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This video provides a guide for the best Pokémon to power up in Pokémon GO in 2023, covering various types and highlighting strategies to obtain Stardust and candies. It also includes recommendations for raid counters, PvP battles, and Mega Pokémon.
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The best Pokemon to power up in Pokemon Go (2023 Guide)
Stardust and XL candies are the most valuable resources in Pokemon Go.
To get Stardust, grinding PVP battles and catching Pokemon during boosted Stardust events is recommended.
Leveling up the mega-level of a Pokemon by mega evolving it once per day guarantees a huge candy and XL candy bonus.
Grind for good IV Pokemon by participating in raids, eggs, field research, or trading during events like December Community.
Good Pokémon to power up for Pokémon GO in 2023 include Ash Greninja and rock type Shadow Pokémon, especially Rhyperior.
Ash Greninja may be released in 2023, coinciding with Froakie's Community Day.
Saving good IV Froakie for Community Day evolution is recommended.
Shadow rock types like Rhyperior, Tyranitar, Aggron, and Aerodactyl are top choices for powering up.
Rhyperior is particularly recommended as it is not rare, has a Community Day move, and is easily accessible.
The best Pokémon to power up in Pokémon GO include Metagross, Excadrill, Dialga, Mewtwo, Hoopa Unbound, Lunala, Shadow Alakazam, Shadow Metagross, Shadow Executor, Shadow Gardevoir, Shadow Gallade, and Garchomp.
Metagross is an amazing Steel type and has a future mega form.
Excadrill is a great and affordable Steel type option.
Dialga is the best steel legendary.
Mewtwo is the best Stardust investment and has the highest damage output.
Hoopa Unbound and Lunala are rare but powerful psychic types.
Shadow Alakazam, Shadow Metagross, Shadow Executor, Shadow Gardevoir, and Shadow Gallade are top non-legendary psychic types obtained through Team Rocket battles.
Garchomp is a top ground type attacker and can be powered up as a shadow or normal Pokémon.
The best Pokémon to power up for PvP in Pokémon GO include Registeel, Galarian Stunfisk, Medicham, Trevenant, Swampert, and Altered Form Giratina.
Registeel is ranked first in the Great League and Old Leaks.
Galarian Stunfisk is currently ranked second in the Great League and 21st in the Ultra League.
Medicham is useful only in the Great League and has always been relevant in it.
Swampert is one of the most versatile Pokémon for PvP, ranking high in various leagues.
Altered Form Giratina is consistently relevant in the Go Battle League, ranking high in the Ultra and Masters Leagues.
00:00Stardust is Pokemon Go's most valuable
00:02resource with Excel candies coming in as
00:04a close second so carelessly letting
00:06these two resources on fire is not a
00:08very Cash Money play which is why today
00:10I'll be covering the best Pokemon to
00:11power up in Pokemon go going into the
00:13new year of 2023 and to start you're
00:15gonna need a lot of Stardust candies and
00:17XL candies all of which can be difficult
00:19to get especially for rare Pokemon so
00:22let me cover some quick strategy like
00:23the best ways to get Stardust PVP really
00:26the best way especially with the free
00:27PVP Stardust research that we have in
00:30game like we have now like you can
00:31literally generate millions of Stardust
00:33by grinding out your daily battles and
00:34just consistently going at it which I
00:36don't do which is why I'm in Star is
00:37poverty but you can also just drop star
00:39pieces and catch Pokemon during boosted
00:41Stardust events personally how I stay
00:43afloat with dust and boosted Stardust
00:45events happen during things like
00:46Community Days Go fests Spotlight hours
00:49and other events and whenever an event
00:50like that does happen I always announce
00:52it here on the channel so make sure you
00:53subscribed once you have your dust
00:55you're gonna need candies and XL candies
00:56and the only way to get those are by
00:58catching Pokemon but there is a trick in
01:00Pokemon go You Can level up the mega
01:02level of a Pokemon by mega evolving it
01:04once per day to get to max level Mega it
01:06takes about 30 days worth of evolutions
01:08and once that Mega is a Max Level it is
01:10a huge candy and EXO candy bonus so if
01:13you have a Max Level Charizard mega
01:15evolved and you're catching fire type
01:16Pokemon you're gonna get a ton of extra
01:18candy and XL candy for those specific
01:21fire types so please work on your max
01:23level megas okay you got your Stardust
01:25you got your candies now you need good
01:27IV Pokemon to power up and the best way
01:28to do that grind there are certain
01:30features in Pokemon go that guarantee
01:32higher IV Pokemon like raids eggs field
01:35research but the best and most cost
01:37effective way is actually trading if you
01:39play an event like December Community
01:41Day saving all the Gibble and Dino to
01:43swap and then trading back and forth
01:45with a friend is a great way to get high
01:47IV Pokemon of those Pokemon like the
01:49good meta-relevant ones and you can
01:51Target which ones you're trying to get
01:52because you're trading alrighty now
01:54you're ready to power up some Pokemon
