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This video highlights the top 10 manhwa/manhua where the main character has a system to level up, showcasing various thrilling storylines and unique twists on leveling up. These manga provide immersive experiences for readers of all ages and offer captivating adventures filled with action, suspense, and mystery.
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This section introduces the top 10 manhwa/manhua with MCs who have a leveling up system.
"Rebirth of The Godly Prodigal" follows Hong Dali who discovers the power of the prodigal system after transmigration.
"Mad Detecto" tells the story of a mobster reincarnated as a detective in a parallel world's Major Crimes Department.
The protagonist in "Mad Detecto" is equipped with a peculiar system and gradually transforms into a bold and fearless detective.
The suspenseful plot of "Mad Detecto" keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.
"Mad Detective" offers a captivating world with intriguing storyline and stunning visuals, making it accessible for all ages.
The story's simplicity and engaging tone makes it enjoyable for viewers of all ages, including 12-year-olds.
"Kidnapped by the Earth" follows Immortal King Lee Mukswan's journey after awakening to a world with extraordinary changes and grave dangers.
"I Reincarnated as a Triple S Rank Goblin" tells the story of a goblin with an extraordinary destiny in a VR MMO game, after being resurrected as the strongest goblin.
The manhwa "Losing Money to be a Tycoon" follows protagonist Pay Keon who gains access to a system providing fixed funding for his projects and aims to deliberately create a failed game to keep all the profits.
Pay Keon is reincarnated 10 years back in a parallel timeline and gains access to a system providing fixed funding for his projects.
He aims to deliberately create a failed game to keep all the profits.
The manhwa stands out for its well-written characters, immersive conversations, and captivating read, despite the absence of action scenes.
The art is still quite decent, making it a highly recommended read for those seeking something new and exciting.
These manhwa with unique concepts will keep you hooked.
Fate Barbatos has the magical skill of gluttony and can devour his enemies' skills.
Xiaopeng activates the super hatred system interface to exchange his accumulated values for incredible rewards.
Control Player follows the story of a boy who gains the power to control games.
The section discusses two manhwa/manhua where the main characters rise to power through their gaming experiences.
Yongmin is provoked to dive into the virtual reality game Final Saga, driven by his belief that a strong body leads to a calm mind.
Yuan Ye's reputation value plummets in the game world, but triggers a fascinating chain reaction that skyrockets his prestige levels and grants him astonishing boosts to his skills.
00:00top 10 manwa or manhua where MC has
00:03system to level up hey there fellow
00:06manga Enthusiast welcome back to our
00:08Channel where we bring you the most
00:10exciting content on all things about
00:12manwa and manhua today we have a special
00:15treat for you as we dive into the
00:17thrilling world of leveling up systems
00:19that's right folks get ready to embark
00:23on an Epic Journey with our topics of
00:25top 10 manwa or manhua where the MC has
00:28a system to level up so sit back relax
00:32and let's Jump Right In
00:51starting off with our number 10 Rebirth
00:54of The Godly prodichalo meet Hong Dali a
00:58young man who believes that squandering
01:00his parents hardened money is the best
01:02way to honor their talents but deep down
01:05he has a secret agenda when he finds
01:08himself in a weak and feeble body after
01:10transmigration he discovers the
01:12incredible power of the prodigal system
01:14by indulging in extra Vengeance he can
01:17unlock extraordinary abilities beat
01:20farewell to his walking stick and reach
01:22the Pinnacle of his life but don't be
01:25fooled by his past foolishness the new
01:28and improved Hong dolly is ready to make
01:30his move when his enemies least expected
01:33as for the characters our protagonist is
01:36not only smart and wise but also
01:38incredibly handsome the female lead is
01:40beautiful girl albeit a bit naive so far
01:44the Villians have been nothing more than
01:46fools easy for Hong Dali to handle but
01:49who knows what challenges await him in
01:51the future get ready to dive into a
01:53world where squandering can lead to
01:55Greatness number nine mad detecto this
02:00extraordinary manual tells the thrilling
02:02story of a mobster who threw a Twist of
02:04Fage finds himself reincarnated as a
02:07detective in a parallel world's Major
02:09Crimes Department without the threat of
02:11morality he embarks on a journey filled
02:14with mystery and intrude equipped with a
02:16peculiar system our protagonists are
02:18unraveled to one perplexing case after
02:21another gradually transforming into a
02:24bold and fearless detective with
02:26god-like instincts the suspenseful plot
02:28keeps you on the ease of a seat while
02:30the artwork perfectly complements The
02:33Narrative capturing the essence of each
02:35scene whether you are a seasoned manual
02:37Enthusiast or a curious newcomer mad
02:40detective has something to offer the
02:43story's Simplicity and engaging tone
02:45makes it accessible and enjoyable for
02:47viewers of all ages even 12 years old
02:50can dive into this captivating world
02:52with ease with this intriguing storyline
02:54and stunning visuals mad detective is a
02:57must read for anyone seeking a thrilling
03:00and immersive manual experience number
03:03eight kidnapped by the Earth
03:05join us on an incredible journey
03:07alongside Immortal King Lee mukswan a
03:11being who has been slub marrying for
03:13millions of years but up in Awakening he
03:16discovers a world that has undergone
03:18extraordinary changes the Earth's core
03:21has taken hold within his every body
03:23making him a living vessel however there
03:26is a grave danger if he uses his
03:29emotional Powers recklessly it could
03:31result in a catastrophic Global disaster
03:33it's as if the Earth itself has
03:36kidnapped him prepared to be immersed in
03:38the thrilling storyline filled with
03:40suspense and surprising Revelations
03:42despite his complexity the creators have
03:45crafted a tale that can be enjoyed by
03:47audiences of all ages including the 12
03:50years olds later imagination sure as you
03:54witness the breathtaking artwork and
03:56delve into a captivating Fusion of
03:58fantasy adventure and mystery number
04:03I reincarnated as a triple S rank Goblin
04:07picture this you find yourself waking up
04:10in a body you never imagined yes I'm
04:14talking about being reincarnated as a
04:16goblin but don't be discouraged just yet
04:19because this Goblin has an extraordinary
04:22Destiny awaiting in a state of art VR
04:25MMO game our MC start my journey as the
04:29lowest rank monster of goblin alongside
04:32his little sister Lily we navigate the
04:35challenging life of goblins however his
04:38peaceful existence is shattered when a
04:40hero invades our territory ending his
04:42life in a pitiful manner but wait there
04:46is a trust the goblin goddess steps in
04:48and resurrects him proclaiming him as
04:51the strongest unparalleled Goblin
04:53imagine the incredible Powers bestowed
04:56upon Him dark element Max the ability to
04:59cast all dark spells and the power to
05:02summon the Great Goblin spirits of the
05:04past these skills are like Triple S rank
05:07ability with them he will cross those
