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The video discusses the tragic story of Malachi Hemphill, a 13-year-old who accidentally shot himself while broadcasting on Instagram Live, raising questions about the dangers of guns for teenagers and the need for responsible gun ownership and monitoring of children's online activities. NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal offered to pay for Malachi's funeral, highlighting the community's support in the aftermath of the incident.
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Malachi Hemphill, a 13-year-old boy, accidentally shot himself while performing a gun trick on Instagram Live, leading to his tragic death.
Malachi was known for his various talents and passions.
He used social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram to connect with friends and entertain them.
His parents monitored his online activities to ensure his safety.
The incident occurred on April 10, 2017, when Malachi's mother heard a loud noise coming from his room.
A 13-year-old boy named Malachi took his own life on Instagram Live, leaving his family and community in shock.
Malachi was found lying in a pool of blood, and his family discovered that he was on Instagram Live when they looked at his phone.
The family was confused as to why Malachi would take his own life in front of an audience and who gave him the gun since they didn't own any guns.
Around 50 kids gathered outside Malachi's home after watching the live stream, hoping he was okay.
Despite the paramedics' efforts, Malachi was pronounced dead at the hospital after shooting himself in the head.
A juvenile has been arrested for providing Malachi with the weapon used in the incident, while Malachi's family emphasizes the need for parents to monitor their children's social media activity.
Police have arrested a juvenile who gave Malachi the weapon and charged him with numerous crimes.
Malachi's family appeared on TV to help other families prevent similar tragedies.
Malachi's family emphasizes the importance of parents monitoring their children's social media and contacts.
NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal offered to pay for Malachi's funeral as his family couldn't afford it.
A candlelit vigil was held in memory of Malachi Hemphill, a teenager who ended his life on Instagram Live, and his school brought in counselors to help grieving children.
Malachi's grandmother expressed concern about how easy it is for young people to obtain guns.
It is questioned why none of the kids watching Malachi's live video intervened or told an adult about it.
Similar cases of children accidentally shooting themselves or others while playing with guns are highlighted.
The section discusses the dangers of guns, emphasizing the need for stricter gun laws and responsible gun ownership.
Some argue that laws regarding machine guns should be stricter.
Guns like the Uzi are designed for warfare, not as toys.
Accidental gun deaths have occurred, including cases involving children.
The section emphasizes the importance of properly handling and registering firearms to prevent tragedies.
00:00this is 13 year old Malachi Hemphill
00:04in 2017 he went on Instagram live to
00:07amuse his friends with a gun trick but
00:09it ended in tragedy when I heard he died
00:12I cried for three hours straight what
00:14was Malachi doing with a gun at home did
00:17someone in his family buy him a gun and
00:19just how dangerous is it to have guns
00:21around you as a teenager we'll explore
00:23all these questions and many more in
00:26today's video but before we go on guys I
00:29must warn you this video contains
00:31graphic details and discussions of
00:37Malachi Hemphill was born around 2003
00:40and 2004. this only goes to show you how
00:43young he was at the time of this
00:45horrific accident Malachi was a
00:47happy-go-lucky boy with a million
00:49passions you know it was so much thing
00:51that he knew how to do that he was good
00:54at it so well he didn't know what he
00:56wanted to do I much like any teen today
00:59Malachi was also pretty obsessed with
01:01social media some teens you social media
01:04to get thousands of followers and feel
01:06like the ultimate influencer but Malachi
01:09was all about his friends for him
01:11Snapchat and Instagram were just ways to
01:13stay in touch with his besties and
01:15entertain them online when they couldn't
01:17be physically together and his family
01:19had a pretty big stay in it too Malachi
01:21grew up with two loving parents Shaniqua
01:24and Ernest and an older sister they
01:26cared about him more than anything in
01:28the world and they wanted him to be safe
01:30this also meant monitoring his social
01:33media as you probably know there are a
01:35lot of dangers online these days like
01:37predators and bullying so Malachi's
01:40parents spent a fair amount of time
01:41talking to him about his online friends
01:43and looking through his accounts to make
01:45sure he wasn't talking to creepy
01:47strangers and the like they never
01:49expected the danger to be inside their
01:54on Monday April 10 2017 Malachi's mom
01:58Shaniqua heard a scary noise coming from
02:00her son's room I heard a big boom
02:03I couldn't tell if it was a gunshot or
02:05what I just knew that it was something
02:07that that was wrong her daughter was
02:09also startled by the noise so the two
02:11quickly ran upstairs to Malachi's room
02:13to their shock this door was locked but
02:15he never locked his door Shaniqua yelled
02:17at Malachi to open the door ASAP but he
02:20was unresponsive it wasn't like him to
02:23ignore his mom so Shaniqua knew she had
02:25to act fast we kicked in the door we
02:28found him just laying there in the pool
02:30of blood my daughter screamed and said
02:34turned his phone off
02:36and as I proceeded to look at his phone
02:38he was on Instagram live
02:41yeah imagine seeing your son like this
02:44then learning that dozens of others saw
