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This video tells the story of a Ukrainian man who grew 23 centimeters taller through a combination of psychological suggestion, physical exercises, stretching, swimming, and proper nutrition. He emphasizes the importance of a strong desire and dedication to the goal of increasing height.
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The video introduces Rostow Akhmetov, a retired high jumper from the Soviet Union, who grew 23 centimeters taller using a specific method.
Rostow grew from 164 centimeters to 187 centimeters intentionally.
He was inspired by the high jump results of Soviet Union coach Vitali Alekseevich Lansky and asked to be enrolled on the high jump team.
Rostow used a method to force his body to grow taller over three years.
Rustam's coach told him that he needed to grow taller in order to improve his high jump results.
Rustam realized that his height was becoming a problem for his high jump performance.
He started implementing methods to increase his height and grew 23 centimeters over three years.
Rustam believed that even with the new technique called the Fosbury Flop, being taller would still lead to better results.
To increase height naturally, one must be determined and dedicated to a set of exercises and stimuli.
There are doors representing higher numbers, with each door representing a higher height.
Most people subconsciously choose the closest door, but to reach maximum genetic potential, one must go further.
The process involves psychological dedication, physical exercises like stretching and jumping, swimming, and proper nutrition.
Rustam grew taller by sleeping in resistance bands and using psychological triggers to release human growth hormone.
Volleyball players have soft and explosive muscles that don't interfere with bone growth.
Rustam slept in resistance bands tied to his bed to promote growth.
Psychological attitude and triggers play a crucial role in increasing height.
Rustam founded a school of growth and helped many people achieve taller heights.
Willard grew 20 centimeters taller and received a portion of his father-in-law's estate and a job offer as a CEO.
Willard used a technique to grow taller by 20 centimeters.
Rustam has also helped a man named Vid Bisque grow 6 centimeters taller.
Swimming is an essential element in Rustam's technique for people with closed growth zones.
Rustam emphasizes that desire is the strongest element for growing taller.
Mentally stimulating the body to grow through exercises, proper nutrition, and self-hypnosis can lead to growth even in individuals who have never trained or played sports.
By constantly thinking about growing and mentally stimulating the body, messages are sent to the subconscious.
Comparing oneself to objects and attempting to reach for objects that were previously out of reach can help stimulate growth.
Proper exercises like jumping, swimming, and stretching, along with the right nutrition and vitamins, can yield positive results in body growth.
Self-hypnosis and psychological suggestion play a crucial role in influencing the psyche during exercises, ensuring they are performed with joy and happiness.
The man explains the three principles for natural growth, including constant stimuli, rolling down hills to mentally stimulate growth, and the importance of food, particularly carrots.
The body needs constant stimuli to grow taller.
Rolling down hills mentally stimulates the body to grow taller.
Eating carrots, particularly with sour cream, is important for growth.
00:00hi and welcome back to the gorilla guru
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00:19video is a little bit different to my
00:21normal style of video the story is about
00:24a Ukrainian man who similar to myself
00:27also encouraged a second Grossberg
00:30except his growth spurt was 23
00:34centimeters which is incredible I have
00:37tried my very best to translate the
00:40story from Russian to English some of
00:43the words may seem a little bit odd but
00:46it still gets the point across as I
00:48narrate you'll notice that sometimes I
00:50will speak from the third-person
00:52perspective and sometimes from the
00:55first-person perspective so without
00:57further ado let's find out how this
01:00Ukrainian man grew 23 centimeters taller
01:04and what techniques we can learn from
01:07him enjoy Rostow Akhmetov is a retired
01:11high jumper for the soviet union he was
01:14born in Verdi chair a historic town in
01:16the Ukraine on the 17th of May 1950 he
01:20would brand medals at the 1968 and 1971
01:24European Championships and finished
01:26eighth in the hydrent final at the 1972
01:30Olympic Games in Munich his personal
01:32best was a jump of two point two three
01:35meters achieved in 1971 but what Rustom
01:39is most famous for is a method he used
01:41to force his body to go 23 centimeters
01:44taller in three years
01:46Rustom grew from 164 centimeters to 187
01:51centimeters which is amazing especially
01:54because it was intentional Russ Tom's
01:57father was a soldier and his mother was
01:59a housewife in the town of Buda chair
