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The video discusses the spiritual meaning of cockroaches in dreams, linking them to evil, pollution, bondage, witchcraft, and sickness. It emphasizes the need to pray against these negative influences and calls for repentance and acceptance of Christ. The video also provides prayers and instructions for overcoming the presence of cockroaches in dreams.
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The speaker discusses the spiritual meaning of cockroaches in dreams.
Cockroaches symbolize unclean spirits and have a connection with evil powers.
They represent pollution, bondage, environmental witchcraft, and misfortune.
Cockroaches also symbolize sin, sickness, and isolation.
Cockroaches in dreams symbolize disgrace, backwardness, pity, rise and falling, and the presence of witchcraft.
Seeing cockroaches everywhere indicates having many enemies.
It suggests that the environment is unsafe and polluted by demonic powers.
Dreaming of smelly cockroaches represents a life of sin and a weak prayer life.
The presence of cockroaches symbolizes disease, failure, and unprofitable works.
Cockroaches in dreams can symbolize pollution in various aspects of life such as ministry, career, finances, and marriage.
Seeing cockroaches crawling on your hand in a dream may indicate sickness in your ministry or career.
If a cockroach bites you in a dream, it signifies that the enemy is stealing your virtues and taking away blessings.
Killing a cockroach in a dream represents victory over stubborn opposition and the power to excel in your environment.
Flies flying in dreams can represent witchcraft and demonic arrows that have saturated your life.
If you dream of trying to kill cockroaches but they refuse to die, it signifies that you are still battling against your enemies and have not yet won the fight.
Cockroaches in dreams represent demonic powers and forces.
Seeing cockroaches in your mouth suggests that your words lack power and authority.
Cockroaches infesting your mouth indicate that your prayers may not be effective in combating demonic forces.
Cockroaches in dreams can symbolize demonic forces, sickness, and struggle in relationships.
Seeing cockroaches in a pot of soup indicates a bond between sickness and struggle.
If two cockroaches are seen meeting together, it signifies a polluted foundation in a relationship.
Vomiting cockroaches represents deliverance and victory over witchcraft.
Eating cockroaches in a dream symbolizes consuming poisonous and demonic substances that can cause evil effects in one's life.
Dreaming of cockroaches laying eggs in the dream signifies multiple bondage, sorrow, and negation, and the way out is to give your life to Christ, repent, pray against evil pollution, and call upon the blood of Jesus to saturate your life and environment.
Dreaming of cockroaches laying eggs represents multiple bondage, sorrow, and negation.
The way out is to give your life to Christ, repent from sin, and pray against evil pollution and manipulation.
Call upon the blood of Jesus to saturate your life, environment, and family.
Instructions include fasting from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. and praying specific prayer points to command the evil cockroaches to die and destroy witchcraft agendas.
00:08in second Kings chapter 1 verse 2 the
00:12Bible says and as I rafael down through
00:15a lattice in his hapa chamber that was
00:18in Samaria and was sick and he sent
00:21messengers and said unto them go inquire
00:26of visible the god of Ekron whether I
00:30shall recover of this disease and in the
00:33book of Mark chapter 3 verse 22 the
00:37Bible says and the scribes which came
00:39down from Jerusalem said yet better book
00:43and by these priests of the devil casted
00:47out Devils I want you to shout this
00:51prayer point loud and clear
00:53c'est ne vous couche a sign against me
00:58die in the name of Jesus and the Avoca
01:02crush a son against me die in the name
01:05of Jesus in Jesus name we pray amen
01:08you are welcome to am fan jealous Joshua
01:11TV a TV station that would teach you how
01:14to interpret your dreams and with
01:16warfare prayers by the grace of God we
01:19are looking on a very very important
01:21topic is important and is one of the
01:25common dream among many people today and
01:28what is the topic the topic is spiritual
01:31meaning of cockroach in the drain
01:35spiritual meaning of cockroaches in the
01:38drain cockroach disgusting isn't
01:43cockroach usually fun in a dirty place
01:48cockroaches usually fan in the dark
01:52place when you are seeing cockroach
01:55then you are seen an unclean spirit when
01:58you are seeing cockroach then the
02:01cockroach has a connection with the
02:03visible spirit and the Bible as you have
02:06Bible said in the book of circle King
