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The video discusses the time travel mystery of Mike "Mad Man" Marcum, who claimed to have built a time travel machine in his backyard. He conducted experiments with lasers, transformers, and wire hangers to create a vortex, but his equipment was eventually stolen and he faced skepticism about his claims. Despite the lack of concrete evidence, his story gained attention and generated interest in the possibility of time travel.
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Mike discovers a vortex created by his time machine and tests it by throwing a screw through it, which vanishes and then reappears.
Mike powers down the machine after the screw disappears and reappears.
He hears the screw clattering and finds it rolling to a stop near the machine.
Mike thinks he may have invented a teleportation device.
Mike's friend asks to borrow his truck and mentions needing spare beavers for a business selling camel-scented candles.
Mike modified a Jacob's Ladder by creating his own electronic transformer to produce climbing arcs of electricity.
Mike built his own transformer to step up the voltage from 120 volts to 20,000 volts.
He used wire hangers as conductors for the climbing arcs.
The electrical arc rises along the conductors as the hot ionized air has lower resistance.
Initiating the arc manually by moving the rods closer together or farther apart is touchy and sensitive to changes in air pressure, humidity, and temperature.
Mike "Mad Man" Marcum built a powerful time machine using industrial grade transformers, lasers and wire hanger conductors, but caused a power outage in the whole town and accidentally made his cat disappear.
Mike needed industrial grade transformers to build the time machine.
He stole transformers from a substation yard with the help of his friends.
The machine created an energy field that made objects disappear, including Mike's cat.
Art Bell interviewed Mike Marcum for an hour and a half on the Coast to Coast radio show, where Mike demonstrated his knowledge and expertise in electronics.
Mike had considerable knowledge and expertise in electronics.
Art Bell was impressed by Mike's understanding of electronics.
Mike came across as humble and genuine.
Offers started coming in from people who wanted to support Mike in building a new, bigger machine.
Mike "Mad Man" Marcum built a machine with high voltage and rotating magnetic fields, which scientists believe is on the right track for time travel according to Einstein's equations.
Amps are the amount of power, while voltage is the pressure of the power.
Mike had enough power to run his machine with juice from the power company and a couple of generators.
The machine consisted of two cylinders, one inside the other, with a magnetic field rotating around it.
Objects sent through the vortex of the machine would disappear and reappear in different locations after about 2 minutes.
Mike Marcum's warehouse was empty when he got back, but he plans on recreating the time machine
Warehouse was empty, all equipment, videos, notes, and documentation were gone
Mike believes he can recreate the machine but needs a lot of money
People were ready to help and suggested he set up a GoFundMe account, pursue a book deal, or work with the government
Art Bell encouraged him to keep working and only time will tell what's next for Mike.
Art Bell's respectful and non-condescending approach to guests is one reason for the success of the X-Files, and Mike "Mad Man" Marcum's time travel story, although many details about Marcum on the internet are not true.
Art Bell never condescends to his guests and makes them feel comfortable.
Mike "Mad Man" Marcum's story has many untrue details on the internet.
Scientists believed that Marcum's technology was on the right track, but they did not believe he could actually create a time machine.
The theoretical time machine could be built using high voltage and magnetism according to Nicola Tesla.
