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The video explores the journey of Grayson Boucher, also known as "The Professor," to make it into the NBA despite his smaller stature. Despite not being able to enter the league, he found success and fame through his streetball skills, YouTube channel, and viral basketball videos. Boucher's story showcases the importance of perseverance and finding fulfillment outside of traditional avenues of success.
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The Professor faced challenges due to his size, but he remained determined to make it to the NBA.
Grayson Boucher faced obstacles due to his small size of 5 foot 6 and 100 pounds.
He transferred to Salem Academy and made Allstate honors to prove that size isn't everything.
Despite not receiving college offers, he joined Chemeketa Community College as a walk-on and worked tirelessly to improve his game.
He set out on a mission to make his NBA dream a reality at just 19 years old.
The professor aimed to make it to the NBA but faced challenges due to the intense competition, his height of five foot ten, and the need for luck.
The professor played for the semi-professional Salem Stampede and the Atlanta Crunk in an effort to make it to the NBA.
The NBA's intense competition requires more than raw talent and sporadic brilliance to thrive.
The professor's height of five foot ten presented a challenge, as there have been only 19 players in NBA history of similar height or shorter.
Success in the NBA for players of similar height required exceptional work ethic, perseverance, and luck.
The NCAA rules on amateurism and athlete income prevented the professor from making money off his athletic abilities while in school, leading him to make a name for himself in the streetball community and start a successful YouTube channel.
The NCAA rules prohibited college athletes from making money off their athletic abilities, including endorsements, sponsorships, and streetball contracts.
Unable to return to college basketball after signing a streetball contract, the professor transitioned to streetball and gained fame within that community.
He started a successful YouTube channel in 2009, initially posting highlights from the And1 tour and one-on-one games before gaining traction with viral Spider-Man basketball videos.
The professor's YouTube channel continued to grow with different types of content, including reaction videos, tutorials, and one-on-one videos, leading to a viral video idea of playing basketball in a prison in 2018.
The professor's success on YouTube and streetball has led him to find satisfaction and purpose, surpassing what he could have achieved in the NBA.
The professor has nearly 7 million subscribers on YouTube and gains an average of 150,000 new subscribers per month.
He has achieved nearly 25 million views per month, creating a bigger fan base than he could have had in the NBA.
The professor has gained a reputation as a streetball legend and has appeared in various basketball movies, such as "The Hustle" and "Balls Don't Lie."
His success as a YouTuber and streetball player, along with his love for the game, has kept him from pursuing a career in the NBA.
00:00step aside NBA because the professor is
00:03schooling and cooking up competition on
00:05the streets with over 7 million YouTube
00:08subscribers and Counting he's killing it
00:10on the streets and on the screens but
00:12there's still one thing he has to do
00:14make it to the NBA
00:18growing up Grayson Boucher was just like
00:20any other kid with Big Dreams of playing
00:22in the NBA he hit the hardwood at a
00:25young age lacing up his kicks and was
00:27ready to dominate but when he was
00:29playing at McNary High there was one
00:31major obstacle in his way his size at a
00:34measly five foot six and weighing a
00:36hundred pounds he didn't exactly look
00:38like a basketball Powerhouse but Boucher
00:41wasn't about to let that stop him so he
00:43transferred to Salem Academy and made
00:45Allstate honors proving that size isn't
00:48everything unfortunately he didn't
00:50receive any college offers but that just
00:52made him more determined to succeed
00:54because After High School Boucher joined
00:56shemetica Community College as the last
00:58walk-on and believe me bro worked
01:00tirelessly to improve his game but even
01:03with all his hard work things weren't
01:05going as smoothly as he hoped because
01:07following his freshman year at Chemeketa
01:09CC he was only five foot seven averaging
01:12a mere three points and 13 minutes per
01:14game and let's be real Chemeketa CC
01:17isn't exactly a college basketball
01:18Powerhouse attracting top athletes from
01:21around the country in other words this
01:23is normally where most NBA hopefuls quit
01:26a lackluster resume combined with bad
01:28genetics was life's way of telling
01:30Boucher to hang up the high tops however
01:32Boucher wasn't most people because
01:35despite facing numerous challenges
01:36Boucher never wavered in his NBA Dream
01:39and in 2003 at just 19 years old he set
01:43out on a mission to make his hoop stream
01:45a reality packing up his bag with his 14
01:47year old brother and heading to the and
01:49one open run in Portland for most it
01:52seemed just like another hopeless
01:54measure in an endless pursuit of an
01:55Impossible Dream however upon trying out
01:58for the and one mixtape tour O'Shea's
02:01luck finally started to change cause
02:04much to his surprise he actually made
02:06the team dubbed the professor for his
02:09impressive Court smarts and sick ball
02:10handling skills ushade didn't just earn
02:13his keep he quickly became a fan
02:15favorite but he wasn't content to just
02:18play on the mixtape tour he had his
02:20sights set on the big leagues so in 2006
02:23he took his talent to the
02:24semi-professional Salem Stampede of the
02:27international basketball league and then
02:29in 2007 at 23 years old the professor
02:31went on to hoop for the Atlanta crunk of
02:34the Continental Basketball Association
02:35all in an effort to make the NBA draft
02:38well it turned out that was far from
02:41enough basketball might look like a
02:43breeze when we watched the professor
02:45effortlessly Glide across the court but
02:47make no mistake the NBA is a whole
02:50different animal sure it's the same ball
02:52same Gort in the same basket but the
02:55level of competition is off the charts