02:08was talking about better book the Lord
02:12of life lies the Lord of flies
02:15cockroach in your dream there are
02:18carriers of evil powers cockroach in the
02:21dream they have symbolic relationship
02:24with pollution sin fornication and
02:30environmental witchcraft when you are
02:33seeing across in your dream then you are
02:35seen misfortune so cockroach in the
02:40dream our ceremonies I wanted to sit
02:43down and listen carefully to the spirit
02:45Romani behind cockroach
02:47number one it represents evil pollution
02:53number two
02:54it represents Evo auto number three it
02:59represents Osetra bondage number four it
03:04represents environmenta bushcraft number
03:08five it represents solo number six it
03:14represents sickness number seven it
03:18represents disgrace non man
03:23eight it represents backwardness number
03:27nine it represents pity number ten
03:31it represents rise and falling rising
03:35today and falling tomorrow moving all
03:40around they are the spirit of witchcraft
03:43flies cockroaches when you are now
03:49seeing cockroaches everywhere you go
03:51that cockroach you are seen everywhere
03:54it means you have many enemies many
03:59enemies they are after you they are
04:02would you only gives you the competition
04:04was in everywhere it means that that
04:08environment where you are is not safe
04:10when you are sick Oh push it means that
04:15play is not the best place for you to
04:17invest that place is not the best place
04:20for you to fulfill your destiny when you
04:22see koco's everywhere you go it means
04:24that particular area of the place or
04:29already been polluted in fact that place
04:31is already infested by demonic powers by
04:36the money disease when you have seen
04:38cockroaches everywhere you go then it
04:41means you have severely monitor by
04:44witchcraft powers praise the living
04:46Jesus in some cases Webber you had
04:49dreaming of smelly cockroach when a
04:52croaker is many Esquivel discussing and
04:55coming very scary it's many cockroach
04:58it's in its indicate a life of sin a
05:02smelly cockroach symbolizes causes its
05:06many cockers symbolizes with prayer life
05:10it's many cockroach means disease is
05:14many kakushi
05:16means failure as many cockroach means
05:20unprofitable works something is smelling
05:23around perhaps there's a particulate in
05:27use you are doing which has not be able
05:30to bring good front in your life it's
05:34many cuckoos in your house it's many
05:36cockroach in your hand then when your
05:38hand is smell of cockroach then it means
05:41that this particular hand has done some
05:43bad things in the past you as a person
05:46you need to know what are those things
05:48your hand have done so when it says many
05:50crocus maybe maybe you are you are you
05:56are expecting a visitor and you discover
05:58that you always anyway you go around
06:00your room the cuckoo is solely smelling
06:02it means that you are about to you are
06:05about to experience a stranger in your
06:08house who is not clean whose life and
06:10destinies are not claimed I pray for you
06:12every power that has put a stigma in
06:17your life I command them to die in the
06:19name of Jesus in some cases were you so
06:22crock cockroaches crawling your hand if
06:24they are crawling your hand it means
06:27someone has been bewitched somebody
06:29having kids spiritually it that in the
06:32kid not a toilet spirit a spirit of
06:36poverty a spirit of witchcraft
06:38it's no when
06:41just like when aunt cover someone's hand
06:45it's me that that hand has already been
06:49polluted even though you are a pastor
06:52and you lay your hand upon anybody with
06:54that ant and the hunt
06:56we know command the blessings of God in
06:59fact I will not command miracle because
07:01that hand has already been infested by
07:04witchcraft cockroach and when you are
07:06seeing which we are seeing cockroach in
07:08your dream then it can also be connected
07:11to sickness in your ministry sickness in
07:14your career pollution in your finances
07:16pollution in your marriage pollution in
07:19your economies so those are the symbolic
07:21meaning behind cockroaches crawling in
07:24your hand when I think up was biting you
07:26that is a that is a bad dream
07:30it means up its me that the enemy is
07:32stealing your virtues they are gradually
07:35taking away something from you know
07:37there are some cases where some people
07:38will be expecting some things and when
07:40both finally bless them with that
07:42particular team all of a sudden they
07:44started losing that miracle they started
07:48you know expressing loss a ship again is
07:51as a result of powers who are trying to
07:54take swallow those things those blessing
07:57away from them that goodness
