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A documentary about James Miller, a homosexual man who assisted his lover, Christopher Worrell, in disposing of the bodies of seven young women that Worrell sexually assaulted and murdered, serving six life sentences for his part in the crimes. Miller denies involvement in the sexual assaults and murders, but his friendship with Worrell and failure to report the crimes led to his own guilt.
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James Miller, a homosexual man, helped dispose of the bodies of seven young women that his lover, Christopher Robin Worrell, had sexually assaulted and murdered.
Miller drove the vehicle used to pick up the victims and helped bury their bodies.
Miller denies assisting in the sexual assaults and murders.
Miller has been protesting his innocence for years and has conducted rooftop jail protest strikes.
Police discovered multiple bodies in the Truro area, confirming their suspicions of a serial killer.
A mushroom picker accidentally found personal effects that helped identify a victim.
A year later, four bushwalkers discovered a skeleton of Sylvia Pittman, who had gone missing around Christmas in 1976.
Five more young women had disappeared from the area during the same period.
Detective Superintendent Kay Harvey ordered a search of the paddock, leading to the discovery of two more skeletons.
The police interview Miller, who initially denies knowledge of the girls or the killings but later confesses to picking up girls with Chris, taking them to Truro, where Chris would rape and kill them.
The police had no evidence linking Miller to the killings.
Miller initially gives vague and false answers about knowing anyone named Emilia.
Miller remembers knowing the girls when shown their photos.
Miller suggests Amelia may have accused him for the reward money.
James Miller and Chris Worrell formed a close friendship and engaged in criminal activities together.
Miller and Worrell were both sentenced to prison for separate crimes.
Miller and Worrell remained friends in prison and continued their friendship after being released.
Worrell had a strange and moody personality, often flying into fits of rage.
Worrell would pick up girls while Miller drove them around, and Worrell would engage in sexual activities with the girls in the back of the car.
Miller and Warl dispose of the body of a girl they had killed, and Miller's concern for his friendship with Warl prevents him from reporting the murder to the police.
Miller helps Warl carry the body of the girl into the bushes.
They cover the body with branches and leaves.
Miller and Warl go to work the next day as if nothing had happened.
Miller fears that Warl will kill him if he raises the subject of the murder.
Miller's only concern is his friendship with Warl, not the lives that could have been saved if he had reported the murder.
Miller waits for Warl and picks him up with 15-year-old Tanya Kenny, whom Warl had brought with him.
Miller finds Tanya's body bound and gagged in his sister's house.
Miller helps Warl hide the body and they bury it in a shallow grave.
Miller and Worrell disposed of bodies in different locations, covering them with branches and leaves.
Miller drove the car to Truro, avoiding the other bodies, and went to a deserted farmhouse.
They carried a fully clothed body into the thick trees and covered it.
Miller returned to find a strangled girl lying face down on the back seat.
Worrell instructed Miller to go for a walk while he killed the girl.
Miller hoped Worrell wouldn't kill Vicki, who seemed at ease.
Dr. Manuk suggests that Deborah Lamb may have been alive when placed in the grave, with sand and shell grit obstructing her airway.
The advanced state of decomposition made it impossible to determine this with certainty.
A pair of pantyhose wrapped around Deborah Lamb's mouth and jaw could have caused death by asphyxia.
Miller led the police to Deborah's body in the grave, despite claiming he did not see it.
The defense argues that Miller is not a murderer, but the jury finds him guilty of six counts of murder.
Miller's defense claims that he was just waiting for Warl and there was no joint enterprise.
Three of the victims were found partly clothed, suggesting a sexual prelude to their deaths.
Miller is sentenced to six life sentences for the murders.
