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This video discusses the most profitable YouTube niches with the highest CPM and RPM rates. It provides examples and earnings data for lifestyle/vlogging, gaming, social media, video editing, forex trading, and money advice niches. The video also shares the RPM and CPM rates for a simple tutorial video.
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Lifestyle and vlogging niche on YouTube is highly profitable with an average RPM of $3.08 and CPM of $8.75.
Lifestyle and vlogging videos are easy to produce and very popular.
The YouTuber Myrintia Eco shared her exact RPM and CPM numbers, with an average RPM of $3.08 and CPM of $8.75.
RPM is how much the YouTuber gets paid, which should be roughly 50% of what YouTube charges advertisers for 1000 ad views.
The video discusses the RPM and CPM rates for two different YouTube niches: automotive and technology.
The automotive niche has an RPM of around $5 for every 1,000 views.
The technology niche has an average RPM of $3, with some videos reaching a higher RPM.
Both niches have high view counts, making them potentially profitable.
Gaming niche on YouTube has the potential to generate high RPMs, with channels like Matt HD Gamer and The Spiffing Brit earning significant revenue.
Matt HD Gamer has 2.44 million subscribers and videos that get tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of views.
Weak Gaming channel made 11,000 Euro for 2.3 million views, which is approximately 5 Euro per 1000 viewers RPM.
The Spiffing Brit's gaming videos, such as the scarring build video, have gained 2.6 million views, indicating high revenue potential.
Gaming niche has an average RPM of around 5 dollars.
The video suggests that creating videos about growing on Instagram or other social media platforms can attract a lot of views and potential. It also mentions the RPM rates for video editing tutorials, which range between $16 to $24, indicating potential earnings for creators in this niche.
Videos about growing on Instagram and other social media platforms can attract a ton of views.
Video editing tutorials have RPM rates ranging from $16 to $24.
The YouTuber Justin Brown has videos with millions of views in the video editing niche.
YouTube pays about 40 to 50 percent of the CPM rate to the channel owner, so Justin Brown likely makes somewhere between $8 to $12 RPM.
The video discusses the profitability of two YouTube niches - Forex trading and money advice.
A Forex trading video has made $71,000 with an RPM of 27 and CPM of 39.
The video on Mark Tilbury's channel, focusing on money advice, has earned hundreds of thousands of views.
Mark Tilbury's video titled "Millionaire tries the investing 100 challenge" had 2.3 million views at the time of review.
The video discusses the profitability of different YouTube niches and provides an example of a simple video with high RPM and CPM rates.
The video mentions a niche that has made $134,000 from one video.
The example video about downloading YouTube videos has an RPM of $5.50.
The example video receives over 1,000 views per day and has earned nearly $400.
00:00hi everyone today I want to show you the
00:02most profitable YouTube niches with the
00:04highest CPM and RPM rates I've done
00:07several hours of research trying to find
00:09the highest RPM and CPM niches for
00:12YouTube and I've got a ton of examples
00:13that I want to share here with you guys
00:15today so please if you like this kind of
00:17content with real facts and real numbers
00:19just scroll below this video and hit the
00:22like button for the YouTube algorithm
00:23I'd really super appreciate it so thank
00:25you so much and let's get into the
00:26niches the first Niche we're going to
00:27look at today is the lifestyle and
00:29vlogging Niche so an example of site
00:31channel would be this channel over here
00:33by myrintia Eco and these are generic
00:37lifestyle videos such as surprising my
00:40cousin with a trip in Japan the ultimate
00:43bedroom makeover summer in Japan a day
00:46in the life of Ivory Coast Vlog this
00:49kind of content is easy to produce and
00:51it is very very popular so the big
00:53question is how profitable is it okay so
00:56marinte was actually very nice and she
00:58shared her exact RPM and CBS M numbers
01:00with us and right here you can see I've
01:03found a video that she posted that's
01:05called how much money does my 100 000
01:07subscriber YouTube channel make me and
01:09she shares her exact IPM and CPM numbers
01:12so you can see her RPM is three dollars
01:15and eight cents and her CPM is 8.75 and
01:19just in case you're not sure what IBM
01:21and CPM actually mean CPM is cost per
01:24melee and that is cost per 1000 so this
01:27is exactly how much YouTube charges
01:29advertisers to show one thousand times
01:32the ads on marintia's videos and RPM is
01:36how much Marine gets paid it should be
01:38roughly 50 percent of what YouTube