02:58even the most skillful players you might
03:00know from the local park could struggle
03:02when faced with an elite athlete in the
03:04NBA it takes more than just raw talent
03:07and sporadic moments of Brilliance to
03:09thrive in this league it takes grit
03:11determination and an unyielding desire
03:13to constantly improve Boucher has
03:16certainly demonstrated these qualities
03:18throughout his career but it turns out
03:20you need a little bit of luck on your
03:22side as well because even though Boucher
03:24had mastered a rare aspect of the game
03:26ball handling he was still constantly
03:29battling his greatest challenge his
03:31height and size now standing at five
03:34foot ten he was fighting against
03:35incredible odds to make it into the
03:37leagues for reference there have only
03:39been 19 players in NBA history 5-10 or
03:43shorter players such as Mugsy Bogues
03:45Spud Webb Isaiah Thomas and Chris
03:48Clemons although don't be fooled these
03:50players found success in the NBA but
03:52they fought tooth and nail to get there
03:55because out of the 19 players as short
03:57as the Prof Professor many settled for
03:59late picks assuming they were lucky
04:01enough to get drafted at all like Avery
04:03Johnson and Chris Clements as these
04:06players needed a better resume bigger
04:08work ethic and more perseverance just to
04:11subscribe to the channel okay not
04:13exactly that said the professor wasn't
04:16just fighting to change the height
04:17narrative he also had yet another
04:20obstacle standing in his way the NCAA
04:22you see little did Boucher know but once
04:25he signed a contract to play Streetball
04:27with the NCAA there was no turning back
04:30because one thing he may not have
04:32realized was the ncaa's rules on
04:35amateurism and athlete income which
04:37prohibited College athletes from making
04:39money off their athletic abilities while
04:41still in school in other words no
04:43endorsements sponsorships and most
04:45importantly no Streetball contracts
04:48meaning that once the professor made the
04:50switch from Community College to
04:52Streetball there was no going back to
04:54college basketball he'd have to make the
04:56jump straight from streetball all to the
04:58NBA in other words my man did all this
05:01for nothing or so we thought as
05:05Professor would soon find out all his
05:07seemingly wasted effort was actually a
05:09blessing in disguise even though a lack
05:12of credentials political obstacles and
05:14NCAA rules on amateurism may have all
05:17played the ultimate role in keeping him
05:18out of the league the professor has
05:20actually done really well since then and
05:22has made a name for himself see as a
05:25valued member of And1 and a highly
05:27skilled Street player he gained a
05:29certain level of Fame and notoriety
05:31within that community so after failing
05:33to enter the NBA the professor started
05:35something in 2009 that would change his
05:38life forever a YouTube channel and it
05:42all started when the professor posted
05:43highlights from the And1 tour and
05:45one-on-one games something that
05:47initially didn't gain much traction
05:49however that wouldn't last for long as
05:52shortly after posting these highlight
05:54videos the professor became more
05:56successful when he started a series of
05:57viral Spider-Man basketball videos
05:59gaining millions of views on YouTube
06:02along with other social media platforms
06:04like Facebook and Vine from there he
06:06continued to experiment with different
06:07types of content including reaction
06:09videos tutorials and one-on-one videos
06:12eventually leading to his most viral
06:14video idea yet in 2018 playing
06:17basketball in a prison which gained over
06:2060 million views in other words this was
06:24the dream the professor never knew he
06:26wanted but he needed as once the
06:28professor's YouTube channel grew in
06:30popularity he continued to focus on
06:32growing and developing it dedicating his
06:34time resources and energy thus putting
06:37his NBA dreams behind him for good to
06:40date the professor has been able to
06:41achieve significant success on the
06:43platform with nearly 7 million
06:45subscribers and an average of 150 000
06:48new subscribers per month as well as
06:50nearly 25 million views per month a
06:53bigger fan base than he could ever
06:54achieve from playing in the NBA so while
06:57the NBA may offer a higher level of
07:00competition and a larger platform for
07:02Success it's without a doubt that the
07:04professor has found a sense of
07:05satisfaction and purpose in his
07:07Streetball and YouTube career because
07:09even though he never suited up for an
07:11NBA team the professor has made huge
07:13waves in the basketball world with his
07:15sick handles and ball handling skills
07:18he's gained a reputation as a street
07:20ball Legend getting even NBA stars like
07:23James Harden and Damian Lillard to call
07:26him so they could learn some of his
07:27moves but that's not all since he hasn't
07:30just surpassed a billion views on
07:32YouTube he's also appeared in various
07:34basketball movies such as the hustle and
07:37balls don't lie so while the professor
07:39may have the talent and skills needed to
07:41succeed in the NBA it's possible that
07:44his success as a YouTuber and Streetball
07:45player and his love for the game has
07:48kept him from pursuing a career in the
07:49league as Brandon Jenner once said
07:51sometimes we let life guide us and other
07:54times we take Life by the horns but one
07:57thing's for sure her no matter how
07:59organized we are or how well we plan we
08:01can always expect the unexpected all to
08:05say that if the professor's life teaches
08:07us anything it's that bumps in the road
08:10aren't steering you off course they're
08:12simply steering you towards the course
08:13you're supposed to be on and speaking of
08:16which Luka doncic has faced his fair
08:18share of challenges whether it's suing
08:20his mom over a trademark or getting
08:23caught red-handed by the paparazzi these
08:26are things you didn't know about Luca
08:28and I know you all want some of that
08:30Luca magic so what are you waiting for
08:32check it out
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How did Grayson Boucher, also known as 'The Professor,' find success despite not making it into the NBA?