02:01but rusty met a wonderful school of high
02:03jumpers who were led by the honored
02:06Soviet Union coach Vitali Alekseevich
02:09Lansky Rustam was very impressed by
02:13Sukie and his high results from the
02:15excitement and desire to be great in
02:17sports mainly in high jump Rustam asked
02:21lon ski if he could be enrolled on the
02:23high jump team but the first year Lansky
02:26refused him mainly because of his short
02:29stature to get a good hard jump it was
02:31necessary to be tall
02:33Rustam did not realize this back then
02:36the first year LAN secured Futurist um
02:38he said you are still small grow up the
02:42second year Reston's mum convinced
02:44Lansky to let him in role on the Hajduk
02:47team rastas jumps progressed quickly he
02:50started jumping at 1 meter 20 and later
02:54that year jumped at 1 meter at 75
02:57but his progress plateaued all Ruston's
03:00friends and rivals who were 10 to 15
03:04centimeters taller Rustom carried on
03:06improving while rest and progress
03:09Rustam asked his coach Lansky why am i
03:14results the same and not improving
03:16lansky said Rustam you are small to jump
03:22you need big height Lansky went on to
03:25say if you grow taller you will get high
03:28scores if you don't grow however your
03:31results will stop there that was the
03:33first time Rustam ever encountered a
03:35problem with his height before then he
03:38never worried about how tall he was
03:40small/medium it was no concern but on
03:44that day was stunned thought very deeply
03:46about the problem this is when he first
03:48started implementing methods to increase
03:50growth he could not imagine life without
03:53the high jump
03:54Rustam really loved the high jump and
03:56the sport and he definitely needed to
03:59grow grown taller was now his priority
04:02and his techniques began to take shape
04:03over three years restoring Christus
04:06heights by 23 centimeters in an
04:09interview in 2016 Rustam was asked if
04:12his great results in high jump were down
04:14to the new height of a hundred eighty
04:16seven centimeters Rustam mentions that
04:20at the time he was jumping by the throw
04:22over method but after 1968 a new method
04:25called the fast proof
04:26up was getting more popular the phosphor
04:29a flock was named after dick Fosbury
04:31after he won the gold in 1968 Olympic
04:34Games this method now became a standard
04:37for the sports with the fast-break flop
04:39anyone could jump high regardless of
04:41their heights but rustam believed that
04:43he would still achieve better results if
04:45he was taller he wanted to be at least
04:47185 centimeters this was the height of
04:50the famous Soviet Union high jumper
04:52Valeria Brummell who broke the Hodja
04:54record six times and had four gold
04:57medals under his belt
04:59Rustam says that everyone including
05:01himself and his teammates used the
05:04height of Romel as a benchmark to try
05:07and reach the new fast break flop did
05:10suit the taller athletes there were of
05:12course exceptions when shorter athletes
05:15still showed great results for example
05:18Franklin Jacobs who was only a hundred
05:21and seventy three centimeters jumped to
05:24point three two meters in 1978 59
05:28centimeters above his own head which has
05:31only ever been matched by Stefan Hunt in
05:332005 these two are probably the most
05:36well known but there are many other
05:38athletes who are short who have
05:39explosive muscle qualities and a very
05:42high desire to win
05:43Rustam parents were both short in fact
05:46most of his family was short where
05:48Stan's father was 164 centimeters and
05:52his mother was a hundred and fifty eight
05:54centimeters genetically he was destined
05:57to be short
05:57Rustam refused to accept this face he
06:00really loved a high jump and wanted to
06:03achieve his goals by any means necessary
06:06so we're sums method for increasing
06:08heart naturally what is it Rustam
06:11described his method as a genetic
06:13corridor for example you start out at
06:16the beginning of the corridor 165
06:19centimeters as you walk up the corridor
06:21there are doors each door represents a
06:23higher number for example as you walk up
06:26the corridor there is door 166
06:29centimeters there is door 170
06:32centimeters and so on most people
06:35subconsciously go through the door that
06:37is closest to them because it is easy
06:40no more walking down the corridor but if
06:43you are determined to reach the end of
06:45the corridor the genetic potential could
06:48be 190 centimeters or 195 centimeters
06:52for example of course most of us would
06:55walk down the corridor to the 190
06:58centimeter or 195 centimeters doors but
07:02you are unaware of this choice as it's
07:04on a subconscious level most people are
07:07not even aware the corridor is there
07:10usually there is a realization for a
07:13Stan it was when he asked his coach
07:15Lansky about the high jump schools not
07:18improving for others it could be similar
07:20maybe a rejection of some kind
07:23Rustam says a magical set of exercises