00:01thank you
00:16James William Miller is Australia's
00:18least likely sexual assailant and serial
00:21killer of young women
00:23James Miller is a homosexual
00:25yet by his own admission in December
00:281976 and January 1977 he helped the man
00:32he loved Christopher Robin Worrell
00:34dispose of the bodies of seven young
00:37women who whirl had sexually assaulted
00:39and then murdered while Miller was
00:41waiting nearby
00:43James Miller LED police to the buried
00:45remains of some of the victims and for
00:47his part in the crimes is serving six
00:49life sentences for murder in South
00:51Australia's yatala prison
00:54but while Miller admits that he drove
00:56the vehicle that world used to pick the
00:58young women up in and then left world to
01:00commit murder in private before
01:02returning to the vehicle and driving
01:03moral and the deceased women to the
01:06outskirts of South Australia's Capital
01:07Adelaide and helping to bury their
01:09bodies Miller steadfastly denies helping
01:12moral abduct the victims or that he
01:15assisted in the sexual assaults and
01:17murders that followed
01:18the only person who could prove James
01:21Miller's innocence is the alleged
01:23murderer 23 year old Christopher Robin
01:26but Chris Worrell is dead
01:29James Miller has never had sex with a
01:32he's a convicted Thief but he has no
01:35record of violence
01:37at the time of the murders he was 38
01:39years old
01:40I was there at the time and for that I'm
01:43guilty of an unforgivable felony Miller
01:46is said from his Adelaide prison cell
01:48I fully deserve the life sentences I'm
01:51currently serving
01:52I am serving out a life sentence for
01:55but I never killed any of those girls
01:57that's the truth
02:00Miller has been protesting his innocence
02:02of murder for years on occasion backing
02:05up his pleas with rooftop jail protest
02:07strikes including one that lasted for 43
02:11but he's been ignored by authorities and
02:14his conviction stance
02:16South Australian chief justice Len King
02:19agreed that Miller should be granted
02:21another hearing on the grounds that the
02:23judge at his trial Mr Justice Matheson
02:25had instructed the jury to find Miller
02:28guilty of murder even though he had
02:30pleaded not guilty
02:31the Attorney General Chris Sumner
02:33refused to Grant a retrial
02:36Miller maintained they can give me life
02:38for knowing about the murders and not
02:40reporting them but they charged me with
02:42murder as a payback for not informing on
02:46it's a loadable [ __ ]
02:48at least one of the jurists at my trials
02:50knows the truth
02:52in 1987 he the juror paid a couple of
02:55hundred dollars out of his own pocket to
02:57help hire a lawyer to petition the
02:59attorney general for a retrial
03:01if a jurist does this he must have a
03:04fair idea of what really happened
03:07protesting his innocence Miller said
03:09nobody turns into a cold-blooded
03:11murderer overnight or helps commit
03:14I'm just an ordinary Thief no killer
03:17I've never been a violent man
03:20the Truro serial murders are among the
03:23most infamous of Australian serial
03:26seven young women disappeared in
03:27Adelaide and the 51 days between
03:29December 23 1976 and February the 12th
03:34the skeletal remains of four of the
03:36victims were discovered in Bush Graves
03:38over 12-month period in 1978-79 in the
03:42churro District 80 kilometers Northeast
03:44of Adelaide
03:45what was left of Veronica Knight was
03:48found by a mushroom picker William
03:49Thomas on April 25th 1978 in a remote
03:53Paddock off Swamp Road
03:55Mr Thomas said he'd seen a leg bone with
03:57a shoe attached which he'd thought to be
04:00the leg of a cow
04:01he'd thought about the fine for four or
04:03five days and had returned on Anzac Day
04:06with his wife to check
04:07he turned over the bone and seen skin in
04:10good condition and toenails painted with
04:12nail polish
04:14after he'd found a skull other bones a
04:16blood stain on the ground and items of
04:18clothing he had contacted police
04:21Swamp Road is so named because it
04:23divides a huge floodplain into two tree
04:25dotted flat paddocks
04:27the areas only permanent inhabitants are
04:29mosquitoes and frogs and the only sign
04:32that humans have ever been near the area
04:34is the barbed wire fence running along
04:36the roadside
04:37it is a perfect place to hide a body
04:41you would only come across it by
04:44when the mushroom picker reported the
04:46find police searched the area thoroughly
04:48and found personal effects that would
04:50help them identify the victim
04:52there was no reason for them to suspect
04:54that there were more bodies in the Soggy
04:57almost a year later on the 15th of April
05:001979 four young bushwalkers discovered a
05:03skeleton in the same Paddock about a
05:05kilometer up Swamp Road from the spot
05:07where Veronica Knight was found
05:09from jewelry and clothing found at the
05:11scene police identified the skeleton as
05:13that of Sylvia Pittman who had gone
05:16missing around Christmas in 1976.
05:19that was the same time that Veronica
05:21Knight had vanished
05:23police files revealed that five more
05:25young women had disappeared from the
05:27area during that period
05:28the officer in charge of the inquiry
05:30detective superintendent Kay Harvey said
05:33the police had always considered The
05:35Disappearance of each girl as suspicious
05:36and their cases had been under constant
05:40he said that about 3 000 people were
05:43reported missing each year in South
05:44Australia and that usually all but about
05:4715 of them were located
05:49when none of the girls had gone missing
05:51in that 1976-77 period turned up he knew
05:55it was more than coincidence
05:57now that he had a good reason to believe
05:59that the girls were the victims of a
06:01serial killer Harvey was certain that
06:03other bodies would turn up and ordered a
06:05search of the paddock by 70 police
06:07we don't know what we'll find he said
06:10we'll be looking for any clues to the
06:12killings of the two girls we've found
06:14but we can't Overlook the fact that we
06:17may find the bodies of some of these
06:18other missing girls
06:20eleven Days Later superintendent
06:22Harvey's suspicions were confirmed when
06:25the huge search party discovered two
06:27more skeletons in the opposite Paddock
06:29they were the remains of Kane iordinitas
06:32and Vicki Howell two of the missing
06:36police were baffled
06:38the fact that the body is said been
06:40there for so long left them few Clues
06:43the trail was Stone Cold
06:45they appeal to the public for help
06:48in May a woman identifying herself as
06:50Angela informed police that she knew of
06:52a man who could help them with their
06:55she said that a distraught James Miller
06:57had told her about girls being done in
07:00in a conversation at a funeral in
07:02February 1977.
