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В этом видео показано 10 полезных бесплатных веб-сайтов, которые вы, вероятно, не знали, что существуют, включая инструменты для работы с PDF, AI-парафразирование текста, поиск оптимальных способов перевозки, бесплатные иллюстрации, удаление нежелательных объектов с фотографий, тренировки, автоматическое создание формул в Excel, бесплатные курсы и создание фонового шума для фокусировки и релаксации.
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В этом разделе рассказывается о двух полезных веб-сайтах: pdf24 и quilbot.
pdf24 предоставляет множество бесплатных онлайн-инструментов для редактирования и конвертации PDF-файлов.
Quilbot - это инструмент для перефразирования текста, помогающий улучшить ясность и стать более эффективным писателем.
В этом разделе показываются различные способы путешествия, а также рекомендуется бесплатный ресурс для получения иллюстраций для проектов.
Rome to Rio предлагает приложения для IOS и Android для поиска различных видов транспорта для путешествия. предлагает настраиваемые иллюстрации, которые могут быть использованы в любом проекте. предлагает инструмент для удаления нежелательных объектов с фотографий, включая людей.
В этом отрывке представлены несколько полезных бесплатных веб-сайтов, включая, Derby, formula bot и Jitter.
04:28 предлагает планы, начиная с 3 долларов в месяц, и имеет базу данных более 2100 тренировок.
Derby - отличный ресурс для тренировок, имеющий более 2100 тренировок, форум и полезные руководства.
formula bot поможет вам создавать правильные формулы в Microsoft Excel с помощью искусственного интеллекта.
Jitter позволяет создавать полноценные анимации с помощью множества настраиваемых параметров и сотен шаблонов.
Видео рассказывает о трех полезных бесплатных веб-сайтах.
Jitter предлагает бесплатный план, но с ограничением на разрешение видео и наличием водяного знака.
Openlearn предлагает более 1000 бесплатных курсов по разным предметам, с возможностью получить сертификат о прохождении курса. предлагает генератор шума и звуков природы, которые помогают сосредоточиться, расслабиться и улучшить сон.
00:00Howdy Folks welcome back to our useful
00:03website series coming up I'll show you
00:0510 useful websites in various categories
00:07never before seen on this channel that
00:09you probably did not know existed best
00:11of all they're all free to use let's get
00:21for decades Adobe Acrobat has been the
00:24standard for creating and editing PDFs
00:27the downside is the pricing is not
00:29budget friendly for many people
00:31pdf24 available at is an awesome website
00:37with a huge collection of free online
00:39tools that can be used on any operating
00:41system in any browser they make it easy
00:43to edit and convert any PDF file
00:46preserving the layout and format without
00:48any errors for those times you need it
00:50this is one that you should have
00:52if you would prefer to use all the tools
00:54offline they also have a free program
00:56for Windows only called pdf24 creator
00:59with all the tools included
01:03quilbot is an AI powered
01:06paraphrasing tool to help students and
01:08professionals edit rewrite and change
01:10the tone of their text to improve
01:12Clarity and become a more effective
01:15to begin you just enter or paste your
01:17text here on the left
01:19then click on paraphrase
01:23use the synonym slider here at the top
01:25to change more or less of your writing
01:29with its built-in thesaurus clicking on
01:31any word will show you a list of
01:33suggested synonyms then just click on
01:35the word or phrase that you want to use
01:37in your writing
01:39quill bot is free to use with
01:41limitations for some of you that may be
01:43all that you need for additional
01:45features including a plagiarism Checker
01:47their Premium plan starts at a little
01:49more than eight dollars per month
01:52here's a cool travel site for you Rome
01:54to Rio which can be found at Rome the
01:57number two lets you search any
01:59address landmark and attraction to show
02:02you the best modes of transportation to
02:03get there if you use it just enter your
02:06departure City and destination then
02:08click on search
02:12after doing a search on the left it'll
02:14show you the best option sometimes below
02:16that you'll also see the fastest and
02:18cheapest way to travel and below that
02:20more options let's go with best
02:24it'll now show you the various modes of
02:26transportation for your trip you can
02:28also click on the various modes to get
02:30additional information
02:33Rome to Rio also has apps available for
02:36both IOS and Android
02:39in other videos in this series I've
02:41shown you free websites like unsplash
02:43and pixabay to get free stock photos for
02:46free illustrations I recommend story set
02:48at they're all customizable
02:51and can be used in any project that you
02:53can think of
02:54to begin in the search box do a search
02:56for an illustration in this example
02:58let's go with computer
03:01after doing your search you're on the
03:03left there are filters for Styles color
03:05and background
03:07when you select an illustration you'll
03:09find the customization options here on
03:11the right I'll change the color to light
03:15after making your changes you can
03:16download it as an SVG or PNG file in
03:20addition all illustrations can be
03:22animated by selecting animate it here at
03:25the top
03:26over here on the left there are various
03:28elements that you can change or you can
03:30just select randomize here on the top
03:34when you're done select export
03:38going to the web address which also happens to
03:42be the name of this tool that you remove
03:43any unwanted objects from your photos
03:45including people they suggest several
03:48use cases where this might be helpful
03:50for photographers to remove people and
03:53time stamps for Creative agencies to
03:56remove logos and text for real estate
03:58agents to remove any unwanted objects
04:01from their photos for e-commerce doing
04:03much the same as the other use cases to
