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The video provides an update on the investigation into Leo's death, suggesting foul play due to injuries and bruises found on his body, as well as potential corruption within the Thai police. The FBI is involved in the case, and further evidence is being sought to uncover the truth.
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The speaker provides an update on Leo's death and expresses hope that mainstream media will cover the story again.
Leo was found dead at Tony's house in Paya, Thailand.
The speaker received a text message from Tony's associate, Inis, informing about Leo's death.
Inis is known for managing the Swiss scam and was often at the house.
The speaker Googled the news and found an article on Paya news shortly after Leo's passing.
Leo's death may have been a result of an attack and a fight that occurred in his bathroom.
Changes were made in Leo's life, including financial changes and moving one of his baby mamas to a smaller house.
Leo was found behind the bathroom door, which was hard to push open due to his body being behind it.
Photos online show Leo's body and the autopsy report reveals wounds and bruises, suggesting a fight took place.
The speaker expresses concerns about the police investigation into Leo's death and the lack of processing and analysis of evidence.
The police have not produced any reports or processed the evidence, despite 8 months passing since Leo's body was found.
The official cause of death was brain trauma with a skull fracture from a blunt object impact, but the police did not find any object in the room that could have caused this.
The autopsy report, obtained after months of effort, left out crucial details such as the exact time and date of death.
Speculations about a manic episode or substance use were refuted by the autopsy report, which showed a negligible amount of alcohol in Leo's system.
Leo's phone and laptop were analyzed, revealing the last pictures taken and a mysterious image and video.
Leo's phone contained pictures of a girl taken at 3:52 a.m. on the 27th.
The last image on Leo's phone was a blackout followed by a 2-second video with no sound, taken at 6:02 a.m.
The girl seen by Leo was a friend of the girl Tony was seeing, and she worked at a Thai bar owned by the same person who owns bti News.
Leo had mentioned in his notebook that he wanted to leave Thailand and go back to the US to be closer to his daughter.
Reporters or someone took pictures at the scene before the police arrived, raising questions about how they knew and who contacted them.
Leo had a complex relationship and had reached out to reconcile with the speaker two weeks prior to his death, but declined therapy and continued substance use.
The investigation is ongoing and the speaker will continue searching for more information.
00:01hi everyone um it's hard to make this
00:04kind of
00:06video and is with a heavy heart that I'm
00:09making it I need to give you an update
00:11on what I know so far about L's
00:14death and in all honesty I'm doing this
00:18video because I'm hoping that the
00:20mainstream media will pick up the story
00:23again and write about it again so we can
00:25put more pressure on the embassy and
00:28furthermore in the FBI and um onto the
00:32tha Police as you all know In Paya
00:36Thailand at Tony's house that's where
00:40they found LA um that you all know as
00:44Leo Leo Rex Leo
00:46longevity for me on January 30th um
00:512023 I received a text message um text
00:55message was just saying Le is
01:01and the text was sent by Tony's
01:04associate inis I don't know exactly the
01:07nature of their relationship um I found
01:10out that inis is the one managing Swiss
01:13scam and I know he was going to the
01:16house often and from my understanding he
01:19was there when the cops came so I got
01:22the text message at 4:00 a in the
01:23morning with a time difference and I
01:25didn't see it until the morning I at
01:27first didn't believe it and then I
01:29received a call from Leo's mother that
01:31actually confirmed that he passed
01:33away I can't even tell you what I felt
01:38at first but this is not about me I was
01:42in complete shock
01:44and in order to I didn't know what to do
01:47so I did the first thing that a sane
01:49person will do it just I Googled it I
01:51don't know why I just went on on Google
01:53and surprisingly the first thing I found
01:56was the article on the Paya news
01:59mentioning death and showing pictures of
02:02the scene keep in mind that that was
02:05just a few hours after he passed you can
02:08look at the text and see the time
02:09difference and look at when the article
