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This video explores the murderous actions of fitness YouTuber and reality TV star Ash Armand, who took the life of another in a tragic incident. The video delves into his background, his involvement in the fitness and escort industries, and the events leading up to the crime. Ash was ultimately arrested, confessed to his guilt, and sentenced to 20 years in prison.
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This section introduces Ash Armand, a popular fitness YouTuber and reality TV star, and sets the stage in Las Vegas where the dark case surrounding him unfolds.
Ash Armand was a popular fitness YouTuber and reality TV star with over 69,000 subscribers.
The video explores Ash Armand's murderous actions and the strange path that led him there.
The case takes place in Las Vegas, known for its gambling, fine dining, and adult entertainment industry.
Las Vegas is a recognizable and popular travel destination for those seeking a wilder side of life.
Helene joined a fitness facility called Acevedness and found a sense of community, becoming close with the manager Nick.
She lost over 40 pounds in 30 days and became a personal trainer.
Helene claimed to have a brain tumor, but it is unclear if it was true.
Instead of telling her family, she leaned on her gym community for support.
Ash Armand, a small-time reality TV star and fitness YouTuber, entered her life during this time.
Ash Armand is a well-traveled individual who grew up in Japan and studied various healing disciplines, including Qigong and holistic healing therapies.
Ash was involved in the psytrance community and introduced to drugs, but he did not abuse them and saw their use as a healing product.
He opened his own massage business in Miami and later became a male escort, working for Cowboys for Angels and appearing on the reality TV show Gigolos.
Ash Armand, a former TV star, engaged in fabricated prostitution work, charging high fees for his services.
Ash believed he was helping women through his work, but it could also be seen as predatory.
He developed a habit of taking steroids and continued using them even after the TV show ended.
Ash enjoyed the attention from the public, especially women, and frequented the Las Vegas Strip.
He wanted to be seen as a trophy date and surrounded himself with beautiful and like-minded people.
Ash Armand's controversial way of healing ends in tragedy when he is arrested for the murder of Herleen Kaur.
Ash claimed to be able to heal Herleen through therapy and various techniques.
He referenced both proven techniques like CBT and unproven ones like herbs and drugs.
Ash called the police in a panic, claiming to have found Herleen unresponsive and attempting CPR.
Paramedics arrived to find Herleen with severe trauma and pronounced her dead at the scene.
Ash confessed to the police that he was responsible for Herleen's death, claiming she had attacked him first.
A woman's death is revealed to be caused by blunt force trauma and strangulation, with evidence of drug use and a poorly attempted cover-up.
The woman suffered severe internal bleeding, blood in her lungs, and her teeth were found in her stomach.
Toxicology reports showed the presence of MDMA, caffeine, alcohol, and psilocybin (hallucinogenic compound found in magic mushrooms) in her system.
Bloody handprints were found in the bedroom and utility room, and blood was discovered inside the washing machine, indicating an attempt to conceal the crime.
The woman's parents were not notified of her death until they made numerous calls to her phone and were informed by the coroner's office.
Ash Armand is sentenced to 20 years in prison for voluntary manslaughter instead of murder.
The judge considered the lack of premeditation and sense in the crime, leading to a lenient sentence.
Ash's defense team tried to reduce the sentence to four years, but their request was rejected.
Herlene's family gave tearful Victim Impact statements during the trial, expressing their pain and loss.