07:04Miller confessed that he and the man
07:05whose funeral they were attending
07:07Christopher Worrell had done something
07:11he also told Angela Chris had to die
07:15it was eventually revealed that the
07:16clandestine Angela was in fact Amelia
07:19who was Christopher worrell's girlfriend
07:21at the time that he was killed
07:23Miller allegedly told Emilia that the
07:25bodies were buried near blanchetown and
07:28she'd not realize that that was near
07:29where the bodies had been found until
07:31she saw a map of the area in a newspaper
07:34I only had suspicions but suspicions are
07:37not enough to go to the police I had no
07:40facts I suspected that it was the truth
07:42and I didn't want to go to the police
07:44she said
07:46Miller told her that the murdered girls
07:48were just rags and not worth much
07:51he'd said that one of them even enjoyed
07:55I did the driving and went along to make
07:57sure that nothing went wrong Miller
07:59allegedly told Amelia
08:01they had to be done in so they'd not
08:03point the finger at us
08:05if you don't believe me I'll take you to
08:07where they are
08:08it was getting worse lately it was
08:10happening more often
08:12it was perhaps a good thing that Chris
08:15he also told Emilia that world had done
08:18away with two in wa
08:21the informant said that she'd not come
08:23forward with this Vital Information
08:24because she didn't want to dog anyone in
08:27besides there wasn't much point in going
08:30to the police as the alleged murderer
08:32Christopher Worrell was dead
08:34she said that Miller would only be used
08:36as a scapegoat
08:38Miller wasn't hard to find
08:41destitute he was running odd jobs for
08:43Adelaide's Central mission in return for
08:45bed and food at a day Center
08:47eight plainclothes detectives were put
08:49on around the clock surveillance of
08:51Miller and he was picked up when he
08:53tried to make a run for it when he
08:54realized that he was being followed
08:57detained for questioning on May 23 1979
09:00the detectives heading the investigation
09:02detective Sergeant Glenn Lowry and
09:05detective Peter Foster of the major
09:06crime Squad knew that if they didn't get
09:09a full confession or that if Miller
09:11didn't reveal the locations of more
09:12bodies then he could walk out of the
09:15police station a free man
09:17there was not one shred of evidence
09:19linking him to the killings
09:21all they had to go on was the say-so of
09:23the witness
09:25in the first few hours of his interview
09:26at Angus Street Police Headquarters
09:28Miller denied any knowledge of the girls
09:31or the killings giving vague and false
09:34answers about knowing anyone named
09:35Emilia let alone having a conversation
09:38with her
09:39when shown photos of Amelia and warl
09:41together Miller suddenly remembered
09:43knowing them and when confronted with
09:45Amelia's statement accusing him of
09:46murder Miller said referring to the
09:49thirty thousand dollar reward on offer
09:51for any information leading to a
09:52conviction of the murders maybe she's
09:55short of money
09:56to which detective Lowry replied do you
09:59really believe that is that what you
10:01want me to tell the court
10:03Miller then said no on second thoughts
10:07maybe she's done what I should do
10:10can I have a few minutes to think about
10:13a short time later after being
10:14interviewed for six hours Miller finally
10:17said if I can clear this up will
10:20everyone else be left out of it
10:22I suppose I've got nothing else to look
10:24forward to whatever way it goes
10:27I guess I'm the one who got mixed up in
10:29all of this
10:30where do you want me to start
10:32Miller then continued to make the
10:35I drove around with Chris and we picked
10:37up girls around the city Chris would
10:39talk to the girls and get them into the
10:41car and we'd take them for a drive and
10:43take them to churro and Chris would rape
10:46them and kill them
10:47but you've got to believe that I had
10:49nothing to do with the actual killings
10:50of those girls
10:52a seemingly sympathetic detective Lowry
10:54told Miller that he understood that he
10:57was hopelessly in love with warl and
10:59that he could see how he would do
11:01anything for him
11:03this seemed to give Miller confidence in
11:05the detective
11:06alright then there's three more Miller
11:08said quietly I'll show you
11:11detectives Lowry and Foster breathed an
11:14enormous sigh of relief and even though
11:16it was 10 30 at night Miller was driven
11:18under heavy escort to Truro port gauler
11:21and the Wingfield dump where he pointed
11:23out the locations of the remains of
11:25three more girls
11:26forensic evidence later showed that the
11:28last victim Deborah lamb could have been
11:31buried alive
11:33understandably the police didn't believe
11:35that James Miller had taken no part in
11:37the murders as it was almost impossible
11:39to imagine that seven decent young
11:42ladies would get into a car with two
11:43total strangers and willingly go to
11:46their deaths
11:47in most cases the women involved had
11:50other plans and a casual liaison would
11:52appear to have been the last thing on
11:54their minds
11:55Debbie lamb was engaged to be married
11:57Julie Makita was on her way home and
12:00Connie Jordan was waiting for a friend
