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The video discusses the patch notes for Overwatch 2, with the YouTuber expressing their rage and dissatisfaction with the changes. The patch notes include bug fixes, hero challenges, balance changes for multiple heroes, and map pool updates. The YouTuber also highlights the impact of the changes on different heroes and expresses concern about the state of the support role.
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The speaker expresses frustration with the patch notes for Overwatch 2, highlighting changes to the control game mode and the addition of hero challenges and a hero purchase tab in the shop.
The bug fix in overtime control maps led to other bugs that needed to be resolved.
The control game mode now allows the losing team to trigger overtime if they were not present during the opponent's capture.
Hero challenges for Junker Queen, SoJO, and Kiriko have been added for players to unlock them.
A hero purchase tab has been added to the shop for players who do not want to complete the challenges.
The patch notes for Overwatch 2 include changes to Doomfist's Rocket Punch ability.
The damage range for regular punches has been increased.
The duration of wall slam for empowered Rocket Punch has been reduced.
Non-empowered Rocket Punch now stuns for a minimum duration on wall slam.
The knockback radius for empowered Rocket Punch has been reduced.
The minimum time before canceling the punch has been reduced.
The cooldown for the ability has been reduced.
Doomfist in Overwatch 2 has received significant buffs, allowing for multiple cooldown rotations and stun combos.
Doomfist's cooldowns are reduced by his ultimate ability.
Regular punches and empowerment punches both stun the enemy.
Doomfist can perform multiple slam, punch, and block combos.
The buffs to Doomfist have caused frustration and outrage in the Overwatch community.
The latest patch notes for Overwatch 2 include buffs to Sojourn's primary and secondary fire, as well as her overclock ability.
Sojourn's primary fire damage per projectile has been increased from 9 to 10.
The non-railgun shot damage of her secondary fire has also been increased from 9 to 10.
The overclock energy charge rate has been increased by 20%, allowing Sojourn to build her railgun faster.
This buff may make Sojourn more effective at fighting tanks and dealing bursts of damage.
The patch notes include changes that may encourage Mercy players to play more aggressively, and there are mixed opinions about the new map, Shambali Monastery.
The patch notes may send the message that players should play Mercy more aggressively and focus on dealing damage.
Playing as "Battle Mercy" is generally seen as a throw, except in situations like Valk where there are immobile enemies.
The map pool in Overwatch is still limited, with some maps missing even after six years of the game's release.
The new map, Shambali Monastery, has received mixed reviews, with some players finding it enjoyable due to its flanking routes, while tank players find it challenging.
00:00I'm going to mute the background in the
00:03meantime for you guys because I have
00:04OverWatch skewed up uh but the first
00:07thing I want to do is go over these
00:08patch notes because it's finally time
00:10and I can finally unleash my actual rage
00:13at these patch notes quite possibly some
00:16of the worst patch notes I've ever seen
00:18all right let's get into it first up
00:21ramatra is is talking about coming out
00:23and trimbali don't really care
00:26control game mode fix uh so it seems
00:30like basically Okay so we fix the bug in
00:32overtime control Maps however the bug
00:33fix led to other bugs we had to resolve
00:35ultimately this led to an anti-climactic
00:37gameplay result that we weren't happy
00:39with effort hearing player feedback we
00:40made the following changes whenever
00:42opponent is captured on control the
00:44losing team of the control Point counts
00:46as having contested the point for the
00:47purpose of overtime if they were not
00:48present so from this what this says is
00:51it's it sounds like they're reverting it
00:53back to how it was in OverWatch one
00:54where if you saw you have 90 if a team
00:56has 99 on the enemy team and you'll say
00:59you have 50 and the 99 team flips it
01:01then you automatically used to lose you
01:04didn't have a chance to contest if you
01:06hadn't touched it
01:07um now it will trigger overtime again
01:09that's how it worked in OverWatch one
01:10and it seems they brought that back
01:12uh they added hero challenges for junker
01:14Queen SoJO and kiriko we'll check those
01:16out see what those look like
