
07:22the Tesla Roadster in an episode of The
07:24Simpsons in the fifth episode of the
07:2632nd season a red Roadster is seen
07:28parked in front of the estate that
07:29belongs to Leonardo DiCaprio despite the
07:32obvious mistake the automobile was
07:34connected to the outlet on the right
07:35side of the vehicle the model S has also
07:38made an appearance in the program in
07:40order to avoid having to pay for power
07:41Mr Burns owns a Model S which he charges
07:44at the residence of Richard Branson
07:46additionally Krusty the Clown has a
07:49Model S he hangs out the window and
07:50attacks Homer while using autopilot as
07:52his support who among us could ever
07:54forget the episode during the episode
07:56from season 26 when Tesla's CEO landed
07:59in Homer's garden and the two quickly
08:01became friends he provided his own
08:03voiceover for the show
08:04Bart and Lisa decided to take elon's
08:06vehicle for a joyride and in order to
08:09activate FSD they enter the password
08:11musk rules the play however takes an
08:14unexpected turn when Mr Burns makes a
08:16plot to murder mosque since it is well
08:18known that The Simpsons has a knack for
08:20predicting the future we may assume that
08:22in 2023 when the Cyber truck has been
08:24seen driving about in Springfield it
08:26will be available for Mass Manufacturing
08:28in the real world and that's it thanks
08:31for watching this video click the
08:33Subscribe button and see you in the next
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the predictions made by The Simpsons for 2023?

The Simpsons' predictions for 2023 include an inflation crisis, nuclear conflict between the US and China, and public health and safety fears.

2. Why is The Simpsons renowned for accurately predicting future events?

The show is renowned for accurately predicting future events, often sparking discussion and intrigue among its devoted audience.

3. What previous events has The Simpsons accurately forecasted?

The series has previously forecasted events such as the election of Donald Trump and continues to captivate viewers with its uncanny predictions.

4. How does The Simpsons' predictions captivate its audience?

The show's accurate predictions often spark discussions and intrigue among its devoted audience, captivating viewers with its uncanny foresight.

5. What type of discussions do The Simpsons' predictions often spark?

The Simpsons' predictions often spark discussions on future events, creating intrigue and captivating its devoted audience.

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