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The video explores the legend of the Vatican's alleged time travel device, the Chronovisor, which was said to capture past events. Despite intriguing claims made by Father Pellegrino Ernetti, there is no scientific evidence to support the existence of the Chronovisor and many experts dismiss it as a hoax or fantasy. The concept of viewing historical events in real time continues to capture the imagination but remains unproven.
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The Vatican is rumored to be hiding a powerful time travel device called the chronovisor, along with a valuable collection of over 70,000 art and artifacts.
The Vatican is keeping the chronovisor hidden, fearing it may fall into the wrong hands.
The Vatican's collection of art and artifacts is closely guarded and estimated to be worth billions of dollars.
The collection not only preserves history but also helps preserve the church's wealth, as the art has appreciated an average of 20 percent during times of high inflation.
Masterworks is a platform that allows individuals to invest in high-end contemporary art and potentially preserve their wealth.
Father Pellegrino ernetti, a famous exorcist, led a Vatican-funded team that invented a machine capable of photographing the past, called the chronovisor.
Father Pellegrino ernetti believed that science and the supernatural were interconnected.
The chronovisor captured and amplified residual electromagnetic radiation to view past events.
The device was claimed to be able to capture the thoughts and emotions of the people involved in those events.
The existence of the chronovisor, a device capable of capturing moments from the past, is debated, with skeptics questioning its authenticity.
The missing text of Quintus Aeneas' poem, "fiestas a lost Tragedy," was reconstructed, but literature researchers are skeptical about its authenticity.
The chronovisor was never seen by the public, casting doubt on its existence.
A photograph of the face of Christ on a wood carving in a small Umbrian Church was received by an Italian magazine, refuting the original photo of Jesus Christ being crucified and adding fuel to the argument about the chronovisor's authenticity.
In 1988, the Vatican issued a decree threatening excommunication for anyone who employs a device capable of harnessing the power of sound and time, raising questions about the Vatican's concern if the chronovisor was just a hoax.
The Vatican allegedly had a time machine called the chronovisor, but there is no scientific evidence to support its existence.
The machine was said to have recorded events like The Last Supper and speeches by Cicero, Mussolini, and Napoleon.
The machine was disassembled due to fear of it revealing information that could overturn civilization.
Father Ernetti, who claimed the machine existed, later confessed to making it all up.
Experts dismiss the chronovisor as a hoax or fantasy, stating that it violates the laws of physics and requires technology beyond current capabilities.
The alleged capabilities of the chronovisor, a hypothetical time machine, are currently beyond the capabilities of modern science.
The chronovisor would require the ability to capture and amplify extremely weak signals.
It would also need to decode those signals and convert them into coherent images and sounds.
The lack of scientific evidence supports the existence of the chronovisor.
Possible explanations for alleged sightings of historical events include false memories, hallucinations, or temporal anomalies.
00:03if I told you that time travel already
00:06exists would you believe me
00:08what if I said that deep within one of
00:11the most highly guarded cities in the
00:13world there's a time travel device so
00:16powerful that it's being locked away for
00:19fear of it falling into the wrong hands
00:22and what if there was proof
00:25well in this episode we're taking a look
00:29at the legend of the chronoviser
00:36no one knows for sure where the Vatican
00:39is keeping the chronovisor but one thing
00:42we do know the Vatican is hiding is a
00:45holy collection of over 70 000 Works
00:49closely guarded art and artifacts
00:52collected during the decades the holy
00:54city was in power even though no one can
00:58say for sure estimates Place its value
01:01in the billions however this collection
01:04isn't just about history it preserves
01:07the church's wealth even as the economy
01:10and the people in it lost trillions this
01:13past year
01:14even as inflation skyrocketed to nearly
01:1810 percent in Italy the church has
01:21continued to build out its collection
01:23with more contemporary art
01:26because the last time inflation was this
01:28high this art appreciated an average of
01:3120 percent easily outpacing inflation
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02:42back to the video
02:45in early 1972 shock erupted through
02:49Europe when a prominent Italian magazine
02:52la domencia del corrier published an
02:55article with this photo depicting the
02:59crucifixion of Jesus Christ claiming
03:01that a machine capable of photographing
03:04the past had been invented by a Vatican
03:07funded team
03:08leading the team was this man now you
03:12might be thinking what the big deal is
03:14about this man but you see his name is
03:18Father Pellegrino ernetti and he wasn't
03:21just anyone he was at that time the most
03:24famous Exorcist in Venice despite his
03:28Supernatural ways he strongly believed
