💫 Summary
The video captures a conversation between Sky Bri and Nick Nayersina about their breakup, revealing differing perspectives on their relationship and the challenges they faced. They discuss the impact of sharing their relationship online and the compromises they made for their careers, ultimately expressing feelings of being lost and uncertain about their future paths. The discussion centers on the complexities of their relationship, the pressures of online content creation, and their struggle to find their purpose.
✨ Highlights📊 Transcript
Nick and Sky broke up and they are discussing the need to address it publicly.
Nick is nervous about talking about their relationship online.
They broke up before addressing it publicly.
People started speculating about their breakup even before they officially broke up.
They feel the need to address the breakup to avoid speculation and rumors.
The conversation is about the release of old stuff that is new and how it goes against past conversations.
Sky Bri expresses that rules should go both ways.
Nick Nayersina's decision to release old stuff as new goes against past conversations.
The release of old stuff as new makes it seem like Sky Bri is having sex with other people on camera again.
The couple discusses their recent rough patch and disagreements about body count and gender differences.
The last month has been rough for them.
They had a disagreement about body count, with the guy claiming it's different for guys and girls.
The girl accuses him of being misogynistic.
They have been yelling and fighting recently.
The speaker discusses how their relationship affected their videos and the compromises they made for each other.
The speaker mentions that they were always caring and wanted their partner to feel comfortable and safe.
The speaker apologizes for being constantly on their partner's case about everything.
The speaker questions if the reason for their partner's behavior is solely about making more money.
The speaker advises the person to focus on being entertaining on camera and taking less money, rather than being caught up in the cycle of finding the perfect guy.
The speaker thinks the person is good at conversation and being on camera.
They suggest that the person can still make great money without sacrificing too much.
The person is concerned about being labeled as a "red pill" influencer and the negative comments they receive.
The speaker advises the person to not listen to the negative comments and focus on their own content.
The couple has a hard time communicating and making compromises.
The girl struggles with expressing emotions.
They both have a hard time letting go of things.
The guy wants to bring back the way things were.
The compromise they need is unclear.
The speaker discusses feeling scared and restricted in her career due to her fear of upsetting her partner, leading to a loss of purpose and feeling lost.
She was scared to stream on Twitch or do videos because she feared upsetting her partner.
The speaker felt that her fear was affecting her performance and ability to entertain.
Both the speaker and her partner feel lost and unable to pursue their goals.
Taking time apart could help them reassess their desires and give them space to breathe.
The importance of evolving and adapting in business and entertainment.
Staying stuck in what you're known for can hinder growth.
Evolving and transitioning to something else is necessary to stay relevant.
Twitch streaming and interacting with viewers is a fun part of entertainment.
00:00Fair okay fair Nick is is is it
00:04recording dude Nick is so nervous this
00:07is hilarious this is I don't know how to
00:08what the fck is going
00:10on it's weird to like talk about your
00:13relationship on like onine yeah but like
00:15you you can't avoid it now because
00:16you've already talked so much you guys
00:18obviously it's aware everyone's aware
00:20didn't want to do it but she had to drop
00:22like a thing that Tik Tok big yeah yeah
00:26so listen he comes to the gym and he's
00:28like telling me he's like yo did you see
00:29this I'm like what the and
00:32so why like what what's going on
00:34actually cuz like I don't really know
00:36the true story I don't really know
00:37everything there's obviously a lot more
00:39than just that video yeah okay well
00:43people I feel like people started
00:44speculating before we even like actually
00:46broke up so you guys right now are
00:49broken up yeah oh yeah this is so weird
00:54so weird bro I've talked about a lot of
00:56things on the internet but I've not had
00:58to talk about like a relationship it's
00:59weird like it's too real man well have
01:02you ever you've never really put a
01:03relationship on the internet before no
01:05never yeah so like I think the best
01:07thing to do is to talk because otherwise
01:08like people just go oh this guy [ __ ]
01:11that girl blah blah blah this is why and
01:12they just speculate make up instead of
01:14just like just letting people know what
01:16it is you know yeah maybe it is a good
01:18idea because I'm getting like every
01:20comment on the YouTube video what
01:21happened with you and Sky my DMs are
01:23that everything and people CU because
01:25you guys are willing to put your
01:26relationship out there like they get
01:27invested in like whether it's good or
01:30bad or still there or not you know if
01:32you just disappear everyone's like
01:34everyone's like what the happened yeah
01:36so it's like addressing that I think is
01:37always a good idea so what so what why
01:39why did you post a Tik Tok why are you
01:41saying it I didn't post a Tik Tok so I
01:43was live on Tik Tok and someone they
01:46just started asking like are you still
01:48with Nick and I said no we broke up and
01:50they were like asking what happened
01:52obviously and I just said I don't know
01:54go ask him there were just some
01:56differences there were differences yeah
01:59well tell us what actually happened if
02:01you had to guess what happened what
02:02would you think what do you think the
02:05issue is what do you think Brad
02:07well okay my expert opinion um obviously
02:12you know you you do a certain kind of
02:15work uh I'd imagine that and I don't
02:18know enough about this it's the first
02:19time I'm talking about this I imagine
02:20that it probably got to him at some it
02:23got to him too much to where he's like
02:25ah I don't know whatever wow you nailed
02:26it that was exactly it but okay that's
02:28not all of it there's got to be more
02:30there's two sides yeah there's two
02:31there's definitely two sides but so so
02:33what's what's what's different or what's
02:35new that is like cuz like it wasn't like
02:38that in the beginning you guys knew what
02:39it was you both knew what it was you
02:41both knew where you came from I think
02:43that he acted chill in the beginning
02:47which he fisted you but that's how I
02:50feel like a lot of guys are in the
02:51beginning of relationships like they're
02:53like easygoing but then once the
02:54feelings start to like get deeper and
02:58you get like more involved with someone
03:00then like and you're like actually in
03:01love with them then stuff like gets to
03:03them easy and then he started yeah I can
03:06admit like on my side I think as things
03:10grew and you know I fell in love
03:13and some things I think like did make me
03:16go like a little off the wall like it
03:18would bother me things and I had to
03:19really tell myself like I knew what I
03:21got myself into I shouldn't be bothered
03:23by that but I think that's not like
03:25that's not everything
03:27it's and then he started accusing me of
03:29cheating on him this no I did not accuse
03:31you of cheating on me I just like would
03:33like you know sometimes you would wonder
03:34like I'm traveling she's doing her thing
03:37like you don't like there's and seeing
03:39everything online it's like sometimes it
03:41is hard but I think
03:43like is it things that you're seeing
03:45like she's posting or things that people
03:46are saying or like what is the thing
03:48that's making you think
03:50that I think like I'm just going to be
03:53real like her Twitter it's almost like
03:56and I get tagged in a lot of things and
03:58when you're seeing like oh this is
03:59coming out and this I'm like what the is
04:01going on like that makes me tweak out a
04:04little bit cuz like I can accept the
04:06only fans I'm cool with the only fans
04:08but I'm like I thought we
04:11put I thought we put that in the past I
04:13think she's so much better than that
04:14she's an incredible girl she's so smart
04:16sweet she was like my rock amazing um it
04:19was it sounds such
04:22a up and uh and now he's bullsh he never
04:26even liked only fans he hates only fans
04:28he says it all the time I wish you
04:30didn't have to do this like had issues
04:33with me even just doing like solo
04:34content okay solo like what is what so
04:37solo content is just like like I go live
04:40like once a week uh for an hour and they
04:43like tip and the more they tip the more
04:45I do and like I would tell him like babe
04:47I have to go live today and he would be
04:49like it's hard moping around okay like
04:52damn but you knew what it was I know
04:54it's what what what you I think it's
04:56tough for me knowing that all these
04:58other dudes yeah we watching that and
05:00that's hard like for me the kind of guy
05:02I am I'm very oneon-one kind of person
05:05in a relationship all of that like I'm
05:07very one I want how I was raised how
05:10I've been I can't it's hard that's hard
05:12to but you knew that I know that's the
05:15thing you knew it going tough man I'm
05:16battling bro in that's why my feelings
05:18are hurt because he knew what it was
05:21when he started dating me and I didn't
05:23do anything I was loyal our whole
05:26relationship I was
05:28too yeah know but um so it's like
05:32hurtful to me cuz it's like I was good
05:34like I did everything I was supposed to
05:35I was a good girlfriend but still like
05:38I'm the one that like the relationship
05:40ended because of me cuz you like
05:42couldn't handle seeing the and
05:46stuff is that is that really just it I
05:49mean I think there's a little bit more I
05:50think okay I think looking back I should
05:52have been more chill out about the solo
05:54[ __ ] she's not with other dudes yeah
