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This video discusses the best weapons in Battlefield 2042 after the spread changes in Season 5, highlighting the gew-46, PBX, rm68, M5 A3, pp29, scar, and bsvm as strong options. The weapons are evaluated based on their spread, damage, range, and versatility, with the pp29 and bsvm being standout choices due to their large magazine options and effective range. Overall, these weapons are considered to be among the top choices in the game.
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This section discusses the selection process for the best weapons in Battlefield 2042 after the spread changes in Season 5.
The spread changes in Battlefield 2042 have been implemented through two separate patches for different weapon categories.
The video aims to provide an assessment of the best weapons that will be applicable not only for the rest of Season 5 but also for Season 6 and beyond.
The list of the best weapons has been narrowed down to 11, but it doesn't mean that the weapons not included in the list are unusable.
The PBX is a reliable SMG option in Battlefield 2042, especially for aggressive players who don't want to use assault rifles or bullet hose SMGs.
The PBX has an 850 round per minute fire rate and a 45 BTK up to 35 meters.
Past 35 meters, the PBX becomes less effective but still more reliable compared to other SMGs.
Recommended loadout for the PBX includes a red dot sight, tactical compensator, standard mag, and BCG light grip.
The PBX is considered underrated and can compete with other solid weapons in the game.
The RM68 is considered the second best assault rifle in Battlefield 2042 after some nerfs and spread changes.
It has a tight spread, good damage, and range.
The suppressed short barrel makes it aggressive and difficult to track.
It has a four shot kill out to 30 meters and a five shot kill beyond that.
The AR headshot multiplier allows for easy headshots and melting enemies.
The M39 and M5 A3 are considered among the best weapons in Battlefield 2042 due to their versatility and effectiveness in different play styles.
The M39 is a two-shot kill weapon with the potential for one-shot headshot kills on weak enemies.
The M5 A3 is a versatile weapon that can be used as an assault rifle, hybrid, or SMG.
The M5 A3 has a consistent time to kill and can perform well in close combat with the use of close combat or short barrel attachments.
The pp29 is considered the best SMG in Battlefield 2042 due to its manageable recoil, large magazine options, and good range.
The pp29 has a mostly vertical recoil pattern and is not difficult to control.
The weapon has a fast rate of fire, manageable recoil, and a 200-round magazine.
The spread changes in Season 5 do not affect the pp29 as harshly due to its massive magazine options.
The pp29 is a four-shot weapon up to 30 meters and a five-shot weapon up to 50 meters.
It competes with assault rifles in terms of performance and does not require constant reloading.
The Scar and BSVN are the best weapons in Battlefield 2042 after the spread changes in Season 5.
The Scar has a built-in grenade launcher, making it a versatile choice.
The BSVN is a powerful DMR that can be fired in full-auto, giving it an advantage over other DMRs.
The BSVN has a three-shot kill up to 75 meters, making it effective against snipers.
The BSVN has no drop-off between magazines, allowing for sustained firepower.