01:55let's talk about which ones are the best
01:57and worth your dust starting with some
01:59exciting ones up coming Pokemon to
02:01prepare for probably the most
02:02anticipated Pokemon of 2023 is The One
02:04and Only God mega Rayquaza which I'm
02:08predicting will probably be released in
02:10February during the Hoenn tour there's
02:12also some predictions of the possibility
02:13of Shadow Rayquaza also releasing during
02:16the same event in February and that
02:18would just be amazing so investing some
02:20dust into some good IV Rayquaza or shiny
02:23ones definitely a solid play also too
02:25because Rayquaza currently ranks as a
02:26top 10 dragon type but once the mega
02:28comes out it will be one of the greatest
02:30all-time dragons in the game not to
02:32mention Rayquaza ranks 78th in the
02:34Masters League currently so it's useful
02:36there too and if Shadow Ray-Ray comes
02:38out I'm gonna assume it'll be a monster
02:39probably in the raid meta and also in
02:42the PVP meta overall really good Pokemon
02:44to prep for another incredible Pokemon
02:46that might be released in this upcoming
02:48year is Ash Greninja the reason why I'm
02:50predicting this is because Froakie will
02:51be 100 getting a 2023 Community Day so a
02:55coordinated release of Ash Greninja with
02:57Froakie calm day would be kind of
02:58incredible and if you have a good good
03:00IV Froakie do not evolve it yet save
03:02them as Froakie so you can evolve them
03:04on com day to get the exclusive
03:06Community Day move this is assuming that
03:08you'll be able to evolve to Ash Greninja
03:10which might not be the case because if
03:12it's a raid boss then you're gonna have
03:13to raid for it and saving Froakie
03:15doesn't really matter but you'll
03:16probably still end up using Froakie
03:17candy and Excel candy so getting those
03:19candies now is good speaking of raids
03:21raids are one of the biggest features in
03:23Pokemon go especially now with remote
03:25raids so having good teams of Pokemon to
03:27battle up against raid bosses is like a
03:29fundamental part of the game so here are
03:31the best raid counters to power up for
03:33Pokemon go 2023 starting with one of the
03:35most useful typings rock types Shadow
03:38Pokemon absolutely dominate this meta
03:40and Shadow Pokemon are extra expensive
03:42to power up so if you're gonna power up
03:43some shadow
03:45rocks here are the ones you want to do
03:47Shadow riperior Tyranitar Agron or
03:49Aerodactyl all top rock types and some
03:51of the best rock shadows and probably
03:53the best Pokemon overall to power up for
03:55the rock types is ripeer mainly because
03:57it's not only a top rock type as a
03:59shadow and as a non-shadow but Rhyhorn
04:02is not a rare Pokemon you can find it in
04:04the wild it's an easy and accessible
04:05Pokemon to get candies for and to get
04:07good IV Pokemon for now granted you do
04:09need the exclusive move rocker on it
04:11which is a calm day move but it's a
04:13great pick ramportos is another great
04:15rock type and also a great shiny so if
04:17you've got some good IV ones which I did
04:19I got a shiny 98 during the research Day
04:21event of 2022 it's a really really good
04:23idea to power up those bad boys and as
04:25for legendary rock types Terrakion is
04:27currently the best in the game Let's
04:28jump over to Rock's mortal enemy water
04:30types water types very useful in game
04:33and these are the best ones to power up
04:34Swampert probably your number one option
04:36it's Shadow and normal versions dominate
04:39The topwater Meta and it has a brand new
04:41Mega which is the number one rock type
04:43and it has play and I I think all three
04:45leagues in PvP it's a really versatile
04:47Pokemon PVP by the way we'll talk about
04:49later granted you do need the exclusive
04:51move hydro cannon on it for it to be
04:53relevant but it's awesome and as for
04:55Shadow Pokemon the best Shadow Water
04:56type Pokemon to power up include Shadow
04:58for alligator Swampert Gyarados and
05:00Kingler and if you want to do some
05:02legendary grinding Kyogre is currently
05:04the best water Type legendary Pokemon
05:06which I have the shendo of which is very
05:08convenient next up are the steel types
05:10which do see a lot of use in the raids
05:12and a single best Pokemon to power up
05:14for the steel types from now until
05:15always will be Metagross Beldum is a
05:18decently rare spawn but it does get some
05:20play and action in the wild during
05:22certain steel events which typically
05:24happen every year so finding candy for
05:26it and decent IV Beldum isn't super
05:28difficult and metagrost is amazing in
05:30all aspects the shadow is the number one
05:32Steel type and the normal version is up
05:34in the top five and it has a future mega
05:36form which will freaking dominate as a
05:38Steel type and it's good in PvP
05:40Excadrill is another great Steel type
05:41option and is not that expensive to get
05:43candy for and if you want to spend
05:44Dialga is the best steel legendary
05:47moving over to the psychic types which
05:49do happen to be pretty expensive the
05:51reason why is because there's just a lot
05:52of really good psychic type legendary
05:54Pokemon like Mewtwo probably the number