01:18um basically for ways for you to unlock
01:20shop change they added a hero purchase
01:22tab in the shop so I guess if you don't
01:24feel like doing the challenge you can
01:27just buy the character
01:32there's new name cards for like top 500
01:34I'll see if we can show that uh
01:37implemented a group of matchmaking
01:38enhancements to improve match quality
01:41minor improvements to UI competitive
01:43game Flow uh and ramacha will be
01:46available for two weeks Okay so ramacha
01:49we've already covered a little bit
01:51um I already made a video about them so
01:52I'm not going to go too far too far into
01:54them they don't even give damage numbers
01:55here but uh the big one is the DPS roll
01:58passive has been changed it's no longer
02:00gives movement speed and the reload
02:02bonus is from 25 to 35. I don't think
02:04they needed to make it 35 I think the 25
02:06was just fine and remove the speed boost
02:08I don't think 35 I think 35 is going to
02:10be kind of Bonkers but anyways let's
02:12move on we have entered the age of God
02:16um I wasn't able to tell you guys about
02:18patch note stuff until now
02:21um so I had to kind of keep it to myself
02:23but I am real this is probably some of
02:25the most infuriating passions I've ever
02:27read if you are a support player good
02:29luck you're gonna be playing dead by
02:30daylight this season you don't
02:32understand what I'm saying let me start
02:33reading it to you
02:34first up doomfist I'm not even gonna
02:37read the div all right we'll read the
02:39developer content oh my God that's fine
02:40there are several changes here for
02:42doomfist with the intent to increase his
02:43presence and disruptive brawl style tank
02:45this buff to his passive ability will
02:47help him stay in the fight longer
02:49especially with the multiple enemies
02:50well uh changes the power block meteor
02:54are available in power honestly this is
02:56just dumb I honestly I I actually don't
02:58I literally don't want to hear it we
03:00already listened to the Twitter's face
03:01earlier and that was ridiculous let's
03:03get into the actual changes impact
03:05damage range minimum maximum increase
03:07from 15 to 30 to 25 to 50. so basically
03:11if you get full punched by a regular
03:13punch not the empowered you would take
03:1515 to 30 damage you now take 25 to 50
03:19damage which is a pretty heavy increase
03:21by getting hit by it by the punch Wald
03:25slam damage range minimum maximum reduce
03:27from 20 to 40 to 10 to 30. so how far
03:30you would fly back into hitting the wall
03:31so before with full charge punch you
03:34could go back 20 40 meters now uh sorry
03:36no not the damage
03:39when you hit the wall you take 10 to 30
03:42damage instead of 20 to 40.
03:44um so basically do this as regular
03:47are gonna hit you much harder the damage
03:50you take from the wall is less
03:52which the Wall Part was kind of like
03:54what saved you from his regular punches
03:56being bad but that's not all
03:59empowered rocket punch will uh wall slam
04:02duration range reduced from 0.5 to 0.1
04:06to 0.25.75 so basically how long you
04:09Slam against the wall in empowerment
04:11punch it went from 0.5 to 0.1 to 0.25 to
04:150.75 so basically if you get hit by a
04:17full charged empowerment fist instead of
04:19being stunned for a whole second you'll
04:20only be stunned for 0.75 seconds that
04:23sounds great right
04:26non-empowered rocket punch now stuns for
04:29the minimum 0.25 second duration on wall
04:33slam so if you get punched into a wall
04:36with regular punch you are now stunned
04:39hear this again regular punch now stuns
04:43you for 0.25 seconds not empowered
04:45regular punch current punch didn't work
04:48like that you didn't get stunned from it
04:50you now do
04:52empowered rocket punch knockback radius
04:54reduced from four to three meters so you
04:56don't go as flying back as far but
05:00it's still there it's still pretty far
05:04um minimum time before uh sorry wait
05:07actually knock back radius I think wait
05:09I think that might be the cone
05:11is that the cone it might be the cone
05:13like how big of targets are so like if
05:15you stacked up and it like slammed
05:17everyone back it might be that actually
05:19I I'm actually I'm sure on that one I'll
05:22have to test it
05:23uh minimum time before cancel option
05:26becomes available reduce from 0.25 to
05:280.12 so basically how long till you can
05:30punched cancel punch they made it they
05:32made it slower or sorry they made it
05:34faster so you can start charging they
05:35just insta cancel it a lot better
05:37cooldown reduced from four to three