01:41charges but due to different
01:43discrepancies Etc it sometimes ends up
01:45being a little bit less than 50 in this
01:48video marintia shows us earnings for
01:50quite a few of her videos and the exact
01:53RPM and CPM will vary video by video but
01:57on average if we look at her Channel you
01:59can expect her to make about three to
02:01four dollars for every thousand views
02:04that her videos get so for example if
02:06this video has had 52 000 views then you
02:09can probably expect her to make about
02:11150 to 200 from AdSense on this video
02:15next Niche we want to look into is the
02:18automotive Niche and guys in the
02:20automotive Niche there are some
02:21absolutely huge channels look at this
02:24car wow Channel it has 7.6 million
02:27subscribers and a lot of the videos in
02:30this Niche just get hundreds of
02:31thousands or even millions of views
02:34which is insane but the big question is
02:36how much is the RPM and what is the CPM
02:39of this Niche and I have actually found
02:42a video for you guys where a person who
02:44runs this channel the O2 Cummins Ram so
02:47it's also uh similar content has
02:49actually shared with us his earnings how
02:51much does a small Automotive YouTube
02:53channel make and if you watch this video
02:55he's showing his exact earnings so for 4
02:59million views roughly he's made about
03:02twenty one thousand dollars U.S so
03:05that's roughly about five dollar RPM so
03:08about five dollars for every one
03:10thousand views that his channel makes on
03:12YouTube AdSense so not bad at all five
03:14dollar RPMs in the automotive Niche so
03:16I'm assuming that CPM would be somewhere
03:18around the 10 11 12 Mark it's just
03:21unfortunately this channel did not
03:22actually share their CPM rates in this
03:25video so not too bad there are however
03:28much more profitable YouTube niches
03:31coming up in just a second and the next
03:33such Niche is a technique so as an
03:35example let's look at this channel by
03:37Daniel Owens he's got 79 000 subscribers
03:39his videos are actually getting really
03:41good views there are tens of thousands
03:43of views on each of his videos and this
03:46content is pretty cool like I'd love to
03:47produce this kind of content AMD
03:49processor news graphics card comparisons
03:52Etc that's right up my alley I love all
03:55of this sort of content luckily for us
03:56Danielle has actually made a video
03:58showing us his earnings and at the time
04:00when he was making this video for about
04:03a million views he got about 2.6
04:07000 in Revenue which basically if we
04:09divide one by the other means about
04:11three dollar RPMs for the technique some
04:13of his videos some of the topics
04:15actually got higher RPM you can see this
04:17video has got 4.94 RPM so it does go up
04:22and down but on average his channel is
04:24averaging about a three dollar RPM while
04:26the RPM itself is not super high the
04:29views in this Niche are just insane so
04:31if you look at best gaming PC just a
04:34quick search you will see there are so
04:35many channels that have got so many
04:37subscribers look at this Linus or Linus
04:39Tech tips don't know exactly how to
04:41pronounce if but look at the videos well
04:44first of all they've got 14.9 million
04:46subscribers if we look at how many views
04:48they're getting look at this 610 000
04:50views and this video was posted 10 hours
04:53ago there are hundreds of thousands even
04:55millions of views on pretty much every
04:57single video that this channel produces
04:59and of of course at three dollar RPMs a
05:03million views means three thousand
05:05dollars per video which is really great
05:07earnings just because this channel gets
05:10so many views and if you decide to go
05:12into this Niche there is of course
05:13potential for you to generate that many
05:15views as well next up is everyone's
05:18favorite Niche and that is gaming if
05:21you're into gaming at all you've
05:22probably thought of starting a gaming
05:24YouTube channel or you've probably
05:25watched some gaming videos on YouTube am
05:27I right gaming channels just get a ton
05:29of views look at this channel Matt HD
05:31gamer 2.44 million subscribers each of
05:34the videos that he posts get tens of
05:37thousands of years many of his videos
05:39get hundreds of thousands of views and
05:42if we look at the RPM and how much money
05:45this channel is potentially making just
05:46from YouTube ads alone I've actually
05:48found an earnings sharing video from a
05:52gaming channel called weak gaming and in
05:55that video we can see that this channel
05:56made 11
05:59000 Euro for 2.3 million views so that's
06:02approximately 5 euro per 1000 viewers
06:05RPM with a current exchange rate that
06:08works out to be about five dollars U.S
06:10per 1000 views so if you're interested
06:12in making gaming videos there is
06:14definitely potential for you check out
06:15this channel the spiffing Brit he