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00:00this episode of the wi files is brought
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00:04station Mike fired up the box and the
00:07lasers came to life the machine produced
00:10a small circular area of distortion it
00:12was a Vortex about 8 in across that
00:15looked like ripples above a fire this
00:18was unexpected Mike didn't know what the
00:20vortex was or if it was dangerous so he
00:23grabbed a sheet metal screw and tossed
00:25it through the field it vanished Mike
00:28just stared and blinked and waited the
00:31screw was just gone so Mike powered down
00:34his machine and turned to head back into
00:36the house then he heard something
00:38clattering it was the screw it rolled to
00:41a stop about 2 ft from the box Mike
00:44thought he invented some kind of
00:46teleportation device he didn't Michael
00:49madman Markham invented a time
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04:00I got to go the Beavers are loose in the
04:02house again Virgil Wyatt get back here H
04:06Gerty don't let Morgan back in AJ's
04:08bedroom he really loves that
04:18pillow Mike Markham from stanbury
04:20Missouri was an amateur inventor who
04:23liked to Tinker he lacked formal science
04:25training but he had a natural aptitude
04:27for electronics the back por of his
04:30house looked like a home appliance
04:31graveyard old TVs radios and CD players
04:35were all dismantled with their insides
04:37spilled everywhere there were spools of
04:39copper wire and magnets of all sizes his
04:42current project was a Jacob's Ladder a
04:45device that consists of two metal rods
04:47which start close together at the bottom
04:49and spread apart as they go up this
04:51produces climbing arcs of electricity
04:54but Mike had an idea for a modified
04:56version of a Jacob's Ladder the first
04:58thing he had to do was create a
05:00Transformer more than meets the eye no
05:03no no an electronic transformer a
05:06Transformers are electronic hello how
05:08else do you think they defeat the
05:10Decepticons by talking sternly do you
05:12mind if I continue fine fine fine go
05:15ahead to get the Arc of the electricity
05:18going in a Jacob's Ladder you need a
05:20high voltage power supply typically in
05:23the tens of thousands of volts now in
05:25the United States the standard household
05:27voltage is 120 or 240 Vol that won't do
05:32so Mike built his own Transformer robots
05:36Disguise sorry sorry it's out of my
05:38system now go
05:41ahead basically what you do is wrap two
05:44separate coils of wire around a common
05:46core one coil is connected to the power
05:49source so in this case the fuse box on
05:51Mike's house the other coil then has
05:53more or fewer turns in order to step up
05:56or step down the voltage so Mike sat
05:59down and just started coiling wire after
06:01about 400 turns he lost count but he
06:04coiled enough wire to step up his
06:06voltage from 120 volt to 20,000 volts
06:10now he's got his power supply for the
06:13climbing rods or conductors Mike
06:15actually used wire hangers no wire
06:20ever ah somebody out there gets
06:24it how it's supposed to work is the
06:27voltage is applied to the conductors
06:29they electrical pressure then ionizes
06:31the air particles between the rods
06:33allowing current to flow The Arc starts
06:36at the narrowest point where the rods
06:37are closest together and then the heat
06:39from the ark makes the air around it
06:41hotter and less dense hot ionized air
06:44has lower resistance hot air rises and
06:46so the electrical Arc Rises along the
06:48conductors but the arc won't start on
06:51its own you need to initiate it manually
06:53by moving the rods closer together or
06:55farther apart it's touchy also if the
06:58air pressure changes it won't work if
07:01humidity changes it won't work air
07:03temperature movement even a little bit
07:05of smoke or dust in the air and it won't
07:07work so Mike had an idea what if he used
07:11lasers to heat the air around the
07:13conductors this would lower the air
07:15resistance ionize it and make the spark
07:18ignite on its own at least that was the
07:22plan so he removed the laser emitters
07:25from a couple of CD players connected
07:27his homemade Transformer and fired it up
07:30no spark it didn't work as he was going
07:33to disconnect the machine Mike saw
07:35something strange hovering above the
07:38device was a sphere of distorted air it
07:42looked kind of like the wavy Mirage you
07:43see over a highway on a hot day but this
07:46wasn't some powerful ball of energy it
07:49was hardly visible if you weren't
07:50looking for it you'd miss it unsure what
07:53this thing was or if it was dangerous
07:55Mike tossed a sheet metal screw into the
07:58energy field the screw disappeared Mike
