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This video explores the disturbing story of The Ant Hill Kids, a cult led by a violent and delusional leader named Rock. The cult engaged in sadistic practices, including violence, abuse, and extreme surgeries. The story serves as a chilling reminder of the dangers of cults and the manipulation of vulnerable individuals.
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The video is about a cult called the Ant Hill Kids, which involves a sadistic cult leader and extremely violent acts.
The cult is located in the mountains.
The cult leader's name is Rock Terrio.
The story is not widely covered and involves disturbing events.
Rock's abusive childhood and forced religious campaigning contributed to his resentment for religion and his development as a charismatic potential cult leader.
Rock's dad made him and his brothers play a painful game called "Bone" where they kicked each other in the shins with heavy steel-toe boots.
Rock was forced to go door-to-door campaigning for his dad's religious organization, which led to his hatred and resentment for religion.
As a teenager, Rock was charismatic and popular, with piercing blue eyes, and began honing his skills as a potential cult leader.
The family sold wood to make ends meet.
Rock proclaimed himself as a messenger of God, spreading a message of an upcoming apocalypse and claiming to have healing powers.
Rock's ego inflated as he embraced the attention and believed he was a messenger of God after a vision.
He began spreading a message of an impending apocalypse and declared that he had the power to heal people.
He prescribed grape juice and organic food to a woman with leukemia, claiming it would cure her, but she tragically passed away.
Despite the failure, he continued to insist to his followers that he could heal people.
The cult leader Rock believed he was the incarnation of Moses, had multiple wives, and fathered 22 children with 8 women, becoming more violent and erratic over time.
Rock gave himself the name Moses and demanded respect from the commune.
He married every single woman on the commune and fathered 22 children with 8 women.
His leadership became more violent and erratic, especially when he started drinking alcohol again.
He closely followed the story of Jim Jones and Jonestown in the media, and the rules for the commune became more irrational over time.
Members of the Ant Hill Kids cult were vulnerable and not all under Rock's spell; violence and abuse went unnoticed for three years until a tragic death caught authorities' attention.
Guy Via joined the cult after seeing Rock in an article and was given the job of babysitting, but only for non-biological children of Rock.
Guy beat a two-year-old child, Samuel, causing substantial injuries.
Rock treated his biological children differently from other children in the cult.
After being released from prison, Rock decides to move the Ant Hill Kids to a new location near Burnt River in Ontario, where he introduces gladiator-style fights and competitions for his own amusement.
None of the other members served any prison time.
The commune continues in the new location, with the addition of fights and competitions.
A tragic incident occurs where a newborn baby is left outside overnight in freezing temperatures and freezes to death.
Rock, the cult leader, performed gruesome surgeries on his followers, including removing a testicle and ripping out intestines, resulting in deaths.
Rock operated on a follower's scrotum, removing a testicle and cauterizing the wound with a hot iron.
Another follower complained of stomach pains, and Rock operated on her by punching her, performing an enema, and ripping out part of her intestines.
The follower did not survive the procedures, but Rock believed she was pregnant with his child and performed a post-mortem marriage.
Gabrielle was horrifically injured by Rock, who pinned her hand to a table, whittled away at her arm, and ultimately amputated it, but she miraculously survived.
Rock pinned Gabrielle's hand to the table with a hunting knife and left her there for 45 minutes.
He whittled away at her arm slowly until he reached the bone.
Then, he used a meat cleaver to cut off her arm and cauterized the wound.
Despite the ordeal, Gabrielle survived and eventually escaped the Ant Hill Kids to seek proper treatment.
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00:15cult that i've done and it is in a lot
00:18of sense a very typical cult story
00:20there's a crazy cult leader they're
00:22hiding out in some mountains but in this
00:25cult there are some of the most sadistic
00:29violent acts
00:30i've ever heard and i really do need to
00:33give a disclaimer for this video and i
00:35do not give this lightly this video is
00:38not for the faint-hearted this is 100
00:40the worst case i've ever covered on my
00:41channel so far but not only that i truly
00:44think that this might be the worst case
00:46i've ever heard of some of the things
00:48that happen in this case have truly
00:53disturbed me this case is not going to
00:54be for everyone and i can completely
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01:32today's story is the cult of the anthill
01:34kids and their cult leader rock terrio i
01:37have no words for him like literally i
01:39cannot think of words crazy enough to
01:42describe that man
01:50and i only came across this story
01:52recently and when i heard it i was like
01:54oh my god why does this case not have
01:56more coverage and it surprised me that
01:58it's taken me this long to hear this
02:00story i mean everyone talks about
02:01charles manson and jim jones but why
02:04does no one talk about rock tario
02:05because i'm sorry but charles manson and
02:07jim jones i don't think they've got
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05:09case so rock terrio was born on the 16th
05:12of may 1947 making him a taurus and i
05:16know you've all been waiting for a
05:17taurus case rock was born and he also
05:19grew up in quebec canada yes we are
05:22finally doing a canadian case today and
05:25i almost feel bad that this is my first
05:27canadian case because it's so terrible
05:31so i apologize that the first time we've
05:32visited canada on this channel we've
05:35gone to probably the worst case possible
05:38and even though i said that the case of
05:40the ant hill kids hasn't had much
05:41coverage i do think it's pretty well
05:43known in canada i think rock tario is
05:46like one of the most notorious uh
05:49criminals murderers in canada and so all
05:51of my canadian friends let me know like
05:54is rock tario and the anthill kids is it
05:56well known in canada and for all of you
05:58watching that are not from canada let me
06:00know have you heard of this case before
06:02or was i just living under a rock all my
06:04life and i've literally just clocked
06:05onto the fact that i said living under a
06:07rock and his name's rock so rock's
06:08parents were french canadian they were
06:10also devout catholics and they had eight
06:13children and rock was the second eldest
06:15child and as a child rock has been
06:17described as very outgoing very eager to
