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The video discusses the 10 poorest African countries in 2023 based on their GDP per capita, highlighting their economic challenges and dependence on agriculture, while also mentioning factors such as political instability, violence, natural disasters, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their social and financial health. Despite these challenges, the countries have cultural and natural resources that provide potential for development and poverty reduction.
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The video discusses the 10 poorest African countries in 2023, highlighting Burundi and Sierra Leone.
Burundi is the poorest country in Africa and the world, facing political instability, violence, and underdevelopment.
Burundi heavily depends on agriculture, which represents more than 40% of its GDP.
Sierra Leone is the second poorest country in Africa, having experienced a long civil war and the Ebola epidemic.
Sierra Leone heavily relies on diamond exports and faces governance and corruption issues.
Malawi, Ethiopia, Guinea-Bissau, and Niger are among the least developed countries in Africa.
Malawi has a low GDP per capita and relies heavily on agriculture.
Ethiopia has a rich cultural diversity and has experienced economic growth in recent years.
Guinea-Bissau is plagued by instability, weak governance, and a dependence on cashew nut production.
Niger is one of the poorest countries with various social and environmental health problems.
Niger, Mozambique, and the Democratic Republic of Congo are among the 10 least developed countries in Africa in 2023.
Niger is one of the largest countries in Africa, but faces challenges such as drought, famine, and water shortages.
Mozambique has a diverse geography but struggles with poverty, inequality, corruption, and the impact of climate change.
The Democratic Republic of Congo has exceptional natural resources but has experienced recurring conflicts since gaining independence.
Tanzania and Madagascar are among the top 10 poorest African countries in 2023.
Tanzania is known for its linguistic and religious cultural diversity, as well as tourist attractions like Mount Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti National Park.
Tanzania has experienced economic growth due to natural gas reserves but still faces challenges such as rural poverty and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the tourism sector.
Madagascar is rich in biodiversity and has a mixed culture influenced by Asian, European, and African peoples.
Madagascar has faced political and social crises, dependence on subsistence agriculture, vulnerability to climatic hazards, and a lack of infrastructure. The COVID-19 pandemic has worsened the country's health and economic situation.
00:00hi everyone welcome to info lantv
00:02today I am going to tell you about 10
00:05African countries which are among the
00:07poorest in the world in 2023 according to the
00:09American magazine Global Finance these
00:12countries are facing many challenges
00:14such as low economic growth the
00:16lack of infrastructure dependence
00:18on raw materials corruption
00:21conflicts natural disasters or
00:23even the effects of
00:24climate change these countries have also been
00:27hit hard by the
00:29covid-19 pandemic which has worsened their
00:31social and financial health situation but these
00:35countries are not without hope they
00:37also have
00:38cultural and natural human resources which can
00:40allow them to develop and
00:41reduce poverty so here is the
00:44placement of the 10 poorest African countries
00:46in 2023 based on
00:48gross domestic product Tibet per capita at
00:51parity of the power of PPP purchase which measures
00:54the real wealth of inhabitants
00:55taking into account the cost of living and
00:59Burundi the poorest country
01:02in Africa and the world with a GDP per
01:04capita of 307 dollars in 2023 this small
01:08country Central Africa has been plagued by
01:09political instability and violence
01:11for decades; it also suffers from
01:14underdevelopment, malnutrition,
01:16lack of access to drinking water,
01:18electricity and health care;
01:21Burundi essentially depends of
01:22agriculture which represents more than 40%
01:25of its GDP and employs more than 80% of its
01:28active population;
01:29Burundi was also affected by the
01:31health crisis linked to covid-19 which
01:34led to a drop in exports,
01:36tax revenues and migrant transfers
01:40Sierra Leone the second poorest country
01:43in Africa and the world with a
01:45country B per capita of 471 dollars in
01:482023 this West African country
01:51experienced a long civil war between
01:521991 and 2002 which caused more than 50,000