07:58that key with God has given them whether
08:01they are taking it away it's not good
08:03the council represents closed doors may
08:05universe plans closed o in your life in
08:07the name of Jesus in some kissing about
08:09you kill the cockroach when you kill a
08:12cockroach it means you have the power of
08:15always craf when you kill a cockroach in
08:18your dream it will indicate victory over
08:21stubborn posh wasps when you kill poor
08:25cockroach in your dream it means you
08:28have now power to excel in that
08:31environment when you keep cockroach in
08:33your dream it means the strong man and
08:36son against you has been destroyed
08:37praise the living Jesus in some cases
08:40were biasing cope with flying everywhere
08:42you go fly flying just like wenches
08:45flying which is and with that flying
08:47when they are flying in the dream it
08:49represents witchcraft
08:51that's those those flies you are saying
08:54they are demonic arrows they are demonic
08:57arrow the already saturated a place with
09:00demonic arrows so once that your life is
09:04not guided it's not under the power of
09:07God they will come in a strike so they
09:09are flying
09:10they are looking for whoo they made
09:12evolve they are actually sent by some
09:15forces of darkness by some alien powers
09:18by so ideality power in order to do what
09:21in order to oppress you in order to
09:23suppress you in order to stick away
09:26something from you when they are flying
09:28definitely they are flying to block your
09:31vision and when they are flying they are
09:33flying medially to to endure your
09:35progress and want the enemy are flying
09:37when the Cuckoo's are flying definitely
09:40that environment is already occupied by
09:44the range of the wicked and want they
09:46are flying no matter what somebody is
09:49trying to do will not come out
09:51successfully and if you're a woman who
09:53are believing off for the front of the
09:55womb when you have seen cockroaches
09:58flying it means a ship and struggle I
10:01pray for you every power that is using
10:04cockroaches to put bondage in your life
10:07to possible in your life and command
10:09them to die in the name of Jesus so in
10:12some cases were abused you saw Coco
10:14sufficient to die you are trying to kid
10:16out cuckoos in your dream
10:17I noticed anomaly happens to some people
10:19it's very women you are trying to kick
10:21approaching Andre but they refuse to die
10:23that powers they are your enemies they
10:25are your enemies you are trying to keep
10:27that means that you are trying to pray
10:29the more you are pray the money I got in
10:32their power I guess you but as you are
10:34trying to kill a cockroach that
10:35cockroach refuse to die that cockroach
10:37as little as it is it is a demonic power
10:40is a king of arrowed they are forces so
10:43they refused to die you can imagine that
10:45as little as cockroach you are trying to
10:48keep those cockroach I may be in some
10:49cases you've found and anarchic was
10:51already dead paul-etta's until you
10:53discover that that cockroach Gudda Gudda
10:55is trained again and SATA crawling
10:57then it tells you that and you tell you
10:59that you have not yet won the battle
11:02against the enemies
11:03the the out demonic bondage is sure that
11:06you are coming from a very tough family
11:08trying to keep trying to destroy enemies
11:11just like a kiss about somebody we pray
11:14pray pray pray pray pray go to deliver
11:16on conduct fasting and prayer know yet
11:19no brittle the study result of those
11:21powers they have refused to die I pray
11:23for you every good lay out in your life
11:25that I refused to let you go I command
11:27them to die in the name of Jesus if you
11:29are seeing cockroach in your mouth it
11:31means that whatever you say whatever you
11:34say with that month we know bring forth
11:36power if you are a speaker and you
11:39assume cockroach in your mouth it's in
11:42your mouth your voice should not command
11:44power if you are a pastor and Yoshiko
11:47push in your mouth it means that your
11:50mouth do not command authority signs and
11:54wonders again so when your mouth young a
11:56mother just like an otter when that mud
11:58is already infested with cockroaches its
12:00mean that that much whatever that
12:03whatever you say will not come to pass
12:05especially in the areas of your prayers
12:07you start demonic forces to kid the
12:10destinations mouth in some consumer by
12:13use of coke was flying in the kitchen
12:15the coke was flying in the tree she
12:17represents woman represents on certain
12:19people they are they appear to us as
12:22they appear in your kitchen as
12:25cockroaches in order to do what in the
12:28natto poison your food
12:29praise the living Jesus the cockroach in
12:32your kitchen