06:20learn and also very intelligent but
06:23despite his high intelligence rock did
06:25leave school after seventh grade and he
06:28would have been about 13 at this point
06:30and i couldn't exactly find out why i
06:32did see some sources that said that the
06:34school that rock went to never actually
06:37went above seventh grade so
06:39that could be why um but regardless he
06:42did leave school at seventh grade and
06:44his parents didn't make any attempts to
06:46get him further education in any way
06:48unfortunately because i feel like out of
06:50all the cases i'd like to know what
06:52rock's childhood was like but we don't
06:54really know much about rock's childhood
06:57apart from the fact that he has said
06:59that it was an abusive one and the
07:01neighbors at the time as well have also
07:03reported that the household rocks
07:05household was an abusive one it's said
07:07that when rock was a child rock's dad
07:10made rock and his brothers play a game
07:12called bone and as part of this game
07:15rock his brothers and his dad would all
07:17sit around the kitchen table each of
07:20them would have heavy boots on i can
07:22imagine they're the ones with the steel
07:24cap and they would take it in turns to
07:27kick each other in the shins i mean when
07:30you hit your shin on anything it's
07:32painful but can you imagine being kicked
07:34with one of those heavy like steel cap
07:37toe work boots it doesn't sound like a
07:39very fun game that's all i'm gonna say
07:41it's also reported that rock's dad made
07:44rock go door-to-door campaigning for the
07:47religious organization that rock's dad
07:49was a part of which is known as the
07:51white berets and rock absolutely hated
07:55this he felt so embarrassed and other
07:57kids would also pick on him for doing
07:59this and it said that because his dad
08:00made him do this this is where rock's
08:02hatred and resentment for his religion
08:05began now as a teenager rock has been
08:07described as actually pretty popular
08:09which to be honest doesn't surprise me
08:11because he's a cult leader and they're
08:13always charismatic aren't they well rock
08:15has been described as a smooth talker he
08:17was very charismatic and apparently he
08:19was very good with the ladies and
08:21apparently a lot of girls found him
08:23quite attractive and he had piercing
08:26blue eyes i mean i personally don't see
08:28it but um
08:30each to their own and like i said it's
08:31quite common isn't it for cult leaders
08:33to be very charismatic very charming and
08:36it was around this period of rock's life
08:38where he started to hone his skills as a
08:42potential cult leader let's just say he
08:44always thrived in a larger group he was
08:46always the one that kind of took the
08:48lead in a larger group as well okay
08:49we're going to jump forward a little bit
08:51now because like i said not much he's
08:53really known about rock's childhood
08:54other than the things i've just told you
08:57so it's 1967 now rock is currently 21
09:00years old and this is when rock marries
09:03his first wife francine who is currently
09:0617 years old at this point and they do
09:08go on to have two children together and
09:10at this point in rock's life
09:13it's pretty normal rock supported his
09:16family financially by selling wood
09:18carvings that he made use a car things
09:21like beer mugs from trees ornate clocks
09:24and like little ornaments and stuff like
09:26that and like i said rock's life was
09:28pretty normal probably out of his whole
09:31life even his childhood at this point in
09:34his life was probably the most normal
09:36even though it's like what is normal but
09:38you know what i mean he's not a crazy
09:40cult leader but of course that doesn't
09:42exactly last for long does it friends
09:45that were around rock describe that his
09:48behavior started to become more and more
09:50erratic and it seems that one of the
09:53triggers of rock's erratic behavior was
09:56that he suffered from quite a few health
09:58problems rock began to suffer from quite
10:01severe abdominal pain and he was
10:04diagnosed with severe stomach ulcers he
10:07did go on to have multiple surgeries to
10:10fix this and i don't know anything about
10:13stomach ulcers i don't know anything
10:14about the surgeries but from what i read
10:16these are pretty big serious surgeries i
10:19think he had to have some of his stomach
10:21removed and after these surgeries rock
10:24was left in excruciating pain and
10:26unfortunately these surgeries didn't go
10:29to plan they didn't exactly go well
10:31because after the surgeries rock was
10:33left with something called dumping
10:36syndrome which side note lovely name
10:39could no one think of a better name for
10:41it and apparently dumping syndrome can
10:43occur after someone has had stomach
10:45surgeries and it basically just means
10:47that food moves too quickly from your
10:49stomach like through your intestines but
10:51again i don't really know much about the
10:53medical profession so that might be
10:55wrong and after these surgeries rock did
10:58become quite distrustful of the medical
11:00profession which led to him almost
11:02becoming obsessed and i truly mean
11:05obsessed with medicine and textbooks and
11:08trying to learn everything himself he
11:10also started almost preaching but we'll
11:12say a lecturing he almost started to
11:15lecture pretty much everyone around him
11:17about all of this medical stuff that he
11:19was finding out so rock is also
11:21obsessive and he's preaching
11:24that also kind of sounds like a typical
11:26cult leader so because of all of the
11:29excruciating pain that rock was left in
11:32he did turn to drugs and alcohol to help
11:35him cope with the pain and this did lead
11:38to addiction he also started to get
11:41angry a lot and i don't know but i can
11:44imagine he was probably a pretty angry
11:46person before these surgeries but this
11:48is where his anger starts to really
11:50escalate especially with his wife
11:53francine they were also in quite a bit
11:56of financial trouble as well i think
11:58rock was struggling with his job selling
12:01those wood carvings i don't think he was
12:03doing as well as he always was and then
12:05to top it all off rock starts to have an
12:08affair with another woman and not too
12:11long after the affair started francine
12:13was just like you know what
12:15i'm out i'm not dealing with this
12:16anymore and after being married to rock
12:18for seven years rock and francine do get
12:21divorced so rock is currently in his
12:23late 20s at this point and then he does
12:26go on to marry the woman that he had an
12:28affair with her name is giselle and at
12:30this point as well this is something
12:32that i just don't understand because he
12:35has a resentment towards religion but at
12:37this point in his life he started to
12:39almost become obsessed with religion and
12:41he threw himself into reading as many
12:44books as he could on religion and then
12:46all of a sudden as well he started to
12:48become obsessed with his health rock was
12:51drinking quite heavily he was abusing
12:53drugs he wasn't living the healthiest
