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This video highlights the top 10 richest farmers in the world, showcasing their achievements and wealth in the agricultural industry. These farmers have made their fortunes through various aspects of agriculture, ranging from dairy farming to poultry and crop cultivation. Despite not owning the largest farms, they have successfully capitalized on the competitive agricultural landscape.
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The top 10 richest farmers in the world and their achievements
Howard Buffet, son of billionaire Warren Buffet, is a corn and soybean farmer with a value of $200 million
Colin and Alarmed Family are successful dairy farmers in New Zealand with a worth of $500.35 million
Tony Parish and his brother inherited a dairy farm and expanded it to become one of the largest dairy farming operations in New Zealand
The section highlights the success and net worth of some of the world's richest farmers.
Tony Parish's farm, founded in 1951 with 25 dairy cows, now has over two thousand cows and stations in different locations.
Fo Guangming, president of Figer in Sunna Development, has a net worth of $1.95 billion and supplies chicken to KFC in China.
Vadim Moshkovich, president of the agro-industrial company Ruse Agro, has a net worth of $2.7 billion and is involved in philanthropic activities.
Wheat Heroes Maggie, son of André Maggie, is part of the André Maggie Group, the largest private producer of soybeans, and was elected as a senator in Brazil.
This section highlights three of the richest farmers in the world and their agricultural businesses.
Aristide, the founder of Steen Side, a successful genetics company, is worth an estimated $3.6 billion.
Liu Yang, one of the richest people in China, initially built his fortune on a chicken farm and later expanded his business to become one of the largest agricultural companies in China.
Steward and Linda Resnick, whose family fortune comes from pistachios and almonds grown on their farm in California, have invested over $100 million in sustainable technologies to adapt to the ongoing drought in the region.
The top 10 richest farmers in the world made their fortune through agriculture, with none of them owning the largest farms.
Stewart Resnick invested in vast tracts of farmland in California and his company's products are purchased by nearly half of Americans.
Liu Yongxing started a small chicken and kayes farm in the 1980s and formed the East Hope Group, which operates in agriculture, real estate, and heavy industry.
All the people on the list are self-made millionaires who invested their money and time in the agricultural industry.
00:00when you say farmers you
00:02usually think of a person who
00:04spends most of his time in the
00:05fields trying to get the best
00:07harvests even when the elements are
00:09against him but in the
00:11modern agricultural landscape new
00:13technologies favor the development
00:18there are farmers who have managed to
00:21exceptional performances in this field their
00:24achievements allow them to
00:26rank among the richest people
00:28in the world the
00:30richest farmers in the world may
00:32not pass all day in the fields
00:33but they are always somewhere
00:35coordinating their activities hello and
00:38welcome to this new video
00:40today we are traveling the world
00:43to discover the most
00:45powerful farmers on the planet and how they
00:46got there if you don't want to
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00:55done let's start first with
00:58the last one at the end of the ranking 10
01:01howard buffett
01:02howard buffet is active in various
01:04fields of business and from politics
01:06to agriculture conservation and
01:09photography he is the second son of
01:12billionaire warren buffet is after
01:15dropping out of three colleges howard
01:17buffett decided to become
01:19corn and soybean farmers he oversees a
01:22large family farm in illinois
01:24and several farms in nebraska
01:25with his son he also supervises
01:29three research farms in arizona we
01:31live there noah and in south africa
01:33howard buffett is proud to support
01:35these farms without the help of
01:37the family fortune but makes his own value is
01:39estimated at $200 million
01:429 Colin and Alarmed The Armed Family
01:46has secured a place on the list of
01:48New Zealand's richest people
01:49thanks to their highly successful dairy farm
01:51They own Derry
01:54Holdings the largest
01:56New Zealand dairy farming conglomerate
01:58worth around $500.35 million
02:02Colin and Alarme started their
02:03business on a family dairy farm
02:05in the 1990s but
02:08now the group owns and operates
02:0958 dairy farms in the South Island
02:12plus grazing blocks for
02:14cows 8 Tony Parish Tony Parish and his
02:18brother inherited a dairy farm from
02:20their parents The farm was founded in
02:231951 from 25 dairy cows
02:27Today the farm has more than
02:29two thousand cows and has
02:31stations in west or let's go and trange
02:32in australia where the company grows
02:35grain and raises cattle
02:36tony parish's net worth is
02:39estimated at $750 million
02:42this ardor guangming crazy big mines
02:45and the president of figer in sunna
02:47development which supplies chicken to
02:49kfc in china he shares his fortune with
02:52his daughter suffers children company director
02:55fo guang ming has a net worth of 1.95
02:59billion dollars in 2021
03:02almost 2 billion s' he continues
03:04what he has been doing in recent years
03:066 vadim moscovie ch
03:08vadim boskovic and president of the
03:10agro-industrial company ruse agro a
03:13large manufacturer of pork and sugar
03:15moszkowicz started selling
03:17apartments vodka and oil
03:20in the early 1990s he
03:23later invested in land and created ruse
03:25agro ruse agro owns over 60,000
03:28acres of land and sells his products
03:29in over 15 countries and 80
03:32Russian regions this gave him a net worth
03:35of 2.7 billion of dollars he is
03:38also known for his philanthropic activities
03:415 wheat heroes told me one could say
03:44that badger maggie to agriculture in
03:46the sense because he is the son of andré magee
03:48who founded andré maggie group the
03:51largest private producer of soybeans in the world
03:53the group achieved sales of 3
03:55billion dollars in 2012 securing
03:58a place for wheat heroes maggie among the
03:59richest men in the world according to
04:01forbes magazine
04:03the andré maggie group is managed by
04:05andré's wife lucia but wheat heroes
04:07maggie owns more than 16% of the group
04:10the company has interests in
04:12fertilizer energy
04:14rubber extraction and transportation wheat hierro
04:17magee was elected governor of the state of
04:19mato grosso in brazil in 2002 on mato
04:22grosso and practically a paradise for
04:24soy production
04:26today he is a senator representing
04:29the state of mato grosso pushing
04:31for the carbon offset market
04:32to prevent farmers
04:35from cutting down forests in brazil 4
04:38aristide ranked by the magazine Forbes
04:41as the richest man in the state of
04:43Iowa in 2015 Aristide is the brains
04:45behind Steen Side a
04:47successful genetics company He is worth an
04:50estimated $3.6 billion
04:54Aristide grew up on a farm just
04:56outside of Des Moines and started her
04:58seed breeding business in
05:00the 1960s has dyslexia and
05:03mild autism Steen is a
05:06data and math savant
05:08Steen Side is the largest
05:10privately owned seed company in the world creating
05:13some of the most
05:14genetically robust soybeans 3 liu yang a aux
05:18lionnes gao is one of the
05:20richest people in china with a fortune
05:22estimated by forbes in 2016 at
05:25$4.1 billion initially built
05:27on a chicken farm and kayes
05:29which he founded with his brothers liu yang
05:32began his career as a teacher
05:34in a technical school in 1982 he
05:38decided to create his own company
05:39with his three brothers to raise
05:43funds and finance
05:44the four's business idea sold their bike and
05:46watch managing to get about
05:49$120 working capital to
05:51start a business
05:53the brothers invested their money in
05:55buying and raising
05:56chicken notebooks and sold them to
05:57farmers in the rural province of
06:00June 6 they expanded their business
06:02by creating a pet food sales network
06:04in 1992 their company hop
06:08group was one of the largest
06:12pet food supply networks is one of the largest
06:13private conglomerates in the country in 1996 the
06:17four brothers shared their
06:19agricultural empire liu yang a oa renamed his
06:22company newsgroups his company is
06:26today one of the largest
06:27agricultural companies in china in 2013
06:30he handed over the reins of the company to his
06:32daughter liu chang May to retain a
06:35place on the board of directors of
06:38this company Steward and Linda Resnick
06:42Most of the
06:43Resnick family fortune estimated at $4.2 billion
06:46comes from pistachios and
06:48almonds grown on their farm in 64
06:511000 acres in california they have invested
06:53over 100 million dollars in
06:55sustainable technologies to create
06:57drought tolerant pistachios
06:58to adapt to the ongoing drought
07:01in california in recent years their
07:04farming business started in the late
07:06s 1970 after their marriage
07:08when stewart resnick decided
07:11to invest in vast tracts of
07:12farmland in the central valley
07:14of california
07:16today their company's products
07:18world and repress companies
07:20are purchased by nearly half of
07:22product lines includes
07:25mandarins the ofii jop om world and refuses
07:27a liu yongxing
07:30with his brothers liu yongxing to start
07:33a small chicken and kayes farm
07:35in the 1980s becoming over the
07:37decades one of the richest people
07:39in china with a fortune estimated
07:41at $6.6 billion he formed the
07:45east hope group in the early
07:461990s after splitting from his three
07:49other brothers
07:50all siblings started
07:52their own
07:53food businesses liu yongxing and his
07:56brother liu yang in water being ranked on the
07:58richest form list the
08:00east hope group operates in agriculture
08:02real estate and heavy industry in
08:05the agricultural sector the company
08:08mainly focuses on the
08:09production of animal feed with
08:11a range of products of more than 100
08:14interestingly although all the
08:16people on this list are
08:18millionaires or even
08:19billionaires all making their fortune through
08:21agriculture none of them own
08:23one of the largest farms in the
08:26nevertheless it It should be noted that with a
08:29few exceptions all the
08:30people on this list are
08:32self-made millionaires who had
08:34the courage to invest their money and
08:36time in the agricultural industry
08:37in the face of a
08:39very strong competitive environment. I invite you to join us join
08:42on instagram for your
08:43personal concerns or join the channel on
08:46telegram if you want to follow
08:47agribusiness news and seize
08:49new opportunities
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08:55thank you for watching this video
08:58see you the other Friday for
09:00another very important
09:02success of yours
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the top 10 richest farmers in the world known for?