00:01hey everybody Catalyst here welcome back
00:03to the channel I hope you all are doing
00:05well today we're going to be going over
00:06some of the best weapons in Battlefield
00:082042 after the spread changes in season
00:11five if you've been out of the loop a
00:13little bit dice have changed the amount
00:14of spread across all weapons in
00:16Battlefield 2042 and they have done so
00:18with two separate patches one at the
00:20beginning of the season for assault
00:22rifles and dmrs and one that came out in
00:24the patch the other week that tweaked
00:26lmgs and SMGs so if you're wondering why
00:29this video is coming out so late in the
00:30season and coming out it's such a weird
00:32time I thought it would be best to wait
00:34until all the guns were adjusted with
00:36the new spread multipliers to give you
00:37an assessment that will hopefully last
00:39you not only for the rest of season 5
00:41but well into season 6 and Beyond as I
00:44don't think that dice are going to tweak
00:45the Gunplay in a major way after this so
00:48this is going to be a longer video we
00:50have no time to waste here let's get
00:51right into it if you enjoy the video
00:53drop a like on it leave a comment on
00:55which weapons you're using the most
00:56recently did I miss your favorite weapon
00:58let me know okay let's get started to
01:01start off the video today I want to
01:02quickly talk about how I came to choose
01:04these weapons out of the rest I have
01:06narrowed down the list to 11 weapons
01:08that I think are better than every other
01:10weapon in the game now that does not
01:13mean that if a specific weapon does not
01:15make this list that it is tremendous dog
01:17water and it's unusable I mean some are
01:20but there are plenty of weapons in the
01:22game that you can do well with like the
01:24ak-24 but for me personally there are
01:27other weapons that I would prefer over
01:28it right now if you want a blanket
01:31assessment of the meta you really can't
01:33go wrong with any assault rifle or DMR
01:35specifically because of the 2.5 x
01:37headshot multiplier that they get and a
01:40lot of the weapons on this list will
01:41reflect that as micro bursting and the
01:44ability to hit headshots frequently
01:45played a big part in picking this list
01:48also there is a stunning lack of lmgs on
01:51the list and that is because overall I
01:53don't like how the lmgs feel after their
01:55update and I imagine that there will be
01:57changes in this area if there are
01:59changes after this video releases I am
02:01confident that the advances and lcmg
02:03will be thrust back into the meta but
02:06for now it's predominantly assault
02:08rifles and dmrs so with that being said
02:10some honorable mentions to start off as
02:12always and we've got a couple today
02:13first the pp2000 one of the few SMGs on
02:17the list the pp2k was an underrated
02:19weapon in the meta to begin with and the
02:22added weapon attachments for Vault SMGs
02:24that were in the patch a couple of weeks
02:26ago have only really solidified that
02:28even more I think that it's a fun weapon
02:30to use but the bullet velocity really
02:33holds it back in this meta as you need
02:35to adjust your aim to account for that
02:36along with the added spread that's what
02:39keeps it off the list next the ak-24 I
02:42think this is a great beginner weapon if
02:44you're just starting out and it's very
02:45easy to control and manage the reason
02:47it's not on the proper list is that
02:49there are just so many other assault
02:51rifles that do what the ak-24 does but
02:54they do it better there are no sniper
02:56rifles on the list because I think that
02:57they should be considered in their own
02:59category and to be honest with you all
03:00the sniper rifles really feel the same
03:02to me so just pick your favorite if
03:04you're coming here for sniper rifles my
03:06favorite is the gold Magnum and with
03:08that being said let's start the list
03:09with the newest assault rifle added to
03:11Battlefield 2042 the gew46 releasing as
03:15part of season 5 the gew-46 is a four
03:18shot kill out to 20 meters and then it's
03:20a 5 shot kill up to around 60 meters
03:22which is a pretty hefty 5 shot kill
03:25range and it has a decent enough fire
03:27rate at 700 RPM but the thing that makes
03:29the gew really strong is that initial
03:31spread of the first Six Bullets that you
03:33fire this would be a reoccurring trait
03:35among a lot of the top weapons in
03:37today's video but after the spread
03:38changes the assault rifles that have the
03:40smallest amount of spread in their
03:41opening five to six rounds or the
03:44weapons that feel the best of burst fire
03:45are generally speaking going to be your
03:48better weapons because the meta has
03:49focused a lot more on micro bursting for