00:00asharmond was a popular fitness YouTuber
00:02and reality TV star that threw his life
00:05away in an instant and this video
00:07explores his murderous actions and the
00:09strange path had led him there with over
00:1169 000 subscribers and an entire fan
00:13base dedicated to him and his body
00:15akshaya had many positive things working
00:18in his favor but for one reason or
00:20another voluntary or not one evening
00:22would change his life forever with
00:24another losing hers the question is who
00:27is our shamand who was hurling delight
00:30and why was she murdered welcome or
00:32welcome back to Coffee House crime folks
00:34my name is Adrian and today we're
00:35heading to the bright lights and Buzz of
00:37Las Vegas to look at the dark case of
00:39asharmond being a YouTuber myself I can
00:42understand the complexities and
00:43pressures of being one but when this
00:45personal fitness YouTuber chose murder
00:47instead I can't say I understand this
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01:07this is the case of asharmond
01:17today we're taking a trip deep into the
01:19Mojave desert found in Nevada however we
01:22aren't about to set our case in the sand
01:24filled and narrowed landscape instead
01:26our case today takes us to the bright
01:28and bizarre city of Las Vegas the
01:30fittingly named Sin City is notorious
01:32for its gambling fine dining up Market
01:35shopping and adult entertainment
01:36industry it is an extremely recognizable
01:39place to be and a top travel destination
01:41for many looking to walk on the Wilder
01:43side of life take a trip down the famous
01:45strip with its brightly lit flashing
01:48signs and some of the city's many
01:49extravagant casinos and hotels all of
01:52which host performances from some of the
01:54most famous acts in the world now I
01:56think we all already knew that Las Vegas
01:58can be a crazy place but after
02:00researching what it's known for I
02:02genuinely think I could be here for
02:03hours in short it's a place for human
02:05impulses be it food gambling all the way
02:08through to sex and drive through
02:09marriages the city is also known as a
02:12destination for many aspiring
02:13individuals hoping to make it big and in
02:16a place so famous for its various forms
02:18of extravagant entertainment it is not
02:20hard to see why this is also where we
02:22happen to find the leading lady in
02:24today's case that being 29 year old
02:26herlene cordeli
02:30originally born in Santa Clara
02:32California to her loving parents in a
02:34Sikh household Helene's middle name core
02:36means lioness a name that is often given
02:39to daughters within the Sikh Faith her
02:41parents who were originally from India
02:43were extremely well educated and
02:44affluent her father was an aerospace
02:47engineer and her mother achieved not one
02:49but two master's degrees now Helene was
02:51the youngest of three siblings and the
02:53other two would always claim that she
02:55was her parents favorites affectionately
02:57given the nickname happy harleen she was
02:59always seen to be smiling and cracking
03:01jokes around the home while
03:03simultaneously being outgoing at home
03:04she was also a sensitive and thoughtful
03:07person her best friend was the family's
03:09Golden Retriever named rustam and even
03:11while young she refused to go to the zoo
03:13because she hated seeing animals in
03:15cages she was also sensitive towards
03:17other members of her family when her
03:19older sister moved out for college she
03:21locked herself in a closet and cried
03:23because she didn't want her to leave
03:25herlene spent most of her childhood in
03:27California classmates recall her as an
03:29extremely bright and ambitious teenager
03:31focusing on our studies to one day work
03:33in biological science and this ambition
03:36would eventually lead her to Temple
03:38University in Pennsylvania where she
03:40would go on to achieve her bachelor's
03:41degree after graduating in 2017 she took
03:44the plunge and moved to Las Vegas to
03:46find a more vibrant and exciting life
03:48where she also planned to find and gain
03:50her postgraduate degree while here
03:52Helene began to work on her own
03:54self-care she always had self-confidence
03:56issues was debilitatingly shy and had
03:58anxiety but a turning point came when
04:01she joined acevedness a quote
04:03life-changing facility that promotes
04:04unity and self-development through
04:06Fitness at least for her lean this
04:08seemed to ring true because she found a
04:10real sense of community here she became
04:12quite the gym buff and over the next 30
04:14days lost over 40 pounds her love for