02:12was published on the patea news so
02:14shortly after that um I desperately
02:17called the US Embassy in Thailand which
02:20um they were closed but they have an
02:22emergency line for this kind of matter
02:25and nobody picked up the phone so I kept
02:26on calling and calling and calling until
02:28the morning somebody finally answered
02:32and to my surprise the effers didn't
02:34believe me I had to call multiple times
02:36to speak to different people in order
02:38for them to take me seriously when I was
02:40telling them that I have the news
02:42confirmed because there is a news
02:44article about it there were shocked as I
02:46was and the news article also mentioned
02:48that they were already in touch with the
02:50US Embassy which was not tratt all so
02:53for merely three months La had been
02:55residing with Tony and his multiple
02:57girlfriends so what could have gone
02:59wrong um I have multiple Theory and I'm
03:02just going to let it all out today um so
03:06Tony was a financial pillar for his
03:08girlfriend SL bab Mam
03:12I know Leo and it was very forthcoming
03:16with his thoughts he was under the
03:18impression that they were using Tony and
03:20not giving him the respect that he
03:22deserved and that he was giving too much
03:24Tony respected Leo's thoughts and uh he
03:27ended up making changes uh some of those
03:29changes including moving one of the baby
03:32mama from a big house she had to a much
03:34smaller one and apparently making other
03:37Financial changes that I don't think
03:39it's necessary to get into but could
03:41have this trigger some animosity and
03:44maybe a Revenge I don't know so Leo was
03:47found behind his bathroom door bathroom
03:50door was located inside his bedroom
03:52which had the bedroom had a sliding door
03:56um but the bathroom door only had a
03:59small window that but nobody could go
04:00through has Tony loved to mention um he
04:03was from behind the door and apparently
04:05it was very hard to actually Push the
04:07door because his body was laying right
04:10behind it and I love the fact that this
04:14was mentioned many many many times just
04:16to prove that it could have not been
04:19full play could have just been an
04:21accident but I'll get back to this so
04:23another thing that was very triggering
04:25is the fact that many photos have been
04:27released online and
04:30some of them that I've seen and I don't
04:34know how I've seen them
04:37and trust me I don't want my daughter to
04:39ever see them um shows his body and and
04:44all the concussion he had um the autopsy
04:47report which I get back to actually
04:49showed also that he had wounds and
04:53bruises that to me means there was a
04:56fight I was I'm almost certain then a
04:59fight happened how why I don't have all
05:02the details but what I think
05:05happened is that someone came and
05:08attacked him or multiple people who
05:12knows and Leo was somebody that who
05:15defend himself and he was very strong
05:17one of his punch will hurt someone very
05:21bad somebody probably came with an
05:23object because that's what I've done to
05:26get somebody like him and the fight
05:29turned the up in the bathroom and I
05:31think he got hit in the head and I think
05:35the internal breeding brain injury that
05:38started make him weaker and that thean
05:41closed the bathroom door and that he
05:43tried to open it and why do I think that
05:46it's because of the door handle from the
05:48inside of the bathroom that's
05:52broken and I think he didn't have the
05:55strength and it just passed out and died
05:57behind the
05:58door there was also something with the
06:02bathroom the toilet in particular um
06:05that looked like there was bolts that
06:08were coming out and or like somebody had
06:11tools and this is what I found um I
06:14found a series of text message between
06:16Tony and and Leo and Leo mentioned to
06:20Tony that there is a mold issue or some
06:22kind of issue with the bathroom and
06:23asked Tony to send a plumber to fix it I
06:25knew Leo very well he would have never
06:28touched a tool from a mile away unless
06:30it was something big and he was very
06:31scared of mole so that could have been
06:33maybe he tried to do something with the
06:35toilet but he would have not done
06:39anything further than that so the police
06:40actually got fingerprints from the place
06:43and DNA sample um they got fingerprints
06:45on the bathroom and they got some other
06:47DNA I've got the confirmation that they
06:49have found another DNA that was not
06:52latest but as same for the fingerprints
06:56no results nothing came out of this
06:59meaning mean they have not produced any