02:47him take his life
02:50first there was the shock for the family
02:52why would Malachi take his life and why
02:55do it in front of a live audience had it
02:58all been an accident also who had given
03:00him the gun indeed the hemphills didn't
03:02own any guns
03:04in many cases where kids other kids or
03:07themselves their families are gun
03:08enthusiasts proudly displaying their
03:11guns in their homes and sometimes even
03:13taking their children to shoot ranges
03:15this wasn't the case for Malachi he'd
03:18grown up in a home where peace and love
03:20were glorified not violence to his
03:23family it didn't even make sense that
03:25Malachi would want to fool around with a
03:27gun in front of his friends he'd never
03:29spoken about guns Shaniqua was on the
03:32phone with the Emergency Services when
03:34she heard a lot of noise coming from
03:35outside her home when she looked outside
03:37her window she saw around 50 kids in her
03:40yard all desperate to hear Malachi was
03:42okay I guess these were the kids that
03:44were watching it on live that live in
03:46the area
03:47all these children watched as the
03:49paramedics arrived and rushed Malachi
03:51into the ambulance but within a few
03:53hours he was pronounced dead at the
03:55hospital he'd shot himself in the head
03:59his death was sudden and shocking to a
04:02lot of people you don't even get to
04:04grieve until you can come to terms with
04:06what really happened nobody expects
04:09their son to accidentally herself to
04:12find young 13 year old son on the floor
04:16that's something that you just never
04:18forget Malachi's family was not the only
04:21one who was shocked whole Community was
04:23in disbelief when I heard he died I
04:26cried for three hours straight he was
04:27everything and he was cool chill calm
04:30all that you see your friend with a gun
04:33tell a parent
04:35because this is a situation that didn't
04:38have to go this far
04:39exactly now shaniqua's main concern was
04:43who gave Malachi the gun so she spoke to
04:47the police and they began an
04:48investigation it didn't take long
04:50talking to Malachi's friends and
04:52schoolmates they soon discovered one of
04:54his teen friends had given him a gun and
04:57convinced him to shoot a live video with
04:59it police have arrested a juvenile who
05:02they claim gave Malachi the weapon and
05:04charged him with numerous crimes the
05:07person's name has not been released
05:08because they're a minor with the culprit
05:10arrested the Hemphill family could get a
05:13little bit of closure but these are
05:15murky Waters it's not like the boy
05:16Malachi on purpose and just how much
05:19control can a parent have over their
05:21kids social life so Malachi's family
05:23appeared on TV trying to help other
05:25families prevent such tragedies in his
05:28bedroom playing with a gun on Instagram
05:30live that's what he was doing trying to
05:32show it off look I got this gun
05:34godmother also assured everyone Malachi
05:37did not take
05:40not take he did not kill his self he
05:42loved life he would just playing with a
05:44gun and a gun went out
05:50according to police reports Malachi was
05:53attempting to put a clip in the gun when
05:55it accidentally went off right into his
05:58head Shaniqua and Ernest also urged
06:00parents to be more careful who their
06:02children stay in contact with monitored
06:05their phones uh money just monitor your
06:09more now than anything Forest Park
06:12police major Chris Madsen underlined
06:15this at a press conference this is a
06:17different era this information age where
06:20kids have access to the internet and
06:21social media sites like they never have
06:23before we want to make sure that message
06:26is reiterated to parents
06:29it can happen to the to the to the to
06:31the best parents that's best to their
06:33kids to the best to their ability it can
06:36happen to the best people the best ones
06:38that love their kids sadly it's
06:47teeth Malachi made headlines again after
06:50NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal offered to
06:52pay for his funeral he found out that
06:54Malachi's family couldn't afford to pay
06:56for a proper funeral so five days after
06:58Malachi's death Shaquille visited the
07:01hemphills Malachi's godmother shantiria
07:04said we just broke down and started
07:05crying because Malachi didn't have any
07:08insurance we weren't prepared to bury
07:10him this young we didn't have any
07:11insurance for him so to have that from
07:13Shaquille O'Neal it was a blessing and
07:16very touching and we appreciate
07:18everything he does for the community
07:19Shaquille responded no mother should
07:22have to go through this I can only
07:24imagine the pain that she and all of
07:27Malachi's family must be feeling I just
07:29wanted to do what I could to help them
07:32at such a terrible time nearly 200
07:34people walked the streets from Malachi
07:37the friends relatives and neighbors held
07:39a candlelit vigil held in his memory
07:41three days after his death Babs Middle
07:44School where Malachi Hemphill was a
07:45seventh grader even brought in
07:47counselors to help grieving children and
07:49they were right in doing so watching
07:51your friend himself in the head on
07:53camera Shirley leaves a dark stain
07:55forever but now all everyone could do
07:58was move forward and Malachi's Grandma
08:00Helen made it very clear what the focus
08:02should be he knows better than that it's
08:04too easy to get a gun you have the law
08:07that says that if you turn 18 and you
08:09have a good record you can go and get a
08:11gun you make it easy for them
08:13exactly why did a 13 year old have a gun
08:16to give Malachi in the first place and
08:19there was another worrying aspect why
08:22didn't any of the kids watching
08:23Malachi's live video intervene sooner
08:26why didn't they tell an adult about it
08:27Shaniqua spoke to NBC about this when