08:01just stood there for a second confused
08:04he didn't know if the screw got
08:05vaporized or what happened then the
08:07screw fell out of the field and landed
08:09on the ground a couple of feet away now
08:12he repeated this experiment a few times
08:14with the screw and every time the same
08:16result he tossed the object in it
08:18disappeared for a second or so then
08:21reappeared out of the energy field now
08:24Mike didn't know if his machine was
08:25teleporting objects or possibly sending
08:28them a few seconds in into the future
08:30after a few more tests the machine
08:32overloaded the lasers were dead and the
08:34components were fried now even though
08:37all that was left of Mike's invention
08:38was a burnt out box of parts he knew he
08:41was on to something so now he would
08:43rebuild the machine but this time
08:45instead of it being 18 in tall he'd
08:48build it 8 ft tall and to do that he'd
08:51need access to a lot more power and Mike
08:54knew exactly how to get
09:04Mike Markham was pretty sure he invented
09:07a time machine but to really test it
09:09he'd need to scale up his invention his
09:11prototype was only about 18 in tall now
09:14he wanted to go bigger scaling up the
09:16parts of the machine wasn't a problem
09:19bigger conductors and even bigger lasers
09:21were available the problem was power he
09:24needed lots of it his house gave him 120
09:27volts he stepped that up to 20,000 Volts
09:30for the Prototype but his homemade
09:32Transformer blew out after just a few
09:35minutes if Mike was really going to
09:37scale and test his machine he'd need
09:39Transformers that could handle 50,000
09:42volts or more without breaking a sweat
09:44basically he needed the kind of
09:46Transformer you see on power poles but
09:48those are not easy to get and they're
09:50not cheap Mike didn't have 15 to $2,000
09:54to put into this experiment besides he'd
09:56need more than one or two Transformers
09:58he'd need a few so Mike had an idea a
10:03idea he knew there were six industrial
10:06grade Transformers just sitting in a
10:08yard doing nothing but getting rusty but
10:10that yard was a substation for the King
10:12City Missouri power company so Mike
10:14called a couple of friends with pickup
10:16trucks and in broad daylight drove to
10:18the substation loaded up the
10:20Transformers and drove away a few weeks
10:23later he had his next version of the
10:25machine the Transformers were connected
10:28to the grid new lasers were in place and
10:30the wire hanger conductors were upgraded
10:33to 4T long 1/ in metal rods this thing
10:36was a beast now the Moment of Truth Mike
10:40powered up the machine there was a loud
10:42crack a spark and then nothing his whole
10:47house went dark the new machine knocked
10:49out the power then Mike looked out the
10:51window he knocked out the power in the
10:54whole town it took some tinkering but
10:56soon Mike was able to get the machine
10:58running without causing brownouts all
11:00over town and the Machine it
11:03worked it created an energy field or
11:06Vortex a few feet wide so Mike sent
11:09objects through the vortex but this time
11:12objects weren't reappearing a few
11:13seconds later they weren't reappearing
11:15at all the objects were just Vanishing
11:18to who knows where one afternoon Mike
11:21had a few friends over and they were
11:22tossing small objects into the energy
11:24field they wondered could a big object
11:27go through yeah I'd like to say my
11:29ex-wife through well a few of Mike's
11:31buddies got behind the living room couch
11:33and pushed the couch went into the
11:35energy Vortex and was gone who yeah that
11:39was the good news ah yeah what's the bad
11:41news Mike's cat was on the couch at the
11:44time yes so what's the bad
11:47news so now everyone is just standing
11:50there in an empty living room staring at
11:52this whirling field of energy then they
11:55heard a pounding on the front
11:57door Mike opened the the door and there
11:59were eight deputies on the property the
12:01officer at the door had a search warrant
12:04Mike's neighbors had reported a lot of
12:06weird activity happening at the house
12:08and it didn't take long for police to
12:10put together Mike's project and report
12:12from the power company of a lot of
12:14missing equipment so whatever experiment
12:16Mike Markham was planning would have to
12:18wait because now he's going to
12:29for stealing the Transformers and
12:31stealing power Mike Markham got 60 days
12:34in jail and 5 years probation and while
12:37he was in jail Mike thought of different
12:38ways he could make the machine more
12:40efficient but there was no way for Mike
12:42to build any of this he lost his house
12:44he lost his job he was a pariah in his
12:47town because of the brownouts it seemed