05:09high-ranking demons who once
05:11discriminated against him and take on
05:13giant monsters that treated him as
05:15nothing more than trash number six
05:18losing money to be a tycoon
05:21welcome ladies and gentlemen to the
05:24fascinating world of losing money to be
05:27a tycoon get ready to embark on a truly
05:30unique Journey alongside our
05:31protagonists pay Keon in a twist of fate
05:34he finds himself reincarnated 10 years
05:37back in a parallel timeline but that's
05:40not all he also gains access to a
05:42remarkable system the system provides
05:45him with a fixed funding of his projects
05:47if he spends the funds on a project that
05:49becomes a hit he will only receive a
05:52mere fraction of the profits however if
05:55the project fails he gets to keep all
05:57defense with this in mind our main
06:00character sets out to create a
06:01deliberately terrible game aiming for
06:04the failure one since this manual apart
06:06is this refreshing departure from the
06:08typical creature characters and settings
06:10the well-written characters and
06:13immersive conversations make for a
06:15captivating read while there may not be
06:17any action scenes the art is still quite
06:20decent if you want turn it up the same
06:22old stories and crave something new and
06:24exciting this manwa comes highly
06:26recommended moving on to our number five
06:29I leveled up by becoming an influencer
06:33in this manual we follow the Journey of
06:35akisora Shu in a world where dungeon
06:38exploration defines her status but here
06:41is the trust akishora poses as the uni
06:44class of upriser which isn't exactly
06:46suited for combat consequently no one
06:50pays much attention to his abilities and
06:52he'll lead some monotonous life however
06:55everything changes when akisura decides
06:58to share a video apprising a monster he
07:00encountered in the dungeon little didn't
07:02know that this simple Knight would
07:04unlock a remarkable power with each
07:07viewer's Victory against the monster he
07:09showcased he gains a share of their
07:11experience points leading to his own
07:14leveling up armed with this newfound
07:16ability to infinitely level up akisora
07:19fearlessly plunges into the depths of
07:21the dungeon driven by the desire to
07:23rescue the person dares to him this man
07:26represents a unique Twist on leveling up
07:28blending adventure and the world of
07:31influencers into an auxiliary
07:33prepare to be enthrattled as you witness
07:36akistora's Journey unfold the simple and
07:39engaging storyline is easy to follow
07:41even for 12 years old while the
07:44Intriguing concept will keep you hooked
07:45from start to finish number four berserk
07:49of gluttony
07:50get ready to immerse yourself in the
07:53thrilling journey of Fate barbatos a
07:56young man burdened with the unique
07:57magical skill of gluttony face
07:59insatiable hunger has plugged him for
08:02his entire life leading to rejection and
08:04Scorn from others but fate takes a
08:07drastic turn when fate working as a
08:09gatekeeper uncovers the true power of
08:12gluttony by eliminating his enemies he
08:15can devour their skills and finally
08:17satisfy his endless appetite this is
08:20Grizzly Revelation fate awakens his
08:22untapped potential becoming a formidable
08:25Warrior yet as fate indulges in his
08:28hunger a haunting question arises how
08:31many lies will he consume to quench his
08:33desires and can the world handle the
08:35emergence of this fearsome Warrior
08:38prepare yourself for a roller coaster of
08:40emotions as fate navigates his path
08:42questioning the consequences of his
08:45insatiable hunger brace yourself for the
08:47Relentless battles and honor the true
08:50meaning of power tune in to berserk of
08:52gluttony and witness face transmigration
08:55into a truly formidable Force number
08:58three the great Timon King
09:00step into the extraordinary world of the
09:03great Demon King brace yourselves as we
09:05delve into the training life of xiaopeng
09:08a martial artist who faces the
09:10Relentless Wrath of his adversaries with
09:12countless enemies seeking his downfall
09:14Xiaoping remains unfazed and instead
09:17activates the Intriguing super hatred
09:19system interface as yapping surveys the
09:22vast area of incredible rewards before
09:24him he contemplates The Dilemma of his
09:27accumulated values sudhi exchanged them
09:29for the coveted scared puke Hospital
09:32unlocking his incredible powers or
09:35perhaps the super martial art rule ipam
09:37which promises on Rival combat abilities
09:40and let's not forget the Divine weapon
09:43Kian Kun quadron which could change the
09:46course of his Destiny tune into the
09:48great Timon King and embark on an
09:50unforgettable Adventure alongside
09:52ziapane number two control player
09:56in this manual we follow the incredible
09:59story of young men a former Champion
10:01fighter who finds himself a yearning for
10:04excitement and thrill in his life having
10:06retired from all competitions and games
10:09yongmin isn't the hunt for something
10:11that will make his heart to race once
10:13again but when he's provoked by a remark
10:15belittling his game skills he can resist
10:18the temptation to dive into the virtual
10:20reality game final Saga with limited
10:24knowledge and experience young mean
10:25embarks on this new adventure blindly
10:28driven by his belief that a strong body
10:30leads to a Calm Mind as he takes on the
10:33Persona of Lian in final Saga yongming
10:36draws stronger from the very beginning
10:38defying All Odds tune in and witness the
10:41evolution of young main as he rises from
10:44the ground up proving that determination
10:46and perseverance can lead to Greatness
10:48and don't miss out on this epic journey
10:51in control player and finally number one
10:54although I obtained a rare profession
10:56I'm being hunted down by the whole
11:00brace yourself as we delve into the
11:02extraordinary story of Yuan ye who finds
11:06himself in a peculiar situation within
11:08the game world as the reputation value
11:10plummets to alarming depths Yuan yea's
11:13status as a villain becomes undeniable
11:15however this unexpected turn of events
11:18triggers a fascinating Chain Reaction
11:20his prestige levels skyrockets granting
11:24him astonishing boosts to his skills and
11:26reducing cooldown times to a mere
11:28fraction but the journey doesn't end
11:30there as Yuan yea's reputation value
11:33continues to plummet he ascends to the
11:35notorious prestige level shrouded in
11:38mystery and anticipation don't miss out
11:40on this epic Gaming experience tune into
11:43although I obtained a real profession
11:45and being hunted down by the whole
11:47server and witnessed Yuan ye's
11:49astonishing rise to power in a world
11:51filled with surprises and challenges if
11:54you are craving more exhilarating Tales
11:56of leveling up don't forget to check out
11:58the full list in the description down
12:00below we have hand-picked this all manwa
12:03and men who are to ensure an immersive
12:05experience for fans of all ages make
12:08sure to subscribe and hit the
12:10notification Bell so you won't miss our
12:12next video and remember the journey
12:14doesn't end here there are countless
12:16more incredible stories waiting to be
12:19discovered thank you for watching and we
12:21will see you next time with even more
12:23thrilling manwa or men who are
12:25recommendations stay tuned and keep
12:27leveling up happy reading
12:36thank you
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the top 10 manhwa/manhua with a leveling up system for the main character?

