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The video is a six-month review of the Wirestock Premium subscription plan, discussing the features, changes, and user experience. The reviewer shares insights on the extra easy submissions, review time, support, downloading files with metadata, portfolio Pro, and print sales. They weigh the value of the premium plan against the 15% commission and suggest that intermediate stock contributors may not find enough value in the current options and pricing.
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The video discusses the experience and changes made to the Wirestock premium subscription plan, and whether it is recommended.
00:00 is a stock photography aggregator that simplifies the process of submitting to stock agencies.
They offer automatic titling and keywording for pictures, videos, and Vector files.
The platform submits to popular stock photography agencies and has additional channels for submission.
The video is not sponsored by Wirestock, but the creator received a free premium subscription plan to test.
The video discusses the Wirestock Premium Subscription plan, including the cost and changes since the last review.
The monthly cost is $12.99, while the yearly cost is $94.
The video mentions a previous review of the Premium plan, which can be watched for more in-depth information.
The number of extra easy submissions has been reduced over time, making it difficult to upload a large number of images or videos.
The Wirestock Premium subscription offers 400 easy submissions, quicker review times of 48 to 72 hours, but keywording and submission to stock sites still takes longer.
Premium subscription gives 400 easy submissions, compared to 30 without subscription.
Review time for assets on premium subscription is around 48 to 72 hours.
Keywording, title, and descriptions still take longer even if the assets are accepted within 48 to 72 hours.
Being accepted on Wirestock doesn't guarantee submission to stock agencies.
The reviewer discusses the 24/7 support, ability to download files with metadata, and the limited monthly download limit in the Wirestock Premium Subscription.
The 24/7 support was good, with quick and helpful responses.
The ability to download files with metadata allows users to keyword and describe images for use on other platforms.
The monthly download limit is 500 gigabytes, which may not be a hindrance for most users.
The reviewer didn't end up using the feature to download files and submit to new agencies as much as they anticipated.
Wirestock has put their portfolio Pro behind a paywall, requiring a premium subscription plan to access features like setting your own prices on prints and digital downloads.
Previously, users could sell prints and digital files directly from their portfolio page at a fixed five dollar markup.
Premium subscribers no longer have to pay commission on print sales and digital assets sold from their portfolio Pro page.
Print prices already include a profit for Wirestock and its print partners, with shipping costs separate.
The speaker discusses the selling options available on Fine Art America and the limited success they have had with their own shop.
Fine Art America offers various print options, digital image licenses, and the ability to set your own prices.
It is possible to add your Fine Art America shop to your website.
The speaker mentions having a limited free account on Fine Art America.
The speaker expresses their personal experience of not having sold anything from their Fine Art America shop.
Wirestock Premium subscription requires a monthly fee and an additional 15% commission on every sale, which may not guarantee earning back the subscription fee.
00:00I tested out wiresox premium
00:01subscription plan for six months and in
00:04this video I'm going to discuss my
00:06experience the changes that wire stock
00:08has made to the program and whether I
00:10would recommend it
00:11so sit back grab a beer because this is
00:14going to take a minute
00:19I'm Joel and thank you for joining me
00:21today if you've been following along you
00:23know that I share my experiences with
00:26sock photography filmmaking and just
00:28kind of other random things that I've
00:31I do invite you to follow along by
00:33subscribing if you haven't already so
00:35now you may have seen one of my videos
00:36about which is a stock
00:39photography aggregator that promises to
00:41make submitting to stock agencies much
00:45easier and much quicker
00:47they offer like automatic titling and
00:49keywording that they call Easy
00:52and that's for pictures videos and even
00:54Vector files and that all that goes to
00:58some of the most popular stock
01:00photography agencies and it's all from
01:02like one simple dashboard which is kind
01:04of nice
01:05they have a free version that you can
01:07use and they do take a 15 commission you
01:09can make a sale
01:11so some of the stock agencies they
01:13submit to would be Shutterstock dreams
01:15time pond5 I stock Getty deposit photos
01:22also they have these things they call
01:24extra channels so that you can submit to
01:26as well and that's a whole bunch of more
01:29like little
01:30sub things uh some agencies and stuff
01:33like that I actually made a whole video
01:35about that
01:37um at the beginning of the year that you
