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Chalito Araujo, also known as "The Terror of Culiacan," was a feared hitman and leader during the civil war within the Sinaloa Cartel in 2008. He and his crew, known as Los Charritos, were known for their ruthless attacks and were even feared by other cartel members such as El Chino Anthrax. Chalito's loyalty to Arturo Beltran and his participation in the shootout during Arturo's condo raid ultimately led to his demise.
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Chalito Araujo, a 19-year-old, led hit teams and was feared during the Sinaloa cartel civil war, going on rampages and targeting people from Culiacan and surrounding areas.
Chalito and his crew were armed and ready to attack at any moment, traveling in bulletproof SUVs.
They were known to shoot on sight, even targeting the police.
Chino Anthrax was afraid of them and on the run because of Chalito and his crew.
Chalito Araujo stayed loyal to Arturo Beltran Leyva during the cartel split in Culiacan.
Chalito's crew was known as Los Charritos.
Arturo Beltran blamed El Chapo for giving up Alfredo in exchange for his son Ivan being freed.
Chalito's father, Chalo Araujo, was a known and feared gunman who worked for El Mayo for years.
Chalito Araujo declared his allegiance to Arturo Beltran and went after El Chapo and Mayo, and in a legendary move, he saved his crew from arrest by federal agents.
After his father's death, Chalito Araujo worked for Arturo Beltran.
Chalito was tasked with enforcement duties and declared his allegiance to Arturo when the civil war broke out.
In a famous incident, Chalito saved his crew from arrest by federal agents who were on El Chapo's payroll.
Chalito and his crew were doing brazen hits and had become a real problem for El Chapo's people.
Chalito Araujo was involved in a shootout with Mexican marines at Arturo Beltran's condo, where he was hit three times before his death.
Chalito was firing an AK and throwing grenades during the shootout.
He was one of Arturo's gunmen and was fiercely loyal to him.
Contrary to circulating photos, it was not Chalito's body outside the condo tower but one of his crew members.
After the deaths of Chalito and his crew, the Sinaloa cartel bosses relaxed a bit.
00:22gonzalo braho was known as chalito and
00:25this 19 year old was on the front lines
00:28during the civil war that erupted within
00:30the sinaloa cartel in 2008
00:32while still a teenager chalito was
00:34already leading hit teams
00:35and doing hits for the top bosses he was
00:38known and feared and during the civil
00:40chelito was on a rampage his crew were
00:42always armed to the teeth and in plain
00:45they were always ready to dump a drum at
00:47the drop of a dime they would go out in
00:49several bulletproof suvs
00:51and hunt at chapels and then miles
00:53people from kuliakan
00:55and the surrounding outskirts when
00:56confronted they were known to shoot on
00:59and plane daylight even the cops were on
01:01their hit list they made it known
01:02that anyone going against arturo was an
01:04enemy it is said that even the chino
01:07anthrax was afraid of them
01:08and he was on the run specifically
01:10because of chalito and his
01:12crew and chino was sleeping in different
01:14houses trying to stay one step ahead
01:16also manuel torres felix was one of the
01:19couples that fought los cerritos crew
01:22for control of kuliakan
01:24chalito's crew was known as los
01:26charritos which refers to the
01:28traditional mexican horsemen from
01:30although the cerritos were all from
01:32sinaloa in 2008
01:34alfredo beltran was captured by army
01:36special forces in culiacan the story
01:38goes at arturo beltran
01:40older brother of alfredo and the boss of
01:42the beltran level cartel blamed el chapo
01:44and accused him
01:45of giving up alfredo in exchange for el
01:48chapo's son ivan
01:49being freed by the government the belter
01:51and labour brothers went to war against
01:52their former partners in chapel and
01:55and ignacio gordon the cartel split some
01:57people stayed with the sinaloa cartel
01:59but others decided to stand with their
02:01compadres the infamous pedra and leva
02:03brothers chalito was one of those gunmen
02:05that stayed loyal to arturo vetran
02:07chalito's father
02:08was a known and feared gunman chalo
02:10araho callow had worked for in mario for
02:13he led an enforcement squad and had
02:15countless city cops on his payroll but
02:17in 2006
02:18el chalo made a grave error when he
02:20killed a close compadre
02:21of el mayo el chalo was a highly
02:23respected sicario so for that reason
02:25and mayo gave chalo a choice either you
02:27kill yourself
