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The video discusses eight signs that indicate the universe wants two people to be together, including an unexplainable pull towards each other, receiving universal signs, having energy alignment, experiencing synchronicities, having vivid dreams, feeling a sense of oneness, experiencing spiritual growth together, and noticing recurring symbols.
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The universe is working to bring two people together, and there are eight signs that indicate it.
The first sign is an unexplainable pull towards the person.
The second sign is synchronicities and coincidences related to the person.
The third sign is a strong intuition or gut feeling about the person.
The fourth sign is a deep sense of comfort and ease when you're around the person.
Signs that the universe wants you to be with someone.
Feeling a deep connection and a sense of belonging when thinking about the person.
Noticing universal signs like white feathers, numbers (11:11 or 222), shooting stars, rainbows, or significant animals.
Having an energy alignment and sharing the same interests, goals, and direction in life.
Experiencing synchronicities and meaningful coincidences, such as seeing their birthday.
Signs that the universe wants you to be with someone
Repeatedly seeing the same car or license plate of the person
Coincidentally bumping into each other
Calling or texting each other at the same time
Having vivid dreams about each other
Feeling a deep sense of oneness and connection
Experiencing spiritual growth together
When the universe wants you to be with someone, there are 8 signs to look out for.
Meeting someone who inspires you to grow spiritually is a powerful sign.
Reoccurring symbols or signs indicate that the universe is making it happen for you.
Programming your subconscious mind is important for aligning your dreams and desires.
Affirmations can help you get closer to your specific person.
00:00eight things that will happen when the
00:02universe wants you to be with someone
00:10hi everyone Robert zinke your Miracle
00:12mentor and Alchemy success coach and
00:14today we are
00:16sorry and high like a big beautiful
00:19Eagle we're always flying in the
00:22direction of your dreams and goals High
00:24Flyers want to remind you to visit law
00:28of and claim your
00:3230 minutes of Miracle mentoring and
00:34Alchemy success coaching we've helped
00:37people in 60 different countries get the
00:39money they desire the love they crave
00:42and the health and success that they
00:45deserve we can help you too Law of
00:49Attraction well High Flyers the
00:53universe is literally conspiring for the
00:57two of you to be together even if it
01:01doesn't look that way in the 3D that's
01:04what's taking place right now I'm
01:08sharing with you eight signs or things
01:11that will happen or are happening
01:14if you have just four of them
01:19it's almost a lock
01:22that the universe is working to bring
01:25you together with someone very special
01:28look hi Flyers the universe is always
01:32communicating with us the question is
01:34are we open to hearing it or are we open
01:38to listening
01:40that's the real question so that being
01:46these eight signs these things that
01:51that's the way the universe is
01:54communicating with you that that special
01:57someone that's in your mind
01:59that you're interested in
02:01the universe is telling you I'm bringing
02:03the two of you together
02:05So High Flyers the first sign is an
02:08unexplainable pull you're being pulled
02:12toward this person maybe you can feel
02:16them being pulled toward you you are
02:21literally being drawn together in other
02:25when you think about this person
02:28it feels
02:30deep inside right here
02:34like the two of you belong together sign
02:38number two is you're getting Universal
02:40signs maybe a white feather I've had
02:45people that have found a white feather
02:49literally right out on their front porch
02:53and later that day heard from someone
02:57that they they wanted to hear from
03:00and everything started to flow from
03:02there in other words
03:04up until that point there wasn't really
03:07a connection between these two people
03:09but when she saw that white feather she
03:12knew in her mind that there was a
03:14connection she was absolutely certain
03:17and I think that certainty is what
03:20brought about the connection moving
03:22forward well seeing the number 11 11 or
03:26222 these are Universal signs and these
03:30are positive signs that the universe is
03:34drawing the two of you together the
03:36universe wants the two of you to be
03:38together if you're seeing shooting stars
03:41or rainbows
03:43or maybe even
03:46significant animals you know animals
03:49that have a meaning to you like for me
03:51it would be an eagle or a dolphin
03:55it might be a different animal for you
03:58get the idea Universal signs well High
04:01Flyers number three is you have an
04:04energy alignment between the two of you
04:07and that's very very important it's like
04:09the two of you are being brought
04:13because you're on the same Journey you
04:16share the same interests you have the
04:19same goals you're facing life in the
04:24same direction number four is
04:27synchronicities hmm I love
