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The video discusses the high cost of graphing calculators, primarily due to Texas Instruments' monopoly in the market and their use as standard educational tools, despite being outdated and slower than smartphones. The video also suggests the possibility of using smartphones as certified graphing calculators by removing wireless connectivity.
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The TI Inspire CX2 graphing calculator is priced higher than older models due to its faster speed, LCD screen with backlight, and rechargeable battery.
The TI-83 Plus calculator from 1996 sells for $100, while the TI Inspire CX2 sells for $150.
Texas Instruments dominates the graphing calculator market, which contributes to the higher pricing.
Other companies like Casio and HP also make graphing calculators, but Texas Instruments has a strong presence in schools with their materials and documents.
Graphing calculators are expensive because Texas Instruments made them the standard for schools, so teachers are not able to help students without a TI calculator.
Texas Instruments made graphing calculators the accepted standard for schools.
Teachers may not be able to help students without a TI calculator.
The high demand for TI calculators due to school requirements can drive up the price.
Graphing calculators are outdated compared to modern smartphones.
Graphing calculators are expensive because teachers don't want students to use their phones for calculations during class and exams.
Teachers don't allow phones in class for calculations during tests.
There is an opportunity for a phone with the wireless connectivity removed to be used as a powerful graphing calculator.
Texas Instruments calculators are certified for standardized exams.
Used calculators may have issues with screen lines disappearing and numbers being cut off.
New calculators are expensive and have slow processors.
Graphing calculators launched in 2013 are slow and have outdated processors.
The calculators from 2013 are multiple times slower than the newer ones.
The current processors used in calculators are slow.
Gaming on calculators is possible, but not recommended during class.
00:04let's talk about graphing calculators
00:06more specifically the ti Inspire CX2 now
00:10I picked up this calculator yesterday
00:13and it was released in 2019 so it's
00:17relatively new on the graphing
00:18calculator space it's multiple times
00:21faster than my old calculator that was
00:24launched in 1996 the TI-83 Plus now how
00:29much do you think this sells for new
00:31yes new and how much do you think this
00:34sells for again
00:37have you ever do you have your questions
00:38in the comments
00:41you're probably wrong unless if you shop
00:43graphing calculators this calculator
00:45from 1996 knew
00:49is a hundred dollars
00:51new I can buy it right now at Target I
00:54actually saw it as I was getting my new
00:56TI inspired
00:58and that's crazy there's a 50 difference
01:01between these because this sells for 150
01:05there's only 50 dollar difference
01:06between a stream that's worse than the
01:09one on a Game Boy and
01:12this new fancy LCD screen with a
01:15backlight and rechargeable battery
01:17multiple times faster
01:22and I think the primary reason for this
01:26pricing is because Texas Instruments
01:29basically owns graphing calculators
01:32like they are graphing calculators like
01:35there is no other graphic well I mean
01:38there are other graphing calculator
01:40companies Casio makes a couple graphing
01:42calculators HP makes their HP Prime
01:45calculator but have you ever actually
01:48seen somebody with like an HP Prime
01:51calculator no
01:54because taxes instruments
01:56made the material for schools to use
01:59these calculators so basically all the
02:03documents in material only show how to
02:07do things with Texas Instruments
02:08calculators so if you have an HP Prime
02:11you're on your own because your teacher
02:14most likely isn't even gonna know how to
02:16work it because all the documentation
02:18just isn't there in her handbook because
02:22Texas Instruments literally made the
02:28standard like Texas Instruments made it
02:32so that graphing calculators were
02:35accepted into schools so if you don't
02:38have a TI calculator your teacher is not
02:40going to be able to help you basically
02:41like unless if they really know
02:43calculators and like they're into
02:46your teacher is not going to know how to
02:48help you so because of that most schools
02:50say buy a tax insurance calculator now
02:53do you see where that goes if everybody
02:55buys a Texas Instruments calculator and
02:58you're required to buy it the price can
03:00kind of be infinite can't it I mean at a
03:03certain point people just would say this
03:05is ridiculous and buy something else but
03:08a hundred dollars like
03:10that is kind of ridiculous for something
03:13that's slower than a 100 Android phone
03:17from China or something like
03:20it's graphic calculators
03:23are at least a decade behind like normal
03:29like phones and stuff like they're they
03:33lag a decade behind like back in 1996
03:38the screen on the TI-83 Plus
03:43it's horrible and they still haven't
03:46fixed the problem where the screen