04:06remove any text logo date stamp or
04:09Watermark and for developers API for
04:12high quality and painting it's simple to
04:14use you can just click here to find the
04:16photo on your computer or just drag and
04:18drop the image on your computer onto the
04:21web page
04:22on the pre-plan images will be limited
04:24to 720P HD
04:26there's a brush slider here at the
04:28bottom to make it smaller or bigger to
04:30use the brush after importing your photo
04:32left click and drag with your mouse
04:34filling in the object
04:38then let go and in this one the
04:40astronaut disappeared
04:42for unlimited resolution and additional
04:44features has plans that
04:47start at three dollars per month
04:50Derby is great for those of
04:53you looking for Inspirations to your
04:55workouts this fantastic resource is
04:57completely free with no ads and is 100
04:59supported by donations from its users
05:02they now have a database of more than
05:042100 workouts for you to choose from
05:06most of which are designed for beginners
05:09each and every day of the year they have
05:11an exercise of the day the handy timers
05:13shown below could control the duration
05:15of the exercise
05:17they also have a workout of the day
05:20consisting of several different
05:23on Derby in addition to their useful
05:25guides challenges and exercise
05:26collections they have a very active
05:28Forum if you're ever needing help from
05:30its users in its community
05:34if you use Microsoft Excel and struggle
05:36with generating the correct formulas for
05:38your tasks formula bot at
05:41just might be what you're looking for
05:43do not have to remember anything too
05:45complicated using artificial
05:46intelligence it'll take your text
05:48instructions and transform them into
05:50Excel formulas that you can use in Excel
05:53in addition you can create spreadsheet
05:55templates generate SQL queries and so
05:58much more
05:59for many people the free plan for
06:01formula bot will be all that they need
06:03premium plans are also available for
06:05those needing additional usage and
06:08this is kind of cool if you if you run
06:09an eligible non-profit organization as
06:12part of their giving back program you
06:14can sign up to receive free access with
06:16unlimited usage on their website
06:20this will be a quick one Jitter which
06:22can be found at helps
06:24creators to make full motion animations
06:26with tons of customization options
06:29for those of you that are familiar with
06:31or have used canva it's very similar but
06:34for video animations
06:36the great thing about it is that you
06:37don't have to start each project from
06:39scratch there are hundreds of templates
06:41for you to choose from
06:43Jitter does have a free plan but limits
06:45the video output to 720p and will place
06:47their watermark on your creations
06:49to get rid of the watermark and Export
06:51up to 4K plans start at 12 per month
06:56getting a college education can be very
06:59expensive over the years I've tried to
07:01share free sources to help improve your
07:03skills and knowledge openlearn openlearn is another fantastic
07:09resource it's available from the folks
07:12at the open University
07:13that now offer over 1 000 free courses
07:16across nine different subject areas all
07:19of which are available to start right
07:21away these free courses give you the
07:23flexibility to learn on your schedule at
07:25your own pace helping to balance your
07:27work and family life upon completion of
07:30any course you'll receive a free
07:32statement of participation from open
07:34learn to show that you've completed the
07:35course which you can share with
07:37prospective employers family and friends
07:41my noise at the address is a
07:45noise generator of ambient music and
07:47nature sounds that they claim can
07:48enhance Focus relaxation and sleep
07:51they're grouped into several categories
07:53including focus and productivity
07:55meditation and relaxation White Noise
07:58Stress and Anxiety Relief open space
08:01offices and many others back at the top
08:04for this example in meditation and
08:06relaxation I'll go with Japanese garden
08:10after you click on Play You'll see
08:12various sliders you can adjust to suit
08:14your needs here we go
08:36thanks for watching links are in the
08:38description if this video is useful for
08:40you give it a thumbs up and share it
08:41with others what three websites do you
08:43use that you think are amazingly useful
08:45let us know about them in the comments
08:47and if you're new to our Channel
08:48subscribe and click the Bell to not miss
08:50out on our latest useful websites videos
08:51and other Tech related stuff here on
08:54Bretton Tech
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the 10 useful websites showcased in the video summary?

The 10 useful websites showcased in the video summary include a PDF editor, an AI paraphrasing tool, a travel site, a free stock illustration website, a photo object removal tool, a workout resource, an Excel formula generator, a video animation creator, a free online course platform, and a noise generator for relaxation.

2. How can a PDF editor be useful?

A PDF editor can be useful for editing and customizing PDF documents, such as adding text, images, or annotations, as well as merging or splitting PDF files.

3. What benefits does an AI paraphrasing tool offer?

An AI paraphrasing tool offers the benefit of quickly and accurately rephrasing sentences or paragraphs, saving time and effort in content creation and writing tasks.

4. What can be found on the free stock illustration website?

The free stock illustration website provides a wide range of high-quality, free-to-use illustrations for various purposes, including website design, presentations, and marketing materials.

5. How can a noise generator for relaxation be helpful?

A noise generator for relaxation can be helpful in creating a calming and peaceful environment by masking unwanted noises and promoting relaxation, focus, and better sleep.

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