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TB-500, also known as Thymosin Beta 4, is a peptide that has potential benefits for wound healing, injury repair, cognitive effects, and muscle cell effects, although more human model data is needed. It may promote collagen formation and restore proper biomechanics for injury repair, reduce inflammation, potentially combat neuroinflammation and promote neuronal function, and protect and potentially regenerate heart tissue. While side effects like headache and nausea are possible, a study suggests that TB-500 is safe for use in ongoing human clinical trials.
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TB-500, also known as Thymosin Beta 4, is a synthetic peptide that helps with muscle building and recovery.
Peptides are chains of amino acids that imitate signals in the body.
TB-500 is secreted by the thymus in response to injury or muscle damage.
The speaker had a positive personal experience with TB-500 for his own injuries.
The speaker advises caution and consulting with a healthcare professional before using peptides.
TB-500 (Thymosin Beta 4) has purported benefits for wound healing, injury repair, cognitive effects, heart cell effects, and muscle cell effects.
A study on rats showed that TB-500 improved the formation of collagen fibral in injured knees, resulting in stronger ligaments and better biomechanics.
TB-500 also showed potential in restoring proper biomechanics during injury repair.
Another study found that TB-500 may have positive effects on wound healing.
TB-500 (Thymosin Beta 4) has shown potential benefits in reducing inflammation and improving recovery, as well as possibly combating neuroinflammation.
In mice with sepsis, TB-500 reduced mortality rates and inflammatory responses.
TB-500 may have an anti-inflammatory effect, leading to decreased soreness and stiffness.
In mice, overexpression of Thymosin Beta 4 resulted in decreased beta ameloid plaque formation, suggesting a potential impact on neurodegenerative conditions.
Further investigation is needed to understand the effects of TB-500 on cognitive function.
Thymosin Beta 4 (TB-500) shows promise in reducing inflammation and oxidative stress in the brain, potentially lowering neuroinflammation in rodent models.
TB-500 has the ability to initiate simultaneous myocardial and vascular regeneration, preventing cardiac muscle cell death and increasing angiogenesis.
However, excessive angiogenesis may have negative effects, especially for individuals engaging in intense cardiovascular training.
TB-500 (Thymosin Beta 4) helps signal muscle repair, growth, recovery, and regeneration, and shows promising results in mice with muscle deficiencies.
Mice given a hefty dose of TB-500 showed an increase in muscle regenerative fibers.
TB-500 may be effective in humans for muscle building and atrophy.
Common side effects include headache and nausea, and some people experience fatigue after exercising.
Safety study on TB-500 showed positive results in 30 individuals.
00:00peptides are one of the most interesting
00:02things that are out there right now in
00:03the world of recovery in the world of
00:05muscle building and even the world of
00:07cognition and I want to focus today's
00:09video on something called
00:11tb500 but more commonly known as a
00:14molecule in the body as thyine beta 4 so
00:17these are the same things when you see
00:18thymine beta 4 or tb500 it's the same
00:21thing tb500 is just more commonly the
00:23synthetic peptide form now peptides are
00:27just strings of amino acids ranging from
00:30from like two sometimes up to like 200
00:32like so just chains of amino acids okay
00:35now what happens is these chains of
00:36amino acids emulate signals or certain
00:40things within the body in the case of
00:41thymine beta 4 or tb500 this is
00:44something that is secreted by the thymus
00:47in response to injury or even mild
00:50trauma I.E muscle damage uh potentially
00:54wounds potentially injuries particularly
00:57when you get in the world of like
00:58connective tissue so collagen type
01:00formation these things now my personal
01:04experience with tb500 is very very small
01:07I have just recently been experimenting
01:09with peptides myself uh but I've looked
01:12at the literature for a number of years
01:14the reason my experience is so small
01:16because personally I had a laborum issue
01:18and a torn rotator cuff and I only
01:20needed a couple of weeks of utilizing
01:23tb500 and bpc157 before my injuries were
01:26done so that's my own anecdotal
01:29experience and it speaks volumes to how
01:31powerful it works for me which is why
01:32I'm here doing this video but full
01:34disclaimer I have no vested interest in
01:37any kind of peptide company at all and
01:39you need to exercise your own caution
01:41talk to your healthc care professional
01:42about this I'm just a dude on the
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02:23down below so our thymus produces this
02:26thyine beta 4 the hard part is it
02:29produces a small amount and it seems as
02:30though as we age it produces less and
02:32less so the idea behind tv500 is taking
02:35something that we know works and giving
02:37you a Bolis of it so the purported
02:39benefits I have to say purported because
02:41there's very little human model data
02:44peptides are new okay the downside is is
02:46once something actually goes through all
02:48these approvals and is more common and
02:50mainstream well then it's harder to get
02:52that's just the way it works but the
02:54purported benefits we're talking things
02:55like wound healing we're talking injury
02:57repair we're talking potential CA
02:59cognitive effects potential heart cell
03:01effects and potential muscle cell
03:03effects so we'll get into all of that
03:05let's go ahead and jump right into
03:06injury first because we do have to
03:08remember that potentially even recovery
03:10from hard workouts can categorized as
03:13injury but I want to focus mainly on
03:15like connective tissue stuff there was a
03:16study published in the journal
