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The video discusses why the creator chooses not to use RU58841 for hair loss treatment due to safety concerns, including lack of long-term studies and potential side effects. They recommend sticking with FDA-approved drugs like finasteride. The efficacy of RU58841 is discussed, but the limited evidence and outdated studies are mentioned.
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The reason why the speaker doesn't use RU58841 for treating hair loss is because it may have systemic side effects.
RU58841 is a topical anti-androgen that has been around since the 1990s.
Unlike finasteride, which inhibits 5-alpha reductase, RU58841 works by inhibiting the local androgen receptors at the hair follicles.
RU58841 may not affect systemic hormonal levels and therefore may not have systemic side effects.
The main reason why the speaker doesn't use RU58841 for treating hair loss is due to safety concerns and lack of clinical trials and long-term studies.
There is a lack of studies on RU58841, as the rights for it were transferred and no existing studies on side effects and long-term usage could be found.
RU58841 is claimed to work better than finasteride in terms of hair growth, but there are no long-term safety studies and it is not FDA-approved.
Users have reported side effects such as chest pain, numbness, and heart issues, and there have been numerous threats made on hair loss forums regarding side effects.
RU58841 has potential side effects, including interstitial pneumonitis, and can go systemic, despite initial beliefs that it did not.
Studies have reported two percent of patients experiencing interstitial pneumonitis.
There is a high possibility of RU58841 causing side effects, as it shares similar chemical structures with other compounds that have been reported to cause side effects.
RU58841 has about 30 times higher anti-androgenic activity compared to other non-steroidal anti-androgens.
The fact that studies did not observe notable systemic effects does not mean that RU58841 cannot go systemic, as long-term studies may reveal different results.
The speaker prefers using finasteride, which has FDA approval and has undergone years of clinical research and trials.
The #1 reason why the speaker doesn't use RU58841 for treating hair loss is due to the lack of long-term studies and potential health risks associated with its use.
No long-term studies or clinical trials on the side effects of RU58841.
Speculation that RU58841 may have negative health effects or even increase the risk of cancer.
Lack of knowledge about potential side effects in the future.
Safer alternatives such as FDA-approved drugs, topical faster, topical to task ride, microdosing finasteride, micro needling, minoxidil, and laser therapy caps are recommended.
00:01hey guys what's going on and welcome to
00:03another video on my channel ition see
00:04because our new please make sure to
00:06subscribe so the guys are updated on my
00:07second hair transplant journey progress
00:09as well as real topics covering current
00:10hair loss treatments in the pipeline
00:12make sure to check out my website at
00:13hairless ChiCom to follow my current
00:15hair loss treatment regimen which
00:16includes micro needling and thermally
00:18each shampoo and serum low level
00:20laser therapy cat hair gold supplements
00:22and a few other products that are known
00:24to help those suffering from hair loss
00:25now one of the questions that I've been
00:27getting is why am I not taking are you
00:29five eight eight four one why am i think
00:31Nasser instead I did talk about are you
00:33a couple times over the past few years
00:34on my channel as well as this efficacy
00:37on treating hair loss are you is a
00:38topical anti-androgen that has been
00:40around for the past few decades starting
00:42from the early 1990s it was effective at
00:44treating various engine related
00:46disorders including acne hair loss
00:48hirsutism which is excessive hair and as
00:51a non steroidal anti androgenic compound
00:53ru binds to the antigen receptors and it
00:56directly inhibits the effects of
00:57endogenous antigens such as testosterone
00:59and DHT this is different from fast ride
01:02because mascara works specifically by
01:04inhibiting something known as 5 alpha
01:06reductase which is the notorious enzyme
01:08that converts testosterone into DHT and
01:10as you guys are aware DHT is the main
01:12cause for genetic hair loss and with one
01:14milligram from asteroid inhibiting
01:16nearly 70% of scalp and serum pH levels
01:19vanastra users may experience various
01:21side effects usually than being sexual
01:23as a result of you know fast right