03:52the gew The Recoil is mostly vertical so
03:55it's very easy for you to climb into a
03:57headshot while bursting at five to six
03:59shots and dropping people really quickly
04:02by hitting that headshot with a 2.5 x
04:05multiplier so it could be a real
04:07strength and you can drop people really
04:09really quickly at some pretty insane
04:11ranges but once you get later into the
04:13magazine it's where the gew can struggle
04:15a little bit with spread which is why
04:17it's not considered to be elite just
04:19really good the gew-46 also has a really
04:22nice reload speed for the high power
04:24extended Mac which is the mag that you
04:26should be using which can't really be
04:28said for a lot of the other weapons that
04:30also run this ammo type so it's a very
04:32dependable weapon with a good reload
04:34doesn't really lack in any one area
04:36except for maybe rate of fire but all in
04:39all it's a very solid weapon I run my
04:41gew with a red dot sight high-powered
04:43extended mag BCG grip and the rcom
04:45Tactical muzzle brake for Less
04:47horizontal recoil oh and I forgot to
04:49mention this this list is in no
04:51particular order so before all you gew
04:53enjoyers get all uppity because your gew
04:56is ranked at number 10 there is really
04:58no number 10 it's literally just a list
05:02with no order next we have the ac42
05:04which I feel is sort of the Forgotten
05:07gun of Battlefield 2042 because it's the
05:09only burst weapon in the game unless you
05:11include the g57 and nvk pistols
05:14previously the knock on the ac42 was
05:16that because pretty much every gun in
05:18the game would have been able to kill
05:19you from extreme ranges with pretty good
05:22accuracy you needed to hit your first
05:24burst with the ac-42 in order to win a
05:27lot of gunfights so with spread being
05:29increased across the board the AC 42 now
05:31has a place in The Meta as being a very
05:34consistent little to no spread burst
05:35weapon that you can really find a good
05:37Groove with at medium to long ranges it
05:41might be the best long range assault
05:42rifle in the game at the moment and it's
05:44especially good if you're on controller
05:46because you get 30 less recoil than if
05:48you are using mouse and keyboard it
05:51doesn't matter how many times I say that
05:52people are always surprised to find that
05:54out and try to argue with me but no
05:55that's the way that it works so if you
05:58hit all the shots on your burst this gun
06:00can absolutely put people down quickly
06:02and effectively especially if you hit
06:04headshots with the 2.5 x headshot
06:07multiplier on assault rifles which if
06:09you hit all head shots you can one burst
06:12players up to 30 meters away it is not
06:15possible to one verse players without
06:17hitting a headshot unless you are Barrel
06:19stuffing them so having that one burst
06:22potential up to 30 meters away granted
06:24it's really rarely going to happen but
06:26still that's pretty strong just hitting
06:29body shots if you hit every shot on your
06:31burst you can kill people with two
06:32bursts up to 45 meters away so yeah this
06:34gun could put in work at longer ranges
06:36and you practically do not need to worry
06:39about spread which in this meta is a
06:41pretty strong attribute so give this one
06:43a try I run my AC 42 with a tactical
06:45compensator Red Dot sight standard
06:48extended ammo and the BCG light grip
06:51moving on to the first SMG on the list
06:53we have the PBX you know what I actually
06:56think I started off the last weapons
06:57video with ac42 and PBX back to back
07:00which is kind of funny that I put them
07:02back to back here again in a market of
07:05very little reliable submachine guns I
07:07think that the PBX is a pretty good
07:09option dependent on your play style I
07:12find the PBX to be one of the more
07:13underrated weapons in the game and I
07:15think that if you have a more aggressive
07:16play style and don't want to run an
07:19assault rifle but also don't want to run
07:21the bullet hose SMGs like the k30 and
07:24ac9 which can be a little bit more of a
07:27hit marker machine especially with all
07:29this spread then you might like the PBX
07:31I'm not gonna lie to you and tell you
07:33that you aren't going to feel the spread
07:34changes on the PBX because you will and
07:36the fact that SMGs still have a
07:38relatively low headshot multiplier
07:40doesn't help them but I think that in
07:42terms of what the PBX is marketed to be
07:44it does its job it's an 850 round per
07:46minute 45 BTK up to 35 meters which will
07:49definitely put you in range to compete
07:52with some of the other solid weapons in
07:53the game yes it turns into a bit of a
07:56peashooter past 35 meters but in
07:57comparison to the other SMGs in the game
07:59this thing is reliable and in the places
