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This video discusses the ultimate farming build for the Warframe Xaku, highlighting its abilities and usefulness in various missions, such as farming resources and Endo. It also provides tips on farming platinum using Xaku's abilities and selling valuable items.
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Xaku is a powerful Warframe for dealing with high-level enemies, with abilities that strip enemy defenses and empower weapons with void damage.
Xaku's first ability, Aksomati's Whisper, empowers equipped weapons to inflict one extra hit per damage instance as void damage.
Xaku's second ability, Grasp of Lohk, steals enemy weapons and allows them to float around and kill enemies.
Equipping radar mods can help detect nearby enemies to disarm and steal their weapons.
The maximum number of stolen weapons is determined by ability range, with a maximum of 16 weapons achievable.
Xaku's abilities can be optimized by maximizing range, and their fourth ability, The Vast Untime, makes them an efficient farmer and resource gatherer in open-world areas.
Xaku's third ability, The Lost, can stun enemies and turn them into thralls that fight for you.
Xaku's fourth ability, The Vast Untime, stops the duration of their other abilities, applies vulnerability to void damage, and pairs well with Grasp of Lohk and Viral damage.
Xaku is useful for farming resources in open-world areas and can break crates to quickly gather what you need.
Xaku can also be a great Bounty Hunter by defending and killing enemies fast with Grasp of Lohk and The Vast Untime.
The speaker discusses using the Xaku Warframe for profitable and fun missions in Warframe.
Xaku can easily complete Zariman missions and kill enemies while moving to the target location.
Xaku's fourth ability allows for breaking crates to find Zaliman Accolade keys and Void plumes.
Xaku lacks the ability to deal damage to Void Angels, so the speaker brings their trusty Laitum weapon.
The speaker uses a specific build for farming resources in open-world areas and the Zariman mission.
They use loot detector and enemy radar mods to find crates, loot, and enemies.
The speaker pairs Xaku with the Sly Vulpaphyla companion for added survivability.
They mention wanting to add blue icon shards for energy to maximize their build for augment and survivability.
The video discusses how to farm platinum in Warframe by utilizing the Zaliman mission and trading various items.
Zaliman missions offer a good amount of Endo rewards, ranging from 3,000 to 4,000.
Void Plume Quills obtained from Zaliman missions can be exchanged for standings, which can then be used to purchase Molt Augments.
Molt Augment is a highly sought-after Arcane that can be sold to other players for platinum.
Excess Endo can be used to max rank Primed mods or Archon Vitality, which can be sold for extra platinum profit.
Unranked Primed mods can be purchased from other players and upgraded using Endo gained from Zaliman missions, and then sold at a higher price in the Warframe Market.
00:04you might know exacto is one of the best
00:07warframes when it comes to chill killing
00:09steel path enemies or you might also
00:11know them as one of the most broken
00:12Warframe when it comes to duviri Circuit
00:14this Warframe is extremely powerful when
00:17it comes to dealing with high level
00:19enemies as they have a tool to strip
00:21enemy defenses making them more
00:23vulnerable to avoid damage and remember
00:25void damage is the only damage type that
00:28is a true neutral which means it has no
00:30negative effect against any faction in
00:32the game and is very powerful against
00:34the toughest faction in Warframe which
00:36are the sentience Sacco's first ability
00:39called aksata's whisper is one of the
00:41best subsumable abilities in the game
00:43also this ability empowers all equipped
00:46weapons to inflict one extra hit per
00:48damage instance for 26 percent of total
00:51weapon damage as void damage which
00:54resets sentient and Shadow stalkers
00:56damage resistance upon void status prop
00:58it scales pretty well with duration and
01:01it pairs well with the galvanized mods
01:03making it a strong subsumable ability
01:06for the likes of Titania's exalted
01:08pistols or even Mrs Aimbot regulator
01:11then they got the grasp of lock ability
01:14that steals enemy weapons making them
01:16their own this is why exaku is a chill
01:18killer as after stealing the max amount
01:20of weapon all you need to do is just
01:22roam around and let those void weapons
01:24floating around you do all the killing
01:26just some quick tips equip radar modes
01:30such as enemy radar and animal instinct
01:32to detect nearby enemies within range to
01:35disarm and steal their weapons even
