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The video tests the damage output of various weapons in Destiny 2 Lightfall, including machine guns, linear fusions, and rocket launchers. The meta weapons for damage are determined to be Xenophage, Izanagi's Burden, and rocket launcher combos. Linear fusions like Vice Finger also perform well despite getting nerfed.
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The video section tests the base damage of a machine gun and compares it to other weapons like Grand Overture, Xenophage, Sleeper, and Anarchy.
The machine gun does significant damage with and without the Actium War Rig exotic armor.
The section also mentions the use of an artifact mod that provides a temporary bonus to void weapon damage after defeating a target with a void weapon.
The video is comparing the damage output of different heavy DPS weapons in Destiny 2 Lightfall.
The speaker mentions using a specific perk and leaving some ads alive for testing.
The speaker compares the damage of a specific weapon to Sleeper Simulant.
The speaker then tests the damage of another weapon called 1,000 Voices with Ember bashes.
The speaker also tests the damage with Don Corrus equipped.
Xenophage and Grand Overture are both performing well in terms of damage, but Xenophage is easier to use and has better ammo conservation.
Xenophage is considered good for Vex raids due to its ease of hitting crits.
Grand Overture's base form is weak, but its volley is strong.
Syntha steps with Berserker super is effective for boss damage.
Symbiotic Enhancement with heavy attacks is being tested, but it may not be the optimal strategy.
The video showcases damage testing for different weapons in Destiny 2 Lightfall.
Star class is considered good for short damage phases.
The player tests Anarchy plus succession and gets a damage of 769.
The player also tries two shots of Izanagi and one shot of Cascade for the highest damage possible.
Fourth Horseman gets a buff and the player tests it, getting a damage of 528.
The video discusses the best heavy DPS options in Destiny 2 Lightfall.
Xenophage and Izanagi rocket combos are impressive.
Fourth Horseman puts out great numbers but runs out of ammo quickly.
Anarchy is good for sustained damage.
Fire and Forget by Stinger is still viable despite the nerf.
00:00so some of the questions I want to ask
00:01today guys what is the base damage of
00:03this machine gun okay then the other
00:05question I want to ask is well what is
00:07it in comparison to Grand Overture
00:09what's what's another weapon we want to
00:11try it against should we should we break
00:13out a linear shot breakout tape in I'll
00:16break out paper 1 000 voices
00:19I don't want this video to be too long
00:21please God
00:23we'll see how much more we added this
00:24list I don't have
00:26Anarchy please sir oh my god oh
00:30I completely forgot xenophage even
00:31exists there's no reason to do geo
00:33testing because you've got it at 20 or
00:35about 520 yeah but I guess Anarchy
00:38people just still want to see like where
00:39it sits ah sleeper yeah I'll throw on
00:42sleeper all right we're not gonna test
00:44I don't want to test too much I do want
00:46to well but no debuffs guys no debuffs I
00:49will be applying the debuff with the
00:50machine gun kill that Adam
00:57Guardian down
01:06oh oh Chad I'm sorry hold on let me give
01:08oh look at that beautiful damage oh my
01:13God let me try it again this time with
01:21I don't want the tanks
01:36all right 334 334
01:39not bad
01:41okay now we're gonna try with the
01:43artifact mod now guys we're gonna do a
01:45breakdown of this at some point but
01:46we're gonna be using this with void
01:47weapon channeling wood weapon channeling
01:49it says you gain a temporary bonus to
01:52void weapon damage after you defeat a
01:54target with a void weapon it can be with
01:56any void weapon
01:58um and as long as you have at least one
02:00of your abilities fully charged you will
02:02get a buff now this goes from one to
02:04four it caps out at four and that
02:06includes your melee your grenade your
02:08class ability and your super we're gonna
02:10have all four because we just want to go
02:12ahead and blow thy load
02:25the damage
02:28or 17.
02:31is that what the times four right it's
02:34been times four or less
02:35you want me to pop my super now
02:38because I don't want you to do I really
02:39don't want to include that artifact you
02:41see what I mean like we need to get a
02:43base percentage of that that's just
02:44gonna fudge the numbers right now gives
02:46you some perspective here let us put on
02:48by tape pen let's put on dive ball specs
02:51I know by Stinger by the way just got a
02:53Nerf so let's just see what this looks
