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King Von explains the lyrics and meaning behind his song "Took Her To The O" which tells a story about a situation involving a girl, a confrontation, and the aftermath. The lyrics depict a narrative of events that unfold in a neighborhood, highlighting the realities of street life and the decision-making process in such situations.
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King Von explains that he wrote the song while in jail and it was inspired by urban novels.
He linked up with his friend Chocolate, who he has known for a while.
He mentions getting top from a stripper from Kankakee, which is not far from Chicago.
King Von took her to the O, which is their old block Parkway Gardens.
King Von describes a situation where he witnesses a confrontation and helps his friend escape by hiding her phone in his car.
King Von sees his friend being chased by someone and decides to help.
He hits the person chasing his friend and she manages to escape and run to his car.
King Von hides her phone in his car and lets her handle the situation while he stays in the car.
King Von is describing a situation where he broke the rules by letting a witness get in his car after committing a crime, but he had to be cautious and check his mirrors to make sure he wasn't being followed.
King Von mentions that he let off two shots and hit someone.
He talks about how the witness didn't cry and looked cute, which made him break the rule.
King Von checks his mirrors to ensure he's not being followed and feels paranoid.
He tells the witness to get out of the car to get food from Wendy's.
00:00I was in jail and I made this song I
00:01wrote it when I was in jail just
00:03recently and [ __ ] it wasn't on like
00:05inspiration for the uh so I was just
00:06like ah it just you know I just made it
00:09up she just I'd be reading a lot of
00:10urban novels at the moment you know and
00:11just living that [ __ ] for real so yeah
00:22in the city before to say I'm in that
00:24[ __ ]
00:25just came like that [ __ ] that was Ram
00:27they got the matching in the store just
00:28got the feeling like that and it just
00:30all come together at the end I just put
00:32that [ __ ] together like that I linked
00:33with chocolate That's my boy I've been
00:35[ __ ] him for a minute off off dirt
00:37and [ __ ] I
00:54just got some top from this strip of
00:56[ __ ] she from Kankakee kids it's not
00:58too far from Chicago like like two hours
01:00out like it ain't far from Chicago [ __ ]
01:01like outskirts real quick my homie Duty
01:04low even if people can't keep so I
01:05really had a duty enough
01:07OTL [ __ ] you know bald head ass just
01:09bought a Glock with a ruler clip boy
01:11don't play with me this [ __ ] a whole
01:12matter at the store you know how I go
01:14she Wanna smoke so I bought some Dopeman
01:16took her to the oh it's old block
01:18Parkway gods and [ __ ] that's what we
01:20call it oh a lot so that's why I took
01:22her to every decent over there because
01:25they got all type of [ __ ] over there and
01:27that's what it'd be fun actually so I
01:28take the host to the hole it's like like
01:30a little what you want to call a mini
01:33Resort I want to say
01:35I thought oh they got like they got like
01:37hotel room free rooms and [ __ ] like that
01:39it's like Vegas
01:41we in the car she don't let that far say
01:43she left her personal name tripping you
01:45know wanna play Let's play like I could
01:47have said [ __ ] that [ __ ] person we
01:48could have still went to the Oak he's
01:50already better oh he sounds yeah but
01:52instead I'm gonna play a [ __ ] I'm gonna
01:54get your purse for you all right we can
01:55go that first I'll Buster you put up to
01:57a spot so you live by the park it's
01:59getting dark my glock on my lap I'm just
02:02you see I'm saying she live by the park
02:04I'm not trying to get I'm just trying to
02:06put the put the listener into you know
02:09just more scenery and [ __ ] like we buy a
02:12park in front of them it's getting dark
02:13around this bit and I got my glock on my
02:15lap knowing I see a whole metal at a
02:17store she live in a broke ass
02:19neighborhood you know she probably
02:21trying to set a [ __ ] for
02:22something so she hopped out she
02:23switching this [ __ ] this [ __ ] thinking
02:25[ __ ] she got two minutes if she ain't
02:26back out then she gonna need a Lipper
02:28she left my phone so I picked it up
02:30they're so slow as [ __ ] now it's called
02:32three of them for Mama all right well I
02:35pick her phone up
02:36it's what it says I put up one of his
02:40names called three on four OG and [ __ ]
02:42three or four mom the other six eight
02:44duck so this [ __ ] been blowing that
02:45[ __ ] down now I look up and I see a
02:47truck it's just pulling up someone hop
02:49out a big Goofy [ __ ] he trying to look
02:51tough I'm like what what are you trying
02:53to do so I clutch my mood but he kept
02:55walking he don't want no smoke or he not
02:57bulletproof you out of clutch you can't
02:59you don't want to jump to prove me I
03:00want to open just get the clutch and get
03:02the dump and [ __ ] because what if it
03:04ain't you know because it'd be like that
03:05a lot of times I saw [ __ ] playing what
03:07if it's your homie coming up pulling up
03:08playing I saw a [ __ ] playing pull up
03:10[ __ ] homie shoot this old cop so
03:13you got a clutch you gotta get there you
03:14know so now you're trying to just gotta
03:16get ready if they know she let them go
03:18ahead keep you up I'm sitting in the car
03:19where I'm the [ __ ] he get out he
03:21walking and [ __ ] oh you know he changed
03:23that [ __ ] look Top they hop out he
03:24probably already met he said I'm saying
03:26I don't know what he got going on what's
03:27going on but [ __ ] be tough as hell
03:29walking past your car they'd be tough to
03:30seriously so he walked back you know
03:33he ain't no [ __ ] though [ __ ] keep
03:34walking [ __ ] hoe he's just kidding so
03:37just like he got some sense like he know
03:38he ain't bulletproof he keep well
03:40she walk out she stopped in the trash
03:42she get the stepping back then I had
03:44smacked this big Goofy [ __ ] he pulling
03:46in her tracks I wanna help but this
03:48ain't my hope you know how I go ain't
03:49got no cape I still got her phone she
03:51taking too long all right so right
03:53that's what a goofy [ __ ] he hopped out
03:54the one I was trying to act remember he
03:56was trying to act tough so all the time
03:58he walked out he chasing a Hulk so he he
04:00see the whole he get to beat the hole up
04:02and [ __ ] she get loose she run to my car
04:04so I hit the loss of her phone I'm a
04:06player like I told you in the beginning
04:07then I like you know find a player so
04:09there's some players [ __ ] let me just
04:11let the window down just a little bit to
04:13pass the whole phone and [ __ ] and I'm
04:15gonna let them handle y'all take care of
04:17that [ __ ] y'all make that [ __ ] right and
04:18I was gonna leave he said I'm saying I'm
04:20gone [ __ ] you want your own but here
04:22come goofy he hollering this [ __ ]
04:23yelling about a [ __ ] picked up a brick
04:25he merched it on breaking through it at
04:27my what merciful like he put it on
04:28somebody like like you know how people
04:31sometimes they at home you'll be on my
04:32dear cousin on my he merged it on
04:35somebody something man he or not oh he
04:37can't just let nobody throw no break at
04:39your car what you gonna do what y'all
04:40doing somebody
04:41I gotta get jury I can't be fighting all
04:45so I don't know what I'm gonna do now
04:47I'm like [ __ ] not hopped out so quick
04:49did not raise my blicking I don't miss I
04:51let off two shots I hit him in this [ __ ]
04:52and I might be quick what you finna do
04:54cause this gonna make the news gonna
04:55make your move so that [ __ ] get in
04:57cause she looking confused I broke the
04:59rule cause this [ __ ] you witness was
05:00not just pop dude but she ain't crying
05:02and this soul is smiling plus this [ __ ]
05:03look cute you know you know your own
05:05personal witness and [ __ ] when you do
05:07some [ __ ] like that it sounds
05:09that's rule number one no wins you know
05:11that she right here and you tell her
05:13come on get in the car I broke the rules
05:15cause this [ __ ] will witness plus I
05:16just popped up so we slide out I'm
05:18checking my mirrors made it to that
05:19house you know you paranoid you scared
05:21something happened you gotta check the
05:22mirrors you know you feel like somebody
05:24on your way say you man say you just ran
05:26a light or something you just damn you
05:28know and you start to pull your night
05:30today behind you or some [ __ ] now you
05:31gotta make sure you don't want to [ __ ]
05:32up you don't want to get caught dude
05:33told her hop out she said that she
05:35hungry I'm not back no doubt see if I'm
05:37with her to see a hoe we got a Wendy's
05:39both for four a piece of puff or
05:41something [ __ ] called like three four
05:43dollars it ain't going past
05:45our budget like so you got a budget I
05:47know you mad cause I smoked your man's
05:49left him on the curse she started
05:50smiling she said [ __ ] that [ __ ] he from
05:5263rd we don't Focus 63 like that it
05:55ain't safe though that [ __ ] ain't right
05:56it's dirty and so
06:00man these stories like this only in bed
06:02I don't even want to get to the bad part
06:04who going to jail like what's going on
06:07oh somebody gotta so I'm gonna hop in
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the story behind King Von's song 'Took Her To The O'?

