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The video showcases 10 legitimate money-making apps that offer various ways to earn cash online, ranging from conducting market research tasks to taking surveys and playing games. These apps provide opportunities to earn extra income and can help offset expenses or contribute to financial security.
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This section introduces the premise app, which pays users for conducting market research tasks.
Premise is a global AI-focused platform that mobilizes smartphone users for market research.
Users can earn anywhere from 50 cents to $2 per task.
The app is available on both iOS and Android.
The video discusses four money-making apps that pay users through PayPal or gift cards.
Premise pays via PayPal or Coinbase.
Toluna Influencer pays for creating content and taking surveys, using PayPal or gift cards.
Opinion app pays for sharing personal opinions through surveys, with earnings varying per survey.
Field Agent pays $3 to $12 per task for reviewing different products.
The fifth money-making app on the list is Ysense, which allows users to earn money by taking surveys, completing tasks, and shopping online.
Surveys on Ysense can pay up to $5, with a minimum of 10 cents per survey.
Other tasks like testing services or signing up for websites can pay anywhere from a few cents to several dollars.
Ysense also offers Figure Eight tasks, which include data entry and research, and can earn users a few cents up to a few dollars per task.
Users can earn money on Ysense through PayPal, Payoneer, and gift cards.
This section discusses different money-making apps, including Payoneer, Disco, Market Agent, and Bubble Shooter.
Payoneer charges typical banking fees.
Disco pays users for sharing their opinions and experiences.
Market Agent allows users to earn money through paid surveys.
Bubble Shooter by Skills is a gaming app where users can earn money based on their scores.
Two money-making apps are mentioned in this section: dot app and
Dot app allows you to earn money by browsing the internet, but the pay is low at 10 to 20 cents per hour. is a gaming app where you can earn about $20 per day by playing games.
Both apps offer payment via PayPal and are available for download on Android and iOS.
00:07World smartphones aren't just for
00:10selfies anymore or just for scrolling on
00:14social media
00:16whether you're looking to make some
00:18extra cash in your spare time or you're
00:21seeking a flexible stream of income
00:24these carefully selected money apps that
00:27I'm about to share with you are designed
00:30to provide legitimate and rewarding
00:33earning opportunities so join me as I
00:37explore a diversified range of apps that
00:41offer various ways to earn now these
00:45apps won't enable Financial Freedom
00:47we're not talking about hundreds of
00:49thousands of dollars here no we're
00:52talking about enough to pay a bill or a
00:55few bills or to offset expenses on your
00:58path to achieving Financial Independence
01:01so get ready to unlock the potential of
01:05your smart phone and embark on a journey
01:08of Financial Security with these 10
01:11legitimate money making apps
01:18Now app number one is premise and this
01:22app pays you for conducting simple
01:25market research tasks with an AI Focus
01:28platform we are global
01:31our technology mobilizes communities of
01:33smartphone users to Source critical and
01:37previously unavailable insights for your
01:39organization in real time
01:42cost effectively and with the visibility
01:44and quality you need in this
01:46ever-changing world
01:48premise you win
01:51our community wins too
01:53learning more from sharing their
01:55opinions and local discoveries
01:57influencing their communities for the
02:00better this app is available both on IOS
02:04and Android and you will be able to earn
02:07anywhere from 50 cents to as much as two
02:11dollars per task now keep in mind that
02:14these tasks they do add up and all you
02:17have to do to get started is visit sign up choose the tasks and
02:23start earning now for ease of accessing
02:26these apps I'm gonna post the clickable
02:29links on patreon and the link will be
02:32below this video description just head
02:35down below the title click on more and
02:38you'll see the link that will take you
02:40to patreon where you will find the
02:42clickable links if you are not
02:44subscribed I'm gonna pop up at least a
02:46page here where you can see the actual
02:49website so that you are able to search
02:51and get to the information just same now
02:54premise will pay you via PayPal or
02:57coinbase which is another payment
02:59mechanism that's pretty popular but I
03:02know most of you by now have PayPal and
03:04if you don't what really is your excuse
03:07because regardless of where you live
03:09across the globe as I've shared on
03:12patreon there are ways to get access to
03:15different bank accounts to paypals and
03:18different payment methods that typically
03:20are available in only some countries
03:24let's move on the second app on our list
03:27and I may be mispronouncing this is
03:30toluna influencer now this is a
03:33worldwide app that's available on both
03:36IOS and Android and it will pay you for
03:39creating content and also taking surveys
03:43you can earn anywhere from one to two US