07:02report they have not processed the
07:03evidence we are 8 months from the time
07:07that they found his body and those
07:09evidence have not been processed and
07:11analyzed and we're talking here about
07:13the tha Police which I do not trust to
07:15be through out I do not trust that they
07:17are biased and I do trust that they're
07:20corrupted and multiple evidence show
07:22that I think somebody is trying to make
07:25this case closed I think it will be best
07:27for multiple people that that's just my
07:30opinion the official cause of death was
07:32brain trauma with skull fracture with a
07:34blunt object impact this was the cause
07:38of death um that was given to me on and
07:41put on his death certificate it left me
07:44with more questions than answered
07:45because Which object could I C caused
07:48this police didn't find anything conuent
07:52that could have made this impact in the
07:54room so they never search or never give
07:58any more details than that and I thought
08:00we'll get more details on the autopsy
08:03report which was not the case to give
08:05you some context about everything that
08:07had transpired the autopsy report was
08:10made on February 2nd 2023 um it took
08:13month for me to get it um I finally
08:17obtained it in May 18th of 2023 after
08:20calling the typ police multiple time the
08:21US Embassy but it left out crucial
08:25details that in autopsy report in the
08:27states we will seen that they provided
08:30us we never had the exact time of death
08:34because the official time of death when
08:37when it was found but we know that he
08:39actually died couple days before because
08:43of the high composition states of his
08:45body they never put the real time time
08:47and date of death a lot of people love
08:50to speculate that it was a manic episode
08:54or there was some substance that he took
08:56that could have make him Manic and caus
08:59accident no on the autopsy report you
09:04can see that he had a tiny bit amount of
09:07alcohol like so minum that
09:09is you're not even feeling drunk at this
09:11point um I have translated it so the
09:14concentration is zero I mean the
09:17conversion from percentage to the amount
09:19of blood alcohol is
09:220.010 so they have found presence of T
09:25mertin tell they have found the presence
09:28of T Marc
09:29which I knew he was taking and THC which
09:34we also knew he was smoking so that was
09:36unexpected um but they didn't find
09:39anything else there was no other
09:41substance that they have found in his
09:43body and they have tested for a lot of
09:44things and you can see on the autopsy
09:47report yourself that there is nothing
09:49that could have make him having a manic
09:51episode and on the external appearance
09:54part you can see that he had bruises and
09:58concussions and and it was in like I
10:00said High decomposition states that they
10:02couldn't even analyze certain part of
10:04his body you can see that they actually
10:07measured like the fracture his called
10:10fracture and how big it was which side
10:13it was which again doesn't correlate
10:15with anything that was actually in that
10:18bathroom it is very hard for me to go
10:21back and look at all those pictures I
10:24know they're online and I know a group
10:27of people try to help with investigation
10:30which I truly appreciate but it was not
10:32the right time and I was not ready to
10:34talk about it and I was dealing with so
10:36many other things but now given that I'm
10:40sharing all this information if you or
10:44anybody wants to take a look at those
10:45image and try to make sense or at least
10:49try to prove that none of the things
10:53that was found in his bathroom could
10:54have been making this impact that he had
10:56in his brain which let led to his death
11:00so all his external injuries like really
11:02pointed towards confrontation at least
11:04to me he had injuries around his left
11:06eye forehead knees and Ankle that to me
11:10are not consistent with an accident or
11:12or self-infliction many of you have
11:14actually inquire about the fact that the
11:17local tha Police and the FBI are
11:19involved in the case and were actually
11:22questioning if this was true well
11:24nothing comes easy um the reason why the
11:30so to clarify the FBI maintain presence
11:34in different countries however for
11:37example for Thailand there's only a few
11:39agents that handles three countries
11:42Thailand being one of them so it's not a
11:44lot of presence they're just there and
11:46the FBI got
11:48involved because of the amount of coal I
11:52probably did to the US Embassy but also
11:55because of the circumstance of this case
