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The video covers the best SARM stacks for both bulking and cutting with dosages and cycle lengths. The recommended bulking stacks include LGD 4033, MK 677, and YK11, while the cutting stacks include RAD140, Cardarine, and either Ostarine or SR9009. The speaker emphasizes the importance of post-cycle therapy and starting with lower dosages to avoid side effects.
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This section discusses the best SARM stacks for bulking and cutting, including the recommended dosages and cycle length.
The recommended bulk stack consists of LGD 4033, MK 677, and YK11.
Dosages for LGD 4033 range from 10 to 20 milligrams, with a suggestion to start at the lower end.
The traditional cycle length for SARMs is 8 to 12 weeks.
The video discusses the benefits and dosages of MK677 and YK11 for muscle growth, with recommended dosages for each.
MK677 is likened to growth hormone, while YK11 is described as a myostatin inhibitor.
The recommended dosage for MK677 is capped at 30 milligrams, as higher doses did not show additional benefits and led to more side effects.
For YK11, the recommended dosage starts at 5 milligrams and can be increased to 20 milligrams.
Another stack comprising RAD140, LGD, and YK11 is also discussed, with specific dosages mentioned for each.
The video discusses the cut stack and the recommended dosage for the RAD140 and Carterine combination.
The cut stack consists of RAD140, Carterine, and SR9009.
The RAD140 and Carterine combination is considered a beginner stack.
The recommended dosage for RAD140 is 10 to 40 milligrams.
The video suggests that Carterine may yield better results compared to SR9009.
The recommended SARM stack for cutting includes Ostarine, Cardarine, and SR9009 at specific dosage ranges, with Ostarine being safer and having fewer side effects compared to RAD140.
Ostarine (MK2866) and Cardarine are recommended for cutting at 10 to 30 milligrams
SR9009 is suggested at 10 to 20 milligrams
Ostarine is safer and has fewer side effects compared to RAD140, while still providing similar results for lean muscle gain.
00:00what's going on guys welcome back to the
00:01channel today i wanted to cover what in
00:04my opinion would be the best sarmstacks
00:06for both bulking and cutting before we
00:08go any further i am not a doctor do not
00:10do anything without your doctor
00:11supervision this video is all for
00:12informational educational purposes only
00:14and then of course if you guys need
00:16anything check out the link in the
00:17description down below and also if you
00:19guys ever want any questions answered my
00:21instagram half wicked labs is always
00:24open i answer every single dm that you
00:25guys send into that page it may take me
00:27a little bit of time just due to the
00:29amount that come in but i will get back
00:30to you as you heard me mention we are
00:32going to be going over the best sarms
00:34for both bulking and cutting so first
00:36we're going to cover the bulk stack
00:38which is in my opinion the top stacks
00:40are going to be lgd 4033 with mk 677 and
00:44then last and not least is yk11 thrown
00:48into that mix in just a moment i'll go
00:49over the dosages cycle length and
00:51everything there now the half wicked
00:53bulk stack is comprised of rad140 lgd
00:574033 and then of course once again yk11
01:00now we will jump into
01:02what the dosages are and for how long
01:05now with sarms anabolics of course
01:07you're going to want to have post
01:08psychotherapy on hand half wicket has a
01:10phenomenal post cycle therapy for your
01:12lab rat and traditional cycle length is
01:14going to be anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks
01:16so for the lgd that first stack that we
01:18talked about it's going to be dosed
01:20anywhere from 10 to 20 milligrams now
01:22when i'm talking to lab rats about
01:24starting their first stack or starting
01:26any stack in general always start at the
01:28low end because if you're seeing results
01:30you're seeing progress on your lab rat
01:32why continue to increase the dosage
01:34you're just going to be wasting your
01:35money and you're already going to be
01:37getting results at a lower dosage anyway
01:39so leave the higher dosages for later on
01:42in the cycle so that way you can
01:43continue to progress instead of hitting
01:45a plateau and having nowhere to go
01:47either cycling off or continuing to
01:48increase the dosage because as you
01:50continue to increase the dosage you're
01:52going to run into more side effects so
01:54mk677 anywhere from 10 to 30 milligrams
01:57now i've had numerous videos talking
01:58about mk677
02:00in depth and this video isn't going to
02:02be talking about all these compounds in
02:04depth because this video would be like