05:39seconds this already was in the game
05:41um but it hadn't been mentioned it was
05:43like a sneaky Shadow buff or they just
05:46but that's not all now we get crazy
05:50cool down reduced from on power block
05:52for eight to seven seconds
05:55duration increased from two to two point
05:58five seconds minimum damage mitigated
06:01required to empower rocket punch were
06:04reduced from 90 to 80 damage so you
06:07remember I was just saying how rocket
06:09punch does our power punch does a little
06:10bit less stun and a little bit less
06:12damage you will be getting it far more
06:14often meteor strike Now empowers Rocket
06:18punch on Landing so if you have no
06:20empowerment punch and then you alt when
06:22you come back down you have empowered
06:25punch not all enemy slow duration
06:28increase from two to three seconds so
06:30when you hit the ground and you get hit
06:31by dumult you're slowed for two seconds
06:33you're now slowed for three seconds and
06:36he has empowerment fist but that's not
06:38all Maximum temporary health increase
06:41from 150 to 200 health and that's not
06:46all temporary health gained per Target
06:49hit with abilities increased from 30 to
06:5340 Health you can actually unironically
06:57go through whole fights with ever not
06:59having a cool down I I've talked to Sam
07:01I talked to Quake dude you can literally
07:03Slam in with your e
07:05punch out
07:07or you don't even have to anymore
07:09you could actually punch in
07:12block because the block not only lasts
07:14two seconds now it's 2.5 seconds and
07:17it's less for empowerment punch so
07:19realistically you can slam punch block
07:22power punch slam again and then have
07:25punch again so this is how the fight
07:27will work ready you start the fight you
07:28get slammed punched block you gave them
07:31empowerment punch they punch you again
07:33they slam you again and then you have
07:35punched it aside do you want to go back
07:37in and finish a kill or get out wait
07:39four seconds and then come back in think
07:42about that you will have a after a full
07:45doomfist cooldown rotation all the way
07:48back to through twos to slam you will
07:51have four seconds until the doomfist is
07:54and if he has ultimate that whole
07:57rotation actually doesn't stop because
07:59so you slam punch in or punch out but if
08:03you punch in Block 2.5 seconds get
08:05empowerment punch punch again slam again
08:08punch again alt come down because don't
08:12forget the alt still makes it so that
08:14your cooldowns go I think it's 100 or 50
08:16faster off cooldown so your old your
08:18school Downs are coming off faster and
08:21you have empowerment punch so you can
08:22land and then either slam or punch don't
08:24forget you have a three seconds done now
08:27on this sorry the three second slow
08:28duration punch again slam again block
08:31again punch again and then either jump
08:34out with your slam or jump back in and
08:37if you go high enough you can come down
08:38with another punch and then punch out if
08:40you need to you get two or three full
08:43cooldown rotations and don't forget
08:45regular punch stuns you now so not just
08:47empowerment punch stuns you regular
08:49punch stuns you so it's punch stun stunt
08:52it's slam stun block stun
08:56slam punch out or slam pot stun punch
09:01block punch stunned slam punch again
09:04stunned again alt up come down slowed
09:08stunned by the empowerment punch slam
09:10block punch again you're stunned for
09:13like minutes
09:14you you don't understand
09:18Quake literally tank dipped Hawk
09:21arguably the best tank in OverWatch
09:23League playing ramatra on doomfist you
09:26don't understand it is it is bad this
09:30character got so gigabuffed it's not
09:32even funny and this isn't even the start
09:34of the rage
09:36junker Queen you're gonna you're not
09:38gonna believe this
09:40jogger Queen torso and head hit volume
09:45increased by 12
09:47her her torso and head hip boxes are
09:50increased by 12 that is a major Nerf
09:55Rampage so her alt wound duration
09:58reduced from five to four point five
10:00seconds so a small Nerf on how long it
10:02exists ultimate Rec cost reduced by 10
10:05percent trade-off
10:07commanding shout cooldown reduced from
10:1015 to 14. buff doesn't really do
10:12anything but it's a buff
10:13adrenaline passive passive healing
10:17multiplier increase from 1 to 1.25 do
10:20you know what that means
10:21so when you knife somebody you know you
10:23threw the knife or you melee you did 15
10:26damage to them over time that would heal
10:28you right it was nothing but it was
10:31something right 15 damage
10:34it's now 19.
