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The video covers the newest story arc of the Incredible Hulk by Donnie Cates, where the Hulk attempts to utilize a powerful armor created by Tony Stark, leading to a confrontation with an alternate reality where multiple versions of the Hulk are weaponized and controlled. This ultimately culminates in the Titan Hulk fighting an army of 500 World Breaker Hulks, showcasing immense power and a potential conflict with the all-father Thor.
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This section introduces the new Incredible Hulk story arc by Donnie Cates and Ryan Ottley.
Donnie Cates is writing the comic, while Ryan Stegman is not drawing it.
The story builds off of Al Ewing's Immortal Hulk, but can be considered self-contained.
The Hulk is seen punching against a wall, which turns out to be a giant door in the middle of nowhere.
The exposition introduces the idea that the Hulk exists to protect us from Dr. Banner himself.
Hulk borrows Tony Stark's Celestial killer armor to achieve his goals, despite the risks of not knowing where he will end up.
Tony Stark built the armor as a protection and evacuation suit.
The armor resembles Master Mold and is designed to kill Celestials.
Hulk doesn't care about the risks and travels through the portal to an unknown future destination.
In this section, it is revealed that the X-Men and the Xavier school for gifted youngsters have been annihilated by the federal government in an alternate reality.
The X-Men were eradicated by the federal government using Stark Tech.
The Xavier school for gifted youngsters was nuked.
There are no mentions of Blade, Moon Knight, Captain America, or Spider-Man in this alternate reality.
In an alternate reality, General Thunderbolt Ross weaponized the stronger versions of the Hulk and used them to fight wars, with the equivalent of multiple nations' GDPs, and the geopolitical landscape is drastically different from the main Marvel Universe.
The weaker versions of the Hulk were discarded, while the stronger ones were kept and used for warfare.
Thunderbolt Ross controlled these versions of the Hulk through Reed Richards' invention in the alternate universe.
The United States has taken over a large part of the world in this alternate reality, and the Hulk was instrumental in making it happen.
Thunderbolt Ross blames Banner for creating the Incredible Hulks accidentally, giving them weapons, and not telling him about it.
The Hulk sees Galactus as an Incredible Hulk and starts attacking everything.
Galactus appears differently depending on who sees him.
Betty Brant talks about the different versions of Hulk that have existed.
The Hulk's persona of Betty Ross is present during the fight.
Banner takes control of the Incredible Hulk persona and fights an army of 500 World Breaker Hulks as Titan Hulk.
Banner controls the Starship Hulk.
The angrier the Hulk gets, the stronger he becomes.
Banner managed to take control of the Hulk persona.
Titan Hulk fights an army of 500 World Breaker Hulks.
Titan Hulk easily defeats Monolith's forces and absorbs their gamma radiation, forcing the remaining World Breaker Hulks to evacuate, while Doctor Strange brings in the powerful entity, Despair.
Monolith's forces are easily defeated by Titan Hulk.
Doctor Strange's attempts to fight Titan Hulk's personality and the World Breaker Hulks' attempts to fight his physical form are futile.
Titan Hulk absorbs the gamma radiation of the World Breaker Hulks, making himself even more powerful.
Doctor Strange brings in the powerful entity, Despair, to deal with Titan Hulk.
00:00okay so let's take a break from
00:01Spider-Man for a minute since we've been
00:03covering a lot of that recently and
00:05let's talk about Dottie Kate's Hulk
00:07which by the way this was drawn by Ryan
00:09ottley not gonna lie it's a little weird
00:10to see Donnie Cates writing a comic and
00:12Ryan Stegman not drawing it those are
00:14the ones who did Venom for those of you
00:16guys who don't know uh it was really
00:17really good so those guys are kind of
00:18like a one-two punch to a degree but uh
00:21but this is the beginning of the new
00:22Incredible Hulk story arc under Donnie
00:24Kate so we are finished with Al Ewing's
00:27Immortal Hulk that's kind of a
00:28self-contained story uh this one kind of
00:30builds off of it but we may do a full
00:32story let me know if you guys are
00:33interested in seeing like an immortal
00:34Hulk full story video I don't think
00:35we've done that yet but something else
00:36to also keep in mind is that this is a
00:38monthly Series so this will be coming
00:39out once every month uh so we won't be
00:41covering it like every week or every day
00:43like we'll cover them as they come out
00:44but what this does here is this
00:46basically picks up with the incredible
00:48Hulk like punching against a wall which
00:51is kind of a weird thing right it's
00:52literally just like a giant door kind of
00:54out in the middle of nowhere and we get
00:56this sword of you know Exposition here
00:58right it says things like you know I
01:00have long held a theory about the Hulk
01:01that I've never shared it before because
01:03quite frankly it terrifies me to the
01:05very core that we've always thought of
01:06the Hulk as the manifestation of Dr
01:08Banner's trauma that he experienced as a
01:11child or perhaps his ID his shadow his
01:14Fury and then the question becomes but
01:17what if the Hulk is none of those things
01:19what if it exists to protect us from
01:22Banner himself and that's a cool thing
01:24right so one of the great things about
01:25Donnie Cates those of you guys who don't
01:27know he's very very very very good at
01:28looking at the status quo for an
01:30existing character and then flipping it
01:32on its head and so what you end up doing
01:34is actually switching to this discussion
01:36between Bruce Banner and Betty Ross and
01:39it's kind of a crazy thing because of
01:40course he tells you you know Betty
01:41you're not supposed to be here and she
01:43really approaches him with this
01:44conversation about what he's doing with
01:45the Hulk that he can't simply keep the
01:47Incredible Hulk locked into that
01:49particular location now this is kind of
01:51interesting because what Donnie case is
01:53doing is kind of toying with us a little
01:54bit in relation to like Jason Aaron's
01:57Incredible Hulk run and then like the
01:59traditional incredible hook Mythos and
02:01the reason why I say that is because as
02:02you guys know with the traditional
02:03Incredible Hulk Mythos the Hulk is a
02:06manifestation of banner so they're
02:07basically two different people sharing
02:09the same body right like Bruce Banner
02:11physically transforms into the
02:12Incredible Hulk what Jason Aaron did
02:14during his run on Hulk is he actually
02:16wrote a story whereby the two of them
02:18were split so you had Bruce Banner in a
02:20separate body from The Incredible Hulk
02:22and that's happened over the years right
02:23during the onslaught Saga for example
02:25the psychic consciousness of Bruce
02:26Banner was removed from the Incredible
02:28Hulk in order to provide a kind of just
02:30pure Savage Hulk that was really the
02:32most powerful version of his character
02:34we'd seen up to that point that was the
02:36only real memes to basically defeat or
02:37at least find a way to defeat Onslaught
02:39that kind of a thing and so Donnie Cates
02:41isn't really creating new ground here
02:43he's kind of retreading existing ground
02:45but doing it in his own way which is a
02:46cool thing and so ultimately Banner's
02:49response to Betty is one of hostility at
02:51least as it pertains to the Hulk that
02:53Betty kind of used the Incredible Hulk
02:55is very much like a child and he really
02:56is right the Incredible Hulk is very
02:58childlike in terms of how he operates
03:00unless you're talking about world
03:01breaker Hulk or something like that but
03:03Savage Hulk is very very childlike in
03:05that way and so what Betty says is that
03:07she's concerned about this because
03:08hurting the Incredible Hulk is hurting
03:10banner and it's one of those things
03:12where she's like you can't blame
03:13yourself for what happened in El Paso
03:15now for those of you guys who are
03:16approaching this from the perspective of
03:18okay did I miss something from Immortal
03:20Hulk no you didn't there was a recent
03:21interview that Donnie Cates did where he
03:23answered that question because it was
03:24the one thing that people wanted to know
03:25was like okay did we miss something from
03:27Immortal Hulk that happened in El Paso
03:29or something like that and during his
03:31interview with he said no
03:32like it's a thing that has not been
03:34revealed yet it's just something that
03:35took place between the end of immortal
03:37Hulk and the beginning of this run but
03:39whatever it was that took place out
03:41there Banner just kind of freaks out and
03:43says he doesn't really blame himself he
03:45blames The Incredible Hulk and so
03:47ultimately his feelings about how the
03:49world perceives him really come out and
03:51manifest here and this is something that
03:53you don't readily see from Banner where
03:55Betty says that like you're scaring me
03:57right you can't act like this you don't
03:58sound like yourself then the response
03:59also Banner is and how would you know
04:01what I sound like right how would
04:02anybody know the only time I'm ever
04:05useful to any of you all is when I'm not
04:07here when you need the Incredible Hulk
04:09and he says I never wanted any of this
04:11right I never wanted to be a superhero
04:13or a defender or an Avenger or a monster
04:15he's like I never wanted to do any of
04:16this stuff all I wanted to do was push
04:18boundaries all I wanted to be was a man
04:20of science and so he says at the end of
04:22the day it didn't work like none of that
04:24happened and so because of that he says
04:26like this this whole thing right like
04:28this Incredible Hulk it grew inside of
04:30me like some kind of a tumor some kind
04:32of an illness you know and and I Was a
04:34Fool to believe that it would ever stop
04:35growing in the first place to believe
04:37that I could somehow control the Hulk or
04:39contain the Hulk that after the events
04:41of of dealing with the one below all and
04:43the one above all that I somehow had a
04:45stronger grasp on all this I Was a Fool
04:47to believe any of that but more so than
04:49that the biggest concern that Bruce
04:51Banner has is that at some point in time
04:53the Incredible Hulk is going to manifest
04:56he's going to take over and his fear is
04:58not that the Incredible Hulk is is going
05:00to kill his friends or anything like
05:01that it's that the Incredible Hulk will
05:03stay that way that Banner will never
05:05come back out again right to the
05:06Incredible Hulk will basically find a
05:07way to stay in control and you'll never
05:10ever see Banner he'll lose himself and
05:12that's one of the funny things where
05:13again Donnie Cates is building on
05:15History here specifically with Peter
05:17David's The Incredible Hulk the end for
05:19those of you guys who never read that
05:20story it was a phenomenal story where
05:22basically the Incredible Hulk was the
05:24last living thing on Earth right we're
05:25not really thin he was the last living
05:27uh superhero last living person on Earth
05:29and that all that was left after this
05:31just catastrophic nuclear war was
05:33basically just him and like giant bugs
05:36that would eat him on a daily basis and
05:37he would heal himself and all that kind
05:39of stuff but there's one point near the
05:40end of the story or really at the end of
05:42the story where he lashes out his Banner
05:44who's basically grown old and he screams
05:46at Banner that like I want you to go
05:47away right Holst just wants to be alone
05:49and then the banner Persona basically
05:51dies of old age however that works and
05:53so because of that the Incredible Hulk
05:54is eternally left alone on earth like
05:57he'll just be on Earth forever and
05:58that'll be it until such a time that
06:00either Earth is colonized by some alien
06:03race or Life Begins Anew and begins to
06:05evolve that the Incredible Hulk will
06:07seemingly just live on forever as the
06:09only occupant of the planet Earth itself
06:11unless he finds a way to leave the
06:12important thing is this is one of those
06:14stories that Donnie Cates is referencing
06:16here and so it's kind of an interesting
06:18thing because in the end we kind of find
06:20out who would agree what's really going
06:21on here when Banner tells Betty Ross Get
06:23Out of My Head Right like get out of my
06:25head and leave me alone this is how it
06:28might as well end and so what he does
06:30here is he sits on what's basically like
06:32a captain's chair and then he says like
06:34these waves Do Not Crash on me they
06:36break on me because I I am strong and
06:39then from there you basically switch
06:40over to the Avengers I know it's weird
06:42but it makes perfect sense here in a
06:44second and I really love what Donnie
06:47Cates is doing here right so the first
06:49thing you do is you pick up a Spider-Man
06:50who's basically talking to the rest of
06:51the fully assembled Avengers and the
06:53Fantastic Four and the question is asked
06:55is like okay is anybody else super
06:57confused about what's going on here
06:59and the response of Doctor Strange is
07:01what Bruce Banner has managed to achieve
07:03here goes beyond anything anybody has
07:06done right that in effect the Incredible
07:08Hulk becomes the single most powerful
07:10being on the face of the planet and
07:12here's the reason why it's one of those
07:13things where you can kind of extrapolate
07:14it but the idea is that when Doctor
07:16Strange starts talking about this he
07:18says that what he's built that not even
07:20Doctor Strange could have achieved it
07:22right the doctor strange says he scoured
07:24the Earth searching and questioning
07:26every Mystic and omega-level telepath
07:28that he could possibly find to see if
07:30they could do such a thing and none of
07:32them could Bruce Banner managed to
07:34achieve something that the most powerful
07:36beings on the face of the planet were
07:38unable to do himself but then estranged
07:40says there's no way the banner could
07:42have done it himself that it just
07:43doesn't make any sense the magic
07:45required is just beyond anything and so
07:47at the end of the day of course Captain
07:49America kind of reels him back in and
07:50says tell us what's going on and so what
07:52we end up learning here is that Bruce
07:53Banner had basically fractured his mind
07:55into three distinct parts and by
07:58unifying these Parts but controlling
08:00them individually he's basically made
08:02what's being referred to as a Starship
08:04right now the term Starship is a loose
08:06term here this is not something like the
08:08end of like Moonwalker right where like
08:10Michael Jackson turned into a ship and
08:12flew away that's not what we're talking
08:13about here
08:14it's it's the phrase or the term
08:17Starship in relation to basically how
08:19the Incredible Hulk exists right now now
08:21the other thing about this is that the
08:22Incredible Hulk is making its way
08:24towards one to Gore Mountain looking for
08:26a particular thing and it's kind of
08:28crazy because along the way he's
08:29basically fighting Iron Man and four
08:32Hulkbuster armors which is nuts and he's
08:34overpowering them all but what Doctor
08:36Strange tells us is that these three
08:39distinct parts are eloquently designed
08:41and really work as a singular cohesive
08:44unit what Banner had done first and
08:45foremost is he had stolen technology
08:47from Advanced idea mechanics and then
08:49basically use that technology to enhance
08:51the skin for lack of a better word of
08:54the Incredible Hulk basically he's made
08:56the Incredible Hulk more durable than he
08:58was before as if he needed it the
09:00Incredible Hulk was already one of the
09:02most durable beings out there like being
09:04able to successfully physically injure
09:06the Hulk is no small thing I mean you
09:08could make his nose bleed if you were
09:10strong enough right like the thing has
09:11done that but if you're talking about
09:13like literally cutting the Hulk removing
09:15a limb or something like that you need
09:17something like adamantium possibly
09:19vibranium and most likely something like
09:21carbonadium or the muramasa blade in
09:23order to pull that off you would need a
09:25highly specialized weapon to achieve
09:27that what Banner's done here is
09:29basically push that durability beyond
09:31what we've previously seen with his
09:33character and we'll actually see how far
09:35deep that goes because it gets nuts the
09:37second thing that Banner's done is he's
09:39built this giant mind Palace like
09:41nothing Doctor Strange has ever seen
09:43before so much so that there's not a
09:45singular telepath on Earth that can get
09:48through it no one can break through it
09:50Emma Frost Professor Xavier of the X-Men
09:52no one can break through this psychic
09:55barrier that Bruce Banner has erected in
09:58the mind of the incred edible Hulk and
09:59then following that of course you have
10:01this kind of you know conversation not
10:02really a conversation so much just
10:04taunting back and forth between banner
10:06and Iron Man right where it's kind of
10:07like you know yeah yeah you can't beat
10:08me so on and so forth but like he
10:10crushes them all in terms of the
10:11durability of Iron Man this is where
10:13things get cool so one of the things
10:14that he does here is he basically fires
10:16off what are basically these rockets
10:18that have adamantium nanoparticles
10:21shrapnel inside of them in effect what
10:23happens these are like little just tiny
10:25shards of adamantium they burrow
10:27themselves into the body of whatever
10:29their target happens to be and then due
10:31to their Nano programming they basically
10:33forged the adamantium at an atomic level
10:35in effect adamantium grows from the
10:38inside out and so for the Incredible
10:39Hulk this is designed to grow in the
10:41form of a cage to basically lock him
10:43down in place and so that's when you get
10:45into the third thing or the third aspect
10:48of what Bruce Banner's done here that
10:50the Incredible Hulk itself is powered by
10:52rage right as you guys know the angrier
10:54The Incredible Hulk gets the stronger he
10:57gets what if you were able to find a way
10:59to weaponize that and so that's what
11:02Banner's done that Banner sitting in
11:03this kind of captain's chair is
11:05basically controlling the body of the
11:07Incredible Hulk but what of the
11:09Incredible Hulk's Consciousness Banner
