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This video discusses the five most popular strains of psilocybin mushrooms including B+, Penis Envy, Cambodian, Golden Teacher, and Tidal Wave, highlighting their characteristics and effects. It also promotes a Mushroom Grow Kit for those interested in cultivating their own mushrooms.
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This section introduces the topic of different mushroom strains and compares them to dog breeds.
There are over 200 species of psychedelic mushrooms, but this video focuses on psilocybe cubensis strains.
Cubensis is one of the most popular and easiest species to grow.
Different strains can be compared to different dog breeds, with B+ being the first strain discussed.
The section discusses the B+ and Penis Envy strains of psilocybin mushrooms.
B+ is a hybrid strain and easy to grow, producing large first flushes.
B+ provides a balanced experience with visual, emotional, and physical sensations.
Penis Envy strain has a thick stem, is more difficult to grow, but is highly potent.
Penis Envy has fast onset, unique visuals, and little effect on the body.
The video discusses the characteristics of four popular psilocybin mushroom strains.
Cambodian strain grows quickly and abundantly, requiring warmer conditions.
Golden Teacher strain is popular among beginners, tolerant of less ideal growing conditions.
Tidal Wave strain is a cross between Penis Envy and B+, known for its strength and strong visuals.
The video mentions five popular psilocybin mushroom strains and recommends Third Wave's Mushroom Grow Kit for cultivating your own mushrooms.
The five popular psilocybin mushroom strains mentioned are B+, Penis Envy, Cambodian, Golden Teacher, and Tidal Wave.
Tidal Wave mushrooms are known for their intense euphoria and mental clarity.
Third Wave's Mushroom Grow Kit is pre-sterilized and comes with everything needed for cultivation, except the spores.
The kit has been developed to minimize contamination risks and allows for a harvest in four to six weeks.
00:00When you're just starting to grow your own
00:02mushrooms, picking a specific
00:04strain can often feel overwhelming.
00:06After all, there are so many options,
00:08there are so many strains,
00:09there are so many sort of weird names
00:11that come out that it's hard to make sense
00:13of all the different aspects and specifics.
00:18This video will go through
00:21five of the most popular cubensis strains.
00:24We're going to talk about B+,
00:26Penis Envy,
00:28Golden Teacher
00:29and Tidal Wave.
00:31Those will be the five that we go through today.
00:33Before we get started, however,
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00:37Here at Third Wave,
00:38we are producing a lot of
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00:44Okay, so there are over 200 species
00:47of psychedelic mushrooms.
00:49Those are just psychedelic mushrooms.
00:50It doesn't include functional mushrooms.
00:52And all of the strains that we're covering
00:55in this video are psilocybe cubensis.
00:57Cubensis is one of the most popular species
01:00and the easiest to grow.
01:02So you can essentially think of strains
01:05like dog breeds.
01:06All domesticated dogs
01:08are the same species.
01:10However, a Great Dane is a very different dog
01:14than a Chihuahua.
01:15Same species,
01:16but there's a huge difference
01:18between the actual felt experience,
01:21how they grow, etc, etc.
01:23And so we want to go through those
01:25nuances and details in today's video.
01:27So the first strain that we're
01:29going to talk about is B+.
01:31B+ is an extremely popular strain
01:33that is thought to have been developed
01:36intentionally by a cultivator
01:3920-30 years ago.
01:41Some people suspect that B+ is a hybrid
01:43between philocybe cubensis
01:46and Psilocybe Azera.
01:47Azurescens is the species
01:49with the highest psilocybin content.
01:52The mushrooms for B+ are relatively large
01:56and the spores are quick to germinate.
01:59The strain is relatively easy to grow
02:02and produces a really big first flush,
02:05but then smaller subsequent flushes
02:07after that really big first flush.
02:10The experience itself with B+ has
02:12a balance of visual, emotional,
02:14and somatic physical body sensations.
02:17It can sometimes feel lethargic,
02:19but oftentimes there's less nausea
02:22with B+ compared to other strains.
02:24The second strain is
02:26a strain called Penis Envy.
02:27I'll let you guess where
02:29that name came from.
02:30It's a different shape than most
02:33of the other strains that we are talking
02:35about today because the stem is really,
02:38really thick, it's more difficult to grow
02:41than other strains, and it's more
02:43vulnerable to contamination.
02:44However, the payoff is that it
02:47is a very, very potent strain.
02:49The experience has a very fast onset
02:52and it has sort of a wavy aspect
02:56to it in terms of visuals.
02:58Rather than being the typical geometric
03:01visuals with psilocybin,
03:02there's little effect on the body,