05:56one best Stardust investment in Pokemon
05:58go Shadow Mewtwo has the highest damage
06:01output in the entire game overall and it
06:03dominates as a top psychic type attacker
06:05regular Mewtwo is also a top 5 psychic
06:07type and will one day have a mega two
06:09megas which will both be game breaking
06:12Hoopa Unbound is another great but very
06:14rare psychic to power up Hoopa really
06:16only comes out in Elite raids so getting
06:18candy for it is like kind of impossible
06:20same story with lunala really really
06:22good psychic type attacker but it was
06:23released once so you have to use rare
06:25candies if you want to power it up and
06:26if you want to get easily accessible
06:28psychic type Pokemon in the top meta
06:30you're gonna have to grind some Team
06:31Rocket battles for him because all the
06:33top non-legendary psychic types are all
06:36Shadows the best ones being Shadow
06:37Alakazam Shadow Metagross executor
06:40Gardevoir and Gallade ground types also
06:42have their moments as some highly useful
06:43Pokemon in the raids and luckily they're
06:46a bit more accessible the best one being
06:47Garchomp now Gibble did have a community
06:49day and it's now super rare again but if
06:52you have some good IV Gibble it's a
06:54great option to power up as Garchomp is
06:56a top ground type attacker as both a
06:57shadow and a normal as long as you have
06:59the exclusive move earth power on it
07:01other great and easy to get options
07:03include riperior and mammothwine and if
07:05you're a Team Rocket battler there's
07:07some really good Shadow ground types
07:09including Shadow guard chomp rhyperior
07:11Mammoth swine and ride on and if you're
07:12like me and you like the legendary raids
07:14Therian and incarnate Landorus will be
07:16the best to hit for the ground types on
07:18a more spooky note let's talk Ghost
07:20types which happen to be some of the
07:22most useful in the entire game because
07:23there are so many psychic type raid
07:25bosses and legendary raid bosses and
07:27luckily there are two pretty easy to get
07:29Ghost type Pokemon that dominate The
07:31Meta Chandelure and Gengar Litwick just
07:34had a calm Day this year so if you
07:35played that nice Chandelure with hex and
07:38Shadow Ball is the number one non-mega
07:40non-legendary non-shadow Ghost type it's
07:43a beast Gengar with the exclusive move
07:44but lick is also a monster and can Mega
07:47Evolve and as for the legendary ghost to
07:49power up origin form Giratina and Hoopa
07:51can find are the best options and
07:52Giratina comes back to raids pretty much
07:54once a year during October so it's candy
07:56is seasonal but pretty easy to get
07:57alright fire types these are a bit more
07:59difficult because the top meta is
08:01dominated by megas shadows and
08:03legendaries the best not those options
08:05include Chandelure and Charizard with
08:07Blast Burn but if you want some heavy
08:09hitting fire types you're gonna have to
08:10grind for them and the best ones are the
08:12shadows and they include Shadow Moltres
08:13Entei Ho-Oh Charizard Typhlosion and
08:16Blaziken and as for the non-shadows your
08:18best options are Reshiram and Entei
08:20dragon types are super cool but not the
08:22most useful since they're not really
08:23super effective against a whole lot but
08:25if you want some good Dragon type
08:27Pokemon here are the best ones to power
08:29up well really they're all shadows and
08:30they include Shadow Salamence Garchomp
08:32Dragonite and Latios and as for the
08:34non-shadows Rayquaza salamance and
08:36Palkia are the Best Bets and then like
08:38with the ghost types dark type Pokemon
08:40are very useful against all the psychic
08:42type raid bosses and there's one new
08:43meta-dark type in Town due to a
08:45community Day event this year hydrogon
08:47so if you played that calm day and you
08:49got some good Dino and hydrogon they're
08:51really really worth the Stardust
08:52hydrogon with the new move brutal swing
08:54is the number one non-mega dark type in
08:56the entire game followed by a more
08:58difficult Pokemon to acquire like Shadow
09:00Tyranitar Shadow Weavile Yveltal
09:02guzzlord and zarude so again if you got
09:04the Hydra gone really really worth it
09:05because the other dark types are kind of
09:07difficult electric type Pokemon tend to
09:08be super useful in raids due to the
09:10amount of flying type raid bosses but
09:12good electrics are not hard to come by
09:14mainly because most of them are shadows
09:16and legendaries including the Shadows
09:19like shadow raiku shadow electrovirus
09:21Zapdos and magnazone and then the best
09:23legendaries being Zekrom zergatree and
09:25raiku and theory and thunderous with the
09:28only real budget electric type being
09:30magnazone which is like leagues behind
09:32the shadows and the legendaries it's an
09:33expensive typing to get good Pokemon for
09:35but they are definitely useful also
09:37useful against flying type Pokemon are
09:39the ice types and these are much more
09:42accessible mainly because mamaswine
09:44absolutely really dominates the ice type
09:46matter and is super common to find in
09:48the wild well not Mammoth wine but swine
09:49up literally was just spawning during
09:51Christmas for two weeks and it also has