12:02to go to the movies
12:04to the detectives it looked more like
12:06Miller had helped his friend abduct the
12:08women against their wills and more than
12:10likely held the victims as they were
12:12raped and murdered
12:14back at the police station after leading
12:16the detectives to the last three bodies
12:18Miller then told his horrifying story
12:20from the beginning
12:22James Miller had spent the best part of
12:25his 34 years behind bars
12:27friendless and a loner Miller was from a
12:30family of six kids and had left home at
12:32a very early age
12:34at age 11 he was sent to the McGill
12:36reform school and with no formal
12:38education he resorted to stealing for a
12:41living and sometimes worked as an
12:42itinerant labor
12:44in the following years Miller was
12:46convicted on more than 30 occasions for
12:48car theft numerous forms of larceny and
12:50breaking entering and stealing
12:52but as Miller strenuously pointed out
12:55time and again he'd never had a
12:57conviction for violence or a sexual
13:00Miller was doing three months the
13:02shortest custodial sentence he'd ever
13:04received in Adelaide jail for breaking
13:06into a gun shop when he met Christopher
13:08Worrell who was awaiting trial on a rape
13:11was also in a two-year suspended
13:14sentence for armed robbery at the time
13:15of his arrest
13:17the homosexual Miller became infatuated
13:19with a handsome young man with long dark
13:22hair and slim build and they became
13:25within a week they were sharing a cell
13:28the 20 year old Christopher Worrell told
13:30Miller that he'd never known his real
13:32father and when he was six years old his
13:35mother married his stepfather
13:37World claim to serve time in the Royal
13:39Australian Air Force
13:41world was sentenced to four years on the
13:43rape charge and an additional two years
13:46for breaching his suspended sentence
13:48when warl was sentenced the judge
13:50described him as a depraved and
13:52disgusting human being
13:55both Miller and Worrell were transported
13:57to yatala prison where although they no
13:59longer shared a cell they remained
14:01Inseparable friends until Miller was
14:04released after serving his three months
14:06but it wasn't long before Miller was
14:09back at yatala with his new friend Chris
14:12this time he got 18 months for stealing
14:144 000 pairs of sunglasses and offering
14:16them for sale in hotels around Adelaide
14:19nine months after Miller was released
14:21warl was granted early parole and they
14:23teamed up on the outside where Miller
14:25lived with his married sister and her
14:27two little girls
14:29Christopher Worrell was a regular
14:30visitor to the Miller household and the
14:33two men planned on getting a flat
14:36passive Miller often performed oral sex
14:38on world while he read bondage magazines
14:41but warl obviously preferred women and
14:43eventually the sexual side of the
14:45relationship diminished and they became
14:47more like brothers
14:49soon they were working together in the
14:51same road laboring gang on the unley
14:53local Council
14:54James Miller described these times as
14:56the best in his life
14:58there was nothing that the besotted
15:00Miller would not do for his friend Chris
15:03however the relationship was often
15:05difficult because world was a very
15:07strange and Moody person who'd fly to
15:10fits of rage over the slightest thing
15:12and it took all of Miller's calming
15:14persuasion to quiet him down
15:16by now Chris Worrell was 23 and very
15:19good looking
15:21his natural gift of the gab saw to it
15:23that he had no trouble picking up girls
15:26while Miller drove him around in his old
15:281969 blue and white Valiant car warl
15:31would solicit girls at bus stops hotels
15:33and Railway stations
15:35Miller would drive the couple to remote
15:37spots and go for a walk while world had
15:40sex with a girl in the back of the car
15:42often Worrell would tie the girls up
15:45when he thought that they'd be finished
15:47Miller returned to the car and drove
15:49them back to town
15:50according to Miller's unsigned statement
15:52this happened many times and he had no
15:55reason to think that whirl would start
15:56killing the girls
15:58by December 1976 warland Miller were
16:01still working together as laborers at
16:03the unley council and were sharing a
16:05flat at ovingham
16:07every night Miller would drive moral to
16:09look for girls
16:10in fact Miller was so devoted to oral
16:13that he often slept in the car overnight
16:15while his friend was in an apartment
16:17with a new girlfriend
16:18Miller said that on the night of
16:20Thursday December 23 1976 the stores of
16:24Adelaide were packed with Shoppers
16:25buying last minute Christmas gifts
16:27there were lots of young women about
16:29that night and World told Miller to
16:31drive around the main block of the city
16:33shopping center while he went for a walk
16:36warl often went off on his own
16:39this time he was quite a while and
16:41Miller had to drive her on the Block
16:42twice before he picked up worl and an 18
16:44year old Veronica Knight at the front of
16:46the Majestic Hotel
16:48Veronica had accepted the offer of a
16:50Lyft home
16:51she lifted the nearby Salvation Army
16:53hostel on Angus Street and it becomes
16:55separated from a friend while shopping
