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This video is a guide to using Coinalyze, a charting platform that offers cool indicators for trading crypto and altcoins. The video covers how to set up an account, customize charts, and use indicators such as aggregated funding rates, open interest, cumulative volume Delta, and aggregated liquidations. The video also promotes the TradingRiot website and trading bootcamp for those who want to learn more about cryptocurrency trading.
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The video introduces Coinalyze, a charting platform similar to TradingView, with additional indicators and a free version.
The speaker mentions a blog on for more in-depth trading information.
A PDF with tools and trading tips is mentioned, which can be obtained for free by registering on Buybit or Binance and emailing the speaker.
Coinalyze offers a free account with the option to upgrade to a premium subscription.
The dashboard on Coinalyze shows various coins and metrics, including open interest change.
The speaker explains how to use the Coinalyze platform for trading cryptocurrencies.
The platform offers various trading pairs and aggregated indicators.
Users can customize their charts by changing colors and saving their indicator templates.
The speaker mentions two specific indicators: aggregated funding rate and average open interest rate.
The section explains how to use funding rate and open interest indicators in Coinalyze.
The funding rate indicator and open interest indicator are explained.
The speaker recommends referring to their blog for detailed understanding of the indicators.
Emphasis is placed on using stablecoin margin contracts over coin margin contracts for altcoins.
An example of investigating unusual open interest spikes on exchanges is provided.
The speaker explains how to use cumulative volume Delta (CVD) and aggregated liquidations on Coinalyze for spot market and stablecoin margin contracts.
The speaker prefers stablecoin margin contracts for altcoins.
They demonstrate how to overlay and organize CVD indicators on the platform.
The speaker emphasizes the significance of stablecoin contracts due to their higher volume.
They caution against moving the y-axis to the same tab as it may disrupt the chart.
This section explains the difference between liquidations in long positions and short positions and demonstrates the four indicators used on the Coinalyze platform.
Long liquidations occur at the top, while short liquidations occur at the bottom.
The speaker shows their current live chart and mentions that they use a different platform for trading.
They recommend reading the blog on for more information on using these tools.
To receive a PDF guide on the mechanics and tools, the viewer can register with links for buy bit or binance and email
00:00hi everyone and welcome to the next
00:01video what I decided to do is make a
00:04little series about all the platforms
00:06and all the tools that I'm using for
00:08trading uh crypto and especially altco
00:11instance this is something that I've
00:12been getting so many questions about
00:14before we jump into the things make sure
00:16to visit if you're going
00:18to scroll down you can see the blog here
00:20make sure to read the articles uh that
00:24explain more in depth how I am trading
00:26if you want to learn exactly how I trade
00:28get access to private Discord and weekly
00:30updates uh you can pick up the trading
00:32route bootcamp second thing is I
00:35prepared this quick PDF that covers all
00:37the tools that I will be mentioning uh
00:39in the video series and some other tips
00:42for trading uh you can get this for free
00:45all you have to do is register on buy
00:47bit or binance with links into the
00:49descriptions make your first deposit and
00:52then email me at tradingroute
00:54and I will send you the PDF so today we
00:57are going to be talking about nothing
00:59else than quinolize this
01:01uh quennalize is a charting platform
01:04that looks very similar to trading view
01:05a lot of people are confusing it with
01:07the trading view itself uh but uh
01:10compared to trading view it offers some
01:13cool indicators that you can get uh on
01:16trading view itself so first things you
01:18should do is make your account as you
01:19can see I have my account already here
01:21uh coin life is completely for free you
01:24can uh get some premium subscription
01:27without ads you don't really need to do
01:29that but I think on the other hand not
01:31that I have it at the moment but you
01:33know if you want to support the platform
01:35it's actually great way to do it so once
01:38you have your account I'm not going to
01:40be doing that in in the video
01:42uh you will see this this kind of quick
01:45showing all the coins you have some some
01:50different metrics that you can take a
01:52look at you know what is one of the most
01:55important thing for things for me is
01:57this open interest change uh on 24 hours
02:00but there is one tool that I will be
02:02covering in further videos that is
02:04actually better to do that so I'm not
02:06really using the dashboard on the
02:08konilize myself what I wanted to do is
02:11uh once I find a Coin that I like to
02:14trade I like to look at the chart and
02:16the indicators that are offered in the
02:19platform so let's let's take a look at
02:21Bitcoin you know it's it's really simple
02:24um if you're going to type here the BTC
02:27usdt you will see all the different
02:28trading pairs that you can take a look
02:31at these are simple to charge the
02:32indicators that I'm using are aggregated
02:34meaning that they pull data from all the
02:37exchanges at once so it doesn't really
02:38matter which uh feed you are going to be
02:42using or if you are trading perhaps on
02:44binance you know you can look look at
02:46the binance purp if you're selling on
02:47vibrate you can you look at uh by bit
02:50doesn't really matter
02:52uh so as you can see I will open the
02:55chart and I already have all my
02:57indicators uh right here set so what I
03:00will going to do now is going to remove
03:02them your chart will also look different
03:05you know you can just double click it
03:07same as on trading view uh change all
03:09the colors you know uh how you like it
03:12basically and then you will just click
03:13here this save icon you need to be
03:16logged into your account otherwise it
03:18won't save for any further charge that
03:20you'll be opening so this is basically
03:22why you have your account made so you
03:24can just save your dashboard your your
03:26kind of indicator template and you you
03:28don't have to redo everything every time
03:31you open the new chart so there are a
03:33few indicators that I'm looking at uh
03:35first one is the aggregated and you can
03:38see then when I type the aggregated in
03:40the indicator step right here we have
03:42all the indicators that are actually
03:44important and that I'm using so first
03:46one is aggregated funding rate
03:49um as you can see I will click it
03:51if you double click it you can see all
03:53the exchanges that it's aggregating the