10:38so when you hit someone with a knife
10:40you will get 19 healing over time
10:44instead of 15 healing over time
10:47wow that's a and she's 12 bigger to hit
10:53I actually think she got nerfed I'm not
10:55even joking I actually think this is an
10:58a net Nerf because they made her easier
11:01to hit they made her easier to shoot
11:02that's a 12 increase is pretty large a
11:0612 increase means she's going to take
11:07more damage if you make someone's hitbox
11:09bigger that means they take more damage
11:12so you increase this very very marginal
11:15very tiny amount of healing that she
11:17ends up doing or damage like four damage
11:20over time and then increase the amount
11:23of damage she's gonna be taking by
11:24increasing her head box that's a net
11:26Nerf in my opinion that's a net Nerf I
11:29wouldn't say it's a big net Nerf but I
11:31would say it is a Nerf when she was
11:32supposed to be buffed and improved I
11:35would say it's actually like overall
11:37weighing everything I'd say it's a net
11:39Nerf that's my opinion
11:41Bastion Bastion is actually kind of
11:43funny so they changed his artillery
11:45delay before projectile drops reduced
11:47from 1 to 0.6 so it actually lands
11:50it doesn't it doesn't take as long which
11:51is nice W anyways explosion damage
11:54reduced from 300 to 250 this is actually
11:56a decent change because it's hitting the
11:57ground faster so like less damage it's
12:00so it probably so you're just not like
12:01one tapping
12:02you know tanks because you could
12:04basically just like three times you just
12:06go boom boom boom on a tank and they'd
12:07probably just explode
12:09um as if it was 900 so like you know
12:12what I mean
12:13because like even this Nerf is like 150
12:15damage less like a lot of Tanks can end
12:17up Surviving that with armor and then
12:18like if you get if you've got three tap
12:20by it you're dead but two tapped is
12:21different it's like a 200 at 600 would
12:24be much different than you know at 500
12:28so like you know it's I think this is
12:30mostly to make sure you don't like one
12:31tap tanks with the alt
12:34uh no longer deals explosion uh Excel
12:37explosion damage to himself uh that's
12:39ultimate only the right click uh still
12:41this damage to him
12:43minimum delay between placing shots
12:45reduced by 20 so you can just go a
12:48little bit faster
12:50uh the reconfigure cooldown reduced from
12:5210 12 to 10 seconds I actually think
12:54bastion's low key pretty strong
12:58I think bastion's actually low-key
13:00pretty strong
13:01I think he's gonna be a decent a really
13:03good ladder pick I don't think he'll be
13:04like a pro play pick but I think he'll
13:06be a pretty good ladder pick and he'll
13:08be a amazing Shield Buster in lower
13:12level doomfists who like Ian and just
13:14pop their block you just the whole time
13:17just blow them up
13:18but now it's time to get to the parts
13:20where I'm actually like legitimately
13:22just my mind has has just left the
13:26building I don't even know what you're
13:27doing anymore
13:29sojourn for those who don't know
13:31sojourn's been dominating high level
13:32play and people are even saying like in
13:35Diamond and Platte they've been getting
13:36a lot of sojourns energy delay before
13:38draining reduced from eight to five
13:40seconds that's good that means so
13:42sojourns and high rank play were just
13:44like building alt and then they just
13:46keep tapping the tank every few seconds
13:48to just keep it going and then they
13:50would jump up in one tap people when the
13:51fight started so that's a good change
13:54secondary fire damage fall off starting
13:57range reduced from 70 to 40. so the so
14:01the one tap
14:02now what and is reduced from 70 meters
14:05to 40 meters Chad do you know how far 40
14:08meters is in OverWatch
14:10that's far
14:13unless you're fighting on junkertown
14:15there's not many times where 40 meters
14:17is like that far but
14:19okay and by the way
14:22that's the starting range but we're not
14:25there yet
14:26secondary fire critical damage
14:28multiplier reduced from 2 to 1.5 oh okay
14:32so she's not one tapping people in the
14:34head anymore it's 1.5 right now it only
14:39195 damage now huh secondary fire damage
14:43now scales linearly with energy from 30
14:48to 130 damage one energy converts to one
14:53damage added
14:55that's going to get important here in a
14:57second primary fire damage projectile
14:59per projectile increased from nine to
15:02ten so her her you know her regular left
15:05click if you have them swapped her
