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The video explores the wealth and influence of the Rothschild family, highlighting their historic banking empire and ties to royalty. Despite various conspiracy theories, their power and influence have diminished over time, with their wealth divided among descendants. Some members of the family, however, remain wealthy and influential in various industries.
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The Rothschild family is a wealthy and influential banking dynasty, with conservative estimates putting their net worth at $400 billion.
The family's empire was established by Meyer Amschel Rothschild in the 18th century.
Meyer's five sons expanded the family's business activities and established branches in major European cities.
The Rothschilds played a significant role in the development of international finance and banking.
The Rothschilds had close ties with royalty, lent money to entire governments, and accumulated an immense amount of wealth in various industries.
They traded rare coins with Crown Prince Wilhelm of Hesse and gained his patronage.
The Rothschilds had the ability to supply enough coin to the Bank of England and grant massive loans to European countries.
They had an oligopolistic position in the world trade of oil and metals.
The Rothschilds established a strict patrilineal system of succession to ensure titles and properties could only pass through the male line.
Nathan Rothschild established N M Rothschild in London in 1810, which is still in operation today with a reported revenue of $1.7 billion and $83 billion in assets under management.
N M Rothschild provided credit to the British government during times of crisis, such as the Napoleonic Wars.
The Rothschilds secured the rights to mercury mines in Spain, gaining a monopoly on this valuable resource critical for refining gold and silver.
The family engaged in extensive philanthropy, supporting Jewish communities, establishing charitable foundations, and contributing artwork to public institutions.
During World War II, the Rothschild family faced the closure of their branches and the confiscation of their properties and valuable objects.
Millions of dollars worth of art and precious objects were taken.
By the 70s, only three Rothschild banks remained.
In 2008, all of the family's holdings were reorganized under a single company.
The family's wealth has been divided among descendants, but they still retain holdings in financial services, real estate, mining, and energy.
The Rothschild family members mentioned in this section have significant net worth and are involved in various industries.
Ariane de Rothschild is a banker and the first woman to run a Rothschild banking institution.
James Rothschild is married to Nikki Hilton and works for Rothschild Asset Management.
Jacob Rothschild is a banker with ties to oil and gas and has connections with political figures.
David Mayer de Rothschild is an adventurer and environmentalist with a net worth of $10 billion.
Sir Evelyn de Rothschild is one of the oldest members of the family and has served as a banker and held positions at leading newspapers.
00:00how rich and powerful are the rothschild
00:02family if you know a thing or two about
00:04conspiracy theories then you've probably
00:07heard about the rothschilds this family
00:09has been accused of doing some of the
00:11wildest things imaginable and some
00:13things that are admittedly pretty
00:15plausible when people talk about the
00:17rothschilds it's usually about how
00:19they're either secretly controlling the
00:20weather or somehow in charge of 80
00:23percent of the money in circulation
00:24around the world so how powerful are the
00:27rothschilds really more conservative
00:29estimates of their net worth put them at
00:31an insane combined net worth of 400
00:34billion dollars although there are some
00:36estimates that are really out there
00:39ranging from 1 trillion
00:41to 500 trillion dollars we're going to
00:44find out how rich this historic family
00:46really is how powerful they are and if
00:49the many conspiracy theories have a
00:51tinge of truth to them however before we
00:53can even hope to grasp the wealth and
00:55power of the rothschilds we need to look
00:57into the rich and storied history of
00:59their past to a time before the family
01:01was split into several descendants
01:03during the peak of their power so who
01:05are the rothschilds well the rothschilds
01:08are some very very rich people they're
01:10an influential banking dynasty
01:12originating in frankfurt germany the
01:15family's empire was established by meyer
01:17emshell rothschild back in the 18th
01:19century growing in size and prominence
01:22under his five sons maya rothschild
01:24learned business at a young age his
01:26father dealt in silk cloth and exchanged
01:29currency and one of meyer's first jobs
01:31was sorting coins his parents died when
01:33he was only 12 years old and was sent to
01:35apprentice with a prominent banking
01:37house that's right this apparent
01:39trillion dollar empire started off with
01:41a proper rags to riches story or at
01:44least a silk to rich's story the
01:46rothschilds might have started off
01:48running a relatively small business
01:50trading goods but they would eventually
01:52become pioneers in the development of
01:54international finance establishing
01:56branches in london paris vienna and
01:58naples and frankfurt basically all of
02:01western europe soon their business
02:03activities would include banking asset
02:05management venture capital and sovereign
02:07debt to name a few the rothschilds have
02:09been involved in some incredibly
02:10important infrastructure projects like
02:12bridges tunnels railways and most
02:15notably the suez canal you know the
02:18thing that changed the very face of
02:19maritime trade forever the rothschilds
02:22were obviously no ordinary family and