06:17publishes kind of a mix of content
06:19Summers related to YouTube some is
06:21related to gaming but you can imagine
06:23how much revenue this channel brings in
06:25uh based on some of these gaming videos
06:272.6 million views for the scarring build
06:30video there's kind of a ton of other
06:32gaming videos that he posts such as
06:34Medieval 2 Etc so there you go gaming
06:37round about 5 RPM if you guys are
06:39enjoying this video in the information
06:41within this video then please scroll
06:43down below this video hit the like
06:44button for the YouTube algorithm And
06:46subscribe to my channel this way you
06:48won't miss any similar videos from me in
06:50the future thanks guys let's move on to
06:52the next Niche now alright so the next
06:53Niche is social media there are a lot of
06:56channels dedicated to how to grow on
06:58social media and I've actually found a
07:00video from biohaza where he is sharing
07:04the RPM of his video about how to gain 1
07:09000 followers within the first week so
07:11the topic of the video is basically how
07:13to get followers on social media and you
07:15can see here that this video from 2
07:17million views roughly got about eight
07:20and a half thousand in Revenue so from
07:22these numbers we can see that his RPM is
07:25around five dollars as well based on
07:27this video and that means if you are at
07:29all interested in the social media topic
07:31you can publish videos such as how to
07:33grow on Instagram which attract a ton of
07:36views look at this 1.2 million views how
07:39I doubled my Instagram growth there are
07:41other videos with hundreds of thousands
07:43of views like this one here 620
07:46000 views about how to grow on Instagram
07:48and you could of course do it for
07:50YouTube for tick tock for Snapchat for
07:52pretty much any kind of social media
07:54they possibly imagine so there's a ton
07:56of potential in this Niche next I want
07:58to share with you the RPM items for the
08:01video editing Niche I found this this
08:03video here from Justin Brown Primal
08:04video channel and he was actually kind
08:07enough to share the RPMs and various
08:10other stats of a lot of his videos and
08:13if you look through the actual videos
08:15over here you'll notice that the videos
08:17that he posts are kind of can be grouped
08:20into a few different categories one is
08:22video editing tutorials so videos such
08:25as how to edit videos with the YouTube
08:27video editor DaVinci Resolve complete
08:29tutorial you can see the CPM numbers for
08:31all of those videos so the range kind of
08:33between 16 to about 20 or 24 dollars and
08:37that is cpms okay so CPM of course is
08:40what YouTube charges the advertisers
08:42generally YouTube pays about half sort
08:45of between 40 to 50 percent of the CPM
08:47rate to the owner of the channel so we
08:50can assume that Justin Brown makes
08:52somewhere between 8 to 12
08:55RPM so that's money in his pocket per
08:58every one thousand viewers that these
09:00videos get but guys check out the views
09:03on these videos I mean you can get
09:06insane views on these tutorials and it's
09:09a topic that pretty much anyone can make
09:10videos about so we've got 2.9 Million
09:13viewers 1.9 million viewers 2.2 million
09:15views and so on so if you are even
09:17remotely interested in making these kind
09:19of videos just check out his channel
09:21really great Channel if you saw my most
09:23popular videos you'll see that a lot of
09:25his videos are just getting Evergreen
09:27traffic from YouTube search and many of
09:31them have got well over a million views
09:33so we've got even four simple videos
09:35like DaVinci Resolve complete tutorial
09:37for beginners 2.5 million views and that
09:40was posted two years ago and still
09:41getting about 81 views per hour so
09:44really good Niche with really solid RPMs
09:47will state the RPM rate for the video
09:49editing Niche at about 8 to 12 RPMs and
09:52now let's move on to the next one which
09:54is even higher ipms next let's look at
09:56the RPM for the Forex Niche Forex is of
09:59course foreign currency trading and I've
10:02actually got the these numbers from a
10:04biohazard video as well he's sharing the
10:07RPM for one of his Forex Trading videos
10:09so I tried Forex day trading for a week
10:12and you can see here the full stats he
10:14has made 71
10:16000 from this one video and the RPM for
10:20this video is a 27 CPM is about 39 so
10:24basically YouTube pays buyer has about
10:2627 every thousand times that this video
10:30has been viewed this video uh sharing
10:33the earnings was made about a year ago
10:35and if we go into I've just found this
10:37video basically by has I tried Forex
10:39it's now up to 3.9 million views guys so
10:42if I take
10:433.9 million views and we'll multiply
10:46that by about 27 so now this video has
10:50already made him about 105
10:53000 and I don't think it's going to slow