04:17the gym would lead her to become a
04:18personal trainer there and she became
04:20quite close with the manager Nick who
04:22helped with a physical and mental health
04:27around this time frame herleen claimed
04:29to be suffering from a brain tumor now
04:31it's not very clear as to whether this
04:33existed or not some people close to her
04:35claimed that it was a lie While others
04:37claimed it to be a thyroid tumor either
04:39way likely not wanting to burden them
04:41with worry she didn't tell her family
04:42and instead leaned on her gym Community
04:45for support
04:48here are my family and they told me out
04:51of the biggest storms that everyone went
04:53through last year I was battling afraid
04:59French island through chemo
05:02it was rough
05:06no matter what storm you're going
05:07through whether it's safe or it's small
05:09you're going to get through it because
05:11no storm is
05:13by the year of 2020 Helene had a new
05:16lease of life she was finally growing in
05:18confidence and had begun to learn to
05:20love herself but that didn't mean that
05:22throughout her health Journey she didn't
05:24have the occasional relapse and poor
05:25self-judgment and unfortunately this is
05:28where I have to introduce you to Ash
05:31whether it be via Instagram DMS or a
05:33community day at the gym we aren't quite
05:35sure but it's around this time that
05:37hurting found herself in the company of
05:3938 year old small-time reality TV star
05:41and fitness YouTuber asharmond and of
05:44course what better way to learn who he
05:46is through his own videos let's tell
05:48people like who are you and what do you
05:50do man
05:51um okay so who am I uh well
05:54professionally I work as a male escort
05:57for a company called Cowboys for Angels
05:59I used to do a show called Gigolos on
06:00Showtime I'm also my background is in
06:04Massage Therapy and Fitness and I've
06:07just I've studied about like sexuality
06:09for a long time it was something that's
06:11I've always been really interested in
06:12and how affects society and how people
06:15interact through their sex and how to
06:18kind of Master your own sexuality so you
06:21know what you're doing but it's not
06:22something that dictates your behavior
06:24yeah you know um
06:26wait so you said you said you used to
06:28work for uh for the Showtime show or
06:30well I mean technically it's not
06:33canceled but we haven't filmed in like
06:35two years okay so I don't know what
06:38they're doing with the show you may have
06:39guessed already but ashramond wasn't his
06:42actual birth name his real name is
06:43akshaya Kubiak and he was born in India
06:46to vastly Multicultural parents with his
06:48mother being Asian Indian and his father
06:50being Polish American Ash has a very
06:52unique and distinct appearance and his
06:54physicality was obviously something that
06:56he greatly valued towering at a height
06:59of six foot and two inches and with long
07:01black hair his physical features turned
07:03out to be essential for his livelihood
07:04which also happens to be the reason
07:06behind changing his name so the reality
07:10TV show that he was featured on was
07:12named Showtime Gigolos which as you can
07:14imagine focused on the work and lives of
07:16male escorts akshaya would use the name
07:19of asharmond for both business and
07:20publicity purposes probably in a
07:23desperate bid to try and keep his
07:24business and personal life saproads
07:26apparently becoming an escort was never
07:28really his ambition and his family say
07:30that this just kind of happens it was
07:32eight years before meeting harleen that
07:34he was living in Miami with his then
07:36partner and their son as he worked as a
07:38massage therapist and a model
07:42you see Ash had always been raised in a
07:44holistic manner believing in many
07:46variations of therapy healthy living and
07:48spirituality he also grew up in Japan
07:50being quote immersed in the healing
07:52traditions and philosophies of the East
07:54and the West end quote as his mother
07:56would put it life after childhood would
07:58follow suits at the age of 16 he left
08:00school in order to study the ancient
08:02Chinese discipline of Qigong a form of
08:04martial arts which encompasses
08:05meditation health and spirituality and
08:08often includes the use of medicinal
08:09healing herbs he was extremely well
08:12traveled too studying both massage and
08:14holistic healing Therapies in Thailand
08:16Japan Europe and India before finally
08:19settling in Miami during this time Ash
08:21was also involved in the psytrance
08:23community a group of people who would