12:49like Mike's time machine career had come
12:51to an end but then something happened
12:54his story made the news the headline was
12:58Kansas City man tries to build time
13:00machine on
13:02porch a Missouri worker set out to make
13:04a time machine on his back porch the
13:06contraption he came up with was not
13:08completely off the mark according to
13:09scientists there are theoretical
13:11physicists working on those areas and
13:13it's not total nonsense according to the
13:15chairman at the physics department at
13:17the University of Missouri at Kansas
13:18City the Stanbery police say the voltage
13:21that Markham had diverted into the
13:22contraption caused power interruptions
13:24in and around the Northwest Missouri
13:26Town of about 1300 Markham was arrested
13:29January 29th on a felony charge of
13:31stealing the Transformers from a power
13:33Generating Station in King City he
13:35pleaded guilty and last month was placed
13:37on 5 years probation police said the
13:39Transformers had a capacity of 12 to
13:4276,000 volts each enough to easily cause
13:45electrocution or an explosion Markham
13:48who told police that he has 2 years of
13:49college level electrical engineering
13:51said he was building a time machine but
13:53didn't have enough power for it that's
13:55according to the Stanberry police chief
13:57Tom Hampton and that headline caught the
14:00interest of someone who had changed
14:02Mike's life
14:05forever let's
14:08go from the high desert and the Great
14:12American southwest I met you all good
14:14evening good morning good afternoon
14:16wherever you may be in the world's time
14:18zones all of them covered amply by this
14:21program Coast to Coast a.m. I'm artbell
14:24it is my honor and privilege to be
14:26escorting you through the second half of
14:28the weekend and what a program it is
14:31going to be
14:38tonight if you're building a time
14:40machine and you need help getting the
14:41word out there's no better person in the
14:43world to help you do that than Art Bell
14:46I set out to find young Mr Markham and I
14:50found him um Michael are you there uh
14:54yeah good artbell interviewed Mike
14:57Markham for about an hour and a half on
14:58the Coast to Coast radio show not only
15:01did Mike sound legitimate but he clearly
15:03had considerable knowledge and expertise
15:05in electronics and so did artbell let's
15:08say it's 400 turns in your primary and
15:10there's say there's 4,000 turns in your
15:13secondary 10 times the turns and then
15:15you'll get 10 times the voltage right
15:17Watts amps voltages stepping up stepping
15:20down art knew about all that stuff if
15:23Mike was faking it he wasn't going to
15:24fool our Bell well this was uh it was I
15:28was using were waves where I could
15:29actually it was easy controlling the
15:32duty cycle is easy to control the
15:33voltage that way right so cuz you can't
15:36find you can't really find it's hard to
15:38find varc rated at megawatts so man I'll
15:41tell you if you using square waves I bet
15:43the ham operators heard you for miles
15:45and he didn't try to fool anyone Mike
15:47came across as humble he wasn't looking
15:49for fame or attention in fact Art Bell
15:52is the one who tracked Mike down and
15:53convinced him to come on the air
15:56millions of people listened to that
15:57interview that night and before long
15:59people were calling in with offers some
16:01had Transformers they would donate
16:03others had property he can use and
16:05plenty of people were ready to
16:07financially support Mike in building a
16:09new bigger machine how do you feel about
16:12the possibility Michael of somebody
16:15coming along and being your Mentor even
16:17more than this maybe contributing money
16:20to build a great big gigantic version oh
16:23that'd be great that'd be like a dream
16:25come true for the next few days offers
16:28came in and Mike with his new team
16:30created a plan he corresponded with a
16:32few physicists and picked their brains
16:35about his technology and how it could be
16:36used for time travel several scientists
16:39helped Mike come up with an idea for a
16:41mechanism with rotating magnets that
16:44would make the machine easier to control
16:46so Mike got a warehouse all the
16:48equipment he needed and access to more
16:50power than he could ever use it took
16:53about a year but he finally built a
16:55newer larger and highly upgraded version
16:57of his time machine and you know what
17:00the machine
17:10worked it took almost 18 years but
17:13artbell was finally able to catch up
17:15with Mike Markham honestly art thought
17:17Mike was dead and I called you madman
17:19because I was convinced you were going
17:21to absolutely fry yourself alive and
17:24turn into a French friy there are other
17:27people who have been involved in time