02:55like I'm gonna do bass without the
02:57artifact mod being product yet
03:09thank you
03:11wow that was a perfect one I don't get
03:13much better than that guys I'm gonna be
03:15rocking them with all void weapons can I
03:16buy chill 564.
03:22all right now let's crank this bad baby
03:24up I'm gonna get a void Killed Nobody
03:26kill the ad coming downstairs I'm gonna
03:28get a void kill now we're about to see
03:29how much we're cranking out with that
03:31other perk leave some ads up leave some
03:33ads I curba do it now
03:39nobody stand near me
03:44this is the one
03:48oh my God I don't think I'd get much
03:50better than that guys
03:54that's nice all right now for the sake
03:56of comparison immediately off the rip
03:58let's just compare this
04:00to sleep right I do have a sleeper we
04:02were using it yesterday sleeper did not
04:04get the linear Nerf problem with with
04:06sleepers I gotta reload this so
04:08obviously our DPS is going to be pissed
04:10for but we can at least get an idea of
04:12what our damage is you know
04:16all right
04:26oh my God Guardian down
04:30696 yeah
04:32and if I had any type of Auto auto
04:34loading feature that would have been
04:36higher keep in mind I know you might be
04:38looking at this and you're thinking wait
04:39the tape him was doing more damage that
04:41was with the perfect Vice finger proc
04:43that was with us getting a kill and
04:46procking void weapon channeling and
04:49having volatile flow with volatile
04:51rounds what you're seeing here from
04:53sleeper is just raw damage now again
04:57sake of comparison let's break out 1 000
04:59voices it got ignitions now my question
05:03does the ignitions require Synergy from
05:06solo 3.0 yes you need Ember bashes to
05:10fully do an ignition okay
05:20I see the ignitions it doesn't seem like
05:23that's crazy damage wise like it's 19
05:26000 damage I mean it's nice it's more
05:28than volatile for sure
05:30by 585 all right that gives you a
05:32representation guys of of um 1000 voices
05:35I'm being asked what if I put on Don
05:37course with 1000 voices does that
05:40increase our damage give me just a
05:41second again Don chorus increases uh
05:45your Scorch effects deal more damage and
05:46you gain a small amount of melee energy
05:48so we'll see I still gonna put on Ember
05:51of Ashes I've got Ember of ashes on I've
05:53got eruption on I'm actually curious
05:55more about the super how much damage the
05:57super can do
06:09I don't know I just like to do it I like
06:11to see the damage numbers when I am out
06:155.96 all right so if Scorch actually
06:18applied a little more damage there maybe
06:20it's really hard to tell I could have
06:22just got my timing right there but I
06:23don't think Don course really has
06:24anything to do with that now I do want
06:28to pop a super real quick hold on I'd
06:30have a ruption ashes and beams that's
06:33pretty much all I need to have right
06:34guys all right popping out of Cobra
06:39oh the damage baby the damage yeah yeah
06:43yeah yeah yeah yeah I don't know I just
06:46want to see what that looks like that
06:47damage alone nothing else
06:51yeah that's really weird how many swings
06:53was that was that only 10 swings we were
06:55supposed to get 15 swings this expansion
06:57based on what we saw from the patch
07:00notes we were supposed to you were doing
07:0110 swings last season and based on the
07:04patch notes we thought we were gonna get
07:0515 from it all right Chatham breakout
07:07xenophage I don't think it's gonna be
07:09meta but we'll try it
07:18I want to see the damage of the super
07:20that's fine
07:30spicy well if it is a Vex raid Xeno
07:33might be the play because those crits
07:35are up pain in the ass to hit I'm
07:36telling you man holy let me see if
07:39Grand Overture how Grand Overture is
07:45four five seven eight nine ten five
07:57good damage
07:59um here's the thing though the base form
08:01of grand Overture is so bad it's the
08:02volley that's so good you know what I
08:04mean it is it is still very good damage
08:07guys but I am just blown away with
08:10xenophages ease of use it's ammo
08:12conservation Grant and I was using
08:14actium War rig with Xenon just then so I
08:17think Gran Overture is still good
08:18especially for like like short windows
08:22of DPS
08:24test Berserker super I can I can do
08:27syntha steps
08:28like I'm very curious because like even
08:31the bass version yesterday you were you
08:33were destroying bosses with it yeah it's
08:35just hard to hit hi Cobra pop that let's
08:48obviously I was shooting with my God I
08:50didn't mean to but it was a sidearm it's
08:51very little
08:54man Jesus
08:56oh God
08:59that's a lot of damage that is
09:04I'm switching the Titan that is my