01:38can check out here it's got all the
01:41latest updates on that if you're
01:42interested now before I go any further I
01:44just want to give you two things first
01:46is a quick disclosure the video is not
01:48sponsored by wire stock although they
01:50did give me a free premium subscription
01:53plan to test out
01:54of course all the opinions in this video
01:56are my own and of course your experience
01:59can always will will most definitely be
02:02different from mine the second thing is
02:03this is a little different video if
02:05you've watched my other stuff I usually
02:06edit everything really tight and stuff
02:08like that and cut out all of my goof ups
02:10and stuff I'm not doing that for this
02:12one because it's a long video and I
02:13don't feel like putting a lot of time
02:14into it I just want to get this
02:17information out to you guys as quickly
02:19as I can because I've been trying to
02:20make this video for the last like couple
02:22weeks so hopefully you can uh bear with
02:26me if I Stumble a little bit this is
02:28more the raw what it takes to shoot
02:30these things so all right so going into
02:34um I had the time of making this video
02:36I've actually been using wire stock for
02:38two years now now there's been a lot of
02:40growing pains with wire stock
02:42but for the most part they seem to have
02:44like worked out most of those issues
02:47that is until about the beginning of
02:50we'll get back to a little bit more
02:51about that in a little bit
02:53so overall my experience with wire stock
02:56has actually been a pretty easy process
02:59which is really their main selling point
03:02as far as like uploading and submitting
03:04and everything like that
03:06um now in beginning of us here was it
03:09early 2023 is when wire stock had
03:12started this thing called a premium
03:15now that's a plan that they added in
03:18addition to like the free plan which is
03:19what I was on and I think probably a lot
03:21of other people were too
03:22now the premium subscription offered a
03:25couple different things it offered like
03:27quicker keywording and review of images
03:29it offered an additional 100 easy
03:33submissions which are those Auto
03:35keyworded and descriptions and titles
03:37and stuff like that that they do it for
03:38you on your behalf they offer 24 7
03:41support for its premium users the
03:43ability to download your images with
03:45benefit your metadata and since they
03:49had their initial amounts announcement
03:51of the premium subscription plan they
03:52also added the ability for you to
03:56sell from your portfolio as well all of
03:58this is for I think the cost is 12.99 a
04:04or if you do the yearly thing it's like
04:0694 which is bringing the price down to
04:08about 7.79 so I already made a video
04:11about the Premium plan where I go
04:14further in depth about each of its
04:16offerings including some of my critiques
04:18when it first came out you can actually
04:21watch that up here as well if you're
04:23interested but I will
04:25I'll tell you though it's changed quite
04:27a bit since then and that was just like
04:30from nine months ago when I made that
04:32last video so so this video hopefully
04:34we'll kind of go over some of those
04:35things as well
04:37so let's go ahead and get into it first
04:39I'm going to talk about my experience
04:40with wirestock's premium subscription
04:42plan like I said I used it for six
04:45and I'm going to break it down by each
04:48of the different categories the key
04:49features that it has let's start off
04:51with the 100 extra easy submissions
04:55um first I'll have to say straight up I
04:57never actually used the full 100 extra
05:01easy submissions my acceptance
05:03percentage is actually pretty decent so
05:05I had more than enough uploads available
05:07for me to submit each month that was
05:10mostly because I didn't upload nearly
05:13enough or as much as I was really hoping
05:15to I kind of was hoping to be like a big
05:17power user and just like get a ton of
05:19images up
05:21um because I have a really big back
05:22catalog of images that I've been still
05:25trying to edit through for you know
05:26years and years of Photography and
05:29everything else
05:30the thing is though that even if I
05:32wanted to upload that crazy like say 800
05:35images and or videos a month with the
05:38easy submission you know process like I
05:41can't even do that anymore not even now
05:45basically what happened was wire stock
05:47had cut the easy submissions rate for
05:49all users including its premium
05:51subscribers several times now over the
05:54last year and since starting the premium
05:57subscription plan
05:59so most of you will probably notice that
06:01if you've been uploading for the last
06:03year with wire stock you know you went
06:05from having
06:07the ability to use a bunch of easy
06:09submissions based on your subscription
06:11like how well you're doing your
06:13acceptance rate rather and it just keeps
06:15getting cut and cut and cut and cut
06:18so now for instance before launching
06:21that premium subscription plan in 2022
06:25um you could submit up to 2 000 images
06:28through easy submissions if your
06:30approval rate was over 90 percent
06:32now this was whittled down drastically
06:34to only 500 as of September 1st of 2022.
