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The video covers the brutal murders of two Norwegian backpackers, Louisa Jespersen and Maren Ueland, in Morocco in December 2018. The women were beheaded and sexually assaulted, with their murders recorded and uploaded online. Four suspects, pledging allegiance to ISIS, were arrested and sentenced to death, but no executions have taken place yet.
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The bodies of Louisa Jespersen and Maren Ueland were found decapitated in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco by French hikers.
Louisa Jespersen and Maren Ueland were students at the University of South Eastern Norway.
They arrived in Morocco as tourists with the intention of trekking and hiking.
The bodies were found in the village of Imlil in the Atlas Mountains.
The video shows Louisa Jespersen being brutally beheaded by a terrorist, starting from the back of her neck and then turning her over to complete the beheading, followed by the terrorist placing her head inside the girl's tent.
Louisa Jespersen is seen lying on her front, wearing a t-shirt and underwear.
The terrorist attempts to behead her from the back of the neck, causing her to scream and beg for her mother.
One of the people with the terrorist stamps on her face to hold her head down while he continues the beheading.
After beheading Louisa Jespersen, the terrorist takes her head and places it inside the girl's tent.
After the bodies of the two backpackers were found, four suspects were arrested and sentenced to death, with 20 more people arrested in connection with the terrorist cell.
A suspect named Abdulraheem Khayali was apprehended after police found his ID at the crime scene.
Three more suspects, Abdeshamad Ajud, Rashid al-Fatih, and Eunice Uziyad, were arrested riding a bus near Marrakesh with bladed weapons.
The four men had shot a video pledging allegiance to ISIS and were sentenced to the death penalty, although no executions have taken place in Morocco since 1993.
The video of the murder was shared with the parents on Facebook by anonymous internet trolls, adding to the disturbing nature of the case.
The sharing of the murder video on Facebook by anonymous trolls was reported.
The speaker expressed disbelief at the cruelty of people sharing such content.
Plans for creating a Patreon and Discord for the channel were mentioned, with potential exclusive content for Patreon members.
The speaker reassured that the same type of videos will still be available on the channel, regardless of Patreon support.
00:15welcome back to disturbed reality
00:18today we're covering the brutal murders
00:20of louisa jesperson
00:22and maureen euland the murders took
00:25place in december 2018 in morocco
00:28now i know there's been several videos
00:31already made about this case but it's a
00:33case that interests me to some degree so
00:36i thought i would make my own video
00:37covering this case i actually recall
00:40this case taking place in december 2018
00:44and while there wasn't really any
00:45mainstream coverage in the uk per se it
00:49was a big story on social media mainly
00:52because the murder video was released
00:54online but also
00:56many people in the political sphere on
00:59youtube and social media in general were
01:01talking a lot about this case so yeah it
01:04is definitely a case which interests me
01:06i guess mainly because i just remember
01:09this case happening in real time and
01:11obviously all of the aftermath which
01:14took place
01:15but anyway
01:16let's get into a little backstory on the
01:1817th of december 2018 the bodies of
01:22louisa jesperson and maureen euland were
01:25found by a pair of french hikers the
01:28bodies were found in the foothills of
01:29mount tubacal in the atlas mountains of
01:32morocco immediately the french hikers
01:35realized that something brutal and
01:36barbaric went down the bodies were found
01:40louisa jesperson 24 at the time and
01:44maureen ewland 28 were students at the
01:46university of south eastern norway
01:50the pair studied outdoor recreation and
01:52nature guidance to pursue their career
01:54goals to become tour guides
01:57they were keen travellers in general the
01:59pair had arrived in morocco on the 9th
02:01of december 2018 as tourists with the
02:04intention of trekking and hiking
02:07according to jespersen's mother the two
02:09women first arrived in marrakech before
02:11traveling to the small village of imlil
02:14in the atlas mountains the village is
02:16seen as a hub for tourists as the main
02:18base for summiting mount tubercal which
02:21is the highest peak in north africa
02:23shortly after arriving in the village