05:56she's doing her thing she she she
05:58probably went from here to hear for me
06:00getting rid of all that I was probably
06:02here and went to he so she gave up a lot
06:04yeah more I I I I can agree with that um
06:08and I think you know I did let it get to
06:09my head a little bit but there are
06:13things that I need to do on my platform
06:15that kind of like I want to do that I
06:17think is good for my content and there's
06:20talking with girls like flirting with
06:21girls and and nothing more than that you
06:23know I think going out but he wanted to
06:25flirt with girls on his YouTube before
06:27we even broke up so it's like I had stop
06:29doing own like point but you can be out
06:32here actually talking and flirting with
06:34girls okay okay but she's telling me
06:36that she wants to use old boy girl
06:39content and and put that out as new boy
06:42girl content I'm like just like
06:43re-releasing stuff that hadn't but it's
06:46being branded as new I thought we're
06:47over that well it is new but like not
06:49new new what does that mean that's like
06:53like I it's I have content that I filmed
06:56but I just never released so over time I
06:58slowly release it so it is new like in
07:00my head I'm like we're over that it's
07:01done like this is that should be in the
07:04that should be in the that hold on hold
07:05on I have genuine genuine question was
07:07the that conversation before you broke
07:10up or after you broke
07:11up um I think that's like kind of what
07:14made us go our separate ways the whole
07:15thing is here that was the this is the
07:17thing that I'll just tell you it's we're
07:19both in our
07:2020s she's created a whole brand for
07:23herself she's done it I have an
07:24opportunity to to do something there's
07:27things I feel like we both feel like we
07:28got to do
07:29yeah and it came to the point where we
07:31couldn't compromise for each other so I
07:33feel like you know I have to go out with
07:35my guys and do what we got to do like to
07:37talking a girl B it's so nothing so it's
07:40just like it's it's
07:42[ __ ] does bug you it's so it's just
07:46comedy I mean he like gets upset he got
07:49upset sometimes when I went on even e
07:51dates which is like virtual okay I will
07:54admit that that was that's because I
07:55wasn't allowed every time he was upset
07:57no but here's the thing she told me
07:58before you can't go do girl I don't want
08:00you doing girl stuff so when I see her
08:02doing stuff floating with other guys I'm
08:04like okay you're telling me not to do
08:05girl stuff I'm going to have an issue
08:06too eventually I did say that do what
08:08you have to do like she claims she it's
08:11different I'm the princess like I'm like
08:13what hell no like if you're if you're
08:15making a rule for me it's going to go
08:16both ways like that's the truth I'm
08:18sorry why is that funny I don't know why
08:21cuz I think let's get too personal yeah
08:24okay okay but I I got to ask this
08:26serious I'm so you guys were together
08:29and you were like yo I'm going to
08:30release some old stuff but it's new yeah
08:34what's wrong with that um okay I'm going
08:37to tell you my perspective on that okay
08:40because to everyone on the Internet it's
08:42brand new yeah so to everyone on the
08:45internet like an idiot to everyone on
08:46the internet after the time when you
08:47guys were like yo I'm not doing this I'm
08:49giving up that like that boy girl thing
08:52you're now just kind of doing it all
08:54over again to everyone so perspective
08:56wise like if if you're an audience
08:58person you're someone watching this when
09:00they see that they go this is brand new
09:02and then immediately they go she's
09:04having sex with dudes on camera again
09:06what the [ __ ] are you doing Nick right
09:08and he would never be able to avoid that
09:10and I'm not saying this is like a you
09:11know this is to each their own to decide
09:13whether they want to deal with that or
09:14not but like that's that goes directly
09:16against I think the conversations I
09:18think I wasn't part of some
09:19conversations about that in the past
09:21like why you know like you were giving
09:22that up mhm and so you got to some point
09:26where you were like well I'm not going
09:27to give that up essentially again where
09:28you came back to it for some reason I
09:32think it was just I I don't really look
09:35at it like that because it's not stuff
09:37that I ever filmed while we were dating
09:39or like it's stuff that I filmed before
09:40I even like met him so it's like it's
09:43already I already made the
09:45content and also okay the
09:50big for me I still have to make money
09:53like I'm in my early 20s I'm branded for
09:58life like he his thing is like you could
10:00do other things which I do do other
10:02things I do twitch but he's like you can
10:03make money other ways like blah blah
10:05blah but it's like I am so heavily
10:08branded as a star and like I always will
10:11be like if we're being honest like
10:12that's something that like people do not
10:13lose like if you do like that's like
10:15what you're going to be associated with
10:17so it's like I can't I don't have all
10:20these other like ways I can like make
10:22money and stuff so it's like essentially
10:24I kind of started to feel like
10:25resentment towards him because I felt
10:27like he was like limiting me from like
10:30making money yeah but you don't think
10:32there's other ways you can make money
10:34like I mean there's tons of Brands and
10:35that'll still work with you it's hard
10:38harder it's really really hard yeah so
10:41there's no outside sources of income
10:43other than just like no there are there
10:44are but it's like only the bag is just
10:46so good I know and I enjoy doing like I
10:49enjoy running my only like it's really
10:51fun but he like hated it so much that I
10:54felt like I couldn't even like talk to
10:55him about like my job or anything okay
10:58this is this this is what I'll say you
10:59know when you're
11:01being I don't want to see any of you
11:03never want to see your girl ever with a
11:05past whatever yeah I mean and and when
11:08you're tagged you don't see what it is
11:10and I've seen a and it me up and it kind
11:12of does trigger me a little bit and then
11:14I go yeah he gets tagged and stuff it
11:16triggers him and then he takes it out on
11:17me okay but it's like why I didn't do
11:19anything well here's the reason because
11:20I'm think's funny about this tag you
11:22forever now yeah I know they're going to
11:24tag you forever now it's dude I all my
11:28comments like [ __ ] he's seen it all now
11:30I guess I think like it's not it's not
11:33that that pisses me off it's when I see
11:35that and then I come back and I'm like I
11:38can't go do what I started this channel
11:39to be like to go do this girl stuff but
11:42that's out there and being released
11:45that's what it's not the fact that it's
11:46that but it's I feel upset that I'm like
11:49okay you can post all this stuff but I
11:52can't go like just be funny and flirt
11:54with but I did tell you it got to a
11:56point where I could tell that it was
11:57stressing you out so I was like okay
11:59just do whatever is best like you're
12:01saying despite him filming content with
12:02girls you just he was just stressed
12:04about what you were doing no like he was
12:06like cuz that's like what he started off
12:08doing like on YouTube and it worked
12:10really well and like I know like his
12:12fans like kind of they want to see that
12:14so and I saw him like wanting to like
12:17please his fans and I want him to
12:19succeed on YouTube so I was like you
12:21know what like go back and do it like I
12:23don't care you can flirt with girls if
12:24that's like what's going to like relieve
12:26some stress cuz but
12:29cont it's not good for the relationship
12:31bro it's like that's not if if I'm doing
12:34that she's she's actually upset no I
12:36told you I would I would have gotten
12:37over it I kept telling him like I kept
12:39saying like go out and do it it's fine
12:41like I don't care like I just want
12:42what's best for you he seems to think
12:43that's not true well that is that is
12:46true but like then she wants to do like
12:49girl on girl and like I I feel weird
12:52about there's there's always something
12:53else that comes along with okay if
12:55you're going to do that then I'm gonna
12:56go do this yeah he always accuses me of
12:57scheming scheming what like he's always
13:00like I feel like you're like up to no
13:03good like you're like planning things
13:05James is nodding his head sorry to put
13:06you what the heck I'm not no you are a
13:09very smart girl and you know you know
13:11how to like you know she thinks I'm she
13:13thinks I'm just this dumb idiot running
13:14around with the camera I'm not dumb I
13:17know I know she's very smart and she's
13:20you have to be very smart to be
13:21successful where she is so am I
13:23manipulative you're a little you're a
13:24little manipulative y I love this yep I
13:27love you are so what are you scheming
13:30nothing that's the thing can you imagine
13:32a whole your whole relationship you're
13:34being so good I don't even go out I just
13:36lay in bed loyal we're very loyal do she
13:39want exactly he's always accusing me of
13:42and I'm like dude I don't even leave my
13:44house what what is she scheming he's the
13:46one out all the time no I feel like it's
13:48like if I say okay if I were to say okay
13:51I'm going to go do this this girl
13:53there'd be some backend like okay let's
13:55let's make this like girl thing Happ cuz
13:56she's always like if you're going to do
13:58that there's happen other day right
13:59before we ended if you're going to do
14:00that I want to do girl and girl and I'm
14:03like and I'm like okay well that's not
14:05just me going out there and doing this
14:07like I'm like I don't want that to
14:09happen I oh I see so then you're like do
14:12I should I go do this then yes because
14:13if I do it I know there's going to be
14:15some backlash damn that's kind of funny
14:18and I will slip in there also like in a
14:20relationship is hard for me to like I
14:22don't want to hurt her he didn't even
14:24like me hanging out with neon though no
14:26I love neon I like neon you were