08:01you needed to be I run my PBX Loadout
08:04with a red dot sight tactical
08:05compensator the standard Mac and BCG
08:07like grip though the close combat rounds
08:10are also good and somebody actually told
08:12me that they're bugged and have better
08:13range than the standard mag but I'm not
08:16exactly sure if that's true okay so
08:17these next two guns I have basically
08:20neck and neck with one another remember
08:21that this list isn't really in any order
08:23until the final three weapons that we
08:25talk about but these next two guns are
08:28very similar in performance so I thought
08:30it would be best to Loop them together
08:31so first let's talk about the acwr which
08:34has made a complete turnaround from
08:36being one of the worst guns in the game
08:37to being one of the best it got some
08:40Buffs it got some attachments and now
08:42it's one of the more enjoyable weapons
08:44to use in the game what can I say this
08:47thing feels good to use I know that's
08:48not very helpful in explaining why a
08:50particular weapon is good or not but in
08:52my experience take this for what it is
08:54if something feels good it's usually
08:56because it is good the acwr is a four
08:59shot kill up to 30 meters which is a
09:02pretty beefy four shot kill range and
09:04then it drops off to a five shot kill
09:05the rest of the way and out of all the
09:07weapons on this list I feel like you
09:09have the most lead way in holding down
09:11your trigger and mag dumping before you
09:13need to reset your spread which maybe is
09:15why I enjoy it so much I would say that
09:17if you are struggling with the spread
09:19changes if if you were were doing just
09:21fine previously but now you're
09:23struggling with managing your spread I
09:25think you will enjoy the acwr because it
09:28just seems like it builds up less spread
09:30over time than other assault rifles I
09:32don't know if that's Placebo or what but
09:34it just feels like the acwr is more
09:36lenient the thing that really holds the
09:38hcwr from being held in higher esteem is
09:41the slow reload all Vault weapons also
09:44have this weird hitch in its reload that
09:46doesn't really feel good and even with
09:48the addition of the all-out Warfare
09:50attachments it still feels like the acwr
09:52is lacking a bit in terms of under
09:54Barrel magazine and muzzle options so
09:57pretty much the standard Loadout is all
10:00you have which isn't a bad thing because
10:01it's good but variety is the spice of
10:04life I run the acwr with a wrap
10:06suppressor Red Dot sight stnr laser
10:09sight and extended mag now as far as the
10:12rm68 is concerned this thing absolutely
10:15dominated the game during season four I
10:18mean this thing was overpowered the
10:20entire three months that season 4 lasted
10:23and for good reason very tight spread
10:26integrated suppressor that could be
10:27combined with a short Barrel mostly
10:30vertical recoil good damage good range
10:32so after some Nerfs and some spread
10:34changes the rm68 is still really good
10:36and in my opinion it's probably the
10:38second best assault rifle in the game
10:40the only knock on the rm68 is that even
10:42though it has a very similar rate of
10:43fire to the acwr and the gew-46 you're
10:46kind of forced to use the standard
10:48extended ammo which does have a slower
10:50reload speed it's what you should be
10:52using anyway since 20 rounds isn't
10:54really enough for the arm 68 and the
10:56close combat rounds can also be
10:58inconsistent with spread so I think that
11:00if you're playing aggressively with this
11:01gun you'll find yourself reloading a lot
11:03which isn't always ideal really what
11:06takes the rm68 over the top though is
11:08the suppressed short barrel which the
11:09short barrel already has a high pick
11:11rate when it's available on weapons so
11:13to have it be suppressed as well allows
11:15you to be aggressive and difficult to
11:17track that's obviously something that
11:19the ACW work can't do so that sets the
11:22RM apart a little bit the RM has the
11:24same damage model as the acwr so it's a
11:27four shot kill out to 30 meter where it
11:29drops off to a five shot kill pretty
11:31much as far as you ever want to engage
11:33from so to have that type of a spread
11:35and be a 5 BTK out to Long ranges you
11:37can still Beam with this thing and the
11:39AR headshot multiplier which we've
11:41talked about a lot already allows you to
11:43easily climb into headshots and
11:45absolutely melt people and for me
11:47personally I think the arm 68 feels the
11:49best of microburst so you can get really
11:51beamy with this thing I run my Loadout
11:53with a red dot sight standard extended
11:55mag short barrel and a BCG grip alright
11:58next gun on the list is the
12:00m39emr this thing is broken let me put