08:25meet up in the countryside take
08:26psychedelics and hallucinate while
08:28listening to trance music and it's here
08:30that he was of course introduced to the
08:32world of drugs having said that he was
08:35by no means addicted to them nor did he
08:37necessarily abuse them instead he saw
08:39their use as more of a healing product
08:42you can probably see him as more of a
08:44hippie chasing magic mushrooms kind of
08:45guy rather than a cocaine addict on a
08:48four-day Bender after settling in Miami
08:49he opened his own massage business named
08:52akshaya Taj and in 2011 after being
08:54headhunted by an agency through social
08:56media his work as a male escort began
08:58Ash offered his company and services to
09:01women who are often lonely or down on
09:03their Lark he worked for the escort
09:05website named Cowboys for Angels where
09:07Showtime eventually headhunted him for
09:09their reality TV show named Gigolos
09:11which of course followed the lives of
09:13several male escorts we're not able to
09:16fill appointments right now
09:18I'm gonna have to bring somebody else in
09:23no you're new
09:27sure is that cool yeah
09:31my name is ashermond I'm a gigolo
09:35very comfortable being around people
09:37being around women I've had a lot of
09:39lovers so it felt like it would be an
09:42easy thing for me you're so essential
09:44and sexy I think you might have to clear
09:45your schedule
09:46who is Ash Armand I think it's a very
09:50nurturing person I'll say
09:53um worldly passionate about what I do
09:56worldly huh so I was born in India my
10:00mother's Indian my dad's American I grew
10:02up in Japan I love your skin
10:06thank you
10:09see it in the business you have to be
10:11adaptable and very personable with other
10:14people what's your mix
10:16German French hot
10:19it shouldn't be
10:21a self-centered egoistic person
10:23what do you get out of it it genuinely
10:26look at is almost as like a healing
10:27experience oh wow
10:30some people like break down and cry
10:31because you touched him in a way that
10:32they've never been touched before so
10:34it's just really giving them a lasting
10:37what's it like being the new guy it's
10:39definitely a little challenging in the
10:40beginning because the guys are kind of
10:41cessing you out need me to show you how
10:43newbie but generally they're really cool
10:46so it was easy to Vibe with them we're
10:48all trying to do the best and be the
10:50best Gigolo possible and how are your
10:55I think I'm good watch Ash in action on
10:59season three of Gigolos
11:01while on this show Ash portrayed himself
11:04as he saw himself in real life that
11:06being a sensitive peaceful and gentle
11:08giant adding this to his refined
11:10physique and long flowing hair there was
11:13no arguing that he was a good fit for
11:15the program but of course like any other
11:17form of reality television or even here
11:20on YouTube it is always wise to take
11:22everything seen on screen with a hefty
11:24pinch of salt it turns out that a lot of
11:26the scenarios and so-called clients on
11:28the show were either fake or scripted
11:30with paid actors not to mention Ash had
11:33also moved to Las Vegas while working on
11:35the show which as many of you should
11:37know is a state where prostitution is
11:39illegal so everything that was actually
11:41occurring on that show was entirely
11:43fabricated this didn't stop ash from
11:45characterizing his work as some form of
11:47healing believing that what he was doing
11:49was actually helping women his clients
11:52were often suffering from mental health
11:53struggles or were otherwise not
11:55considered to be conventionally
11:57attractive and sure this could be seen
11:59as caring and sensitive but it could
12:01also to be seen as a highly predatory
12:03move towards them in exchange for his
12:06company Ash would charge eight hundred
12:07dollars for two hours three thousand
12:09dollars for overnight and a whopping
12:11twenty five thousand dollars for an
12:13entire week this work would taken past
12:15his time as a TV star and after
12:17featuring in 38 Episodes the TV show
12:19finally ended in 2016. over this period
12:22of time Ash developed a very bad habit
12:24of taking steroids with thanks to his
12:26own insecurity When comparing himself to
12:28the other Gigolos but despite the show
12:30eventually ending this bad habit never
12:32stopped no surprise but during his time
12:35in the spotlight Ash gained a liking to
12:36the attention he was getting from the
12:38public especially women he began to
12:40frequent the Las Vegas Strip in order to
12:42pick up bottle girls and his use of