07:26alone will not help a person to increase
07:29their Heights you can only grow if you
07:32do it 24 hours a day for this you'll
07:34need all sorts of stimuli
07:36starting with psychological then moving
07:39on to the physical stretching jumping
07:42swimming and proper nutrition if the
07:45body will not receive materials for
07:47construction it will not grow no matter
07:50how engaged you are whatever magical
07:53exercises you do to prevent the system
07:55from becoming a burden to a person the
07:58system must become a game the game of
08:02growing taller any game always brings
08:05joy and happiness people always love to
08:08play it brings them great pleasure the
08:11goal is to play a game of a growing
08:13person as soon as this is established a
08:16person will gladly do it with joy they
08:19will feel happy to perform exercises
08:21that are part of the game when rustam
08:23says you need to dedicate yourself 24
08:26hours a day to growing taller this
08:28primarily involves the psychological
08:31aspects day to day he has a set of
08:33exercises that will take one and a half
08:36hours daily in his book growth genetics
08:39or aspiration to implement
08:42Rastas method you must be thinking about
08:44grim taller constantly he explains that
08:47even if you're just walking down the
08:49road and see a branch jump for it if you
08:52see a bar
08:53if you have an opportunity to swim do it
08:56swimming is great as it helps people to
08:59grow who have closed zones after the age
09:02of 20 in Russia there are scientific
09:05dissertations on the subjects if there
09:07is opportunities to play basketball
09:09volleyball then do it Rustam also
09:13explains that as you grow you'll get
09:15stretch marks and this is a good sign it
09:18is a sign of growth as we all know
09:21gymnast our shores why because they have
09:24strong knotted muscles which prevent
09:26bones from growing the muscle needs to
09:29be elastic soft and explosive like
09:32jumpers basketball players and
09:34volleyball players because their muscles
09:36are soft and explosive it does not
09:39interfere with the growth of bones the
09:41gymnasts muscle does not allow the bones
09:44to grow so the flexibility exercises are
09:47an important element of our techniques
09:50but this is not enough when rustam says
09:53you need to be dedicated 24 hours a day
09:56he means it when rustam was growing he
09:58slept in resistance bands because it was
10:01proven that we grow mostly at nights he
10:03tied his shoulders to the headboard of
10:06his bed and the legs to the foot of the
10:09Rustem explains that it was hard to
10:11stick at first but eventually he slept
10:14well he would mainly sleep on his back
10:15but it was also fine if you slept on
10:18your sides as the resistance bands were
10:20already attached and doing their job the
10:23most important part of the system is the
10:25psychological attitude as humans we have
10:29not yet even begun to explore the
10:31powerful triggers the brain has on the
10:34just imagine crushing a lemon in your
10:36mouth go on think about it vividly you
10:39will immediately begin to salivate it's
10:42this same power you tap into when you
10:44want to grow but instead of saliva you
10:47release human growth hormone
10:49you tell your body I must grow I must
10:53stand out all this is interrelated the
10:56psychological to the physical you must
10:59play the game of growing taller in order
11:01to increase heart you do this
11:04round-the-clock 24 hours a day
11:06but it's not a burden this is the game
11:09of a growing person if a person decides
11:12to play this game for themselves they
11:15will receive great pleasure and at the
11:17same time significantly increase their
11:20height in the 1980's rustam founded his
11:24own school of growth and many people
11:26achieved similar if not better results
11:29than rustam doing his program even in
11:32individuals with closed growth zones
11:35Rustam agrees that it is a lot easier to
11:38get someone to grow if their growth
11:40zones are open the body is like clay and
11:43it's easier to manipulate but don't lose
11:46hope if your growth zones are closed
11:49Rustam has dealt with many people who
11:51have grown taller even after closure
11:53Rustam explains that at the heart must
11:57be a deep deep desire to grow constantly
12:00rustam his best case of growth after
12:03growth zone closure was an American
12:06called Willard Willard had a big
12:09incentive to grow taller
12:11Willard's girlfriend was six inches
12:13taller than Willard and refused to marry
12:16him unless he grew up her parents and
12:18family were very traditional and
12:20respected they would never agree to
12:23their daughter marrying a short man it
12:25would bring great shame to the family so
12:28Willard had to grow there was no other
12:31option with rostov's help Willard
12:34managed to tap into the nervous system
12:36in his back and legs that allowed the
12:39muscles to strain or relax in this way
12:42he learned how to control his muscles
12:45using this technique will it grew at 20
12:48centimeters and his girlfriend was over