08:30you see someone on a live video playing
08:32with a gun don't take it for granted if
08:34that's your friend you tell somebody do
08:37something about it because this could
08:39have been prevented maybe that's the
08:41saddest part that it could have easily
08:43been prevented
08:45here's another sad twist Malachi is not
08:48alone just a quick scroll through
08:50similar news shows a long list of
08:52children accidentally shoot themselves
08:54or others while playing with guns
08:56an Arizona outdoor gun range end of
08:59summer family time together
09:02we have to keep that held in a
09:04nine-year-old girl learning how to shoot
09:06an automatic Uzi by an instructor
09:15those faithful last words all right full
09:18auto this little girl killed her
09:21instructor that day the girl simply
09:22wasn't strong enough to resist the gun's
09:25recoil why and when she pulls the
09:28he loses the grip on the bottom of the
09:30magazine and gets muzzle rise and winds
09:34up getting what's it like when the shots
09:36come out describe it it's gonna be like
09:37a buzz soil going off in your hand
09:39yeah maybe that's not the ideal family
09:42weekend activity for a nine-year-old
09:44however the strange allowed any kids
09:47over the age of eight to shoot a machine
09:49gun in 2008 a nine-year-old boy shoot
09:52himself during a very similar scenario
09:54also with an Uzi machine gun his dad was
09:57there filming it and as a result of this
09:59his home state of Connecticut made it
10:01illegal for anyone under the age of 16
10:03to be sold a machine gun some argue the
10:06laws should be even stricter Uzi was
10:09designed by Israeli military Industries
10:11for the idfs early Defense Forces it's a
10:14Warfare machine not a toy and even
10:17regular pistol guns like the one Malachi
10:19played with can be just as deadly in New
10:22Jersey in 2013 Anthony senator's
10:25four-year-old son bought and killed his
10:26six-year-old neighbor while playing with
10:28his dad's gun eventually his dad was
10:30sentenced to three years in prison as he
10:32took responsibility for the child's
10:34death the prosecutor painted a grim
10:36picture these guns were lying around the
10:38house in close proximity to ammunition
10:40100 percent preventable yeah do not
10:44leave guns lying around when you have
10:46kids in the house don't leave them lying
10:48around anyway but even more so with your
10:51young children around accidentally
10:53killing someone leaves a terrible mark
10:55on the victim's family and on you in
10:572017 the same year Malachi took his own
11:00life 17 year old marsavius Frazier was
11:03playing a game with his friend decorion
11:05when he accidentally shoots his gun and
11:07killed him they weren't fighting they
11:09were best buddies marsuvius was so
11:11devastated he took his own life with the
11:13same God young man who was a eyewitness
11:16was best friends with the first person
11:19who was and has to understand this
11:22person died in his arms and then he
11:25witnessed the other gentleman take his
11:27own life
11:28imagine witnessing your two best friends
11:30go like this the police statement
11:32following said this is a very
11:34unfortunate incident and we remind
11:36people to be mindful and serious about
11:38the proper and legal handling of
11:40firearms the firearm in this incident
11:42was not stolen but it was also not
11:44properly registered in short guys don't
11:48play with guns they're not that fun
11:50there are so many other ways to keep
11:52your friends entertained on social media
11:54and they're not deadly keep yourself
11:56safe keep your friends safe and if you
11:58have kids make sure you do your best to
12:00keep them away from Guns it's just not
12:02worth it Malachi's tragic death and all
12:05others happening every year should stand
12:07as reminders for just that thanks for
12:10watching you guys what are your thoughts
12:12on this case and do you think guns
12:14should be kept away from teenagers what
12:16other Solutions are there let me know in
12:18a thoughtful comment and before you go
12:20make sure to like subscribe and hit that
12:22Bell button so you never miss another
12:24episode see you next time and keep
12:26yourself safe
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the tragic story of Malachi Hemphill?

Malachi Hemphill, a 13-year-old, accidentally shot himself while broadcasting on Instagram Live, raising questions about the dangers of guns for teenagers and the need for responsible gun ownership and monitoring of children's online activities.

2. What questions does the incident raise about responsible gun ownership?

The incident raises questions about the need for responsible gun ownership, particularly when it comes to teenagers. It highlights the importance of ensuring that firearms are securely stored and inaccessible to children and teenagers.

3. How did NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal respond to the incident?

NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal offered to pay for Malachi's funeral, showcasing the community's support in the aftermath of the incident. His response brought attention to the tragedy and the need for community support in such situations.

4. What impact does this incident have on monitoring children's online activities?

The incident emphasizes the crucial need for monitoring children's online activities, especially when it involves potentially dangerous situations. Parents and guardians are urged to be vigilant and involved in their children's online presence to prevent similar tragedies.

5. How does the incident raise awareness about the dangers of guns for teenagers?

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of guns for teenagers. It prompts discussions about the risks associated with teens having access to firearms and the importance of educating them about responsible gun use and safety measures.

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