11:11has actually taken that and locked it
11:13away and that's what you saw in that
11:15opening scene when he was punching on
11:17that door that Banner has imprisoned the
11:19psyche of the Incredible Hulk and then
11:21basically subjects him to constant
11:23bombardment by enemy forces whenever he
11:26needs him to become angry and because
11:28the Incredible Hulk is childlike the
11:29Incredible Hulk is going to attack
11:31whatever it is that's attacking him and
11:33he's gonna become angrier the longer the
11:35conflict goes on because these are
11:37basically infinite armies that would be
11:39attacking him he would just become
11:40angrier and angrier and angrier
11:42basically Bruce Banners found a way to
11:44weaponize the Incredible Hulk's rage
11:46that rage is the engine that Bruce
11:49Banner is using so what's basically
11:50going on here to kind of give you guys a
11:52better perception is that Bruce Banner
11:54used technology to modify the body of
11:57the Incredible Hulk to make him more
11:58more durable he in turn took over the
12:01mind of the Incredible Hulk and he uses
12:03the Incredible Hulk's rage to decide how
12:05angrier and how powerful the Incredible
12:07Hulk is going to get so basically just
12:09imagine that at any point in time in any
12:11fight that uh that Bruce Banner could
12:13just amp The Incredible Hulk up to like
12:16World breaker levels on a whim that's
12:18what we're talking about here weaponized
12:20World breaker horror it's nuts and so in
12:23this conflict because of the fact that
12:24the adamantium is basically holding him
12:26in place and not even the Incredible
12:27Hulk is strong enough to physically
12:29break through adamantium he actually
12:31rips his arm out of it and when he does
12:33it literally tears his arm off like
12:35which is kind of crazy so he's basically
12:37pummeling Tony Stark with one arm
12:40against all these Hulkbuster suits right
12:42like literally all these hulkbusters
12:43suits that he has are getting totally
12:45obliterated with his one arm and then he
12:47takes one of the arms of the Hulkbuster
12:49suits and attaches it to his snapped arm
12:51right so his arm that was ripped off and
12:53then just goes forward from there and so
12:55what you end up finding is that the
12:56immortal Hulk traveling here of course
12:58once this arm is basically healed which
13:00really only took a couple of minutes
13:02right if that maybe like 30 seconds to
13:04fully heal which gives you a real
13:05indication of just how powerful and
13:07durable he is that what he was looking
13:10for was actually something that Tony
13:12Stark built project Arc so the idea
13:14behind this is that in the aftermath of
13:17the events of King and black when null
13:19had attacked the world that null
13:21overcame the world super fast right
13:23showing up with celestials different
13:24things like that and Tony Stark who is
13:26Ever the futurist began developing a
13:29kind of suit of armor that would serve
13:31one part as protection and then one part
13:34as basically a Gateway as a wormhole and
13:36that's why you see in its chest is what
13:38looks like a giant portal energy source
13:41where the Arc Reactor would normally be
13:43and what would happen here is that in a
13:45time of a massive emergency he could
13:47actually Evacuate the world's population
13:49through this thing now the other thing
13:51about it and those of you guys who are
13:52X-Men fans is probably not lost on you
13:55this looks like master mold and I have
13:57to believe there's probably a reason for
13:59that but what this looks like because of
14:01the fact that Tony Stark piloted a
14:03Celestial is that it looks like it's a
14:05Celestial killer armor is what it looks
14:07like right like Iron Man's Celestial
14:09killer armor which is kind of nuts but
14:10at the end of the day the response of
14:12Hulk is I'm gonna need to borrow this so
14:14you know despite Tony Stark begging for
14:16him not to that the math is not complete
14:17he has no idea where he'll go if he
14:19passes through that portal if you'll
14:21basically take control of the suit of
14:22armor itself or if you'll end up in some
14:24hellish Dimension or the realm of
14:26Mephisto or the Negative Zone there's no
14:28way to know what will happen the
14:30responsive Banner is I don't care it
14:32doesn't matter to me what I want to
14:33achieve is more important so he
14:35literally travels through the portal to
14:37a future destination and we have no idea
14:40what awaits him there
14:41all right what's going on guys this is
14:43Rob and I forgot
14:46that Hulk number two was coming out two
14:49weeks after Hulk number one now after
14:51this it's only coming out every month so
14:53we'll have to wait like a month before
14:55we cover the next issue I know it sucks
14:56one of the things a lot of you guys have
14:58voice to concern about is that sometimes
15:00it's hard to keep track of stories so
15:01what I'm gonna do is I'm actually just
15:03going to kind of create playlists for
15:04the individual stories that we're doing
15:06so they're super easy to follow we'll
15:07probably end up with a million playlists
15:09but there's no such thing as too many
15:10playlists on YouTube so for those of you
15:12guys who are following Devil's Reign
15:13you'll actually find a link to the
15:15playlist in that video which right now
15:17only has one video and then for this one
15:19uh you'll find a link to the playlist uh
15:21both for this individual story arc and
15:24this video will also be added into the
15:26main playlist for the Incredible Hulk so
15:28that'll make it easier to follow along
15:30having said that so in the first video
15:31what we kind of talked about and what we
15:33ran over here was really the change that
15:35was going on with the Incredible Hulk
15:37this idea that what Banner had done in
15:39the aftermath of like everything that Al
15:41Ewing had done which was just a
15:42ridiculously Amazing Story which we
15:44still need to release a full story for
15:46for Immortal Hulk um that what's
15:48happened here is Banner has basically
15:50weaponized The Incredible Hulk insofar
15:52that he basically turned him into a ship
15:53because the Incredible Hulk is so
15:55incredibly durable and so powerful he
15:57can survive in almost any environment
15:59and one of the things that was
16:00established in Jason Aaron's run is that
16:02the Incredible Hulk's physiology can
16:03actually adapt to an environment so he
16:06wasn't able to breathe underwater until
16:07he was
16:09and so what this means is that with
16:10Banner basically controlling the mind of
16:13the Incredible Hulk and the Incredible
16:14Hulk's rage being used as quote unquote
16:16the engine that drives the ship that
16:18he's basically able to do almost
16:19anything he wants to and so far as
16:21executing plants we don't really know
16:22what this plan is what we do know is
16:24that Banner basically sees control of
16:27basically Celestial Tech and then in
16:29turn traveled into the Multiverse now
16:31the funny thing about this is that as
16:32soon as he leaves his Universe he comes
16:34across a group that's referred to as the
16:35alternate universe timeline Hazard
16:37operations response and intervention
16:39team with some other word that starts
16:41with a y it's Authority this looks like
16:43Authority from DC Comics those of you
16:45guys who don't know who that is the
16:46authority is actually a group that
16:47operates essentially in the Multiverse
16:49but they they well they've served
16:50different purposes but they're a wild
16:52Storm Team uh we haven't really talked
16:54about them and maybe we should we
16:55haven't really done much of the way of
16:56Wild Storm but this is hilarious because
16:59at the end of the day he just plows
17:04I mean none of these guys really have a
17:07chance but it is kind of a funny thing
17:08to see I mean tell me this ship in the
17:10background does not look like the ship
17:12of the authority from wildstorm they're
17:13basically a Pastiche right I mean if
17:15they're not exactly those characters
17:16they're basically a past Niche but when
17:18it comes to the Multiverse this is one
17:19of the things I want to talk about we I
17:21like to reiterate this every so often
17:22for people who were either new or who
17:24have been here for a while and need a
17:25bit of a refresher there are a lot of
17:27teams that Patrol the Multiverse for
17:29different reasons like the Exiles travel
17:31from one Universe to the other just
17:33basically solving problems and we should
17:34cover the original like not really the
17:36original but like the Exiles run uh that
17:38basically went into what was basically
17:40House of M and all that kind of stuff
17:41did like the world tour storyline and
17:43all that we should probably cover that
17:45because the Exiles are like the most
17:46underappreciated but more most amazing
17:49team in Marvel Comics like literally
17:51it's just a team that travels to
17:52alternate realities all their like every
17:54one of their stories was awesome there
17:56was never a boring story in the Exiles
17:58but nonetheless these guys are
17:59obliterated pretty quickly the other
18:01thing behind this is that Banner is
18:03basically asleep at the wheel and it
18:04kind it makes sense right I mean it's a
18:06pretty exhausting situation to be in
18:08controlling uh giant green rage monster
18:11and then you know sending him into space
18:12A lot's happened over the course of the
18:14day A lot's happened over the course of
18:15the day and so once Banner starts to
18:17wake up what you actually end up finding
18:19out here is they're being targeted and
18:20the reason why is because there's
18:22somebody out there or something out
18:24there that's trying to get their hands
18:26on the Hulk for reasons we don't
18:27necessarily know we simply know that
18:29they are but again this is the nature of
18:30using the Incredible Hulk's rage as an
18:32engine system that where this really
18:34beginning called a kind of a physical
18:35tractor beam is trying to pull the The
18:37Incredible Hulk in that Banner amps's
18:40rage up right as a means to just kind of
18:42keep the or at least push the Incredible
18:43Hulk to higher levels thinking of this
18:45is something akin to like NOS in a car
18:47except you could regulate how much Nas
18:49you basically allow in that car and you
18:52basically have it just increasing in
18:53power forever right is is kind of the
18:55big difference here but again like
18:57monsters are basically introduced get
18:59set upon the Incredible Hulk one of
19:00which is Finn Fang Foom uh spoilers have
19:02you guys played the Guardians of the
19:04Galaxy game yet dude that game is
19:06amazing I just finished it like a couple
19:08days ago Dude that game is amazing Finn
19:10Fang Foom looked awesome in that game
19:12when they when they're like we need to
19:13go find Finn Fang Foom I was like yes
19:17I really can't wait to see this but the
19:19thing behind this is that again these
19:21are just monsters and the Incredible
19:23Hulk in what's essentially his is almost
19:25like infantile form is Savage form just
19:27sees them as a credible threat and
19:29attacks them that's one of the benefits
19:30that Banner's kind of waiting for when
19:32it comes to the Incredible Hulk if the
19:34Incredible Hulk has not figured out this
19:35is an illusion now this is one of the
19:37big differences between what Donnie
19:38Cates is doing and what Al Ewing is
19:40doing that in a lot of ways Al Ewing
19:43depicted the intelligence of the
19:44immortal Hulk or at least his ability to
19:46understand his surroundings as being on
19:48par with Ben right I mean the immortal
19:50Hulk was not as intelligent as Banner
19:52right it wasn't one of those things
19:53where he's like practicing science and
19:54things like that certainly not on the
19:56same level the banner was but he was
19:57certainly a lot more cognizant of what
19:59was going on around him right he was
20:00able to understand what was taking place
20:02and a more nuanced way than what Savage
20:05Hulk is able to do now whether or not
20:07this means the immortal Hulk slash devil
20:09Hulk Persona is gone forever or is
20:11temporarily just kind of retreated is
20:13something that only time will tell right
20:15we'll just kind of have to wait and and
20:16watch is Donnie Cates and progressed to
20:18find out how this happens but regardless
20:20what the immortal Hulk's anger being
20:22amped up more and more at the End of the
20:24Day banners told that the origin of this
20:26entity is unknown but according to their
20:29sensors they're being scanned and when
20:30it turns out they're being scanned for
20:31gamma radiation the initial response to
20:33Banner is it's the Avengers right like
20:35they're trying to find him or they have
20:37found him and they're basically trying
20:38to bring this guy back right they're
20:39trying to reel him back into the
20:40universe because the reality is he's not
20:42supposed to be out there right like he
20:44he overpowered The Avengers in order to
20:46get to this and so following that you
20:48basically have him of course taking out
20:49Fin Fang Foom and you know the The
20:51Incredible Hulk destroys these forces or
20:53whatever and so Banner needs more rage
20:55and so as a really great throwback he
20:57basically amps them up and has a giant
20:59version of Wolverine appear here now on
21:01the surface you would think that if what
21:03Banner wanted to do was to maximize The
21:06Rage of the Hulk that he would somehow
21:08find a way to unlock the world breaker
21:10Hulk rage level right to make him you
21:12know as angry as he as he's ever been
21:13but there's a couple reasons for why we
21:15can surmise this is not really happening
21:17the first is that to go from just Hulk
21:19who's kind of chill and relaxed or at
21:21least is you know kind of minimally
21:22angry we can call him that until like
21:24World breaker Hulk could possibly just
21:26destroy his form right like I mean
21:28destroy the the engine so to speak right
21:29the other part of this is that given the
21:31fact that the the world breaker Hulk
21:33form is essentially a more cognizant and
21:36intelligent version of savage Hulk that
21:38what this would mean is that it would
21:40figure out us all an illusion right like
21:42World breaker Hulk would figure out
21:43what's going on and then basically just
21:45stop right and just just cease to fight
21:47and just kind of maybe revert back to a
21:49base form and call it a day there's a
21:50few different reasons for why we can
21:52discern that's not necessarily happening
21:54the other cool thing here is that this
21:55being a throwback is to the old
21:57Wolverine first appearance when he
21:58fought the Incredible Hulk this is how
22:00he looked right this is this is how
22:02Wolverine looked back in the day not
22:03only that as most of you guys know uh
22:06The Incredible Hulk and Wolverine have
22:08had some ridiculously good fights
22:10especially with that animated movie
22:12right Hulk versus and it's like
22:13Wolverine and Thor you guys remember
22:14that movie that movie was awesome I'm
22:16gonna watch that movie as soon as I
22:17finish with this video well it was a it
22:19was a great movie right it was it was a
22:20great thing I absolutely loved it uh but
22:22there's been some great battles here
22:23right and there's a lot of I wouldn't
22:24say animosity but Wolverine kind of
22:26represents this being that's very
22:28difficult for the Incredible Hulk to
22:29take out and so the Incredible Hulk's
22:31rage just kind of keeps going and going
22:32and going but as the fight breaks on or
22:34continues on between Wolverine and uh
22:37and and the Incredible Hulk the Hulk's
22:39not getting as angry as he needs to be
22:40the engines themselves are also critical
22:43so it's almost as though the engines
22:44kind of match what the Hulk is going
22:46through now you do get some cool moments
22:47right where like giant Wolverine goes
22:49you know goes to stab The Immortal Hulk
22:51and his claws gets stuck in the ground
22:52and Hulk rips out one of Wolverine's
22:54claws which is awesome it's just
22:56ridiculously cool to see but the the
22:58this kind of disembodied Betty Ross
23:00right who almost seems to be a voice in
23:01Banner's head to a degree seemingly his
23:04conscience kind of chimes in and is like
23:05you're pushing the Incredible Hulk too
23:07far like if you keep on doing this
23:09either he's gonna break he's gonna shut
23:10down and he's basically like that that
23:12Persona is gonna be destroyed possibly
23:14replaced with another or simply just
23:16losing your ability ability to power
23:18this engine entirely or everything is
23:20going to go belly up the crazy thing
23:21about this is that if this version of
23:23the Incredible Hulk is seemingly
23:24defeated slash destroyed that what would
23:26happen is Banner would revert back into
23:28his human form right like remember all
23:30this is essentially taking place in the
23:32mindscape right like this ship that
23:33banners sitting in is the brain of the
23:35Incredible Hulk and the Incredible Hulk
23:37himself is just his Persona fighting all
23:39these enemies that banners making him
23:41see that appear to be real but actually
23:43aren't right that's one thing to keep in
23:44mind this is not happening on some
23:46Planet somewhere right that's not really
23:48what's going on here but that if this
23:50version of the Incredible Hulk is
23:51defeated or destroyed that the
23:52Incredible Hulk will revert back into
23:54his human form and banner cannot
23:56withstand the rigors of the Multiverse
23:58in his current form right Jake like as a
24:00human being he cannot withstand that he
24:01would basically be destroyed and so
24:03that's why there's a bit of desperation
24:04here that's why there's a bit of a
24:05desire to to kind of push the Incredible
24:08Hulk more and more and find some way to
24:10get past this ultimately though the
24:12Incredible Hulk succumbs to this this
24:14kind of tractor system that's pulling
24:16him in and there's no conceivable way
24:18for them to find a way out and so
24:20essentially once they're pulled back in
24:21here or into this particular location
24:23they crash land in what basically looks
24:25like a cave with a kind of stasis field
24:27thus keeping the Incredible Hulk in
24:29place now we're not really given the
24:30details of this stasis field and in
24:32reality we don't really need them but I
24:33would surmise that given how it's
24:35Technology based it's likely one of
24:37those things where it basically
24:38reinforces the strike of the Incredible
24:39Hulk so for every punch he Doles out
24:42that level of strength is Amplified two
24:44times over by the shield so basically
