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The most powerful intelligence agency in terms of reach is the Chinese MSS, while the CIA is most powerful in terms of capability and wealth. Mossad is known for its willingness to go to extreme measures to protect Israeli citizens.
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The Chinese MSS (Ministry of State Security) is considered the most powerful intelligence organization in the world due to its global reach and integration with Chinese culture.
The MSS has created a single intelligence service that has worldwide reach.
Every Chinese person, regardless of their location, is considered an informant to the MSS.
The MSS is deeply integrated with Chinese culture and citizenry.
The CIA is considered the most powerful intelligence agency due to its budget, capability, weapon systems, and modern technology.
The CIA is the leader in terms of capability and wealth.
Other intelligence organizations want to partner with the CIA to learn from them and train with them.
The CIA is sought after for partnerships in counter narcotics, counter drug, counter terrorism, and counter Wieger operations.
The top intelligence agencies in terms of tech, corporate espionage, and violence are DGSE in France, Mossad in Israel, and CIA in the United States.
DGSE in France has a massive budget solely dedicated to stealing foreign secrets.
Mossad is known for its willingness to do anything to protect Israeli citizens, without any qualms.
CIA is willing to let Americans stay in jail in Russia and seek diplomatic solutions for their release.
Intelligence agencies like Mossad use large-scale infiltration and killing as a demonstration of power and to send a signal to the world.
Mossad is willing to kill to save a citizen, unlike other agencies.
Successful intelligence operations have two purposes: gathering intelligence and sending a signal to the world.
The second purpose is to show the consequences for those who work against the agency and the benefits for those who work for them.
Intelligence operations also serve as a massive information campaign.
00:03what can you say about the power the
00:04influence of the different intelligence
00:06agencies within their nation and outside
00:08yeah so to answer your question
00:11uh your original question which is the
00:12most powerful i'm gonna have to give you
00:14a few different answers
00:16the most powerful intelligence
00:19organization in the world in terms of
00:21is the chinese mss the ministry of state
00:24security because
00:27they have created
00:29single solitary intelligence service
00:32that has global reach and is integrated
00:34with chinese culture
00:36so that essentially every chinese person
00:39anywhere in the world is an informant to
00:41the mss because it all that's their way
00:43of serving
00:44this this is the middle kingdom jungwoo
00:46the central kingdom the chinese word for
00:50so they're the strongest they're they're
00:52it's the the most powerful intelligence
00:54service in terms of reach most assets
00:56most informants most intelligence is
00:58deeply integrated with a citizenry
01:00correct with their culture you know what
01:01a chinese person who lives in syria
01:03thinks of themselves as a chinese person
01:06do you know what a chinese person a
01:07chinese national living in the united
01:09states thinks of themselves as a chinese
01:11person right americans
01:13living abroad often think of ourselves
01:15as expats expatriates living on the
01:18local economy embracing the local
01:20culture that is not how chinese people
01:22view traveling around the world and by
01:23the way if i may mention
01:25i believe
01:27the way messiah operates
01:30is similar kind of thing because people
01:32from israel
01:34living abroad still think of themselves
01:36as jewish and israeli first
01:39first so that allows you to integrate
01:42the culture and yep the faith-based
01:44aspects exactly right but the number of
01:46people in israel is much much smaller
01:48exactly number one people in china so
01:49when it comes to reach china wins that
01:51game yeah when it comes to professional
01:53capability it's it's the cia
01:56by far because
01:58budget wise capability wise weapon
02:00system wise modern technology wise cia
02:03is the leader around the world which is
02:05why every other intelligence
02:06organization out there wants to partner
02:08with cia
02:09they want to learn from cia they want to
02:12train with cia they want to they want to
02:14partner on counter narcotics and counter
02:16drug and counter terrorism and counter
02:18wieger you name it people want to
02:20partner with cia so cia is the most
02:21powerful in terms of capability and
02:25and then you've got
02:26the idea you've got
02:30so tech alone
02:33corporate espionage
02:35economic espionage nothing beats nothing
02:38beats dgse in france they're the top
02:41uh they've got a massive budget that
02:42almost goes exclusively to stealing
02:44foreign secrets they're the biggest
02:46threat to the united states even above
02:48russia and above china dgse in france is
02:51a massively powerful intelligence
02:53organization but they are so exclusively
02:56focused on a handful of types of
02:59intelligence collection that nobody even
03:01really thinks that they exist
03:02and then in terms of
03:05just terrifying violence you have
03:06massage mossad will do anything mossad
03:10no qualms doing what it takes to ensure
03:13the survival of every israeli citizen
03:16around the world
03:17most other countries will stop at some
03:20but mossad doesn't do that
03:22so it's the lines you're willing to
03:25and the reasons that you're willing to
03:26cross them you know there's
03:29cia will let an american stay in jail in
03:34and seek a diplomatic solution i mean
03:37the united states has let people there
03:39there are two gentlemen in from the
03:401950s who were imprisoned in china for
03:4220 years waiting for diplomatic
03:44solutions to their release
03:48that's it's
03:49we do not kill
03:51to save a citizen
03:53but mossad will
03:57and then they'll not just kill they'll
03:59like do large-scale infiltration
04:02amazing things there is no they they
04:05they spare no expense because it's a
04:07demonstration to their own people again
04:09going back to the whole idea of
04:12intelligence operation
04:14that sees the light of day
04:16has two purposes
04:18the first purpose is the intelligence
04:22but if it was just the intelligence
04:23operation it would stay secret forever
04:25the second purpose of every successful
04:27intelligence operation when they become
04:29public is to send a signal to the world
04:32if you work against us we will do this
04:35to you
04:36if you work for us
04:38we will take care of you in this way
04:39it's a massive information campaign
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Which intelligence agency is the most powerful in terms of reach?

The Chinese MSS is considered the most powerful intelligence agency in terms of reach.

2. Which intelligence agency is known for extreme measures to protect citizens?

Mossad is known for its willingness to go to extreme measures to protect Israeli citizens.

3. Which intelligence agency is the wealthiest and most capable?

The CIA is the most powerful intelligence agency in terms of capability and wealth.

4. What is the reputation of Mossad intelligence agency?

Mossad is known for its willingness to go to extreme measures to protect Israeli citizens.

5. Which intelligence agency is known for its capability and wealth?

The CIA is most powerful intelligence agency in terms of capability and wealth.

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