03:58the defunding race from what is great to
04:01change here is the average open interest
04:04rated so you know some some uh exchanges
04:08obviously have much higher open interest
04:09than the others this way it will it will
04:12wait by the open enters for for the
04:14exchange so only thing that I'm changing
04:16here is this setting right here
04:18everything else I keep default once
04:20again you can change the colors how you
04:22like them and click ok so this is your
04:24funding rate uh indicator uh I'm not
04:28going to be explaining everything those
04:30indicators do the quickest way is if
04:32you're going to go to my blog there is a
04:34article understanding cryptocurrency
04:36derivatives data it covers everything
04:38that these indicators are doing so this
04:40is the first indicator that I'm using uh
04:43aggregated funding rates second one
04:46would be the open interest
04:49um you have the coin margin and
04:51stablecoin margin contracts I'm using
04:53stablecoin margin these are much more
04:56heavily traded especially on altcoin so
04:58I'm not really paying much attentions to
05:01the coin margin contract so we're gonna
05:03go here we're gonna add the indicator
05:05you can then move it a little higher if
05:07you want and once again if you double
05:09click the indicator you can change the
05:11colors here uh you know I'm just going
05:13to keep it very simple
05:16like this and
05:19um inputs I'm keeping these these all
05:22the same sometimes
05:23with this you will see some some huge
05:26kind of spike in the open interest which
05:28is very kind of unusual uh you then want
05:31to kind of Click through the exchanges
05:34uh basically every time you see some
05:36really weird stuff that doesn't make
05:37much sense uh you know like you say like
05:41you see for example here you have this
05:43huge wig meaning that within the Scandal
05:45within the small 30 minute bar there was
05:48a huge amount of open interest a new
05:50opponent is coming you know it's it at
05:53the close of the candle you know they
05:55already covered their positions uh I
05:57want to kind of investigate what's been
06:00going on here uh by clicking at the
06:01exchanges I can notice this happened at
06:03the okx prep so you know these are those
06:07weird things that you sometimes will see
06:09uh which you want to just investigate a
06:11little bit more but other than that you
06:13know I'm keeping all the settings uh as
06:16default and you can see that already
06:18uh I have a open interest indicator
06:20showing me new directional positions
06:22stepping into the market okay so the
06:25next indicator are the uh CBDs the
06:29cumulative volume Delta I'm using the
06:31one at the spot market and uh once again
06:35stablecoin margin contracts I'm not
06:37really looking at the coin margin
06:38contracts uh you can do that I just
06:42think that the stablecoin contracts
06:44especially for altcoins are much more
06:47traded so I I kind of don't want to
06:50Cluster myself basically with too much
06:52data when I don't really think it's
06:56with the cvds you can see that we have
06:58our spot cvd we have a stable coin
07:01margin contracts under that I will
07:03double click it settings keep the same I
07:06will just change the color to white and
07:08I will double click this and let's say I
07:10will change the color to Blue
07:13um what the then you want to do is click
07:15on the one of your cvd indicators just
07:18hold your left Mouse and drag it uh to
07:21the to the tab above you this way you
07:24will get
07:25these cvds overlapping you know and then
07:28you can just move the whole tab to the
07:30upside I what I would also kind of do is
07:34uh you don't want to do that because it
07:37will mess your chart so you just want to
07:39keep it like this basically you can move
07:41it all the way to the right if you want
07:42but uh don't move it don't move this uh
07:46y-axis to the same tab because it will
07:49screw one or cvd completely so right now
07:52as you can see I have uh both cvds in
07:55one tab really nicely I can see you know
07:58where is my spot buying where is my
08:01product buying if there is more spot
08:03buying than perhaps and look for
08:05divergences and so on and so forth so
08:07this is how you put all your cvds in and
08:10the last
08:11indicator that I'm using is the
08:15aggregated liquidations once again on
08:17stablecoin margin contracts I'm not
08:19really looking at the coin margin
08:20contracts you can do that you know you
08:23will see they were the for most cases
08:25they will be very similar but overall
08:28these stablecoin contracts just have
08:30more volume so they play a little more
08:32significance than the coin margin
08:34contracts I personally move these all
08:38the way to the upside double click this
08:40once again you know Longs liquidated uh
08:44this can get a little confusing for some
08:46people but
08:48um sorry these are shorts liquidation
08:50did so
08:51when you are in short position and you
08:53get liquidated it's a it's a buy order
08:55you know so you want to see these at the
08:58tops and your long liquidations AKA
09:01cells you want to see them at the bottom
09:03so I can keep it like this to keep it
09:06simple you know at the top logs are
09:08liquidated at the bottoms shirts are
09:10liquidated Okay so
09:13these are the four indicators that I
09:15have on my corner lights if I refresh
09:18the chart without saving it I think it
09:20should remain the same yeah as you can
09:23uh my liquidations are actually down
09:25here you can also double click it and
09:28click the overlap bars so they will stay
09:31in wine one line but it's just the same
09:33thing you know for the as I was putting
09:36it together right now I had it here but
09:38like I said same thing
09:40so this is my current live chart it's
09:42nothing more I don't use it for anything
09:45else like I said
09:46you can go to the main dashboard uh use
09:51the dashboard for like open interest
09:53changes Liquidations in 24 hours funding
09:56rates and so on and so forth but for
09:58this I'm using a different platform that
10:00I will be covering in the next video so
10:02keeping things quick I will cut it here
10:04as I mentioned make sure
10:07to read the blog especially if you don't
10:08know how to use these tools read this
10:10one this covers everything if you want
10:12to learn how I trade these things
10:14because I only I'm only using order flow
10:17to uh kind of see the things that I
10:21should be interested in but then I'm
10:23using different type of execution for my
10:26actual trades so I cover that in trading
10:28at bootcamp you'll also get access to
10:29Discord weekly updates and if you want
10:32to get very quick uh a nice PDF about
10:36all these mechanics and all these tools
10:38register with links or for buy bit or
10:41binance in description send me email at
10:43tradingroute and I will listen
10:46to the PDF thank you guys for your
10:48attention and I will see you in the next
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is Coinalyze and how can it help with cryptocurrency trading?