03:17regulatory peptides that took rats and
03:19injured their MCL okay so it did some
03:22damage to their knees and what they did
03:23is they give them one microgram of tb500
03:25daily for 4 weeks compared to a control
03:29the results were were very very
03:30interesting for one they found that they
03:32formed collagen fibral in a much denser
03:35fashion okay so the collagen that was
03:37forming the actual ligaments that
03:38connective tissue was forming stronger
03:41in addition to this they were uniform
03:43and they were evenly spaced fiber
03:45bundles meaning things were actually
03:47healing in a normal way and biomechanics
03:50were restored much better in the thymine
03:52beta 4 tb500 group compared to control
03:55and the reason I mentioned this is I
03:56want you to imagine you like twist your
03:58knee and you tear all the ligaments in
03:59it as you heal up you might have poor
04:01range of motion you might Buckle at the
04:03knees things might not be as good right
04:05so restoring proper biomechanics to your
04:07natural way is a very important thing
04:10when it comes to injury repair and we
04:11saw that at least in this road model
04:13literature with tb500 but let's look a
04:15little bit more at what might be
04:17happening because there's a study
04:18published in the Journal of
04:18investigative Dermatology that found
04:21when they looked at wounds that after 4
04:24days with tb500 Administration there was
04:2742% more skin and overall like collagen
04:31formation over an open wound compared to
04:33control and at seven days there was 61%
04:36more skin and collagen formation over an
04:39open wound so we see that has something
04:41to do with just progrowth of collagen
04:45type tissues and what exactly is
04:47triggering this well the literature
04:48seems to suggest that it has to do with
04:50angiogenesis and collagen deposition so
04:53we form collagen but then where it goes
04:56is really dictated by some of these
04:58peptides in our body certain things is
04:59kind of signaling that angiogenesis is
05:02more vascularization giving more blood
05:04flow to an area if you had you know bad
05:07circulation to your feet let's say your
05:08feet are always cold or something and
05:10you get a big gash on your foot it's
05:12probably not going to heal really well
05:13right but if you had good blood flow to
05:15the foot it might heal a little bit
05:16faster that's a very simple way of
05:18putting it but that's kind of what's
05:19happening in this case then there was a
05:21study published in the international
05:22Journal of immunopharmacology and I
05:23found this very interesting it found
05:26that in mice that had sepsis okay so
05:29serious infection
05:32tv500 actually reduced the mortality
05:35rates associated with sepsis and
05:37molecularly more mechanistically I
05:39should say reduced their different
05:42inflammatory responses and cyto as a
05:44result of it so what that leads us to
05:47believe is that there's an
05:48anti-inflammatory effect which makes
05:51sense because I felt much less sore I
05:53felt much less stiff when I was taking
05:55tb500 and personally I noticed that you
05:58know anecdotally like my heart rate
06:01variability was better like my overall
06:02recovery and potentially inflammation
06:04was lower so there's something going on
06:06there but let's pivot for a second let's
06:07talk cognition though because this is
06:09where we get Fringe and where there's
06:11not a ton of data but it's promising on
06:14effects on the brain so in this
06:15particular case we look at a study
06:16published in neuroinflammation and this
06:18was done on mice once again but in this
06:21case they overexpressed thyine beta 4 so
06:24essentially they triggered their genes
06:26to produce more thyine beta 4 tb500 so
06:29in this case they were triggering the
06:30body to almost create its own peptide
06:33more okay what they found with this was
06:35pretty impressive they saw massive
06:37decreases in beta ameloid plaque
06:39formation which I know there's question
06:42as to whether this has an impact with
06:44neurodegenerative conditions or not but
06:46one thing we do know is that it's
06:47correlative there's definitely something
06:49going on in neurodegenerative conditions
06:51that is causing buildups and changes in
06:52amid beta plaque levels so the fact that
06:55it reduced that demonstrates that maybe
06:57it's combating neuroinflammation to a
06:58certain degree but we can investigate
07:00this more with more literature so if you
07:02look further at this study you find
07:04there's increase in neuronal function
07:06okay so the neurons were firing better
07:07but it also restored the microglia
07:10activity back to a normal level
07:12microglia is sort of the I don't know
07:14you almost want to call it the immune
07:15system of the brain in a way like these
07:16cells that affect that well sometimes
07:19they're elevated sometimes they're not
07:20elevated and if they're elevated an
07:21overactive brain immune system is not
07:24good either increasing neuroinflammation
07:26so if we restore that back down to a
07:27lower level then we're going to
07:29potentially better spot so that seems to
07:31be what's happening now we can dive into
07:34this more on the side of
07:35neuroinflammation there's evidence that
07:37suggests that it reduces what is called
07:38tolllike receptor 4 and I want you to
07:41think of tolllike receptor 4 as
07:42literally like a toll booth and when a
07:44pathogenic material passes through this
07:45toll booth and it triggers this process
07:47this toll booth actually says hey we
07:49need to activate other immune responses
07:51there's also a decrease in nuclear
07:53Factor Kappa B which is sort of a
07:55genetic marker for inflammation that is
07:58top down an inflammator response so very
08:00promising stuff in the rodent model
08:02research and if you look at the image
08:03that's on the screen right now there's
08:06some really cool stuff that you can see
08:07there it's complex but I'll break it
08:08down simply essentially this chart shows