12:52the moon they got married and his
12:53father-in-law was so impressed with the
12:56dedication he has shown to please him
12:58that he gave Willard a portion of his
13:00estate and a job offer as a CEO of his
13:04successful business Willard never had to
13:06worry about his height or finances ever
13:09again with enough desire love and
13:11stimulation Willard found a way to grow
13:14taller by 20 centimeters even with
13:17closed grow
13:18zones Rustam says more recently he has
13:22been helping a man called vid bisque who
13:25is 22 years old he has not reached 20
13:28centimeters like Willard but six
13:30centimeters he is happy and grateful for
13:33his growth so far there are many cases
13:35like this for people who do have closed
13:39growth zones it's essential they
13:42incorporate swimming into their regime
13:44many of the dissertations were Stan has
13:47read on the subject proves that people
13:49who are engaged with swimming who have
13:52closed growth zones can grow taller even
13:56after 20 years old swimming is one of
13:59the important elements in Ross Tom's
14:01technique but still the stomach stresses
14:04that desire is the strongest element to
14:07grow taller if a person strongly wished
14:10then he or she will definitely grow it's
14:14the foundation to his program the
14:16psychological attitude
14:18Rustam suggests that anyone who wants to
14:20play the game of growing taller
14:22should write a receipt to themselves
14:24take a piece of paper and write I am in
14:27brackets your name I undertake the task
14:30of growing brackets enter amount of
14:33growth you truly desire closed brackets
14:36and I will accomplish this within one
14:39year the goal here is not to put the
14:42biggest number but a number you will
14:45truly be satisfied with some people may
14:48be happy with 6 centimeters others it
14:51may be 20 centimeters Rustam Szold coach
14:54Lansky actually made was stammered do
14:57the exact same restores pledge was to
15:00grow just 8 centimeters in 12 months not
15:0423 centimeters all at once
15:07even though Rustam had a huge desire he
15:10was still being realistic but on his
15:13receipt he wrote I must achieve this by
15:16all means you should write this also on
15:19your own receipt and then sign it this
15:21receipt must not be stored away in a box
15:24where nobody will see it it must be
15:27placed in the most prominent place in
15:29your home on the wall on a mirror me
15:32even stuck under a glass tabletop you
15:35must see this receipt constantly you
15:38must grow taller that is the goal you
15:41don't want to just write about it then
15:43forget it you must see it every second
15:46it will make you achieve the goal
15:48those who do this will see their
15:49psychology change their character your
15:52life becomes more coordinated when you
15:55wake up and jump out of bed you will be
15:57thinking about growing when you have
15:59breakfast you'll be thinking about
16:00growing when you wash you'll be thinking
16:03about growing when you lie down you'll
16:05be thinking about growing all day long
16:07you'll be sending messages to your
16:10subconscious that you want the body to
16:12lengthen even when you sit down on your
16:15imagine them growing you are mentally
16:18stimulating them to grow and same with
16:20the body it's necessary to mentally
16:23stimulate the body to grow when you walk
16:25around your home you'll start to compare
16:27yourself relative to other objects how
16:30far away am i from the top of the door
16:32when outside you will try to jump or
16:35reach for objects that you could not be
16:38full or just to see if you can this is
16:41the mood of the body it is the
16:42psychology when you do the proper
16:45exercises the jumping the swimming and
16:47the stretching and back it up with
16:50proper nutrition and correct vitamins
16:52you will see the results will be there
16:55man has nowhere to go but grow where
16:59stump says that is possible for anyone
17:01to grow and even more so for people who
17:04have never trained or played sports
17:06their muscles will be elastic soft and
17:09underdeveloped it's like clay very easy
17:13to sculpt or even sports that don't
17:15interfere with bone growth like
17:17basketball volleyball jumping swimming
17:21etc but with gymnast and acrobats it's
17:25hard work they have a different quality
17:28to the muscle so strong and so knotted
17:31they allow little room for the bones to
17:34grow rest and technique is based on
17:37three principles the first is
17:39psychological suggestion self-hypnosis
17:42this is the most important as
17:45how to influence your psyche all the
17:48exercises no matter how hard they are
17:51should be performed for joy and for
17:54happiness this should not be forgotten
17:56even if you're sitting in the splits and
17:59your muscles hurt
18:01ligaments pull you're ready to scream
18:03where you have to overpower yourself and
18:06imagine that this is something pleasant
18:08like a child eating an ice cream or a
18:11husband kissing his wife it's very
18:14important these exercises bring not