12:54lifestyle and then all of a sudden like
12:57overnight like a light switch he started
12:59to become obsessed with his health so he
13:01gave up drink he gave up drugs he also
13:02started to eat healthier as well and
13:04then rock became a member of the
13:06seven-day adventist church it said that
13:08he was attracted to the seven-day
13:11adventist church because he believed in
13:13a lot of the same things such as healthy
13:16eating no drinking no smoking so after
13:18joining the church
13:20rock starts to go out campaigning for
13:22them which i did think was a little bit
13:24weird because that's basically what his
13:26dad made him do when he hated that but
13:28that is what he does and he pretty much
13:30instantly becomes an instant star in the
13:33church he has been described as a
13:36brilliant salesman because no surprise
13:38he had a very charismatic personality
13:41and when he went door-to-door
13:42campaigning he was able to attract a lot
13:45of people to the church he also did give
13:48out sermons himself at the church and he
13:50started to gain quite a large following
13:53and i think this is quite a significant
13:56turning point to be honest because
13:58rock's ego
13:59goes through the roof he loved all of
14:01this new attention that he was getting
14:04and the messages that he was delivering
14:06were just escalating more and more so
14:08one time when rock was on a retreat with
14:12the church he was obviously with a lot
14:13of other people when he went on this
14:15retreat i think he was like in the
14:16mountains somewhere he went off on his
14:18own he went for his own little hike and
14:20when he was on this hike he told
14:22everyone that he had a vision from god
14:24and from this moment onwards rock
14:27believed that he was a messenger of god
14:30so of course
14:32naturally he tells everyone and anyone
14:35that would listen that he is a messenger
14:37of god he also starts spreading a
14:40message of an upcoming apocalypse i mean
14:44we've never heard that before in a court
14:45halfway but not only was there an
14:47apocalypse approaching
14:49uh rocketrio also declared that he had
14:52powers to heal people
14:55that sounds very jim jones of him
14:56doesn't it so rock with his god complex
15:01truly believed that he could cure people
15:03and i sometimes think like did he really
15:06believe that or did he just make other
15:09people believe that like sometimes i
15:11think like how can they actually believe
15:13that about themselves so raka does put
15:15to the test his ability to heal people
15:19and very sadly it does not end well so
15:21there was this woman called geraldine
15:23and she had leukemia and she was
15:25receiving treatment for leukemia in a
15:28proper hospital but then geraldine's
15:30husband kind of fell in with rock and
15:33rock obviously started telling
15:34geraldine's husband that he could cure
15:37people and that he would be able to cure
15:39geraldine so geraldine went to rock's
15:42clinic and he prescribed her grape juice
15:45and organic food and he said that would
15:48cure her leukemia but obviously it
15:50didn't and very sadly geraldine died and
15:53obviously this didn't exactly go to plan
15:55for rock did he because he was telling
15:57all of his followers that he could cure
15:59people that he could heal people so to
16:02keep up appearances essentially he did
16:04tell all of his followers and the people
16:06that believed in him that when geraldine
16:09had died he went into her room he kissed
16:11her on the forehead because he does have
16:14the powers to bring people back to life
16:16he did actually bring geraldine back to
16:18life but then god spoke to him and told
16:21him that it was geraldine's time to go
16:23and therefore rock had to let her go and
16:26these were the kinds of stories that
16:27rock would tell people and
16:30people believed him so as rock continued
16:33to expand his following in the seven-day
16:36adventist church and spreading his
16:38extreme messages tensions did start to
16:42form rock essentially tried to take
16:44leadership of the church himself but the
16:46other church leaders were not having any
16:48of this and rock was kicked out of the
16:50seven-day adventist church and this is
16:53pretty much when the cult begins i mean
16:56technically it was already beginning
16:57when he was a part of the seven-diameter
16:59church but this is where it truly begins
17:02so once rock was kicked out of the
17:04church he started gathering all of his
17:06loyal followers that he had gained in
17:08the church and pretty much convinced
17:10them to just get up and leave their
17:13lives behind and follow him he convinced
17:16people to leave their jobs leave the
17:19education that they were in he said that
17:21nobody needed education because christ
17:23was coming and the world was already
17:25doomed and you didn't need education
17:27because the world was ending he also
17:29convinced people to just leave their
17:31families cut them off completely no
17:33contact and it's just crazy isn't it the
17:35power that rock has but this is like all
17:38cult leaders it just is so baffling
17:41isn't it how much power they do have
17:43over people friends and family members
17:45of rock's followers did try their
17:47hardest to convince their family member
17:50not to follow rock but the love and
17:53devotion that rock's followers already
17:56had for rock
17:57was just too deep at this point and
17:59something that i couldn't find for
18:01certain and to be honest numbers are a
18:03little bit wishy-washy throughout this
18:05whole story i couldn't find exactly how
18:07many people did follow rock like just
18:09give up their lives and follow him but
18:11it was approximately 13 adults at the
18:14very beginning four men and nine women
18:17there was also around 10 children as
18:19well that obviously they didn't choose
18:21to follow rock their parents did uh
18:23aging from one to fifteen and giselle if
18:26you remember is rock's second wife she
18:28is one of the women that joined rock's
18:30cult so since the death of geraldine
18:34this is when rock did come onto the
18:36radar of the police they were aware of
18:39rock and his clinic and rock became
18:41aware that the police were aware of him
18:43and he thought that they needed to pack
18:46up and leave even though the police were
18:48aware of him
18:49and obviously the death of geraldine
18:50they didn't actually have enough
18:51evidence to arrest rock at this point by
18:54the way so rock convinces everyone that
18:56they need to get up and leave and this
18:58is what they do they do travel around
19:00for a while but rock wants to find
19:02somewhere to settle down permanently and
19:05this is when they decide to settle into
19:08a mountainside called eternal mountain
19:12and i'm pretty sure that rock was the
19:14one that named it eternal mountain but i
19:16could be wrong there and eternal
19:18mountain was located in the gasp
19:22peninsula i don't know if that is how
19:24you pronounce it um in canada they
19:26basically chose this location because
19:28it's in the middle of nowhere you know i