02:24they weren't dealing with ordinary
02:26customers either they had several close
02:28ties with royalty and would become
02:30elevated to nobility themselves one
02:32example of this is how they would trade
02:34rare coins with the crown prince wilhelm
02:37of hess and win his patronage an
02:39important business relationship that
02:40would allow them to develop even more
02:42ties with nobles as well as a lucrative
02:45job as a crown agent having effectively
02:47established a banking empire that spread
02:49across europe creating the first bank to
02:52transcend borders on top of their strong
02:54ties to nobility the rothschilds were
02:56powerful enough to lend money to entire
02:58governments they could supply enough
03:00coin to the bank of england to avert a
03:02market liquidity crisis and grant
03:04massive loans to different european
03:06countries usually the ones looking to
03:08start a fight and in need of a heavy
03:10purse having successfully adapted to the
03:13industrial revolution the rothschilds
03:15were making even more money especially
03:17with their oligopolistic position in the
03:19world trade of oil and metals with
03:21several centuries of accumulated bonds
03:23and built up wealth in a range of
03:25different industries the rothschilds
03:27would be able to accumulate an almost
03:29mythical amount of money and trust me
03:32they were going to keep all that money
03:33in the family before he died maya
03:35rothschild left strict instructions for
03:37his heirs on how they should handle
03:39family finances he outlined a rigid
03:42patrilineal system of succession to
03:44ensure titles and properties could only
03:46pass through the male line and the
03:47female descendants were excluded from
03:49any direct inheritance this might have
03:52encouraged getting a little too
03:54close to your family quite a few of the
03:56rothschilds would end up marrying first
03:58or second cousins creating a family tree
04:00that looks a lot more like a vine we've
04:03seen how the rothschilds grew so wealthy
04:05and powerful but how powerful were they
04:07exactly out of the four sons of maya
04:09roth's child the most successful one was
04:11his third son nathan he moved to england
04:14where he would establish himself in
04:16london as a banker and set up n m
04:18rothschild in 1810 the flagship of the
04:21rothschilds banking group that is
04:22somehow still in operation today and it
04:25isn't just in operation either nm
04:28rothschild and sons has a reported
04:30revenue of 1.7 billion dollars and 83
04:34billion dollars in assets under
04:35management this bank like the other
04:37rothschild banks was responsible for
04:39furnishing credit to the british
04:41government during times of crisis like
04:43during the napoleonic wars almost
04:45single-handedly financing the war effort
04:48the rothschilds would also corner the
04:49market for valuable natural resources
04:52they would secure the rights to mercury
04:53mines in spain gaining a virtual world
04:56monopoly on a chemical element critical
04:58to refining gold and silver and they
05:00figured since we already have the
05:02mercury might as well get the silver and
05:03gold so they went ahead and casually
05:06began refining gold and silver for the
05:07bank of england and the royal mint the
05:10rothschilds were sure to direct their
05:11extreme wealth for some extensive
05:13amounts of philanthropy as well
05:15supporting jewish communities throughout
05:16europe nathan's youngest child luis and
05:19her seven daughters would eventually
05:21take responsibility for many of the 30
05:23rothschild charitable foundations in
05:25frankfurt these foundations included
05:27public libraries orphanages hospitals
05:30homes for the elderly and special funds
05:32allocated for education in addition to
05:34their charity the family would give an
05:36estimated 60 000 pieces of artwork to
05:38public institutions the rothschild
05:41family would also expand the creation of
05:42social housing in the cities of london
05:45and paris despite the wealth the family
05:46retains to this day it's pretty obvious
05:49their power and influence in society has
05:51diminished quite a bit or at the very
05:53least faded into the background so what
05:55exactly happened to the rothschilds how
05:57did they go from financing governments
05:59to only showing up in conspiracy
06:01theories thanks to the wars politics and
06:04some unhealthy family rivalries the
06:06wealth of the rothschilds has diminished
06:08some over the past 100 years the naples
06:11branch of the rothschild bank was the
06:12first to close in 1863 a lack of male
06:15heirs led to the closure of the
06:17frankfurt branch and the invasion of
06:18austria during world war ii saw to the
06:20closure of the branch over there as well
06:22world war ii didn't do the rothschilds
06:24wealth any favors their properties were
06:26either expropriated or straight up
06:28confiscated millions of dollars worth of
06:31art and other precious objects were
06:32simply just taken by the 70s only three
06:35rothschild banks remained the london
06:38paris and swiss branches by 2008 all of
06:41the holdings were reorganized under a
06:43single company finally unifying the
06:45family businesses about two centuries
06:47too late by the time the 21st century
06:50rolled around the rothschild's family
06:52wealth had been divided among the many
06:54descendants and their heirs although
06:56they still retained holdings in several
06:57industries like financial services real
07:00estate mining and energy they did manage
07:02to keep the family wealth together
07:04thanks to investments in closely held
07:06corporations the kind that tends to
07:08employ family members keeping it very
07:10tight-knit and generating some of that
07:11family wealth let's just hope they
07:13aren't still following the old rules for