06:39and as of January 23rd it was dropped
06:42just the 300. but only if your approval
06:45rate is over 85 percent
06:49so that's a really really
06:52big drop right so what what if your
06:56approval rate is actually under 85 which
06:58I'm sure a lot of people are especially
07:00if you're new to stock photography you
07:02know well the bottom tier used to be 70
07:05approval rate and that would still get
07:08you at least 100 easy submissions but
07:12now as of January beginning 2023 that
07:15bottom tier has changed to anything
07:17under 85 percent approval rate there
07:20were actually a bunch of other tiers in
07:22there like between 70 and 80 and 80 and
07:2490 and all that but they're all gone now
07:26so there's really no point talking about
07:29um so for me as an example I went from
07:32having a base of 1 000 easy submissions
07:35per month plus the premium plans extra
07:38100 easy submissions down to a base of
07:41300 plus the extra 100 for a total of
07:44400 with the premium subscription plan
07:47so that is a 70 cut from the old tier of
07:5280 to 90 percent
07:54now as of
07:56the time of this video which is May of
07:582023 if your approval rate is over 85
08:02you would get a total of 400 easy
08:04submissions with a premium subscription
08:07now for those of you under 85 approval
08:10rate which is a lot of people
08:12um especially like I said before all
08:14those that are just starting out with
08:15microstock in the you know and learning
08:18how to upload and figuring out like you
08:21know how to denoise your images and
08:23stuff like that so they get approved or
08:25not rejected for technicalities and
08:26things like that well anyways you only
08:28get like I said 30 easy submissions
08:31without that premium subscription or 130
08:36easy submissions with a subscription so
08:38now let's talk about quicker review time
08:41and the keywording because this is a big
08:43selling point for the Premium plan
08:45so in my experience with the review time
08:49for most of my assets when I was on the
08:52premium subscription plan seemed to
08:54happen around 48 to 72 hours now the
08:57promise the 48
08:59and sometimes it would hit and sometimes
09:01like it would be a little after that
09:02it's really not that bad so I would say
09:04overall I think they did a pretty good
09:06job of like getting everything through
09:08and so it's not just like being accepted
09:12that's being like allowed onto the
09:15program platform and then
09:17I guess accepted to submit to the other
09:21things so not not rejected is what I'm
09:23talking about
09:25as far as the keywording title and
09:29uh you know that would still take even
09:32longer so they might accept it on there
09:35within 48 or 72 hours but still
09:39it wouldn't be keyword you wouldn't be
09:40submitted to the stock sites
09:43so that's a little interesting caveat I
09:45noticed because the
09:48you think that
09:49being accepted within 48 Hours like they
09:52promise that it would be also then
09:54submitted to a stock agency well that's
09:56not the case not in my experience
10:00I mean it was nice to see if an image or
10:04video was going to be accepted by
10:05wirestock sooner which is basically all
10:07that that's promising
10:10um because you know as you know if
10:11you're watching this you've probably had
10:13images be stuck for weeks if not months
10:17to be accepted just just whether it even
10:19accepted under the platform
10:21um and ultimately I'm not even sure if
10:23that alone is worth it for most wire
10:26stock contributors you know waiting just
10:28being accepted you know I don't know if
10:30that's worth it
10:31so you'd be inclined to think that a
10:33quicker acceptance and keywording would
10:36get those images
10:38that were accepted onto a partner site
10:40like Shutterstock or deposit photos or
10:42whatever like much faster
10:45so you could actually maybe earn some
10:47money right that's kind of
10:48the illusion of that
10:51but that didn't seem to be very
10:53consistent either so the quickest that
10:55I've actually seen one of my images or
10:57videos show up on a partner site was two
11:00weeks and that was of course with the
11:02bulk of my assets showing up usually
11:04within about six weeks time from when
11:06they were actually accepted on wire
11:09so unfortunately there's really no way
11:10of knowing if or when your assets are
11:13actually accepted onto the partner sites
11:16in order to find out you basically have
11:18to do a search on those sites
11:19individually for the title of your asset
11:22you just search the title of
11:24um of whatever it is and you see if it
11:27so in my experience the quicker review