09:06symbiotic enhancement though right that
09:09is with body enhancement yes now I'm
09:11gonna try it I'm gonna I'm gonna try
09:13with heavy attacks only this time I'm
09:15curious I I don't think the heavy
09:17attacks is the way but I'm just gonna do
09:18heavy attacks over and over pop it now
09:26wait on the attacks okay okay yeah
09:29that's right there's a charge
09:32oh there's a debuff that's right the
09:36heavy attack creates the suspending
09:38projectiles and then we deal bonus
09:40damage to suspend the targets I didn't
09:41think it was gonna work because it's the
09:43boss but it's still technically even
09:45though he's not actually suspended he's
09:47still he still has the Deep okay okay
09:50hold on yeah we're about to see how much
09:51damage we can get out of the super yeah
09:53what was the Super you were testing out
10:04oh I lost biotic enhancements right
10:06there I was still very good yeah well it
10:10was pop rocking here and there someone
10:11says three so take three melees heavy
10:14three light attacks heavy again okay
10:3011 17. pretty good man pretty good
10:33that's a potent ass super dude unless
10:35you have a way to Auto auto suspend is
10:38there anything on your class or your kit
10:40that suspense no I only only Hunters
10:42because it's been on the fly but if
10:43there is a way for you guys to uh to
10:45continually keep suspending we all just
10:47do like a shackle grenade one at a time
11:05Hunter under super can infinite suspense
11:07or 100 suspense and you do light attacks
11:09how does the hunter suspend over and
11:11over the dive attack can they keep doing
11:13that over and over that's on a cooldown
11:15consumes a Dodge correct yeah this is
11:17obviously too much work guys again me
11:19running in there suspending myself and
11:21doing the attacks is still fantastic
11:23damage guys and if I'm doing it all
11:26within 10 seconds
11:39I like it like this because I don't need
11:41anyone else to proc granted I need
11:43synthesps to be propped so I need
11:45multiple ads next to me
11:47so but 725 000 damage from from just me
11:50that's fantastic
11:54that's cool I I don't know if I've seen
11:57a roaming super put this much out I'm
11:59getting a little carried away let me
12:01jump back on my hunter let me slide on
12:03girl Falcons
12:05let us try girth Falcons and the new
12:08exotic machine gun
12:13all right do it now three two one okay
12:31dude it almost seems like girl Falcons
12:34makes it worse makes it worse
12:37or it's not actually buffing it again
12:40what we discovered last season after the
12:42volatile Nerf and garfassing
12:44specifically was that we discovered that
12:47volatile had a cap Bungie only allows so
12:50many volatile explosions to happen yeah
12:52and the thing is we're already getting
12:53volatile from picking up orbs
12:56so I don't really think we're getting
12:58much benefit from Carter Falcons it's
13:00not like it's giving us more volatile
13:01explosions it's not stacking
13:13you can only get so many volatile
13:25all right unless you want to show us
13:27your star class ability Les is going to
13:29show you what we think is the meta which
13:31is a hot head with demolitionist
13:32explosive light with a horde infusion
13:34grenade yeah retrofit is it is better
13:37than deterministic deterministic is is
13:39good in which he can serve as support
13:40it's a support machine gun but it is not
13:42a it is not a damaged Powerhouse
13:45all right government do the thing okay
13:47pop it
13:55I also got triple tap that's frogging
13:59so crazy this is retrofit Nerf this is
14:01the last with star class this is what we
14:03think that the damage meta actually is
14:07okay 769
14:12543 me that's the thing is it's such a
14:15short damage phase right I think star
14:17class is so good for the reason that
14:19like a rogue damage phase it's so good
14:21right because Rolex damage base is
14:23really long I I have a succession I also
14:27have an anarchy guys I can't give you
14:29the god roll
14:31bait and switch cataclysmic right now
14:33but I can give you Anarchy we're gonna
14:35I'm gonna try I'm gonna try this guys
14:36Anarchy plus succession
14:57yeah it was all right it's all right all
15:00right Chad I'm actually going to show
15:01you what what the real meta is I'm gonna
15:03do two shots of Izanagi and then one
15:05more shot Cascade and see it was the
15:08highest we can get okay
15:24that's the best I can get in that time
15:27three easy shots
15:29five 542
15:33all right gives you an idea of where
15:34we're sitting I don't you know Cascade I
15:37think an explosive light roll for your
15:40GL still better oh no I want to try one
15:42more thing guys since I have these
15:44things already unlocked and I'm proc and