15:07secondary fire her
15:08you know her build up to the railgun the
15:11non-railgun shot damage went from nine
15:13to ten
15:15and the overclock energy charge rate
15:18increased by 20 percent
15:21chat do you understand what that means
15:24that means she's building the railgun 20
15:29and on top of that does one extra tick
15:32of damage so it goes off of how much
15:34damage she deals with her left click so
15:37one I don't think they compensated for
15:39this one she's gonna build it faster
15:40because she's doing more damage
15:43and two
15:44she's going to get it 20 faster so
15:46you'll feel it the most when you end up
15:49doing the this ends now so instead of
15:51this ends now boom boom it's gonna be
15:55this sounds
15:58so instead of like five or six shots
16:01going off it's gonna probably be closer
16:03to eight I bet that's what I think it's
16:06probably gonna be closer to eight shots
16:09um is things ending absolutely
16:12um so there's actually a big problem
16:13that they forgot those who are new to
16:16OverWatch uh we had this really bad man
16:17A long time ago Where Mercy pocketed Ash
16:19could one tap uh squishies
16:22um they realized that was a big mistake
16:24and they made it so that even with
16:25damage boost
16:26actually does 195 damage
16:29uh they did not take that into account
16:31with sojourn uh what high-level sojourn
16:34players are doing is having a mercy
16:36pocket and they run around the map and
16:37just one tap people uh one tap still one
16:40Taps people with Mercy pocket so uh
16:44yeah sojourn's not going nowhere
16:47soldier's not going anywhere if anything
16:49she's actually going to be better at
16:51fighting like tanks and doing bursts of
16:53damage because she's gonna have her rail
16:55going up more often
16:58I genuinely think this might be a
17:01sojourn buff
17:03I'm not even [ __ ] with you this went
17:05from a like basically sitting there
17:07waiting for the sojourns to one tap to
17:09sojourn is gonna probably do even more
17:11damage than she did before overclock is
17:13the alt overclock is the alt but it's
17:16also the overclock just charges her her
17:19a railgun charge speed is still
17:21increased I got to test play against
17:24sojourns and she is still absolutely
17:27nuts she's still exceptionally good
17:31I would say still a must pick and I
17:34think this might be a buff genuinely
17:36well that's not all oh that's not all we
17:39still got more this one's interesting I
17:42don't think this one's that bad but
17:43symmetra beam charge rate and Decay rate
17:46increased by 20 percent
17:49primary fire ammo consumption rate
17:51increased from seven to ten per second
17:54but primary fire gains ammo from
17:57damaging barriers again she ramps up
18:00very fast very very fast now it's kind
18:04of insane uh
18:06having some
18:08is going to be very interesting to see I
18:10don't know if she's gonna be good or not
18:12but like that's a very interesting
18:13change I'm not a Sim Mastermind so we'll
18:16see but next is tracer
18:19the tracer's damage increased from five
18:22to six
18:24tracer's back to OverWatch one damage
18:28Tracer sojourn meta incoming Tracer is
18:31exceptionally powerful exceptionally
18:33powerful like it was not fun to play
18:36against Tracer next up is Anna
18:39Anna got a small buff her cooldown
18:43reduced from 15 to 14 seconds
18:49big buff here a cow
18:52arm hit volumes with reduced by 15
18:56so they watch my stuff
19:01added an auto wall climb hero option
19:04but we're still got more
19:07ultimate costs increased by 10 percent
19:11movement speed boot bonus reduced from
19:1450 to 30 percent
19:17cool down rate reduced from three to two
19:21times faster
19:22suzu cast time reduced from 0.15 to 0.1
19:27hunai ammo increased from 12 to 15 and
19:30Swift step ability input can now be held
19:33to activate Jericho got pretty hard
19:35nerfed because carico's biggest thing
19:38where's her ultimate her ultimate is
19:41what made her like insane basically
19:43OverWatch League high level players were
19:45just playing to play off her alt
19:48um it's that is a significant
19:51from three to two times faster
19:53and from fifty percent to thirty percent
19:55and a ten percent
19:58increase cost
20:00I think she'll still be okay I think
20:02she'll still be good
20:03but that's some pretty heavy Nerfs in a
20:06season where support is going to
20:08probably be in the worst spot I think
20:11this is I think if there's ever a season
20:13for a support player to rise up and
20:15actually be angry or with this don't get