17:29travel uh Mike that I've had on the show
17:31and honest to God Mike they're gone I I
17:34don't know where they are uh whether
17:36it's Teter or Anderson others that we've
17:38had on the show they're gone I mean
17:40they're gone but Mike madman Markham was
17:44very much alive and a lot had happened
17:46since the last time he and art spoke
17:48because of Mike's last appearance on
17:50Coast to Coast he suddenly had a lot of
17:52benefactors he had a little money
17:54equipment and lots of power Mike set up
17:57in a warehouse and over Park Kansas and
17:59there he built several iterations of his
18:02time machine the most successful version
18:04used rotating magnets so instead of
18:07having a small energy Vortex Mike was
18:09able to create what he called a plasma
18:12tornado maybe it'll be more efficient if
18:15I use instead of using uh basically heat
18:18from a laser in a cold room the
18:20differential the the temperature
18:22difference between those two to stir the
18:24plasma maybe even more efficient if I
18:26used the magnetic field to stir it that
18:28that's what I ended up doing use the
18:31magnetic field to do what um basically
18:35it's uh well in simple terms this thing
18:38looks like a basically a plasma
18:41tornado so how much power do you need to
18:44create a plasma tornado well remember
18:47Mike's first machine that prototype ran
18:49at 20,000 volts well his next version
18:53the one that ate the couch and the cat
18:54yep and what a waste of a perfectly good
18:56couch stop it anyway the next version
18:59used about 70,000 volts this new machine
19:03in the warehouse which is about 15 ft
19:05tall it was pulling 3 million volts that
19:09is a crazy amount of pressure pressure
19:12well in simple terms volts measure the
19:14pressure of force driving the electric
19:17current so think of electricity like a
19:19water hose amps are how much water is
19:22flowing through the hose or how much
19:24power is running through a circuit most
19:26households get between 100 and 200 amps
19:29of power well unless you got a grow room
19:31then you need a lot more power what did
19:33I say about this Tomatoes I was growing
19:36tomatoes anyway amps are the amount of
19:39power voltage is the pressure of the
19:41power so imagine taking that water hose
19:43and making the end of it smaller and
19:45smaller that increases the pressure of
19:47the water coming out of the end so even
19:49if you don't have a lot of amps you can
19:51still create really high voltage that's
19:53what a Transformer does so using juice
19:56from the power company supplement Ed by
19:58a couple of generators Mike had more
20:00than enough power to run his
20:02machine two cylinders one cylinder
20:05inside the other right with a magnetic
20:08with another basically a circle of
20:10magnetic uh electromagnets around it so
20:13basically you got uh a bunch of plasma
20:16like inside of it with a magnetic field
20:19rotating it you know what you are
20:21describing I'm I'm sure you've heard
20:23stories of The Philadelphia Experiment
20:25right yeah well they
20:28described a similar electronic setup uh
20:32with regard to the rotating magnetic
20:33fields art correctly pointed out that
20:37this is how the Philadelphia Experiment
20:38was done with high voltage and rotating
20:41magnetic fields in fact when Mike was
20:43arrested he told the police he was
20:45building a time machine now of course
20:47they thought he was nuts but several
20:49scientists said that if building a time
20:51machine was possible Mike's technology
20:54was on the right track because
20:56Einstein's equations do allow for time
20:59travel and they're
21:00blueprints blueprints for different
21:03kinds of of time travel designs that are
21:05compatible with Einstein's theory for
21:07example gigantic spinning cylinders you
21:10go around the cylinder and you come back
21:12before you left so now Mike started
21:15testing the Machine by sending objects
21:17through the vortex first with small
21:19objects like bits of wood baseballs and
21:22little things like that and they went
21:23through just fine but they just
21:25disappeared just like the couch and the
21:27C yet but they really didn't disappear
21:30they just ended up in different
21:32locations so what is teleporting stuff
21:35no the objects would go in and vanish
21:39and then about 2 minutes later they
21:41reappeared but the objects ended up
21:43between 50 and 150 yard east or west of
21:46the machine and always East and West
21:49never North or South Mike thought this
21:51could have something to do with the
21:52Earth's rotation or magnetic field and
21:55look I know the story sounds crazy I
21:57don't mind it but these tests were
21:59witnessed by 15 people anyone who
22:01donated money or equipment Mike let them
22:03be a part of the project and those
