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Scientists have made a terrifying discovery at the Grand Canyon, sparking fears for the iconic landmark and its surrounding areas. The mysterious findings have led to debates about hidden zones, archaeological hoaxes, and potential government cover-ups. The video delves into the chilling revelations and the conflicting narratives surrounding the Grand Canyon's forbidden areas and historical secrets.
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A man's shocking discovery at the Grand Canyon has terrified scientists and experts.
The Grand Canyon was designated a National Monument in 1908 by Theodore Roosevelt.
Europeans discovered the canyon in 1540, but North American exploration didn't happen until later.
In 1869, John Wesley Powell led the first hazardous expedition down the Colorado River and through the gorge.
Theodore Roosevelt, as President, focused on protecting the environment and regulating public lands.
The video section discusses the establishment of the Grand Canyon National Monument and the skepticism surrounding an article from 1909.
In 1908, President Roosevelt designated over 800,000 acres of the area surrounding the Grand Canyon as a National Monument.
The Grand Canyon National Park Act was signed into law in 1919, making private development in the Grand Canyon illegal.
The article from 1909, which claims the existence of Kincaid and Professor Jordan, is considered by many as sensational yellow journalism and a hoax.
A forbidden zone in Grand Canyon National Park is strictly off-limits to hikers and campers, with odd place names cited as evidence that the area is being secretly monitored by the federal government.
The academic establishment blindly follows the party line.
Alternative researchers insist that the whole thing is an elaborate hoax.
Radical alternative groups see this as the beginning of a much larger conspiracy.
The official story given by a government agency is questionable due to a conflict of interest in manipulating the official story of human history.
The subtitles discuss ancient man-made tunnels in the Grand Canyon, restrictions on entering caves or mines without a permit, and the connection between airspace restrictions and the preservation of natural tranquility in national parks.
The so-called mines in the Grand Canyon are actually ancient man-made tunnels reportedly constructed by the Hopi.
Entering any cave or mine in the park without a permit is strictly prohibited.
Airspace over the Grand Canyon and two other national parks is restricted to restore tranquility and protect public health and safety.
There are similarities between these three parks, including volcanic activity, karst Earth deposits, and the presence of undiscovered cave systems.
Human remains, including infants and children, were discovered in the Grand Canyon under foreboding circumstances, raising concerns about the historical narrative and the involvement of Professor David Starr Jordan with the Smithsonian Institution.
Human remains, including 14 infants and 4 children, were found in a cave in the Grand Canyon.
Professor David Starr Jordan, who was closely linked with the Smithsonian Institution, participated in excursions in the Grand Canyon and held controversial views on race and eugenics.
Jordan's involvement in a sterilization program and the dishonoring of his name in California buildings indicate the recognition of his actions as a violation of human rights.
The discovery of human remains and Jordan's controversial history raise questions about the historical narrative and the involvement of the Smithsonian Institution.
00:00the Grand Canyon is one of the world's
00:01most famous natural wonders attracting
00:04millions of tourists every year
00:06but what if we tell you that a man had
00:08just made a discovery there that would
00:10terrify the whole world this isn't some
00:13conspiracy theory or tall tale but a
00:15bone chilling truth that will make your
00:18blood run cold the man's Discovery has
00:20shocked scientists and experts who now
00:24fear the worst for the Grand Canyon and
00:26the surrounding areas so get ready for
00:28an earth-shattering Revelation that will
00:31leave you questioning everything you
00:33thought you knew about this iconic
00:36the enormous Grand Canyon located in
00:39northern Arizona was designated a
00:41National Monument by Theodore Roosevelt
00:43as the President of the United States on
00:46January 11 1908 even though there was
00:49evidence of Native American habitation
00:51in the region as early as the 13th
00:53century Europeans did not make their
00:56first discovery of the canyon until
00:581540. this was when members of an
01:00expedition led by the Spanish explorer
01:03Francisco Vasquez de Coronado made the
01:06discovery it was not until several
01:08centuries later that North American
01:10people began to investigate the canyon
01:12because of its isolated and difficult to
01:14reach position in 1869 the geologist
01:18John Wesley Powell led a company of 10
01:21men on the first hazardous Trek down the
01:23Rapids of the Colorado River and along
01:25the length of the 277 mile gorge in four
01:29row boats this expedition was a first of
01:31its kind
01:33by the time the 19th century was coming
01:35to a close the Grand Canyon was
01:37receiving tens of thousands of visitors
01:39annually Theodore Roosevelt the 26th and
01:4227th president of the United States was
01:45a native New Yorker who had a deep love
01:47for the western region of the country