03:47dollars per survey and for Content it
03:51really differs based on the type of
03:53content that you are creating the
03:55payment method that toluna influencer
03:58uses is Paypal but they also use gift
04:01cards from either e-commerce platforms
04:03or suppliers and manufacturers of
04:06products and services as a means to
04:08reward especially those that don't have
04:11a PayPal account now the third money
04:14making app on our list is the opinion
04:17app and this is specific to iOS and this
04:21app is one of them that recognizes your
04:23personal opinion and gives you an
04:25opportunity for you to share it on
04:28different subject matters and you're
04:30doing so with the use of surveys now the
04:33earnings per survey will vary there's
04:35some there that's paying a few cents and
04:37some that's paying a few dollars but
04:39again the more you do the more you'll be
04:42able to earn and by visiting the opinion
04:45app website you'll be able to do a
04:48simple download of the app start taking
04:51these surveys and sharing your opinion
04:54and you'll start earning via PayPal and
04:57gift cards now this next app I'm excited
05:00about because it pays anywhere from 3 to
05:0412 US dollars per task and this one is
05:07field agent now this particular platform
05:10will pay you for completing small what's
05:13referred to as local tasks like taking a
05:16photograph of a particular store display
05:18or reviewing different products in
05:21stores or businesses to earn money the
05:24great news is it's available on both IOS
05:27and Android so there are no limitations
05:30and it will pay with PayPal and duala
05:33which I have no idea how to pronounce
05:35that but I'll spell it here so that you
05:38can reference it to get started you
05:41visit their website and you sign up
05:44choose the tasks that you would like to
05:46do and the minute you complete these
05:49tasks you can start earning and because
05:52this one pays much more than the others
05:55which is three to twelve dollars per
05:57task it will add up very quickly on your
06:00path to achieving Financial Security
06:02earning a few extra dollars from all
06:05these money making apps now the fifth
06:08money making app on our list is why
06:10sense and this is a rewards website that
06:13allows you to make money from taking
06:15surveys completing different tasks and
06:18even shopping online can you believe
06:21getting paid to shop I don't know about
06:23you but it's a hobby of mine and I'm
06:26sure many of you can identify rock stars
06:28if you like to shop and you would love
06:31to get paid to shop let me know in the
06:34comments by writing pay me to shop if
06:38you opt to do surveys versus doing the
06:40other tasks or getting paid to shop the
06:43surveys will pay you up to five US
06:45dollars with a minimum of 10 cents per
06:48survey so it's one of the better paying
06:51platforms out there and this obviously
06:53depends on the length and the complexity
06:56of the different surveys activities like
06:59testing new services or products or
07:02signing up for different websites which
07:04is also something you can do to earn
07:06these May pay you as little as a few
07:08cents to several dollars for each task
07:11there is also what's referred to on the
07:14platform as figure eight tasks and these
07:17are small tasks which include data entry
07:21research and while the payment for these
07:23tasks are generally small they can add
07:26up pretty quickly if you complete a lot
07:28of these tasks as it pertains to figure
07:31eight tasks the earnings do vary
07:34depending on the length of the task the
07:36type of task but you can expect to earn
07:39a few cents up to a few dollars per task
07:42to get started you visit their website
07:45at you sign up for an account
07:48it's free and you start choosing your
07:51tasks you will be able to earn via
07:54Paypal via payoneer and gift cards and
07:58remember there's this video here that
07:59explains how to create a payoneer
08:02account and why I like pioneer is
08:04because you can wire the money from
08:06payoneer to your bank account in any
08:10country for the most part across the
08:12globe at no cost to you other than the
08:15typical banking fees that payoneer will
08:18charge which are at a minimum now the
08:21great thing about why sense is that the
08:23task can be done from your phone even if
08:25there's not an app for that specific
08:28task that I mentioned now the next money
08:31making app on our list is discount and
08:34this is an app that pays you for sharing
08:36your opinion and experiences and it is
08:40available on both IOS and Android and
08:43you can earn money by participating in
08:46research missions yes very exciting now
08:50if you think about the name Disco Boy
08:53Scout about Girl Scout it's all about
08:56completing tasks in the field or
08:59missions as these Scout refers to them
09:01now the pay varies permission but there
09:05are scouts out there which is what
09:07you're referred to as when you use this
09:10platform to make money there are scouts
09:13who claim to have made over 200 US
09:17dollars for just one mission to sign up
09:20just visit their website at
09:22download the app Choose Your Mission and
09:26start making money no Market agent is
09:29the next money making app and this is an