22:05people showed up I would have too and
22:08it's a good thing there are so many
22:09people on hand hamsters are fast uh wait
22:12did you just say hamsters yep the tests
22:16were so successful that Mike started
22:18sending small animals through
22:19specifically mice hamsters and guinea
22:22pigs no more cats no Ah that's a
22:26shame between the inanimate objects and
22:29animals Mike had successfully tested the
22:32machine about 200 times it seemed like
22:35varying the voltage and the speed of the
22:37magnets could adjust how far objects
22:39were traveling before long Mike could
22:41make a pretty good prediction of where
22:43an object was going to end up and how
22:45long it would take before reappearing so
22:47at this point there was really only one
22:49final test to try do you mean yep Mike
22:53stood in front of the vortex took a deep
22:55breath and jumped there was a flash of
22:58light and Mike disappeared now remember
23:02artbell had been following this project
23:04closely he was even planning a trip to
23:06the warehouse but when art checked in
23:08looking for Mike nobody had seen him he
23:10was just
23:15gone the media did pay attention and the
23:18media did including me nationally went
23:22on the air and said um madman is gone we
23:24can't find
23:34when Mike came to he was not in the
23:36warehouse he was lying in the middle of
23:38a field somewhere with the worst
23:40headache he'd ever
23:42had and there was a big problem he had
23:45no memory of how he got there he didn't
23:47even know his own name so he got up and
23:49just started walking now it took some
23:52time but his memories slowly returned
23:54eventually he hit Fairfield Ohio a
23:56suburb of Cincinnati
23:58and Fairfield is 800 Mi due east of the
24:01warehouse in Overland Park Kansas but
24:04Mike had no driver's license or ID of
24:06any kind no credit cards no money so he
24:09went to the nearest homeless shelter to
24:11grab a meal and get his bearings when he
24:14got to the shelter he saw a newspaper he
24:17had jumped 2 years into the future Mike
24:20took a few odd jobs and got together
24:22enough money to take a bus back to his
24:24Warehouse in Overland Park when he got
24:27there the Warehouse was empty everything
24:29was gone the machine all the videos that
24:32he took of each test all his notes every
24:34bit of documentation was all gone Men In
24:38Black could have been the Men in Black
24:40or it could have just been the landlord
24:41who thought Mike was gone so he just
24:43sold the equipment or threw it away no
24:45way that stuff is still out there
24:47somewhere it might be now Mike was
24:50pretty sure he could recreate the
24:51machine he felt he could remember 90 to
24:5495% of the process but it would take a
24:57lot of money the equipment in the
24:58warehouse was worth a couple of million
25:00dollars but Mike still had memory gaps
25:03he couldn't remember whose donors were
25:05his list of supporters was in the
25:07warehouse and that brings us to Mike's
25:09third appearance on Coast to Coast he
25:12caught artbell up on everything that
25:14happened and although he wasn't looking
25:15for money once again people were ready
25:19help this one guy suggests I'm actually
25:22looking at the website now go go to tell
25:24him to set up a GoFundMe account yeah
25:27yeah Gund me or uh you know well that's
25:31crowdfunding right art also recommended
25:33that Mike pursue a book deal and Mike
25:35admitted that he's no author but if he
25:37teamed up with a ghost riter he could
25:39certainly cover all the technical
25:41details another suggestion was work with
25:43the government no what would you would
25:47you cooperate with them
25:49or the thing with DARPA uh well I don't
25:53have firsthand experience with them but
25:55I'm willing to bet they try to
25:58every I mean basically the check isn't
26:00free and clear there's always strings
26:02attached I hear
26:04that smart man so Mike had options and
26:08our Bell encouraged him to keep working
26:10all right everybody that's it everybody
26:12in the world wanted an update on madman
26:14Markham and now you got it he's not
26:17going to stop what's next for
26:21madman only time will tell good
26:36and Mike Markham would continue his
26:38research and continue to experiment Mike
26:41wanted to travel again but he needed to
26:43bring things with him so when he woke up
26:45he could quickly get up to speed in case
26:47his memory failed again a big problem he
26:50kept running into was that nothing metal
26:52could go through the vortex well metal
26:55could go in but it was unpredictable so
26:57sometimes metal would come right out
26:59like those sheet metal screws or
27:01sometimes the metal would explode in a
27:02shower of Sparks but after some trial
27:05and error mik discover that if a metal