19:31like to go onto google maps so i did
19:33drop my little man and
19:35yeah it's in the middle of nowhere it is
19:37ridiculously remote there is just miles
19:41and miles of forest pretty much the
19:43perfect location for a cult and this is
19:46where rock really embraced becoming the
19:50cult leader that he was clearly always
19:52meant to be so he told his commune that
19:55the end of the world was coming and it
19:56was actually coming in february 1979
20:00which was only a few months away at this
20:02point and in order to survive this
20:05apocalypse the end of the world coming
20:07they needed to live out in this remote
20:08location under rock's rule so rock made
20:12his followers build a camp from scratch
20:16they had to build tents build log cabins
20:19they also had to find food and rock just
20:21sat on his ass and did nothing rock even
20:24had the cheek to say that when he was
20:26observing his followers doing all of
20:28this hard work they looked like ants and
20:30this is when rock gave his commune the
20:34name of the ant hill kids rock did make
20:37all of his followers wear the same
20:39uniform he also rationed everyone's food
20:43not for himself though he got to eat
20:45whatever he wanted but everyone else had
20:46to have food rations and if they ever
20:48complained that they were hungry
20:51that meant that they got even less food
20:52he also gave every single person in his
20:55cult a new name basically to strip them
20:58of their identity but he gave them all
21:01biblical names and rock himself believed
21:04that he was the incarnation of moses so
21:07that was the name that he gave himself
21:09and he demanded that the commune gave
21:12him the respect that came with that
21:14title and then in true cult leader
21:17fashion rock decided that he needed to
21:20have multiple wives so he married every
21:23single woman on the commune and then one
21:25by one each of the wives fell pregnant
21:29literally it's like someone was pregnant
21:32all the time there was at least one
21:33person pregnant with rock's child and
21:36throughout the duration of the cult rock
21:38went on to have 22 children with eight
21:42women and of course rock's leadership
21:45becomes more violent more erratic as
21:47time goes on he started drinking alcohol
21:49again started drinking a lot because
21:51obviously he'd previously given it up
21:53and uh he still preached to his
21:55followers that they were not allowed to
21:57drink alcohol but um obviously he's
21:59special isn't he and rock is obviously a
22:01very violent person anyway but you add
22:03alcohol into the mix and it makes
22:05everything worse and a lot of the
22:07extreme acts that we are going to cover
22:10in a second do happen when rock is drunk
22:13so when all of this is kind of happening
22:15it's late 70s right now and jim jones
22:19and jonestown and all of that is coming
22:22to a head let's just say and rock is
22:25following the story very closely in the
22:28media which i found really interesting
22:30not that it really adds anything to the
22:31story but i just thought it was kind of
22:33interesting that rock is uh following
22:35the story of jim jones maybe even taking
22:38some inspiration who knows so the rules
22:39that the commune had to abide by were
22:41becoming more and more irrational as
22:43time was going on no surprise here from
22:46me anyway but rock band all of the
22:49followers from ever contacting the
22:51outside world what is also really
22:53strange is that the members of the cult
22:56were not allowed to speak to each other
22:59unless rock was present as well rock had
23:03pretty much complete control over every
23:05single thing that his followers would do
23:08so rock really has become that typical
23:11cult leader and the book that i've been
23:12listening to on colts did discuss the
23:15key characteristics of a cult leader so
23:17i just want to discuss those really
23:19quickly because rock pretty much does
23:21meet all of these characteristics so the
23:23characteristics are the leader has
23:26complete authority without any
23:29accountability the leader defines what
23:32is right and wrong the members of the
23:34cult as well are also expected to
23:37abandon their own morals and beliefs and
23:41adopt those of the cult leader the
23:43leader also deliberately isolates the
23:46members of the cult from the outside
23:49world they completely control the
23:51environment that the members live in and
23:53pretty much every member cannot have
23:54contact with anyone that the cult leader
23:57disapproves of there is also no such
23:59thing as privacy for the members of the
24:01cult like literally the leader of the
24:03cult knows everything and also the
24:06leader of the cult preaches about how
24:09terrible the outside world is and a lot
24:11of the time cult leaders try and say
24:14that impending doom is upon them and i
24:17think it's safe to say that rock ticks
24:20off every single one of those so the
24:23commune are living under rocks
24:26leadership for a few months and then
24:28february 1979
24:31rolls around and if you remember that is
24:34the time that rock said the world was
24:36going to end but obviously february 1979
24:40and goes
24:42and the world is still intact so of
24:44course rock has a little story to get
24:47out of this we all know that rock is
24:50saying that he is a messenger of god and
24:52he said that it is tricky business to
24:55decipher those messages from god and
24:57sometimes you can get the dates wrong
24:59because time moves differently for god
25:02as it does for people on earth and of
25:04course some of his followers believed
25:06every single word of this but there were
25:09a few that started to question him and
25:11rock saw that some people were
25:13questioning him and he had to maintain
25:16his control he had to maintain his
25:19dominance and how did he do this
25:22through violence and this is where it
25:25starts to escalate and i do have to give
25:28you all a warning now so rock would
25:31start to inflict punishment on the
25:33members that he thought was straying
25:35away from him if someone wanted to leave
25:37the commune he would hit them with a
25:40hammer or a belt sometimes as well he
25:42would suspend members from the ceiling
25:45and then sometimes when he would suspend
25:48people from the ceiling he would get
25:50other members to pluck out all of their
25:53body hair individually and then
25:56rock would also defecate on some of them
25:59one of his favorite things to do was to
26:02get the members of the cult to inflict
26:06on themselves sometimes he would make
26:11break their own legs with sledgehammers
26:14he would also make members sit on hot
26:17stoves he would also make members shoot
26:19each other in the shoulder and then
26:21sometimes he would even make the members
26:24eat dead mice and feces as a punishment
26:27he would also force members to cut off
26:31other members toes with wire cutters to
26:35prove their loyalty to rock and
26:38sometimes rock would also sexually abuse
26:41the children as well and what he did to
26:43the children in the commune i mean what
26:44he did to everyone is absolutely