02:25the pair would begin their hiking trek
02:28it's worth noting that the two women
02:30actually traveled to morocco on their
02:32own no male company and they wasn't with
02:34any large groups if they were
02:37potentially this incident wouldn't have
02:39happened maureen eulen's mother irene
02:42told norwegian news outlets that her
02:44priority was safety the girls had taken
02:47all precautionary measures before
02:49embarking on this trip but the question
02:51is what were two young women doing alone
02:54camping in the outback of morocco
02:56shortly before their trip louisa
02:58jesperson made a post on facebook
03:00informing her friends that she would be
03:02making a trip to morocco in december and
03:05she was asking anyone out there if they
03:07knew about mount tubkal numerous
03:09theories out there include that
03:11essentially this post put the attackers
03:13on high alerts and apparently this is
03:16how the girls would become targets
03:18for the attackers i'm not sure how true
03:20that is but that theory has been banded
03:22around a lot but nevertheless the girls
03:25embarked on their hiking adventure and
03:28eventually as night time fell they set
03:31up camp to rest
03:33during their hike it's believed that the
03:35attackers were stalking their victims
03:37waiting for them to stop waiting for
03:40them to get further away from
03:43once this happened the attacks ensued
03:46the attacks were extremely brutal
03:48louisa jesperson and mourinholand were
03:51both beheaded and some reports even
03:53indicate that both girls were sexually
03:56assaulted before their murders
03:59the murder of louisa jesperson was
04:00recorded on video and subsequently
04:03uploaded online it's believed that
04:06maureen euland was murdered first and
04:08louisa jesperson was murdered last
04:11some people online claim that the murder
04:13of maureen euland was actually also
04:15caught on tape and that this video was
04:18once online according to the forum posts
04:21that i saw
04:22apparently the original video was a lot
04:24longer including both girls murders
04:27however i cannot really find any
04:29evidence pointing towards this i've only
04:32seen the louisa jesperson tape and i
04:34can't find any information available
04:36online that really indicates that
04:39there's a longer version available
04:41including both girls murders so i'm not
04:44really convinced that it exists to be
04:45honest but if you guys have any leads or
04:48any clues please feel free to comment
04:50below but anyway let's talk about the
04:53video so the video starts with louisa
04:56jesperson laying down on her front like
04:58on her stomach and she's wearing a
05:00t-shirt and underwear and immediately
05:03the terrorist begins attempting to
05:05behead her but he actually starts from
05:08the back of the neck and if you've seen
05:10a few of these videos you know that's
05:12not really the way to go you know these
05:14guys really are low iq buffoons but yeah
05:17he attempts to behead her from the back
05:19of the neck as he starts cutting she
05:21immediately yells out and begins
05:24screaming and apparently in her native
05:26language she was begging for her mother
05:29and honestly the shrieks that she was
05:31letting out were horrifying once the guy
05:34doing the beheading realizes it's hard
05:36to behead somebody from behind he then
05:38turns her over and one of the people he
05:40was with uh stamps on her face to hold
05:43her head down and he begins beheading
05:45her from the neck and obviously at this
05:47point there's a lot of blood there's a
05:49lot of screaming and as he proceeds to
05:52cut there's a lot of gurgling that
05:54eventually stops and he then begins
05:57hacking at her neck to complete the
06:00once he's beheaded louisa jesperson he
06:03then picks the head up and then takes
06:05the head to the girl's tent and
06:08basically places it inside
06:10and essentially that is the video it's
06:12not a long video i think it's just over
06:14a minute long something like that but
06:16the video is extremely bloody extremely
06:19graphic and it's up there with some of
06:21the worst beheading videos in which i've
06:24seen i think that's because you know
06:25really these girls were very young
06:28they were extremely naive but ultimately
06:30they didn't deserve what happened to
06:32them you know they had their dreams they
06:34had their goals which they was working
06:37they had family and friends
06:40you know it really is a tragic case it
06:42has to be said when you watch this sort
06:44of video from a cartel perspective it
06:47doesn't really hit you like that because
06:49most of these guys in cartel videos more