11:29and keywording did not seem to get my
11:31assets onto any of the partner agencies
11:35any quicker than if I just uploaded it
11:38separately without it so in fact to be
11:41perfectly honest uh I could get most of
11:45my stuff uploaded and accepted within a
11:47week on big places like Shutterstock and
11:50Adobe stock and places like that
11:54there's no Advantage whatsoever for the
11:56you know uploading any quicker through
11:58wire stock that I found maybe your
12:00assets would be on sale for like maybe a
12:02week or two sooner at the quickest but
12:06if you've been doing stock photography
12:07at any length of time you know it's a
12:09long game anyways right your assets can
12:11take sometimes months to to even years
12:14to get a first sale
12:16okay so now let's talk about that 24 7
12:18support now I have to say it was
12:21actually really good I I didn't use it
12:24that much because I didn't have a whole
12:25lot of problems
12:27um but I mostly used it to like reach
12:28out to wire stock to have them answer
12:30questions for me
12:32um which is what I used you know for
12:34like videos or something like that if I
12:36was updating a watchdog video they'd
12:37respond very quickly and they were
12:39always very friendly and helpful so I do
12:42appreciate that but I don't know if that
12:44alone is worth paying a monthly fee for
12:48next up is talking about the ability to
12:51download your files with metadata now
12:54this is actually a really good feature
12:56and it has a lot of extra uses I think I
12:59may have talked about this in one of my
13:00other videos
13:02but um it allows you to potentially use
13:04wire stock
13:06as a service and in a sense to keyword
13:09and describe your images so that you can
13:11then download them and then upload them
13:13to other non-wire stock partner sites
13:15like maybe can stock photo big photo
13:18envato elements or even like one two
13:21three RF if you want to
13:23now downloading your images and videos
13:26is limited to a Max of 500 gigabytes for
13:29each month so for most of that's not
13:32most of us that's not really a huge
13:34hindrance unless of course I don't know
13:36maybe you've got like tons and tons and
13:38tons of assets that you're moving off of
13:40The Wire Star platform
13:43now this is another feature that I
13:45thought I'd actually use a lot more
13:47that is to download my files and submit
13:50to new agencies but unfortunately I just
13:52didn't end up doing that that much
13:55and part of that is on me because
13:58especially in regards to my images
13:59because like I said I could have
14:01uploaded far more than I did but I just
14:06didn't do that so I can't blame wire
14:08stock for that
14:09also the metadata and keywording that
14:12wire stock provides is also lacking
14:14quite a bit uh in my opinion at least
14:16like it's
14:18pretty generic it's real basic generic
14:21stuff and often I'd only find most my
14:23images were only keyworded like with 20
14:25keywords instead of the you know maximum
14:2840 keywords that most stock sites pretty
14:31much suggest that you do
14:33all right so now the next thing is like
14:35those video files right I really thought
14:37that I was going to get
14:39be able to take advantage of
14:41downloading video files that are already
14:43you know keyworded and titled and
14:46everything with the metadata included
14:47but unfortunately the video files don't
14:50have any metadata embedded when you down
14:52them from download them from wire stock
14:55which is a really really huge
14:56disappointment for me
14:58because I do really believe that videos
15:00are basically like the next big thing or
15:04not the next big thing that I think
15:05they're really important to upload
15:06videos because you can make a lot more
15:08money from a video sale than you can
15:09just an image sale
15:12um now I was hoping to be able to
15:13utilize wire Stock's automatic
15:15keywording and descriptions to help get
15:18those files onto other stock agencies
15:20that wire stock doesn't partner with for
15:22video because wire stock is fairly
15:25limited with video partner Partners so
15:28um if I could have done that that alone
15:30would have probably made the Premium
15:32plan super super valuable to me
15:35maybe even worth you know maybe worth it
15:38for the convenience alone
15:41so that brings us to the next topic
15:43which is selling on or rather selling
15:46directly on wire stock
15:47I was actually really excited when wire
15:49stock added the ability to set your own
15:52prices on your digital and your print
15:54sales on the site is something that
15:56they've been talking about and for quite
15:59a while and even telling me in email