01:25affecting an individual on a systemic
01:27level but since ru is an anti-androgen
01:29that a compound it works by inhibiting
01:32the local engine receptors at the hair
01:34follicles it doesn't inhibit 5-alpha
01:36reductase from engine versions it
01:39basically prevents the HD from literally
01:42attaching to the hair follicles and as a
01:44result there are several studies that
01:45are proposing that ru does not effect
01:48systemic hormonal levels which means
01:49that they're not going to have any side
01:51effects like it does with finasteride
01:53later on you'll realize that this is not
01:55the case I'm gonna be explaining to you
01:57guys later on and the thing is there's
01:58not a whole lot of studies on ru since
02:00it appears that the rights for ru was
02:02transferred and I couldn't find any
02:04existing Studies on side effects and
02:06also long term usage but we do know that
02:09from several published studies are you
02:10is gonna work far superior than
02:12finasteride at least on
02:14studies and when I was compared with
02:16finasteride showed that it led to a
02:17hundred three percent increase when
02:19comparing the population of antigen
02:21follicles to Veles follicles
02:23whereas finasteride observed an average
02:25of one and eighty percent there are
02:26people to use are you five eight four
02:27one four shooting genetic hair loss and
02:29claimed to have great success in hair
02:31growth and also not only does it
02:33supposedly not affect each levels it
02:35supposedly works better than finasteride
02:37so with a lot of positive testimonials
02:40online and from hair loss forums the
02:43number one reason why I don't take ru
02:45584 one is because of safety reasons in
02:48my opinion it's a bit strange that such
02:50promising treatment hasn't undergone
02:51through you know full clinical trials
02:54for commercialization there hasn't been
02:56a long-term studies on safety other than
02:58what we can see from users claim to have
03:00used it for you know for many years
03:01without having an issues it's also not
03:04fda-approved then it's also classified
03:06as a chemical with research only usage
03:08which means you need to find a reputable
03:10company with confirmed purity apparently
03:12ru is also not supposed to go systemic
03:14like I've mentioned earlier but there
03:16are reports of people suffering from
03:17side effects as a result of taking it it
03:19does have a short half-life about one
03:21hour or the users have complained about
03:22chest pain
03:24you know numbness heart issues and
03:26they've even made you know numerous
03:28threats on hair loss forms talking about
03:29side effects
03:30it does have similar chemical structures
03:32to now Ludum Idol which is also related
03:34to flute amide and they are all
03:36non-steroidal anti engines side effects
03:38for these related non-steroidal anti and
03:40Regency include sexual dysfunction as
03:42well breast tenderness lung problems and
03:45a bunch of other side effects which make
03:47it plausible that even are you can also
03:49go systemic unlike the contrary where we
03:52initially believe that it did not and in
03:54the case for dilute amide actually did
03:55some studies and there's been a reported
03:57two percent of patients and controlled
03:59clinical trials with interstitial
04:01pneumonitis which is a serious lung
04:03condition that can cause permanent lung
04:04scarring and in another small study in
04:06Japanese patients there was seventeen
04:09percent of patients who also develop the
04:10same issue now they're not exactly the
04:12same chemical compound but they do share
04:13very similar chemical structures and
04:15with people reporting you know very side
04:18effects from taking are you there is
04:19that high possibility that are you isn't
04:22couldn't go without any side effects one
04:24thing to also note is that ru has and if
04:26that is about I think about 30 times
04:28higher than that of other non-steroidal
04:30anti engines including flute amide so
04:32there relatability is going to be
04:34relevant in this case and the other
04:35thing that I didn't want to mention is
04:37that just because studies show that are
04:38you didn't go systemic doesn't mean that
04:40it can't it just means that there
04:42weren't any notable systemic effects
04:44since they didn't observe any in the
04:45studies they conducted in the short
04:47period of time had they conducted long
04:49term studies clinical studies on this
04:51I'm sure that people would have
04:52experienced various side effects so it's
04:54definitely not true that our youssef act
04:56is only limited to the area of
04:58application and that it doesn't
04:59influence the serum Android levels but