27:07tube was built a specific way it would
27:10act as a faraday cage meaning that the
27:12tube could travel through the portal and
27:14reappear undamaged plus anything inside
27:17the tube would be unaffected including
27:19metal so Mike continued to document his
27:21work and built a pretty large following
27:24online one day Mike posted that he was
27:27ready to go through again and this time
27:29he would go through inside the tube and
27:31he'd take his cell phone with him that
27:33way he'd have everything he needs his
27:35notes photographs even money it was a
27:38great idea and that was the last anyone
27:41had heard from
27:42him as always Art Bell kept tabs on Mike
27:46and was disappointed to hear that he was
27:48gone again to where or when nobody knew
27:51but during one radio show art took a
27:53disturbing call the caller had found a
27:56newspaper article from 19 30 the article
27:59described a man who had drowned his body
28:01had washed up on the beach the article
28:03said he was found in a strange metal
28:05drum and the only object he had on him
28:08was a small rectangular device that
28:10nobody could explain the man had no ID
28:13so he was named John Doe but some people
28:16had a feeling his real name was
28:23Mike when artbell fans talk about their
28:26favorite episodes there are a few on
28:28everyone's list Jonathan Reed's alien in
28:31the freezer the man who flew over Area
28:3351 the Mojave phone booth everyone loves
28:36mels hole mels hole is a classic and
28:39Mike madman Markham is on that list
28:42artbell loved time travel stories and
28:44nobody could weave a tale like art could
28:47the third interview artbell did with
28:48Mike was in 2015 and it's a master class
28:52in storytelling art already had all the
28:55information everything from the early
28:56days of Mike building a Jacob's Ladder
28:58on his porch Mike going to jail for
29:00stealing the Transformers the test with
29:02the animals the warehouse and Mike's
29:042-year jump in time but art teases the
29:07story out slowly nothing is spoiled he
29:10walks you through the story at the
29:11perfect Pace giving you just enough
29:13information to keep you hooked and we
29:15were hooked and look Mike Markham
29:17doesn't bring much personality to the
29:19story but art knows enough about
29:21electronics and physics to keep us in
29:23the loop and all the technical stuff and
29:25Art Bell never condescends to his guests
29:28he never ridiculed them he made them
29:30feel comfortable because art knew that's
29:32how to get the story I think this is one
29:35of the reasons why the Y files has
29:37success with these topics where many
29:39other channels don't I don't condescend
29:41or ridicule I don't talk down to you and
29:44no matter how Bonkers a topic is I don't
29:46ridicule it I don't have to believe a
29:48story to enjoy it and if you believe a
29:50story that I don't great so here's a
29:53piece of unsolicited advice to creators
29:55who cover these topics with a a snarky
29:57attitude you're making the story about
30:00you and that's a mistake so madman Mike
30:03Markham one of the best time travel
30:05stories ever but is it true well there's
30:08a lot of information about Mike on the
30:10internet that isn't true in his last
30:12interview with art Mike even debunks
30:14some of those stories like he never sent
30:17a cat through the portal but he did send
30:19the couch through but no cat damn and
30:21Mike addressed that article from 1930
30:24where the man washed up on the beach in
30:25a metal drum I was thought it was a
30:27great twist but that never happened and
30:30there's a current story going around
30:31that Mike was still alive but homeless
30:33and died last year also not true now I
30:37don't want to dox the guy but Mike is
30:39still around and unsurprisingly it looks
30:41like he spent most of his career in
30:43technology but what about the
30:48machine well Mike Markham clearly knew a
30:51lot about electrical engineering when he
30:53built that prototype on his porch he was
30:55only 21 years old and scientists did say
30:58that his technology was on the right
31:00track now they didn't believe he could
31:02actually create a time machine but they
31:04said if a theoretical time machine could
31:06be built it would be done with high
31:08voltage and magnetism Nicola Tesla
31:11thought he could possibly see through
31:13time using
31:15electromagnetism and Einstein proved
31:17time travel was possible with gravity
31:19the higher the gravity the faster time
31:21moves and in extreme gravity like near a
31:24black hole time would move very very
31:27fast fast if Mike Markham figured out a
31:29way to create a Vortex of extremely high
31:32gravity in theory that would work it's
31:35already been scientifically proven you