12:32the our major agenda is to infest on
12:34your food and what they infest on your
12:36food or they eat some of the decay food
12:38in that kitchen then any person that
12:42entered our kitchen we already be cut
12:44will be captured by the enemy so anybody
12:47that entered the kitchen then
12:49automatically it means that there will
12:51be transfer of virtues transfer of
12:54goodness away from the life of that
12:55person because there are cockroaches and
12:57down which means that they are gathering
12:59themself in a lot of strategies that
13:01person it could be you it could be your
13:04husband your wife your children pray and
13:06saturate that place with the power of
13:08God I will mention of the Holy Ghost in
13:09some case about you so cockroach in your
13:11bedroom when I sing cockroach in your
13:13betray means you are going to have
13:15marital problem marita problem
13:17it's mean that you're going to struggle
13:18to have a child when you are sick
13:20cockroach in your bedroom it means that
13:24you you no longer have a previous life
13:28again whatever things about you is very
13:31little your hen amis un discussing some
13:34putty some particulates into some people
13:36and those people happens to be your
13:38enemies of progress
13:39those are demonic forces they are
13:41strangers praise the living Jesus
13:43you saw cockroaches in the pot of soup
13:45in circles in the pot of soup then
13:48indicate bonded between the kids
13:50sickness it's in the case struggle
13:53between a kid oppression Italy create
13:55suffering its indicate lack and begin to
13:59put in your food and you Jakob you 1300
14:02at the same time it can lead to untimely
14:05deaths may they not be a person in the
14:07name of Jesus in some cases whereby you
14:09saw two cockroaches meeting together
14:11having cells together that is the back
14:13signal if you're in a relationship
14:14between the relationship has already
14:17been polluted the foundation dilation
14:18ship is polluted it means that both of
14:20you are not going to the relationship is
14:22not going to be to marriage if I am
14:24married passing and you so to couch
14:26meeting together it means that you are
14:28going to have they are going to have
14:30problem with your husband with your wife
14:32and which will not make that poem to be
14:34strong again there will be problem and
14:36that problem case not taking my
14:38literally was made a noble person in
14:39Jesus name when you are vomited
14:41cockroach down represent big true that
14:44represents science and wonder that
14:46represents that represents deliverance
14:48and that represent victory over some
14:51stubborn witchcraft of your father's
14:53house when you are eating cockroach it
14:55means you are you are eating you are
14:58eating what you ought not to have eaten
15:00you are eating poisonous food you are
15:02eating demonic substance and those
15:05things you have eating will go in your
15:07body and cause evil plantation that is
15:10why you see some people there will be
15:11experiencing moving object in their body
15:13is as a result of dreaming of eating
15:15approach eating cockroach serpent it
15:18will be tormenting them their net it
15:20will not allow the glory of God the
15:21goodness of God or loss in their life
15:23there as a result of those demonic power
15:26you need to pray that God anymore in
15:29spirit in my life I commanded to come
15:31out in Jesus name when you are seeing
15:32black cockroach it means a jet of
15:35darkness when you are seeing cockroach
15:36in your bed it means that it means
15:40there's a powers that have been assigned
15:42to torment your marriage there are some
15:44power that I've been assigned to destroy
15:46your home there are some power that I've
15:48defined there I've been assigned to defy
15:51your matrimonial home because those
15:54Koko's in your bed represents trinda
15:56represent a strange woman represent a
15:59strange man I pray for you every power
16:01are sent to pollute your home I command
16:03them to die in the name of Jesus maybe
16:05you some cases about your dream where
16:07you feel you are feeling disgusted
16:09disgusted after cockroach then it means
16:13you are living is frustrated life you
16:16are living a life of fear you have been
16:18rented in your dream present living
16:20Jesus maybe in some cases where you saw
16:22cockroach running around everywhere
16:25running around you everywhere you didn't
16:28know what that means it's mean that the
16:29enemy are really around you they are
16:32really monitoring you in fact once you
16:34are seeing cockroaches everywhere it
16:36means that whatever whatever is that
16:39expectation you are planning they are
16:41already scattered it's mean that
16:43somebody saw me also is talking against
16:46you and that koco's everywhere
