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The video is a guide to the best weapons in the Fortnite Save the World Collection Book in 2023, with recommendations for different types of missions and bosses. The top three recommended weapons are the Pulsar 9000, pot shot, and plasmic discharger. Personal preferences and opinions are also shared.
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The video discusses the best weapons to obtain from the Collection Book in 2023.
The Round Pound and Ear Splitter are recommended melee weapons.
The Round Pound is particularly useful for the MSK (Mythic Storm King) fight.
The Ear Splitter provides a ball damage bonus.
The video discusses powerful guns from the Collection Book, including the Bundlebuss, Pasha, Pain Train, and Plasmic Discharger.
The Bundlebuss is recommended for the Mythic Storm King (MSK) and regular missions against Miss Monsters.
The Pasha is effective against Miss Monsters, minibosses, and MSK.
The Pain Train is a reliable weapon that is highly recommended.
The Plasmic Discharger is a new addition to the Collection Book and is widely used in missions from Stonewood to Twine Peaks.
The Discharger is effective against husks and swarms, but its effectiveness against Miss Monsters and minibosses is uncertain.
The Swan is a fun gun to play with, but not one of the best.
The Atomizer 9000 is considered one of the best guns in the game and is strong against MSK, mini bosses, and swarms of enemies.
The Hemlock and the unknown gun mentioned are both fun to play with, but their overall effectiveness is unclear.
The obliterator is a powerful gun that can be used with survivors to destroy everything around, but it may not be the best gun in the game.
The obliterator does a lot of damage and is considered a cop.
The neon bow can be better with sniper survivors.
Many people used to consider the obliterator as the best gun from the collection book.
The effectiveness of guns depends on how they are perked and other factors.
00:00yo guys what is going on Welcome Back to
00:02the channel now in today's video I'm
00:05going to be showing you guys the best
00:07weapons to get in the collection book
00:08from 2023 now you guys know
00:11you boy has been grinding to say the
00:13world videos so make sure to like And
00:14subscribe for me and I'm assuming this
00:17video is going to get a lot of views
00:18because every time I make a collection
00:20book video
00:22um because you guys know I make one for
00:23every new year so it may they get a good
00:27amount of views so yeah we're in 2023
00:30um so yeah if you guys are watching this
00:31and you're new
00:32um what I meant by the whole lot of
00:33these things if you guys are watching
00:35this and you're new Please Subscribe uh
00:36and like the video it helps me more than
00:38you know but anyways let's get into it
00:43basically 2023 collection book it's the
00:46same but they are some new weapons in it
00:49so I don't know you know me personally
00:54don't know what you guys have on your
00:56account but from my account I know what
00:59the best weapons are for me and the ones
01:01that I need to pick up from the
01:02collection book and all that good stuff
01:04so with that being said let's go over to
01:07event schematics because you guys know
01:09these are the ones you have to research
01:10voucher and I already made a video on
01:13that so if you guys want to go check
01:15that out yeah these are the best weapons
01:17from the collection book so yeah let's
01:19go ahead and hop into it
01:29I'm just going to recommend this round
01:31pound if you guys don't have one of the
01:34um mythics
01:35bro these people keep inviting me dog
01:37it's so annoying but anyways if you guys
01:39don't have one of these msk the msk
01:42um then I would definitely recommend the
01:43surround pound for the msk and in
01:46general it's just a really good melee
01:47weapon or you could get the ear splitter
01:49for like the totally rocking out uh ball
01:51damage bonus bonus but I would
01:53definitely get this around pound before
01:54I would get that and moving on here
01:58um to the pirate weapons I'm basically
02:00just gonna go through like there's no
02:01like lists or order or to this at all
02:03I'm just saying like the weapons I would
02:05get for certain things so it's either
02:08going to be basically msk if you don't
02:10have the mythics or just like regular
02:13missions so I would get the bundle blush
02:16bro man's really just said bundle Bliss
02:18I'll get the bundle bus it's very very
02:20powerful very very strong against msk
02:22and it's also decent regular missions
02:25against Miss monsters you can perk it
02:27right and it'll be really really
02:28powerful yeah definitely recommend that
02:30for msk if you don't already have it
02:33um and moving on here
02:35to the spy weapons the Pasha is also
02:37really really good for Miss monsters and
02:39minibuses and msk and it's also just it
02:42does so much damage in general
02:44um but yeah I would definitely pick this
02:45up or the deanimizer or both for msk or
02:49whatever like build your rocket or
02:50whatever you want to use but definitely
02:51do the pot shot more for like damage and
02:54don't like do reload speed okay I'm
02:55getting spammed if I this is really
02:58um and moving on here
03:01um nothing in the dragon weapons you're
03:02really going to want to pick up because
03:03nothing is really like op in that
03:06um now everybody knows The Good Old
03:07Reliable Pain Train pain Train's pretty
03:10um if you don't already have it I'd pick
03:12it up just because
03:13it's it's it's it's pretty good I would
03:16say anywhere from like 82 to like
03:20maybe like 124 it's pretty op so if you
03:22guys don't have the Pain Train you could
03:24also pick that up and I'm just going
03:26through like weapons I recommend you
03:28guys getting
03:29um so also definitely get the plasmic
03:32discharger this is the newest
03:34um weapon to the collection book I
03:36believe if I'm wrong tell me in the
03:37comments down below but I know this was
03:39not in here in the last video I made
03:40about the collection book so
03:42um but a lot of people have been telling
03:43me to get this one uh everybody's been
03:45uh every Mission literally every Mission
03:47I run
03:49is just everybody using this plasmic
03:51discharger from from missions to like
03:56um Candy Valley all the way up to like
03:57140s in
04:00twine everybody has been using this okay
04:02this guy is getting blocked bro
04:05anyways back into the video here
04:07um like I said I'm just gonna like
04:09recommend these weapons but I'm gonna
04:11tell you guys like the necessity weapons
04:13to get for certain things so like Pain
04:15Train is just gonna be for regular
04:16missions I don't recommend getting it
04:17like over the pot shot
04:20um to be honest
04:22and I'll definitely get like the the
04:24Pain Train before I got the um this
04:26round pound but it just depends what
04:28you're doing
04:29um if you don't have anything for msk
04:31then yeah get that over the Pain Train
04:32but for Missions I would get the paint
04:34train now moving on here
04:36um yeah definitely get the plasma
04:37discharger from missions and it also
04:39works really really uh well in msk for
04:42this uh mobs or like swarms swarms of
04:45husk and I'm not I'm not sure how good
04:47it is against Miss monsters and
04:49minibuses but I know that's really good
04:50about clearing like uh loads and loads
04:52of husk and in a certain radius