07:15inheritance sir they must be having some
07:17pretty awkward family gatherings so what
07:20are the rothschilds getting down to
07:21these days other than financing global
07:24operations contributing to scholarly and
07:26humanitarian endeavors and apparently
07:28secretly running every central bank in
07:30the world that is many members of the
07:32rothschild family remain pretty low-key
07:34but not all of them some of the richest
07:36members have gathered for themselves a
07:39bit of renown on top of their fat net
07:41worth here are a few of the most popular
07:44and wealthiest members of the
07:45rothschilds and what they've been
07:46getting into first you've got nathaniel
07:49rothschild with a net worth of 1 billion
07:51dollars he's been dubbed by the new york
07:54times as the man who may become the
07:56richest rothschild he's the heir
07:58apparent to the title baron rothschild
08:00which is currently held by his father
08:02jacob nathaniel has built upon his
08:04family's wealth and amassed a wide range
08:07of business interests from hedge funds
08:09to investing in coal mining across the
08:11world his net worth is estimated to be
08:13about 1 billion
08:15although he is rumored to be in line for
08:17a 40 billion dollar inheritance set up
08:19in swiss trusts hey it's the rothschilds
08:22we're talking about i'd be shocked if it
08:23wasn't more you've also got ariane de
08:25rothschild with her net worth of 1.5
08:28billion dollars she's the wife of the
08:30late benjamin de rothschild he and
08:32ariane married in 99 and together they
08:35had four daughters she is herself a
08:37banker and is also the first woman to
08:39ever run a rothschild banking
08:40institution then there's james
08:42rothschild who isn't just famous for his
08:45net worth of 1.5 billion dollars he's
08:47also the husband of wealthy heiress and
08:49socialite nikki hilton he works for the
08:52rothschild asset management of course
08:54and is the son of the late amchel
08:56rothschild one of the richest members of
08:58the british branch of the family then we
09:00have jacob rothschild fourth baron
09:03rothschild or to quote his full title
09:06the right honorable lord rothschild
09:07omgbe cvo frca nathaniel charles jacob
09:10rothschild yeah it's a mouthful and
09:12that's the short version he's also got a
09:14net worth of 5 billion
09:17he's a banker with ties to oil and gas
09:19connections with leading political
09:20figures and a patron of the arts in the
09:22united kingdom earning him a litany of
09:25awards on the wealthier side of the
09:27rothschild family we have david meyer to
09:29rothschild with a net worth of 10
09:32billion dollars david is a well-known
09:34adventurer and environmentalist who has
09:36made several polar and tropical
09:38expeditions and has sailed the oceans to
09:40raise awareness for pollution he's
09:42published a series of books on his
09:43experiences traveling to remote regions
09:46you're probably wondering how he's one
09:47of the wealthiest members of the family
09:49despite all his adventuring well sources
09:51say his sizable wealth is all thanks to
09:54an equally sizable inheritance perhaps
09:56the richest member of the rothschild
09:58family is sir evelyn duroth's child with
10:00a net worth of 20 billion dollars he's
10:03also one of the oldest being born in
10:051931 he hasn't just served as a banker
10:08like a lot of the other rothschilds he's
10:10held positions at leading newspapers
10:12race courses and different financial
10:14corporations pretty fitting for one of
10:16the richest individuals in britain so
10:18how rich and powerful do you think the
10:20rothschilds actually are and is there
10:22any truth to the conspiracy theories if
10:24you enjoyed this video then you're in
10:25luck i've got even better videos for you
10:28right here why don't you check it out
10:30see you there
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Who is the Rothschild family and what is their historic background?

The Rothschild family is known for their historic banking empire and ties to royalty. They originated from Frankfurt and established an international banking business, which played a significant role in financing infrastructure projects and governments during the 19th century.

2. What are some conspiracy theories surrounding the Rothschild family?

There are various conspiracy theories surrounding the Rothschild family, including notions about their control and influence over global events, financial systems, and governments. These theories often portray the family as a symbol of secretive and immense power.

3. How has the power and influence of the Rothschild family evolved over time?

The power and influence of the Rothschild family have diminished over time, with their wealth divided among descendants. While they were once synonymous with immense financial power, their influence has waned in modern times, with some members of the family maintaining significant wealth and influence in various industries.

4. What is the current status of the Rothschild family's wealth and influence?

While the Rothschild family's power and influence have diminished, some members of the family remain wealthy and influential in various industries. Their historic banking empire and ties to royalty continue to shape their legacy, with some descendants continuing to play a notable role in finance, philanthropy, and other sectors.

5. How has the Rothschild family contributed to the global financial landscape?

The Rothschild family contributed significantly to the global financial landscape through their international banking business, which financed major infrastructure projects and played a crucial role in supporting governments during the 19th century. Their legacy continues to influence the financial world, albeit in a more subdued manner compared to their historic prominence.

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