01:49after the assassination of President
01:51William McKinley in 1901 Roosevelt
01:54became the president of the United
01:55States and immediately made protecting
01:58the environment a primary focus of his
02:01after creating the National Wildlife
02:04Refuge to save the animals fish and
02:06birds of the country Theodore Roosevelt
02:09focused his attention on the federal
02:10government's regulation of the country's
02:12public lands although an area could only
02:15be designated as a national park by an
02:17act of Congress which meant that any
02:19private development on that land was
02:21prohibited Roosevelt simplified the
02:23process by beginning a new presidential
02:25practice of granting a similar National
02:28Monument designation to some of the
02:30West's greatest treasures this reduced
02:32the amount of bureaucratic red tape that
02:34needed to be dealt with
02:36disability was utilized by Roosevelt in
02:39January 1908 when he designated more
02:42than eight hundred thousand acres of the
02:43area surrounding the Grand Canyon as a
02:46National Monument he decreed that this
02:49great Wonder of nature should be allowed
02:50to remain in its current state there is
02:53no way to make it better but what you
02:55can do is preserve it for your children
02:56your children's children and all of
02:59those who come after you as the one
03:00magnificent site which every American
03:02should see
03:04the Grand Canyon National Park Act was
03:06not signed into law by President Woodrow
03:08Wilson until 1919 making 1919 the
03:13official year that private development
03:15in the Grand Canyon was declared illegal
03:17by Congress there are already more than
03:205 million annual visitors to the canyon
03:22the canyon floor can be reached on foot
03:24by mule or by boat nevertheless white
03:28water rafting hiking and jogging are
03:30among the most popular activities in the
03:32area many people decide to save their
03:35energy and simply take in the amazing
03:37view from the south rim of the canyon
03:39which is around seven thousand feet
03:41above sea level from this Vantage Point
03:43visitors May Marvel at a panorama that
03:46has remained practically unchanged for
03:48over 400 years
03:50could the Grand Canyon article from 1909
03:52have been made up
03:54skeptical authors professors and the
03:56Smithsonian of today all say the same
03:59thing that this is nothing but
04:01Sensational yellow journalism they claim
04:04it's a hoax from beginning to end
04:05created to capitalize on the credulity
04:08and Superstition of the general public
04:10by appealing to people's deepest
04:12spiritual needs the essay seems unlikely
04:15at best and like a dishonest attempt to
04:17make money by spreading Tall Tales at
04:19worst there was never a follow-up
04:21article and the piece's Mysterious
04:23author did a disservice to both
04:25Believers and Skeptics
04:27over a century later the Smithsonian
04:29still refuses to confirm the existence
04:31of Kincaid or Professor Jordan or even
04:34acknowledge that the story ever happened
04:37The Narrative further claims that
04:38Kincaid was accompanied on his second
04:40visit to the site by a Smithsonian
04:43archaeologist by the name of S.A Jordan
04:45however the Arizona Gazette appears to
04:48be the only publication to have run the
04:50piece neither Kincaid nor Jordan appears
04:53in any official records the academic
04:55establishment unsurprisingly blindly
04:58follows the party line
05:00online a course of alternative
05:02researchers insists that the whole thing
05:04is an elaborate hoax according to them
05:07there is a forbidden zone in Grand
05:09Canyon National Park where it is
05:11strictly forbidden to go hiking camping
05:13or exploring the odd place names in this
05:16supposedly restricted area are cited as
05:18more evidence that the area is being
05:20surreptitiously monitored by the federal
05:23the more radical alternative groups on
05:26the other hand see this as just the
05:28beginning of a much larger conspiracy
05:30including underground reptilian
05:32overlords who control the governing
05:36the skeptical view is well protected by
05:39thick walls of authority and
05:40plausibility making it difficult for a
05:42single Paper published over a century
05:44ago to penetrate its defenses an
05:47objective researcher is right to doubt a
05:49newspaper and an unknown author but it
05:51would be equally foolish to trust the
05:53official story given by a government
05:55agency that unquestionably does have a
05:57conflict of interest in manipulating the
05:59official story of human history
06:01the United States government's promotion
06:03of native cultures during the early 20th
06:06century is a prime example of this
06:08so what's the truth and whose statement
06:11should we take seriously
06:13objective thinking letting go of
06:15preconceived preconceptions and riding
06:17the Winds of evidence while avoiding the
06:19rocks and sandbars of confirmation bias
06:21the formal and informal fallacy is the
06:24skeleton key to unlocking any riddle
06:27the grand Canyon's prohibited area and
06:29the rule of law
06:30the writer of the 1909 news piece seems
06:33to have felt compelled to use these
06:35identities for spectacular purposes but
06:38the following step in inquiry confirms
06:40the assertion that this same section of
06:42the park is forbidden to examine so this
06:45reasonable explanation quickly becomes
06:48the official document detailing the
06:50closed areas and roads in Grand Canyon