24:45The Shield is always more durable than
24:48the Incredible Hulk is right like the
24:49Incredible Hulk strength works against
24:51him and being able to try to break out
24:52of this thing the crazy thing is that
24:54there's just this kind of guy out there
24:55right like this this person out there
24:57that you can't really make out this says
24:59that like after all these years they
25:01finally caught him right they finally
25:02caught this person and where Banner
25:04doesn't know what's going on right like
25:05who in the hell are you like what what
25:06in the heck is happening here the the
25:08person kind of chimes in and says wow
25:10you're wildly different from all the
25:11rest of them right you can speak you can
25:13reason and you're in control like this
25:15is kind of weird like don't be afraid I
25:17mean you harm my name is Dr Bruce Banner
25:20this looks like Bruce Banner from an
25:21alternate reality now try as I might
25:23this is not an existing version of Bruce
25:26Banner that I'm familiar with and I've
25:27searched high and low this is not a
25:29version of banner that we've seen before
25:30so it's not like the Incredible Hulks
25:31landed in like the House of M universe
25:33and this is Banner in that Universe this
25:35is a seemingly a reality that we've
25:37never seen before which makes me wildly
25:40excited to see what Donnie Cates is
25:42gonna do here
25:43what's going on guys this is Rob and we
25:45are back with the Hulk right with uh
25:48with Hulk part three and and I don't
25:49know why I keep getting the wires
25:51crossed with like Donnie Cates and Al
25:53Ewing like in the Venom video we were
25:54like it's Donnie case's Venom but it's
25:56actually Al Ewing's Venom it's probably
25:57because the two of them directly switch
25:59stories which always throws me off
26:01Donnie Cates was writing Venom valuing
26:03his writing Hulk then they switched and
26:04Dottie case is riding Hulk and alien's
26:06writing Venom and it just it takes me
26:08for a loop sometimes so I may make that
26:10mistake a couple more times hopefully
26:11not I'll try to make sure I don't but
26:13the whole idea behind the Incredible
26:15Hulk is Donnie Cates is writing it right
26:16now uh is that basically Bruce Banner is
26:20piloting The Incredible Hulk now if you
26:22want to get caught up make sure you guys
26:24check out the playlist down in the
26:25description which will not only have
26:27this Incredible Hulk story all the way
26:28at the bottom but we'll also have a
26:30whole bunch of other Incredible Hulk
26:31stuff to go along with it including the
26:33immortal Hulk uh but the whole thing
26:34behind this is that Banner is basically
26:36in an alternate reality and the crazy
26:38thing is that this alternate reality
26:40he's in is one that's actually occupied
26:42by in another version of Bruce Banner
26:45now before we get into that there is
26:46something really important here and this
26:48is one of those instances where Dottie
26:50Cates teases a thing and then kind of
26:52gives us this slow introduction it's
26:53usually what he always does you can set
26:55your watch to it right so he'll give us
26:57like the first two issues which will set
26:58the stage and then we'll get issue
27:00number three which is something's coming
27:02and then we'll get Issue Number Four
27:03which may or may not focus on that and
27:05then with five and six we'll basically
27:06come to the fruition of what's going on
27:08with the thing he discussed assuming
27:09he's going to keep it confined to those
27:11six issues and not really like build it
27:12up as something that'll show up in like
27:14you know 12 or 24 issues later on down
27:16the line but the thing about this and
27:18really the big question that we'd all
27:20had is that at the end of Al Ewing's run
27:22on the immortal Hulk that banner and
27:24Hulk had basically kind of found a way
27:26to work in unison right there was
27:27Harmony there as there usually always is
27:29when it comes to the ending of a Hulk
27:31story what we didn't know is what had
27:33happened between the time of the ending
27:36of immortal Hulk and the events in El
27:38Paso when things had basically popped
27:40off and the Incredible Hulk had somehow
27:42lost his mind instead tearing everything
27:44up that what had basically happened is
27:46things that kind of gone back to the
27:47status quo that basically whenever the
27:49Incredible Hulk essentially came on that
27:51where he and banner would kind of work
27:53in unison and both would basically know
27:55what the other one was doing that Banner
27:56was basically shut out and so things
27:58started going nuts and he didn't fully
27:59understand what was happening the other
28:01part of this is that when the when the
28:03questions asked what happened like like
28:05you know his belief being that like the
28:07Incredible Hulk could basically just
28:08taken over shut Banner's mind out and
28:10then went on a war path in El Paso
28:12killed a whole bunch of people and then
28:14basically you know kind of reverted back
28:16into Banner that instead there's
28:17something else going on here that
28:19seemingly there's another kind of Hulk
28:21presence that's there almost demonic in
28:23nature and then just basically refers to
28:25Banner as being weak and then kills
28:27Banner right off the bat now of course
28:29this is him seemingly having like a
28:31dream experience it's not actually him
28:33experiencing that so we don't know
28:35exactly how this unfolded if it was a
28:36vision that took place in El Paso if
28:38it's something that he's just imagining
28:40right some sort of way for him to kind
28:41of cope with the the things is it like
28:43the Incredible Hulk actually did in El
28:45Paso we don't necessarily know all we
28:47know is that he basically wakes up in
28:50this alternate reality and is met with
28:51this version of Bruce Banner now the
28:53crazy thing about this is that this
28:55alternate reality version of banner as
28:56he says he describes him as being
28:58magnificent and says I have never met an
29:00Abomination with such agency before and
29:03so seemingly in this alternate reality
29:05there appears to be more than one Hulk
29:07and those various versions that are out
29:09there don't really have the same kind of
29:11intelligence that Bruce Banner does now
29:13the funny thing about this is that this
29:15is kind of the exception to the rule
29:16whether it's because of the fact that
29:18Bruce Banner is basically controlling
29:19The Incredible Hulk so like piloting The
29:21Hulk and using the Hulk's anger as a
29:23means to essentially control his body to
29:25increase his strength or decrease his
29:27strength as needed or previous
29:28iterations where you had like Professor
29:30Hulk or even like World breaker Hulk or
29:32something like that that regardless of
29:34the situation seemingly this alternate
29:35reality version of banner has never
29:37encountered that and so when the the
29:39main Marvel Universe Banner introduced
29:41himself as I am basically Bruce Ben and
29:43I'm controlling The Incredible Hulk I'm
29:45piloting him basically like my mind is
29:47controlling the body then this alternate
29:48reality version of banner is like okay
29:50that's interesting I'm curious about
29:52this and so of course with the
29:53Incredible Hulk Persona it really is his
29:55mind kind of facing off against all
29:57these different threats that Banner
29:58shuts the threats down which of course
30:00lead to the Incredible Hulk Persona
30:01basically calming down right remember
30:03that's how this whole thing works the
30:05Incredible Hulk is basically the engine
30:06that you have the physical Incredible
30:09Hulk's body but you have the mind of
30:10Bruce Banner that's controlling The
30:12Incredible Hulk's body and that what you
30:14have is the Incredible Hulk mind
30:16basically the Savage Hulk's mind being
30:18forced to fight enemy after enemy after
30:20enemy increasing his Rage which allows
30:22the Incredible Hulk to stay strong so
30:24Banner can basically control the Hulk's
30:26strength right remember that's kind of
30:27the thing that's going on here it's
30:28interesting and it's kind of meta
30:30textual but in the midst of all this
30:31kind of happening The Incredible Hulk
30:33Persona meets with what looks like this
30:35kind of dark demonic devil Hulk version
30:37the crazy thing is that he seems to have
30:39seen him before it's one of those things
30:41where he's like you right like who who
30:43are you and then when this version takes
30:45off the whole kind of chases after him
30:46right and it's like please come back so
30:48it's an interesting concept because it
30:50looks as though the Incredible Hulk
30:52wants this kind of devil version of
30:54himself or this being or whatever it is
30:56this happens to be again we don't fully
30:57know what's going on here the important
30:59thing that to really discuss here is
31:02basically main Marvel Universe Banner
31:04talking to alternate banner and what we
31:06get is this bit of an origin story in
31:07that this alternate reality Universe
31:09version of Bruce Banner says that unlike
31:11the main Marvel Universe where the gamma
31:13bomb had gone off but Banner had
31:15basically pushed Rick Jones out of the
31:16way was exposed to the radiation and
31:18then became the Incredible Hulk leading
31:20to General Thunderbolt Ross and all
31:22those guys riding the whole thing off as
31:23a failure and basically saying aftermath
31:25of this is basically just too dangerous
31:27that in this alternate reality it worked
31:30right the gamma bomb went off without a
31:31hitch Banner was not caught in the blast
31:33he never became the Incredible Hulk or
31:34anything along those lines but in his
31:36naivety he believed that this would only
31:38lead to a kind of second atomic age
31:40right that in the aftermath of humanity
31:42discovering atomic energy that yeah I
31:45mean it gave us the Cold War and the
31:46fear that the United States and the
31:48Soviet Union were going to wipe
31:49themselves off the map but it also gave
31:50us microwaves and all kinds of
31:52technology and so the thought of banner
31:54is that sure this could potentially be
31:56used for destructive capabilities but if
31:58for no other reason than
31:59self-preservation Humanity would not
32:01necessarily be quick on the trigger in
32:03terms of just detonating all these gamma
32:05bombs across the world in some major
32:07conflict instead they would use gamma
32:09technology as basically a source of
32:11energy to kind of enter into a new age
32:14of human evolution instead the worst
32:16fears of banner come true that there
32:18seemed to have been some kind of just
32:19massive Global Calamity and what they
32:21ended up doing with the powers that be
32:23as he describes them taking their
32:25weapons and then basically detonating
32:26them across the world everywhere except
32:28for the United States is hit and so what
32:31he says that this whole thing had
32:32basically turned the United States into
32:35the greatest Empire in the world
32:36seemingly it was the US that struck
32:39first for whatever reason which is not
32:41really explained here what seems to have
32:43happened is that the United States using
32:45gamma bombs targeted the rest of the
32:47world and then detonated all those gamma
32:49bombs in populated areas across the
32:51world leaving only itself as seemingly
32:54the last functioning Empire in the world
32:56of the last functioning country in the
32:58world and so Banner has basically been
33:00trying to continually atone for his sins
33:02and when the questions asked what are
33:04you doing to to atone for your sins how
33:06does all this work he basically says
33:08that the ensuing radiation from these
33:11gamma bomb attacks basically affected
33:13everybody across the world those
33:15individuals who weren't killed in the
33:17explosions were transformed into hulks
33:19but instead of them simply just being
33:21like hulks as you expect them right just
33:23like running around and like an
33:25Incredible Hulk type person instead
33:27they're all irradiated so some of them
33:29look like look like crabs some of them
33:31are just kind of like welded in place
33:33and it's just like Hulk heads or
33:34whatever the case is and sometimes like
33:36you do see a kind of version of the Hulk
33:37that basically escapes here's the irony
33:39of all this this is almost exactly how
33:42the events played out in Greg Pack's
33:44Planet Hulk event as part of Secret Wars
33:46right the big difference here is that in
33:48that story everybody in the world were
33:50changed into like tried and true
33:52Incredible Hulks right Incredible Hulks
33:54or she-hulks and like that was basically
33:55it they weren't really mutated or
33:57anything like that it's just everybody
33:58in the world became a Hulk here it's
34:01really a an interesting blend between
34:03the events of Greg Pax Planet Hulk from
34:05Secret Wars which I think was part of
34:07like War zones or something like that
34:08and then uh the events of Incredible
34:10Hulk The End by Peter David right where
34:13basically the world was destroyed in in
34:15nuclear war all the heroes and all the
34:17villains had basically died out in the
34:18Incredible Hulk and banner were like the
34:20last two people on Earth until the Bruce
34:21Banner Persona had a heart attack and
34:23died and then it was just the Incredible
34:24Hulk and and I don't really know how a
34:26Persona has a heart attack and dies but
34:28regardless it's a very interesting blend
34:30between these two things the other part
34:33of this is that because these hulks kind
34:35of appear out in the world every once in
34:37a while and because this alternate
34:39reality version of banner referred to
34:40them as Abominations the question that
34:42the main Marvel Universe Banner is where
34:44are they right when you find these hoax
34:46and you capture them where do they go
34:48what do you do with them and he's like I
34:49found them in the same place that I
34:50found you right out in the void that
34:52basically what this alternate reality
34:54version of banner has been doing is
34:55every time he finds a Hulk he basically
34:58throws them out into the void of the
35:00Multiverse right just sort of throws
35:01them out there into existence he doesn't
35:03know what happens to them he doesn't
35:04really know where they go and it's not
35:06really his concern and he does this
35:08because he's instructed to and when the
35:10questions asked by Banner who instructs
35:12you to do this who tells you to just
35:13throw these Incredible Hulks away right
35:16to just throw them out right to maybe
35:17study them for a little while and then
35:19throw them into the void who tells you
35:20this who is the person that's in charge
35:22here and the response to this alternate
35:24reality version of banner is my father
35:25is it's his father-in-law president
35:28Thunderbolt Ross
35:30what's going on guys this is Rob and we
35:32are back with Donnie Kate's run on the
35:34Incredible Hulk and in the last video we
35:37basically ended things seemingly with
35:39this idea that Bruce Banner essentially
35:41seemed to work for like General
35:43Thunderbolt Ross or at the very least
35:45was subservient to General Thunderbolt
35:47Ross who of course had become president
35:48of the United States now the other part
35:50of this is this reality is given a
35:52numerical designation which usually
35:54happens faster than this but this is
35:55referred to as Earth 122. so maybe
35:58that's something that'll become
35:59important later on down the line I'm not
36:00entirely sure usually whenever Marvel
36:02actually assigns a numerical designation
36:04to an alternate reality it usually means
36:06that alternate reality will appear in
36:08the future so again that's why I say you
36:10may or may not want to keep it in the
36:11back of your head the thing about this
36:12is that as we know uh basically
36:15Thunderbolt Ross ends up discovering or
36:17finding out that there is a kind of
36:19enormous amount of gamma energy that it
36:22basically spiked from a specific
36:23mountain range and what this does is it
36:25seems to indicate that Bruce Banner is
36:28actually in hiding from General
36:29thunderbol that he's not actually
36:31working for Thunderbolt Ross per se and
36:33that what ends up happening here is
36:35Thunderbolt Ross of course is like send
36:37everything right like get all the drop
36:39ships going and everything like that and
36:40I want to be there when it all happens
36:42now here's the thing to understand this
36:44would never be allowed to happen the
36:45president of the United States would
36:47never be allowed to enter in active war
36:49zone the Secret Service would keep that
36:51from happening right it just like the
36:52president's not allowed to put himself
36:54In Harm's Way like that I mean he
36:55wouldn't even be allowed to get close he
36:57would never be allowed to enter an
36:59active war zone
37:00but at the end of the day as Grant
37:02Morrison once said this is comics and
37:04none of it's real so why does it matter
37:06so here's the other thing about this the
37:07big question that we kind of had to ask
37:09here is what's going on with the rest of
37:11the world now we don't necessarily get
37:13this in depth we do get a couple
37:15questions answered but really we
37:17basically end up finding out that it's
37:18largely Tony Stark who killed the world
37:20not Tony Stark directly but the
37:22technology of Tony Stark that what ended
37:24up happening is that with everything
37:26following the way that it did right the
37:28gamma Revolution as it was called all
37:30these people with like gamma energy
37:31basically popping up all over the place
37:33that what it did is it made Stark
37:35Technologies essentially obsolete now
37:37this is an important thing because
37:39before Tony Stark became Iron Man as
37:41most of you guys know he was a weapons
37:42manufacturer and whether it's because
37:44you've seen the movie or you've read the
37:45comics it was basically The Art of War
37:48right the danger that comes with war
37:49itself and like the loss of innocent
37:51lives and the fact that Tony Stark was
37:53forced to face that fact when he was
37:55kidnapped while really during the
37:56Vietnam war in the comics versus uh
37:58during the Afghan conflict in uh in the
38:00movies that he ended up turning over a
38:02new leaf and basically using his
38:03technology in order to one make the
38:05world better as well as turning himself
38:07into an Avenger the difference here is
38:09that because this whole gamma Revolution
38:11happened before Tony Stark became Iron
38:13Man or at least maybe after he became
38:15Iron Man this Stark Industries had no
38:17real value and so the result of this is