01:37through walls and also remember that the
01:40max number of stolen weapons is rounded
01:42down to the whole number multiple of the
01:44range modifier and the base number so
01:47for example with 115 percent ability
01:49range the number of stolen weapons is
01:52six times 115 which is equals to 6.9
01:55which is then rounded down to 6. the
01:58maximum number of stolen guns normally
02:00achieve by this method is 16 achieved
02:03with an ability range of 267 slightly
02:06below the normal Max of 280. if a max
02:09range is increased Beyond normal levels
02:11by some means this number will increase
02:13accordingly long story short put a lot
02:16of range in your excycle build if you
02:17wish to get the most out of this ability
02:19then they got their third ability called
02:21the lost it has three features accuse
02:25will stun enemies for a second and then
02:27turn them into thralls that will fight
02:28for you discharging a torrent avoid
02:31energy exacto unleashes array of
02:33piercing light toward the aiming reticle
02:35that travels up to 40 meters away deny
02:38will strike enemies with void damage
02:40reset damage resistances if used against
02:42sentient faction and become suspended in
02:45aerostasis for a couple of seconds and
02:48the best part of this ability is gays
02:50wherein at 200 percent ability strength
02:52you will strip the armor and shield of
02:55enemies that step inside its Aura take
02:58note that you can only grasp two Targets
03:00so you should go with max range and
03:02grasp Targets in different area to widen
03:04the effect of the ability and lastly
03:07exacto's fourth ability called the vast
03:10and time which somehow makes them the
03:12best farmer and also makes all of their
03:14abilities energy efficient as once you
03:16cast this ability the duration of their
03:18other abilities stops to calm down also
03:21this ability applies vulnerability to
03:23avoid damage so it's perfectly paired
03:25with your grasp of Lock and viral will
03:27even make the damage even better now
03:29like I have said earlier you may be just
03:32using xako in steel path levels or Dover
03:34emissions but there is more usage for
03:37this Warframe first of all farming
03:39resources in open World areas as
03:41Warframe is very handy when it comes to
03:43farming thermal sludge in the orb
03:45valleys or any other similar resources
03:47in open World areas as their fourth
03:49ability can break crates allowing you to
03:51easily get what you need in the less
03:53time possible secondly exacto can be a
03:56great Bounty Hunter as he can both
03:58defend and kill enemies fast with a a
04:01combination of their grasp of lock for
04:02killing enemies and the vast untime not
04:05just applying void damage vulnerability
04:07to enemies but also slowing their action
04:09speed in the process you can make xako a
04:12great defender Warframe in the game I
04:14also use this Warframe for farming Endo
04:17to level up my archon mods get the new
04:19Warframe arcanes and sell them for
04:21platinum izaku is a great tool for
04:24farming zadiman Bounties in the
04:25chrysalife which you can access through
04:27Quinn I know for a fact that still Prime
04:30Parts farming is still the best route
04:32for getting platinum in the game but
04:34there are other things you can do in
04:35Warframe that are both profitable and
04:37fun so I sometimes use the broken
04:39Warframe when I'm tired of using Misa or
04:41Titania in the zariman missions the best
04:45part about this Warframe is it can do
04:46almost all zaliman missions in the game
04:48with ease with grasp of lock you can
04:51ensure that while just moving to the
04:52Target location you will be killing
04:54enemies in the process also their fourth
04:58ability allows you to break crates which
05:00then gives you a a quick way to
05:01determine the location of the zaliman
05:03Accolade keys or the other void plumes
05:06in the mission easily I know that you
05:08can also activate those tenno guides to
05:10show the way but the vast end time just
05:12makes it more easier the only thing that
05:14is lacking with exact queue is the
05:16ability to deal damage to void Angels
05:19just using their abilities what I do
05:21here is just bring my trusty laitum to
05:24deal with avoid Angels even if the
05:25zombie man mission is a tier 5. here's
05:28the usual later build I'm using to deal
05:30with the void angels in the zariman
05:32mission and then here's the exacto build
05:34I'm using for farming those resources in
05:36the open World areas as well as farming
05:38the zariman mission the loot detector is
05:41very handy in finding all those crates
05:43and loot in the game using your mining
05:45map but I also bring enemy radar mode so
05:47I know the exact locations of enemies