06:52National Park is predictably long and
06:55tedious to read but it does contain some
06:57pertinent language such as the following
07:00the following geographical areas and or
07:02roads within Grand Canyon National Park
07:04are closed to public use or are
07:07restricted by specific activities and or
07:09specific times for specific activities
07:12Hopi Fire Tower and Access Road Maricopa
07:15Point endangered plant area Hopi salt
07:18mines extending from River mile 62 to
07:21River mile 62.
07:24keep in mind that these so-called mines
07:26are not actually mines and may have
07:28never been mine at all rather they are
07:31interesting for what they are ancient
07:33man-made tunnels reportedly constructed
07:35by the Hopi no one is allowed to enter
07:37any cave or mine in the park at any time
07:40ever without a permit which will never
07:43be issued the text continues
07:45monotonously furthermore anthropogenic
07:48features EG mine works that include a
07:50Twilight Zone and a zone of Perpetual
07:52Darkness will be managed as caves as per
07:55the federal cave resources protection
07:57act of 1988. the backcountry permits
08:01office is where you can apply for and
08:03pick up the permits you need to comply
08:05with this provision
08:06airspace over the canyon and two other
08:08national parks Yosemite and Haleakala
08:11was restricted in 1987 by legislation
08:14purportedly meant to provide for
08:16substantial restoration of the natural
08:18quiet and experience of the park and
08:21protection of public health and safety
08:23from adverse effects associated with
08:25aircraft overflight
08:27restoring the Park's tranquility and
08:29protecting visitors health and safety
08:30what possible negative consequences on
08:33public health and safety could an
08:35airplane's high altitude over the canyon
08:37have and if noise is an actual problem
08:39which is highly unlikely why are they
08:42only concerned about it in three of the
08:44nation's 418 national parks there are
08:47other connections between these three
08:49parts all of these places share
08:51similarities such as a history of
08:53volcanic activity the presence of karst
08:56Earth deposits the presence of large as
08:58yet undiscovered cave systems and local
09:01legends that Center on long-lost human
09:03civilizations demigods or Gods it is
09:06estimated that as many as 50 000 people
09:08may have made a comfortable home in the
09:10caves current Arizona Indian tribes may
09:13be descended from cave dwellers surfs or
09:15slaves according to one view many
09:18thousands of years before the Christian
09:20era a highly developed civilization
09:22undoubtedly existed in this area
09:25this idea fits nicely with Native
09:27American folklore depicting the Anasazi
09:30as ancient enemies and there is
09:32undeniable proof that the Anasazi
09:34inhabited the area long before the
09:36current tribes and that dark thing were
09:39happening at these sites human remains
09:41were discovered but no animal bones or
09:43skins were present finding human remains
09:46is not shocking in and of itself but the
09:48circumstances under which they were
09:50uncovered are very foreboding big cave
09:53located in Canyon Del muerto is only a
09:56short distance from mummy cave in the
09:58larger Canyon to Chile the canyon of the
10:01Dead assist with a slab lining was
10:03discovered to contain the bodies of 14
10:06infants four other children's remains
10:08were found in the large basket under the
10:10newborns legacies and Liars in point of
10:15fact Professor David Starr Jordan was
10:17closely linked with the Smithsonian
10:19Institution for a period of 30 years
10:21beginning in the 1880s and Lasting until
10:241910. during this time he participated
10:27in ich theological excursions on the
10:30Colorado River and within the Grand
10:32Canyon according to early Census records
10:34star was not his given middle name and
10:37he did not choose it to become his legal
10:39middle name until much later in life
10:40this meant that it did not become
10:42official until after he had already
10:44reached adulthood
10:46Jordan was a staunch supporter of
10:48eugenics and served as president of
10:50Stanford University while he held this
10:53in 1899 Jordan wrote an essay titled A
10:57study of the decay of races throughout
10:58the survival of the unfit in which he
11:01Illustrated his irrationality regarding
11:03race degeneration and implored the
11:05effectuation of tremendous efforts
11:07designed to maintain racial Unity this
11:10essay was the result of Jordan's
11:12primitive pseudoscience and xenophobic
11:15in later years Jordan was the country
11:18that oversaw a Statewide sterilization
11:20program which was unequivocally a
11:22violation of Human Rights and a crime
11:24against humanity in 2003 the name of
11:28many buildings in California was
11:29dishonorably removed and the legislature
11:32of California overwhelmingly expressed
11:34its profound regret over the state's
11:36past role in the Eugenics movement
11:39in view of everything that has happened
11:41it should not come as a surprise that
11:43the Smithsonian institution would have
11:45hired him in the past to skew the
11:47historical narrative or that they are
11:49now trying to distance themselves from
11:51that's all for the video today we will
11:54be right back with more such videos
11:55don't forget to hit the like button and
11:57subscribe to our Channel thanks for
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What terrifying discovery was made at the Grand Canyon?