01:55deaths and displaced more than 2 million
01:57people. It was also hit by
02:00the Ebola epidemic between 2014 and 2016
02:02which caused more than 4,000 deaths and
02:04affected its economy. Sierra Leone
02:07depends heavily on
02:08diamond exports. of iron and other minerals which
02:11are subject to fluctuations in
02:12international catches it also faces
02:15problems of governance of corruption
02:17of inequalities and food insecurity
02:21Malawi the third
02:24poorest country in Africa and the world with a GDP
02:27per capita of 482 dollars in 2023, this
02:31southern African country is one of the
02:32most densely populated on the continent with
02:34more than 19 million inhabitants for an
02:36area of
02:38118,484 km². it is also one of the least
02:42urbanized with around 80% of its
02:45population living in rural areas.
02:47Malawi relies mainly on
02:49agriculture which represents around 30%
02:52of GDP and employs around 65% of the
02:54active population.
02:56Malawi faces challenges. challenges such
02:59as environmental degradation
03:01vulnerability to climate shock
03:03low agricultural productivity or even
03:05the low level of education
03:08Ethiopia the fourth
03:11poorest country in Africa and the world with a GDP
03:13per capita of $515 in 2023
03:17this country of East Africa and the
03:18second most populous country on the
03:19continent with more than 114 million
03:22inhabitants it is also one of the
03:24oldest in the world with a history
03:26dating back more than 3000 years Ethiopia
03:29is a country With strong
03:31linguistic and religious cultural diversity which is home to
03:34more than 80 ethnic groups and more than
03:3680 languages,
03:38Ethiopia has experienced strong
03:39economic growth in recent years
03:41thanks to structural reforms,
03:44public investment and an
03:45expansion of the agricultural sector.
03:48the country faces major challenges
03:50such as poverty, the end of unemployment,
03:54internal conflicts or the
03:55covid-19 pandemic,
03:58Guinea-Bissau the fifth
04:01poorest country in Africa and the world with
04:03a GDP per capita of 539 dollars in
04:062023 this small West African country
04:09is one of the most unstable on the continent
04:10with a history marked by coups
04:12d'état, rebellion and
04:14foreign interference. It also suffers from a lack
04:17of development of a weak
04:18governance of endemic corruption
04:21and a strong dependence on
04:22the production and trafficking of
04:24cashew nuts Guinea-Bissau is also
04:26faced with
04:28social and environmental health problems such as
04:31infant mortality malaria HIV
04:34AIDS or still deforestation
04:37Niger the sixth poorest country
04:40in Africa and the world with a GDP per
04:42capita of 573 dollars in 2023
04:46this West African country is one
04:48of the largest on the continent with an
04:50area of ​​1 million 267,000 km2 but
04:53also one of the driest with more than
04:5580% of its territory occupied by the
04:57Sahara desert Niger is faced
05:00with problems of drought, famine,
05:02soil degradation or even
05:05water shortages Niger depends also
05:07from the exploitation of uranium which
05:09represents more than 70% of its
05:12exports but whose prices are
05:14volatile. Niger faces
05:17security challenges linked to the presence of
05:19armed groups in the Sahel region
05:20as well as challenges demographics with
05:23a fertility rate among the
05:25highest in the world this child per woman on
05:29Mozambique the seventh
05:32poorest country in Africa and the world with a GDP
05:34per capita of 578 dollars in 2023 this
05:38southern African country is endowed of
05:40great cultural
05:42and natural geographical diversity with a long
05:44maritime facade of mountains, forests,
05:47savannahs and animal reserves,
05:50Mozambique experienced a bloody civil war
05:51between 1977 and 1992 which left
05:55more than a million dead and destroyed
05:57a large part of these infrastructures
06:00Mozambique then experienced a
06:02period of peace and
06:03economic growth driven by the mining sector,
06:05tourism or even agriculture,
06:07however the country remains faced with
06:10problems of poverty, inequality,
06:13corruption, violence or even
06:15change climate Mozambique
06:18was also hit by two
06:19devastating cyclones in 2019 which left more
06:22than 600 dead and affected more than 2
06:24million people
06:26the Democratic Republic of Congo DRC
06:29the eighth poorest country
06:31in Africa and the world with a GDP per
06:33inhabitant of 703 dollars in 20231 this
06:37Central African country is the second
06:39largest on the continent with an area
06:41of ​​2 million 345 thousand
06:43square kilometers and the fourth most populated with
06:45more than 89 million inhabitants it
06:49also has natural wealth
