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Andrew Tate's daily routine consists of waking up around 9ish, drinking two liters of water, and training for about 30 to 45 minutes with weights. He follows this with drinking coffee and only eating dinner. The rest of his day is spent completing tasks and working on his laptop or phone to run his empire.
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Andrew Tate's daily routine includes waking up around 9ish, drinking two liters of water, and training for 30 to 45 minutes a day.
He trains mainly with weights, but also boxes occasionally.
Andrew is a coffee addict and consumes two or three cups of coffee.
He believes caffeine is a miracle drug.
Andrew Tate's daily routine revolves around work, as it gives him a sense of purpose.
He works all the time, even during leisure activities like being on a boat.
Andrew believes that the secret to getting rich is simply working and focusing on building his empire.
He emphasizes the importance of attention, credibility, and genuinely improving people's lives in order to succeed.
00:00meeting and purpose for you you won't
00:02really enjoy it yeah I think a lot of
00:04people in fact the number one thing I
00:05hear from people who meet me in person
00:07is I've had so many people meet me and
00:09they're like you surprised me I'm like
00:10why like you just you're just working
00:12you just sit on your phone or you just
00:14work on your laptop and you know like
00:16they thought I'd be this crazy guy
00:17running around being crazy and they
00:19realize I'm extremely restrained I I'm
00:21very careful about everything I do from
00:23the what's your routine line okay so
00:25it's a good question so I wake up
00:26whatever time that happens to be I don't
00:28I what time what time do you wake up I
00:30have a problem sleeping okay I'm not
00:32good at sleeping but let's say I wake up
00:33around 9ish but I go to bed usually
00:35around 3: 4 yeah uh first thing I do is
00:39drink two liters of water then I train
00:41every day I train for about what you do
00:44I train for about 30 to 45 minutes a day
00:46I don't train what what is it what kind
00:47of train is it it depends where I am
00:48because I travel so much right so if I'm
00:51in the if I'm in hotels you kind of got
00:52to do what you can do right okay so
00:54mainly it's weights now um I I don't box
00:57as often because it's it's inconvenient
00:59like if I was training for a fight is
01:00different and I was sparing a couple
01:01days ago I still got the move no one can
01:02hit me so I've still got it but um yeah
01:04so usually about 45 minutes I I I I tear
01:07through a bunch of weights I just go as
01:08crazy as I can get that out the way
01:10bunch of coffee I'm a coffee addict I
01:12guess I don't know if that's still
01:13allowed I hope so but um okay good cuz
01:16uh I love caffeine I believe caffeine is
01:17a miracle drug so I'll have two or three
01:19coffees and another two liters of water
01:20I only eat dinner every day I don't eat
01:22breakfast I don't eat lunch and then
01:24from there it's just completing tasks I
01:27have something to do I have a podcast
01:28with you to do or I have somewhere to go
01:31or I have to go maybe sometimes it'll be
01:33something good like pick up a new car or
01:34new watch but if not I tell I promise
01:37you now I spend every waking second on
01:38my laptop or staring at my phone running
01:40the Empire that's all I do is work life
01:42to me is work life to me is work at the
01:44point now sleeping is work I only sleep
01:47because if I don't sleep I wouldn't be
01:48able to work if I could work without
01:50sleeping I wouldn't sleep all people
01:52look at my life and they especially
01:54you're right with the marking they see
01:55the cars they see the boats they see
01:56girls Etc and they're like oh wow he's
01:58living this crazy life and then they get
01:59around me and realize that yeah we're on
02:01a boat yeah there's hot girls yeah it's
02:03but I'm on my laptop and I'm working
02:05that that's it that's all I want to do
02:07is run the Empire because it gives me it
02:08gives me a sense of purpose so it sounds
02:11boring to say but all I do is work my
02:12friend that's it w that's it for when I
02:15finish this we'll talk we'll have a bit
02:16food Etc I'll get in the car I'll go
02:18back and I will work until my next
02:20appointment that's it I just work that's
02:21all I do so it's and it's kind of funny
02:23because people say to me like what's the
02:25secret to getting rich and I'm like it's
02:27easy if you if you don't do anything
02:29else what work like I don't have any my
02:31only like I'm trying to think of what
02:33even even hobby I have I love to what is
02:35the secret of get rich that's a good
02:38question that's a good question we we
02:40live in an attention economy so I think
02:42stage one is certainly attention stage
02:44two is once you have that attention
02:46establishing credibility and then stage
02:48three once you've established the
02:49credibility is finding a way to
02:50genuinely improve people's lives the
02:52reason I do so fantastically well is cuz
02:55everybody who's ever followed me or
02:56tried any of the things I talk about
02:58their life gets better so it's very easy
03:00to say oh I've tried Tate's program and
03:02my life's better or I tried this I
03:04followed Tate and I feel happier so then
03:05of course they're going to understand
03:07the brand and that's a way to do it but
03:08but truly it's it's hard work you need
03:10to be able to work endless hours is
03:12extremely competitive you need to be
03:14able to work as hard harder than the
03:15other guys and that's the only way I did
03:17it I ground to the top the old fashioned
03:18way and that's still what I do I just
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is Andrew Tate's daily routine?

Andrew Tate's daily routine consists of waking up around 9ish, drinking two liters of water, and training for about 30 to 45 minutes with weights. He follows this with drinking coffee and only eating dinner. The rest of his day is spent completing tasks and working on his laptop or phone to run his empire.

2. Why does Andrew Tate only eat dinner?

Andrew Tate chooses to only eat dinner as part of his daily routine because it aligns with his personal dietary preferences and lifestyle. By following this eating pattern, he can focus on other tasks and maintain his energy levels throughout the day.

3. What type of training does Andrew Tate do in the morning?

In the morning, Andrew Tate engages in a training routine that involves 30 to 45 minutes of weight training. This helps him stay physically fit and maintain his energy levels for the day ahead.

4. How does Andrew Tate balance his daily tasks and work responsibilities?

Andrew Tate balances his daily tasks and work responsibilities by dedicating specific time for completing tasks and working on his laptop or phone to manage his empire. This structured approach allows him to efficiently handle his various commitments.

5. What is the significance of Andrew Tate's daily water intake?

Andrew Tate's daily water intake of two liters helps him stay hydrated and maintain his overall well-being. Adequate hydration is essential for physical and cognitive performance, which is crucial for managing his empire and daily responsibilities.

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