14:28skeptical about it at first with NE what
14:30would neon do no here or like I I I
14:32would host eates on my twitch like
14:35people from all around the world and he
14:37didn't even like that he'd be like as
14:39long as they're all ugly and I'm like I
14:40can't just like but here's the thing all
14:43ugly when that happened when that
14:45happened she was telling me that I
14:46couldn't do the flirting thing with my
14:48sh so I got upset about that I get it
14:50that's it's I'm such an equal guy in a
14:53relationship that's how I rule so if
14:55there's going to be those other things
14:56I'm going to say something if I can't do
14:58what I I still got to go back to this
14:59like new but old thing dude that's
15:01really me up yeah that all this other
15:04[ __ ] is like a conversation it's like
15:05whatever are you guys like okay no no
15:07this I only put out a scene literally it
15:10was two days before we broke up while we
15:12were like actually like dating I never
15:14like I didn't have any plans to release
15:17any new content but the things were like
15:19he's like I'm going to go do the girl
15:21stuff and I'm like okay I'm going to
15:22release the scene then like it was
15:24towards it was like 2 days before he
15:26broke up and that really just I was like
15:28the relationship was basically like done
15:30at that point okay I didn't think about
15:32do like releasing anything while we were
15:33actually together oh that changes it
15:36then exactly I don't think that changes
15:37it I well I was still in it I was still
15:41I've always fought could it still work
15:43could this still work well she asked me
15:45to Mo I don't think he'll ever be okay
15:47with my past ever he he brought it up
15:50every single day like I really wish you
15:51didn't do this that is not true that was
15:53just for the last month we've had a rock
15:55imagine if someone every single day is
15:57in your ear like oh I hate that you did
15:59this like that hurts it every day or the
16:01last month every day this was not every
16:03day what are you talking about we a
16:04dayam near sometimes twice a day no this
16:07last month has been rough it hasn't I
16:09don't we've not we had a great relation
16:12you'd always say we have a healthy
16:13relationship blah blah it's amazing it
16:14was healthy but it just it was the last
16:17month or like okay something that also
16:21was really upsetting towards me is he's
16:22always like it's different for girls
16:25versus guys like his body counts higher
16:27than mine just saying significantly but
16:29he's like it's different cuz I'm a guy
16:32it is different
16:34though but like is it that crazy oh God
16:38no I'm not I'm I'm so sorry she's
16:40getting I'm not trying to be mean I'm
16:41not trying to be mean I'm not trying to
16:42be mean either and I'm not trying to be
16:44she's always says you're
16:45misogynistic I to a point I do agree
16:49with you but it's like he's straight up
16:50about it like you have a hole and like
16:53that is not true at all you are putting
16:55words in my mouth that is not true at
16:57all that is not true at all that is not
17:00true babe I'm sorry oh my
17:05God slip up that is crazy wow is that
17:11true or not cuz I can't tell right now
17:12what what did you actually say
17:15that no he does he she takes it that way
17:18she like says oh so you're saying this
17:19and then goes crazy on me and then she
17:22starts yell me I resent you and I'm like
17:25are you guys fighting you guys throwing
17:27yell at me the other day she yelled D
17:29maybe you just need to punch her one
17:30time she's punched me why are you from
17:33I'm kidding I'm kidding I'm totally
17:35kidding like I couldn't get the doubling
17:37back on that I know it's old but it's
17:39new like that really is just I could I'm
17:42trying to imagine myself in a situation
17:43I'd be like a dude I could never do that
17:45because everyone else just goes this is
17:48brand new you're a would you date a girl
17:50that did anyway I could I could but it'd
17:53be oh man it'd be difficult like it
17:55would have to be like it's done you know
17:59I don't think you could no wow I don't
18:01think you could because I think you're
18:02exactly like Nick you would get tagged
18:04and they would comment they would
18:05message you and I think it would get to
18:07you just like how it got to Nick I think
18:08what does get to me and I'm going to be
18:10honest is like yeah that does bother
18:14me it's just like dude I feel like
18:16you're a lot like I am like you want to
18:18have that one-on-one with the girl just
18:20you two nothing else I that's it so it's
18:25very hard like and we had I'm going to
18:27we had a very loving relationship we
18:29were very sweet to each other she always
18:31had my back I always had hers we were
18:32there for everything um when you have
18:35that and then there's some of that
18:37outside noise I think you know your your
18:39camera guy said to me once or Nate Nate
18:41he was like man bro you're just looking
18:43at the internet too much just I should
18:45have just you know it was all new to me
18:47I've never dated a girl in this
18:48situation ever it's very it is hard and
18:51I will admit that you know I had some
18:53but it is interesting though cuz like
18:56it'd be different if she just started
18:57randomly doing it and then you had to
18:59deal with it yeah yeah I get I know I
19:01know I signed up came after she was like
19:04100% on it like 100% what even I wish I
19:07I I would love if I went if I went back
19:10like two weeks like look when I look
19:12back at our fights I'm like I wish I
19:14found out like I I I know I could get
19:16over it I know I know I could she
19:17doesn't think I could but it just got to
19:19the point where like if we're both going
19:21to resent each other I don't want we
19:23didn't want to go out that way yeah I
19:25get it and it it just and then you know
19:27when we split what what made you hit me
19:29up to to move in with you like why
19:33why um so I had been looking at houses
19:37for a while and I found like a beautiful
19:40one like I'm in love with it it's my
19:41dream house but it has five bedrooms and
19:44it's just me and my assistant so I was
19:47like I we have to have someone move in
19:50and I asked I asked around I asked few
19:53other people but I know she texted me
19:54like five times was calling me about are
19:56you going to move in or you not are you
19:57going to move in or you not like I'll
19:59say pop up a text that is true but it's
20:02because it's pop up a text Bro like she
20:04was like on me and I was like you guys
20:06are like breaking up at the same time
20:07being like let's move in house is so big
20:10though he's going to be on like a
20:11different floor across the house we
20:13won't cross pass there's one kitchen
20:16there aren't that many bathrooms one
20:17back it's not it's not that big um how's
20:21that going to work like told James I
20:22told James I'm like bro we need to find
20:23another house we did a showing it's in
20:25the video that just dropped and I get
20:27the news that I cannot be on a [ __ ]
20:29lease bro I can't be on a lease this was
20:31a problem I had two years ago CU I got
20:33student silver cord for throwing an
20:34Airbnb party and it'sing me up and and
20:37now we're I don't know so how's it going
20:38to work cuz like what I'm also like
20:40friends with his whole like his two it's
20:43not like we're all strangers anything
20:45like the they're my friends too I would
20:47consider so and I guess we're just so
20:51wait you're going to live in the same
20:52house together roommates that's [ __ ]
20:54insane it's I don't I'm scared so wait
20:57wait I think it's only going to James
20:59said it's going to last a month are you
21:00going to keep are you like what's your
21:02plans with content are you going to go
21:05to um no I'm just going to definitely
21:09ramp up my only fans like produce more
21:12content we'll see where it goes what
21:14that mean we'll see where it goes is
21:16there going to be boy girl stuff no
21:17that's the question would you go back to
21:20that oh my God
21:22no I'm I'm out if that happens I'm out
21:25okay would you no I don't know what do
21:29you mean what do you don't know no I
21:30don't know you don't know no
21:34no no like no I'm sorry you you always
21:39said you would never go back like no I'm
21:40not going to I'm not going to you don't
21:43think you don't think releasing old tape
21:45is going back it was already the person
21:49I filmed with it like they were already
21:50selling and everything like you could
21:51find it on the Internet it's just that I
21:54had never pushed it out on mine so so
21:57this is literally already out out there
21:58somewhere like yeah yeah it's not like
22:00never seen the face of the internet this
22:03person he's already like sold it and
22:04stuff like you could probably find it if
22:07you wanted to but I had just never
22:09released still it's still marketing is
22:11like this is new and yeah everyone's
22:13going to see it I mean it is new like
22:15it's never before seen on my only fan
22:18but it's I didn't just film it I shout
22:22out [ __ ] that's tough so why don't you
22:26why don't you try to do like I I guess
22:29if you're never if you're not going to
22:30go back to that obviously like you'd
22:32ramp up whatever other content but like
22:33there's so much other just feel like
22:36I've seen you on Twitch like I feel like
22:37you're success that's like my other main
22:38thing and I do make like decent money on
22:41Twitch like and it like but I feel you
22:44haven't even given a shot of like all
22:45these things you you you capable in the
22:47middle of moving and everything so I
22:48haven't had time mov is going to last
22:50like two weeks okay well then I'm
22:51getting back into it but I'm just saying
22:53like I like running and only like it's
22:57fun like like I love like posting on it
22:59and stuff and like you didn't even like
23:01that okay yeah that's like me saying
23:04like oh I really hate the gym like you
23:07do hate the gym no I don't yes you do no
23:10but that's like giving you I no no I
23:13Tred to get you to go to the gym and you
23:14freaked out at me and said stop asking
23:16me to go I go through phases like I'll
23:17go hard in the gym and then I'll take a