20:17me wrong I've I've been the person that
20:18even in the beta and we'll talk about it
20:21back in the betas I thought support
20:23players were being a little bit
20:24unreasonable asking for crazy Buffs
20:26because their Heroes didn't get anything
20:28they hadn't had any new characters which
20:29it was totally understandably upset
20:30there was no new characters in the beta
20:33um but I thought they were like things
20:34like the zenkeck were they were funny
20:35and they were fun but I don't know if
20:37they'd be good for the game long term
20:38and there was a bunch of changes that
20:40were made they were charged like the
20:41self-healing changes were made you know
20:43Moira got that weird necrotic orb there
20:45was so many things and I personally
20:46thought that people were going crazy
20:47because they hadn't got anything cool
20:49like the DPS or the Super Tank players
20:51had gotten but if there's ever a season
20:53to actually be upset it's gonna be this
20:55one I think I think support players are
20:57gonna be basically playing dead by
20:58daylight so next up my favorite change
21:01of them all Mercy
21:03Mercy got two Buffs
21:06weapon swap time reduced from 0.5 to
21:11and her ammos increased from 20 to 25.
21:15now we just listened to the Twitter
21:16sphere and their explanation of this
21:19buff was for if a mercy player gets
21:22caught out on their own and has to
21:23defend themselves
21:25do you know how idiotic that sounds
21:27though like to like to like a lot of
21:29people like to me personally it sounds
21:32dumb and I'm sorry like I don't want to
21:34like I I try not I'm trying not to be
21:36like too disrespectful but it genuinely
21:38makes no sense because what makes mercy
21:41good is not her damage it's her ability
21:45to survive every good Mercy player I've
21:47ever played with is always one the last
21:49person to die and two has exceptional
21:52movement and they also said in the in
21:54the in the Twitter the Twitter sphere
21:56that Mercy's win rate climbs pretty
22:00heavily when you go from low ranks to
22:01high ranks like as you go up the ranks
22:03Mercy's win rate goes up quite a bit
22:06um I also think that they didn't take
22:07into account that Mercy's probably hot
22:09as a high win rate right now because
22:11sojourn has a really high win rate in
22:13the in the high level play Don't you
22:15hear me out on this if sojourn has a
22:17really high win rate in high level play
22:19and Mercy's really good at pocketing the
22:21sojourn to make sure that they can have
22:23the most effective value wouldn't that
22:25make sure that Mercy then also has a
22:28high win rate because it's connected to
22:29the sojourn
22:31oh we didn't think of that oh I feel bad
22:34this is the every Mercy player oh man I
22:36actually feel genuinely bad and I
22:37actually feel bad for most people
22:38because this sends the message that you
22:40should be doing damage mercy and being
22:42bowel Mercy that's not how you play
22:43mercy playing battle Mercy is genuinely
22:45like a throw the only time Battle of
22:47Mercy is like exception is like okay is
22:49like in Valk and they have like a widow
22:51or something like that like something
22:53where like they're not they're not that
22:54mobile and like you have the biggest
22:56hitbox for your gun in all time and you
22:58can basically just deal with them
22:59yourselves like really easily but like
23:01people are going to probably be playing
23:03a lot more battle Mercy in your games in
23:04the next week or two so good luck with
23:06that where you still have this shitty
23:07map pools man this game's been out for
23:10six years
23:11and we are in map pools we don't even
23:13have all the maps so we get guess what
23:15we get all the push Maps they're still
23:19um blizzard world's in overcast it looks
23:21beautiful by the way it looks nice
23:23um and we get shambali Monastery which
23:25is another map which actually looks good
23:26I'm a little nervous it's always
23:27fighting uphill
23:29um but it has a lot of flanks and I
23:30heard from other players that I played
23:31with like other like content creators
23:33and whatnot they didn't think it was
23:34that bad because there's a lot of flanks
23:36but as a tank player you're not flanking
23:37a lot
23:38um so I actually ended up having to
23:39fight uphill most of the time which was
23:41not the most fun
23:43um but everyone else was saying it
23:44didn't feel that bad with the flanks so
23:45take that as you will
23:47uh new Nepal and Oasis morning and
23:51wait where's no wait is there no numbani