06:50exceptional with
06:52mining resources copper cobalt diamond gold for
06:56forestry second tropical forest in the
06:57world and hydraulic Congo River the DRC
07:01has however experienced
07:02recurring conflicts since its independence in
07:041960 which have caused millions of deaths
07:06and caused humanitarian crises the
07:09DRC also suffers from a lack of
07:11development of poor governance
07:12of widespread corruption and
07:15persistent insecurity in certain
07:18Tanzania the ninth
07:21poorest country in Africa and the world with a GDP
07:23per capita of 754 dollars in 2023 this
07:27country East Africa is known for
07:29its linguistic and religious cultural diversity
07:31with over 120
07:33ethnic groups and over 100 languages ​​spoken
07:35it is also famous for its
07:37tourist attractions like Mount
07:39Kilimanjaro the highest point in
07:41Africa the national park of the Serengeti
07:44the largest animal sanctuary in the
07:46world or the island of Zanzibar a
07:48place of historical and cultural heritage
07:51Tanzania has experienced
07:52sustained economic growth in
07:54recent years thanks to the discovery
07:56of significant natural gas reserves and
07:58diversification of its economy,
08:00however, the country remains faced with
08:03challenges such as rural poverty, the
08:05low quality of education or
08:07the covid-19 pandemic which has had a
08:10negative impact on the tourism sector,
08:13Madagascar the tenth
08:17poorest country in 'Africa and the world with a GDP
08:19per capita of 759 dollars in 20231 this
08:23island country in the Indian Ocean is
08:25one of the richest in biodiversity in the
08:27world with more than 80% of its fauna and
08:30flora endemic
08:31it is also known for its
08:33mixed culture influenced by the
08:35Asian and European African peoples who
08:37populated the island over the centuries,
08:40Madagascar has however experienced
08:42repeated political and social crises
08:43which have affected its stability and
08:45development. It also suffers from a
08:48dependence on
08:49subsistence agriculture, vulnerability to
08:51climatic hazards, degradation of
08:53its environment or even a lack
08:55of infrastructure,
08:57Madagascar has also been affected by the
08:59covid-19 pandemic which has worsened the
09:02health and economic situation of the
09:05here I hope you liked this video
09:08and allowed you to discover the top
09:0910 poorest African countries
09:11in 2023 if you liked the video
09:14do not hesitate to leave a comment
09:16of what you think of the ranking at
09:18subscribe to the channel and activate the
09:20bell so you don't miss any of our
09:21next videos, thank you for your
09:23attention and see you soon
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the 10 poorest African countries in 2023 based on their GDP per capita?

The 10 poorest African countries in 2023 based on their GDP per capita are mentioned in the video, highlighting their economic challenges and dependence on agriculture, while also mentioning factors such as political instability, violence, natural disasters, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their social and financial health.

2. How do political instability and violence impact the economic challenges of the poorest African countries?

Political instability and violence have a significant impact on the economic challenges of the poorest African countries, as mentioned in the video. These factors contribute to their financial instability and hinder opportunities for growth and development.

3. What are the economic challenges faced by the poorest African countries in 2023?

The video discusses the economic challenges faced by the poorest African countries in 2023, including their dependence on agriculture, political instability, violence, natural disasters, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. These challenges pose significant obstacles to their financial health and stability.

4. How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected the social and financial health of the poorest African countries?

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the social and financial health of the poorest African countries is highlighted in the video, pointing out the challenges they face due to the pandemic's effects on their economies, communities, and healthcare systems.

5. What potential for development and poverty reduction do the poorest African countries have despite their challenges?

Despite the challenges mentioned in the video, the poorest African countries have cultural and natural resources that provide potential for development and poverty reduction, offering opportunities for progress and sustainable growth in the future.

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