23:18break I haven't been going to the gym
23:20recently but like I'm just saying that's
23:21like me like [ __ ] on you all the time
23:23like or like me being like it's so
23:25stupid you do YouTube like YouTube's so
23:27stupid like if I came at you for that
23:29that's basically what it was every day
23:31you maybe don't realize it but you are
23:33like always coming at me still like it's
23:36about little yes it is and then when I
23:37go out and shoot you're like come home
23:38right now come home you're on me on me
23:40when you're doing your thing that was
23:41just me being a loving girlfriend
23:43wanting like my boyfriend to come home
23:44that's all it was but you do it only
23:45when I'm out
23:46filming it wasn't I never thought that
23:49you were like cheating or doing anything
23:50it was literally just me being like he
23:52also traveled all the time like we like
23:54basically sometimes we even have a
23:56longdistance relationship like he would
23:57only be home like a week out of the
23:59month so it's like I wanted to spend as
24:01much time as I could with
24:03you yeah but I think you know that you
24:05were like pretty hard on some sh with
24:08like I would go to
24:10Michigan bro and and and James knows and
24:13my team knows like I was so caring and I
24:15never wanted her to feel like not
24:17comfortable or or not safe with anything
24:19that's happening so like it would affect
24:21like the videos a lot and like but you
24:24were always on me about everything I
24:26apologize no
24:28so so is it just cuz you just want to
24:31make more money like what is the reason
24:33like the reason to like
24:35continue down that road more like you go
24:38harder on whatever and is it just
24:40because like I guess what I'm asking is
24:42for you guys to work at some point you
24:45guys were both making compromises and it
24:46was kind of like you were doing less of
24:48the things that were making you money
24:50cuz you you know you're having
24:51conversations like okay I'll stop doing
24:52this stop doing that M and then he's
24:54obviously you know I I don't know what
24:56you're really necessarily giving up cuz
24:57it's just like he's just not filming
24:59flirting with girls I I so I I mean the
25:01that was the whole thing that made me
25:03popular was over and over again the
25:05lover boy and there' be some situation I
25:07was in and people love to see just
25:10because it's not like I'm some super
25:12super smooth dude I'm like funny and
25:13awkward and it's like yeah what the he
25:15even say I feel like people love to see
25:17you guys together
25:19too yeah like early on like I those are
25:21some of the First videos I saw like that
25:23popped the most it's tough because like
25:25we both talked about this it's like it's
25:26fun it's fun to together we had a great
25:28time we did some like it was was fun
25:30adventures whatever going whatever doing
25:32whatever but at some point like you
25:33don't want to just be on camera together
25:35you want to have like a a real
25:36relationship so it was like every once
25:38in a while it' be fun to do something
25:40and like do that and she would you know
25:42she loved to support me and it was fun
25:44but uh I don't want my whole thing to be
25:47about yeah I get it I understand so I
25:49have a question then
25:51like obviously I'm not going to be like
25:53this is never going to work whatever I
25:54think that's silly that's not how life
25:55works but don't take offense answer this
25:58question but I have to ask you this
25:59question do your thing what kind of guy
26:01could you date that was like you think
26:04would be completely okay it feels like I
26:06If you're thinking like oh I wouldn't be
26:08okay with it you're looking at me like
26:09that so the only other guy then would be
26:11like a guy who's
26:12in yeah which I would never do yeah
26:15that's why I don't have any hope for I'm
26:18actually just CU stay single don't say
26:21that um no yeah that is really scary
26:24because I
26:25think the m yeah it usually is guys that
26:30uh are in themselves
26:33or I don't know
26:36because there are a lot of people that I
26:38think would date me but I just always
26:40think it's going to be a thing where
26:42eventually they're like okay I don't
26:45think I don't like this like I was
26:46talking to um Lena who's like my she's
26:49my only you thought she was going to say
26:50a guy's name there huh no no for a
26:52second he's like what the uh she she
26:55texted me the other day she was like me
26:57and Adam are arguing whether or not you
26:59and Nick broke up and I was like no like
27:02we did break up um it's just been tough
27:04like cuz he like the pole things getting
27:08to him and she answered she's like yeah
27:10I'm so sorry like that happens to like
27:11every girl in and like the guys are
27:14always chill with it in the beginning
27:15and then uh they always like end up
27:18being like kind
27:20of it's tough not controlling but like
27:23not it kind of gets them which I don't
27:24blame him like I don't blame him at all
27:26I really don't like I think that would
27:28get to me too like if I had to be tagged
27:30and stuff and like like my comments were
27:33filled with it whatever um I just think
27:37that it started to feel like I was the
27:39bad person like it was like I was the
27:42one that was like he was mad at when it
27:44was other people like writing comments
27:46and stuff like I wasn't doing anything I
27:48was a perfect girlfriend like loyal you
27:50don't think you were doing anything more
27:51that would create more
27:53like drama like for the audience to be
27:56like well she's doing this now [ __ ] I
27:58really didn't do anything during our
28:01relationship I mean maybe like the E dat
28:05stuff people like thought was crazy I
28:08don't know like neon and whatever that
28:10was whatever though yeah so so that's
28:12what I'm saying like just I'm really
28:14curious genuinely like so say you move
28:16apart at some point let's say it doesn't
28:18work how like who are you who in your
28:20mind are you like what kind of guy are
28:22you finding that you
28:23think you think it's going to be like
28:25you're just have to get completely out
28:27of it I would think I think so you like
28:30what I would have to do
28:32is do only for as long as I could and
28:36then when I've had enough of laet move
28:40somewhere else and just
28:42like meet someone organically is and
28:46have be like far removed from I guess is
28:49there is there ever a time that you
28:50would give up all this okay you ask that
28:54all the time but it's like I'm still so
28:58the money I made isn't going to last me
29:00the next like 80 years I still have to
29:02make money there's other ways to make
29:04money but we've talked about that okay
29:07no but I'm just curious cuz like you
29:09know and also another thing is I have
29:12fans too like I care about my fans and
29:15like my fans want to see content and
29:16like I like making my fans happy like
29:19just how you like making your fans happy
29:21with YouTube like I have fans too like
29:23they're not just like it's not just like
29:25this thing that I like do for like I do
29:28like having like supporters and stuff
29:30like that like I have a Discord with
29:32people I talk to like all day like it's
29:35but you know what like I think you could
29:37make a ton of money maybe not money and
29:40still be super comfortable and happy why
29:41can't I like doing all you could do no
29:43I'm saying you can still do it I'm not
29:44saying you can't I'm saying at some
29:45point like there if you want like a
29:48solid solid relationship unless it's
29:49with someone in that industry and I
29:51don't even know how you feel about that
29:52personally but like like you said you
29:55even know that every guy's going to come
29:56to that concl clusion like uh maybe I'm
29:58kind of uncomfortable with this yeah I
30:00think to your point you are entertaining
30:04enough as just a person on camera that
30:06you could still be successful and it's
30:08maybe maybe it's not $2 million a month
30:10maybe it's 500,000 200,000 whatever like
30:14that's still sustainable good money it's
30:16great money and like yeah I guess for me
30:19the question is like when is it enough
30:21because at some point like you're never
30:23you're not going to be able to take back
30:24all the stuff which I know that's part
30:25of your reason why kind of going back
30:27into it or like maybe diving more head
30:29first into like doing more of that
30:30content because you can't take it back
30:32because you've already there people
30:33labeled you as this right but at some
30:36point like you can still make good money
30:38outside of it and like if you know that
30:41and you know that like if you say you
30:42did this for five more years and you
30:43kind of did more and more you're even
30:45you're setting yourself up even more for
30:47some guy in the future to be like ah
30:49it's too much right yeah you know what
30:51I'm saying and personally in my defense
30:53of all like you know how she feels about
30:55it getting to me you know you can't I
30:57can't go change her you can never change
30:59anyone you got to let them do what they
31:01want to do but personally like I know
31:04her this is to me I will I do admit that
31:07she's probably the most incredible woman
31:09girl I've ever met in my life I could
31:11see her I could see being forever I
31:13could have um but it's
31:17like like I can't I see what you're
31:20saying she could do so so many things
31:21she's brilliant she's amazing and I
31:24don't know I don't think you have to cuz
31:26my question is like if you keep doing it
31:27more and more and then you find someone
31:29that you're like hey this is the guy
31:30like some guy let's say it's him or some
31:32other guy like
31:33whatever and you know that it's going to
31:35get to that point where he's like ah I
31:36can't deal with this because you keep
31:37doing it like my point is that the stuff
31:39doesn't just go away it's kind of just
31:41always there right it's not that it's
31:42not for me and for I don't think it's
31:44not even that you can't deal with it
31:46almost it's like I believe you can do
31:49more well yeah it's just twofold it's
31:51twofold because I think about it and
31:53you're going to hear all the you know