12:05it to you all like this the M39 is
12:07essentially the svk but with a reduced
12:09two-shot kill range as a trade-off for
12:12faster rate of fire and a larger
12:14magazine the m39s two shot kill range
12:16ends at 40 meters but 40 meters is well
12:19within the majority of gunfights that
12:20you will be taking in Battlefield 2042
12:22so this almost doesn't even matter so
12:24essentially in using the M39 you are
12:27using the svk but with a much faster
12:29fire rate and anywhere between 15 to 12
12:31more rounds of ammo depending on the
12:34ammo type that you're using and again
12:36the 75 meter two shot kill range of the
12:38svk is irrelevant here unless you're one
12:41of those creatures that prones on map
12:43borders in a bush so since the M39 is
12:46supposed to work in the shorter ranges
12:47you can also use Optics that don't have
12:49scope Clint like the svk does the M39 is
12:53basically the what if scenario if you
12:55took the svk and did away with all its
12:57negative attributes and reduced the
12:59range from 75 meters but still kept it
13:02within the range of nearly every
13:03gunfight you will ever take in the game
13:06yeah I know the recoil can get a little
13:10intense if you really go ham on the rate
13:12of fire but if you slap on the Warhawk
13:14compensator it's not unmanageable this
13:17gun is very difficult to beat if you're
13:19playing against a scumbag player like me
13:21that knows angles and knows how to work
13:23them really well in this game and just
13:25pre-ames a lot you will be dropped in
13:27two shots effortlessly not to mention
13:29that if you hit a headshot with this
13:31thing within the two shot kill range
13:32it's 96 damage that alone leads to a lot
13:36of One-Shot headshot kills on weak
13:38enemies and at the very least softens
13:40them up for your teammates to kill
13:41obviously the reason that I don't
13:43consider this among the elite weapons is
13:45because it's a bit one note in terms of
13:47its play style but if this is your play
13:49style you will rack up a lot of kills
13:52with this thing I run the M39 with the
13:54mall hybrid 1.5 3x sight the Warhawk
13:58compensator standard extended ammo and
14:00the laser sight now we head over to the
14:02M5 A3 which at this point I'm pretty
14:05sure there will never be a best weapons
14:08video without talking about the M5
14:09simply because it's such a versatile and
14:12all-around good weapon this is the
14:14weapon that I always suggest for new
14:16players to rock with for a little while
14:17because it really can do everything you
14:19can run it more as a traditional assault
14:21rifle you can rent it as a hybrid you
14:23can rent it as an SMG and because of the
14:25plus system you can do it all at once
14:27the M5 is a five shot kill out to 30
14:30meters to where it will become a six
14:32shot kill and your time to kill really
14:34depends on how fast your rate of fire is
14:36because it's pretty consistent otherwise
14:38close combat rounds up the BTK from five
14:41to six to six to seven but that's not
14:43really noticeable while it was number
14:45one in the last best weapons video
14:47around the time of season 3 with all the
14:49changes that has happened since then it
14:51has slipped a little bit due to power
14:53creep don't get me wrong the M5
14:55absolutely has the capability to do well
14:57but with the M5 really leaning more
14:59heavily into using either the close
15:01combat or the short barrel to get a
15:03higher ttk the spread is going to be
15:05more of an issue for you on the M5 the
15:07days of you just holding down the
15:09trigger of the M5 and beaming people
15:10across the map effortlessly are over
15:12apart from some rare instances in which
15:14you hit headshots but again it's a super
15:16friendly weapon for new players and it's
15:18still really versatile I run my m5a3
15:21with a short barrel aperture site
15:23extended standard mag or close combat
15:25rounds and the stnr laser sight on now
15:28to the only lmg on this list the
15:31rpt31 the rpt for a good majority of
15:35season 5 was an absolute monster but
15:37after the spread changes were
15:38implemented on lmgs it's been
15:40handicapped a little bit and it feels
15:42pretty different now it should be known
15:44that I am not the biggest fan of lmgs in
15:46this game the Sprint to fire delay that
15:48you get while using them just does not
15:50gel well with my play style in addition
15:52to that the changes that dice have made
15:54to lmg's spread doesn't feel quite right
15:56to me as I said at the beginning of the
15:58video and I expect there to be changes
16:00in that area with that being said right
16:03now you really cannot hold down the
16:05chair trigger with lmgs before the
16:07spread goes crazy which kind of defeats
16:09the purpose of using an lmg in my
16:11opinion but it's all about maximizing