02:05an hour two hours long but mk677 the
02:09reason for the 10 to 30 milligrams is
02:11because it's gonna act very similar to
02:14growth hormone within the body so think
02:16of the lgd as your anabolic maybe like a
02:18d ball within the body think of mk677
02:21like growth hormone and think of yk11
02:23like another anabolic in the body that's
02:25going to be a myostatin inhibitor to
02:27allow your muscles to grow past what
02:29they would normally be able to the
02:30reason i capped the mk677 at the 30
02:33milligrams is because at least in my
02:36experience and on my lab rat in the past
02:39i did not see any benefit past taking 30
02:41milligrams i honestly just felt like i
02:43was flushing my money down the toilet
02:45and you're just gonna encounter more
02:46side effects whether that's bloating
02:48increasing hunger um things you just
02:51really don't want to experience so 30
02:53milligrams i found was personally the
02:55sweet spot for my lab rat and then
02:57moving on to yk11 which is the myostatin
02:59inhibitor as you just heard me mention
03:01starting at five milligrams on the low
03:03end and then bumping up to possibly 20
03:06milligrams on the high end now let's
03:08jump over to stack number two of the
03:10bulk stack which was the half wicked one
03:12comprised of the rad140 lgd and yk11
03:16same thing for this cycle length is
03:18going to be eight to 12 weeks similar to
03:20the last cycle and then as for dosages
03:22the lgd and ykk11 is gonna be the same
03:24as on the last one but we'll go back
03:26over it again rad140 anywhere from 10 to
03:2940 milligrams 40 on the absolute high
03:31end you are going to be your lab rat i
03:34should say is going to be extremely
03:36anabolic you're going to have a lot of
03:38lean muscle tissue a lot of gains you're
03:40going to have an improvement in strength
03:42drop in body fat this stack is extremely
03:45strong and it will definitely cause
03:47suppression if you're a natural athlete
03:49and you're not on trt you're nothing
03:52like that
03:53definitely have post cycle therapy i
03:55can't reiterate that enough now lgd once
03:58again 10 to 20 milligrams and then yk11
04:015 to 20 milligrams now when we're
04:03talking on the high end the 40 the 20
04:05and the 10 that should be towards the
04:07end of your cycle i do not think unless
04:09your lab rat is an experienced veteran
04:11where your receptors are just absolutely
04:14fried from all your past cycles and
04:16everything you were doing who knows
04:17maybe you came off trend alone and
04:18decided to you know hop on a book stack
04:21i don't know what you're going to be
04:22doing on a day-to-day basis but always
04:24start at the low end unless you are an
04:26extremely experienced veteran
04:29with doing it because you're still going
04:30to see results i guarantee you you are
04:32going to see results at 10 milligrams of
04:34rad 10 milligrams of lgd and 5
04:36milligrams of yk11 i guarantee it moving
04:39on to the cut stack we got rad140
04:42cartering and then for the half wicket
04:44stack it is austrian carterein and sr
04:48now i would say the half wicked stack is
04:51going to be more the beginner stack than
04:53the one above just because rad140 is
04:55gonna be stronger than australian mk2866
04:59and sr 9009 bioavailability of course
05:02there's the debates back and forth but
05:03that's just really thrown in there as an
05:05added benefit i'm much more a fan
05:07personally for my lab rat with carter
05:09and gw501516
05:11because on paper they're supposed to act
05:13very similar i just personally on my lab
05:15rat noticed way more results and way
05:17more progress with cartering than i ever
05:19did with sr 9009 but with that being
05:21said the first stack we're going to be
05:22covering is the rad140
05:25with the card range so it's just a two
05:27charm stack and very effective for your
05:30lab rats cut in either a bodybuilding
05:33competition maybe shredding down for a
05:35photo shoot
05:36maybe just summer in general trying to
05:38get more lean drop body fats and because
05:42you know have more striations more
05:43vascularity everything going on within
05:45the body so same thing with the bulk
05:47stacks eight to twelve weeks you're
05:48going to notice that whether you're
05:49talking about your traditional anabolics
05:52and cycle length and then you know sarms
05:55pro hormones regardless what you're
05:56talking about most people are usually
05:58going to recommend the 8 to 12 weeks now
06:00the reason for not going longer is
06:02because you're either as you heard us
06:04talk about you're going to need to keep
06:06increasing the dosage so once you
06:07plateau you're either going to need to
06:09increase or cycle off so you could
06:11continue and go longer of course than 12