16:49it's me that you already surrounded by
16:52the enemies when you are seeing couples
16:54laying eggs when they are laying eggs in
16:56the dream it means multiple bondage
16:59multiple official multiple sorrow
17:02multiple demos they are ending negation
17:05I prefer you every power assigned to
17:08destroy you to pollute you and to make
17:11you commit sin and I command them to die
17:13in the name of Jesus I command them to
17:15die in the name of Jesus so what are the
17:18way out the way out to give your life to
17:20Christ repent from every nonsense and
17:22the way out is to pray against any evil
17:26pollution any evil pollution and
17:29manipulation in your life and the way
17:32out is to call the blood of Jesus Christ
17:35to saturate your life saturate your
17:37environment saturate your family praised
17:40a living
17:40the instructions when you are dreaming
17:42about cockroaches in your dream the
17:45instruction got to go onto the display
17:46I'm fasting between 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.
17:50Prince the living Jesus I want you to
17:52close your eyes and shout this Pierpont
17:55loud and clear shout this prayer point
17:58loud and clear say every Evo cockroach
18:03attacking my style die in the name of
18:07Jesus die in the name of Jesus every
18:09evil cockroach attacking my style
18:12die in the name of Jesus die in the name
18:14of Jesus die in the name of Jesus in
18:17Jesus name we pray amen
18:19I wanted to show this prayer happened
18:21loud and clear
18:23so DisplayPort loud and clear say any
18:27witchcraft agenda as sign against my
18:31progress we destroy in the name of Jesus
18:33we destroy in the name of Jesus we
18:35destroy in the name of Jesus we destroy
18:38in the name of Jesus we destroy in the
18:40name of Jesus we destroy in the name of
18:41Jesus in Jesus name we pray amen
18:45say any evoko push in fasting on my
18:48virtues before she will be flush away be
18:50flush away be flush away the flush away
18:53in Jesus name we pray amen
18:56say I release the templates of Egypt's
18:58upon every continent in my existence in
19:01the name of Jesus in the name of Jesus
19:04in the name of Jesus and let the temples
19:06of Egypt upon every covenant Almighty my
19:09assistance in Jesus name we pray amen
19:12I want you to tell this last prey upon
19:14loud and clear say all Lord let there be
19:18comforted and put a shame that's it
19:20after my soul in the name of Jesus in
19:23the name of Jesus in the name of Jesus
19:25in the name of Jesus in Jesus name we
19:28pray amen
19:29if you are blessed by this bakas don't
19:32hesitate to write your dream 22
19:33cockroach flies and a conversation and
19:36if you are not subscribed to this
19:37channel can you do supporting to
19:39subscribe and press the nativity shop
19:41for you to be getting more for our
19:43broadcast because the reason why you
19:46need to subscribe is ways to be getting
19:48more more more of my updates god bless
19:50in Jesus name once again the seventh
19:52edition from Legos
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the spiritual significance of seeing cockroaches in dreams?

Seeing cockroaches in dreams is often associated with negative spiritual influences such as evil, pollution, bondage, witchcraft, and sickness. It is important to pray against these negative influences and seek protection through spiritual means.

2. How can I interpret the presence of cockroaches in my dreams?

The presence of cockroaches in dreams can be interpreted as a sign of spiritual contamination and the need for cleansing. It is important to pay attention to the specific context and emotions associated with the dream to understand its significance.

3. What spiritual practices can help overcome the presence of cockroaches in dreams?

Engaging in spiritual practices such as prayer, meditation, and seeking divine intervention can help overcome the negative spiritual influences associated with the presence of cockroaches in dreams. It is important to seek guidance and protection through faith.

4. Why is it important to pray against the presence of cockroaches in dreams?

Praying against the presence of cockroaches in dreams is important to combat the negative spiritual influences linked to them, such as evil, pollution, bondage, witchcraft, and sickness. It is a way to seek protection and cleanse the spiritual realm.

5. How can I incorporate prayers and instructions to overcome the presence of cockroaches in dreams?

Incorporating specific prayers and instructions for overcoming the presence of cockroaches in dreams can provide spiritual guidance and empowerment. It is important to seek guidance from spiritual leaders and engage in practices that promote spiritual protection and cleansing.

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