Coinalyze is a charting platform that offers cool indicators for trading crypto and altcoins. It helps traders by providing tools to analyze price movements, market trends, and key indicators for making informed trading decisions. With features such as aggregated funding rates, open interest, cumulative volume Delta, and aggregated liquidations, Coinalyze offers valuable insights for cryptocurrency traders.

2. What are the key features of the TradingRiot website and trading bootcamp?

The TradingRiot website provides valuable resources and information for cryptocurrency traders. It offers access to trading bootcamps where traders can learn more about cryptocurrency trading, technical analysis, risk management, and market insights. The trading bootcamp is designed to help traders enhance their skills and knowledge in the cryptocurrency market.

3. How does Coinalyze support traders in customizing charts and indicators?

Coinalyze provides traders with the ability to customize charts and indicators according to their preferences. Traders can modify chart settings, apply various indicators, and create personalized layouts to suit their trading strategies. This flexibility allows traders to analyze cryptocurrency market data in a way that aligns with their unique trading styles.

4. What are some of the cool indicators offered by Coinalyze for analyzing cryptocurrency markets?

Coinalyze offers a range of cool indicators for analyzing cryptocurrency markets, including aggregated funding rates, open interest, cumulative volume Delta, and aggregated liquidations. These indicators provide valuable insights into market dynamics, trading volumes, and liquidity trends, empowering traders to make data-driven decisions in their trading activities.

5. How can traders set up an account on Coinalyze to leverage its charting platform for cryptocurrency trading?

Traders can easily set up an account on Coinalyze to access its charting platform for cryptocurrency trading. By following the registration process and creating a user account, traders gain access to a wide range of charting tools, indicators, and customizable features that enhance their ability to analyze and trade cryptocurrencies effectively.

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