23:53I thought nobody was coming back oh
23:56Rialto's back
23:57Rialto's back that's cool
24:00but no numbani yeah so we lost Gibraltar
24:03in Hollywood uh out of the map Pool
24:06um Havana I think is still out but it's
24:08like dude I I hate it though like I yeah
24:12I don't I feel like I play Push every
24:15other game and it's like
24:17dude it's just ass man like like we feel
24:20like I said this before but it feels
24:21like we're playing NHL NHL did this one
24:24season where they took away my player
24:25and then they brought back the next
24:26season as like a a new game mode and
24:29it's like bro what do you mean we
24:30already had this game mode before like
24:32what are you talking about it's like
24:34I really hate map pools and I'm I
24:37honestly I thought I was gonna be way
24:39more like you know upset going over
24:41these but I think the Twitter sphere
24:42kind of got a lot of it out of me
24:43because I was losing my laughing at some
24:45of it but uh this is genuinely some of
24:48the worst changes I think that this
24:49season kind of got and I sucks because a
24:52lot of people gave them the benefit of
24:53the doubt and a lot of people gave good
24:55faith because they said things like they
24:57wanted every season to feel
24:59um unique they wanted every season to
25:01feel different this is just going to be
25:03this it's gonna be the sojourning season
25:04with doomfist now instead and oh yeah I
25:07forgot to mention hog is still
25:08exceptionally good so
25:09what you'll have is you'll have the Doom
25:11players and the hog players the hog
25:13players will be trying to play like the
25:14anti-doomfist comps and the doomfist
25:16will be trying to kill everybody and
25:18then deal with the hog comps because if
25:19that makes sense right like they'll be
25:20trying to bait out the hook and then
25:22kill all the Squishies and then turn for
25:23the hog with like their team so those
25:25are gonna be your two metas you're gonna
25:26have you're gonna have so Jordan with
25:28hog and you're gonna have sojourn with
25:29doomfist like that those are your two
25:31options for this season and like
25:34dude like you just changed the tank
25:35changing the tank didn't change the meta
25:37it's probably still going to be Lucio
25:39kiriko maybe Mercy in there she did get
25:42some big Buffs
25:44um so I'm just really upset about this I
25:47actually think this is probably some of
25:48the some of the some of the some of the
25:51worst changes we could have got for this
25:53and uh yeah
25:56oh we've got ramatra not gonna get to
25:59play him but hey I may all do some quick
26:00play just to get to play him for a
26:01little bit and have fun I I all I can
26:03say is I'm I'm really disappointed uh
26:05with the balance again of this season
26:07and I've said this before uh my my good
26:10faith on
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1. What are the key changes in the Overwatch 2 patch notes?

The key changes in the Overwatch 2 patch notes include bug fixes, hero challenges, balance changes for multiple heroes, and map pool updates. These changes are aimed at improving the overall gameplay experience and addressing community feedback.

2. What is the YouTuber's reaction to the changes in the patch notes?

The YouTuber expresses rage and dissatisfaction with the changes in the patch notes. They highlight the impact of the changes on different heroes and express concern about the state of the support role. This emotional reaction adds a compelling and relatable element to the video.

3. How do the changes in the patch notes affect the support role in Overwatch 2?

The changes in the patch notes raise concerns about the state of the support role in Overwatch 2. The YouTuber emphasizes the impact of the changes on supports and discusses potential challenges that players may face while playing this role.

4. What can viewers expect from the hero challenges in the Overwatch 2 patch notes?

The hero challenges in the Overwatch 2 patch notes provide players with new and engaging gameplay objectives. The YouTuber discusses the nature of these challenges and how they contribute to the overall excitement and variety in the game.

5. How do the balance changes in the patch notes affect the overall gameplay experience?

The balance changes in the patch notes aim to enhance the overall gameplay experience in Overwatch 2. The YouTuber elaborates on the specific adjustments for different heroes and their potential impact on the game's dynamics and strategies.

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