31:54all the red pill commentary stuff it's
31:55like you can't it's like you're your
31:57your idea is I'm going to make as much
31:58money as I can and then find someone who
32:00is okay with this that's that's pretty
32:03hard that's that's going to be a harder
32:04task and just finding someone who's like
32:06if you're kind of like slowly getting
32:07out of it and moving on to other things
32:09because the guy that you find let's say
32:12now it's like three more years of more
32:14of that stuff it's like more more more
32:16at some point it's just like for any guy
32:18he's going to be like yo what the Yeah
32:20so that's why I'm saying like you you're
32:22not just like I think you're good at
32:24conversation you're good at speaking
32:25you're good at just being on camera like
32:26none of this mhm and it's like just do
32:29more of that and take less money cuz at
32:33some point right it's like right how
32:35much do you need I know you know you
32:37that oh I'm not make money until 80
32:39whatever like you know but you could
32:41still make great money in this space
32:42without doing that and I'm not trying to
32:44convince you to stop I'm just saying in
32:45and you're thinking of I'm going to do a
32:47bunch more and go harder and then find
32:50the guy like who's this say it just
32:51doesn't happen and now you're just older
32:52and you're going in that cycle with a
32:54different guy right yeah and to me me I
32:57think about that I'm like that's scary
32:58to me like if I was you mhm you know
33:02yeah I don't know it times like you guys
33:04are just trying to convince me to stop
33:07you do whatever you want like I can't
33:09you know I'm just I'm just talking about
33:11the things you're saying like your idea
33:13of what you would do mhm cuz I think
33:15you're I think you're entertaining like
33:17you can be entertaining outside of all
33:19the [ __ ] that just I think it's probably
33:21honestly the red pill comments that I
33:23cuz I get so much and they like
33:25overpower like other stuff
33:27so it's like like you're only ever just
33:29going to be I'm like okay like I'll just
33:32keep running my own then you can't
33:34listen to those idiots that's not true
33:35at all I don't know but I it's not like
33:38only T to me though I love like I like
33:42making the content it's fun yeah I get
33:44it because I like I feel the most
33:46confident when I get to like be so it's
33:50like I don't know it's like fun for me I
33:54guess it's your thing there's nothing
33:55wrong with it I'm just saying it's like
33:56it's it's your choice you know but but
33:58you're going to run into that issue
33:59again maybe with some guy was like uh
34:02yeah now it's more you know I also don't
34:05think I would date anyone in social
34:06media lesson
34:09learned damn it's a good lesson I guess
34:12to save him honestly yeah I feel so one
34:17thing I've always said about like when I
34:20got into I never wanted it to affect the
34:23people around
34:25me and I'm really upset that he was
34:29affected by it and it like weighed on me
34:32heavily like I felt so bad that he was
34:37like being like getting receiving like
34:41the mean comments like making fun of him
34:42for even dating me like that was the
34:44like weight on me really heavy too like
34:46I I I felt bad like I genuinely felt so
34:48bad cuz I don't think he deserves that
34:50he was just with me cuz he loved me like
34:52yeah and in the beginning like you were
34:54getting that but you were good with it
34:55and it just wear it on you I'm I I'm
34:57just going to be real like I think I was
34:59never like big on Twitter I still not so
35:02nothing that's my lowest platform I
35:04think I started like yeah I started
35:06posting on there more and like they do
35:07okay and then all of a sudden I started
35:09getting tagged on there and that's where
35:11like that's where the and I started
35:13seeing it and really I'm going to be
35:15honest like that did head up a bit but I
35:18looking back as before that I never took
35:21anything out on her and I I I feel so
35:24bad that that you know some nights at me
35:27I really do feel bad and I'm sorry I
35:29really am sorry okay so you guys are
35:31going to like live together though now
35:33which is interesting it's very weird to
35:35me how long do we think it's going to
35:37last I think it's going to last two
35:40months two months I think he's you got
35:41some you'll stick it out a little bit
35:43you think two months I'm very like I
35:46know I think the second he I like see a
35:48girl on his video I'm going to be like
35:49get the out
35:53like we shouldn't watch today's video
35:55are are you serious no I mean like it's
35:57what's in it nothing we'll talk about it
35:59after oh my God what's in it nothing
36:02what do you mean we dress the break we
36:04dress the breakup okay can we go out for
36:06James's birthday that's annoying that's
36:10annoying I just want to you couldn't
36:12even wait like a
36:15week imagine if I went out and hold on a
36:19you're releasing something yeah that's
36:22what F you didn't even wait a week come
36:24on here's my he went person and did
36:27something with someone and talked to
36:28them I had someone two years ago just it
36:31up list listen you Dro I we don't even
36:34announce that we're broken up I never go
36:36to I never go to the internet you drop
36:38you're the one who drops we broke up it
36:40goes viral on Tik Tok two days later
36:43announced on your Twitter you're
36:44dropping a boy girl get clipped I was
36:45just on Tik Tok live so I was like I'm
36:47going to go do my
36:49thing you didn't even wait a week that
36:51you like actually went out and like
36:53pursued a girl like talked to her in
36:55person like I'm it's not that serious
36:57it's not it's not us I don't think he
36:58really pursuing girls like that no hell
37:00no I don't I don't take any girls number
37:02I don't do anything I don't text it's
37:03not like that this is it's like you know
37:05you're out with the guys it's fun you're
37:06making a a video so you would be fine if
37:09I like like started like doesn't matter
37:11it's over so doesn't really matter no no
37:14no finish that finish that if you like I
37:17don't know like S I like went out and
37:18like linked with like a YouTuber or
37:21streamer or something I don't do
37:23anything with anyone I don't do any
37:25here's the thing I don't hurt your
37:26feeling I don't do anything with anyone
37:28anyone popping or anything like that I
37:29don't go you know it's still a pretty
37:31girlit what do you meaning what do you
37:33mean what's the difference between she's
37:34going out and she wants to like flirt
37:36with all these big people out here make
37:37it go super viral cooba only I get it I
37:40get it it's like I'm I won't do anything
37:42I'm so careful about like hurting her
37:45feelings or anything like that I always
37:46have been my stuff is like so innocent
37:49and I'm dumb I'm not like it's not it's
37:51not like that it's just like like she
37:54goes and does all these flirting
37:56comments acting touching I'm like that's
37:58not me I'm not going to do that like
38:02verying touching people what are you
38:04talk whatever whatever like whatever
38:06whatever you're implying that you're
38:07going to go do I don't know what you're
38:08going to go no I'm just saying like what
38:09if I went out and did something like
38:11that exact same like what if you saw me
38:13like flirting in a video with a guy what
38:15if I started doing like it's like I
38:19care okay now you wouldn't care I
38:22wouldn't you think you'd care if you
38:23guys what if no I don't I think would
38:25think he's a little weird for okay I'm
38:28not actually going to do that that's not
38:29something I would do but let's just like
38:31think about the roles reverse what if
38:32you just say and just do it with her
38:35that's what I was saying the whole time
38:36I was like oh [ __ ] let's just just quit
38:38the YouTube let's run up the vag
38:40together I don't believe in that you
38:41can't do it no I
38:44never I'll never do that yeah I get it
38:47this is yeah I don't judge you certain
38:49boundaries for
38:50sure maybe that's what you got to find
38:52you got to find like a what some people
38:54have morals apparently
38:59dude maybe you just got to find someone
39:01to do that with no so so you wouldn't do
39:04I'm not no I'm never no what are you
39:08saying in front of me right now are you
39:10doing I mean sorry sorry sorry Sorry's
39:12trying to put ideas in my head feelings
39:15are gone andit no no no I think you I
39:18think you guys I think this works people
39:20do not know what her and I have gone
39:22through behind behind the scenes we have
39:23not shown this is like the most we've
39:25shown right here yeah we've gone through
39:27a lot that people probably never know
39:29that that did like Bond us and like I'm
39:31going be honest I don't think you guys
39:32are really breaking
39:34up I don't think you guys are we sit
39:37here and laugh though but behind closed
39:39doors it's not laughing it's like
39:41serious like it's like anger when I saw
39:45her anger when she when she yelled at me
39:47the other day and I'm not saying I'm I'm
39:49I'm right for what for anything or how
39:51we already went over all of it it just
39:52kind of like was like damn like she
39:55yelled she literally yelled me I resent
39:57you I'm not in love with you anymore a
40:00and and yeah that was really messed up
40:03to do you know it was not maybe true but
40:07it it was a point of like man we cannot
40:09yeah you want to burn you want to burn
40:11it like that yeah like this this girl
40:13means a lot to me and I truth I
40:15truthfully like I do love you I
40:17truthfully am in love with you um damn
40:21but just I have to pee go pee I'm sorry
40:24to say that at that moment I'm like
40:25about to burn
40:27she's not good with emotions at all I'm
40:29telling you like like we don't like the
40:30biggest thing is like we have a hard
40:32time communicating on like a lot yeah
40:36dude I get it
40:37man I get it I've had so man nothing
40:41nothing like this like stuff to deal
40:43with but it's normal man like dealing
40:45with working I I but I'm be honest with
40:48you I don't think I don't think it's
40:49done I think you guys will still be
40:51dating in a year from now for real I