16:02correspondence that it was coming for
16:05months and in all of that communication
16:09with wire stock it was never implied
16:12that it was going to be put behind a
16:14paywall which is exactly what they did
16:16prior to this this update rather
16:19you had the ability to sell prints in
16:22digital files directly from your
16:24portfolio page at a predetermined price
16:26that basically had a fixed five dollar
16:31and it's just and so when you're from
16:32the free plan it's still like that so
16:35now in order to have access to what wire
16:37stock is calling its portfolio Pro you
16:41will have to have a premium subscription
16:43so with this now with the premium
16:46subscription plans
16:48basically wire stock enables the ability
16:51for you to set your own prices on prints
16:53and digital downloads of your assets
16:55whether they be illustrations or videos
16:58or what have you
17:00um from your portfolio page
17:02individually or as collection sets
17:05so now to wire stocks credit they did
17:08remove the commission for print sales
17:10and for digital assets sold from your
17:13portfolio Pro page if you're a premium
17:19for all the freewire stocks our wire
17:21stock accounts out there you still have
17:23to pay at I believe it's 30 percent I
17:26think it still hasn't changed from 30
17:28um on print and digital assets from your
17:32and that
17:33those print and digital downloads again
17:35like I said are set at a five dollar fee
17:38for images and illustrations and a 50
17:40fee for videos and again you can't
17:43change that so if you think your video
17:45is worth more than 50 bucks
17:47it doesn't matter that's what you're
17:49going to get unless you are a premium
17:51subscriber same with your prints
17:54which takes us to print sales right
17:55let's talk about those well
17:58so whether you're a free plan or Premium
18:00plan subscriber all print prices already
18:04have a huge profit built in for wire
18:06stock and its print partners for
18:09instance as of Mage 2023 the base price
18:12for a 4x6 print is 11 or 17 for an 8 by
18:1712 print and that has the base five
18:20dollar markup already included and then
18:23shipping is separate
18:25now this is an increase over what it was
18:28just a few months earlier actually
18:30five dollars more than what a four by
18:33six used to cost and one dollar more for
18:36an 8x10 Prime
18:37so it's not exactly inexpensive and so
18:40for person to give you some perspective
18:42here a Pro Photo Lab in the US will cost
18:46you under two dollars for four by six
18:49print and under six dollars for an eight
18:52by twelve print for the same jaclay
18:55style prints that wire stock offers by
18:58the way wire stock only offers jaclay
19:01prints on fine art paper no photographic
19:04papers no canvases no acrylics none of
19:07the other Fine Art mediums that I used
19:09to sell when I ran my photography
19:11business over 10 years ago
19:14now I do really like the ability to sell
19:17digital files and prints from your
19:20in fact I was really excited about this
19:21as I think it's really great for wire
19:23stock users both as an online portfolio
19:26of your work and also as a way to sell
19:29some of that to maybe earn a couple
19:31extra bucks
19:32but and this is a big old but uh is wire
19:35stock worth the Premium plan for this
19:38feature alone
19:40look if you just want to sell a place to
19:42sell your fine art images or even your
19:44digital downloads you can go to a place
19:46like Fine Art America
19:48you know they have a shop that you can
19:51you know there's actually a free version
19:53that is limited that you can do and you
19:55can sell prints and things from there
19:56and they also have a like a premium
19:58version of their own which is like 30
20:00bucks a year where you can sell your
20:03images with a plethora of options like
20:05everything you can think of canvas
20:06prints metal prints even puzzles if you
20:08want to or or Christmas ornaments
20:12honestly way too many to go into here
20:15you can even sell digital image licenses
20:17through Fine Art America but
20:18unfortunately no like video or vector
20:22and with finer America you can set your
20:23own prices and you can even add your
20:26fine error Fine Art America shop to your
20:29website if you have one which is
20:31actually pretty easy to do you can
20:33there's Mine mine's on my site if you want to
20:37check that out
20:38um but there's not really much else on
20:40my website I gotta work on that
20:43um and like I said before there is a
20:44limited free account that you can't sign
20:46up for
20:47now here's the caveat to something like
20:49Fine Art America and the fact that like