The top 10 richest farmers in the world are known for their remarkable achievements and wealth in the agricultural industry. They have made their fortunes through various aspects of agriculture, including dairy farming, poultry, and crop cultivation.

2. How have the top 10 richest farmers in the world capitalized on the competitive agricultural landscape?

Despite not owning the largest farms, the top 10 richest farmers in the world have successfully capitalized on the competitive agricultural landscape by leveraging their expertise and innovative farming techniques. They have demonstrated exceptional business acumen and strategic decision-making.

3. What sets the top 10 richest farmers in the world apart from others in the agricultural industry?

The top 10 richest farmers in the world stand out from others in the agricultural industry due to their exceptional wealth, visionary leadership, and pioneering contributions to agricultural advancements. Their commitment to excellence and sustainable farming practices sets them apart.

4. How have the top 10 richest farmers in the world made their fortunes?

The top 10 richest farmers in the world have made their fortunes through diverse agricultural ventures, including dairy farming, poultry, and crop cultivation. Their success can be attributed to their ability to identify lucrative opportunities within the agricultural sector and capitalize on them effectively.

5. What aspects of agriculture have contributed to the wealth of the top 10 richest farmers in the world?

The wealth of the top 10 richest farmers in the world has been contributed to by various aspects of agriculture, such as dairy farming, poultry, and crop cultivation. Their ability to innovate and adapt to evolving agricultural practices has been instrumental in their wealth accumulation.

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