12:44drugs and alcohol began to increase
12:45though again his friends claimed that he
12:48never became addicted now Ash thoroughly
12:51enjoyed being a hot accessory to women
12:53he loved to be seen as the so-called
12:55trophy dates and wanted to be among
12:57other beautiful and like-minded people
12:58alright so this is all I do to keep my
13:01hair really healthy my brother went bald
13:03when he was really young so I really
13:04tried to pay close attention to what I'm
13:07eating when I'm putting in my body
13:08that's nutritional for my hair and also
13:10what I put in my hair and um I will show
13:13you what I do
13:22thank you friends of Ash would go on to
13:25say that his time on TV changed him and
13:28that he believed that he now had enough
13:29attention to spread his message of
13:31healing toward the general public moving
13:33forward his life seemed to follow the
13:35same pattern as before practicing his
13:37holistic lifestyle while also taking the
13:39time out to party his Instagram profile
13:41around this time frame would portray him
13:43as a fitness and sex educator as well as
13:46a father he saw himself as a kind of
13:48sexual Shaman and holistic healer which
13:51of course in the year 2020 is what would
13:54eventually draw her lean towards him
13:55Helene had always struggled with her
13:57self-esteem and to now have this
13:59beautiful man paying attention to her
14:01was something that most likely would
14:03have made her feel very special now it's
14:05no secret that Helene herself was
14:07actually very beautiful but I guess we
14:09all are sometimes our own worst enemies
14:11now Ash would usually hang around with
14:14Instagram famous women with millions of
14:16followers he took great pride in trying
14:18to build a social media and would often
14:20post more and more provocative fosos to
14:23try and encourage engagement so with all
14:25of this in mind people did question why
14:28he chose a humbler and more
14:29down-to-earth woman like Helene some
14:31speculated that he may have been drawn
14:33to her because of their own shared
14:34Indian Heritage While others thought it
14:36may be because Helene was from a
14:38well-off family and having a stable
14:40source of income like that was very
14:42appealing to him after all he did have a
14:44very bad habit of overspending over the
14:47next few weeks the pair began to spend a
14:48lot of time together but despite this
14:51Helene's family weren't even aware of
14:52his existence for whatever reason she
14:55kept all of that under wraps and
14:57although their relationship always
14:58involved sex it would soon become much
15:00more than that Ash took great pride in
15:02being able to spiritually heal her Lane
15:04and apparently claimed that he could
15:06even eradicate her tumor the two began
15:09to take so-called healing trips together
15:11which included a trip to Utah in June of
15:132020. Ash claimed that during this trip
15:16he helped to reach the next level of her
15:17mental stays allegedly he had Unearthed
15:20some trauma in her past that she had
15:22long forgotten about of course this was
15:24not a healthy way to deal with a
15:26vulnerable person's mental health Ash
15:28was not qualified for this type of
15:29therapy and was meddling with her
15:31emotions you see Ash claims that he
15:34could heal her and although he did
15:36reference some proven techniques such as
15:37CBT he also referenced unproven ones
15:40such as herbs and drugs and in July of
15:422020 his controversial way of healing
15:45would end in a tragedy almost too
15:47violent to believe
15:54on the morning of July the 16th Las
15:57Vegas Police received a frantic phone
15:59call from a distraught and panicked man
16:01and of course the man on the other end
16:03of the line was Ash this is going to
16:06sound insane because it is insane he
16:08told the dispatcher Ash claimed that
16:10after waking up in the morning he found
16:12an unresponsive Hurley next to him once
16:15asked if she was still breathing and
16:17assuming this was an unfortunate random
16:19Cardiac Arrest he was instructed to
16:21perform CPR on her while an ambulance
16:23rushed to their location sadly though
16:25this would do nothing to help when the
16:28ambulance arrived paramedics briskly
16:30made their way up to the bedroom but
16:32when they got there they were met with a
16:34site that was far from an unexpected
16:36heart attack Helene's face was almost
16:38totally unrecognizable she was black
16:41blue and swollen from obvious signs of
16:44trauma she had suffered heavy bruising
16:46quite literally from head to toe blood
16:48had also pulled around her heads and