16:57at the city cross arcade
16:59this was when warl introduced himself
17:01and on the way to her home the
17:03persuasive young man allegedly talked
17:05her into going for a drive with them to
17:07the Adelaide Foothills
17:09Miller pulled the car into a side track
17:11and World forced the girl into the back
17:14Miller went for a walk to allow his
17:16friends in privacy and waited for half
17:18an hour before returning to the car
17:21Laurel was sitting in the front seat and
17:23the girl was lying motionless on the
17:24floor in the back
17:26she was fully dressed
17:28warl told Miller that he just raped and
17:30murdered the girl
17:32Miller flew into a rage and grabbed
17:34World by the shirt
17:36you fool you [ __ ] fool he yelled at
17:39warl you want to ruin everything
17:42well Miller had him by the shirt World
17:44produced a long wooden handled knife and
17:46held it to Miller's throat he told
17:48Miller to let go of him or he would kill
17:50him as well
17:51there was no doubt in Miller's mind that
17:54warl meant it
17:56World directed Miller to drive through
17:58gauler and towards Truro a few miles
18:00further on
18:02they drove down a dirt track called
18:03Swamp Road and pulled over next to a
18:05wooded area
18:07when Miller resisted helping Laura lift
18:09the body from the car warl again
18:11threatened him with the knife
18:13then they disposed to the body
18:15he asked me to give him a hand to carry
18:18her into the bushes Miller said
18:20her hands were tied he always tied them
18:23we got through the fence and dragged her
18:26they lay the body on the ground and
18:28covered it with branches and leaves
18:30then they drove back to Adelaide
18:33the following day they reported for work
18:35as if nothing had happened
18:37warl who'd been in a bad mood ever since
18:39the killing was back to his normal
18:41effervescent self by the time they
18:43reached work
18:44they never discussed the murder
18:46didn't want to raise the subject as he
18:49believed that warl would kill him
18:51never at any time did Miller contemplate
18:53telling the police of the murder
18:55had he done so six more young lives
18:58would have been saved
19:00Miller's only concern was his friendship
19:02with warl in the future a jury would
19:05consider this when they determined if
19:07Miller was guilty of murder
19:09at 9am on January 2nd 1977 Miller
19:13dropped warloff at the Rundle mall and
19:15agreed to pick him up at the other end
19:17Miller waited for a short time and World
19:19returned with 15-year-old Tanya Kenny
19:21who had just hitchhiked up from Victor
19:25Al had chatted her up in the street
19:27they drove to Miller's sister's home on
19:29the pretext of picking up some clothes
19:32after checking that no one was home
19:34Warren Tanya went into the house while
19:36Miller waited in the car
19:38eventually world came out to the car and
19:41asked Miller to come inside
19:43from the look on warl's face Miller knew
19:46that something was drastically wrong
19:48in the children's playroom he found
19:50tonya's body bound with robe and gagged
19:53with a piece of sticking plaster
19:55she was fully clothed and had been
19:58Miller and moral had another violent
20:01again warl threatened to kill him if
20:04Miller didn't help him hide the body
20:06hiding the dead girl in a Cupboard they
20:08returned later that night put the body
20:10in the car and drove to Wingfield at the
20:12back of the dean rifle range
20:15here they buried Tanya in a shallow
20:17grave that they dug earlier in the day
20:19Miller maintained that he helped bury
20:21the body because he didn't want to get
20:23his sister involved
20:25on the way back from disposing of the
20:26body Miller suggested to warl that he
20:29should see a doctor and try to find out
20:31what was making him commit the horrible
20:34World told them to mind his own business
20:37again Miller could have stopped the
20:39murders there and then simply by going
20:41to the police
20:42but he didn't
20:45he later claimed that his attachment to
20:46Christopher Worrell who was the only
20:49friend he'd ever had was the one thing
20:51that mattered in his life
20:53the killings would continue
20:55and rather than be without his friend
20:57the besotted Miller would allow them to
21:00go on
21:01with the second murder behind them
21:03Miller and warl continue to pick up
21:05girls every night
21:06their favorite spots were the Adelaide
21:08railway station Rundle Mall hotels in
21:11the city and the Mediterranean and
21:13Buckingham arms hotels
21:15Miller never played any part in the
21:17soliciting of the girls
21:19he claimed that he was just the
21:21chauffeur and the mug
21:23on January 21 1977 they met 16 year old
21:27Juliet Makita at the ambassadors hotel
21:29in King William Street
21:31she just run her parents to tell them
21:33that she was going to be a little late
21:34getting home and that they were not to
21:37Juliet was a student at Marston high
21:39school and had taken a job in the
21:41holidays selling jewelry from a curbside
21:43stall in the city
21:45she was sitting on the steps of the
21:46hotel waiting for a bus at 9pm when
21:49Worrell offered her a lift
21:51Miller drove to one of their usual spots
21:53along the secluded Port Wakefield Road
21:55and warl forced the girl into the back