11:57but also the profiles of the individ
11:58uals under investigation that's the
12:01reason why they are still investigating
12:03and I know I know for a fact that the
12:06case is not closed on the FBI side but
12:09neither it is on the Tai police side
12:11however initially few months ago the Tai
12:14police closed the case for no reason
12:18after contacting them and asking for
12:21answers they actually reopened the case
12:23and are working closely with the FBI
12:25exchanging information try to solve this
12:28but this hasn't been a very slow
12:32process and with the corruption of the
12:35local police it's
12:37just does makes things easy in order to
12:41have as much pressure as possible on the
12:43taip police and the FBI to get this
12:45solved I actually reached out to my
12:48Congress representative congressman Adam
12:50Schiff shiff not sure how it's
12:53pronounced um and to my surprise I got
12:56an answer to my email Within two days
12:59and he followed up twice which was very
13:02contrasted with the lack of response
13:04from the representative of leis Leo's
13:07mother in Colorado um I just want to
13:10mention that I think it's important to
13:13thank people that helped you along the
13:14way and I think it's important to
13:17mention that his intervention actually
13:19prompted the embassy to put pressure on
13:22the tie um law enforcements so we can
13:25get the autops report quicker which
13:26actually helped now when it comes to the
13:29suspects um Tony seemed likely let me
13:32rephrase Tony seemed unlikely to have
13:34done it um he didn't have any defense
13:38injury on him he made video immediately
13:40after I don't know if he's involved or
13:42if he knows more than he's saying I
13:44would let you be the judge of that
13:46another thing that happened is um the
13:48FBI got his phone and laptop but they
13:53were not able to open them um I was
13:56trying to help them remotely but they
13:58could couldn't do it so I ended up
14:01asking them to send it to me and after
14:03um few months they actually agreed
14:05because if they had sent it to
14:06Washington it would have take a year
14:08maybe two before they able to open it I
14:11told him that I'm pretty certain that I
14:14will be able to do that and after this
14:16end it it took me 48 hours in order to
14:18do that and I ended up getting
14:22them the whole content of his phone and
14:25his laptop but I have seen a couple of
14:27things and one of them is is the last
14:31pictures that was on his phone um You
14:34probably heard the story of the C girl
14:37mentioned by Tony that Leo saw on the
14:4127th at night so it's Thailand time zone
14:46and apparently she came out of the room
14:50saying that um he tried to strangle her
14:53or hurt her in some way and she was
14:55crying and Tony made her forget about it
15:00I don't know and even take a video uh to
15:02show that she was fine in case she was
15:04going to the police and then offer to
15:05pay her up and he said that he offered
15:08to pay her also so she doesn't go report
15:11anything again that's Tony Story
15:15allegedly uh but what I can say is that
15:18um Leo phone the picture of that girl
15:22was taken at 3:52 a.m. on the
15:2627th so multiple pictures were taking
15:29there but that's not the last image
15:30taking on his phone the last image it's
15:32a bizarre image it's like a
15:35blackout and there's it's followed by a
15:37video that's like 2 seconds with no no
15:40sound and it's all pitch black which was
15:42taking at 6:02 a.m. interestingly and I
15:45don't know if I'm making connection
15:46where there is none but you can think by
15:51yourself and make your own conclusion
15:53but the same girl that was seen by Leo
15:58and keep be in mind that she was the
16:00friend of the girl Tony was seeing she
16:03worked for one of those Thai bar
16:07and the individual owning that bar is
16:11the same individual that owns bti News
16:16which was the first
16:18article that I found regarding Leo's
16:22passing coming back to that
16:25article you can see from the photos from
16:27the scenes they were all over the place
16:29and you can also see that when the
16:31police is on the scene doing their job
16:35um trying
16:37to trying to do their job and when Leo
16:41was lay there we can also see Tony in
16:44the same scene which I questioned the
16:47embassy and the FBI about this and they
16:49mentioned that Tai have different rules
16:53and don't do the same thing as the
16:55us but it's still not normal that he was
16:58allowed on the scene with them hanging
17:01just let me share my DNA left and right
17:04and to me it just compromised the