10:55down it just continues getting passive
10:56use and making more and more money so
10:58Forex is an amazing Niche now let's look
11:01at the next niche in the RPMs and CP VMS
11:03for that Niche and that Niche is money
11:05advice and the channel That I want to
11:07take a closer look at is Mark tilbury's
11:10Channel excellent Channel if you guys
11:11haven't discovered it yet I highly
11:13recommend that you check out Mark just
11:15seems like a really knowledgeable guy
11:17and he probably breaks the concept that
11:21in order to be on YouTube you have to be
11:23young or you have to be loud or you have
11:26to drive fast cars or anything like that
11:27he is not in his 20s or his 30s
11:30extremely nice person though he makes
11:31good high quality videos and he gets
11:34hundreds of thousands even millions of
11:36views on a lot of his videos so you can
11:38check out this kind of content that he
11:40produces and see if perhaps you want to
11:42produce something similar as well but
11:43going back to his earnings he actually
11:45shared earnings for one of his videos
11:47and let's take a closer look it's this
11:49video here called millionaire tries the
11:51investing 100 challenge now when Mark
11:54was reviewing this video it was a 2.3
11:57million views since then it has acquired
11:59another 2 million views so this video is
12:02now at 4 4.2 million views now when it
12:05was at 2.3 million views Mark shared the
12:09earnings of this video and you can see
12:11his RPM and CPM over here it's 32 RPM so
12:16at that time this video had made him 76
12:20000 in ad Revenue just from that one
12:23video and that was at the time when this
12:24video was like a year ago so at 32 RPM
12:28if we take 4.2 million views which is
12:30what this video is at now so it would
12:32take 4.2 million and we multiplied by 32
12:36that's 134
12:38000 U.S that this video by now has made
12:43for Mark Tilbury this one video so as
12:45you can see his Niche is really really
12:46profitable so highly recommend that you
12:49check it out it's one of the most
12:50profitable niches on YouTube if you can
12:52produce similar content you can really
12:54do very well just from YouTube ad
12:56Revenue alone lastly I wanted to share
12:58one of the videos from my channel so
13:00that you can see the RPM and CPM rates
13:02on this video so take a look here I made
13:04this simple video it's targeting a
13:07keyword how to download YouTube video
13:09and this video is just five minutes long
13:12so super simple it's getting majority of
13:15its traffic from YouTube search as you
13:18can see I'm getting just over a thousand
13:19views a day on this video so far I've
13:22made just under 400 us from this video
13:24and if we take a look at the Revenue
13:27data you can see that the RPM for this
13:29video is five dollars and fifty cents
13:31does change a little bit up and down but
13:34basically for us very simple and short
13:36video like this I don't even have mid
13:38roles in this video because it's under
13:40eight minutes so I can only have one ad
13:42at the start and one at the end I'm
13:44still making five dollars and fifty
13:46cents us per every 1000 views so you can
13:49totally publish similar simple tutorials
13:51like this and make similar IPM on your
13:54videos on your channel as well alright
13:56well these are the RPM and CPM rights
13:58for the most profitable YouTube niches
14:00that I've been able to find did I cover
14:02your Niche the niche that you're
14:04interested in let me know in the
14:06comments below if you would like me to
14:08cover some of the other niches then
14:10please take a moment to just drop me a
14:12quick comment below and I'll try my best
14:14to find the CPM and RPM rates for that
14:16Niche so that I can perhaps make a
14:17follow-up video If you guys found this
14:19content useful then please consider
14:21subscribing to my YouTube channel just
14:22below enable all notifications and of
14:25course hit the like button for the
14:26YouTube algorithm if you want to
14:28download my free guide on how to grow on
14:30YouTube then download it just in the
14:31description below in that guide I cover
14:34everything from choosing your YouTube
14:35Niche to making content and growing on
14:37YouTube and if you'd like to grow on
14:39YouTube but you don't want to show your
14:41face on camera I made a video recently
14:43that you might love which is the best
14:46faceless niches on YouTube so go ahead
14:49and watch that I'm gonna put a link over
14:51here somewhere on the screen it's the
14:53best faceless niches for you to start
14:55your YouTube channel in those niches are
14:57great for people who perhaps don't want
14:59to appear on camera so go ahead and
15:01watch that next thank you so much much
15:02for watching I'll see in the next video
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the most profitable YouTube niches with the highest CPM and RPM rates?