20:51in my personal experience I've never
20:52ever ever sold anything from my Fine Art
20:57America shop so
20:59you know maybe if you have really good
21:01marketing or a large following for your
21:04work uh maybe you got way better work
21:06than I do photography or whatever
21:10um or maybe even better you might have
21:12better luck than I did
21:14I mean there's a ton of ways that you
21:15can actually sell your images online to
21:18your clients
21:19um with tons and tons of print options
21:21and I just don't have time to go into
21:24that in this video but anyways so now
21:26should you subscribe to wire stock
21:29now the free wire stock Plan used to
21:32offer a lot for just a small 15 cut of
21:35your commissions
21:37which brings me to the final issue that
21:38I have with wire stock premium
21:40you're still paying a 15 Commission
21:44two wire stock on every sale you make
21:46that's on top of your monthly fee
21:50and of course there's no guarantee that
21:52you're gonna you'll ever even earn the
21:54monthly subscription fee back through
21:56your stock sales either
21:59I think that's kind of a hard sell for
22:00those of you that are new to stock
22:02photography or just are dabbling in it
22:05to like maybe earn a little bit of extra
22:06money for you know for travel or camera
22:08gear or even just you know beer money
22:13I actually thought it would be really
22:15good for power users at first especially
22:17those who upload tons and tons of files
22:19but with all of the changes to the
22:22monthly easy submissions that gives me a
22:25big pause
22:27I mean the big question here is what are
22:29they going to change in the next six
22:31so after using wire Stock's Premium plan
22:33for the last six months I don't think
22:36it's a good enough value for probably 85
22:39percent of users at this time
22:41not even for the ability to sell from
22:44your portfolio which I do really like
22:47I just don't think you get enough for
22:48your money honestly especially if you're
22:50focused on selling stock video if you
22:54only sell video or your emphasis is
22:56selling on video I mean black box would
22:59probably be a far better option for you
23:01at the time of this video now granted if
23:03you don't want to do your own keywording
23:05titling or descriptions at Black Box
23:07you're going to pay another 15 to 20 on
23:10top of their commission as well to have
23:12someone else do that for you
23:15all right so now let's get into the
23:18intermediate user right so this is like
23:21the those of you who've been doing stock
23:22photography for for a number of years
23:26um for the intermediate contributors out
23:28there you can you really just need to
23:30see if the Premium plan is good for you
23:33you know your workflow you know your
23:35business better than you know anybody
23:37else so the chances you probably already
23:39have a pretty modest portfolio
23:42set up on most of those stock agencies
23:44already and who already partnered with
23:48wire stock so in that scenario it it
23:51might not be the most beneficial thing
23:55if that's the case then it means you
23:57probably have a really good workflow in
23:59place for keywording and uploading
24:02um so you just have to see if there's
24:04any advantage to you for using their
24:06free version of wire stock or not and I
24:09doubt it it's just like 30 uploads you
24:12know or maybe maybe the 300 uploads if
24:16you can keep your percentage up
24:18but you know that's that's a big
24:21question mark too you know like how if
24:23you can even keep a high enough
24:25acceptance rate and if you can keep it
24:27there long enough
24:29honestly I just don't think you're gonna
24:30get as an intermediate stock Intruder I
24:33don't think you're getting enough value
24:34from the premium version with its
24:36current options and pricing but of
24:38course I'd love to hear your thoughts on
24:39this as well so that brings us a big
24:41elephant in the room is the free wire
24:44stock plan still worth it
24:46I used to think that the free wire stock
24:49option was a great solution for people
24:51who are getting into stock photo and
24:53or those who are wanting to use it to
24:55earn maybe a few extra bucks I'm not
24:56selling their travel images as they
24:58learn photography
25:00hell I've made a ton of videos about it
25:03and you can on this channel
25:05it was a quick and easy way to get your
25:06images and videos potentially onto
25:09multiple stock agencies all without
25:11having to deal with keywording
25:13descriptions or managing multiple
25:14different agencies and their different
25:16subscription systems you can even earn a
25:18bit more Commission on each sale with