03:04there's a very little body load.
03:06It feels clean overall, and there's some
03:08mental and emotional things that happen.
03:11If you want to check out some interesting
03:12stuff about Penis Envy,
03:13look at the people who have done
03:1530 grams of Penis Envy at once.
03:16That's some crazy, crazy stuff.
03:19The third strain is Cambodian.
03:20It was found initially near
03:22Angkor Wat in Cambodia.
03:23It's very popular, it grows very fast,
03:26the fruit comes up quickly,
03:28abundantly and repeatedly.
03:30It does need slightly warmer
03:32conditions than other strains.
03:34It has a high degree of potency,
03:37it's not as visual, there's lots of energy
03:40that comes from it and it stimulates
03:43a creative or philosophical mindset.
03:45The fourth strain is Golden Teacher,
03:47probably the strain that you've heard of,
03:48one of the most popular and common
03:50strains that are known.
03:51It has a very large mushroom and is
03:54believed to have been found in the wild 30
03:56or 40 years ago and then cultivated
03:59from that point forward.
04:00It's quite popular with beginner growers
04:03because Golden Teachers are more tolerant
04:06of less than ideal growing conditions,
04:10and it produces a very large crop,
04:13can sometimes take longer to fruit,
04:16it's about above average potency,
04:18and the trip can be a little
04:20shorter than other strains.
04:22People report a euphoric but overall
04:25relaxing experience and a certain degree
04:28of mental clarity when
04:30working with Golden Teachers.
04:32The fifth and final strain that we're
04:34going to talk about is Tidal Wave.
04:35And Tidal Wave is a cross
04:37between Penis Envy and B+.
04:39It is a very strong strain.
04:42In fact, it currently holds the title
04:44for the world's strongest
04:46psilocybe cubensis mushroom.
04:48It grows fast, the experience is similar
04:52to Penis Envy, and it has strong visuals
04:55with an intense euphoria that comes
04:58with a certain sense of mental clarity.
05:00It produces feel- good
05:02sensations in the body.
05:03And many users find Tidal Wave mushrooms
05:06helpful for getting out of a rut
05:09and helping to balance overall mood.
05:12So those are five of the most popular strains.
05:16Penis Envy,
05:18Golden Teacher
05:20and Tidal Wave.
05:21Now all you have to do is to grow them.
05:25And if you want help with the process
05:27of growing your own mushrooms,
05:29if you want to take that responsibility
05:31into your hands,
05:32check out Third Wave's Mushroom Grow Kit.
05:36It comes with everything you need,
05:38except the spores,
05:38because that would technically
05:40be illegal for a flawless grow.
05:42It comes pre-sterilized and ready to use.
05:46In fact, as part of the product
05:47development for the mushroom grow kit,
05:49we worked with mycologists to minimize
05:52every possible contamination risk,
05:54so you can make your harvest
05:57in just four to six weeks.
05:59So if you go, you buy the grow kit,
06:00you get the spores,
06:01and in less than two months,
06:02you can have your own mushrooms ready
06:05for microdosing and journey use.
06:07It's the simplest and easiest way
06:09to cultivate your own mushrooms.
06:11So just check out the link
06:14to our Mushroom Grow Kit.
06:16Thanks so much for watching.
06:18If you want to stay up to date
06:20on the Third Wave of psychedelics,
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06:25where you'll find plenty of free resources
06:28on intentional
06:29and responsible psychedelic use.
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the five most popular strains of psilocybin mushrooms discussed in the video?

The five most popular strains of psilocybin mushrooms discussed in the video are B+, Penis Envy, Cambodian, Golden Teacher, and Tidal Wave.

2. What are the characteristics and effects of B+ psilocybin mushrooms?

B+ psilocybin mushrooms are known for their large fruiting bodies, potent effects, and high yields when cultivated. The effects include visual hallucinations, a sense of euphoria, and altered perception of time and space.

3. How can individuals cultivate their own psilocybin mushrooms?

Individuals interested in cultivating their own psilocybin mushrooms can do so with the Mushroom Grow Kit promoted in the video. The kit provides everything needed to grow mushrooms at home, including substrate, spores, and instructions.

4. What makes the Golden Teacher strain unique among psilocybin mushrooms?

The Golden Teacher strain is known for its spiritual and introspective effects, making it popular among users seeking a profound psychedelic experience. It is also relatively easy to cultivate and has a distinct appearance with golden caps.

5. What are the effects of the Tidal Wave strain of psilocybin mushrooms?

The Tidal Wave strain is characterized by its intense visual effects, including vibrant colors and patterns. It is known for producing strong euphoria and a deeply immersive experience, making it a favorite among experienced users.

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