38:19that Tony Stark filed for bankruptcy
38:21right like literally his company's value
38:22just plummeted because he wasn't
38:24offering anything that was better than
38:26the whole gamma Revolution right the
38:28idea of like gamma-powered beings and so
38:30what this meant is that eventually his
38:32company was absorbed now we're not
38:34really told who it was that absorbed his
38:37company whether it was Justin hammer or
38:38anything like that or even just the
38:40federal government itself the important
38:42thing here is that ultimately Tony Stark
38:44ended up just dying of his alcoholism
38:46right he ended up being found dead
38:48outside of a bar from alcohol toxicity
38:50and basically chronic pancreatitis
38:53following that the technology of Tony
38:55Stark was basically used presumably by
38:57the government to kind of bridge the gap
38:59between the gamma radiation of the
39:01Incredible Hulk and the technology of
39:03Stark to create these basically
39:04gamma-powered Stark uh robots right and
39:07then in turn they started wiping out
39:09everything right like literally the
39:11X-Men popped up shortly after that and
39:13they were all just annihilated by the
39:15federal government right just totally
39:16wiped out completely now the thing about
39:18this is that this looks like it takes
39:20place around the time of giant size
39:21X-Men so not only were the X-Men
39:24eradicated by the forces of basically
39:27the government using Stark Tech but they
39:29also nuked the entire entirety of the
39:31Xavier school for gifted youngsters now
39:33we're not really given much outside of
39:35that it's really just kind of banner
39:37reading about all this stuff in this
39:38alternate reality but what we could also
39:40largely surmise here is that when he
39:42starts asking questions like is there
39:43nobody left right what about blade or
39:45Moon Knight or like Captain America or
39:47even like Spider-Man that like the
39:49response of this alternate reality
39:50Banner is like I don't okay blade or
39:52moon like I have no idea what you're
39:54talking about so seemingly there is no
39:56blade there is no Moon Knight which is
39:58really kind of interesting because in
39:59the main Marvel Universe Eric Brooks
40:01became blade pretty early on and he's
40:04been around for quite some time so
40:06seemingly he may still be around and
40:08just nobody knows about him or maybe he
40:10just never really came into existence at
40:12all uh Captain America may still very
40:14well be frozen in ice it's just one of
40:15those things where we're not really
40:16given a whole lot of answers maybe we
40:18will get them at a at a later point in
40:20time but at the moment we don't really
40:21know what's happening the crazy thing
40:23about this though is that in the middle
40:24of all this you basically end up having
40:26like the forces of Thunderbolt raw so
40:28basically the US government that
40:29descends on this mountain range where
40:32you have the main Marvel Universe banner
40:33and this alternate reality banner and so
40:35what it does is it leads to like
40:36alternate Banner basically telling like
40:38you know the the main Marvel Universe
40:39Banner right don't go out there right
40:41like these this is literally an army
40:43that's bred for the purpose of
40:46destroying people like you right like
40:48they they this this is not like you
40:49running out there and dealing with like
40:51bullets and things like that they
40:53specialize in this and so what you end
40:54up getting is that once Banner shows up
40:56out there it's just like this colossal
40:58army with this these giant Mexico you
41:00know what this reminds me of in a lot of
41:01ways it reminds me of like Days of
41:03Future Past right it looks very very
41:05similar to Dave's Future Past this is
41:06one of the reasons why that story was so
41:08Landmark when it came out and why it has
41:10such a strong Legacy because so often
41:12whenever you look at alternate reality
41:14stories where essentially the
41:16superheroes have basically been killed
41:17off in some form or fashion usually by
41:20the actions of the government itself
41:21that it is some kind of days of future
41:23past-esque scenario right the activation
41:25of some version of The Sentinel program
41:27sometimes the Sentinels become
41:29self-aware other times Sentinels never
41:31deviate from their programming they
41:32never become self-aware and they just
41:34operate based on the programming given
41:36to them by the federal government but
41:38whatever it is the funny thing about
41:39this is Banner tells us alternate
41:40reality counterpart no no right I'm from
41:42a whole different playing field like I
41:44am not these gamma mutates that you see
41:46out there right these gamma-ray radiated
41:48beings just watch and learn my friend
41:50I'm on a whole different level from
41:52these guys now once he jumps out there
41:54and and literally Ross is just like fire
41:56right fire everything they have then it
41:58initially takes Banner by surprise right
42:00like he didn't really believe what
42:01alternative Banner was telling him until
42:03he was being hit with all these lasers
42:04that are literally piercing his skin
42:06right which is a very difficult task to
42:08achieve but in a world full of gamma
42:11irradiated hulks it was only a matter of
42:13time before these before technology was
42:15developed that could overcome those
42:16Hulks and by extension overcome this one
42:18but as you guys know and seemingly one
42:20of the things that makes the main Marvel
42:22Universe version of The Incredible Hulk
42:24so unique is that the angrier he gets
42:26the stronger he gets and so as a result
42:28of this literally Banner just like sets
42:31the whole the whole engine system of the
42:33Incredible Hulk to stage four now
42:34remember those guys who are kind of
42:36getting caught up here that basically
42:37it's Banner controlling the mind of the
42:39Incredible Hulk and by setting the
42:41engine to stage four what he's basically
42:43doing is forcing The Incredible Hulk
42:45personality to experience like all these
42:47different Horrors in these stages of
42:49combat which in turn makes the
42:51Incredible Hulk personality angrier and
42:53it makes the Incredible Hulk's body
42:54stronger and more durable which allows
42:56Banner to continue fighting in places
42:58that he normally wouldn't be able to
42:59fight the thing about this is that by
43:01going to stage four it basically
43:02activates a kind of hallucination of the
43:05Marvel Zombies so literally while like
43:07the Hulk personality is just losing its
43:09mind attacking all these Marvel Zombies
43:12it amps him up more and more his healing
43:14Factor kicks in he recovers almost
43:16instantaneously and then like the
43:18strength boost comes and in doing so he
43:20starts laying waste to the forces of of
43:23Thunderbolt Ross right like at that
43:25point it's really Thunderbolt Ross
43:26realizing he never had a chance in the
43:28first place right like it's just
43:30absolutely absolute madness here and
43:31even this alternate reality version of
43:33banner is like my God like what the hell
43:35have I Unleashed right they have never
43:37seen anything like this in this
43:39alternate universe they've never seen
43:41like a tried and true Incredible Hulk
43:43and that's one of the things that Donnie
43:44Cates really seems to be hitting at is
43:46that yes you have different iterations
43:48of the Incredible Hulk from around the
43:49Multiverse but there only ever really
43:51seems to be one version of The
43:53Incredible Hulk that's as unique as this
43:55now the reality is we know that's not
43:57necessarily the case right I mean the
43:58what if story based on like World War
44:00Hulk where basically Hulk ends up
44:02killing all the superheroes and becomes
44:03a hero of Galactus like that was
44:05basically the same Hulk that we were
44:06used to who seemingly had all the same
44:08Powers right so it's not that uncommon
44:10to see but it seems to be a fairly rare
44:12thing and so what you end up getting is
44:13actually General Thunderbolt Ross who
44:15contacts this alternate banner and it's
44:17just like do something right like call
44:19this guy off if you don't call this guy
44:21off then I'm bringing out your star
44:23pupil right this stupid kid that you
44:25love so much and we're gonna send them
44:26down there and so that's the crazy thing
44:28is because where where Bros is like you
44:30you got 10 seconds right Banner like
44:32literally tries to talk him down he's
44:33like no no like please don't do it
44:35please don't do it he was like call your
44:36monster off or the boy Falls right the
44:38boy gets knocked down into this whole
44:40great big huge thing and so it's one of
44:42those things where like this alternate
44:43reality Banner absolutely cares for this
44:45kid right but at the end of the day he
44:47ends up succumbing to Thunderbolt Ross
44:48and then tells Bruce Banner do you have
44:50to stop this madness right you have to
44:51stop fighting against the forces of Ross
44:53and like the whole time Bruce Banner is
44:55like what are you talking about why do I
44:56have to stop fighting and he never
44:58really gets an answer he doesn't shut
44:59off the engine right he doesn't doesn't
45:01calm The Incredible Hulk down that the
45:02Incredible Hulk Persona keeps going
45:04crazy just like it always did and so as
45:06a result of that the countdown ends and
45:08Ross is just like dunzo and kicks the
45:10kid out of this whole thing and so you
45:12have Bruce Banner talking to his
45:13alternate reality Banner counterparts
45:15and it's like tell me what's going on
45:17like what's happening here and this
45:18alternate reality Banner is like okay so
45:20here's the thing right like this kid was
45:23basically my star pupil right like he
45:25was he was just he was a research
45:26student of mine right he was like a son
45:28to me his name was Peter and he was
45:31bitten by a spider that we had basically
45:33irradiated now when that happens right
45:35in that moment the forces of General
45:37Thunderbolt Ross retreat they clear the
45:40battlefield and when Bruce Banner asked
45:42the question okay this is probably
45:43stupid but this irradiated spider that
45:46bit this kid Peter what kind of
45:48radiation are we talking about here and
45:50what it looks like is it was a gamma
45:51irradiated spider because what manifests
45:54here is one of the most badass
45:56depictions of Spider-Man ever right like
45:58literally this kid lands here and he
46:00ends up transforming into what's
46:01basically a Hulk Spider-Man it is
46:05awesome oh my God you look so good this
46:08is why I love Donnie case man the guy
46:10just pulls these crazy ass rabbits out
46:12of his ass right it's just it's nuts the
46:14kind of stuff that he does this guy's
46:15imagination is just bonkers
46:18okay so getting back into Donnie cates's
46:21Hulk run right picking up where we left
46:23off uh and we'll kind of explain what's
46:24going on to a degree as we go through
46:25this as we usually do just because of
46:27the fact that we're doing these like a
46:28month apart we basically pick up in this
46:30alternate universe with this alternate
46:31reality version of Bruce Banner and we
46:33pick up with this alternate reality
46:34version of General Thunderbolt Ross now
46:36there is this really really amazing
46:37monologue that the that Banner does like
46:40the the main Marvel Universe Banner The
46:41Incredible Hulk does as all this is
46:43happening because remember he's
46:44basically uh fighting this alternate
46:46reality version of Spider-Man who was
46:49also exposed to gamma radiation so like
46:50spider Hulk essentially and what he says
46:53here is he says he wanted to be so much
46:55more than this right he wanted to push
46:56the boundaries explore the unknowable
46:58that he wanted to discover and invent to
47:00create instead on this world every world
47:03that has ever known the name Bruce
47:04Banner the story is always the same like
47:07this alternate me the banner of this
47:09world once said I am become death again
47:12and again and again the destroyer of
47:15worlds now I love that quote I don't
47:17know where how many of you guys know
47:18where that from but it's it actually
47:20comes from a from a Hindu scripture but
47:22it was really it really became a staple
47:24of Pop Culture because of Robert
47:26Oppenheimer after the detonation of the
47:28atomic bomb when it was experimented
47:29witnessing the First Nation um in 1945
47:32after the Manhattan Project he said I
47:35remember the line from the Hindu
47:37scripture the bhagavad-gita Vishnu is
47:39trying to persuade the prince that he
47:41should do his duty and to impress him
47:43takes on his multi-armed form and says
47:46now I am become death the destroyer of
47:49worlds I absolutely love that quote I've
47:51always loved that quote right this is
47:52one of my absolute favorite quotes when
47:54it comes to the the history just just in
47:56general right it's just it's an amazing
47:58quote but nonetheless right this
47:59alternate reality version of Bruce is
48:01basically being pummeled by Thunderbolt
48:03Ross now remember they kind of worked
48:05together to a degree right that Ross
48:07seemingly in this universe and virtually
48:08every other has never really liked Bruce
48:10Banner but the the I guess maybe
48:12alliance between the two despite it
48:14being tenuous was predicated on the idea
48:16that in the attempt of this alternate
48:18reality version of banner to solve the
48:20biowaste problem and accidentally
48:22creating all these different versions of
48:24of Hulks essentially some of whom are
48:26grotesquely mutated others are
48:28relatively normal in terms of their
48:30appearance that in order to correct this
48:32mistake they would basically send them
48:34through a wormhole and who knows where
48:36they would go now one of the things
48:37Donnie Cates tells us is that ultimately
48:39we'll find out where they go to
48:41we'll find out where it is that they all
48:43end up at but regardless it's just this
48:45really really cool moment because what
48:46Ross wants here and basically pummeling
48:49this alternate reality version of banner
48:50is he wants to know what this Hulk is
48:52where it came from and how to kill it
48:54and that's the crazy thing is because
48:56this version of Hulk this alternate
48:57reality Hulk represents this huge threat
49:00to this alternate version of Thunderbolt
49:02Ross because it could destabilize
49:04everything he's built now remember in
49:06terms of how the Incredible Hulk
49:08operates right now it's the Incredible
49:10Hulk's strength that is basically
49:11motivated by The Incredible Hulk itself
49:14that what you have here is you have
49:15Banner who controls the mind of the
49:17Incredible Hulk and and that he
49:19basically forces the Incredible Hulk
49:21psyche to face off against all these
49:23different threats and as you guys know
49:24the longer a fight goes on for and the
49:27more difficult it becomes for the
49:28Incredible Hulk to defeat a foe the
49:30angrier The Incredible Hulk becomes and
49:32the angrier the Hulk becomes the
49:34stronger he becomes so quite literally
49:36Bruce Banner has turned the Incredible
49:38Hulk Persona into a source of power that
49:41he can manipulate right he can literally
49:42ramp It Up by stages ramp it down by
49:44stages have him face off against all
49:46kinds of credible threats and so the
49:48result of this is right now they're at
49:49stage four basically the Incredible Hulk
49:51Persona is fighting Marvel Zombies in
49:53his own mind and because the Incredible
49:54Hulk cannot differentiate right it's
49:56basically a child it doesn't know that
49:58what it's seeing is not real it thinks
50:00it is and so it's just pummeling
50:01everything it sees and as the Fight
50:02Continues to go on the Incredible Hulk
50:04Persona gets angrier and angrier and
50:06gets stronger and stronger and so
50:07because of this again Betty Ross has
50:09intermittently kind of appeared in the
50:11mind of banner and just kind of talked
50:12to him occasionally and one of the
50:14things that she says is she asks like
50:15what are you doing right like you know
50:16you're not going to kill that poor thing
50:18and the responsive Banner is I mean like
50:20what are you talking about and the
50:21answer that Betty offers is like he's
50:23just a child right he can't help what he
50:25is and that's when Banner gets a little
50:27irritated and just kind of like you know
50:28what is this right since when do you
50:30care so much about protecting these
50:31supposed children why is this so
50:33important to you and that's when when
50:35Betty's like Bruce I don't exist right
50:37I'm not a I'm a manifestation of your
50:40own mind but she says I know what
50:41happens when you lock a child away and
50:44abuse it when you take its freedoms away
50:46it's agency it bottles all of that up
50:49right all of that Fury all of that rage
50:51when you do that Bruce the child turns
50:53into what made it you know this better
50:55than anyone you were turned into what
50:58you are by your father right like you
51:00hurt people you did bad things to people
51:02right like the Incredible Hulk Persona
51:03is a manifestation of the abuse you
51:05experience at the hands of your father
51:07right rage given a physical form and she
51:09says now you have to ask yourself if you
51:12lock the Hulk away and you keep hurting
51:14it keep making it angrier making it
51:16bottle up all of that rage when when
51:18that child explodes what will he turn
51:21into and the responsive Banner is I
51:22don't know but let's find out and that's
51:24when he ramps it up to stage five in
51:26order to defeat this you know mutated
51:28version of Spider-Man and at this point
51:29now it's fighting Gods it's fighting
51:31certain and like Thor and Beta Ray Bill
51:34and like Loki and all these people which
51:36again makes the Hulk angrier and angrier
51:38now the Hulk is able to overcome this uh
51:41this this mutated spider you know spider
51:43Hulk he's able to overcome him but at
51:44that point or at least uh kind of get
51:46the fight to the point where spider
51:47spider Hulk is on the ropes but what you
51:49do here is you basically switch over to
51:51this alternate reality version of banner
51:52and it says like I try to tell you
51:53everything like I I've told you
51:55everything I know right like there's no
51:57conceivable way that I know of to kill
51:59this version of The Incredible Hulk and
52:01that's when you end up having uh having
52:03Thunderbolt Ross who lays his chips on
52:05the on the table right he tells the
52:06tells the guys to leave and he basically
52:08Reveals His Hand and what he says here