05:49and when to cast my grasp of law aside
05:51from the loot and radar mode from my
05:53Warframe I also added the primed animal
05:55Instinct in my companion by the way the
05:58companion I'm using for this is the sly
06:00valve because it pairs well with zaku's
06:03Dodge chance from their ultimate ability
06:04the evasion mods from the companion also
06:07adds to the overall survivability of
06:09exaku if there's one thing I would like
06:11to do with this build that is adding
06:12blue icon shards for energy I need to do
06:15this so I can mind Max my build for
06:17exacto and put the vampiric grasp
06:19augment for more survivability giving
06:21blue Arch on shards with energy allows
06:24me to take off primed flow and replace
06:26it with a vampiric grasp augment you can
06:28say that I can just trim some range and
06:30place the augment mod in this slot but I
06:33won't do that because it's better to
06:34have a high range for my grasp of lock
06:36ability and lastly let's talk about how
06:39I usually Farm Platinum using aksaku or
06:42warframes like Mesa and Titania in the
06:44zaliman mission as you all know zaliman
06:47missions hold a good amount of endo
06:49rewards at the end of each Mission
06:50there's a chance that you can gain 3 000
06:53to even 4 000 Endo using exacto in just
06:56a four minute run not to mention that
06:58you can also get void plume quills which
07:00you can exchange from our comedian yonte
07:02for standings then you can use the
07:04standings you're accumulated by
07:06purchasing malt augmented from cavalero
07:08and selling it to other players for
07:10platinum mold augmented is one of the
07:12most sought after Arcane in the game and
07:14many players wants to have the Arcane
07:16but don't want to do the grind this is
07:18where we can exploit it and gain
07:20Platinum by exerting low effort and
07:22waiting until we get a full Max rank
07:24malt augmented but that's not all you
07:27can use your excess Endo to Max rank
07:30primed mods that you have purchased from
07:32the void Trader or you can go and get
07:34archon Vitality from The kahul Garrison
07:36and then Max rank it using the Endo you
07:39gain from the zariman mission then you
07:41can sell this to other players in the
07:43Warframe market for extra Platinum
07:44profit there's also the option wherein
07:46you can buy unranked primed mods from
07:48other players in the Warframe dot market
07:50and then upgrade it using the Endo you
07:53gain from the salimand bounty after that
07:55go sell them for a higher price in the
07:57Warframe Market easy Platinum profit and
08:00you don't need to wait for the scammer
08:02Trader for a couple of weeks or even
08:03farm for relics and cracked them to get
08:06Prime Parts just to turn them into
08:07ducats the only thing you would need is
08:10to farm some credits since aside from
08:12Platinum you would also need credits to
08:15trade goods from other players so that's
08:17all about it I hope that you have
08:19learned something again from this video
08:20be sure to give this video a thumbs up
08:22if you find it helpful and subscribe to
08:25our channel to help support our growth
08:27and Inspire us to do more content thank
08:30you so much for watching and I will see
08:31you in my next video squad leader
08:34signing off
08:54thank you
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the ultimate farming build for Warframe Xaku?

The ultimate farming build for Warframe Xaku focuses on maximizing its abilities to farm resources, Endo, and even platinum. It is tailored to enhance Xaku's farming potential in various missions.

2. How can Xaku's abilities be useful for farming resources?

Xaku's abilities, such as Grasp of Lohk and The Vast Untime, can be incredibly useful for farming resources. Grasp of Lohk can replicate resources, while The Vast Untime provides protection and increases farming efficiency.

3. In what missions can Xaku's farming build be effective?

Xaku's farming build is effective in missions that involve resource farming, Endo farming, and platinum farming. It excels in missions where there are numerous drops and opportunities for farming valuable items.

4. What tips can help in farming platinum using Xaku's abilities?

To farm platinum using Xaku's abilities, focus on missions with high-value drops, use abilities strategically to increase drop rates, and consider selling valuable items obtained through farming to earn platinum.

5. How can Xaku's abilities be utilized for farming Endo effectively?

Xaku's abilities, particularly The Lost, can be utilized for farming Endo effectively. The Lost has the ability to strip enemies of their armor, making them easier to defeat and increasing the chances of Endo drops.

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