21:57seat while Miller sat in the front
21:59waiting to be told to leave
22:02while he was sitting there warl started
22:04to tie the girl up
22:05she offered resistance but warl was too
22:10Miller said he didn't find anything
22:11unusual about world tying the girl up
22:13he'd done it to lots of them before but
22:16usually with willing partners
22:19it turned them on it was its kink
22:23Miller got out of the car and walked
22:24about 50 meters away he heard voices and
22:27turned to see the girl out of the car
22:29and falling forward to the ground as if
22:31she'd been kicked in the stomach
22:33Worrell rolled her over with his foot
22:34knelt on her stomach and strangled her
22:37with a length of rope
22:39Miller claimed he grabbed warl's arm and
22:41tried to drag him off the girl but World
22:43pushed him away and threatened to kill
22:45him if he interfered
22:47Miller shook his head and walked away
22:50when he came back the body was already
22:52in the back of the car
22:53ol was in a black mood and Miller did as
22:56he demanded
22:58he drove the car to Truro but avoided
23:00going near the other bodies and went to
23:02a deserted farmhouse on a completely
23:03different track away from Swamp Road
23:06From There They Carried the fully
23:07clothed body into the thick trees and
23:10covered it with branches and leaves
23:12they then drove back to Adelaide
23:15on February 6 Miller and Worrell picked
23:17up 16 year old Sylvia Pittman as she
23:19waited for a train at Adelaide station
23:22they drove to the windang area where
23:24warl instructed Miller to go for a walk
23:26as soon as they arrived
23:28after half an hour Miller returned to
23:30find the girl lying face down on the
23:31back seat with a rug over her she'd been
23:34strangled with her own pantyhose
23:37whirl was impossible to talk to
23:39he'd lapsed into one of the moods that
23:41always occurred after a murder
23:43didn't say a word and they drove in
23:46silence to churro where they unloaded
23:48the body
23:49she was fully clothed and was not tied
23:51or gagged
23:52they covered the corpse with leaves and
23:54branches and headed back to Adelaide
23:57the following day February 7 1977.
24:00World told Miller to pick him up at the
24:03Adelaide post office building at 7 pm
24:06with whirl was 26 year old Vicki Howell
24:09Vicky was older than the others and
24:11Miller took a liking tour straight away
24:14Vicky seemed to have a few worries and
24:15mentioned that she was separated from
24:17her husband
24:18Miller silently hoped that warl wouldn't
24:20kill her
24:21she seemed completely at ease
24:24whirl even had Miller stop the car so
24:26the girl could use the toilet at nuriupa
24:29a little further on Miller stopped the
24:31car and leaving the couple to chat he
24:34went to the bushes to relieve himself
24:36he returned a few minutes later on the
24:38pretext that he'd forgotten his
24:40he was really checking to see if the
24:42girl was all right
24:44she was nice he didn't want world to
24:47kill her
24:48Miller assumed that Vicky would not be
24:50murdered and walked away into the bush
24:52world didn't appear to be in one of his
24:56when he was satisfied that they'd had
24:58enough time to talk Miller returned to
25:00the car to find World kneeling on the
25:01front seat and leaning into the back
25:04he was covering Vicki Howell's body with
25:06a blanket
25:07she had been strangled
25:10Miller could not control his anger he
25:13cursed and abused warl for what he'd
25:14done it was not necessary to kill the
25:17girl he could have just talked to her
25:19and let her go without fear of reprisal
25:22after Miller invented his rage he went
25:24quiet terrified that warl would kill him
25:28he meekly asked World why he had to kill
25:30the girl
25:31gave no excuse
25:33instead he told Miller to drive to Truro
25:37Miller was terrified of oral and didizi
25:41at churro they hit the body under
25:43foliage before driving back to Adelaide
25:46two days later on February 9th Miller
25:48and Worrell were cruising in the center
25:50of Adelaide when they spotted 16 year
25:52old Kanye or danades standing on the
25:54footpath laughing and giggling to
25:56they did a u-turn pulled up in front of
25:59the girl and asked if she wanted a lift
26:02she accepted and sat in the front
26:03between the two men
26:05Connie became frightened when the car
26:07headed in the opposite direction
26:09Miller stopped at secluded Wingfield and
26:12Worrell forced the screaming girl into
26:13the back seat
26:15Miller did nothing to help the girl and
26:17got out and walked away from the car
26:20when he returned to the car Connie
26:22iodanades was dead
26:24warl had strangled and raped her
26:26she was on the back seat covered with a
26:29again Worrell was in a foul mood and
26:32Miller was too terrified to say anything
26:34he did as he was instructed and dumped
26:36the fully clothed body under bushes at
26:39that night Miller and warl slept in the
26:42car at Victoria Park Racecourse
26:44on February 12 1977 they committed their
26:47fourth murder in a week
26:49in the early hours of Sunday morning
26:51Miller and Worrell were cruising in the
26:53vicinity of the pinball arcades at the
26:55City Bowl and picked up 20 year old
26:57hitchhiker Deborah lamb warl suggested
27:00that they could take her to port gauler