16:13the damage output that you can do in
16:15small bursts of 10 shots or so and the
16:17rpt is a five shot kill with standard
16:19ammunition out to 50 meters which is
16:21pretty beefy which makes the high
16:23powered rounds a bit obsolete because
16:25you'll never need to take an engagement
16:27any further away than that so the rpt in
16:30my opinion fits the mold of how dice
16:32wants you to use lmg's the best you can
16:35get the rate of fire up to 790 rounds
16:37per minute which next to the pkp is the
16:39fastest in class and with a mostly
16:41vertical recoil pattern it's not
16:43terrible to control if you need extra
16:46help with the recoil you can slap on the
16:47arcom Tactical muzzle brake to make it
16:49even more vertical but with a fast rate
16:51of fire manageable recoil and 200 gram
16:54magazine the rpt is my choice of lmg as
16:56long as you can manage your spread
16:58correctly and burst effectively I run
17:00their rpt with a red dot sight BCG grip
17:03standard issue ammo in either an arcom
17:05level brake or short barrel so the next
17:08three weapons that we'll be talking
17:09about are what I would consider to be
17:11the best three weapons in the game at
17:13the moment in no particular order
17:15here it is my beloved peepee I'm pretty
17:19sure a lot of people are tired of seeing
17:20this gun being in the meta and I do
17:23think that a Nerf may be necessary at
17:25some point but the pp29 is by far and
17:28away the best SMG in the game and
17:30depending on your play style it might be
17:32the best weapon in the game period even
17:34though the pp29 has been affected by the
17:36spread changes it doesn't affect the gun
17:38as harshly because of the massive
17:40magazine options that the weapon has the
17:43pp29 is a four shot up to 30 meters like
17:46most SMGs and is a 5 shot up to 50
17:48meters and even longer than that if
17:51you're using the high power rounds which
17:52I suggest that you do whereas the PBX
17:55really drops off at that 30 meter range
17:57the pp29 just does not feel like it
18:00drops off at all and if you're good at
18:01managing your spread the pp29 has
18:04extremely good range look no further
18:06than the background gameplay like this
18:08is the gun that just clicks for me it's
18:10my farm weapon and as I've said in
18:12previous best weapons videos the perk of
18:15not having to worry about reloading
18:16constantly like with a lot of other SMGs
18:19is such a huge perk and the pp29
18:21actively competes with a lot of the
18:23assault rifles that we've already talked
18:25about on this list again The Meta really
18:27is Shifting towards these average rate
18:29of fire but very accurate weapons and
18:31even though the pp29 doesn't have the
18:33crazy headshot multipliers that ARS do
18:36it still can beat out some of these
18:37weapons my PP Loadout is a red dot sight
18:40though this particular site is part of a
18:42legendary weapon skin I'm going to say
18:44that now before people ask in the
18:45comments so you can either run a normal
18:47Red Dot sight aperture site high power
18:50rounds and a champion muzzle break or
18:52wrapped suppressor next on the list is
18:55the sfar which if I had to pick out of
18:57the three weapons in this final bunch I
18:59think the svar definitely has a strong
19:01argument of being the best gun in the
19:03game at the moment it just personifies
19:05the average rate of fire extremely
19:07accurate easy to control spread weapons
19:09that are coming into form in this meta
19:11right now the as far took a bit of a
19:14back seat in recent seasons as the rm68
19:17and N5 were just dominating everything
19:19but now the as far is really really good
19:22the as far is a four shot kill out to 50
19:25meters when using the high powered
19:26rounds which you should be using and
19:28again this is one of those weapons that
19:30if you mitigate a lot of the horizontal
19:32recoil The Recoil of the gun will
19:34naturally allow you to climb into these
19:37headshots you can really abuse the 2.5 x
19:40headshot multiplier that assault rifles
19:42get with the sfar sure the rate of fire
19:44is on the slower side and sometimes you
19:46will lose out to guns like the rm68 that
19:49do have a faster rate of fire but
19:51overall I find this gun to just be a
19:54headshot machine and it's really easy to
19:56manage the spread on the s-var so this
19:58gun is still the king of long range
20:00assault rifles and of course the added
20:02benefits of the as far is that it comes
20:05with the built-in grenade launcher which
20:06is really nice it's not something that
20:08you use all the time but it's definitely
20:09an added perk worth mentioning if you
20:12are running a class that's not engineer
20:14so to have that little little extra at
20:16without having to run C5 is really nice
20:18my Loadout for the scar is a red dot