31:37can use gravity to dilate time well
31:40basically I'm using electromagnetism
31:41which is 10 to the 30th time stronger
31:43right so I don't need I don't need
31:46basically a black hole to do this art
31:49Bell's audience called in with lots of
31:51questions and criticism but Mike was
31:53ready for all of it for example there's
31:56something with time travel stories that
31:57really bothers me let's say you had a
32:00time machine that could move you 10
32:01minutes into the future okay fine you
32:04move through time but what about
32:07space the Earth is spinning 1,000 mph
32:10it's orbiting the Sun at 66,000 mph our
32:14solar system Zips through the Galaxy at
32:17over 500,000 mph and our galaxy moves
32:20through space at 1.3 million miles hour
32:25so where you're sitting right now in 10
32:27minutes you'll move almost 990,000 miles
32:31in space time machine stories never
32:33account for this the Earth is always in
32:35the same place but Mike Markham does
32:38address this he says his machine stays
32:40in sync with the gravitational center of
32:42the earth so he's not only moving
32:44through time he's moving through
32:48space I've linked to all three
32:50interviews below you can hear Mike
32:51Fielding questions very calmly he comes
32:54across as humble and not trying to prove
32:56anything remember he didn't pursue Art
32:58Bell to tell his story art pursued Mike
33:01every time really the main reason to be
33:04skeptical of Mike markham's time travel
33:06story is he's here if I figured out how
33:09to time travel to the Future I'd do it
33:12wouldn't you but who knows Mike is still
33:15young maybe he's working on a newer
33:17version of his time machine I hope he is
33:20now people will roll their eyes at this
33:21story and say Mike's crazy but the world
33:24needs more people like Mike marham
33:26because when time travel is invented and
33:28I think it will one day it will be
33:30invented by a
33:38Madman thank you so much for hanging out
33:40with us today my name is AJ you know
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35:02and know that you are
35:17oh oh
35:19yeah I play Bia Scara 51 a secret code
35:25inside the Bible said I
35:29was I love my UFOs and paranormal fun as
35:34well as music so singing like I
35:38should but then another conspiracy
35:41theory becomes the truth my
35:44friends and it never
35:46ends no it never
35:58I fear the crap cat I got stuck inside
36:01M's hole with MK truck I Fe only true
36:06where did Stanley curi fake the moon
36:10landing alone on a film set with the
36:13shadow people
36:16there throughout well aliens just fought
36:19the smiling man I'm
36:22told and his name was
36:24cold I can't believe
36:27I'm dancing with the
36:29fish fish on Thursday night Wednesday
36:33J all through the
36:38night all I ever wanted was to just see
36:41the truth to the one Su Fe off through
37:04the MTH man SIDS and the solar storm
37:07still come to a got the the secret City
37:12Underground mysterious number stations
37:15Planet are to project State and where
37:19the dark Watchers
37:22found in a simulation don't you wor
37:27the Black Knight satell lighted to me so
37:31I can't believe I'm dancing with the
37:35fish fish thday night
37:40J the
37:44night all I ever wanted was to just hear
37:47the truth so the feet all through
37:54night fish on Thursday night they J you
37:57and my me all through the
38:03night all what it was to just hear the
38:06truth so the B feet all through
38:14Dan love
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38:23dance good loves to Dan
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Is time travel possible according to Mike Marcum's claims?

According to Mike Marcum's claims, he built a time travel machine in his backyard and conducted experiments, but the lack of concrete evidence raises skepticism about the possibility of time travel.

2. What equipment did Mike Marcum use in his time travel experiments?

Mike Marcum used lasers, transformers, and wire hangers to create a vortex for his time travel experiments in his backyard.

3. How did Mike Marcum's story gain attention?

Despite the lack of concrete evidence, Mike Marcum's story gained attention due to its mysterious and intriguing nature, generating interest in the possibility of time travel.

4. What challenges did Mike Marcum face in proving his time travel claims?

Mike Marcum faced challenges in proving his time travel claims as his equipment was eventually stolen, and he encountered skepticism about the validity of his experiments.

5. What impact did Mike Marcum's story have on the possibility of time travel?

Despite the skepticism, Mike Marcum's story generated interest in the possibility of time travel, sparking discussions and curiosity around the topic.

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