02:28or we kill you chalo ended up shooting
02:31himself in the head
02:32at his home in kuliakan the tragedy left
02:34a bad taste within the araho family
02:37who felt challo had been loyal and
02:38risked his life for years for email
02:41only to be abandoned like nothing after
02:43his father's death
02:44chalito araho switched over to work
02:46directly for arturo beltran
02:48arturo and the yarajo family were close
02:50and so arturo took chalito under his
02:52and chalito was now tasked with
02:54enforcement duties so when the civil war
02:56broke out
02:56chelito declared his allegiance to
02:58arturo and went to town
03:00on chapel and then milo's people it was
03:02easy for chalito to go after el chapo
03:04and especially in mayo
03:05chalito had not forgotten how his father
03:07met his demise
03:09in one famous incident members of those
03:11charitos were located by
03:13federal police in a safe house in the
03:15neighborhood of las vegas
03:17the gunman immediately began firing at
03:19police trying to break into the house
03:21the gunman inside place a call to their
03:23boss chalito chilito gathered three
03:24other gunmen
03:25a couple ak-47s and a duffel bag full of
03:29the crew jumped into their armored jeep
03:30cherokee and sped off
03:32to rescue their crew as soon as they
03:34arrived they began to spray the cops
03:35with automatic fire and then began
03:37throwing grenade after grenade
03:38in order to push them back from the
03:40house then chalito hit the gas and
03:43and rammed the suv into the garage
03:45creating an opening for his gunman to
03:47board the vehicle
03:48in a legendary move the chalito managed
03:50to save his crew from arrest
03:51or possibly worse because those same
03:53federal agents were actually on the
03:55chapel's payroll though charitos had
03:57become a real problem
03:59they were doing brazen hits and the
04:00chapel's people especially
04:02not even the cops on the chaplain and
04:03mario's payroll could defeat
04:05los cheritos on december 16 2009 chalito
04:08was with arturo beltran the night his
04:10condo was raided by mexican marines
04:13and cuernavaca a furious shootout began
04:15when arturo's men noticed strange
04:17on nearby streets chalito was one of
04:19those gunmen that was with arturo
04:21chalito was firing an ak and throwing
04:24alternating between the stairwell and
04:26firing out the window towards the
04:28down on the street finally after two
04:30hours of fighting marines had reached
04:32the front door of the condo it was
04:33during this exchange that chalito was
04:35hit three times by marines
04:37contrary to photos that circulate the
04:39internet showing chalito's body on the
04:40grounds outside the condo tower
04:42it's not chalito it's actually one of
04:44its crew members who is known
04:46as herroco there is something to be said
04:48that arturo who a week prior had barely
04:50escaped the raid
04:51at his mansion was now being guarded by
04:53his most loyal sicarios
04:55the infamous charitos after their deaths
04:57the sinaloa cartel bosses relaxed a bit
04:59because chalito was one of those people
05:01they gave at chapel and then miles
05:03people nightmares that's why when people
05:05today reminisce
05:06about charlito arago and los cerritos
05:08they say he was
05:09the terror of kuliakan
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Who is Chalito Araujo?

Chalito Araujo, also known as "The Terror of Culiacan," was a feared hitman and leader during the civil war within the Sinaloa Cartel in 2008. He and his crew, known as Los Charritos, were known for their ruthless attacks and were even feared by other cartel members such as El Chino Anthrax.

2. What was Chalito Araujo known for?

Chalito Araujo, also known as The Terror of Culiacan, was known for his ruthless attacks and leadership during the civil war within the Sinaloa Cartel in 2008. His crew, Los Charritos, were feared by other cartel members such as El Chino Anthrax.

3. What led to Chalito Araujo's demise?

Chalito Araujo's loyalty to Arturo Beltran and his participation in the shootout during Arturo's condo raid ultimately led to his demise.

4. How did Chalito Araujo gain his notoriety?

Chalito Araujo gained his notoriety through his fearless leadership and ruthless attacks during the civil war within the Sinaloa Cartel in 2008. His crew, Los Charritos, was also known for their brutal tactics.

5. What is the significance of Chalito Araujo's role in the Sinaloa Cartel?

Chalito Araujo played a significant role in the Sinaloa Cartel, especially during the civil war in 2008, where he was known for his leadership, feared attacks, and loyalty to Arturo Beltran.

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