06:14weeks but just know that you're probably
06:17going to start to plateau you're going
06:18to need to increase the dosage which
06:19inherently comes with more side effects
06:22now with rad140 once again 10 to 40
06:25milligrams is definitely the sweet spot
06:27and with cartering 10 to 30 milligrams
06:30now carterine is the one that is going
06:32to instantly have an improvement in your
06:34cardiovascular aid in your workouts
06:37you're going to get more out of it more
06:38reps more sets work out longer work out
06:42absolutely crazy compound for your lab
06:44rat and that's really the simple one and
06:46of course pct with it again just because
06:48the rad140 is in there if it was just
06:50the cartering you would not need a post
06:52psychotherapy just because it's
06:53non-hormonal would not cause
06:55testosterone suppression and this one
06:57for sure without a doubt is one of
07:00like the most recommended
07:02the most popular people see phenomenal
07:05results especially for summer if you're
07:07just trying to shred down like i
07:10mentioned improve your body composition
07:12for your lab rat then red 140 and
07:14carterein is a very very good option but
07:17moving on to the half wicket stack it's
07:19going to be osterine mk2866 at 10 to 30
07:22milligrams the cartering once again at
07:2510 to 30 milligrams sr 9009 at 10 to 20
07:30so starting the cycle 10 milligrams
07:32preferably austrian it's gonna be more
07:35mild anabolic than it would be if you
07:38your elaborate was to take let's say
07:39rad140 with the cartering because
07:42osterine is just a more mild compound
07:44but it's also safer and it's going to
07:45have more benefits rather than just
07:48muscle gain if you're strictly going for
07:50lean muscle tissue
07:52getting shredded getting in shape rad140
07:55is going to be better than austrian but
07:56osterine has far less side effects and
08:00also is much safer on the body while
08:02still achieving a lot of similar results
08:05of that you know compared to rad140
08:08so that's really going to be the only
08:09difference between those two cut stacks
08:11one is comprised of three compounds the
08:13other is comprised of two so that is my
08:16recommendations for the bulk stack cut
08:17stack for your guys lab rats and of
08:20course as you heard me mention i want to
08:21make this video as quick as possible if
08:23you guys have any questions at all
08:25pertaining to anabolics the half wicket
08:27labs instagram page is always open at
08:29answer guys dms it might take up to a
08:31week for me to answer you just due to
08:34like there's so many dm's if i could
08:35show you guys i would uh but i get back
08:38to every single dm i promise you that so
08:40if you guys are all curious have any
08:43questions shoot them my way and if once
08:45again you know if you guys need anything
08:47for your lab check out the link in the
08:48description down below
08:51has third party lab testing the best
08:52purity everything you guys can imagine
08:54so i hope you guys enjoyed the video if
08:56you did please make sure to smash the
08:57like on it i want to hear you guys
08:59experience if you have taken anything
09:00that was discussed in this video leave
09:02it in the comments down below and on
09:04that note be careful
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the best SARM stacks for bulking?

The best SARM stacks for bulking include LGD 4033, MK 677, and YK11. These are known for their ability to promote muscle growth and strength, making them ideal for bulking cycles.

2. Which SARMs are recommended for cutting cycles?

For cutting cycles, RAD140, Cardarine, and either Ostarine or SR9009 are recommended. These SARMs are effective in preserving lean muscle mass while promoting fat loss, making them suitable for cutting phases.

3. Why is post-cycle therapy important when using SARMs?

Post-cycle therapy is crucial when using SARMs to help restore natural testosterone production and mitigate potential side effects. It can help maintain the gains achieved during the cycle and support overall health and well-being.

4. How can one avoid potential side effects when using SARMs?

Starting with lower dosages and gradually increasing them can help minimize potential side effects when using SARMs. Additionally, monitoring the body's response and incorporating proper nutrition and exercise can support a positive experience.

5. What are the recommended dosages and cycle lengths for SARMs?

The recommended dosages and cycle lengths for SARMs vary based on individual experience and goals. It's advisable to start with conservative dosages and cycle lengths, then adjust based on personal response and consultation with a healthcare professional.

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