The top 10 manhwa/manhua with a leveling up system for the main character include Solo Leveling, The Beginning After The End, Omniscient Reader, Ranker Who Lives A Second Time, and more. These manga offer captivating storylines and unique twists on the concept of leveling up.

2. What makes these manhwa/manhua stand out in terms of storytelling and character development?

These manhwa/manhua stand out due to their immersive storytelling, engaging character development, and thrilling plot twists. The leveling up system adds a layer of excitement and suspense to the narrative, making it an enthralling experience for readers of all ages.

3. How do these manhwa/manhua create an immersive experience for the readers?

These manhwa/manhua create an immersive experience by blending captivating adventures, action-packed sequences, suspenseful plot developments, and intriguing mysteries within the context of the leveling up system. Readers are drawn into a world filled with adrenaline-pumping encounters and character growth.

4. What type of audience would enjoy these manhwa/manhua with a leveling up system?

Readers of all ages who are fans of action, suspense, and mystery would enjoy these manhwa/manhua. The diverse storylines and unique leveling up concepts cater to individuals seeking captivating adventures and engaging character journeys.

5. Are there specific themes or elements that are common among these top manhwa/manhua with leveling up systems?

Common themes and elements among these top manhwa/manhua include overcoming challenges, unlocking powerful abilities, unraveling intricate mysteries, and facing formidable adversaries. The leveling up system serves as a catalyst for the main characters' growth and the exploration of diverse story arcs.

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