27:02and the girl allegedly accepted the ride
27:05once they reached the beach at Port
27:07caller Miller left them alone and went
27:09for a walk in the scrub
27:11when he returned to the car warl was
27:13standing in front of it filling in a
27:15hole in the Sand by pushing sand into it
27:17with his feet
27:18the girl was nowhere to be seen
27:21at Miller's trial Dr CH manuk the
27:24director of forensic pathology at The
27:26Institute of Medical and veterinary
27:27science said it was possible that
27:30Deborah lamb had been alive when placed
27:32in the grave
27:33the sand and shell grit would have
27:35formed an obstruction in the airway and
27:37prevented air from entering the air
27:38passages he said
27:40he added that it was impossible to say
27:42this positively because of the advanced
27:44state of decomposition of soft tissue
27:46when the body was found
27:48Dr manak saw a pair of pantyhose found
27:50wrapped seven times around the mouth and
27:52jaw Deborah Lamb's remains that could
27:54have caused death by asphyxia
27:57if he chose to Miller could have saved
27:59all the victims lives but he said that
28:02he was terrified that whirl would kill
28:03him if he did
28:05Miller maintained that he did not see
28:07Deborah's body in the grave
28:09but later he'd lead police to it
28:12detective Sergeant Lowry said that
28:14Miller had said towards the end of the
28:16interrogation I know it might sound
28:18crazy after all this I don't hold to
28:22I really believe in the death penalty an
28:25eye for an eye
28:26believe me I wanted no part of this it
28:29was like a nightmare
28:31each time we picked up one of those
28:32girls I had no idea of his intentions
28:36while returning from Mount Gambier on
28:38Saturday February 19 1977. Christopher
28:42Worrell was killed in a car accident
28:44a female passenger in the car Deborah
28:46scuz was also killed
28:48James Miller escaped with a fractured
28:52Miller and Worrell had become friendly
28:54with Deborah skews when they first went
28:56to visit her boyfriend whom they'd known
28:58in jail only to find out that he'd
29:00walked out on her
29:01to help Debbie get over losing her
29:03boyfriend they'd taken her to Mount
29:05Gambier for the weekend but warl had
29:07become Moody and they decided to return
29:09to Adelaide on the Saturday afternoon
29:12later in the afternoon worl was at the
29:14wheel after drinking several cans of
29:16beer and was driving recklessly through
29:18Countryside north of Millicent
29:20Debbie begged for him to slow down and
29:23around ensued with worlds screaming at
29:25the distraught girl and telling her to
29:27shut up
29:28then warled we've got a blowout and the
29:31car careened out of control onto the
29:33other side of the road into oncoming
29:36in an effort to avoid a head-on
29:38collision with a vehicle coming the
29:39other way warl careen the old Valiant
29:42off the side of the road where it spun
29:44over and over many times until it came
29:46to rest with the three occupants Spilled
29:48Out onto the grass
29:50the accident had been witnessed by
29:51several bystanders who immediately ran
29:53to the scene but there was little they
29:56could do
29:57Deborah skews and Christopher Worrell
29:59were dead where they lay
30:00James Miller suffered a shoulder injury
30:02and was taken to hospital in shock
30:05it was his worst nightmare come true
30:08the one and only friend he'd ever had in
30:10the world was dead
30:12at his funeral a distraughtmiller spoke
30:15with Chris worrell's girlfriend Amelia
30:17who would later come forward as Angela
30:19and told her that warl had had a
30:21suspected blood clot on the brain
30:24this prompted Miller to tell Emilia that
30:26warl had been murdering young girls and
30:28that maybe the blood clot had caused him
30:30to commit these horrendous crimes
30:33although Amelia had been seeing Worrell
30:35for only a short time she'd liked him
30:37very much and was deeply distressed by
30:39his death
30:40Amelia kept her dark secret until the
30:43skeletons started turning up almost two
30:45years later
30:46then she told police about what James
30:48Miller had told her at the funeral
30:50in her statement to the police Amelia
30:52claimed that Miller had said the victims
30:54were only rags and weren't worth much
30:58she also claimed that Miller had said
30:59they had to be done in so that they
31:02could not point the finger at us
31:04Miller strenuously denied ever making
31:06either statement
31:08after world's death Miller moved from
31:10place to place sometimes sleeping in
31:12abandoned cars and at other times
31:14staying at the Saint Vincent De Paul and
31:16the central Mission day Center
31:18with World dead and Miller living the
31:21life of a transient it's highly likely
31:23that the murders would have gone
31:24unsolved if Amelia hadn't come forward
31:28at his trial in February 1980 Miller
31:30pleaded not guilty to seven counts of
31:34he sat quietly as the prosecution tore
31:36his defense apart
31:38the crown prosecutor Mr B.J Jennings was
31:41merciless in his attack claiming that
31:43Miller and Morrill had lived worked and
31:46indeed committed murder together
31:48he alleged that it was a joint
31:50Enterprise that they pick up girls and
31:53murder them
31:54he referred to the girls as Rags that