03:31that science and the supernatural were
03:33one in the same thing often saying that
03:36entities existed in a different
03:38dimension and his understanding of the
03:40laws of physics was the reason he was
03:42good at combat against them the
03:46understanding of physics led him to work
03:48on an audio project involving Gregorian
03:51chants in September of 1952 and it was
03:55then that ernetti got the idea of sound
03:58existing after death despite him
04:01thinking it was a good idea he shelved
04:04it for lack of funding and the lack of
04:06ability to explain it to his peers but
04:09all that changed after father augustino
04:12Gemelli the president of the pontifical
04:15Academy of Sciences was convinced that
04:18he heard his dead father's voice while
04:21inspecting the project on the Gregorian
04:26with funding from Gemelli ernetti
04:29assembled a dream team of 12 people
04:32including Nobel Prize winner Laureate
04:35Enrico Fermi and rocket scientist Werner
04:39Von Braun known for being one of the
04:41founding members of NASA
04:43well allegedly behind closed doors this
04:47was a huge success and this was the
04:50point in time where the chronoviser was
04:53according to arnetti the chronovisor
04:56worked using its capability of viewing
04:59past events by capturing and amplifying
05:02residual electromagnetic radiation that
05:05has been left in the environment after
05:07an alternate occurs
05:09it even went as far as to say that the
05:11device was so powerful it was also able
05:14to capture the thoughts and emotions of
05:16the people involved in those events
05:19claiming that he and his team had used
05:22the device to witness some of the most
05:24significant events in human history
05:26specifically the crucifixion of Jesus
05:29Christ furthermore
05:32ernetti was said to have used the
05:34chronoviser to witness a performance of
05:36fiestas a lost Tragedy by the father of
05:40Latin poetry quintus Aeneas that took
05:43place in Rome 169 BC and reconstructed
05:47in this missing text
05:49and even though literature researchers
05:52are skeptical about the work no one can
05:55say for sure if the work was real or
06:00people were excited and fascinated all
06:04the answers about human history could
06:06now be answered they thought but no the
06:10chronoviser was never seen by anyone in
06:13the public
06:14coupled with the reconstructed text this
06:17casted doubt on if the chronovisor
06:19actually existed
06:21to add fuel to the already burning
06:24argument that the chronovisor was real
06:26an Italian magazine received a
06:28photograph of the face of Christ on a
06:31wood carving in a small umbrian Church
06:33refuting the original photo of Jesus
06:36Christ being crucified that was released
06:39in La Dominica Del corriere saying that
06:42it was just a hoax
06:44despite this arnetti held on to his
06:47claims that the chronoviser was real and
06:50explained that the reason why the wood
06:52carving in the image looked so similar
06:54was because Spanish sculptor Lorenzo
06:57cuyat Valera crafted the wood carving
07:00based on a nun's vision which allegedly
07:03showed the actual crucifixion just as
07:06they had seen
07:08people responded to arnetti discrediting
07:11him by saying things like if such a
07:13machine exists why is it not used today
07:17surely there would be no doubt about
07:19history crimes and Scandal if a machine
07:22was able to capture moments from our
07:24past which he addressed with an open
07:27letter saying that Pope Pius XII had
07:30ordered him not to disclose any
07:32information about the device because of
07:35its perilous nature it was not looking
07:38good for ernetti and the chronovisor but
07:41then in 1988 something changed well you
07:46see in 1988 the Vatican issued a decree
07:50stating that anyone who employs a device
07:52capable of harnessing the power of sound
07:55and time will be excommunicated and if
07:59you ask me that sounds a little bit too
08:02specific for something that everyone
08:03claims does not exist if it was really a
08:07hoax what was the Vatican really worried
08:13even though the evidence was
08:15inconclusive the rumor soon died down
08:18until 2002 when Francois brune published
08:23his book Lenovo mystere duvatican the
08:27new mystery of the Vatican
08:29in his book broon said that ernetti had
08:32told him that besides recording Christ
08:34from The Last Supper to his death Rune
08:37also mentioned that they observed
08:39speeches by Cicero Mussolini and
08:44however also said that the machine was
08:47disassembled after the experimental
08:50stages because of fear that it could
08:52reveal anything that will overturn the
08:55current civilization
08:57further statements were revealed when on
09:00his deathbed in 1994.
09:03ernetti confessed that he had made it
09:05all up revealing how the Lost play was
09:08indeed written by him
09:10a photograph of Jesus Christ was just an
09:13image of the sculpture so was the case
09:17closed was that the end of the line for
09:20the chronovisor well yes and no
09:27ernetti also revealed that the reason
09:29behind making up the stories of the
09:31chronoviser was because the machine
09:34really did exist and was workable but
09:37has long since been confiscated by the
09:41and when the news came for the story he
09:44realized that it wouldn't have been
09:46believable without a shred of evidence
09:50he held on to that claim till he passed
09:54despite the Intriguing claims made by
09:57father ernetti there is no scientific