52:09is that in reality uh at the end of the
52:13day when it came to like all these
52:14different versions of the Hulk that this
52:16alternate reality version of banner it
52:17accidentally created that General
52:19Thunderbolt Ross wasn't just getting rid
52:20of them indiscriminately that what he
52:22was doing was actually weaponizing them
52:24that the ones who were weaker the ones
52:25who couldn't serve a useful purpose they
52:27were all discarded they were sent to the
52:29portal to end up wherever it was that
52:30they ended up at but the reality is the
52:32ones who were stronger the ones who
52:34could be used for Warfare right that
52:36they were kept and in fact Reed Richards
52:38in this alternate universe had actually
52:40made it possible for Thunderbolt Ross to
52:42essentially control these versions of
52:44the Hulk and then in turn they've used
52:45them to fight Wars right though one of
52:47the things that Thunderbolt Ross has
52:48said is that he had to use the ordinance
52:51that the equivalent to the GDP of
52:53multiple Nations that have been
52:54conscripted or taken over by the US so
52:56what this means or what this seems to
52:57indicate is that the geopolitical
52:59landscape is not the way that it is in
53:01the main Marvel Universe it's not the
53:02United States of America Canada Mexico
53:05Russia any of the number of countries
53:07that are in Europe right China that
53:09instead things seem to have changed
53:10drastically and we don't necessarily
53:12know what what continents or what
53:14nations the United States has taken over
53:16but the United States has taken over a
53:17lot of them right they they seem to
53:19control a huge part of the world and the
53:21Incredible Hulks that were basically
53:23being taken by uh by Thunderbolt Ross
53:25that had accidentally been created by
53:26Banner they were instrumental in making
53:28that happen and so while it's not
53:30necessarily the fault of banner
53:32Thunderbolt Ross plays it off by saying
53:34in a way it is like you sure like all
53:36these Incredible Hulks they were an
53:37accident created by you it wasn't your
53:39intention you were just trying to solve
53:40the biowaste problem but you literally
53:41gave us weapons and while I never told
53:43you before I used them to win Wars right
53:45I just kind of kept it hidden from you
53:47and so that's the crazy thing is because
53:48what happens is that in the middle of
53:50all this you have the fight going on
53:52between Hulk and and you know spider
53:54Hulk and the actual real world where
53:55that's where that fight is taking place
53:56but the reality is all these bombs are
53:59dropped by Thunderball Ross right and
54:00when that happens it's not enough to
54:01kill spider Hulk or anything but it's
54:03certainly enough to basically destroy
54:04the visor of uh of banner and when that
54:07happens like Banner is like literally
54:09the whole thing goes nuts right like
54:10Banner's just kind of blown out of his
54:12seat and all that kind of stuff and
54:13while it is a little weird because
54:14Banner is supposed like this is the
54:16physical body of the Hulk so if they
54:17basically the the psyche of banner the
54:21psyche of the Incredible Hulk basically
54:23you know kind of operating inside this
54:25body uh that Banner is actually
54:27overtaken by the psyche of Betty Ross
54:29the the kind of physical representation
54:31we get here at least as far as we can
54:33tell is basically Banner just kind of
54:34being thrown out there it's not really
54:36Banner being thrown into the physical
54:38real world instead what it is is it's
54:40actually Banner just being thrown out of
54:42control right they're basically Betty
54:43Ross is taking over that's kind of how
54:45that works right so those of you guys
54:46who are watching like Moon Knight right
54:47now for example you know how like the
54:49the Mind switch between like Steve Grant
54:51and Mark Spector this is the equivalent
54:53of win like Mark Spector takes over and
54:55Steve Grant ends up going back there but
54:57instead of Steve Grant like really
54:58relinquishing control uh Mark Spector
55:00just takes control that's basically how
55:03this is working right now to give you
55:04guys a better understanding of what's
55:06going on because I know like on the
55:07surface just looking at it it's like
55:09wait a minute okay so like this Banner
55:10physically exists no it's basically just
55:12the Betty Ross Persona taking over the
55:14body of the Incredible Hulk and forcing
55:16the Bruce Banner Persona in into the
55:18background right and so because of this
55:20what you also end up learning here is
55:21that this isn't actually Betty Ross it
55:24looks like it's Betty Ross but it's not
55:25actually Betty Ross right one of the
55:27things she says is that where banners
55:28begging right like you have to help me
55:30here the the response she gives is like
55:32look at you right helpless trapped at
55:33the mercy of forces and violence out of
55:35your control remind you of anybody and
55:38and ultimately she says you never really
55:39listen do you right I told you Bruce
55:41Betty isn't real Betty's not here and
55:44what she does is she ramps the engine up
55:46and basically takes it to Stage six and
55:48so now you have the Incredible Hulk
55:50Persona facing off against demons
55:52Mephisto dormammu right all these
55:54different guys now here's Kind of a
55:55Funny caveat to this right here's
55:57something that you may not have noticed
55:58one of the things that Donnie Cates is
56:00doing is giving us a hierarchy of power
56:02in Marvel Comics is very easy to miss
56:05it's very easy to not notice but he's
56:06giving us a hierarchy of power that in
56:08essence you have stage one which is kind
56:11of a relatively small threat but as the
56:13stages go up the beings become more
56:15powerful it wouldn't really make any
56:16sense to ramp the incredible Hulk up to
56:18Stage six and then like Here Comes The
56:20Red Skull it wouldn't really make any
56:21sense to do that and so Donnie Kate is
56:24in effect giving us a hierarchy of power
56:27in the Marvel Universe I can guarantee
56:29you people are gonna reference this
56:30right you go and you look at like battle
56:31forms and different things like that or
56:33you ask people you know in different
56:34forms like who you know who's more
56:36powerful you know like uh Odin or or
56:38like dormammu right people are going to
56:40be like well I mean according to Donnie
56:42Cates and you know Hulk run it looks
56:43like it's dormammu because dormammu was
56:45a stage six villain or a stage six power
56:47and Odin was stage five you know in that
56:49kind of a thing right but it's a cool
56:51little aside here it's a it's a smart
56:53little thing and so in the end one of
56:55the things that happens is that General
56:56Thunderbolt Ross reveals to uh Bruce
56:59Banner this alternate version of Bruce
57:00that these bombs that he dropped are not
57:02bombs in the traditional sense instead
57:04what they are here are basically a means
57:07of mutation that what's happening is
57:09that inside each one of these canisters
57:11are basically people that had become
57:13that had been mutated even though
57:15unintentionally by Banner but the ones
57:17that Thunderball Ross had kept and that
57:19these as as Thunderbolt Rossa first
57:21refers to them are basically just like
57:23Abominations right kind of like this
57:24alternate reality version of abomination
57:26here and so it's nuts because these
57:27things are massive in size right they're
57:30absolutely huge in size and so of course
57:32this basically leads to Betty completely
57:34taking over the body of the Incredible
57:36Hulk completely pushing Banner's Persona
57:38out of the way but in doing so she says
57:41but I'm proud of you son and that's
57:43where it seems to hit at this idea that
57:45this is potentially Brian Banner now
57:47this is where things get a little murky
57:49because an alewings run one of the
57:50things to remember in the immortal Hulk
57:52is that it wasn't necessarily Brian
57:54Banner it kind of was but it was
57:55basically Brian Banner's Spirit or
57:57Essence that had been overtaken by the
57:59one below all and used to torment The
58:02Incredible Hulk that's what that was it
58:04wasn't actually Brian Banner himself and
58:06so what this does is it builds on what
58:08we've seen both in Al Ewing's runs a lot
58:10of runs that came before it Bill mantlow
58:12Peter David were basically the Brian
58:14Banner Persona is kind of the uh the
58:17controlling asp back now that's me
58:18guessing here right just going on what's
58:20sort of happening in terms of words that
58:22Ryan Banner is the source of Bruce
58:24Banner's torment and seemingly the most
58:26powerful entity in his mind the one
58:28thing that Banner just can't seem to
58:29overcome but I could be entirely wrong
58:31here this could very well be the the
58:33mental Persona of the Titan Hulk right
58:36like we don't know we won't know until
58:37we get to the next issue but ultimately
58:39that this Persona ends up ramping
58:41everything up right like right past
58:43stage seven and and right past stage
58:45eight all the way to Stage Nine which is
58:47basically just who really even knows
58:49what this stage looks like presumably
58:51it's the Titan Hulk but whatever it is
58:52it literally leads to the Incredible
58:54Hulk just absolutely losing it and
58:58annihilating all these different
58:59Abomination forces that are out there
59:01and that's where it ends so presumably
59:03this is where Titan Hulk comes into play
59:05and if it does
59:06I can't wait to see how this plays out
59:10what's going on guys this is Rob and we
59:12are back with Donnie Kate's astronaut
59:14with the finale and we finally get the
59:16Titan Hulk the most powerful version of
59:19the Hulk that we've ever seen now for
59:21those of you guys who want to get caught
59:21up make sure you check the link in the
59:23description or you can click on the card
59:24here in the video which will take you to
59:26the Hulk playlist that will get you
59:28caught up on all this stuff but the long
59:30and short of it is that the Incredible
59:32Hulk is basically here in an alternate
59:33reality and is facing off against these
59:36altered versions of the Hulk basically
59:38um these accidentally created versions
59:40but the thing about this is that
59:41remember Bruce Banner was the one
59:43controlling the body of the Hulk and
59:45that the Incredible Hulk Persona is in
59:48the engine room basically serving as a
59:49source of power because of its anger and
59:51that somehow an alternate personality
59:53which seems to be Brian Banner although
59:56Donnie Cates hasn't necessarily
59:57confirmed it has now seized control so
01:00:00it's like if the Incredible Hulk body
01:00:01was being controlled by an evil
01:00:03personality is basically what it is now
01:00:05the way in which uh Bruce Banner
01:00:07basically amped Up The Incredible Hulk
01:00:09or brought him down in terms of like how
01:00:11much power he would need to face off
01:00:13against a particular threat was
01:00:14basically forcing The Incredible Hulk
01:00:16personality to fight different levels of
01:00:18villains that are out there so at the
01:00:20Baseline level is like the Incredible
01:00:22Hulk just walking along right and maybe
01:00:24fighting fighting some guy or you know
01:00:26fighting the Avengers or something like
01:00:28that in the real world and so in the
01:00:30engine room it would be these Baseline
01:00:32villains really like nobody of any real
01:00:34significance what we're seeing here is
01:00:36what happens when that's amped up all
01:00:38the way to Tim when basically it's the
01:00:41most amount of power that could be taken
01:00:43out of the Incredible Hulk right like
01:00:44literally pushing him to his to his
01:00:47highest level now Donnie Cates doesn't
01:00:48necessarily confirm this but what he
01:00:51says here or at least what this
01:00:52indicates is if this is the most amount
01:00:54of strength The Incredible Hulk can
01:00:56possibly offer basically pushing him to
01:00:58the Limit then it's Way Beyond anything
01:01:00we've ever seen and the highest amount
01:01:02of power that we've seen from The
01:01:04Incredible Hulk up to this point was
01:01:06heart of the monster when he was so
01:01:08strong he was actually breaking the a
01:01:10dark dimension the the dimension of
01:01:12dormammu which at the time was ruled by
01:01:13his sister Umar who literally showed up
01:01:15in the main Marvel Universe asking
01:01:17Doctor Strange for help because the
01:01:18Incredible Hulk just couldn't be stopped
01:01:20I mean it was crazy how powerful he was
01:01:22still one of the best stories ever again
01:01:23that's in the playlist as well if you
01:01:25guys want to get caught up on that but
01:01:26the thing about this is that with this
01:01:27personality running the show it's really
01:01:29just kind of offering this amazing meta
01:01:31commentary coming in the form of Betty
01:01:33Ross albeit seemingly actually being
01:01:35somebody else what we're told here is
01:01:37that it says everyone always says the
01:01:39same thing that the Hulk is Bruce's
01:01:41identity right his alter ego the
01:01:43embodiment of a scared little boy
01:01:45overwhelmed with impotent rage because
01:01:47of the abuse he endured when he was a
01:01:49little kid
01:01:50right she just kind of shuffles it off
01:01:52and that's true that's one of the best
01:01:53things about this is this Donnie Cade's
01:01:55kind of offering this meta commentary
01:01:56now for those of you guys who don't know
01:01:57what this means uh as we're going
01:01:59through this I'll kind of give you guys
01:02:00a little bit of a little bit of a
01:02:01background here although you do get an
01:02:03amazing moment where you basically have
01:02:05like when it's amped up to level 10
01:02:06which according to Bruce Banner is
01:02:08basically theoretical he doesn't even
01:02:09really know what would happen if that
01:02:11were the case that basically it's the
01:02:13Hulk versus the entire Marvel Universe
01:02:15which in which includes the Living
01:02:17Tribunal Thanos and a version of
01:02:19Galactus who is the Hulk now there's a
01:02:21reason behind that and I'll explain that
01:02:22here in a second Because unless you're
01:02:24familiar with Galactus you wouldn't know
01:02:26why Galactus looks like the Incredible
01:02:28Hulk and even this personality doesn't
01:02:30know which is uh which is a really
01:02:31really cool concept so the thing about
01:02:33this is that when it comes to
01:02:35uh The Incredible Hulk Mythos most
01:02:37people out here whenever they go and
01:02:40they buy an Incredible Hulk comic book
01:02:42and they read an incredible whole comic
01:02:44book what they want to see is the
01:02:45Incredible Hulk just smashing that's
01:02:48what they want to see
01:02:49they want to see The Incredible Hulk
01:02:51fighting really powerful people and
01:02:54beating them up and just tearing things
01:02:55up because that's what the Hulk is known
01:02:57for now people who want a more like
01:03:00character-centric run that was the old
01:03:02bill mantlow and Peter David stuff Greg
01:03:04pack focused on that to a degree but it
01:03:06was more expanding The Incredible Hulk
01:03:08Mythos and then focusing on like the
01:03:10character of the Hulk insofar as it
01:03:12related to like hirokawa and Scar the
01:03:15sons he didn't know he had which were
01:03:16really really cool and there were a few
01:03:18other things that went in there but in
01:03:19terms of like a character deconstruction
01:03:21of the Hulk what's being referenced here
01:03:23in terms of the fact that like the
01:03:25Incredible Hulk personality is the
01:03:26physical manifestation of just all the
01:03:29rage that Bruce Banner experienced at
01:03:31the hands of his father's abuse that's
01:03:33all Bill mantlow and Peter David it was
01:03:34initially we started by Bill Matt low
01:03:36back in the day but he took off before
01:03:38he could finish and then Peter David
01:03:39continued it on and that's why one a lot
01:03:42of people say the two go hand in hand
01:03:43that when it comes to that era of the
01:03:45Incredible Hulk is Bill mantlow and
01:03:47Peter David together and two a lot of
01:03:49people say that Peter David's run of the
01:03:52Incredible Hulk is one of the most
01:03:53important runs it's not the most
01:03:55interesting run especially when you
01:03:57compare it to something like Greg pact
01:03:58which had a lot more action and a lot
01:04:00more character development but in terms
01:04:02of everything Greg pack did that was
01:04:04built on the shoulders of Peter David So
01:04:06Peter David's run is probably one of the
01:04:08most significant runs if for no other
01:04:10reason than the fact that it just sort
01:04:12of changed the Hulk from like the old
01:04:14Stanley Jack Kirby Days where he's just
01:04:16like you know a monster running around
01:04:17with the mind of a child and like
01:04:19beating things up and like fighting
01:04:21General Thunderbolt Ross and his army
01:04:22and so on and so forth especially if you
01:04:24look at the Roy Thomas era as well and
01:04:26it changed him into like there's
01:04:27actually more to the Incredible Hulk
01:04:29than we initially thought now as far as
01:04:30this whole scenario goes when it comes
01:04:32to like why uh Galactus looks like the
01:04:34Incredible Hulk I mean technically it is
01:04:36the Incredible Hulk versus Galactus The
01:04:38Living Tribunal and the Phoenix force it
01:04:40is here in the engine room but the
01:04:42reason why is something that was
01:04:43established in a story called The Trial
01:04:44of Reed Richards and we've talked about
01:04:46this before but basically that set up
01:04:48the idea that Galactus does not actually
01:04:49have a physical form anymore he did back
01:04:52when he was gallon before his Universe
01:04:54before the Multiverse was destroyed and
01:04:56then he re-emerged after merging with
01:04:58that universe's version of Eternity
01:04:59essentially when he was reborn into the
01:05:01new universe as Galactus uh he had a
01:05:03human form back when he was initially
01:05:05just what you would call a human or a
01:05:07sentient being but when he was reborn as
01:05:09Galactus he's pure energy and so if you
01:05:11saw him as he really is it would just be
01:05:14a swirling mass of energy inside of a
01:05:16giant purple suit and there's one point
01:05:18where Odin like head butts Galactus and
01:05:20shatters his helmet uh which I'm pretty
01:05:21sure we did a video on that and that in
01:05:23turn you actually see Galactus in what
01:05:25looks like his human form but the
01:05:26reality here is it's how an ass Guardian