04:29synchronicities they're meaningful
04:32coincidences or are they they're
04:35coincidences maybe how about seeing
04:39their birthday
04:40on a license plate or on the Internet or
04:44something like that
04:46seeing the same car that they drive over
04:49and over and over again maybe you're
04:52bumping into each other and you're not
04:54really trying to
04:55you know you go into a sushi bar
04:58and there she is
05:00or you're calling or texting each other
05:02at the same time in other words you go
05:05to pick up the phone to call them and
05:07there they are they've called you before
05:09you've called them I love when that
05:12happens because it means that we're just
05:16on a vibrational level and if it's
05:19happening with someone that you want to
05:21be with guess what the universe wants
05:25them to be with you as well well hi
05:29Flyers number five is vivid dreams
05:31you're having dreams and they're in the
05:35dream but there's an interconnectedness
05:38what oftentimes is happening High Flyers
05:41listen to me you're having this dream
05:45because they're having a dream about you
05:50and so you're both dreaming about each
05:54at the same time now you may not always
05:58know that information but if you have
06:00dreams where you are sharing a goal
06:04sharing a destiny that's a powerful sign
06:08that the Universe wants the two of you
06:12together well number six is feelings of
06:18you just have this deep sense of safety
06:22of connection
06:23of Oneness with this other person
06:27and you can't shake it it's deeper than
06:30you've ever felt
06:32and it's a positive I don't care what's
06:35going on in the 3D it's a positive
06:38listen to me you've got to start
06:40ignoring the 3D if you have this sign
06:43it's a positive sign
06:46that the two of you are called to be
06:49together sign number seven is spiritual
06:52growth spiritual growth the two of you
06:58kind of inspire each other
07:01and that's exciting because the word
07:04inspire means to be in the spirit
07:07that's what it really means
07:09and since you have met this other person
07:13you desire to grow more to do more to
07:18become more that's important
07:21it's extremely important and it's a
07:24powerful sign I I would say that if you
07:27have this sign all by
07:30all by itself skipping all the other
07:33signs if you have this sign
07:36this person inspires you to grow
07:40spiritually if you have this sign that's
07:43enough this one sign is enough that the
07:46universe is conspiring to bring the two
07:50of you closer and closer together well
07:55number eight is reoccurring symbols you
07:58notice the same
08:00symbols over and over again and it could
08:04be any number of things whatever is
08:06important to you but if you see symbols
08:09or signs that keep happening over and
08:13over and over again that's the universe
08:15saying hey
08:16I'm making it happen for you I don't
08:19care what you see in the 3D World get
08:22ready for a deep loving committed
08:26relationship now High Flyers there's
08:29nothing more important than programming
08:32your subconscious mind look if your
08:34subconscious mind is moving in One
08:37Direction in your dreams and desires are
08:39moving in another Direction they're
08:42going in opposite directions
08:45visit Miracle hypnosis Miracle hypnosis
08:53I've set aside a seven day free trial
08:59for you to try any program
09:02that we have
09:04look it you can take control over your
09:07fears your doubts your worries your
09:10Miracle hypnosis and now High Flyers here's
09:17some affirmations that will help you get
09:21closer to your specific person
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the signs that indicate the universe wants two people to be together?

The signs include an unexplainable pull towards each other, receiving universal signs, having energy alignment, experiencing synchronicities, having vivid dreams, feeling a sense of oneness, experiencing spiritual growth together, and noticing recurring symbols.

2. How to recognize the unexplainable pull towards each other that indicates the universe wants two people to be together?

The unexplainable pull can be recognized when the individuals feel drawn towards each other without any logical explanation, experiencing a strong attraction or connection that seems beyond their control.

3. What does it mean to have energy alignment as a sign that the universe wants two people to be together?

Having energy alignment means that the energy frequencies of both individuals are in sync, creating a powerful and harmonious connection between them, leading to a sense of being meant for each other.

4. How can one notice the recurring symbols that indicate the universe wants two people to be together?

Recurring symbols can be noticed through consistent visual, auditory, or sensory experiences that hold significant meaning for both individuals, symbolizing a connection beyond the physical realm.

5. What role do vivid dreams play in indicating that the universe wants two people to be together?

Vivid dreams can serve as a powerful indication of the universe's message, providing insights, guidance, or shared experiences that establish a deep spiritual connection between the individuals.

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