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The video provides guidance on how to enhance attractiveness from the female perspective by focusing on aspects such as physique, facial hair, hairstyle, scent, jewelry, and self-care. It emphasizes the importance of a lean and fit physique, a well-groomed beard or stubble, trendy hairstyles, subtle and warm scents, minimal and stylish accessories, and overall personal care for men to appeal to women.
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The video discusses the importance of looks maxing from the female perspective rather than the male perspective.
Men often think that women find extremely jacked men attractive, but women actually prefer a lean and fit physique.
Women prefer the Adonis golden ratio physique, where the shoulder is 1 to 1.68 wider than the waist, over a bigger physique.
Research shows that women prefer the Brad Pitt and Fight Club type of body over the bear mode type of body.
The key to being attractive to women is to have hyper masculine traits while retaining pretty boy features, and paying attention to small details like facial hair.
Hyper masculine traits and pretty boy features are the ideal combination for attractiveness.
Facial hair should be kept in a way that is appealing, with most women preferring thick stubbles.
Pay attention to what celebrity women find attractive, as it can serve as a guide for looksmaxing.
Celebrities like Timothy Chalamet and Tom Holland have a boyish charm without a beard, while Chris Hemsworth and Michael B Jordan have a stubble beard.
To enhance your attractiveness, experiment with different beard styles that suit your face shape and opt for hairstyles that are clean, simple, and timeless.
Women find Pinterest and TikTok hairstyles attractive.
Avoid sharp and aggressive haircuts and opt for quiet luxury hairstyles.
Women prefer a more feminine scent on men, so consider toning down on aggressive and overpowering fragrances.
Smelling a little more feminine can attract women as it allows them to see themselves in you.
Men should wear jewelry and accessories to enhance their appearance, but it is important to keep it subtle and not overdo it.
Women are attracted to men who wear rings, necklaces, bracelets, and a few accessories.
Avoid wearing too many rings or excessively loud watches.
Self-care is not just for women, men should also take care of their appearance and mental health.
00:00you're not unattractive you've just been
00:02looks maxing based on the male gaze
00:04instead of the female gaze if you're
00:06confused at this point don't worry
00:08you'll understand what I'm talking about
00:09by the end of this video most of you
00:12guys out there are doing your best to
00:13look great there's only one problem
00:15you're doing it from the male
00:17perspective rather than the female
00:18perspective men have a very different
00:20understanding of what most women find
00:22attractive men think that women like Vin
00:24Diesel John Cena basically extremely
00:27jacked men if you've been looks maxing
00:29to look like these men I'm afraid all
00:30you're going to get is compliments from
00:32the gym Bros women on the other hand
00:34will run away from you what women
00:35actually find attractive is the opposite
00:37think Adam Driver Andrew Garfield Keanu
00:40Reeves and Michael D Jordan what do
00:42these men have in common they're big yes
00:44but to a certain extent lean and fit now
00:48there's nothing wrong with bulking up
00:49and going into bear mode if that's your
00:51Vibe then stick with it but if you want
00:53to be as attractive as possible to
00:54appeal to women you're gonna have to
00:56look smacks through their perspective
00:57instead of yours so what are the do's
00:59and don'ts of being on the female gaze
01:01Spectrum let's get into it keep it lean
01:04If This Were the 10th century when women
01:06liked hunter-gatherer types then bear
01:08mode would definitely be in Vogue but
01:10contrary to what a lot of YouTube videos
01:11might tell you bigger is not always
01:13better women prefer the Adonis golden
01:16ratio physique where your shoulder is 1
01:18to 1.68 wider than your waist over a
01:21bigger physique I'm not just talking
01:22nonsense here there's actually research
01:24out there that shows women prefer the
01:26Brad Pitt and Fight Club type of body
01:28over the bare mode type of body this
01:30look is always going to be aesthetic and
01:32attractive so stop trying to achieve a
01:34bigger size if your goal is to be as
01:36appealing as possible to women and an
01:38aesthetic body will win every time over
01:40a super jacked body the key is to have
01:42hyper masculine traits while retaining
01:44the Pretty Boy features if you look at
01:46any Greek statue of a male that's the
01:48ideal type on the female Spectrum most
01:51girls will find Timothy charlemay really
01:53attractive but he's a pretty boy and not
01:55all men are that pretty so the ideal
01:57example would be Chris Evans he has a
01:59hyper masculine body body plus he's good
02:01looking and when he has that beard that
02:03just makes him stand out more not only
02:04improving your physique but paying
02:06attention to small details will
02:07significantly increase your
02:09attractiveness on the female Spectrum
02:11speaking on that next is facial hair the
02:14kind of beard you have will determine
02:16how appealing you look if you have a big
02:18unruly beard or think full facial hair
02:20makes you attractive chances are your
02:23looks maxing from the male perspective
02:24that just makes you intimidating
02:26according to research most women prefer
02:29thick stumples because according to them
02:30it was the most indicative of maturity
02:33dominance and aggression women don't
02:35typically like a full face of facial
02:37hair to wake up to in the morning but if
02:39you still want to keep your beard go for
02:41it it's really not that hard to look
02:42smacks from the female gaze all you have
02:45to do is pay attention to what celebrity
02:46women are currently dying for women like
02:48to fantasize about their ideal man and
02:50would often seek them out in celebrities
02:52celebrities like Timothy chalamet and
02:55Tom Holland have the boyish charm with
02:57no beard however some of us look
02:59downright ugly with no beard so thank
03:01Chris Hemsworth and Michael B Jordan
03:02they have a little bit of a stubble
03:04beard thing going on and if you still
03:06want to go for a thick stubble again
03:07take Chris Evans as a perfect example
03:09keep in mind your face shape while
03:11keeping a beard it's a trial and error
03:13method so you'll need to experiment till
03:15you get the beard that accentuates your
03:16attractiveness hairstyle if you have a
03:19buzz cut scissor cut or tapers your
03:22looks maxing wrong you have to
03:24understand that what's deemed attractive
03:25evolves from time to time so maybe once
03:28upon a time women found haircuts like
03:30that attractive these days women find
03:32Pinterest and Tick-Tock haircuts
03:33attractive if you look through the
03:35female gaze curtain hairstyles are the
03:37way to go haircuts with lengths on the
03:39side the quiet luxury hairstyles those
03:41Timeless haircuts that are clean and
03:43simple over those sharp aggressive
03:45haircuts and the best part is they're
03:47actually easier to maintain than those
03:48tapered haircuts you guys love so much
03:50there's a video on our channel that goes
03:52into detail about how to achieve the
03:54quiet luxury aesthetic check it out for
03:56more info sent some of you might
03:58disagree but women actually prefer for a
04:00more feminine Sense on men now I'm not
04:02saying buy floral perfumes God no I'm
04:05just saying tone down on the Creeds
04:07Invictus and the Dior Savage sense
04:09they're too aggressive and overpowering
04:11women want to feel warm and safe around
04:14men and they don't want to be triggered
04:15by extreme hyper masculinity smelling a
04:18little more feminine than you're used to
04:20can attract a lot of girls it allows
04:22them to see themselves in you if you're
04:24able to look a little bit softer instead
04:26of rough around the edges women will be
04:28drawn to you it's like you're mirroring
04:29some of their beautiful qualities back
04:31to them perfumes like bond perfumer in
04:33701 the perfumer story by azizi's after
04:36hours and Tom Ford's tobacco vanillae
04:39are perfect because their masculine
04:41scents with floral notes jewelry and
04:43accessories I'll let you in on a little
04:45secret women like men that wear jewelry
04:47most guys think that just wearing a
04:49watch is best because they want to look
04:50as masculine as possible but the female
04:52gaze prefers men that wear rings
04:54necklaces bracelets and a few
04:57accessories and I'm not saying put rings
04:59on every finger go for the loudest watch
05:01stack on different chains leave those
05:03things to the wrappers you'll just end
05:04up looking like a clown the key is to
05:06keep everything subtle three rings Max
05:09two on one hand and one on the other or
05:12just one signature signer ring one
05:14bracelet one or two minimal chains will
05:15just make you more appealing it's all in
05:17the small details like this self-care
05:19self-care is not just for women please
05:21guys it's time we leave that age-old
05:24thinking behind men need to take care of
05:26their appearance too I don't know what
05:28happened down the line to make men think
05:29that taking care of their appearance was
05:31feminine because back in the ancient
05:32Greek and Spartan times men were
05:34obsessed with their beauty they
05:35considered obsessing over their beauty
05:37to be very masculine what they did was
05:40balance their outward softer appearance
05:42with their inner aggression that was
05:43always ready for war so take care of
05:45your appearance and mental health
05:46combine your softer pretty boy outward
05:48appearance with a hyper masculine always
05:50ready for war personality to create the
05:52ultimate man that's it for this video
05:54feel free to comment down below to let
05:56me know which of these do's and don'ts
05:58you're already practicing and which ones
05:59decided to try out also can you let me
06:02know which video you want me to do next
06:03see you soon
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can men enhance their attractiveness from the female perspective?