16:51sadly she was pronounced dead at the
16:53scene realizing the gravity of the
16:55situation one paramedic pulled Ash to
16:57the side to make sure that he didn't try
16:59to run away in a current State of Shock
17:01and despair he told the officers that he
17:03would never do such a thing and further
17:05confessed that he was actually
17:06responsible saying that Ash claimed that
17:09apparently herleen had attacked him
17:11first and of course after this he was
17:14very swiftly arrested I'm out here this
17:16afternoon to briefly on a homicide
17:18investigation that we are conducting the
17:20Southwest part of the valley in the 8400
17:24block of Blackstone Ridge Court which is
17:27again near the intersection of blue
17:29diamond and Decatur I stress the details
17:32that I'm sharing right now are extremely
17:33preliminary but at around 10 20 this
17:36morning we received a 9-1-1 call
17:38reporting that a male or a female was
17:41unresponsive inside the residence about
17:44a hundred yards behind me officers
17:46medical personnel arrived on scene and
17:48that female was pronounced deceased the
17:51male boyfriend who lives in the
17:53residence who is an Asian male in his
17:55late 30s was taken into custody at this
17:59point we're in the process of obtaining
18:00a search warrant to process the scene
18:02and our initial observation we believed
18:06there was a struggle or a battery of
18:07some sort but this again was very very
18:10preliminary and that's from the initial
18:12walkthrough of the scene so with that I
18:14will take a couple questions but I
18:16stress I don't have much more to share
18:18than that
18:20uh the victim is a Asian male he is in
18:23his late 30s we have not identified the
18:26female she appears to be a white girl
18:27she's a white female appears to be early
18:3030s would be my best guess we believe
18:32there was some type of struggle but
18:34again it's still too early our initial
18:36observations we believe
18:39um we actually have the mail in custody
18:42at this point so it does appear that
18:44there is a struggle of some sort between
18:47the in custody male boyfriend and the
18:50deceased female a thorough examination
18:53of the crime scene did nothing but raise
18:55even more questions about what happened
18:57the night prior and the more
18:58investigators looked into this the more
19:00they were surprised as previously
19:02mentioned hurlean's body was bruised
19:04from head to toe but the true extent of
19:06her injuries would only come to light
19:08after her autopsy the report concluded
19:10that she'd experienced five broken bones
19:12five fractures nine abrasions 31 roses
19:16and 14 lacerations across her entire
19:19body which very disturbingly even
19:21included her tongue ears and hands the
19:24unfortunate woman suffered severe
19:25internal bleeding blood was found in her
19:28lungs and most horrifyingly some of her
19:30teeth were found in her stomach the
19:32cause of her death was determined to be
19:34blunt force trauma with strangulation as
19:37a secondary cause in addition to this
19:39hurling and a suitcase were both covered
19:41in candle wax and further toxicology
19:43reports would conclude that she had MDMA
19:46caffeine alcohol and psilocybin in her
19:48system with psilocybin being the
19:50scientific name for the hallucinogenic
19:52compound found in magic mushrooms
19:54needless to say but friends were shocked
19:56to learn of these details as many
19:58claimed that apparently harleen was
20:00essentially straight edge she rarely
20:02drank and looked after herself and had
20:04never even had weed let alone MDMA or
20:07psychedelics within the condo they found
20:09bloody handprints all over the bedroom
20:11and in the utility room blood was found
20:13inside of the washing machine and blood
20:16stains were washed out on the counter
20:17therefore revealing a crude attempt to
20:20conceal the crime it also confirms that
20:22the phone call to Emergency Services was
20:24not made as soon as Ash woke up of
20:26course what I'm alluding to here is that
20:28this seems to be nothing but a poorly
20:30thought out cover-up tragically
20:31hurling's parents were never notified
20:33about her death but they did know
20:35something was wrong because she never
20:37took this long to reply to messages that
20:39was and on the evening of July the 16th
20:42and after making numerous calls to her
20:44phone somebody finally picked up but
20:46sadly it wasn't her daughter instead a
20:50solemn voice from the coroner's office
20:51spoke back although Ash admitted his
20:53guilt friends family and fans all
20:55rallied behind him insisting that a man