08:11that thyine beta 4 modulates reactive
08:14oxygen species lowering the oxidative
08:16stress in the brain ultimately
08:18potentially lowering neuroinflammation
08:20again rodent model literature nothing in
08:22humans but that's where this stuff all
08:24starts you have to be willing to kind of
08:26read between the lines a little bit if
08:28you're interested in this kind of stuff
08:29stuff let's pivot now to something
08:31that's very new in the inv vitro world
08:33but still promising and that's heart
08:35cell health and heart cell repair this
08:38study was published in the New York
08:39Academy of Sciences and it was in vitro
08:42but I'm going to read a quote from the
08:44study directly says thyine beta 4 is the
08:47first known molecule that's able to
08:49initiate a simultaneous myocardial and
08:52Vascular regeneration after systemic
08:55Administration essentially what this
08:56means is it prevented cardiac muscle
08:58cell cell death and increased
09:01angiogenesis this is exceptionally
09:03promising for myocardial inunction for
09:05potential heart attacks for where heart
09:07tissue can die essentially it's
09:09protecting heart tissue but it also
09:11might actually regenerate and res
09:13stimulate regeneration and repair so
09:16especially with angiogenesis now this is
09:17where I have to insert a disclaimer
09:19because angiogenesis is not always a
09:21good thing too much angiogenesis is
09:23problematic like if you thicken heart
09:25tissue that's not necessarily good right
09:27so is it speculative that maybe thyine
09:30beta 4 wouldn't be good for someone
09:31that's training heavy V2 Max stuff would
09:33you train your heart too hard that's a
09:36theory and it's realistic and I kind of
09:38talked to Andrew huberman a little bit
09:40about this offline not to put him on the
09:41spot but he said just the same thing to
09:43me he's like we were talking about
09:44bpc157 and thyine beta 4 and he he
09:47mentioned just those words he's like too
09:48much angiogenesis is not always good so
09:51off the record I'm not you know a
09:54clinician it's wise to talk to your
09:56doctor about this and really only push
09:58for short step because I do not see a
10:00practical application where BBC 157
10:02tb500 and these other regenerative
10:04angiogenesis vascularizing peptides
10:06should be used ongoing it just doesn't
10:08make sense it's not a safe thing if you
10:10ask me we will talk about a safety study
10:13however in just a moment but let's pivot
10:14over to Muscle Recovery because I know
10:17might be interested like is this going
10:18to have steroid like effects going to
10:20help me recover well there's promising
10:22research in a certain body of mice but
10:25let's take a look this study was
10:26published in PS1 and it took a look at
10:28dren deficient mice dropin deficient uh
10:31mice or dren deficiency dren helps
10:35signal muscle repair it's helps signal
10:37muscle growth repair recovery
10:39regeneration but it's also heavily
10:41involved in sort of the recovery from
10:45contractile trauma so if it like if a
10:47muscle contracts too hard so basically
10:48it's really hard for a muscle to grow
10:50and repair so in this case they gave
10:52these mice a pretty hefty dose 150
10:54micrograms of thyine beta 4 two times a
10:57week for 6 months now now it did seem to
11:00offset almost all the negative effects
11:02of being dropin deficient they found
11:04that there was a significant increase in
11:06the number of muscle regenerative fibers
11:09so the muscle was able to start
11:10repairing itself better now could this
11:13be effective in humans I mean if the
11:15literature translates directly from
11:16rodents to humans it would be but we
11:18don't have that literature just yet but
11:20this is very promising because if there
11:22is a muscular issue or a deficiency
11:25somewhere that makes it hard to build
11:26muscle or atrophy this could be very
11:28very promising so more science needs to
11:30be done here now let's talk side effects
11:32for just a second the most common side
11:34effects are going to be headache and
11:35nausea and those are going to happen
11:36shortly after Administration but ongoing
11:38what see people seem to claim is they
11:40seem to have performance while they're
11:42working out or exercising but they seem
11:44to get exceptionally tired after
11:46exercising now it's not a huge amount of
11:48people that are experiencing this and
11:49again the literature is weak we don't
11:51have a lot of data so we can only take
11:53what we've got but that does kind of
11:55lend us to believe that maybe like
11:57recovery mechanisms are being simulated
11:59and triggering you to be more fatigued
12:01now let's talk about a study that looked
12:04at safety so I can leave you on a good
12:05note there was a study published in the
12:07Journal of cellular and molecular
12:08metabolism it took a look at 30
12:11individuals that did single dose and
12:13multi-dose thine beta uh or thine beta 4
12:17tb500 what they did find with this is
12:20that the side effects were so minimal
12:23that they were able to claim that tb500
12:26would be safe to utilize in an on going
12:29human clinical trial for longer term so
12:31basically you got to start with this
12:33stuff to see is this stuff going to just
12:34kill people is it bad and if not like
12:37how safe is it and they deemed it to be
12:39quite safe enough to be able to go
12:41through with clinical trials so
12:43promising effects that it's probably not
12:46super harmful but again this is very new
12:50stuff and is a Virgin Territory so I
12:52encourage you to talk to someone that is
12:54a professional about this I would
12:56recommend someone like Dr Kyle Gillette
12:58that's the guy that I use he's very very
13:00trained in this merri health is another
13:02one that really knows a lot in this
13:03category so as always keep it locked in
13:05here on my channel I'll see you tomorrow
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the potential benefits of TB-500 (Thymosin Beta 4)?