20:21sight archon muzzle brake high power
20:23drum magazine with ap rounds in the
20:25grenade launcher finally the other
20:27candidate for best weapon in the game
20:29and the last gun that we'll be talking
20:31about today the bsvm even after multiple
20:35Nerfs to the bsvn spread since it came
20:37out in season one even before the spread
20:40changes of season 5 the bsvm was really
20:42strong but with every other weapon in
20:45the game also receiving spread tweaks
20:47the bsvm is once again a complete
20:50monster the biggest strength of this
20:52weapon still is that you can fire it in
20:54full auto which just puts it on another
20:57level above every other DMR apart from
20:59maybe the M39 but that's a horse of a
21:02different color yes the spread at times
21:04with the bsvm will give you some trouble
21:07there will be times when you're using
21:08the weapon and you'll get frustrated
21:09that your bullets are just going all
21:11over the place but the moments in which
21:13the bsvm gets you kills at longer ranges
21:16that you just would not be able to get
21:17otherwise completely redeems all the
21:19moments of frustration that you have
21:21with this weapon the bsvm is a three
21:23shot kill up to around 75 meters when
21:25using the high power ammunition and this
21:28allows you to easily contest snipers
21:30there have been plenty of times where a
21:32sniper misses one shot on me I see their
21:35scope Clint and then I send three quick
21:37shots their way and kill them instantly
21:39and of course the gun is completely
21:41suppressed so you can do all of this
21:42silently the really powerful thing about
21:45the bsvm is that there is no real drop
21:47off between magazines with the bsvm
21:49you'll be burning through ammo really
21:51quickly so unless you're playing angel
21:52or you're in a squad that's running ammo
21:55you'll be moving through your ammo
21:56really quickly and very often and I'll
21:59get to the close combat ammunition and
22:01even that is strong and you could run
22:03that entirely on its own with that
22:06ammunition type and still do really well
22:08if you wanted to it's just so powerful
22:10at all ranges and it's so versatile it's
22:13hard to not recognize that this is
22:14probably the strongest gone to the game
22:16at the moment and even though the spread
22:19will screw you over sometimes the
22:20positives greatly outweigh the negatives
22:22might Loadout for the bsvm is the hybrid
22:251.5-3x site so I can switch between a
22:28red dot and an ACOG site the short
22:30barrel both high power extended mags and
22:33then close combat rounds with the BCG
22:35light grip and that's the end of the
22:38video ladies and gentlemen those are the
22:4011 or so weapons that I would consider
22:42to be the best in the game after the
22:44spread changes that came in Patch 5.2
22:46what weapon do you guys enjoy using the
22:49most after the update let me know in the
22:50comment section it greatly helps me in
22:52the algorithm if you would like the
22:54video please leave a like and if you
22:55enjoyed it just that much consider
22:57subscribing once again thank you all so
22:59much for watching my name is catalyst I
23:01will see you all another time
23:17thank you
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the top weapons in Battlefield 2042 after the spread changes in Season 5?

The top weapons in Battlefield 2042 after the spread changes in Season 5 include the gew-46, PBX, rm68, M5 A3, pp29, scar, and bsvm. These weapons are evaluated based on their spread, damage, range, and versatility.

2. Which weapons are considered standout choices after the spread changes in Season 5?

The standout choices among the top weapons after the spread changes in Season 5 are the pp29 and bsvm. They are favored due to their large magazine options and effective range, making them standout choices in the game.

3. What are the key factors used to evaluate the top weapons in Battlefield 2042?

The key factors used to evaluate the top weapons in Battlefield 2042 include spread, damage, range, and versatility. These factors are crucial in determining the effectiveness of the weapons in gameplay.

4. How have the spread changes in Season 5 impacted the weapon choices in Battlefield 2042?

The spread changes in Season 5 have impacted the weapon choices in Battlefield 2042 by redefining the effectiveness of certain weapons. It has led to the emergence of new top weapon choices based on their adjusted performance.

5. What makes the pp29 and bsvm stand out among the top weapons in Battlefield 2042?

The pp29 and bsvm stand out among the top weapons in Battlefield 2042 due to their large magazine options and effective range. These features make them highly effective choices in various combat scenarios.

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