01:05:28would see him because in the trial of
01:05:30Reed Richards what they set up and what
01:05:31they stated is that Galactus is a mirror
01:05:34for whatever race or whatever being sees
01:05:36him so if you are a scroll and you see
01:05:38Galactus he will look like a scroll if
01:05:40you are a tree he'll look like a tree if
01:05:42you're a human he'll look human and so
01:05:44if you're an Asgardian he'll probably
01:05:45look like an Asgardian which is why in
01:05:47this instance the Incredible Hulk sees
01:05:49Galactus and he sees an Incredible Hulk
01:05:51so so the thing about this and what's
01:05:53really cool is the Hulk literally amps
01:05:55up and starts attacking everything
01:05:56Wright starts attacking all of them now
01:05:58the funny thing about this is during
01:06:00this whole this whole situation the
01:06:02entire monologue offered by this Betty
01:06:04brand we can call it Betty Brant right
01:06:06this Betty brand-esque person which is
01:06:07most likely Brian Banner that literally
01:06:09it says over the years there have been
01:06:11so many hulks gray ones red ones blue
01:06:14ones Wolverine ones which is actually
01:06:16called weapon age and he was not that
01:06:17interesting uh she says it seems to me
01:06:19that well everyone gets to have a Hulk
01:06:22these days Bruce has a Hulk Rick Jones
01:06:24had a Hulk General Thunderbolt Ross had
01:06:26a Hulk Jennifer Walters even had a hole
01:06:28and she said Health even God has a Hulk
01:06:30which is cool to see Donnie Cates
01:06:32referencing the AL Yuen run where we
01:06:34basically learned that the the one below
01:06:36all is what happens when God hulks out
01:06:39and so she's like it's really unfair
01:06:40isn't it like why can't the Hulk have a
01:06:42Hulk now this in this gives us two
01:06:45things one is a retcon that everyone's
01:06:47Glide happened and two is a new version
01:06:50of The Hulk and so what we end up
01:06:52getting like as this fight goes on
01:06:53technically the Betty Ross Persona is in
01:06:55the mind of the Incredible Hulk in the
01:06:58real world the Incredible Hulk is
01:06:59fighting in this alternate reality
01:07:01against like all these different just
01:07:03grotesque and mutilated versions of the
01:07:06Hulk remember in this alternate universe
01:07:08there was an effort to basically utilize
01:07:10gamma energy as a source of renewable
01:07:12energy things went wrong and instead of
01:07:14becoming a renewable energy source it
01:07:16ended up mutating a whole host of the
01:07:18world's population into these different
01:07:20versions of the Hulk and that's what the
01:07:22Incredible Hulk's fighting now in the
01:07:24real world so that's why I say assuming
01:07:25to kind of keep in mind Donnie Cates
01:07:27does it a little finicky right he does a
01:07:28little a little weird but essentially
01:07:30anytime you see somebody that looks like
01:07:32they're in a cockpit they're in the mind
01:07:33of the Incredible Hulk when you see the
01:07:34version of the Incredible Hulk that
01:07:36looks like a robot kind of that's
01:07:38basically him in the real world so just
01:07:40something to keep in mind here the thing
01:07:41about this is that as this fight goes on
01:07:43because the Hulk is being so readily
01:07:46overpowered and quite literally being
01:07:47slapped around what it ends up doing is
01:07:50the Incredible Hulk himself hulks out
01:07:52now this is something Marvel had done
01:07:54before and it was ass so in the story of
01:07:57axis basically the Incredible Hulk
01:07:59hulked out into basically claw which was
01:08:02the Incredible Hulk spelled backwards it
01:08:04was a terrible idea uh ridiculously dumb
01:08:07and so what we got instead of that was
01:08:09this like Daddy cage just being like
01:08:11this is what happens when the Hulk hulks
01:08:13out uh he ends up becoming the Titan
01:08:15Hulk which is nuts because he literally
01:08:17looks part machine like it's just
01:08:19ridiculously op which is absolutely
01:08:22amazing I love this I mean dude the
01:08:24guy's just spewing energy everywhere but
01:08:27this is why I say this is what it looks
01:08:29like this is seemingly the most powerful
01:08:31version of The Incredible Hulk that
01:08:33we've ever seen now there there are are
01:08:35huge differences between this version of
01:08:37The Hulk and like heart of the monster
01:08:39and looking at these two you kind of
01:08:40have to come from a feat's perspective
01:08:42and in terms of like what each one is
01:08:44capable of we saw what the heart of the
01:08:46monster Hulk was able to do I mean again
01:08:47shattering and like breaking apart the
01:08:49dimension of one of the most powerful
01:08:51magic wielders in existence which
01:08:54depending on who's writing the story
01:08:55dwarfs the power of doctor strange that
01:08:58is crazy like literally them having to
01:09:01take off from their Dimension and ask
01:09:03doctor strange for help to deal with
01:09:05that version of The Incredible Hulk so
01:09:07we're not really seeing those same
01:09:08levels of Feats now I would be curious
01:09:10to see what happens if the Titan Hulk
01:09:12ends up in the dark dimension again and
01:09:13how that unfolds it would be pretty wild
01:09:16and it would be pretty cool but this is
01:09:18what happens when the Incredible Hulks
01:09:19just strength rage anger all that kind
01:09:21of stuff and really fear take hold and
01:09:24is pushed to the absolute limit we just
01:09:26get this massively grotesque huge thing
01:09:29right and literally what what they're
01:09:30saying is they're like I've never seen
01:09:32anything like this before it's like 30
01:09:33feet tall like the this thing is
01:09:35enormous right I mean he's just huge
01:09:37like it's just it's it's amazing
01:09:41I absolutely love this so again here in
01:09:43the real world in this alternate reality
01:09:45you have General Thunderbolt Ross and
01:09:47you have this alternate reality version
01:09:48of Bruce Banner and this alternate
01:09:50version of Bruce was in a lot of ways
01:09:52kind of subservient to General
01:09:53Thunderbolt Ross but only insofar as
01:09:55this alternate reality version of Bruce
01:09:57was basically a coward wrapped by guilt
01:09:59and fear and so on and so forth and so
01:10:01the reality here is Thunderbolt Ross
01:10:03basically ends up getting on a getting
01:10:04on the radio and calling in like a gamma
01:10:07bomb detonation now the way this works
01:10:09seemingly what would happen here is
01:10:11somehow gamma radiation has been altered
01:10:13by General Thunderbolt Ross to where
01:10:15it's more akin to like a nuclear
01:10:17explosion right enough that it would
01:10:18just eradicate everything here and in
01:10:21truth usually when it comes to like a
01:10:23nuclear bomb or something like that it's
01:10:25a combination of heat and force and
01:10:27radiation right I mean if you're at
01:10:28Ground Zero when a nuclear warhead goes
01:10:30off or a nuclear bomb detonates which
01:10:32technically it doesn't detonate on the
01:10:34ground it detonates a little into the a
01:10:36little above ground uh just to maximize
01:10:38the area of Destruction I mean you would
01:10:40be incinerated by the heat of
01:10:41immediately and assuming you weren't
01:10:43incinerated by the heat if you're close
01:10:45enough to the blast I mean you'd
01:10:46probably be knocked into a building and
01:10:48just just killed that way right your
01:10:49skull would be crushed by the impact but
01:10:51assuming that doesn't happen the
01:10:53radiation sickness would probably kill
01:10:54you as well right I mean there's a lot
01:10:56of ways to die as a result of a nuclear
01:10:58bomb going off but like that really
01:10:59seems to be what it is here right it
01:11:00would just be like couldn't like
01:11:02literally just heat and pressure it's
01:11:04basically what general Thunderbolt Ross
01:11:05is banking on whether or not it would
01:11:07work we don't know I mean there are
01:11:09literally been instances where like the
01:11:11Incredible Hulk who's just kind of angry
01:11:13has been able to withstand the power of
01:11:15a nuclear bomb even Maestro right like
01:11:18literally Maestro Hulk absorbed the
01:11:19radiation that came from nuclear bombs
01:11:21so we've seen different variations of
01:11:23the Hulk over the years who could easily
01:11:25withstand a nuclear explosion how a
01:11:28gamma a weaponized gamma explosion would
01:11:30impact the Hulk I don't entirely know I
01:11:32mean literally the Hulk is living gamma
01:11:34radiation my assumption would be that he
01:11:36would just absorb it but the reality
01:11:37here and the point that this alternate
01:11:39version of Bruce Banner brings up is
01:11:41that Thunderbolt Ross can't do that like
01:11:42it's a terrible thing to do because if
01:11:44he did thousands of people would die
01:11:46because while we don't see them because
01:11:47they're not the main focus here there's
01:11:49basically a populated area right it's
01:11:51not overly populated and they kind of
01:11:52seem to be off out there and a little
01:11:54bit of a distance but the the explosion
01:11:56radius would be high enough or would be
01:11:58wide enough that it would kill so many
01:12:00innocent people and that in turn
01:12:01Thunderbolt Ross just kind of like
01:12:03overpowering or really just sort of
01:12:05directing Bruce Banner is like no like I
01:12:08don't care in the end like we'll both
01:12:10end up killing thousands of people he
01:12:12says because remember you're the reason
01:12:13why these different versions of the Hulk
01:12:15exist in the first place and you're the
01:12:17one that brought this alternate Hulk
01:12:19here so really this is all your fault
01:12:21now the reality here is a thunderbolt
01:12:23Ross to a degree trying to assuage his
01:12:24guilty conscience if he even has one and
01:12:26just trying to bring Bruce Banner down
01:12:28with him but where this version of Bruce
01:12:30is kind of a depiction of what would
01:12:31happen if Bruce Banner just never grew
01:12:33any balls he never became the Incredible
01:12:35Hulk and was never like an enemy of
01:12:37Thunderbolt Ross insofar as he was able
01:12:40to overpower him likely humiliate him a
01:12:41few times that the only thing you really
01:12:43can do is muster up what courage he has
01:12:45and he in turn attacks Thunderbolt Ross
01:12:47and is like no I'm not going to let you
01:12:49kill thousands of people now while you
01:12:52know within the context of this
01:12:53particular story it doesn't seem
01:12:55significant or at least this particular
01:12:56video over the course of the videos that
01:12:58we've covered it's a huge moment because
01:13:00this alternate reality version of Bruce
01:13:02was constantly wrapped by guilt and
01:13:04constantly felt like he was making
01:13:06terrible mistakes and even then he
01:13:08didn't realize that where he was
01:13:10basically sending all these different uh
01:13:12versions of the Hulk that they caught
01:13:13across their world into The Ether right
01:13:15into some into some portal somewhere
01:13:17with no clue where they went to that
01:13:19what was really going on is that he was
01:13:21sending the ones out there that General
01:13:23Thunderbolt Ross didn't want that what
01:13:25Thunderbolt Ross was doing was going
01:13:26around and grabbing those different
01:13:28versions of the Hulk that he could use
01:13:29that were that he thought were
01:13:30weaponized so in reality he was at least
01:13:33by his own imagination and kind of using
01:13:36his own mind feeding into his own guilt
01:13:37he was the reason why all these
01:13:39different obamaized versions of the Hulk
01:13:41were continued any way to live these
01:13:42terrible existences under the servitude
01:13:44of General Thunderbolt Ross because he
01:13:46didn't know but had he not done what
01:13:47he'd done in creating the gamma
01:13:49detonation trying to create some kind of
01:13:50renewable energy they never would have
01:13:52been left to that fate in the first
01:13:53place so the Screwed Up World in which
01:13:55Bruce Banner lives here he largely takes
01:13:57as being his fault him attacking
01:13:59Thunderbolt Ross overpowering him
01:14:01pointing that gun at him and saying no
01:14:03like you're not going to kill anybody
01:14:04anymore this is seemingly him overcoming
01:14:08that guilt and accepting that not
01:14:10everything bad that's going on now is
01:14:12his fault right that like there are some
01:14:14things out there that are just the
01:14:15results of the fact that people are
01:14:17dicks right like General Thunderball
01:14:19Ross is just a terrible person who is
01:14:21doing terrible things and despite what
01:14:22Thunderbolt Ross said it was not the
01:14:24fault of Bruce Banner now the other part
01:14:26of this is that in the mindscape of the
01:14:28Incredible Hulk Bruce Banner kind of
01:14:30claws his way back into to The
01:14:32Incredible Hulk's mind more or less
01:14:33where he was just kind of out there
01:14:34basically it was a it was an in-comic
01:14:37representation of the fact that like the
01:14:39Bruce Banner Persona was forced to take
01:14:41a back seat so ultimately of course with
01:14:43him coming back in we do get this
01:14:45version of Betty Ross's personality
01:14:46which seemingly kind of alters and kind
01:14:48of changes and takes on this different
01:14:50form again we don't know exactly what
01:14:52this is but I would go as far as to say
01:14:54if the Titan Hulk is what happens when
01:14:56the Hulk hooks out that this is the
01:14:59mental representation of what the Titan
01:15:01Hulk looks like we don't know that for
01:15:02sure we're not 100 certain but in the
01:15:05end there's this kind of discussion
01:15:06where literally the personality is like
01:15:08you have no power here Banner right like
01:15:11you are weak you are pathetic you cannot
01:15:13take control you cannot wrestle control
01:15:15of the body away from me and the
01:15:17response of of banner is I know but he
01:15:19has the power to do it and in doing so
01:15:21flips the switch like literally hits the
01:15:23emergency switch and allows the
01:15:24Incredible Hulk Persona to come in now
01:15:26here's the thing it's amazing the way
01:15:29this is drawn right like literally the
01:15:32doors just half open and like the
01:15:34Incredible Hulk Persona is just there
01:15:36and it's like the head of Galactus is
01:15:38behind him and he looks pissed and he
01:15:41becomes smashing in here so what you're
01:15:44seeing here right now is basically a
01:15:46battle of personalities right it's the
01:15:47Incredible Hulk personality versus the
01:15:49Bruce Banner personality versus whatever
01:15:51this new alternate personality is which
01:15:53is seemingly the personality of the
01:15:55Titan Hulk I would go as far as to say
01:15:56that was the case but the way this is
01:15:58drawn can get really really hairy and a
01:16:02little bit confusing and so in essence
01:16:04what happens here is that in the mind of
01:16:07the Incredible Hulk right where you
01:16:09basically have the Bruce Banner
01:16:10personality the Titan Hulk personality
01:16:12and the Incredible Hulk personality The
01:16:14Incredible Hulk personality is able to
01:16:15beat back the Titan Hulk personality in
01:16:18the real world the Titan Hulk itself is
01:16:21literally just unbridled energy that it
01:16:23just can't control and so because it has
01:16:26all this energy and because it doesn't
01:16:28know how to control all this energy like
01:16:30this is seemingly just a Mindless thing
01:16:31it literally just Roars we never really
01:16:33hear it speak or anything like that that
01:16:35in the end all this energy just kind of
01:16:37explodes in a massive explosion right it
01:16:40just goes off right it literally just
01:16:41blows up and so what you have here at
01:16:44least momentarily is essentially a
01:16:45reunification of personalities the Titan
01:16:48Hulk personality has been beat back to
01:16:50wherever it came from we don't really
01:16:52know where it came from but presumably
01:16:53it just resides down there in the
01:16:55mindscape somewhere and that as a result
01:16:58of the destruction of the quote unquote
01:16:59real world Titan Hulk uh now it's
01:17:02basically just the Incredible Hulk back
01:17:04in its normal form and so at this point
01:17:06Banner basically runs back into the
01:17:08cockpit right the mind of the Incredible
01:17:10Hulk and in doing so re-season's control
01:17:12and as that goes on of course this gamma
01:17:15bomb is falling and it is gonna it's
01:17:17gonna cost so much life and so what ends
01:17:19up happening is there's a conversation
01:17:21between alternate reality banner and the
01:17:24Incredible Hulk band right Banner one
01:17:26Banner two Banner three but you end up
01:17:28having like this this conversation
01:17:30between these where alternate reality
01:17:32Banner is like look this gamma bomb is
01:17:33falling you have to do something right
01:17:35like I have an idea and so you know
01:17:38Prime Banner we can call him that Banner
01:17:39from the main Marvel universe is like
01:17:41then what do you want me to do and
01:17:42Alternate Banner is like I'm opening a
01:17:44portal and basically that bomb is going
01:17:46to come through that portal and it's
01:17:47gonna land here right it's gonna end up
01:17:49here where I am but in the end it's the
01:17:51rightful thing to do I've caused nothing
01:17:53but just death and destruction and just
01:17:55horrible things uh I wouldn't go I mean
01:17:58he doesn't go as far as to say like it's
01:17:59the faith that awaits me but he says
01:18:01like I really hope that you don't end up
01:18:03like me I really hope that you don't end
01:18:05up in this place where you're basically
01:18:07like this kind of horrible terrible
01:18:09villain what you have here in the form
01:18:11of the Incredible Hulk is quite
01:18:13literally a gift use it right like use
01:18:15it as a gift treat it with respect but
01:18:17use it to do good things now this is
01:18:19actually a really really cool concept
01:18:20because what this does is it gives us
01:18:22perspective that the only real
01:18:23perspective we have when it comes to the
01:18:25Incredible Hulk is what we've seen over
01:18:27the course of Marvel Comics and
01:18:28potentially some alternate realities and
01:18:30unless you're looking at like Warren
01:18:31Ellis's Marvel the end you don't really
01:18:33see a whole lot of like totally screwed
01:18:35up twisted up versions of the Incredible
01:18:37Hulk but that's all this alternate
01:18:39reality Banner knows I'll just twist
01:18:41screwed up versions of the Hulk and so
01:18:43as a result of this once that bomb goes
01:18:45through and of course it ends up