20:57so gentle and kind would never be able
20:59to do such a thing but upon further
21:01questioning the true events and the Ugly
21:03details behind her death would finally
21:05come to light going back to the
21:07afternoon of that fateful night herlene
21:09traveled to Asher's condo to do some
21:11spiritual healing and tap into his
21:13so-called healing Aura to help her
21:15through her health scare but Ash's
21:16methods were controversial to say the
21:18least they planned to take some magic
21:20mushrooms pray meditate and then watch
21:23the movie Avatar not exactly sure what
21:25Avatar had to do with the journey to
21:26healing but what do I know right this
21:30plan is exactly how the night ended up
21:32going with leftover mushrooms found in
21:34Ash's fridge to prove this with mushroom
21:36trips typically lasting three to eight
21:38hours it is likely the about this
21:40altercation happened far before the
21:42Emergency Services were called and this
21:44makes sense too considering the
21:46haphazard cleanup would have taken
21:47multiple hours to conduct during this
21:49time frame Ash was obviously preoccupied
21:52with covering up his tracks rather than
21:54saving harleen's life a packed suitcase
21:56was found in the condo indicating that
21:58he had at least seriously contemplated
22:00fling from the crime scene at some point
22:02during that night whether herlene
22:04attacked him first or not Ash attacked
22:06her with a level of violence far beyond
22:08a typical case of self-defense by the
22:11way it is still unknown if at this point
22:13in time he was in a drug-induced Rage or
22:15not because sadly he has remained
22:17tight-lipped ever since getting himself
22:19a lawyer although Ash lived in a luxury
22:21Vegas condo and was paid extortionate
22:23amounts of money for his time he was
22:25never actually smart with this Cash the
22:28man wasted almost all of it on failed
22:30business Endeavors and an exuberant
22:32lifestyle and we know that he was
22:33getting desperate because he even asked
22:35Helene if she could help pay his rent an
22:38envelope labeled ashrent was was
22:40discovered in her own apartment which
22:42further suggests that Ash may have been
22:43using harleen and her emotions for money
22:45it turns out that she was financially
22:47supporting him in exchange for a
22:49so-called healing Services Ash's trial
22:52was convoluted to say the least once
22:54again the covert pandemic slowed down
22:56all legal proceedings Across America but
22:58in September of 2020 he finally stood
23:01trial despite previously confessing Ash
23:03would plead not guilty to harleen's
23:05murder but all the evidence available
23:07would suggest otherwise Ash claims that
23:09at the time of her death his
23:11drug-induced states which included
23:12mushrooms MDMA steroids and alcohol
23:14diminished his responsibility but of
23:17course the judge called his defense out
23:18for exactly what it was total [ __ ]
23:21she offered him a plea deal of voluntary
23:23manslaughter instead of murder an offer
23:25that Ash would actually take she
23:27therefore sentenced him to 20 years in
23:29prison with the possibility of parole
23:30after eight years apparently the
23:32sentence was lenient due to a lack of
23:34sense and premeditation although this
23:36was most likely the best outcome for ash
23:38his defense team seemed Poster's minimum
23:40sentence to be reduced to four years due
23:43to the unlikelhood of him ever repeating
23:44his actions in the future perhaps not
23:46surprisingly and definitely thankfully
23:48this was rejected although the judge
23:50agreed that Ash was unlikely to commit
23:52another violent crime she stated that
23:54the lower sentence would not reach the
23:57gravity of this situation it would not
23:58match the pain that her family members
24:00will forever have to deal with herlene's
24:03family who of course attended the trial
24:04gave tearful Victim Impact statements
24:07her brother stated she wasn't simply
24:09taken from us she was brutally beaten to
24:11death I don't know why my sister would
24:13need to be subdued with such Force when
24:15arrested akshaya Kubiak was held without
24:18bail in the Clark County Detention
24:19Center since July 2020 though that
24:22wouldn't be without him arguing that the
24:24ongoing covert pandemic was a good
24:25enough reason for him to make bail
24:27perhaps he thought that his charm would
24:29help him weasel his way out of properly
24:31serving as punishments which no doubt is
24:34a disgrace to herleen's memory and
24:36although the man does show deep remorse
24:38his insistence on sentencing and
24:40receiving bail shows a very distinct