04:56um so moving on here I love the swan
04:58personally it's one of my favorite guns
05:00um but definitely not one of the best
05:01guns to get there but it's really really
05:03fun to play around with so if you want
05:04something to play around with it's
05:06really really fun it's a blast to use
05:08and moving on from that the the atomizer
05:11obviously one of the best if not the
05:13best guns in the game
05:15um and also the Pulsar 9000 if you want
05:18um you could pick it up it's pretty fun
05:19it's not really that great but it's
05:21pretty fun but yeah they do that the
05:23atomizer 9000 is one of the best
05:26in the game and also it's very very
05:30um for msk
05:32um really good for finishing off the msk
05:35and it's also really really good for
05:37mini bosses and Miss monsters and also
05:39swarms of enemies so really really good
05:42in general just for msk
05:44um mostly just good for msk but really
05:46really strong emissions as well moving
05:48on from that
05:50um you do that I've heard is a pretty
05:51fun gun to play around with I definitely
05:53want to recommend getting it the hemlock
05:55is really fun if you don't already have
05:57it you could go ahead and pick it up
05:58it's not like amazing but it's really
06:00fun and also
06:01um I'm not sure about this gun I've
06:03honestly never used it but I've heard
06:05it's like pretty powerful so uh if you
06:08guys like think this gun is good let me
06:09know in the comments and then if you
06:11guys don't like know about this gun or
06:13don't know if you want to get it I guess
06:15read the comments because I really don't
06:16know I'm sorry about that because I
06:18don't know about that gun at all
06:19but yeah I'll move on from that
06:24yeah so what I was saying about the uh
06:25surround pound is if you don't have the
06:27storm King's Fury then I would get this
06:29round pound but anyways moving on from
06:31that obviously the mythics we know are
06:36and I know I know I've got a lot of
06:40for the military weapons in the past and
06:42I can't lie I just I love the military
06:44weapons really fun it's a really fun
06:48um unfortunately the links is now the
06:49tubers uh from the battle rail update
06:52not three bears anymore that's a rip but
06:54also obviously you guys know The Wraith
06:55and the obliterator too my one of some
06:57of my favorite guns in the game
06:58obliterator it's just it's just it just
07:01does so much damage it's just so good
07:03and I know I said the best gun in the
07:06collection book is the obliterator a
07:07while back now obviously I've changed my
07:09mind on that because I caught a lot a
07:11lot of heat for that
07:12um and honestly
07:14don't really know what I'm talking I
07:15didn't know what I was talking about I
07:16really don't still know what I'm talking
07:19um I've had to say the world for a very
07:20long time but I've never got into it
07:21into it like that
07:24but yeah the obliterator is definitely a
07:28um but I don't know if it is the best
07:31but the reason I said it was the best is
07:32because you can put it with
07:35you can put it
07:38with the survivors and on the Survivor
07:41pads in your ssds and that will actually
07:44they will clean up they will literally
07:46destroy everything around now actually I
07:50figured out the neon bow
07:52could be better with the survivors the
07:55sniper survivors but a lot a lot of
07:57people back in the day before that bow
07:59was out
08:00a lot of people are saying that the
08:02obliterator was the best gun from the
08:03collection book and the best gun to get
08:05was survivors and I was in twine Peaks
08:07or ssds for a long time
08:09trying to beat like the first like
08:11couple of those a couple years back so
08:13yeah basically I was like brainwashed
08:16the oblitery was the best gun in the
08:17game you know you need to get it for
08:18your survivors and you know you can just
08:21set them up with it and they'll just
08:22take everything down with your trap
08:23tunnels well basically you know that is
08:25true but it's not as op and simple as
08:28that when the husk are gonna be that
08:30high power level so
08:32it just depends
08:33um all these guns also depend on how you
08:35perk them and everything like that but
08:37these are just my recommendations but I
08:39would definitely get The Wraith uh if
08:40you're like I said wraith kind of goes
08:42similar with the Pain Train if you're
08:43anywhere from like maybe like 58 82 to
08:46like 124 I would get The Wraith it's
08:47just really fun and it's pretty good in
08:50um and it'll also melt uh Miss monsters
08:52and Smashers if you have the right perks
08:55on it and also the obliterator just
08:58obviously it's just a pickup it's just
08:59really really good and it also has five
09:01shots and you can uh chamber that in
09:06um make it a lot better now obviously
09:08neon bow is what I was talking about I
09:10still don't know if I'm pronouncing this
09:11right Axion xionbo I think it's a neon
09:14bow not really sure but this bow is
09:17definitely the best bow in the game by
09:19far in my opinion the best bow in the
09:22game so if you guys want to cop this I
09:24would definitely do it um I wouldn't
09:25recommend supercharging it to 144 unless
09:28you have
09:29your Mythic supercharged and a few other
09:31guns before that but I'm gonna make a
09:33video on how to spin your superchargers
09:35so yeah
09:36um also before you guys do anything and
09:38take any advice from my videos I would
09:40watch a couple other videos first
09:42um because my opinion might not always
09:43be the right or best opinion for you
09:46guys so but that's just my opinion I'll
09:48definitely get the neombo though it's
09:50really really good moving on to the
09:51vendor Tech weapons
09:53nothing really great here
09:54um there's some stuff you can play
09:55around with I remember when this gun the
09:57blast pisser used to be so so rare
10:01but yeah anyways nothing really good
10:04um and nothing crazy here the the dang
10:07Buster is pretty good the hydraulic
10:09launcher is pretty good and the uh Hydra
10:12I mean I know that gun used to be so so
10:15solid after back when say the world
10:16first came out I mean if you don't have
10:18it I guess and you know you have all the
10:20other guns sure pick it up pick up the
10:22dang Buster if you want it's not really
10:24that crazy though
10:26um buzz cut kind of same category there
10:28it's kind of it's kind of bad but it's
10:30just it used to be a really sought after
10:31gun kind of same with the
10:34um hush Buster as well trash launcher is
10:37really really bad nowadays so I wouldn't
10:39pick that up and uh yeah that's that's
10:41basically gonna be it for this video so
10:43any any weapons I really recommend I'd
10:45say like the pot shot the Pulsar 9000
10:48and uh a couple of the other ones are
10:50the must-have ones you need like right
10:52right now
10:54um if you don't have them yeah so I
10:55would say top three to get right now
10:57Pulsar 9000
10:59pot shot and the um man what's that one
11:04the uh plasmic discharger because
11:06everybody's using this thing so yeah I
11:08would cop those if you don't already
11:09have them anyways that's gonna do it for
11:11this video hope this video helped you
11:13out and I hope you guys have a great
11:15wonderful dare night God bless everybody
11:17take care and peace boys
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the best weapons recommended for different types of missions and bosses in Fortnite Save the World Collection Book?