40:53don't know man I don't think it'll be
40:55same it's tough bro but neither of us
40:58can let go of things it's
41:00like it's like the the compromise that
41:02she wants me to to do it's like I got it
41:05and then what I want when I'm not cool
41:06with her like she feels she got to do it
41:08but what is so I want to her on this too
41:10but what from your perspective what is
41:12the Compromise that needs to happen or
41:13what like if if you did everything she
41:16wanted you to do what would that look
41:17like so I think the compromise is okay I
41:21really want to like bring back the girl
41:24sh like way I just want to tell you
41:26that's going to go super viral when she
41:28when you said I love you and she said I
41:29have to go pee I don't know if you want
41:31to cut
41:32down I'm used I'm used to it because I'm
41:36just like that's ringing in my head
41:37right now whenever deep things come up
41:38between us that are like very like very
41:40real yeah she can't talk about it with
41:42me like I I I think the one thing I am
41:45good at is like even completely off
41:47camera what off camera off camera what
41:50the same thing yeah yeah off camera off
41:53camera she's not babe oh my God yeah you
41:56guys are do you guys do you run away
41:59from like emotional
42:01[ __ ] I don't purposely run away from it
42:03I'm just really bad at like
42:05communicating how I feel like he'll ask
42:07me like talk like he'll want me to like
42:11he'll press me to try and get deep about
42:13how I feeling it's like feels like it
42:15you're trying to understand yeah I'm
42:16trying to understand like I don't want
42:17to like I want to understand but for
42:20some reason my brain when it comes to
42:24emotions I can feel
42:26emotions but it's I can't like I can't
42:30think of words to even like describe how
42:32I feel when it comes to
42:35emotions she I'm going to say this I
42:37don't know if it's too personal she
42:39didn't even know
42:41like when our relationship started like
42:43she wasn't even a kisser like she' never
42:45she said she never like really like in
42:47real life really kissed someone and
42:49meant it and she didn't was never even
42:52into kissing me like until then yeah I
42:54don't really even like being touched
42:56either not the top kiss the middle kiss
42:58the bottom kiss I wonder if that's just
42:59cuz of the work that you've done no I've
43:02just I think I've always been like that
43:04even before you ever did that stuff yeah
43:08you just like I was always really scared
43:10of intimacy I didn't like have my first
43:12I had my first kiss and had in the same
43:16night like all at once like I've never
43:19like had like the cute like first kiss
43:23type thing I like just was so scared of
43:25intimacy anything like that so then when
43:27I like turned 18 I got like some type of
43:30confidence and I was like I'm finally
43:31going to do it so here's here's my
43:34here's this is interesting you said that
43:36about the being afraid of intimacy and
43:37like just I don't know this is maybe me
43:39speaking just from my older perspective
43:42but I wonder if like the reason
43:45why deep down it kind of is not working
43:48is just because of that same exact
43:49reason like and you kind of people tend
43:51to make oh I got to do this and it's
43:54somewhat of an avoidance of having to
43:56actually deal with the thing that is
43:58just harder for you to deal with right
44:00which is just being more intimate
44:02honestly I think you're on to something
44:04with that maybe that's why cuz he's the
44:06opposite he's so loving like so like
44:10wants to just spill his heart out to me
44:12all the time but I'm so like I feel
44:15those things but I can't communicate it
44:17and so maybe that's why because I wasn't
44:19able to give you the reassurance and
44:21like the in that like emotional intimacy
44:23that you probably needed so that's why
44:25you got extra insecure about seeing me
44:27have intimate moments with other people
44:29wow that just made sense in my head sure
44:31that that's true I think the biggest
44:33thing though like when we started dating
44:35or when we started even talking she
44:36didn't like she she liked me but she
44:39didn't even know why she felt safe
44:40around me comfortable but she would
44:42always push me away until the point of
44:43blocking me for like two months and then
44:45she would come back and she kept saying
44:46I don't know why I keep coming back and
44:48to the point I didn't really understand
44:49how to go about I'm like dude you keep
44:51[ __ ] with me and playing with me and
44:53I talked to someone who's a lot more
44:54mature than me and he's like yo this
44:55girl is like never really been Loved
44:57Before he's like you love her why don't
44:59you just really actually show that to
45:01her so I did I was just very vulnerable
45:04very open and then she started coming
45:06around and being more loving and
45:08vulnerable me to the point where like
45:09you know yeah because like people if you
45:12don't if you've never really had those
45:14sort of like experiences you don't
45:15really know how to give them yeah dude I
45:18I still remember the first night she
45:19didn't even know like know how to kiss
45:20she was like Teach me thank you
45:22seriously like there's we've come from
45:23that and she would never before she
45:25would never open up to me talk to me
45:27about anything and it got better and
45:28better but there there was there is like
45:30this like wall that she still has not
45:32let me through and it's not like her
45:35fault or anything and the [ __ ] up
45:36thing is like I think that that's the
45:38reason why it's not wor that deeper
45:40thing it's not just you thing it's a
45:42combination of him probably being more
45:44so and I probably haven't handled it
45:46maturely like I should have sometimes I
45:47get frustrated and I'm sorry for that as
45:49well I think we're both just figuring
45:51things out is I haven't been in a
45:52serious relationship since I was like in
45:53high school I don't even know if you can
45:54consider that serious so we're both kind
45:57of like new to all this have you ever
45:59gone to
46:00therapy like actual a little bit yeah
46:03you guys should try like couples
46:05therapy but it's like should we have to
46:07do that if we were only together for
46:09like if you want it to work if you want
46:12it to work you know that's probably like
46:14a bad sign though for relationships you
46:16need to go to therapy like seven months
46:19but T that sounds scary like this is no
46:23no because I think it's it's not so much
46:24as therapy for you guys to work it's
46:26therapy for each of you individually to
46:27see how you guys are showing up for the
46:28your partner and I think there's
46:30probably things both of you that like
46:32maybe Nick's more over over loving
46:35overgiving and like maybe part of that
46:37creates uncomfortableness within you
46:38because you find yourself not being able
46:39to do the same sort of things and he's
46:41like because he's doing it he's kind of
46:43expecting it because that's normally how
46:45people act right like they give and they
46:46kind of like well how come I'm not
46:48depending on what like your love
46:49language is like if someone's super like
46:52touchy and they like that's the way they
46:54show love and they touch you but then
46:55you never touch touch them they're like
46:56well is is it not the same and then like
46:58they get their own insecurities that
46:59aren't even having to do with your work
47:01and all this other [ __ ] so it's like you
47:03guys may not fully understand that about
47:05each other cuz like you individually
47:07don't understand that like fully about
47:08yourselves like what you really truly
47:10need and how you truly need it m you
47:12know what I'm saying so it's just kind
47:14of like when I look at it cuz like you
47:16guys right now if I'm looking at you I
47:18don't think it's done in my mind it's
47:20not done and like just cuz the things
47:22you're saying and the way you're
47:23interacting and it's like obviously
47:25something going on it's tough but like I
47:29think it could be fixed doesn't need to
47:30obviously it's not up to me it's not my
47:32life but like when when I talk to you
47:34about where you want to go and like what
47:36you want to do it's just in your mind
47:38and this is fine like if you don't want
47:40to have a family and you don't want to
47:41have this or that whatever and if you
47:43just want to make a ton of money then
47:44just like keep chasing that but I can
47:45tell from I can tell you from experience
47:47not I've spent a lot of my life just
47:50chasing that and now I'm 34 years old
47:52and I look back and I'm like damn I kind
47:53of wish I spent more time like chasing a
47:56solid relationship right and I I never I
47:58never looked at that hard enough and now
48:00I find myself being like I wish I gave
48:02that more time just develop certain
48:03things within myself to be able to show
48:05up the right way for the people that I
48:06wanted to be with right so again none of
48:09there's no right or wrong here but like
48:12your direction of where you want to go
48:14is just like you're just looking at
48:15money and I get it right but you know at
48:19some point unless that's all you want
48:21it's just like where are you where are
48:22you going to be yeah I don't know that's
48:24just like what motivates me right now
48:26yeah I have I've only been doing this
48:28for like 2 years like it I don't know I
48:30feel like it's I'm still in like the
48:34phase of my career
48:36and it was I just felt like I could
48:40never do anything like I was always
48:41scared to stream on Twitch because I
48:43would always be scared like something
48:45would happen that would upset him like
48:48or I would say or I would do something
48:49or I would be scared to even like that's
48:51how I feel videos when I went and did
48:53the neon and sneo stream like the the
48:55whole time I'm like texting him cuz I'm
48:57like scared like did I say something
48:58that offended you and it's just like
49:01when you having that mentality like I
49:04felt like it was having like an effect
49:06on like my performance of like just
49:09being entertaining in general this is
49:12and this is why I think like you know