26:47it's hard to even think about and then
26:50also with the children he would
26:51sometimes nail them to a tree by their
26:53clothes and then he would get the other
26:55children in the commune to throw stones
26:58at the child nailed to the tree and i
27:01want to stress this
27:03we are still only at the tip of the
27:05iceberg everything that i have just said
27:08nothing compared to what is to come but
27:11um this is just in the beginning of the
27:12call because obviously it escalates
27:14doesn't it and when rock does carry out
27:16this violence quite often the next day
27:20he would break down crying he would beg
27:22god to stop using him as a vehicle to
27:25carry out god's cruel justice and i just
27:28think that this is so manipulative like
27:30i don't believe this for a second like
27:32those are crocodile tears and i wonder
27:34what the state of mind was of the
27:36members also in the cult book that i've
27:38been listening to it says that cult
27:40members are often very vulnerable and
27:42they also don't feel very good about
27:44themselves and that they always feel
27:47like they need to prove themselves to
27:49the cult leader they always need to
27:51impress them and i definitely think that
27:53is what is happening here and it's said
27:55that a lot of the members of the anthill
27:57kids cult were very vulnerable before
27:59they joined they suffered with
28:02loneliness some of them suffered with
28:04depression they felt worthless they had
28:06a lot of self-doubt and rock knew this i
28:10mean of course some members of the cult
28:12were loyal to him and were completely
28:15under his spell and would do absolutely
28:17anything that he said but of course
28:19there are other members that are not
28:22under his spell and are just there
28:24because they feel trapped and they feel
28:25like they can't get away i think it's
28:27just really easy sometimes to dehumanize
28:29their members of a cult because you just
28:31think oh well they're in a cult they're
28:32violent people or they have crazy
28:34beliefs or this and that and it's not
28:36always that simple and somehow all of
28:38this violence and abuse went completely
28:41unnoticed for around three years until
28:451981 and this is around three years
28:47after the communist started and
28:49tragically there is a death and finally
28:53the authorities start paying attention
28:56to the until kids cult so this all
28:58started when a man called guy via joined
29:02the cult now he joined the cult after he
29:05saw rock appear in an article oh yeah
29:08the media actually used to sometimes
29:10write about rock and refer to him as a
29:12gentle mountain man he's anything but
29:15gentle and clearly this appealed to guy
29:18and he wandered off into the wilderness
29:22around where the cult was and he found
29:24them and he joined the cult so when guy
29:26joins the cult he is given the job of
29:29being the babysitter but he is only
29:31allowed to babysit the children that are
29:34not rock's own biological children raqqa
29:37definitely treats the children that are
29:39his own his biological children and the
29:42children that are not his
29:43very differently by the way so guy is
29:46babysitting the children and one of the
29:49children starts crying and would not
29:52stop and guy is clearly quite violent
29:56himself as well he beats up this
29:59two-year-old child because they would
30:02not stop crying and the little boy his
30:04name is samuel he does so
30:07quite substantial injuries of course he
30:09does i mean he's two and this grown-ass
30:11man has beat him up and i don't know the
30:14exact injuries of samuel but one of the
30:17injuries that he had left samuel unable
30:20to urinate rock realizes that samuel is
30:24having trouble urinating and we all know
30:26what rock is like he thinks that he can
30:29cure people with no medical education or
30:33experience or anything like that
30:35decides to operate on little samuel rock
30:39carried out his own operation on samuel
30:42to try and help relieve samuel's
30:44problems and help him urinate he carried
30:46out this operation with a pair of
30:48scissors but tragically little samuel
30:51did not make it through the operation
30:53the exact cause of death is not actually
30:56known but it was found that rock had
30:59poured rubbing alcohol down samuel's
31:02throat as an anaesthetic and it's
31:04thought that samuel did suffer from
31:07alcohol poisoning from the rubbing
31:09alcohol and this just really hit me
31:12because this little boy is two years old
31:16why is he being dragged into all of this
31:19and it just breaks my heart that samuel
31:21was born into this cult but there are so
31:23many children being born into this call
31:26and no nothing else but the violent hand
31:28of rock but of course rock did not take
31:31any responsibility for the murder of
31:33samuel he blamed the other man guy for
31:36beating up samuel so he thinks that the
31:39other man needs to be punished for what
31:41he's done rock actually does hold a
31:43trial for guy to see if he's guilty or
31:46not for the murder of samuel even though
31:48i don't know why he did this because the
31:50trial wouldn't exactly be fair would it
31:52because none of the followers are going
31:53to go up against rock and of course he
31:55was found guilty and he was found that
31:56he should be punished for his crimes so
31:59the punishment that rock decided to
32:01carry out on guy was castration but what
32:05is even crazier is that rock convinced
32:09guy that this was a good idea apparently
32:12guy was suffering from headaches prior
32:15to this and rock convinced him that if
32:19he castrated him it would cure his
32:21headaches don't know how one is linked
32:23to the other and unbelievably
32:26guy signed a consent form to allow rock
32:30to castrate him i mean i don't know
32:32about canadian law but in the uk that
32:35consent form would be null and void
32:37because you can't consent to something
32:39like that so rock got guy to lie on the
32:43kitchen table whilst the other members
32:46fetched all of the medical instruments
32:49that he would need and the instruments
32:51that rock needed were an elastic band a
32:55razor blade
32:56tweezers and a magnifying glass when i
32:59was reading this i was just like what
33:02he's gonna he's gonna castrate this man
33:04with a razor blade and tweezers and then
33:07obviously after he castrates guy he
33:10places the testicles in a kleenex and
33:14just throws them away and guys scrotum
33:17bled for
33:20week but incredibly i don't know how
33:23he survived this operation that rock
33:26carried out on him to recover from this
33:28operation guy was given a salt water
33:30compress every 20 minutes and he was
33:33also given plenty of iron in his diet to
33:36recover so following this operation and
33:39once he had recovered guy did escape
33:42from the commune i don't think he was
33:45too happy about the operation which to
33:47be honest i can't say i blame him so
33:49when he escaped he was able to tell
33:52authorities about what was going on at
33:54the commune and of course he told them
33:56about the death of samuel and this was