18:17heaviness but joy all exercises must
18:20pass through the head
18:22not just stretching no you must mentally
18:26imagine how your body lengthens this is
18:29the first principle of psychological
18:32suggestion the second principle is
18:34exercise very important muscles need to
18:38stretch they should not interfere with
18:40the bones they should be soft elastic
18:43explosive and flexible exercises that
18:46are dynamic and pulsating contribute to
18:50zones of growth growing rapidly I use
18:53many of these exercises in my system
18:55this supports growth hormone it should
18:58flow into the body like saliva like my
19:00example with the lemon your body's
19:02response was to salivate whether you
19:05liked it or not exercise is exactly what
19:08the body needs the body needs stimuli to
19:11grow you are set to grow taller you
19:14constantly think about it and that is
19:16backed up with irritants you cannot just
19:19do one hour of exercise a day and forget
19:23about your goal you need to constantly
19:25play the game of a growing person at 24
19:28hours a day while swimming
19:29you must feel through the brain how your
19:31body will lengthen whereas thermit was
19:34younger he remembers asking his grandma
19:36what tartar people did in order to grow
19:38taller she said find a hill and lie on
19:41it sideways then stretch your body out
19:44and roll down the hill she would say to
19:46him it's like rolling dough it gets
19:48longer every time
19:50Rustam rolled down the hill he always
19:52felt the sensation of being taller he
19:54says when you roll you mentally imagine
19:57yourself being taller it's a great
19:59sighs - mentally stimulate the body to
20:01grow when you roll it creates a
20:04centrifugal force that stretches the
20:06body this was a big influence for some
20:08of my methodology the third principle is
20:11food it's very important without
20:13material in bricks you cannot build a
20:16building there must be proteins
20:18carbohydrates and minerals especially
20:20important vitamins vitamin a found in
20:25Rustam says when he was growing he ate
20:27two three carrots per day it was the law
20:30eat them as you wish with sour cream
20:33blended or even in soup the rest of the
20:36information can be found in rustam book
20:39growth genetics or aspiration rest' I
20:42wrote the book to help his fellow nation
20:45of Tatars who are Turkish people living
20:47in Russia and other Soviet countries -
20:51are very small people generally and
20:52rustam wants this to change
20:54Rustam are no longer coaches at his
20:57school of growth as he is now a doctor
20:59of science and the head of his
21:01department so he has little time left to
21:04teach people one-on-one or even lead a
21:06group but all of his techniques and
21:08methodologies are described in his book
21:11and also his coach's book called what do
21:15you say about height he did get chance
21:17to use his methods on his sons who were
21:20both tourists and the tallest of the two
21:22is Ladera who is a hundred and
21:25ninety-six centimeters thanks again for
21:29watching this video guys I will leave a
21:31link in the description box below to
21:34rustam websites where you can purchase
21:36his book unfortunately the book is only
21:40in Russian so unless you're fluent in
21:44Russian you will have to translate it
21:46manually a little bit like how I have to
21:48translate this video in order to get it
21:51to you guys in the future I may try and
21:53translate some of Rossum's methods that
21:57he uses in the books into videos so if
22:01you would find that helpful then just
22:03drop me a comment below also let me know
22:06if you enjoyed this style of video yes
22:08it did take a little bit longer than my
22:11usual format but sometimes quality is
22:15better than quantity so with that we
22:19shall see you next time
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What methods did the Ukrainian man use to grow 23 centimeters taller?

The Ukrainian man used a combination of psychological suggestion, physical exercises, stretching, swimming, and proper nutrition to grow taller.

2. What does the Ukrainian man emphasize in his story of increasing height?

The Ukrainian man emphasizes the importance of a strong desire and dedication to the goal of increasing height in his story.

3. How can psychological suggestion help in increasing height?

Psychological suggestion can help in increasing height by creating a positive mindset and belief in the ability to grow taller, which can have an impact on physical processes in the body.

4. What role does proper nutrition play in the process of increasing height?

Proper nutrition plays a crucial role in the process of increasing height by providing essential nutrients for bone growth, development, and overall health.

5. Why is dedication important in the journey of increasing height?

Dedication is important in the journey of increasing height as it requires consistent effort, patience, and perseverance to follow the recommended exercises, routines, and lifestyle changes.

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