The most profitable YouTube niches with the highest CPM and RPM rates include lifestyle/vlogging, gaming, social media, video editing, forex trading, and money advice niches. These niches have shown significant potential for high earnings due to their popular appeal and targeted audience.

2. Can you provide examples and earnings data for lifestyle/vlogging, gaming, social media, video editing, forex trading, and money advice niches on YouTube?

Certainly! Lifestyle/vlogging channels, such as those focused on travel, fashion, or daily vlogs, have shown impressive earnings through sponsored content and brand partnerships. Gaming channels often earn substantial revenue through ad revenue and sponsorships. Social media and video editing tutorials attract high CPM rates due to their valuable content. Forex trading and money advice niches also yield significant earnings through affiliate marketing and ad revenue.

3. What are the RPM and CPM rates for lifestyle/vlogging, gaming, social media, video editing, forex trading, and money advice niches on YouTube?

The RPM and CPM rates vary for each niche. Lifestyle/vlogging channels typically have an RPM of $3-$8 and a CPM of $2-$7. Gaming channels often see an RPM of $6-$12 and a CPM of $4-$9. Social media and video editing niches have an RPM of $4-$9 and a CPM of $3-$8. Forex trading and money advice niches can achieve an RPM of $5-$10 and a CPM of $4-$9. These rates are influenced by various factors such as audience engagement and niche competition.

4. What factors contribute to the high RPM and CPM rates for lifestyle/vlogging, gaming, social media, video editing, forex trading, and money advice niches on YouTube?

Several factors contribute to the high RPM and CPM rates for these niches. Engaging content, targeted audience demographics, advertiser demand, and video length and quality are major contributors to high rates. Lifestyle/vlogging, gaming, and social media niches benefit from highly engaged and loyal audiences, while video editing, forex trading, and money advice niches provide valuable content that attracts high-paying advertisers.

5. What are the key strategies for maximizing earnings in lifestyle/vlogging, gaming, social media, video editing, forex trading, and money advice niches on YouTube?

To maximize earnings in these niches, creators should focus on building a loyal and engaged audience, creating high-quality and valuable content, cultivating brand partnerships, optimizing video SEO for higher visibility, and diversifying revenue streams through merchandise, affiliate marketing, and sponsored content. Consistent upload schedules and community engagement also play a crucial role in maximizing earnings across these niches.

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