Men can enhance their attractiveness from the female perspective by focusing on aspects such as physique, facial hair, hairstyle, scent, jewelry, and self-care. It is important to have a lean and fit physique, a well-groomed beard or stubble, trendy hairstyles, subtle and warm scents, minimal and stylish accessories, and overall personal care to appeal to women.

2. What are the key aspects of attractiveness for men according to the female perspective?

According to the female perspective, the key aspects of attractiveness for men include a lean and fit physique, a well-groomed beard or stubble, trendy hairstyles, subtle and warm scents, minimal and stylish accessories, and overall personal care. These aspects are considered to be appealing to women.

3. How important is physique in enhancing attractiveness from the female perspective?

Physique plays a significant role in enhancing attractiveness from the female perspective. A lean and fit physique is considered attractive and appealing to women. It is important for men to focus on maintaining a good physique to enhance their overall attractiveness.

4. What role does personal care play in enhancing men's attractiveness to women?

Personal care plays a crucial role in enhancing men's attractiveness to women. It involves grooming aspects such as facial hair, hairstyle, scent, and overall appearance. By focusing on personal care, men can enhance their appeal and attractiveness from the female perspective.

5. How can men improve their overall appeal to women through self-care?

Men can improve their overall appeal to women through self-care by focusing on grooming, hygiene, and style. This includes grooming facial hair, maintaining a trendy hairstyle, using subtle and warm scents, wearing minimal and stylish accessories, and paying attention to overall personal care. These aspects contribute to enhancing men's attractiveness from the female perspective.

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