33:59what the authorities needed to finally
34:02arrest rock so the commune was raided
34:05rock was arrested for his part in the
34:09murder of samuel some of the other
34:11members as well were arrested for their
34:13part in samuel's murder and then some of
34:15the children not all of them but some of
34:17them were also taken away and re-homed
34:20and that was roughly
34:22about 20 children so rock is now
34:24arrested uh he does go to prison for his
34:27crimes and this should be the end of the
34:30story but it's not rock only ended up
34:32serving 14 months for his crimes and he
34:36wasn't actually charged with murder
34:40no he was charged with criminal
34:43don't know how they got to that offense
34:44and then after the 14 months he was just
34:47released and things went back to the way
34:49they were before which is just insane to
34:52me some of the other followers as well
34:54that were arrested also did serve prison
34:56time but
34:57none of them served longer than rock so
35:00basically none of them served any time
35:02at all so not long after rock was
35:04released from prison he decides to move
35:08the anthill kids to a different location
35:11because most of the members had stayed
35:14loyal don't know why but they did so the
35:16new location is near burnt river in
35:20ontario and this is now 1964
35:24when all of this is going on so roughly
35:26around six years after rock first
35:28started the commune and like i said
35:30things pretty much carried on the exact
35:33same the only difference was that they
35:35were in a different location and if it
35:37can be possible
35:39things get even crazier than they were
35:41before rock would now make the members
35:45fight gladiator style for his own
35:48amusement he would draw a large square
35:51in the dirt he would then order two
35:53members man or woman didn't really
35:55matter to strip naked step inside the
35:58square and then fight for three minutes
36:02no rules could do whatever you want
36:04another thing that rock liked to do
36:07for his own amusement was that he liked
36:10to take two of his wives to bed and hold
36:13competitions to see which one would have
36:16the most orgasms and just like before
36:19this commune in burnt river was allowed
36:22to just go on without any intervention
36:25from anyone and tragically there was
36:28another death of a child
36:30at the burn river location it's reported
36:34that a newborn baby was just left
36:36outside overnight in a wheelbarrow and
36:39this is in the winter in canada so the
36:43freezing temperatures meant that the
36:45newborn baby froze to death now rock had
36:48always hated this newborn baby this was
36:51his biological child but he believed
36:54that this child bore the mark of the
36:56devil and it was actually the mother's
36:58idea to leave the baby outside overnight
37:02to freeze to death as an act of mercy
37:05which is crazy that the mother thought
37:07that that was an act of mercy obviously
37:10it wasn't i'm not saying that the murder
37:12was okay or not but i'm just trying to
37:14put myself into the mother's mindset and
37:17if she thinks that allowing her child to
37:20freeze to death is a better option than
37:23allowing that child to live under rock's
37:26rule with rock hating that child
37:29is insane and eventually authorities did
37:32become aware of the conditions of the
37:35commune and they did become increasingly
37:37concerned about the children so in 1985
37:41authorities did raid the commune again
37:43and they seized all 14 children that
37:46were there and from this moment onwards
37:48whenever a child was born in the commune
37:51authorities would come immediately and
37:53remove that child which to be honest
37:56thank god and apparently once all of the
37:59children were gone
38:00this is when things started to spiral
38:03even more out of control i know it's
38:06like how much more out of control can
38:08things get so at this point some of the
38:10adult members because obviously there's
38:12only adult members left they did try and
38:14escape they didn't want to be there
38:16anymore but unfortunately
38:18no one was ever successful one of the
38:22adults that tried to escape was giselle
38:24remember giselle she was rock's second
38:27wife and when rock found out that
38:29giselle had tried to leave he threw a
38:32hunting knife at her which landed in her
38:35thigh and created a wound that was three
38:38inches deep
38:39and immediately it began pouring blood
38:43and rock's response to this was to go
38:46get another beer and go to sleep and
38:48then when he woke up he decided you know
38:51what i'm gonna operate on giselle's leg
38:54i mean this was a few hours after the
38:56original injury happened and giselle's
38:58leg had formed a clot and had begun to
39:01swell so rock pressed on giselle's leg
39:05until the wound re-opened and then he
39:08started to poke at the open wound with a
39:12red hot iron file and then he would
39:15repeatedly pour cup after cup of boiling
39:20hot water on giselle's leg he then
39:24filled up the wound with salt and olive
39:27oil but giselle did survive and a few
39:29days later after her wound had started
39:32to heal a bit she did try and escape
39:34again but again she was unsuccessful
39:38another time one of rock's other wives
39:40nicole she was three months pregnant
39:43rock completely beat her up punched her
39:46repeatedly in the stomach and this
39:49caused her to miscarry and on another
39:52occasion rock also shot nicole through
39:55her shoulder and at another time when
39:58she actually did give birth to one of
40:00rock's children
40:02when she had given birth
40:04rock got a blow torch
40:06and used it on her stomach this doesn't
40:09even seem real out of all the cases that
40:11i've covered this one just doesn't seem
40:13real it seems like it's made up it's
40:15fictional like how can one human
40:18do this to another human rock also ran
40:20that blowtorch that he used on nicole's
40:22stomach he also liked to use that on
40:24other members as well and there was one
40:26woman that he used the blowtorch on her
40:28back until her skin bubbled other women
40:31also had their nipples squeezed in vice
40:34grips until they bled one of the men in
40:37the group his name was claude suffered
40:40horrific treatment one time claude was
40:44tied up and suspended from the ceiling
40:46he was left there for an hour
40:48rock then ordered his wives to pluck out
40:51all of his pubic hair one by one and
40:53then rock poured boiling hot water
40:57all over claude on another occasion rock
40:59pulled out 11 of claude's teeth with a
41:03pair of pliers he also broke each one of
41:06his toes one by one by hand sliced his
41:10arm open with a piece of glass and rock
41:13also got one of his wives to break
41:16claude's leg with a sledgehammer and
41:20it's like when you hear this like
41:21because all of that happened to one
41:25how did they survive and um
41:28that's not all that happened to claude
41:31the last thing that happened to claude
41:33has truly disturbed me
41:35oh god brace yourselves um
41:38in oh my god i've got to pull myself
41:40together it's actually horrible in