25:20certain stock agency partners that have
25:22a tiered commission structure on wire
25:24stock like Shutterstock or deposit
25:27simply by submitting through wirestock
25:29rather than through your personal
25:31this allows you to take advantage of
25:33warsaw's scale and to earn the highest
25:36commissions on those agencies I've
25:38already talked about this in my other
25:40wire stock videos and actually in my
25:42last months my January 2023 earnings
25:45video but with the massive and constant
25:47changes over the last year the removal
25:50of the tiered system for easy
25:51submissions and the subsequent
25:54approval rating decimation I do not even
25:57recommend the free wire stock plan to
26:00any new stock contributors
26:02out there like anybody watching this
26:04video right now or maybe watching my
26:06videos right now I I'd say pass
26:10I just don't think it's the value that
26:12it used to be so what would make the
26:14wire stocks Premium plan a good value
26:17in my opinion wire Stock's Premium plan
26:19might be worth the yearly price of
26:21ninety four dollars or 779 a month for
26:25very few users
26:26but to do so wire stock needs to bring
26:28back more easy submissions they got to
26:31bring back the submission tiers that
26:33they had previously
26:35add the ability to download videos with
26:39add more print medium options for print
26:42sales and reduce the sales commission
26:44for Premium plan subscribers
26:47if you're just starting out you don't
26:49need the Premium plan simple as that
26:52pick one or two agencies and upload
26:54directly to them or use an alternative
26:56tool to help a keyword and distribute
26:58your assets to the stock agencies like
27:00Microsoft Plus
27:03or you can use an alternative tool to
27:05help you keyword and distribute your
27:07assets to the stock agencies like
27:09microstock Plus or even xpix so have you
27:13used wirestock's Premium plan
27:16let us know your thoughts about it in
27:18the comments below so as for me what am
27:20I going to do well
27:22honestly I'm not really sure I might
27:24still use the free version of wire stock
27:26for maybe a little bit longer
27:28basically so long as my approval rate is
27:31above that threshold that allows me the
27:34300 you know submissions a month
27:37I mean that could change especially if
27:39they keep stripping away any remaining
27:41value or putting even more valuable
27:44features behind the paywall I have links
27:47in the description to all the agencies
27:48that I submit to you and the equipment
27:50that I shoot with if you use them I
27:52might earn a small commission at no cost
27:54to you or if you found any value in this
27:57video or any of my other videos for that
27:59matter you can always buy me a beer too
28:02thanks in advance
28:04like subscribe and I'll see you next
28:06time cheers
Chat with video

FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the features of the Wirestock Premium subscription plan?

The Wirestock Premium subscription plan offers extra easy submissions, faster review time, excellent support, downloading files with metadata, portfolio Pro, and print sales features.

2. How does the Wirestock Premium subscription plan benefit contributors?

The Premium plan benefits contributors with its extra easy submissions, faster review time, and support, which make the submission process efficient. Additionally, contributors can take advantage of portfolio Pro features and increased print sales potential.

3. What insights does the reviewer share about the Wirestock Premium subscription plan?

The reviewer shares insights on the value of the premium plan, weighing it against the 15% commission. They suggest that intermediate stock contributors may not find enough value in the current options and pricing, indicating the need for potential improvements.

4. How does the Wirestock Premium subscription plan compare to other similar plans?

Compared to other similar plans, the Wirestock Premium subscription plan stands out with its extra easy submissions, faster review time, support, downloading files with metadata, portfolio Pro, and print sales features. However, the 15% commission and pricing options need to be considered against the overall value.

5. What is the user experience of the Wirestock Premium subscription plan?

Users experience the benefits of the Premium plan through efficient submissions, faster review time, excellent support, downloading files with metadata, portfolio Pro features, and increased print sales potential. However, the value of the plan should be carefully assessed based on the 15% commission and pricing options.

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