01:18:47detonating that the portal is reopened
01:18:49and banner or at least the Incredible
01:18:51Hulk anyway travels through it to
01:18:52wherever his destination ends up taking
01:18:54him next he has no clue where it is that
01:18:56he's going to end up going all he knows
01:18:58is that literally at the moment the
01:19:01hammer of all father Thor which was
01:19:03recently reassembled by Angela and the
01:19:05angels of heaven is making its way
01:19:08towards the Hulk so in essence what
01:19:10we're apparently going to see here which
01:19:12makes perfect sense because literally
01:19:14it's the 60th anniversary of the
01:19:15Incredible Hulk and Thor fighting for
01:19:17the first time that what we're going to
01:19:18end up getting is all father Thor
01:19:20against probably the Titan Hulk which I
01:19:24am ridiculously excited to see
01:19:27so Titan Hulk fights an army of 500
01:19:30World breaker hulks in this video and
01:19:33it's amazing check this out so what this
01:19:35does is this initially picks up with
01:19:36Bruce Banner in control of Starship Hulk
01:19:39now people who have no idea what's going
01:19:41on in The Incredible Hulk Mythos right
01:19:42now are probably like what
01:19:44explain this to me man so here's what's
01:19:47happening right now in years past you
01:19:49had the Incredible Hulk who turned into
01:19:50Bruce Banner and Bruce Banner who turned
01:19:52into the Incredible Hulk the angrier The
01:19:54Incredible Hulk got the stronger he
01:19:55became what's been going on recently and
01:19:57we didn't know how Bruce Banner did it
01:19:59but we are going to find out in this
01:20:00video what Bruce Banner managed to do
01:20:02was basically take control of the
01:20:04Incredible Hulk's body and then have the
01:20:06Incredible Hulk Persona operate as a
01:20:08kind of engine for his own body so
01:20:10literally what Bruce Banner does is he
01:20:12just bombards the Incredible Hulk
01:20:14personality with an endless onslaught of
01:20:17increasingly powerful characters it
01:20:19starts off with somebody like Wolverine
01:20:21and goes all the way up to people like
01:20:23Thanos they're all just psychic
01:20:24projections but the Hulk personality
01:20:26doesn't know that so it just continues
01:20:28to fight over and over and over and over
01:20:30again and because the Incredible Hulk
01:20:32gets stronger the angrier he gets by
01:20:34increasing the difficulty of the
01:20:36villains that the Hulk personality has
01:20:38to fight that's how Banner controls how
01:20:40strong The Incredible Hulk gets to be or
01:20:42at least the body gets to be it's pretty
01:20:44cool but of course with him in control
01:20:45of Starship Hulk he basically crash
01:20:47lands on a world that he's not familiar
01:20:49with because at this point in time the
01:20:51Incredible Hulk or really Banner is
01:20:52traversing the Multiverse he's literally
01:20:54exploring the whole Multiverse what
01:20:56makes sense of all that is we go through
01:20:57this video but in arriving on this world
01:20:59he doesn't recognize anything here the
01:21:02only thing he sees that even just seems
01:21:04remotely recognizable is just this giant
01:21:06Citadel that's been built and seemingly
01:21:08it's been built in his honor because
01:21:10there's just a giant statue of The
01:21:12Incredible Hulk now of course he's
01:21:13almost immediately set upon by just
01:21:15these crazy monstrous looking Hulk type
01:21:17things that are called the gray but then
01:21:19he's almost immediately rescued by a
01:21:21chick named monolith now we'll learn
01:21:22more about her because she's incredibly
01:21:24important here but what she does is she
01:21:26explains what what's going on in this
01:21:28alternate reality that Bruce Banner's in
01:21:30and what she says is that at some point
01:21:33along the line a just whole bunch of
01:21:36Hulks suddenly arrived on this world
01:21:38they literally fell through a portal and
01:21:40arrived on this world and that they did
01:21:43what hulks do they just started smashing
01:21:45things they were smashing the world to
01:21:48such a degree that they terraformed it
01:21:50they terraformed a planet through
01:21:52smashing it and that's going to be one
01:21:54of the craziest things because every
01:21:55single one of these hulks are all World
01:21:57breaker level but of course as they're
01:21:59smashing and basically terraforming this
01:22:01world as time progresses the exceedingly
01:22:04violent nature of these original hulks
01:22:07begins to go away and what they end up
01:22:09doing is forming a more organized and
01:22:11structured Society now the other part of
01:22:13this seems to be that with the loss of
01:22:15their violent nature their gamma
01:22:17radiation almost seems to kind of
01:22:18dissipate in the sense that they do have
01:22:20enough gamma to basically maintain their
01:22:22forms some level of their strength but
01:22:24by and large they're just kind of really
01:22:27strong guys and that's it but then like
01:22:29out of nowhere the sun seemingly
01:22:31explodes and there's just like this
01:22:33giant Vestige of the original Hulk right
01:22:36the main Hulk and he just starts
01:22:37blasting them like covering them all
01:22:39with gamma radiation now that's how
01:22:41monolith describes it what's actually
01:22:43really going on here is it looks like
01:22:45the arrival of this original Hulk kind
01:22:47of reawakens all the gamma radiation
01:22:49inside their bodies and turns them back
01:22:51into their exceedingly strong cells
01:22:54basically sends them back into their
01:22:55world breaker forms and so looking at
01:22:57the original Hulk or the main Hulk as
01:22:59kind of the person that returned them to
01:23:01Glory they built the whole statue and
01:23:02everything and so while monolith doesn't
01:23:04really know the significance of where
01:23:06all the original hulks came from by
01:23:07passing through a portal or seeing a
01:23:09Vestige of the main Hulk in the sky we
01:23:12do know all that stuff and this was all
01:23:13based on the previous story arc which
01:23:15you'll find a link to in the comments
01:23:17section make sure you guys check for a
01:23:18pinned comment that'll take you to that
01:23:19video but the way the previous storyline
01:23:21played out is that when Bruce Banner
01:23:22first entered into the Multiverse he
01:23:24encountered an alternate reality version
01:23:26of himself and that alternate Bruce
01:23:28under the direction of that universe's
01:23:31version of Thunderbolt Ross was
01:23:32basically trying to create an army of
01:23:34Hulk those who were considered to be
01:23:36failures or cast-offs were literally
01:23:38just sent through a wormhole and no one
01:23:40knew where they went to they were just
01:23:41out of sight out of mind and that was
01:23:43basically it now everything popped off
01:23:45and we saw the Titan Hulk for the first
01:23:46time which we'll talk about in this
01:23:47video and so on and so forth but that's
01:23:49where they originally came from what is
01:23:51important here is that monolith brings
01:23:53Hulk basically to all the other hulks in
01:23:56this city and kind of presents him as
01:23:58sort of the original right like the one
01:23:59they all Champion as the person that
01:24:01gave them all their gamma radiation
01:24:03right like the Hulk above all hulks if
01:24:05you want to call them that right the
01:24:06prime Hulk and so they see him very much
01:24:08as kind of a champion of the people more
01:24:10so than that what they also do is they
01:24:11bring him into something called the god
01:24:13ball games now this is just an
01:24:15indication of how strong these different
01:24:17hulks are right this planet has three
01:24:20rings of rocks around it in the same way
01:24:22that Saturn has rings right so what
01:24:24these hulks do is they jump to a
01:24:26neighboring world and they smash the
01:24:28world right they literally just beat it
01:24:30and they hammer it all the way down to
01:24:32the point that it's as close as far as
01:24:35the atomic structure of everything that
01:24:37it can possibly get right there's no way
01:24:39to compact this core any further and
01:24:41when they have that they call it a god
01:24:42ball they bring the god ball back to
01:24:45Hulk Planet which is what this place is
01:24:47called then they use it as a game they
01:24:49throw it at the rocks and whoever
01:24:50destroys the most rocks wins the idea of
01:24:54breaking a world is now just a game of
01:24:57sport breaking worlds is just what they
01:24:59do for fun and it's just nuts right it's
01:25:01just a whole different level of strength
01:25:03and so of course basically the
01:25:04Incredible Hulk participates in the
01:25:06whole thing he's just like sure why not
01:25:07grab the giant core of a planet that's
01:25:10been condensed down to virtually nothing
01:25:11and start throwing it into things for
01:25:14sport and for fun why not be a part of
01:25:16this now seemingly the god ball games
01:25:18are just interrupted out of nowhere by a
01:25:20group that's referred to as the
01:25:22alternative Universe timeline Hazard
01:25:23operations response and intervention
01:25:25team which if you've put those acronyms
01:25:28together correctly spells Authority now
01:25:30is it the authority from DC Comics No
01:25:32but it's absolutely a Pastiche on the
01:25:35team it's basically just Donnie Cates
01:25:36and Marvel Comics making fun of the
01:25:38authority they're over the top they
01:25:39present themselves with this Grand level
01:25:41of authority that none of them have and
01:25:43of course they're basically going after
01:25:44the Hulk because the whole kid basically
01:25:46destroyed the previous version of
01:25:48authority as he was flying through the
01:25:50Multiverse now of course at this point
01:25:51monolith chimes in and says well
01:25:53actually what was happening is the Hulk
01:25:54was sleeping didn't really know what he
01:25:55was doing your guys just got in his way
01:25:57and with the horde being as strong as he
01:25:59is he plowed through your entire team so
01:26:01that's really the only reason why this
01:26:02happened now of course the other thing
01:26:04that ended up happening is that the Hulk
01:26:06himself along with a guy named pave
01:26:07who's another one of the hulks here is
01:26:09actually just transported to a different
01:26:10world which they proceed to smash and
01:26:12create another God ball out of but the
01:26:14authority is being here is really more
01:26:16just kind of a goofy moment it's just a
01:26:18silly moment I just thought it'd be a
01:26:19funny thing to reference otherwise we
01:26:20would have normally just skipped over it
01:26:22but of course with like the Hulk himself
01:26:23returning alongside pave as well as
01:26:25having the god ball they continue on
01:26:28with the grand games themselves
01:26:29completely and blissfully unaware of the
01:26:32fact that the Hulk personality inside
01:26:34the Incredible Hulk body is starting to
01:26:36become disillusioned and the Titan Hulk
01:26:38is starting to manifest again now here
01:26:40is where things get a little murky when
01:26:43it comes to the nature of the Titan Hulk
01:26:45when the Titan Hulk first manifested in
01:26:46Marvel Comics it manifested as a
01:26:49personality Inside the Mind Of The
01:26:51Incredible Hulk itself meaning you had
01:26:52Bruce Banner's personality you had the
01:26:54Hulk's personality then you had another
01:26:56that showed up in the form of Betty Ross
01:26:58now we knew right off the bat it was not
01:27:00Betty Ross and even within the story
01:27:02Bruce Banner knew it wasn't Betty Ross
01:27:04but we didn't really know what it was
01:27:06what ends up happening is that over the
01:27:07course of this story that personality
01:27:09starts to appear as Brian Banner the
01:27:12abusive father of Bruce Banner but do
01:27:14not be fooled by the appearance that the
01:27:16Titan Hulk takes that when it does
01:27:18appear to the whole personality it shows
01:27:20up as almost kind of like a shadow King
01:27:22type entity right very malevolent it's
01:27:24difficult to make out its exact form
01:27:26it's very dark very scary very murky
01:27:29that kind of a thing spouting stuff like
01:27:30your soul belongs to me your mind
01:27:32belongs to me it's only a matter of time
01:27:33before I take over yada yada all the
01:27:35kind of stuff you expect to see and even
01:27:37when the whole personality goes to
01:27:39attack the Titan Hulk Persona the Titan
01:27:41whole Persona just shuts it down right I
01:27:43mean just easily overtakes that version
01:27:45of the Hulk like that I mean it's not
01:27:47even a contest and in fact we'll see
01:27:49just how powerful this guy is because
01:27:51it's next level but one of the things to
01:27:54know is that with the Titan Hulk
01:27:55personality basically amping up and
01:27:57beginning to seize control we've only
01:27:59ever seen glimpses of how powerful the
01:28:02Titan Hulk is and this video we'll find
01:28:04out just what this dude is capable of
01:28:06now the other part of this is that once
01:28:08the Titan whole Persona does take hold
01:28:10Stephen Strange actually picks up on it
01:28:12now here's the thing about this yes
01:28:14within Marvel Comics those of you guys
01:28:15who are reading Stephen Strange is
01:28:17technically dead this story takes place
01:28:18after the death and return of Stephen
01:28:20Strange why because it's comic books and
01:28:22nothing stays changed forever and so
01:28:25with Titan Hulk taking control of every
01:28:26we think Doctor Strange actually ends up
01:28:28getting involved but the reason he gets
01:28:30involved is not for the reason that you
01:28:32think and so what this does is this
01:28:34leads to the Titan Hulk actually
01:28:36initiating a series of enemies against
01:28:38the Hulk personality under the belief
01:28:40that in doing so the whole personality
01:28:43will just face off against this endless
01:28:45horde of enemies grow more and more
01:28:46powerful and then when that time comes
01:28:48basically amp himself up and allow the
01:28:51Titan Hulk to take over right allow the
01:28:53Titan Hulk to seize control and then
01:28:54manifest in a physical form the problem
01:28:56with this is that Bruce Banner and the
01:28:58Hulk personality are actually meditating
01:28:59together which is something that they've
01:29:01done over the course of Donnie Kate's
01:29:02run so far they literally sit down
01:29:04meditate and they don't allow anything
01:29:06to bother them and so for the most part
01:29:07all these threats that literally keep
01:29:09being thrown against the Hulk none of
01:29:11them seem to have any bearing whatsoever
01:29:13even when you have like a manifestation
01:29:15of the Phoenix Thanos Galactus none of
01:29:18it seems to really impact the Hulk on a
01:29:20meaningful level but at the end of the
01:29:21day the Titan Hulk pushes things to the
01:29:24absolute limit and literally amps up the
01:29:26Incredible Hulk the max level the
01:29:27highest level he possibly can and just
01:29:29explodes and that's the nature of the
01:29:31Titan Hulk the Titan Hulk is the answer
01:29:33to the question when Bruce spanner gets
01:29:36pushed to his limits he becomes the
01:29:37Incredible Hulk what happens when the
01:29:39Hulk hulks out you get the Titan Hulk
01:29:41it's a pretty awesome concept because
01:29:43when that happens the Titan Hulk is now
01:29:45in full control now jumping to Doctor
01:29:48Strange this is the reason why he's
01:29:50getting involved in the first place so
01:29:51while we didn't initially know how it
01:29:53was that Banner was able to take over
01:29:55the mind of the Hulk and then Force the
01:29:57whole personality to basically become
01:29:58the engine system where we didn't know
01:30:00how he was able to turn the Incredible
01:30:01Hulk body into basically a vessel that
01:30:03could Traverse the Multiverse without
01:30:05being destroyed by the pressures of just
01:30:07space time and all that kind of stuff we
01:30:09end up finding out that Bruce Banner had
01:30:11previously met with Doctor Strange and
01:30:13Doctor Strange had actually showed him
01:30:15how to do that but he had shown him how
01:30:16to take over the body or at least the
01:30:18mind of the Hulk how to seize control
01:30:19for himself and then after learning how
01:30:21to do that that what Banner had done is
01:30:23he had actually taken over one of
01:30:25modoc's tech facilities and then started
01:30:27imbuing himself with a technology
01:30:29necessary to be able to Traverse the
01:30:31space waste right to travel the
01:30:32Multiverse so that's how all this
01:30:34seemingly came to where it is right now
01:30:36now of course when Stephen Strange
01:30:37realizes what's going on he ends up
01:30:39sending its astral form into the
01:30:41Multiverse in order to find uh Bruce
01:30:43Banner on Hulk Planet and then find a
01:30:45way to bring the entire conflict to an
01:30:47end because he kind of sees himself as
01:30:49being responsible for all of this but
01:30:51here's the crazy thing about it with
01:30:53Titan Hulk manifesting and with all
01:30:55these different world breaker hulks here
01:30:57on this world they didn't know what they
01:30:59were getting into right they weren't
01:31:00necessarily goading the existence of the
01:31:02Titan Hulk and if anything what they
01:31:04were actually trying to do was get rid
01:31:05of the Bruce Banner personality it was
01:31:07one of the main goals of monolith and
01:31:09like pave and any of them they saw the
01:31:11Hulk as the true personality of banner
01:31:13and the banner personality had to be
01:31:15eliminated and so by working to get rid
01:31:17of like all the implants in the Hulk
01:31:19body getting rid of the technological
01:31:20advancements and so on and just turning
01:31:22him into a more pure version of the Hulk
01:31:24while I wouldn't go as far as to say
01:31:25they're the reason why Titan manifested
01:31:27in the first place I would go so far as
01:31:29to say they have no idea what they're
01:31:31dealing with here because as soon as
01:31:33Titan Hulk shows up monolith sends
01:31:35Oliver forces after Titan and when she
01:31:38does they all get wrecked not even hell
01:31:42would you see a master like this to say
01:31:43they get wrecked is just an
01:31:45understatement right I don't know what
01:31:47word can adequately be used to
01:31:49illustrate what's going on here but
01:31:51these guys never stood a chance in the
01:31:54first place any attack they launch
01:31:55against Titan Hawk is met with virtually
01:31:58no impact whatsoever he doesn't even
01:32:01really feel anything while Doctor
01:32:02Strange astral form does show up it does
01:32:05basically step into the mind of Bruce
