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The video is a music lyric video for the song "Tócame" by La Santa Grifa. The lyrics express desire and longing for physical intimacy.
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The lyrics of this section talk about desire and passion in a relationship.
The singer expresses the desire to be touched and kissed.
They mention wanting to get lost in the other person's lips.
The lyrics mention the intention to give passion instead of talking about love.
The singer expresses a strong attraction and desire for the other person.
The section of the video is about the lyrics of a song expressing desire and attraction.
The lyrics mention the excitement of being together in bed.
The person singing expresses that they are not in love, but constantly think about the other person.
There is a desire for physical intimacy and the lyrics mention kissing, touching, and caressing.
The lyrics also mention wanting to get lost in the other person's lips.
00:18you alone Touch me Kiss me sometimes I like to
00:21feel me in the caress I must
00:24always have it in December I want to
00:26lose myself in your lips of my
00:28calm me Touch me Kiss me Kiss me I
00:31like it I feel baby caress me it must
00:33always be money in December I I want
00:36to get lost in your lips come
00:37calm me down use me when you
00:40feel alone come look for me with that look
00:43hypnotize me idiotize me with the smell of your
00:47perfume you know what you have
00:54love up in a
00:57cloud you and me the sweaty body and the
01:01smoke floating through the room you
01:03know very well what my intention is and I'm
01:05not talking to you about love because your heart has also been
01:07broken by a betrayal so I
01:10better give you Passion with this
01:13song You call me when you want my
01:15attention and just Touch me Kiss me sometimes I
01:19like me feel me baby Caress me from
01:21time to time You're welcome December I don't want to
01:24get lost in your lips owners or
01:26calm me down Touch me Kiss me sometimes I
01:28like me feel me baby caress me you owe me I will
01:31always be money in December, I will not
01:33get lost in your lips, come
01:35calm me down. If you already know how much I
01:38love it, yes, I know very well
01:40that you are not a Santa, you are a question
01:42of a miniskirt. Let me caress your back,
01:45your buttocks, your tits, eat you. complete
01:47Until you beg for your boss to screw you, the one
01:49who is there doesn't even want to see me, let's
01:51go to another planet, you are my cardio
01:52and my diet, what a flirtatious girl. You don't
01:54know how I like it when you come and
01:56look for me and in bed you're excited when I say
01:58that You're my [ __ ], come
02:00like never before and I understand that you're crazy
02:02but that doesn't bother me, drinking bothers me, you
02:04know that whenever you want, you can
02:06come back 365 days if you don't see the
02:10strange thing coming, too. Well, I'll
02:12give you a million from 1 to 100. Get off. the
02:15clothes mommy and come do me what I
02:17like you make me colorful
02:20if I'm not in love but I'm always
02:23thinking about you Take off your clothes mommy and
02:26come do me what I like you
02:28make me colorful and my world It's here
02:30if I'm not in love but I'm always
02:32thinking that Touch me Kiss me sometimes I
02:35like to feel me baby Caress me it
02:38should always be You're welcome December I
02:40want to get lost in your lips come
02:42calm me down Touch me Kiss me sometimes I
02:45like it to feel me baby Caress me
02:48sometimes always black to December I
02:50want to get lost in your lips come
02:52calm me down
02:55I want to make it true to you
03:14I want to make it really
03:20crazy without putting
03:25the seashore
03:28never ever talk to me friends
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the theme of the music lyric video for the song 'Tócame' by La Santa Grifa?

The theme of the music lyric video for the song 'Tócame' by La Santa Grifa is the expression of desire and longing for physical intimacy.

2. Who is the artist behind the song 'Tócame'?

The song 'Tócame' is by La Santa Grifa, a well-known artist in the music industry.

3. What emotions does the song 'Tócame' by La Santa Grifa convey?

The song 'Tócame' by La Santa Grifa conveys emotions of longing, desire, and passion for physical intimacy.

4. What genre does the song 'Tócame' by La Santa Grifa belong to?

The song 'Tócame' by La Santa Grifa belongs to the genre that expresses deep emotions and passionate feelings through music.

5. How does the music lyric video for the song 'Tócame' by La Santa Grifa capture the essence of the lyrics?

The music lyric video for the song 'Tócame' by La Santa Grifa captures the essence of the lyrics by visually portraying the longing and desire for physical intimacy in a compelling and evocative manner.

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