Scientists have made a terrifying discovery at the Grand Canyon, sparking fears for the iconic landmark and its surrounding areas. The mysterious findings have led to debates about hidden zones, archaeological hoaxes, and potential government cover-ups. The video delves into the chilling revelations and the conflicting narratives surrounding the Grand Canyon's forbidden areas and historical secrets.

2. What are the debates surrounding the discovery at the Grand Canyon?

The mysterious findings at the Grand Canyon have led to debates about hidden zones, archaeological hoaxes, and potential government cover-ups. There are conflicting narratives surrounding the forbidden areas and historical secrets of the Grand Canyon, sparking intense discussions and speculations.

3. Why are there fears for the Grand Canyon and its surrounding areas?

The terrifying discovery made at the Grand Canyon has sparked fears for the iconic landmark and its surrounding areas due to the mysterious nature of the findings. This has raised concerns about the potential impact on the Grand Canyon and its neighboring areas, leading to a sense of urgency and concern.

4. What does the video reveal about the Grand Canyon's forbidden areas and historical secrets?

The video delves into the chilling revelations and the conflicting narratives surrounding the Grand Canyon's forbidden areas and historical secrets, uncovering intriguing details and shocking revelations that shed light on the secretive nature of certain areas and the hidden history of the Grand Canyon.

5. What are the potential government cover-ups related to the Grand Canyon discovery?

The discovery at the Grand Canyon has led to debates about potential government cover-ups, adding a layer of mystery and intrigue to the already shocking revelations. The conflicting narratives surrounding the historical secrets and forbidden areas of the Grand Canyon have raised questions about the involvement of government entities and the possibility of hidden agendas.

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