Grayson Boucher, also known as 'The Professor,' found success despite not making it into the NBA through his streetball skills, YouTube channel, and viral basketball videos. He became famous for his exceptional basketball talents, entertaining streetball videos, and engaging with fans through his YouTube channel.

2. What avenues of success did Grayson Boucher explore outside of traditional ones?

Grayson Boucher explored avenues of success outside of traditional ones through his streetball skills, YouTube channel, and viral basketball videos. Instead of pursuing a career in the NBA, he found fulfillment and fame by showcasing his talent, creativity, and personality on social media and YouTube.

3. What does Grayson Boucher's story teach us about perseverance?

Grayson Boucher's story teaches us about the importance of perseverance. Despite not being able to enter the NBA, he persevered and found success through dedication to his craft, continuous improvement, and a strong work ethic. His journey serves as an inspiration for others to keep pursuing their passions despite setbacks.

4. How did Grayson Boucher's viral basketball videos contribute to his success?

Grayson Boucher's viral basketball videos contributed significantly to his success by showcasing his extraordinary skills, creativity, and entertaining personality. These videos gained widespread attention, attracted a dedicated fan base, and helped him establish a prominent presence in the world of streetball and entertainment.

5. What is the significance of Grayson Boucher's journey in the context of non-traditional success?

Grayson Boucher's journey is significant in the context of non-traditional success as it highlights the possibilities of achieving fulfillment and fame outside of conventional routes. His story emphasizes the value of talent, creativity, and resilience in carving out a successful career path and making a lasting impact in an unconventional field.

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