In the Fortnite Save the World Collection Book, the top three recommended weapons for different types of missions and bosses are the Pulsar 9000, pot shot, and plasmic discharger. These weapons have proven to be highly effective in various scenarios and are widely recommended by experienced players.

2. How can the Pulsar 9000 weapon be useful in Fortnite Save the World Collection Book missions?

The Pulsar 9000 is an exceptional weapon in Fortnite Save the World Collection Book missions due to its high damage output and versatility. It is particularly effective against groups of enemies and can quickly eliminate tough opponents, making it a valuable asset for players seeking efficient mission completion.

3. What makes the pot shot weapon a top recommendation in Fortnite Save the World Collection Book?

The pot shot weapon is highly recommended in Fortnite Save the World Collection Book due to its precision and stability. Its ability to deliver consistent damage, especially against bosses, makes it a popular choice among players. Additionally, its long-range capabilities enhance its effectiveness in various missions.

4. How effective is the plasmic discharger weapon in Fortnite Save the World Collection Book?

The plasmic discharger weapon is incredibly effective in Fortnite Save the World Collection Book missions, particularly against elemental enemies. Its unique ability to inflict elemental damage and crowd control makes it a valuable choice for players tackling challenging missions and encountering elemental boss fights.

5. What personal preferences and opinions are shared in the video regarding the best weapons in Fortnite Save the World Collection Book?

The video includes personal preferences and opinions on the best weapons in the Fortnite Save the World Collection Book. These insights provide valuable perspectives on the weapons' performance, strengths, and recommended usage, offering viewers a comprehensive understanding of each weapon's benefits and drawbacks.

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