24:42lack of guilt luckily his efforts have
24:45still amounted to nothing to this day
24:47which is exactly how it should be
24:51Helene was taken from the world far
24:53before her time and her loved ones have
24:55lost a gentle kind and caring daughter
24:58sister aunt and friend she was finally
25:01growing and blossoming into the person
25:02she'd always strived to be learning to
25:05love herself and the community around
25:07her sadly Ash was willing to take
25:09advantage of her insecurities and her
25:11health scare for his own gain and
25:13although he may supposedly not be the
25:15violent type it doesn't diminish his
25:17role in her death the ongoing testimony
25:19from loved ones after her passing was
25:21filled with admiration and sorrow with
25:23one of her closest friends saying I
25:25don't think I will ever meet someone
25:27with the biggest amount of love in the
25:29heart as herlene when you have such a
25:31loving heart that makes you
25:32instantaneously vulnerable sadly hurling
25:35had to have 15 hours of reconstructive
25:37surgery in order to have an open casket
25:39funeral and although akshaya does not
25:42recall the moments that he took her life
25:44her family will likely imagine it every
25:46day for the rest of theirs despite his
25:48charge of murder Ash still sees a lot of
25:51support from his fan base to this day
25:53many don't believe that he was capable
25:55of committing such an act of violence
25:57fan mail still comes into his prison
25:59block and a funding Drive was set up to
26:01help pay for his legal fees it turns out
26:04that even in these cases of savage
26:06murder pretty privilege still exists to
26:08make a mockery of the justice system
26:12it's a bit of a strange story if you ask
26:13me this case was entirely unpremeditated
26:16and I actually questioned if he ever
26:18wanted to kill Helena in the first place
26:20at a Showtime Gigolo and a personal
26:22fitness YouTuber with 69 000 subscribers
26:25into the mix and yeah this one's quite
26:27freaky but I think I'm gonna wrap this
26:29one up here today folks because yeah
26:30that's the end of the story I don't
26:32think I've missed any details out so
26:34what are your thoughts about this case
26:36do you think that Ash ever wanted to
26:38hurt her lean or do you think this case
26:40was entirely unpromedicated and do you
26:42think that 20 years is enough as always
26:44please leave your thoughts in the
26:46comment section down below and I do
26:47genuinely try to read all of them if you
26:49found this story interesting then please
26:51remember to like the video and if you do
26:52want to see more dark and fascinating
26:54stories then please subscribe now anyway
26:56folks that is the end of the video thank
26:58you so much for watching and as always
26:59I'll be back again very soon for another
27:01one and some moment arrives though
27:03remember to look after yourself look
27:04after each other and of course stay safe
27:06thank you and goodbye
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Who is Ash Armand, and what did he do?

Ash Armand is a fitness YouTuber and reality TV star who committed a tragic murder. He took the life of another individual in a shocking incident. The video delves into his background, his involvement in the fitness and escort industries, and the events leading up to the crime. Ash was ultimately arrested, confessed to his guilt, and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

2. What industries was Ash Armand involved in?

Ash Armand was involved in the fitness and escort industries. The video explores his connections and activities in these industries, providing insights into his background and the circumstances leading to the tragic incident.

3. How long was Ash Armand sentenced to prison?

Ash Armand was sentenced to 20 years in prison as a result of his involvement in the tragic incident. The video delves into the legal proceedings and the outcome of the case, shedding light on the consequences of his actions.

4. What led to the arrest of Ash Armand?

The video discusses the events that led to the arrest of Ash Armand, including the details of the tragic incident and the subsequent law enforcement involvement. It provides a comprehensive overview of the circumstances that resulted in his arrest and legal proceedings.

5. What confession did Ash Armand make?

Ash Armand ultimately confessed to his guilt in relation to the tragic incident. The video explores his confession, shedding light on the emotional and legal aspects of the case and the impact it had on the outcome of the legal proceedings.

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