05:01also finasteride has Morgan fine for me
05:04I don't have any side effects from
05:05taking finasteride and knowing that I'm
05:07ok with taking something that is going
05:09to systemically inhibit DHT using
05:11medication that's been approved by the
05:13FDA for many years many years of
05:15clinical research and clinical trials
05:17that's my main reason why I'm sticking
05:19finasteride so hope that kind of
05:20explains you know are you does obviously
05:22have positive effects in hair growth for
05:24some people suffering from genetic hair
05:25loss but the evidence it's also outdated
05:28and it's extremely sparse a lot of
05:30studies are from the late 1990s
05:31concerning animal studies which doesn't
05:33always relate to humans there's no FDA
05:35approval or a single phase 2 or phase 3
05:38clinical trial and no long-term studies
05:40on the side effects and some people like
05:43I said still you know we're forced on
05:44effects from using ru and as I've
05:46mentioned I don't know why they drop are
05:48you from for the clinical trials but the
05:50bottom line is that by taking ru 584 1
05:52you are taking a great health risk I
05:56would always choose fda-approved drugs
05:58over research chemicals that especially
06:00has been dropped after the first
06:01clinical trial some people are saying
06:03that you know ru will show up through
06:05financial reasons but I think that there
06:07is more to that this is my speculation
06:09but maybe it had some type of negative
06:11health effect or even cancer we just
06:13don't know and just because someone's
06:15used it for 10 years doesn't mean that
06:17there aren't going to be any side
06:18effects later down the road so you just
06:20never know and it's a big risk that you
06:22guys have to weigh if you guys are
06:23considering taking it now if you guys
06:25really are insisting on taking are you I
06:27would recommend getting blood tests done
06:29routinely to make sure that everything
06:31is in order
06:31I'll also be worried of all the
06:33trying to promote our use since usually
06:34it's due to the fact that they're in
06:36some type of financial gains you know
06:38Commission but like I said the safer
06:40route is that you know there are other
06:43treatment alternatives such as topical
06:44faster or even topical to task ride
06:46which I'll cover in a separate video and
06:49I'm also gonna be sharing you guys
06:50exactly how you guys can make it at home
06:52there's also Michael dosing finasteride
06:54if you guys are having side effects
06:56micro needling you know minoxidil
06:58deliver that laser therapy caps so let
07:01me know in the comments if you guys have
07:02been using are you five eight four one
07:04if you guys have seen some good results
07:06or even side effects but pretty much
07:08bottom - my you know my reasoning why am
07:11i taking are you 584 one is because of
07:14the safety profile the unknown safety
07:17profile we don't know what's gonna
07:18happen there hasn't been any major
07:20long-term studies so I'm gonna stick
07:23with something that's fda-approved so
07:25let me know what you guys think but I'll
07:27talk to you guys in my next video
07:28take care
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Is RU58841 safe for hair loss treatment?

The video discusses the safety concerns around using RU58841 for hair loss treatment, including the lack of long-term studies and potential side effects. It recommends sticking with FDA-approved drugs like finasteride.

2. What are the potential side effects of RU58841?

The video mentions the potential side effects of RU58841 for hair loss treatment and highlights the safety concerns associated with using it, urging viewers to consider FDA-approved drugs like finasteride instead.

3. Why does the creator recommend sticking with FDA-approved drugs like finasteride?

The video explains why the creator recommends sticking with FDA-approved drugs like finasteride for hair loss treatment, emphasizing the safety and efficacy of these treatments compared to RU58841.

4. What is the efficacy of RU58841 for hair loss treatment?

The video discusses the efficacy of RU58841 for hair loss treatment, highlighting the limited evidence and outdated studies while raising concerns about its effectiveness compared to FDA-approved drugs like finasteride.

5. Are there any long-term studies on the use of RU58841 for hair loss treatment?

The video mentions the lack of long-term studies on the use of RU58841 for hair loss treatment, raising concerns about its safety and efficacy compared to FDA-approved drugs like finasteride, which have been extensively studied.

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