TB-500, also known as Thymosin Beta 4, has potential benefits for wound healing, injury repair, cognitive effects, and muscle cell effects. It may promote collagen formation, restore proper biomechanics for injury repair, reduce inflammation, potentially combat neuroinflammation, and promote neuronal function. It also protects and potentially regenerates heart tissue.

2. Is TB-500 (Thymosin Beta 4) safe for use in human clinical trials?

A study suggests that TB-500 is safe for use in ongoing human clinical trials. While side effects like headache and nausea are possible, it has shown promising safety profile in human model data and clinical trials.

3. How does TB-500 (Thymosin Beta 4) contribute to injury repair?

TB-500 contributes to injury repair by promoting collagen formation, restoring proper biomechanics, and reducing inflammation. It also has the potential to combat neuroinflammation and promote neuronal function, which are essential for effective injury repair.

4. What are the cognitive effects of TB-500 (Thymosin Beta 4)?

TB-500 has cognitive effects that may be beneficial. It potentially promotes neuronal function and protects against neuroinflammation, indicating its potential positive impact on cognitive function.

5. How does TB-500 (Thymosin Beta 4) affect heart tissue?

TB-500 protects and potentially regenerates heart tissue, making it a potential therapeutic option for heart-related conditions. Its ability to promote collagen formation and reduce inflammation contributes to its positive effects on heart tissue.

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