09:52a shadow version which is a monster also
09:55Galleria and darmanitan is a great
09:56option as well a little bit harder to
09:57get and actually Glaceon is a really
09:59good ice type and obviously Eevee is
10:01super easy to come by this is actually a
10:03weird typing because there aren't really
10:05any good legendary ice types at all for
10:07the top meta of of these guys really
10:09except for shadow Articuno so if you'd
10:11like to do tier 1 and tier 3 raids a lot
10:13which I do fighting type Pokemon become
10:16super useful and the best fighting type
10:17Pokemon include Terrakion with a new
10:19move sacred sword and actually Keldeo
10:22but with keldeal you currently have to
10:23use rare candies on so much less
10:25attractive better options include
10:27Lucario and conclitter which technically
10:29are more premium Pokemon to get but
10:31easier than legendaries kind of Shadow
10:33Machamp and Shadow hariyama are also
10:35much better much more budget options for
10:37good fighting types in the last raid
10:39boss counter typing I want to hit are
10:40the grass types plenty of ground rock
10:42and water type Pokemon to battle up
10:43against in the rain boss rotation but
10:45like with other typings good ones for
10:47grass types are hard to get zarude and
10:49Cortana are currently the best non-mega
10:51Pokemon with zarude being one of Pokemon
10:53Go's most rare Pokemon ever and the rest
10:55of the meta are really all Shadows
10:56including Shadow tank growth Venusaur
10:58Torterra and executor all great options
11:00to power up if you have them one of the
11:02most significant Stardust grains in
11:04Pokemon go is PVP which makes sense as
11:06to why it's also the best way to gain
11:08Stardust so if you're a PVP person here
11:10are some of the best Pokemon to power up
11:11for the go battle League disclaimer I am
11:14not a big PVP person so this list is as
11:17accurate as possible and another
11:18disclaimer the PVP meta is kind of
11:20always constantly changing so this is
11:22kind of a smaller list of Pokemon that
11:23I've noticed to have stayed relevant
11:25over time throughout the seasons
11:26starting with Registeel Registeel has
11:28really always been good in PvP and
11:30currently it's ranked first in the great
11:31and old leaks galerian stunfisk another
11:34Pokemon that has really been good since
11:35it's been released and it's currently
11:37ranked second in the great league and
11:3821st in the ultra League then we have
11:40metacham now this one's only useful in
11:42the great league but it's also always
11:44been useful in the great League
11:45currently ranked third overall Trevenant
11:47which I can't wait for the shiny man
11:49it's a Pokemon that has seemingly stayed
11:51relevant over time and it's currently
11:52ranked 8th in the great league and sixth
11:54in the ultra League we talked about him
11:56before but Swampert is one of Pokemon
11:58Go's most versatile best Pokemon to
12:00power up in PvP it's ranked fourth as a
12:02normal and sixth as a shadow in the
12:03great League seventh as a normal and
12:0513th as a shadow in the ultra league and
12:0731st as a normal and 50th as a shadow in
12:10the Masters League it is just a great
12:12Pokemon to have an altered form Giratina
12:14has also always seemed to stay relevant
12:16in the gobata league currently ranked
12:185th in the ultra league and fourth in
12:20the Masters League although it is a
12:21legendary so it does require a little
12:22bit of extra grind to get and I'm sure
12:24there's plenty of other Pokemon that
12:25someone with more PVP knowledge would
12:27know of so if you know some more comment
12:29them down below now let's talk about
12:31Mega Pokemon for a minute because
12:32because if you noticed I didn't cover
12:34them in the raid boss counters and they
12:35happen to be some of the best raid boss
12:37counters there's a reason for this Mega
12:39Pokemon dominate the top of the pyramid
12:41for literally every single typing but
12:43unless you really need help taking down
12:44the raid boss I'd recommend using Mega
12:46Pokemon for candy collection not for
12:48raid power as I explained earlier in the
12:50video leveling up your mega level with
12:52Pokemon will allow you to grind more
12:54candies and Axle candies for specific
12:56typings which is especially helpful when
12:58rating legendary raid bosses because the
13:00Candy is so expensive to come by for
13:02them but if you do find yourself needing
13:04help taking down a raid boss typically
13:05any Mega of the typing that you need to
13:07use against that raid boss will be a top
13:09option to use also because megas boost
13:11the damage of same-typed Pokemon in the
13:14raid with it so for example if you're
13:15using a mega Charizard in a raid all of
13:17the other Pokemon that your friends are
13:19using that are fire types will do extra
13:21damage because of your Mega Charizard
13:22and those are the best Pokemon to power
13:24up moving into the new year of 2023. I
13:26hope this helped and if it did make sure
13:27to leave a like subscribe and check out
13:28the other videos on screen and I'll see
13:29you all in the new year
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the best Pokémon to power up in Pokémon GO in 2023?