41:42another incident rock decided to punish
41:45claude for an unknown reason we don't
41:47know why so as punishment claude was
41:50ordered to walk around with an elastic
41:54wrapped tightly around his testicles he
41:56was ordered to keep this elastic band on
41:58overnight which apparently made one of
42:01his testicles swell to the size of an
42:04orange and this caused irreparable
42:07damage and what did rock decide to do
42:09that following morning
42:11he decided to operate rock made an
42:14incision into claude's scrotum he
42:17removed one of his testicles and then
42:20cauterized the wound with a hot iron i
42:23can't believe i've just said that that
42:25actually happened to a human being but
42:28unfortunately rock wasn't done with the
42:31surgeries just yet and tragically the
42:34next surgery
42:35would end up in another death so we're
42:37now in 1989
42:40this is 11 years after the communists
42:42first started and this is when a woman
42:45in the group her name is solange she
42:47starts to complain
42:49of stomach pains and again rock thinks
42:52that the best solution
42:54is for him to operate he lays a lunged
42:57naked on a table he punched her in the
43:00stomach he then forced a plastic tube
43:02into her rectum to perform an enema with
43:05molasses and olive oil he then cut open
43:08her stomach and ripped out part of her
43:10intestines with his bare hands he then
43:14made another member stitch up solange's
43:17stomach with a needle and thread and
43:19then very shortly after the operation
43:22solange didn't make it she didn't
43:24survive the procedures carried out on
43:27her by rock but rock wasn't done with
43:30solange just yet this is another one
43:32that's just like i don't even know how
43:34to warn you about what's gonna come so
43:36solange was buried and then rock started
43:39to have dreams about solange and that he
43:42believed that solange was pregnant with
43:45his child rock then made members dig up
43:49solange's body he then made another
43:52member perform a post-mortem marriage
43:55between him and solange and then he
43:57started to proclaim to the rest of the
44:00group that he had the powers of
44:02resurrection and that he could bring
44:04solange back from the dead and in order
44:07to do this he carried out the most
44:10disturbing thing i've
44:13ever ever read he cut a hole in
44:16solange's skull and then he masturbated
44:20onto solange's brain and by ejaculating
44:23onto her brain he said that this is how
44:26he was going to resurrect solange after
44:28members realized that solange was not
44:30going to come back to life she was
44:33but not before rock could break off one
44:36of her rib bones
44:38to wear as a necklace rock also took
44:42some of solange's ashes
44:44and placed them in a jar where he would
44:49masturbate into this jar
44:51because he still believed that he could
44:54bring solange back from the dead what do
44:56i even say
44:57that is the most
44:59disturbing and shocking thing i have
45:03ever heard another human being do to
45:06another human being it's the most
45:08disrespectful thing that i have ever
45:10heard of someone doing to a dead body
45:12how does it go through someone's mind to
45:15do that and somehow the horrific murder
45:18of solange went completely unnoticed by
45:22the authorities but thankfully soon
45:25things were about to come crashing down
45:27on rock terrio and it would be because
45:30one of the women gabrielle
45:32would blow the whistle on the whole
45:34thing and gabrielle by the way
45:37is the mother of the baby that was left
45:40outside so throughout her time at the
45:42commune gabrielle had suffered some
45:45pretty horrific things one time when
45:48gabrielle had a toothache rock thought
45:50well you know what the only way to fix
45:52this is by pulling out eight of your
45:55teeth how did he go from one to eight
45:59she also suffered welding torch burns to
46:02her genitals i don't really understand
46:05this i mean i do but
46:06it's kind of hard to describe
46:08but rock one time stabbed her in the
46:12back with a hypodermic needle
46:14and then broke off
46:16the needle in her back so the needle was
46:19still in her back does that make sense
46:21and also rock cut off one of gabrielle's
46:24fingers with a wire cutter it seems like
46:26absolutely everyone in this commune
46:29suffered like serious injuries because
46:32of rock also gabrielle did attempt to
46:36flee the commune one time and rock as
46:39punishment cut off parts of her breast
46:42and also smashed her head
46:44with the blunt side of an axe on another
46:47occasion after the terrible conditions
46:50that gabrielle was living in her uterus
46:53actually prolapsed which meant that her
46:56was protruding three inches outside of
46:59her vagina and rock of course
47:02thinks that he can fix this so rock
47:05literally punches the uterus back into
47:09gabrielle's body
47:11and then he fashions a wooden cone to
47:14plug everything back in and then before
47:16he actually plugged her uterus back in
47:20he actually did try
47:22um you know that thing i don't even know
47:24if people do this but you know where you
47:26tie a string around one of your teeth
47:29and then you tie it to a door and then
47:30you yank the door open well he kind of
47:34tried to do this with gabrielle's uterus
47:37he tied a piece of string around
47:40what he could
47:42and he tried to yank it out i
47:47no and thankfully gabrielle did manage
47:50to escape the commune
47:53it was quite a while after all of this
47:55happened i think gabrielle had to live
47:57with her uterus being like this for
47:59about a year but she did manage to
48:01escape and she did receive proper
48:03medical treatment but of course after
48:06she got the treatment she did return to
48:08the commune but there was one incident
48:11that did push gabrielle over the edge so
48:14one of the nights where she was just sat
48:16in the commune rock was in one of his
48:19usual drunken rages and quite often when
48:22rock would drink because a lot of the
48:24things that he did to the members of his
48:26cult he did when he was drunk so a lot
48:28of the time when he was drunk members of
48:30the commune would actually retreat into
48:32the forest to hide from him but on this
48:34occasion for some reason gabrielle
48:37stayed behind and in his drunken state
48:39he remembered that gabrielle earlier on
48:41in that day had complained about a stiff
48:44finger and i think we all by now know
48:46what rock likes to do when someone
48:48complains about an issue to do with
48:50their body
48:51rock decides to operate so rock told
48:55gabrielle to put her hand on the kitchen
48:58table and he's like looking at her
49:00finger and everything and then all of a
49:02sudden he gets a hunting knife and he
49:04drives the knife through gabrielle's
49:07hand essentially pinning her through her
49:09hand to the table and of course blood
49:12starts to pour everywhere and rock is
49:14just like ah i'm gonna leave you there i
49:17want another beer so gabrielle is left
49:20pinned to this table for 45 minutes
49:24before rock decides to return and i
49:26don't know how but gabrielle is still