06:51than likely
06:52are perfectly willing to do that to
06:54other people so when it happens to them
06:56it doesn't really hit you emotionally
06:58not me anyway but videos like this with
07:01innocent people
07:03they kind of hit a lot different to me
07:05personally i can only speak for myself
07:08but anyway let's move on after the
07:11bodies were found by the french hikers a
07:14suspect named abdulraheem khayali was
07:17quickly apprehended following the
07:18incident after police found his id which
07:21was left behind at the crime scene like
07:24i was saying earlier these guys really
07:26are low iq buffoons
07:28after the arrest of abdul rahim khayali
07:30three more suspects were arrested
07:32abdeshamad ajud
07:34rashid al-fatih and eunice uziyad they
07:38were apprehended riding a bus near the
07:40city of marrakesh the three suspects
07:42were caught in possession of bladed
07:44weapons abdessamad ajud is assumed to be
07:47the leader of a group a week before the
07:49murder the four men shot a video
07:51pledging their allegiance to isis before
07:54the murders the killers had agreed to
07:55carry out a terrorist attack on either
07:58security services or foreign tourists
08:00before deciding to travel to the imleal
08:02region looking for foreigners and where
08:04they would target the two backpackers
08:06during the video the attackers can be
08:08heard shouting enemies of allah and
08:11revenge for our brothers in hajin
08:13after the men were arrested the trial
08:16quickly began where all four men were
08:18sentenced to the death penalty a further
08:2120 people were also arrested in
08:23connection with this terrorist cell
08:26despite the death penalty still being in
08:27effect in morocco no executions have
08:30actually taken place since the year 1993
08:33which leads a lot of people to believe
08:36that despite being charged with the
08:37death penalty
08:39that these guys will somehow avoid it
08:41but we'll see what happens there to my
08:43knowledge none of the four men have been
08:45executed as of this recording at least
08:48but hopefully they will see justice
08:51that's all i'll say on that the remains
08:53of the two bodies were flown to
08:54copenhagen on the 21st of december 2018.
08:58jespersen's funeral was held in her
09:00native town of icast denmark on the 12th
09:03of january the danish prime minister
09:06lars lokay rasmussen attended the
09:08funeral euland was buried on the 21st in
09:11jiren norway the moroccan ambassador
09:14lamiaradi attended the ceremony and by
09:17the way one further disturbing thing to
09:18add to this case according to various
09:21reports in which i read online
09:24the videos well the video of a murder
09:27were actually shared with the parents on
09:29facebook by anonymous internet trolls
09:33they're not even trolls that doesn't
09:34even describe
09:36what these sort of people are i mean can
09:38you imagine being the parents logging
09:41online hoping not to see the murder of
09:43your own daughter
09:45it's absolutely
09:46it's horrendous man it really is people
09:49can be so cruel they really can but um
09:53yeah all in all this was a very
09:55disturbing case i know a lot of people
09:57have already made videos on this topic
09:59but again it was a topic in which i was
10:03interested in so i thought i would make
10:05the video so hopefully you guys enjoyed
10:07it and also by the way uh in the very
10:09near future i will be making a patreon
10:12for this channel and also a discord so
10:14basically what i'll do any patreon any
10:17channel member i will give you the link
10:19to the discord when that comes and
10:22potentially in the near future i will do
10:25exclusive content on patreon as well my
10:28only thing with that is i was thinking
10:29of doing more uncensored content but i
10:32know plagued moth has run into problems
10:34in covering those sort of videos so
10:37i'll think of something in regards to
10:39content on patreon but i wanted to put
10:42that out there and let you guys know
10:44again please don't be obliged to join it
10:47or anything like that um really it's
10:49just another means of supporting this
10:51channel as you know this sort of content
10:53on youtube doesn't exactly get monetized
10:56that often so yeah i thought i would
10:58make a patreon to combat that but rest
11:00assured the same videos will still come
11:03to this channel so nothing changes here
11:05if you don't want to join that's fair
11:07enough i'm more than grateful for any
11:09support that you guys show so thank you
11:11very much but anyway hopefully you
11:14enjoyed the video
11:15and i'll catch you on the next one
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