The best Pokémon to power up in Pokémon GO in 2023 include a diverse range of types such as Dragonite, Tyranitar, Machamp, Mewtwo, and Metagross. These Pokémon are effective for various in-game activities and battles.

2. What are the strategies to obtain Stardust and candies in Pokémon GO?

To obtain Stardust and candies in Pokémon GO, players can utilize strategies such as participating in events, using Star Pieces, completing Field Research tasks, hatching Eggs, and trading Pokémon with friends.

3. What are the raid counters recommended for Pokémon GO in 2023?

In 2023, some of the recommended raid counters for Pokémon GO include Mega Gengar, Mega Charizard X, Mega Abomasnow, Mega Houndoom, and Shadow Mewtwo. These Pokémon offer significant advantages in raid battles.

4. What are the PvP battle recommendations for Pokémon GO in 2023?

For PvP battles in 2023, it is recommended to use Pokémon such as Altaria, Azumarill, Stunfisk, Medicham, and Skarmory. These Pokémon have proven to be effective choices for competitive PvP battles.

5. How to optimize the use of Mega Pokémon in Pokémon GO?

To optimize the use of Mega Pokémon in Pokémon GO, players can focus on Mega Evolving Pokémon with high CP, using them in raids and Gym battles, utilizing Mega Energy effectively, and coordinating with other players to benefit from Mega Pokémon bonuses.

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