49:30but unfortunately her arm has started to
49:33turn blue and rock goes over to her sees
49:37that her arm is looking blue and he's
49:39like oh that's not looking good is it
49:42and then with a knife
49:44for whatever reason
49:46he just starts to whittle away
49:49very slowly at her arm just above her
49:52elbow and he does this until he whittles
49:56away her arm
49:57down to the bone and it's reported that
50:01did not cry cry out shout scream nothing
50:05she was silent through this whole thing
50:09and then out of nowhere rock pulls out a
50:12meat cleaver and cuts off gabrielle's
50:15arm rock then cauterized the wound and
50:18amazingly gabrielle survived all of this
50:21and she actually has spoken out about
50:23her experience in the commune and she
50:25has given interviews
50:26gabrielle lavalay took years to accept
50:29the mistake of falling for a false
50:30prophet i said i'm going to there who
50:36there will be a direction for
50:38my future you know my direction to
50:42she heard a preacher a man who claimed
50:44he was in personal communication with
50:46god a man named rock tario
50:57i felt someone looking at me
50:59in a sexual way that i had the feeling
51:02that his look was like transpiring me
51:06i never you know felt such a look before
51:11believe me i was sure that i would die
51:13that night
51:15i was really certain i would die a few
51:17days after the amputation gavriel does
51:20manage to escape the anthill kids
51:23commune and she does make her way to a
51:25hospital to actually get treated
51:28for her arm and obviously when she gets
51:30to the hospital the hospital staff are
51:33what of course they know that this is
51:35not normal people don't just turn up to
51:36the hospital with their arm chopped off
51:38so of course they inform the police and
51:41this is the downfall of rock a warren is
51:44issued for his arrest thank god but uh
51:47rock went on the run he clearly found
51:50out about this he went on the run and it
51:52took the police six weeks to find him i
51:56he's in the middle of nowhere isn't he
51:57but they finally did get him and he was
51:59found guilty of the assault on gabrielle
52:02and at this point the police do not know
52:06about the murder of solange so it's
52:07currently 1989 11 years after rocketrio
52:12formed the anthill kids cult and he was
52:14sentenced to 12 years in prison for the
52:17assault on gabrielle some of the other
52:19members of the cult as well were also
52:21given prison sentences for their
52:23participation in the attack on gabrielle
52:25so yeah initially the murder of solange
52:27is not known but when the police start
52:28to investigate further dig around and
52:30actually find out what happened at the
52:33anthill kids cult this is when they
52:36discover the horrific acts that happened
52:39to solange so rock was also charged with
52:42second degree murder even though i think
52:45it should have been first degree but he
52:46was charged with second-degree murder he
52:49was thankfully found guilty and he was
52:51sentenced to life in prison but even
52:53though roxterio was in prison he still
52:56had control over some of his followers
52:59and in particular three of his wives
53:02even though they're not technically
53:03legally his wives did stay loyal to him
53:06he had conjugal visits i can never say
53:08that word every six weeks and whilst he
53:12was in prison he still ended up having
53:15four children with the three women that
53:18were loyal to him thankfully each child
53:20was immediately taken off the woman when
53:22the child was born but still
53:24why why bring innocent children into the
53:27wild it's like ugh why in 2009 rock
53:31terrio made headlines because he tried
53:33to sell some of his artwork from prison
53:36apparently a website called
53:39which calls itself a true crime auction
53:42house was willing to sell rocks
53:45paintings from prison and the paintings
53:48would be marked as artwork from a crazy
53:51cult leader so yeah that caused a bit of
53:53uproar and i can understand why and then
53:56in 2011 this story does come to an end
54:00because rock terrio was found dead in
54:03his cell it turns out that his soulmate
54:06who was also a convicted murderer had
54:09clearly had enough of rock and he
54:11stabbed him in the neck and he
54:14immediately admitted to this it was like
54:17he was kind of proud of it to be honest
54:18he handed himself straight into the
54:20guards and said quote that piece of
54:22is down here's the knife i've sliced him
54:25up and that is the story of rock theriot
54:29and the ant hill kids so can you
54:31understand now about why i gave that
54:33warning in the beginning i mean i
54:35haven't heard of every cult in the world
54:37i haven't heard every cult leader i
54:39haven't heard about what they've done
54:41but can it get much worse than rock
54:43tario i mean the only reason why i can
54:45think of why this case may not have
54:47received much coverage is that when you
54:49think about it there wasn't that many
54:51members i mean when you think of
54:53jonestown i think there was like 900
54:55members of jonestown and obviously there
54:57wasn't as many deaths in ann hill kids
55:00as maybe some other cults so maybe
55:02that's why i don't know but if you're
55:04still here at the end of this video i
55:06hope you're okay um i'm i'm really sorry
55:09that i've told that story go watch
55:11something happy after this because you
55:13need it yeah i need it i'm gonna go
55:15watch something happy i'm gonna go watch
55:16parks and rex or something so as always
55:19leave me your thoughts theories and
55:21opinions down below also don't forget to
55:23let me know your k suggestions because i
55:25always want to know what you want to
55:27hear next and i'll see you in my next
55:29video bye
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is The Ant Hill Kids?

The Ant Hill Kids is a cult led by a violent and delusional leader named Rock. The cult engaged in sadistic practices, including violence, abuse, and extreme surgeries.

2. Who was the leader of The Ant Hill Kids?

The leader of The Ant Hill Kids was a violent and delusional individual named Rock, who manipulated vulnerable individuals and led the cult in engaging in sadistic practices.

3. What are the disturbing practices of The Ant Hill Kids cult?

The Ant Hill Kids cult engaged in disturbing practices such as violence, abuse, and extreme surgeries, which serve as a chilling reminder of the dangers of cults and the manipulation of vulnerable individuals.

4. Why is The Ant Hill Kids story considered disturbing?

The story of The Ant Hill Kids is considered disturbing due to the cult's involvement in sadistic practices, violence, abuse, and extreme surgeries, highlighting the dangers of cults and the manipulation of vulnerable individuals.

5. What can we learn from The Ant Hill Kids story?

The Ant Hill Kids story serves as a chilling reminder of the dangers of cults, the manipulation of vulnerable individuals, and the importance of raising awareness about such issues to prevent similar tragedies in the future.

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