King Von's song 'Took Her To The O' tells a story about a situation involving a girl, a confrontation, and the aftermath. The lyrics depict a narrative of events that unfold in a neighborhood, highlighting the realities of street life and the decision-making process in such situations.

2. What message does King Von convey through the lyrics of 'Took Her To The O'?

Through the lyrics of 'Took Her To The O', King Von conveys the harsh realities of street life and the complexity of decision-making in such environments. The song highlights the consequences of confrontations and the aftermath of such situations.

3. How does King Von's song 'Took Her To The O' depict the realities of street life?

King Von's song 'Took Her To The O' depicts the realities of street life by narrating events that unfold in a neighborhood, shedding light on the challenges and consequences faced by individuals involved in such environments.

4. What are the themes portrayed in King Von's song 'Took Her To The O'?

The themes portrayed in King Von's song 'Took Her To The O' include the complexities of decision-making, the consequences of confrontations, and the harsh realities of street life. The song presents a raw and unfiltered perspective of life in such environments.

5. How does King Von explain the meaning behind the lyrics of 'Took Her To The O'?

In 'Took Her To The O', King Von explains the meaning behind the lyrics by narrating a story involving a girl, a confrontation, and the aftermath. The song provides insight into the decision-making process and the harsh realities of street life portrayed through vivid storytelling.

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