31:57was the attitude that led him to throw
31:58in his lot with warl he said
32:01no rapist and murderer could have had a
32:03more faithful or obliging Ally
32:06Mr Jennings continued
32:08you'll never know the truth but have no
32:10doubt that it's a horrible truth that
32:12these young women were murdered because
32:14they were going to point the finger at
32:15the young man who tied them up and
32:17sexually abused them
32:19they could also point the finger at the
32:21older man who ignored their plight and
32:23their Terror
32:24if a man assists another by driving him
32:26to a place where a girl's going to be
32:27raped and killed then he is guilty of
32:31it was obvious Mr Jennings said that no
32:35one could possibly believe the girls had
32:36been willing Partners in their own
32:38murders and that warl had never used any
32:42this is what Miller would have the court
32:45Mr Jennings went on to say that the
32:47crown rejected the claims that Miller
32:48had played no part in the sexual Prelude
32:50to the girl's deaths
32:52he said that three of the victims had
32:54been dumped partly clothed
32:56they were Tanya Kenny who was found only
32:58in a shirt Vicky Howell who was found
33:01only in shorts and Deborah lamb who was
33:04buried only in pantyhose
33:06Council for the defense Mr KP Duggan QC
33:09said that there's a tendency to use
33:12Miller as a scapegoat he was just
33:14waiting for world and there was no joint
33:16Enterprise as far as he was concerned
33:19Miller had found himself in one of the
33:21oldest relationship problems in the
33:22world that of the involvement in the
33:25wrongdoing of someone else
33:27he was trapped in a web of circumstance
33:30although Miller admits that he handled
33:32the situation incorrectly he maintains
33:35that he is not a murderer
33:37the jury did not agree with the defense
33:39and on March 12 1980 Miller was found
33:42guilty of six counts of murder
33:44he was found not guilty of the murder of
33:46the first victim Veronica Knight
33:48the jury agreed that he did not know
33:50that warl intended to murder the girl
33:53Mr Justice Matheson sentenced Miller to
33:56the maximum term of six life sentences
33:59as Miller was led from the court he
34:01snarled the detective Sergeant Lowry you
34:04filthy liar Lowry you mongrel
34:08if anyone in the courtroom had any
34:10compassion for Miller it must have been
34:12dispelled in July 1984 when Miller was
34:15interviewed in prison after his 43-day
34:17hunger strike
34:18Chris Worrell was my best friend in the
34:20world he said
34:22if he'd lived maybe 70 would have been
34:24killed and I wouldn't have ever dubbed
34:27him in
34:28in late 1999 James Miller applied to
34:31have a non-parole period set in the hope
34:33that one day he may be released
34:36on February the 8th 2000 Chief Justice
34:39John Doyle of the South Australian
34:41Supreme Court granted Miller a
34:43non-parole period of 35 years from the
34:45date of his arrest
34:47Miller who'd been one of the longest
34:49serving prisoners in the state passed
34:51away on the 21st of October 2008 at the
34:54age of 68 due to liver failure caused by
34:57complications from hepatitis C
34:59additionally he'd been battling prostate
35:02cancer and lung cancer
35:30thank you
35:57thank you
36:24thank you
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the story of James Miller and Christopher Worrell?

James Miller was a homosexual man who assisted his lover, Christopher Worrell, in disposing of the bodies of seven young women that Worrell sexually assaulted and murdered. Worrell was serving six life sentences for his part in the crimes. Miller denies involvement in the sexual assaults and murders, but his friendship with Worrell and failure to report the crimes led to his own guilt.

2. What are the details of the crimes committed by Christopher Worrell and James Miller?

Christopher Worrell sexually assaulted and murdered seven young women and was serving six life sentences for his crimes. James Miller assisted Worrell in disposing of the bodies of the victims. Miller denies involvement in the sexual assaults and murders, but his failure to report the crimes led to his own guilt.

3. How did the involvement of James Miller in the crimes come to light?

James Miller's involvement in the crimes came to light due to his friendship with Christopher Worrell and his failure to report the sexual assaults and murders. Despite denying involvement in the crimes, Miller's association with Worrell raised suspicions and ultimately led to his guilt.

4. What was the impact of the case involving James Miller and Christopher Worrell?

The case involving James Miller and Christopher Worrell had a significant impact on the community due to the severity of the crimes. It raised awareness about the importance of reporting criminal activities and the consequences of being an accessory to such serious offenses.

5. What are the legal consequences faced by James Miller in the case?

James Miller faced legal consequences for his involvement in the crimes committed by Christopher Worrell. Despite denying involvement in the sexual assaults and murders, Miller was found guilty due to his failure to report the crimes and his association with Worrell. This led to his own guilt and legal repercussions.

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