09:59evidence to support the existence of the
10:02chronovisor the machine has never been
10:05publicly demonstrated and no one has
10:07been able to replicate its alleged
10:09capabilities many experts have dismissed
10:13the chronovisor as a hoax or a fantasy
10:16noting that it violates the laws of
10:18physics and would require a level of
10:21technology that is far beyond anything
10:23that currently exists
10:25one of the primary arguments against the
10:28existence of the chronovisor is the idea
10:31that we can view events from the past in
10:34real time implying that those events are
10:37still happening even though they
10:39occurred in the past
10:41this is a fundamental violation of the
10:44laws of causality which dictate that
10:46events in the past cannot be changed or
10:49influenced by events in the future
10:52although it could be a possibility as an
10:56Australian physicist has just proven
10:58that time exists in a loop past present
11:02and future
11:03but we'll save that for another video
11:09another argument against the chronovisor
11:11is that it would require a level of
11:13technology that is far beyond anything
11:16that currently exists the alleged
11:19capabilities of the chronovisor would
11:21require the ability to capture and
11:24amplify extremely weak signals as well
11:27as the ability to decode those signals
11:30and convert them into coherent images
11:32and sounds this level of technology is
11:36currently beyond the capabilities of
11:39modern science and would require a
11:41significant breakthrough in our
11:43understandings of the laws of physics
11:46despite the lack of scientific evidence
11:48to support the existence of the
11:50chronoviser the concept of being able to
11:53view historical events in real time
11:55remains a fascinating one many people
11:59are intrigued by the idea of being able
12:02to witness the most significant moments
12:04in human history and the idea of being
12:07able to experience those events
12:09firsthand is undoubtedly an enticing one
12:13as for the alleged sightings of
12:16historical events that have been
12:17attributed to the chronovisor one
12:20possible explanation that Skeptics have
12:22brought to the table is that these
12:24sightings are the result of false
12:26memories or hallucinations
12:29it is possible that people who claim to
12:31have seen historical events are simply
12:34remembering things that did not actually
12:36happen or that they are experiencing
12:39hallucinations that are the result of
12:41psychological or neurological conditions
12:45another possible explanation for the
12:48alleged sightings of historical events
12:50is that they are the result of Time
12:52Slips or temporal anomalies
12:55it is possible that the chronovisor
12:57exists in a different way creating a
13:00sort of time slip that allows people to
13:03experience events as if they were
13:05happening in the present this would be
13:08consistent with some of the anecdotal
13:10accounts of people who claim to have
13:12experienced Time Slips or Temple
13:14anomalies although there is no
13:16scientific evidence to support the
13:18existence of these phenomena while the
13:21chronovisor remains a hypothetical
13:24device with no scientific evidence to
13:27support its existence the concept
13:29continues to capture the imaginations of
13:32scientists writers and enthusiasts alike
13:36the idea of being able to visit
13:38historical events in real time raises
13:42some fascinating questions about the
13:44nature of time and the limits of human
13:47technology and it will undoubtedly
13:50continue to inspire works of fiction and
13:53speculation for years to come
13:56for now with all the evidence present we
14:00can only wonder if the chronovisor is
14:03actually real or where is it being
14:06hidden at
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Is the Vatican's alleged time travel device, the Chronovisor, real?

The Vatican's alleged time travel device, the Chronovisor, is not proven to be real. Despite claims made by Father Pellegrino Ernetti, there is no scientific evidence to support its existence, and many experts dismiss it as a hoax or fantasy.

2. What is the legend of the Vatican's Chronovisor?

The legend of the Vatican's Chronovisor explores the concept of a device that was said to capture past events and allow viewing historical events in real time. However, the existence of the Chronovisor is not supported by scientific evidence.

3. Who is Father Pellegrino Ernetti and what claims did he make about the Chronovisor?

Father Pellegrino Ernetti is associated with claims about the Chronovisor, stating that it was a device capable of viewing historical events in real time. However, these claims lack scientific evidence and have been widely dismissed by experts.

4. Is there any scientific evidence to support the existence of the Chronovisor?

There is no scientific evidence to support the existence of the Chronovisor. Despite intriguing claims, the concept of the Chronovisor remains unproven and is often regarded as a hoax or fantasy.

5. What is the current consensus on the Vatican's alleged time travel device, the Chronovisor?

The current consensus on the Chronovisor is that there is no scientific evidence to validate its existence. While the concept of viewing historical events in real time continues to capture the imagination, the Chronovisor remains unproven and is widely dismissed as a hoax or fantasy.

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