49:13you break up for a reason and that's why
49:14I think we should at least see why cuz
49:17I've lost my like I feel like I've lost
49:19my purpose I'm so scared to even talk in
49:21the videos to everyone like both of us I
49:23think she's right I'm right both of us
49:25lost like feel a little lost and can't
49:28do what we like set out to do yeah and
49:31like yeah that's that yeah I mean it
49:34makes sense it makes sense honestly the
49:35best thing you guys could be doing is
49:37like maybe yeah take a little time and
49:39like see what you really really want
49:40because when time is apart you'll be
49:42like oh damn did I really want this that
49:43way and you also give yourself space to
49:46breathe and like see if the things
49:48you're doing individually are really
49:49what you want to also be spending more
49:51time doing right you know so I think you
49:54guys are on the right path again I I
49:55don't think it's to me I know you guys
49:57are broken up or whatever but it doesn't
49:59seem that way especially cuz you guys
50:01are moving in that's likeing insane we
50:04haven't had for like two months so damn
50:07at least we're not like buddies or
50:09anything like that I feel like that's
50:10what causes people to get back together
50:13when you like start like you go back
50:16to yeah that's tough damn two months
50:20maybe like a month and a half I was gone
50:22for a long time damn you've been that's
50:26crazy and then I feel like both of us
50:28when we fight and like have this these
50:30feelings neither of us want to do
50:33anything like it's very like it's very
50:36intense emotional I've never and I think
50:40with her too like neither of us have had
50:41people who ever made us like weak or
50:43soft for someone else or it's just very
50:46it's a lot all right click and rush for
50:48the podcast Shan Ray check this out I
50:50actually have really not bad eyesight I
50:52have great eyesight but I have really
50:54bad eyes when it comes to light so so
50:55shady Ray's got my back super dope
50:58really like just clean not overdone
51:00welld designed and yeah so listen if I
51:02drive like if I drive at night this
51:04sounds crazy when it's some guys night
51:05like you're insane but if I drive at
51:07night I have my eyes are like like
51:08they're like a weird shaped pupil so
51:09I'll get like Migra there's too much
51:11light pop the glasses on and I'm flying
51:14but Shady race will protect your eyes if
51:16you you know you're like this cuz I
51:17drive like this sometimes I'm like [ __ ]
51:19I'm going to get a migraine pop it on
51:21I'm like this boom just just focused or
51:25or like sometimes I'll be driving PCH
51:27and like the sun will be setting and
51:28it'll be like right in your eyes bang sh
51:31B easy all the people just crashing
51:34around me I'm good and also the stylish
51:36so shady Cod raw talk 50% off two
51:39pairs or more do it right now great for
51:41a gift or don't have a gift for your
51:43loved one and be [ __ ] it's up to you
51:45Shady Cod talk let's go so what
51:47what what could make it work what do you
51:50think I honestly think it would have to
51:54be time like he has to go do his thing
51:57like really like grind out his
52:01YouTube because I just think that's what
52:04I don't know I just think we need
52:06time what about
52:10you I don't know I got man it's just uh
52:14like honestly like if you could right
52:16now continue it would you continue
52:22it it was just constant fighting like
52:25constant constant we both were I
52:27remember like the day before we were
52:28both texting each other like we're just
52:29exhausted don't want to do that don't
52:31want fight tired fighting just like it
52:33was never like that yeah
52:36and I can't do I can't do anymore she
52:38can't do anymore I don't want to make
52:39her upset she doesn't want to make me
52:42upset um how you going to do if you're
52:45living in the same house and she has
52:46some girl coming over to film a scene ah
52:49yeah I'm out I'm not going to bring
52:51anything to the house okay yeah cuz like
52:56I think it's going to be fun I stay in
52:58my room most of the time like whenever
53:00I'm home I'm not really like I don't
53:02ever like hang out in like the living
53:03room or
53:05anything should be good and he travels a
53:08so we'll see true damn so so are you
53:12working on anything else besides this
53:14this like more only stuff streaming
53:18twitch I have a sick setup it just where
53:21it setop streams or what desktop or like
53:24I I do have an IRL set up but I haven't
53:26used it yet so maybe I'll get into that
53:28IRL is theck wave dude IRL scares me why
53:31cuz all this like crazy happening oh I
53:35like whenever I'm around like because
53:37I've done like a few IRL streams it's
53:39like they're like tapped into to like a
53:41different energy it's like the the
53:44streamers or the audience the streamers
53:46they're just
53:47like it's
53:50like get a viral clip by any means like
53:54that type of crazy yeah would you ever
53:56do IRL stuff we're starting two weeks we
53:58made our twitch we made our streaming uh
54:01YouTube We announced it on the channel
54:03we start in two weeks yeah IRL I'm
54:05excited you're starting it too yeah when
54:07me and Steve have a show we just haven't
54:08we haven't like been consistent with yet
54:10just cuz we're we're we live at that's
54:11going to go it's going to go great yeah
54:13yeah um we're going to start on the 19th
54:15you guys going to bring sty on He he'll
54:17probably show up here there I know he's
54:18with him right now in Miami but we're
54:19going to that's the trio we're going to
54:20do something at my gym and like I guess
54:22I'm supposed to like wrestle like little
54:24people oh my God see how many little
54:26people I can wrestle yeah cuz we just
54:28put like a m area in the gym I know yeah
54:30I saw that see how many it would take to
54:32take me down that's am how many you
54:33think it'll
54:34take I don't know bro you me up when you
54:37I think you could take all of them maybe
54:39like yeah I wonder how many yeah like 15
54:41are you going to be scared to hurt them
54:43kind of yeah yeah I'm a little afraid to
54:45Hur them cuz like if I like what if I
54:47like throw an elbow or something and I
54:48hit one they wouldn't reach your elbow
54:51right well I they might be climbing you
54:52know what I'm saying waivers man yeah
54:54definely some
54:56W but you you you wouldn't do IRL stuff
54:59no I would I'm just saying it kind of
55:01scares me a little bit I need to like
55:03stick with my desktop streams cuz I do a
55:05lot of like try on stuff they really
55:07like that on a desktop you just oh yeah
55:10I see yeah like I'll like try on
55:12different like costumes and stuff like
55:13that yeah cuz your Twitch does good yeah
55:15it does really good yeah like but that's
55:18what I'm saying like you don't like
55:19there's so much money in that you're
55:20just like you just think there's so much
55:22more in the off stuff that you're just
55:24like I'll do more this it's it's hard
55:26when like that's what I'm known for so
55:29it's hard to drive away from it and my
55:33fans just want new content so bad but
55:37this what I find interesting that's what
55:39I'm known for but you seem so ambitious
55:41like you even saying earlier how like
55:43you know the money you have right now is
55:44probably great money but you're not
55:45going to have it forever like you're not
55:47going to be 80 with it that's still true
55:49and it's like if that's true then like
55:51why not like evolve into some other form
55:53of content that like is is actually more
55:55sustainable because the off isn't what
55:58do you sustainable twitch I think I
56:02think speaking content sustainable I
56:04think like podcast stuff sustainable any
56:06anything like that can get clipped like
56:07you talk about the streamers like we get
56:08some viral clip because the way the
56:10platforms now work where it's all this
56:12clip based stuff but long format stuff
56:13like podcasts I think are sustainable
56:15we've seen that and also because the
56:17questions like if I ask you a question
56:19it gets clipped it's all over Tik Tok
56:21and like that's pushing that content
56:22forward even if the platform on YouTube
56:24where the the podcast itself isn't
56:26getting as many views it's sustainable I
56:27guess it's probably the
56:29comments yeah like just reading like I I
56:33would assume that they wouldn't want to
56:34hear me talk I don't think so but
56:36remember that's the thing like if if you
56:38also go well that's what I did that's
56:40what I've known for then and you just
56:42kind of keep diving into that then
56:44that's where you're stuck MH and you
56:46don't actually get out of that not the
56:48saying that you need to or want to but
56:50like if you're talking about being
56:53business Avy and focus like which I
56:55really believe you are then like at some
56:56point you will have to evolve into some
56:58other form of unless your goal like no I
57:00know that too that's how people stay
57:02relevant you have to adapt yeah unless
57:03you're like I'm just going to make so
57:04much money doing this [ __ ] and then just
57:06like disappear right yeah but even still
57:09like based on your thoughts it doesn't
57:10seem like that's what you would do so at
57:12some point you have to make a transition
57:13to something right
57:16twitch yes speaking I think I think
57:18you're I mean you're entertaining I've
57:19seen some of your stuff on Twitch thank
57:21you I did I think I raided you once yes
57:24you did I tried to raid you but then you
57:26only you had your thing set to like
57:27members only chat and I was like well
57:28that's going to be no fun cuz then my
57:31that's when you have it set to I know
57:33that only people that are subscribed to
57:35you can comment so like the fun thing
57:36about raiding is then everyone goes and
57:39they'd go crazy in the chat but I was I
57:41couldn't raid you cuz I was like that's
57:43going to be no fun like you no one's
57:45going to be in chat or anything you
57:46should told me I would have opened it up
57:47I didn't know that yeah you have to it's
57:49fun that's what makes the twit streaming
57:51fun that's all I do the whole time just
57:53read the comments and interact with them