03:49ribbon cable wears out and if you can
03:52see here
03:53um and if you can see here and like apps
03:56and stuff there's just lines that don't
03:58work they just straight up are broken
04:01which is the main reason I bought a new
04:03calculator but they still haven't fixed
04:06because the TI-83 Plus in stores is
04:10exactly the same as this one
04:13it's it's ridiculous like
04:16why is this only fifty dollars more
04:20and why are we required to buy them we
04:22we our phones can do this stuff
04:25you just download an app like Desmos or
04:28something and boom
04:30you have a graphing calculator
04:33so why do we have to buy these well it's
04:36because teachers don't want you on your
04:38phones during school that they don't
04:40want you on your phones during class
04:41doing calculations on your phone what if
04:44it's a test and you'll just look up the
04:45answers like
04:47I mean I think there would be a good
04:51opportunity here for someone to make
04:54like a phone that just has its Wi-Fi
04:57chip ripped out of it and it's mult and
05:00its cellular chip ripped out of it sell
05:02it for a hundred bucks and it's the most
05:04powerful graphing calculator you can buy
05:08it's just insane how Texas Instruments
05:11they they're certified for the SAT the
05:14act the AP exams like they're certified
05:17for everything
05:20I don't see why a phone can't also be
05:22certified for that stuff like just take
05:25out the wireless connectivity and boom
05:28you have a calculator with a touch
05:29screen for
05:31sometimes even cheaper like you could
05:35a calculator an old calculator
05:38for like as I said a hundred bucks
05:42um you can get it used for like 20 bucks
05:44on eBay but like
05:46does any anybody really want a used
05:49calculator like
05:51um like you might run into that issue
05:54where suddenly your screens lines start
05:57disappearing and it just doesn't really
06:00work anymore for you you can't read
06:02numbers numbers are just cut off like
06:05it's so inconvenient
06:06that why would you buy a used calculator
06:09and then the new calculators are
06:13and the processors in them are so slow
06:18I could take actually
06:21let me take a 10 year old phone right
06:24almost 10 years old
06:29is the HTC One
06:32M eight I think yeah HTC One M8 Max or
06:39this was launched in
06:422014 2013
06:46um it's multiple times faster than this
06:48calculator I guarantee you
06:51it's multiple times faster than that how
06:53than this calculator like and that's
06:56from 2013. think of how cheap they could
06:59get better processors
07:01I wonder how much the processors they're
07:03currently using cost because they're so
07:08I don't know they must cost like 10
07:10bucks or something like
07:12it's just insane
07:14um but on these calculators one of the
07:16fun things you can do is you can game on
07:20um I'm gonna have a separate video for
07:21gaming on calculators it's how to guide
07:25um but you can game on them and that's
07:27really cool you can game on them during
07:29class and stuff I don't recommend that
07:32though don't listen to your teachers and
07:36you can game on them on not
07:40class don't game on them during class
07:44game on them in your spare time at home
07:50well that's it for today's video it was
07:52a little rant I hope you enjoyed it
07:55I will be trying to upload more videos
07:57I'm sorry
07:59um and I'm also thinking of a name
08:01change of the tech kidwiz Channel
08:04um but post your feedback in the
08:07have a good one
08:09see ya
08:11editor Sam here thank you for your
08:13support for the tech kidwiz Channel I
08:16really appreciate it I'm trying to up
08:18production qualities for you guys by
08:20using AK camera and more expensive
08:25um please leave your feedback in the
08:26comments and
08:28please like the video if you liked it
08:30and subscribe if you loved it
08:33and please click that Bell for any
08:35future videos hopefully there will be
08:37some soon
08:39um thank you
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Why are graphing calculators so expensive?

Graphing calculators are expensive primarily due to Texas Instruments' monopoly in the market. This monopoly allows them to set high prices without much competition.

2. Why are graphing calculators considered outdated?

Graphing calculators are considered outdated because they are slower than smartphones and lack the advanced features of modern technology.

3. How can smartphones be used as certified graphing calculators?

Smartphones can be used as certified graphing calculators by removing their wireless connectivity. This can be achieved through software updates and modifications.

4. What impact does the high cost of graphing calculators have on education?

The high cost of graphing calculators creates a barrier to access for many students, limiting their ability to fully engage in math and science education. It also places a financial burden on schools and parents.

5. Are there any alternatives to Texas Instruments' graphing calculators?

Yes, there are alternatives to Texas Instruments' graphing calculators, such as Casio and HP, but they often lack the same level of compatibility and widespread use in education.

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