01:32:06Banner and try to fight the personality
01:32:08of the Titan Hulk while the world
01:32:10breaker hulks try to fight the physical
01:32:11form of the Titan Hulk none of it's
01:32:13helping none of it makes any difference
01:32:15whatsoever literally the Stephen Strange
01:32:17Persona is blown out of the mind of
01:32:20Titan Hulk and then in turn the Titan
01:32:22Hulk turns his attention to these 500
01:32:24World breaker Hooks and just starts
01:32:26sucking all the gamma radiation right
01:32:28out of them amping himself up even more
01:32:30and making himself more and more
01:32:32powerful so much so that what monolith
01:32:34does is she tells all the other world
01:32:36breaker hulks that are left to get out
01:32:38of there while they can right evacuate
01:32:40leave lest they die and so that's when
01:32:42Stephen Strange realizes what's actually
01:32:45going on here what he does is he jumps
01:32:47back to his Citadel he grabs an orb and
01:32:49then brings it back to this alternate
01:32:51universe with his astral form and then
01:32:53he presents the orb and the person who
01:32:55emerges from it is despair now despair
01:32:58is a ridiculously powerful entity in
01:33:01Marvel Comics and is one of the most
01:33:03powerful fear Lords to ever exist in the
01:33:06history of Marvel I mean this guy's
01:33:08right up there with beings like
01:33:09nightmare the dweller in darkness so on
01:33:11and so forth what we end up finding out
01:33:13here is that for reasons that are never
01:33:14truly revealed when Bruce Banner met
01:33:17with Stephen Strange to learn how to
01:33:18control the mindscape it was never
01:33:20Stephen Strange that he actually met
01:33:21with it was despair masquerading as
01:33:23Stephen Strange which is a crazy
01:33:25revelation because again despair only
01:33:28answers to some of the most powerful
01:33:29beings in existence which seems to
01:33:31indicate there are forces out there
01:33:33within the Multiverse that are of
01:33:35exceedingly high levels of power that
01:33:37have a vested interest in seeing the
01:33:40Titan Hulk personality run a complete
01:33:42and total Rampage across the Multiverse
01:33:44which basically seems to happen because
01:33:47when the attempts by Despair and Stephen
01:33:49Strange are implemented to contain and
01:33:52control the Titan Hulk it's too late and
01:33:54Titan Hulk is seizing control of
01:33:56everything he's gonna eradicate the
01:33:58world he's going to destroy every world
01:34:00in the vicinity in this immediate solar
01:34:02system spread to the Galaxy the universe
01:34:04and even the Multiverse and there's
01:34:06seemingly nothing anybody can do to stop
01:34:09what's going on guys this is Rob and we
01:34:12are getting the conclusion of Titan Hulk
01:34:14along with the origin of his character
01:34:16which is really really cool so what this
01:34:17does here is this initially picks up in
01:34:19the mind of Bruce Banner with a little
01:34:21bit of taunting from despair right
01:34:23remember because of the fact of the
01:34:25Titan Hulk basically originates in the
01:34:27mind of banner when Doctor Strange got
01:34:29involved his physical form is on his way
01:34:31to Planet Hulk his spiritual form is in
01:34:34the mind of banner right so he's just
01:34:35there trying to get rid of the Titan
01:34:37Hulk the best he can the problem is he
01:34:39ends up encountering the fear Lord
01:34:41despair but the thing about despair is
01:34:43he's ridiculously op and in recent years
01:34:45he was easily defeated by Doctor Strange
01:34:48in a way that normally shouldn't have
01:34:49been done but what despair does is he
01:34:52actually gives us this kind of origin of
01:34:54the Titan Hulk and telling us that what
01:34:56had happened is that somewhere along the
01:34:59line a green door manifested to despair
01:35:01now anybody who's familiar with the Hulk
01:35:03Mythos knows the significance of the
01:35:05green door but that really comes from Al
01:35:07Ewing's run so for those of you guys who
01:35:09aren't really familiar familiar with
01:35:09that and again I'll have a link to the
01:35:11Hulk playlist from Al Ewing down in the
01:35:13comments section but when it came to the
01:35:15Green Door the way this worked is that
01:35:16in years past you just had people who
01:35:18became different versions of the Hulk
01:35:20Jennifer Walters became Incredible Hulk
01:35:22doc Samson became dot green Bruce Banner
01:35:24became the Incredible Hulk and so on and
01:35:26so forth but what Al Ewing did is he
01:35:28introduced the idea of the Green Door
01:35:29that in effect whenever a person with
01:35:32gamma radiation in their body and they
01:35:34are a Hulk whenever they die a green
01:35:36door opens and they can be reborn they
01:35:38can basically come back to life it's a
01:35:40roundabout way for immortality now we
01:35:42ended up learning that the origin of the
01:35:43Green Door actually came from the one
01:35:45below all who was basically an answer to
01:35:47the question what happens when the one
01:35:48above all hulks out it was a pretty
01:35:50insane Revelation at the end of that
01:35:52story right like the god of the Marvel
01:35:54Multiverse has a Hulk form and it's the
01:35:57one below all it was pretty dope but
01:35:59what despair says is that it was
01:36:01presented with a kind of power or at
01:36:04least a little semblance of Power by
01:36:06this being now what despair says is that
01:36:08this little nugget it was given that
01:36:10comes in the form of a red ball that it
01:36:11was only a small form or a small
01:36:13fraction of this being's power that it
01:36:16had an astronomical amount of power now
01:36:18by all standards of measurement it was
01:36:19the one below all that gave this power
01:36:21to Despair and anybody who knows
01:36:23anything about our coverage valuings
01:36:25Hulk will tell you guys the one below
01:36:27all is immensely powerful I mean there
01:36:29was literally a point in the story where
01:36:31alguing showed us what would happen in
01:36:33the future when the one below all seized
01:36:35control of the Hulk that it basically
01:36:37destroys the whole Multiverse it's
01:36:39reborn into the new Multiverse after
01:36:41killing Franklin Richards and Galactus
01:36:43and then destroys the next Multiverse
01:36:44then it would just wipe these things out
01:36:46continually until the end of time it was
01:36:49a really awesome Revelation but because
01:36:51of the power of the one below all even
01:36:53just a fraction of it that despair was
01:36:55overwhelmed by it right just like God
01:36:58this is insane and in fact what was
01:37:00instructed of Despair is that he was to
01:37:02take this little fraction of what seems
01:37:04to be the one below all's power and
01:37:06place it inside the mind of banner and
01:37:08that's where the Titan comes from it's
01:37:10an external power source that is slowly
01:37:12manifested and kind of gains sentience
01:37:14over the years and that's why we were
01:37:16never really given a definitive
01:37:17explanation of where the Titan Hulk came
01:37:19from it's not some alternate personality
01:37:21of Bruce Banner it's not some long-lost
01:37:24aspect of his anger and rage that he
01:37:26never quite dealt with it's a foreign
01:37:28body right it's like having some kind of
01:37:29illness in his body a kind of cancer
01:37:31that's just been growing over time and
01:37:33manifests in the form of the Titan Hulk
01:37:35now what this does here is it basically
01:37:37leads to again this Revelation that
01:37:39Stephen Strange's physical form is on
01:37:41its way but with his spiritual form
01:37:43basically overtaken by the combined
01:37:45power of Despair as well as the Titan
01:37:47Hulk Persona that what this does is it
01:37:50actually leads to the body and the mind
01:37:51of Stephen Strange merging their power
01:37:53is completely reunified and then in turn
01:37:55they're able to cast off the power of
01:37:57Despair and effectively lock him away so
01:37:59the only thing the only major issue that
01:38:01we have left here is the Titan Hulk
01:38:03itself right this physical manifestation
01:38:05in the real world and this guy is laying
01:38:08waste to every thing right like even
01:38:10Steven strange isn't fully sure what to
01:38:12do because the level of power that the
01:38:14Titan Hulk possesses here is
01:38:15astronomical and if it really is a Hulk
01:38:18powered by the one below all then there
01:38:20really isn't anything that can be done
01:38:21here but as this whole conflict is going
01:38:23on monolith is doing her best to hold
01:38:25off the power of the Titan Hulk but for
01:38:27monolith's part one of the revelations
01:38:29that comes out here is that in her fight
01:38:31against Titan Hulk that where it
01:38:33initially looked like she was beating on
01:38:35him as best she could she was just kind
01:38:36of doing what hulks do which is
01:38:38physically attacking him blasting him
01:38:39with her staff and magical energy and so
01:38:41on what she's actually been doing this
01:38:43whole time was siphoning off his power
01:38:45was siphoning the power away from Titan
01:38:48Hulk and it diminishes his capabilities
01:38:49he's not nearly as capable as he was but
01:38:51this is where the miscalculation of
01:38:54monolith comes into play does she quite
01:38:55literally siphons his power off and then
01:38:58blasts him with it in the hopes it'll
01:39:00destroy him and it sends him flying of
01:39:01course not when that happens the other
01:39:03hulks who were here who Titan Hulk just
01:39:05absolutely demolished with the greatest
01:39:06of ease that what happens is they
01:39:08approach sure and they basically tell
01:39:10her like you've saved us everything's
01:39:11okay and her response is no I haven't I
01:39:14haven't saved anything like it was my
01:39:16miscalculation I absorbed his energy and
01:39:18I blasted him with his own energy hoping
01:39:19it would destroy him and it didn't he's
01:39:21absorbing it all right he's back to 100
01:39:23again and he even has whatever energy I
01:39:26had residually in my staff he's more
01:39:29powerful than he was before and so
01:39:31literally her response is we're
01:39:33basically doomed there's no way our
01:39:35world can be saved and even Steven
01:39:37strange himself says that right he's
01:39:39like with this level of power that
01:39:40you're dealing with here there's no way
01:39:42to save your world it's going to fall
01:39:44and it's going to be destroyed and even
01:39:46despair tells Stephen Strange that's the
01:39:48goal here right the goal of Titan Hulk
01:39:50is to siphon all the gamma radiation off
01:39:52of this world in any other world that
01:39:54exists in this universe and then destroy
01:39:56the universe and move on to the next one
01:39:58right so in a lot of ways what it looks
01:40:00like Donnie case is doing is kind of
01:40:02building off of what Al Ewing did sort
01:40:04of giving us this depiction of the
01:40:05events that took place between the time
01:40:07when the one below all sees control of
01:40:09the Incredible Hulk and that futuristic
01:40:11story where the one above all have been
01:40:13traveling throughout the Multiverse and
01:40:14just wiping out whole universes over and
01:40:16over and over again it's not explicitly
01:40:18told to us that's what this is but it
01:40:21would be a cool place to kind of fit it
01:40:22into so it's awesome it's a really
01:40:24really cool depiction on this thing but
01:40:25again one of the things to understand
01:40:26and just demonstrating the sheer level
01:40:29of power that Titan Hulk has not even
01:40:31Steven strange can stop this guy now you
01:40:33can make transitive property arguments
01:40:35right we can cook the books in power
01:40:36scaling and say well you know you know
01:40:38maybe he's more powerful than dormammu
01:40:40or something like that I don't
01:40:40definitively know but what I will tell
01:40:42you is a being as capable as Titan Hulk
01:40:45seemingly imbued with the power of the
01:40:47one below all is enough to go against
01:40:49virtually anybody out there and it
01:40:51doesn't matter who they are so no wonder
01:40:53Steven strange can't beat this guy and
01:40:55so what ends up happening here its
01:40:56Banner starts talking to the Incredible
01:40:58Hulk in his own mind because remember
01:41:00the physical form of Hulk Banner
01:41:02whatever you want to call it that's
01:41:03Titan Hulk running around but Inside the
01:41:05Mind banner and Hulk are kind of trapped
01:41:07there and so what Banner starts doing is
01:41:09talking to the Hulk and saying you have
01:41:11to do something we have to manifest
01:41:13something has to happen here like if we
01:41:16do nothing this entire world and all the
01:41:18hulks on it will be completely
01:41:19eradicated we'll be stuck here because
01:41:21Steven strange will inevitably die and
01:41:23then this Titan Hulk will literally
01:41:25travel to our Homeworld wipe out
01:41:27everybody there and we'll be helpless to
01:41:28do anything but just sit there and watch
01:41:30it happen so if you care about nothing
01:41:32Hulk then continue doing nothing but if
01:41:34the lives of the people here matter and
01:41:37if the lives of everybody at home
01:41:39matters then do something step up and do
01:41:42something and it's one of the coolest
01:41:43things right because while that's going
01:41:45on Titan Hulk is dominating everybody
01:41:47right like Stephen Strange opens up a
01:41:49portal to try to get the occupants of
01:41:51this this whole planet to like a
01:41:52different world Titan Hulk like
01:41:54basically rips a hole through that
01:41:56reality like tears a hole in reality and
01:41:58then jumps through I mean it's crazy the
01:42:01only time we've ever really seen a being
01:42:03based on physical power do anything like
01:42:05this was during the try on Juggernaut
01:42:07story if you guys remember that when
01:42:08trial Juggernaut was punching holes in
01:42:10reality it was nuts right we covered
01:42:12that and in fact we'll remaster it
01:42:13because it's just a ridiculously amazing
01:42:15story but it was just this op version of
01:42:17Juggernaut punching holes in the
01:42:19universe it was nuts it's not something
01:42:21that we see very often and so what ends
01:42:23up happening is that because of the
01:42:25pleading of banner The Incredible Hulk
01:42:27finally steps up now the irony of this
01:42:29is that when the Hulk does step up the
01:42:31Titan Hulk Persona basically tells him
01:42:33there's nothing I need from you anymore
01:42:34right like I've siphoned off everything
01:42:36I need I've got your physical body
01:42:38nothing here matters but something to
01:42:40understand here is that the entire basis
01:42:42the entire foundation of the Titan
01:42:45Hulk's existence is predicated on the
01:42:47Hulk itself if the Hulk isn't there the
01:42:49Titan Hulk's power basically wanes
01:42:51because there's nothing for that Persona
01:42:53to latch onto there's nothing for it to
01:42:55become a part of right like it's a
01:42:57really interesting Prospect because what
01:42:59this does is it actually leads to both
01:43:01banner and Hulk working together and
01:43:03then punching a hole through Titan Hulk
01:43:05and then leaving the physical body right
01:43:07like actually exiting out of the
01:43:09physical body when that happens Hulk
01:43:11reverts back into Banner's form and then
01:43:13in turn the entire conflict ends right
01:43:15you literally switch over to Banner in
01:43:17strange Academy now here's the thing and
01:43:19this is something that caught me off
01:43:20guard right because it just suddenly
01:43:22ends and it's just like what like it's
01:43:23just it's suddenly over the reason why
01:43:25the story ends this way is because
01:43:27Donnie Cates the guy who's writing this
01:43:28is basically taking a mental health
01:43:30break he's walking away from the
01:43:31Incredible Hulk series so it just ends
01:43:33suddenly like without any wheel any any
01:43:35real thing the only thing we're given
01:43:36here is some measure of an epilogue
01:43:38where basically doc Samson writes a
01:43:40letter to Bruce Banner telling him like
01:43:41none of us blame you for anything that's
01:43:43happened none of this is your fault or
01:43:44anything like that right like you should
01:43:46come back to Planet Hulk sometime or
01:43:47Hulk Planet or whatever and hang out
01:43:49right it'd be really cool if we all hung
01:43:51out and did God ball and all that kind
01:43:52of stuff right as far as Titan Hulk's
01:43:54concerned its power is basically
01:43:55non-existent right like it's just not
01:43:57really there anymore the force of power
01:43:58that was being used to create it has
01:44:00effectively left and of course we end up
01:44:02finding out that source of power ends up
01:44:04transitioning back to the person that
01:44:05originally gave it who's basically the
01:44:07leader who's imbued with the power of
01:44:08the one below all from Al Ewing's run
01:44:10right the leader of course being a
01:44:12former Incredible Hulk villain but like
01:44:13it just ends all of a sudden right it's
01:44:15just like and we're done and that's
01:44:16basically it because Donnie case his
01:44:18entire run was cut short because he was
01:44:20focusing on a mental health break so a
01:44:21very lackluster ending to what was
01:44:23otherwise a phenomenal Incredible Hulk
01:44:26story but thank you all for watching and
01:44:28I will catch you all later
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the newest story arc of the Incredible Hulk by Donnie Cates?

The newest story arc of the Incredible Hulk by Donnie Cates involves the Hulk attempting to utilize a powerful armor created by Tony Stark, leading to a confrontation with an alternate reality where multiple versions of the Hulk are weaponized and controlled.

2. Who created the powerful armor utilized by the Hulk in the newest story arc?

The powerful armor utilized by the Hulk in the newest story arc was created by Tony Stark.

3. What does the confrontation in the newest story arc involve?

The confrontation in the newest story arc involves the Hulk facing an alternate reality where multiple versions of the Hulk are weaponized and controlled.

4. What is the ultimate conflict in the newest story arc?

The ultimate conflict in the newest story arc is the Titan Hulk fighting an army of 500 World Breaker Hulks, showcasing immense power and a potential conflict with the all-father Thor.

5. Who does the Titan Hulk fight in the newest story arc?

The Titan Hulk fights an army of 500 World Breaker Hulks, showcasing immense power and a potential conflict with the all-father Thor in the newest story arc.

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