57:54they'll like tell me what to do and
57:56stuff so yeah it's fun and so so you
57:58you've done you haven't really done much
58:00streaming before but you're going to
58:01start doing straight into IR yeah I
58:03think straight and IR I'm not like a
58:05we'll we want to get like a sit down
58:07thing James and I are sharing a room in
58:08the house bunk beds but uh you guys like
58:11like bunk beds yeah we're not doing what
58:13we used to do we used to share bed and
58:15TR no we never share bed what they used
58:19they used to that's not true he shared a
58:21bed with so many people I heard he used
58:23to cuddle with steiny D room my the guy
58:26who was sitting here the guy who just
58:27walked out I swear they used to kiss or
58:29something dude God man I'm very close to
58:30my friends we're just Bros though
58:32nothing no him him him I swear they used
58:34to kiss dude dude you're the one when we
58:36would be like on our little adventures
58:37in Cabo and T Nick when are you coming
58:39back get into bed no never These Guys
58:42these guys I swear to God cuz like we
58:44we'd be there gambling or whatever
58:46they'd be like sleeping on the couches
58:47next to each other like it was weird no
58:49Steve would be like make sure you text
58:50Nick like I want you guys like
58:51comfortable like yeah okay they would
58:53always get sushi together it was he ever
58:55do any sus stuff yeah he hugs everyone
58:58all the time it's not sus dude I'll be
59:00like let me get a hug oh yeah let me get
59:02another hug he'll go back for the double
59:04hug my supporters who come to me like
59:06you to let me get a hug guy I hug all
59:08everyone who yeah like what's wrong with
59:10hugging my Bros no nothing nothing
59:11nothing nothing it doesn't come across
59:13as sus though it just comes across
59:15you're just such a little lover boy damn
59:18I'm a lover boy represent so what it's
59:21like what do you want like do you want
59:22like an
59:23[ __ ] a what like do you want an
59:25[ __ ] cuz like why that wait what do
59:27you oh it's a guy but you like a literal
59:30[ __ ] what are you talking no because
59:33he's such a lover boy no I like nice
59:35guys yeah so all the loving I did if I
59:38didn't do that for like a little bit she
59:40would go crazy and be like why aren't
59:41you blah blah blah and she's like I need
59:43like it's not like she didn't like it
59:46you're dragging it
59:48damn you're draging it let's end this no
59:51no you guys are you guys are so
59:53entertaining I'm done you guys should
59:55just have a podcast there you go there
59:56it is do the podcast talk about
59:58relationship drama and problems we bring
01:00:00on guests and we just get in fights
01:00:03together oh I was going to say you can
01:00:05do like the plug talk stuff no what what
01:00:08I've never watched plug talk oh you know
01:00:10what it is right well not really
01:00:12actually I kind of just you don't know
01:00:13what that is well I know it's Lena's
01:00:15yeah what do they talk about there it
01:00:16was a joke it was a joke okay do you
01:00:18interview someone and you don't I really
01:00:19don't know that okay I don't yeah yeah
01:00:21that's what that that's what that is
01:00:22that's not for you that's not I'm going
01:00:24to step out of that yeah okay stick with
01:00:25the hugs you know stick with the hugs
01:00:26instead of hug them you know oh my God
01:00:29so so one more question oh no F no no
01:00:34it's good I leave no it's good oh man um
01:00:38why are you laughing bro sorry is going
01:00:41on right now it's the living situation
01:00:43really funny to me oh we have we have
01:00:45rules we're good what are the rules um
01:00:48can't sleep in the I can't be in her
01:00:50room not sleep in the same bed um you
01:00:53says can I say something you said before
01:00:55we started here and before she was here
01:00:57I'm so
01:00:59scared y it was not crazy it's not crazy
01:01:03it's not crazy it was like a rule if you
01:01:05guys broke up okay say it is that okay
01:01:08what he said that if you guys broke up
01:01:11it's a rule that like you guys yo you're
01:01:13like tripping your faces your fa is Tri
01:01:16your say say it you cut this if you
01:01:18don't want this God damn it just say it
01:01:20okay you guys can't sleep with someone
01:01:22for a year oh yeah that is a rule she
01:01:24made that rule y that you both stand by
01:01:28that no sleeping with any girls while
01:01:31you're under my house wait would you
01:01:33actually wait a year to have anyone else
01:01:35yes you promise yep interesting so you
01:01:38got a year you got a year to figure this
01:01:41out okay let's let it figure itself out
01:01:45I'm just saying all audience things were
01:01:47delusional no it's this is the craziest
01:01:49situation well it is it's it's an
01:01:50interesting thing cuz like you guys did
01:01:52put it out there it's like a you can't
01:01:55it's it's not like that's by all means
01:01:57hard this isn't out there till this
01:01:59releases Tuesday yeah that we don't
01:02:01announce any of that till Sunday we
01:02:03just but regardless I'm just saying like
01:02:05the dynamic of like the dating Dynamic
01:02:08is is a really unique one yeah super
01:02:11unique I'm scared for everyone else that
01:02:13lives in the house why CU I'm scared
01:02:16look at them all their
01:02:18head yeah cuz they see they they witness
01:02:22everything that happens between us the
01:02:23cute loving the angry [ __ ] and it's all
01:02:26in front of them dude and it's like
01:02:28sides because he has his boys are on his
01:02:30side my assistant Riley's on my side oh
01:02:32I know she lies for her I know oh no she
01:02:35doesn't oh my god I'm an so are you
01:02:37going to film content in the house then
01:02:38do you content stuff is it like a
01:02:40Content house I don't know we just we're
01:02:43just all moving in together and yeah but
01:02:45if you're going to be streaming and it's
01:02:46like it's going to end up being a
01:02:48Content house yeah sounds fun I'm G to
01:02:50pull up you want to move in I'm G to I
01:02:52want to move in well you're coming for
01:02:53friendsgiving yeah and I'm going to move
01:02:55in okay who you bringing for you she
01:02:56already told me before this podcast I
01:02:57can come move in Imagine okay yeah I'm
01:03:01kidding that's a you know what maybe
01:03:03never text May let's go back to our old
01:03:05ways instead of the bunk beds we'll get
01:03:06a bed and you and I can yeah we'll
01:03:07cuddle just like before and I'll braid
01:03:09your hair
01:03:10okay okay um so what's happening on
01:03:13Wednesday we're doing friendsgiving
01:03:15everyone has to bring a date who comes
01:03:17and we have like 10 guests coming is she
01:03:19going to be there she's going to be
01:03:20there she has to bring a date and I have
01:03:21to bring a date whoa what yeah what the
01:03:25yeah who's your
01:03:27date I don't have I have a couple
01:03:30options I'm still trying to like I don't
01:03:31have yet I haven't made that so you're
01:03:34gonna bring someone else yes you guys
01:03:36are crazy man I don't know what the you
01:03:38guys are doing I still think you got a
01:03:41year and I still think it's you guys are
01:03:42going to be good in like two months I
01:03:43think we're trying to like figure out
01:03:45how to like be cordial and make it work
01:03:47so that's we like I don't know I don't
01:03:49know what's going to
01:03:52happen dude this this is funny it's
01:03:55funny cuz it's like
01:03:57real yeah that is that's why it's so
01:04:00entertaining to me but that's why like
01:04:02with your head cuz like yeah you're not
01:04:05actually blur between like the content
01:04:08and what's real like that's why we like
01:04:10chilled on and doing all of
01:04:12it and it's just you know I don't
01:04:15know well I'll be there Wednesday so I'm
01:04:17excited it's going to be and uh yeah
01:04:21thank you guys for coming on than for
01:04:23sharing your your heart for real yeah
01:04:26and your problems thanks was beautiful w
01:04:29we love you so much fun yeah till next
01:04:33yeah two
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the differing perspectives on the relationship in the video?

In the video, Sky Bri and Nick Nayersina share their differing perspectives on their relationship and the challenges they faced. They discuss the impact of sharing their relationship online and the compromises they made for their careers, ultimately expressing feelings of being lost and uncertain about their future paths.

2. How did the conversation in the video reveal the complexities of their relationship?

The conversation in the video revealed the complexities of Sky Bri and Nick Nayersina's relationship, including the impact of sharing their relationship online, the compromises they made for their careers, and their struggle to find their purpose. They express feelings of being lost and uncertain about their future paths, highlighting the challenges they faced.

3. What are the main topics discussed in the video conversation?

The main topics discussed in the video conversation include the impact of sharing their relationship online, the compromises they made for their careers, and their struggle to find their purpose. Sky Bri and Nick Nayersina express feelings of being lost and uncertain about their future paths, revealing the complexities of their relationship and the pressures of online content creation.

4. How did the video capture the challenges of sharing a relationship online?

The video captured the challenges of sharing a relationship online by showcasing Sky Bri and Nick Nayersina's differing perspectives, the compromises they made for their careers, and their feelings of being lost and uncertain about their future paths. It highlighted the complexities of their relationship and the pressures of online content creation.

5. What were the compromises made for their careers discussed in the video?

In the video, Sky Bri and Nick Nayersina discussed the compromises they made for their careers, including the impact of sharing their relationship online and the challenges they faced. They express feelings of being lost and uncertain about their future paths, shedding light on the complexities of their relationship and the pressures of online content creation.

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