09:33online panel where you can earn money
09:35through paid online and mobile surveys
09:39for each completed survey you'll earn
09:42points that can later be converted into
09:44Cash visit their website at to sign up start taking
09:50surveys and you'll be able to earn via
09:52PayPal and Skrill now this next platform
09:55will also pay you via PayPal and it's
09:58called Bubble Shooter by skills now this
10:02is a IOS app that allows you to play
10:04games and earn real money rock stars the
10:08more you play and the better you get the
10:11more money you'll earn the payment will
10:13vary depending on the scores that you're
10:15getting from the game however let me
10:17call out that there's no specific
10:19guaranteed pay for playing Bubble
10:22Shooter or any other skills game for
10:25that matter the pay is typically based
10:28on tournaments and matches where you
10:31could potentially win money if you're
10:33able to overcome your opponent but
10:36there's nothing wrong with working and
10:38doing things to earn our money right
10:40rock stars so I'm still gonna recommend
10:43this app because it has money making
10:45potential just visit simply
10:48download the app start playing games
10:51start competing start winning because
10:54you know we're winners and start making
10:57money and again like I said earlier you
11:00will earn that money via Paypal ponds
11:03dot app is an Android app that will
11:06allow you to earn money but you know
11:10literally browsing the internet which I
11:14know many of you rock stars are doing
11:16today and not earning a dime now I must
11:20tell you that the pay is pathetic with
11:23pawns app so it's really one of those
11:25platforms where if you have a lot of
11:27idle time on your hands you can use it
11:31because you will only earn 10 to 20
11:34cents per hour so this is how I see this
11:37app you have it downloaded on your phone
11:39you're browsing the internet anyway
11:42because the app is running in the
11:44background whenever you browse you no
11:47longer do it for free you're able to
11:49monetize every wasted moment unless
11:53you're using the internet to do
11:55something strategic that has the
11:57potential to add value to your life
11:59otherwise it's wasted moments to earn a
12:03few extra dollars while your motive may
12:05be something else you can visit their
12:08website to download the app start
12:10browsing in the internet and you'll earn
12:13via Paypal now this next app you'll
12:16again get paid for playing games and
12:19it's now this app is
12:21available on both Android and iOS and
12:25you can earn about 20 US dollars per day
12:28at twenty dollars per day let's say
12:30during that time you're only doing a
12:33four hour day versus a eight hour day as
12:36an example and you make ten dollars per
12:38day and you do that for 20 days in the
12:41month could 200 US dollars help you with
12:43a bill or two I know it could help me
12:45with a few of mine but you have to
12:48determine that rock stars to get started
12:50just visit their website download the
12:53app and you'll be able to earn via
12:55Paypal as you play games have fun and
12:59make money with this amazing money
13:02making app now with these apps making
13:05money online has never been easier and
13:09the great news is if you're not a gamer
13:11there's something here for you if you're
13:13not into missions you can do photos you
13:16can do surveys you can shop there is
13:18something here for everyone so what are
13:21you waiting for go grab your smartphone
13:24start downloading apps and watch your
13:27digital dollars rise now as always thank
13:31you for watching if you found value in
13:34anything I just shared I'd really
13:36appreciate you liking the video and
13:38until next time rockstars walk good
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the 10 legitimate money-making apps showcased in the video?

The video showcases 10 legitimate money-making apps that offer various ways to earn cash online. These apps range from conducting market research tasks to taking surveys and playing games, providing opportunities to earn extra income and contribute to financial security.

2. How can these money-making apps help in earning extra income?

These money-making apps offer various ways to earn cash online, such as conducting market research tasks, taking surveys, and playing games, providing opportunities to earn extra income and help offset expenses or contribute to financial security.

3. What opportunities do these money-making apps provide?

These money-making apps provide opportunities to earn extra income through conducting market research tasks, taking surveys, and playing games, offering a range of options to earn cash and contribute to financial security.

4. What are the different ways to earn cash through these apps?

These apps offer various ways to earn cash, including conducting market research tasks, taking surveys, and playing games, providing opportunities to earn extra income and contribute to financial security.

5. How can these money-making apps contribute to financial security?

These money-making apps offer opportunities to earn extra income and can help offset expenses or contribute to financial security through conducting market research tasks, taking surveys, and playing games.

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