17:06Integrity of the scene and the
17:08investigation to begin with but that's
17:10not the only thing after reviewing the
17:13pictures published from the news
17:17articles so there were pictures taken by
17:20God knows who um but I can see from
17:25Leo's pictures on his phone to the
17:27pictures there
17:29that some things are missing and I do
17:32believe his room was tempered prior the
17:33police arrival again just my own opinion
17:36not accusing anyone I'm just seeing what
17:39I found another thing I want to mention
17:41is that I was told that reporters or
17:45whoever took the picture again don't not
17:47sure who exactly but were on the scene
17:51before the police
17:52arrive that let you think like how did
17:55they know who contacted them why how how
17:58much money did they pay that person or
18:00this person so after I received his
18:03laptop I also received one of his
18:06notebook and on his notebook he wrote a
18:09lot of things and one of them was the
18:11fact that he actually wanted to leave
18:12Thailand he wrote it in there and he
18:15also wrote that his main goal was to
18:17come back to the US to be closer to his
18:19daughter um for those of you who think
18:22he had any risk or fled the country that
18:25was not the case at all just everything
18:27is online you can just go look and check
18:29and Leo was a complex man and we have
18:32complex relationship after everything
18:35that happened
18:38and I'm not surprised that J down he
18:40wanted to come back and be closer to his
18:42daughter because I knew and I know he
18:45her but also
18:48during heightened emotions which he was
18:51known for he would also text many women
18:53as them to have uh more children just to
18:56despite me so
18:59that's a fact that I want to share
19:01because I have a feeling some people are
19:02going to love expressing this after I
19:06post this video and two weeks prior to
19:09his death he actually reached out to me
19:10and wanted to reconcile but I told him
19:15that he needed more effort on his part
19:19that I needed him to seize any
19:22intoxicant and to pursue therapy but he
19:26declined and asserted that he felt more
19:30informed than medical professionals and
19:33so our conversation stopped there two
19:37weeks before he was founded this is what
19:40I know so far this is where the
19:42investigation is at these are the hard
19:45and the facts and the persistent
19:48questions you're free to interpret and
19:51think as you see fit and regardless I'm
19:54going to continue my search for more
19:56information and there's still a reward
19:58out there for anyone who can provide
20:00anything insightful and I'm seeking your
20:04assistant to share this video I'm aiming
20:07to capture the intention of the
20:08mainstream media again uh the embassy
20:11should sense both the duty and urgency
20:14to helping to uncover the truth because
20:18especially especially when couple month
20:22I forgot my timeline is bad in general
20:26but there is this German
20:29citizen that face another tragedy and
20:33they C the suspect within a week so how
20:37does this Reflex on the US like Germany
20:39can do better than you
20:41please feel like this is a big joke and
20:46it still feels surreal I have a lot of
20:48unanswered questions but I appreciate
20:51everyone's support and everyone's help
20:55thanks again
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the latest update on the investigation into Leo's death?

The latest update on the investigation into Leo's death suggests foul play due to injuries and bruises found on his body, as well as potential corruption within the Thai police.

2. Who is involved in the investigation into Leo's death?

The FBI is involved in the investigation into Leo's death, indicating the seriousness and complexity of the case.

3. What evidence is being sought in the investigation into Leo's death?

Further evidence is being sought in the investigation into Leo's death to uncover the truth and bring justice. The search for evidence reflects the determination to solve the case.

4. What are the key factors indicating foul play in Leo's death?

Injuries and bruises found on Leo's body are key factors indicating foul play in his death. These physical signs suggest a more sinister cause of death and raise alarming questions.

5. What is the significance of potential corruption within the Thai police in Leo's death investigation?

The potential corruption within the Thai police adds a layer of complexity to Leo's death investigation. It raises concerns about the integrity of the investigation and the need for thorough scrutiny.

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