15:46volatile let me just make sure this is
15:49the last thing I want to test test I'm
15:50not going to test anything else
15:51corporate needs you to find the
15:53differences between this picture
15:57they're the same picture let me try on
15:59deathbringer right now a single well do
16:01it now okay Poppin
16:16dude that finger's just so aggravating
16:20five five twenty eight
16:25fourth Horseman got a buff right well it
16:27got the unintended Nerf fixed so okay so
16:30okay bye how much is it 20 20
16:35that sounds just wrong like I need the
16:37well to be up top again this time all
16:40right get ready to go now
16:56I am popping a super but I'm just
16:57reapplying the slow every time
17:04magaly on this yes I'm gonna open up
17:07with this
17:15all right popping down okay
17:19dude I got the wrong goddamn thing gone
17:30I didn't reload all the way
17:36down pretty good pretty good
17:38on 63 5.99
17:41yeah that last number I gave for fourth
17:43Horseman keep in mind like that number
17:45is a super a rocket it's a lot of
17:48different things so it's hard to really
17:49just jump up and say it's the best and
17:52we're also expanding all of our shots I
17:54just want to try an izunagi rocket combo
18:13that's pretty solid
18:19major takeaway today guys first
18:22determinants the chaos
18:24it's kind of shines secondly xenophage
18:27was kind of impressive he's a Nagi and
18:30uh rocket launcher combos still very
18:32deadly star class extremely deadly and
18:34animal conservation is it's extremely
18:38where the hordes pumping great numbers
18:39fourth Horseman puts out but again we
18:41were also fudging the numbers a little
18:43bit there but fourth Horseman is putting
18:45out Granite you run out of ammo very
18:47quickly and you got to be very close uh
18:49to the enemy Anarchy is not bad good for
18:52animal conservation as well despite it
18:54having less reserves uh I think overall
18:56for us from my day One race Squad we'll
18:59be rocking like rocket is a Naga Combos
19:01and you know linears they they did get
19:05hits I was using tape and earlier but I
19:09want to give you one damage value here I
19:11was using tape in earlier and it was
19:13with volatile and a bunch of other
19:15things that was procking so let me
19:18actually show you what a another linear
19:20would do for instance fire and forget by
19:23Stinger actually got a Nerf so so fire
19:25and forget mine actually be a really
19:27good play since it's a it's a burst fire
19:30weapon but again linears did get a Nerf
19:32so let's just this is my last this is
19:34the last one right here guys okay three
19:36two one popping thank you
19:43Guardian down
19:46look at it reproc and chat
19:49oh my God that's beautiful
19:51by Stinger on this actually rocking
19:53pretty good
19:55it has a lower Max size too so
19:58actually not not bad I mean I think even
20:01though Vice singer got hurt really bad
20:02on like the single fire linears I think
20:04for burst fire linears for this one
20:07it's still a great option now this is
20:08focus Fury that's 549 gives you kind of
20:11an idea of where legendaries most
20:13legendary linears sit tape in that
20:15number was a little more flexed because
20:16we were taking advantage of things like
20:17all the time all right guys that's our
20:19damage breakdown if you missed anything
20:20don't worry a cut of this will be out
20:23later by the way big shout out to
20:25everyone in here thank you so much for
20:26helping us test these guys I appreciate
20:28it I know this is a very long process
20:31but thank you guys so much for jumping
20:32in here have a good one guys my bounce
20:33out here now slap that like button like
20:35your mama told you right
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What weapons are tested in the Destiny 2 Lightfall video?

The video tests the damage output of various weapons in Destiny 2 Lightfall, including machine guns, linear fusions, and rocket launchers.

2. Which weapons are determined to be the meta for damage?

The meta weapons for damage are determined to be Xenophage, Izanagi's Burden, and rocket launcher combos.

3. How do linear fusions perform in the video despite being nerfed?

Linear fusions like Vice Finger also perform well despite getting nerfed.

4. What is the focus of the Destiny 2 Lightfall video?

The focus of the video is to test the damage output of various weapons and determine the meta weapons for damage in Destiny 2 Lightfall.

5. What are some of the top-performing weapons in terms of damage according to the video?

According to the video, Xenophage, Izanagi's Burden, and rocket launcher combos are among the top-performing weapons in terms of damage.

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