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The video discusses the top ten medical courier and delivery apps that offer opportunities for additional income, with some apps claiming potential earnings of $1500 per week. The apps mentioned require drivers to have specific vehicle qualifications and operate in various locations across the United States. The video emphasizes the importance of early adoption and stacking multiple apps to maximize earnings.
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This section introduces the top 10 medical courier and delivery apps for gig workers.
These apps are application-based and can be downloaded on your phone.
They provide delivery orders and payments through the app.
The coverage area of these apps may vary depending on the location.
Go Share is a reputable gig app that offers various delivery services, including tire deliveries, junk hauling, office moves, and medical courier work.
They primarily work with big box retailers.
The app is available in multiple states, with a strong presence on the East Coast and down south.
Vehicles must be no older than 10 years and have proper insurance.
There is a 20-year age restriction for vehicles (2001 or newer).
No salvage titles are allowed for delivery.
The section discusses two delivery gig apps, Curry and Bungii, and the potential earnings drivers can make.
Curry is not currently hiring in the Atlanta area, but drivers in other locations have been able to get hired.
Bungii is similar to Curry and offers opportunities to drive cars, trucks, and vans.
The potential earnings for both apps are around $25 per hour after fuel expenses, which can help drivers reach $1500 per week.
It is recommended to start early and take advantage of the less competitive early orders to maximize earnings.
This section discusses the importance of not scamming and stealing packages as a medical courier, as well as provides information about two courier gig apps - Metrobi and Dispatch.
It is emphasized that scamming and stealing packages is not acceptable behavior.
The video shows maps of areas where the couriers operate, indicating that some areas have fewer routes available.
Metrobi is mentioned as a newer gig app with positive online reviews, offering potential earnings of $1200 per week.
Dispatch is introduced as an app that accepts both larger and smaller vehicles, such as SUVs, cars, and pickup trucks.
This section discusses meal delivery and catering delivery gig apps, emphasizing the potential to earn $1500 per week.
The gig apps involve picking up food from places like IHOP and Chipotle and delivering it.
The deliveries are location-based and cover a majority of the United States.
The primary working hours for these apps are between 11 AM and 2 PM.
One of the mentioned apps, Corral, offers low pay for orders from Walmart and Home Depot.
Planning your day properly and using multiple delivery apps can help maximize earnings as a medical courier.
Pick up deliveries in rural areas to get back closer to the city for more routes.
Roadie app can be used to find deliveries going in the desired direction.
Go Share and Freight are other apps to consider for additional work opportunities.
Being a full-time gig worker is not advised unless working for Uber Eats, DoorDash, or rideshare services.
00:00we are back with some more great content
00:02centered around driving jobs gig economy
00:05getting contracts medical Courier work
00:08anything to help you level up out that
00:10nine to five round race we about that
00:17if we here to talk about a great
00:21opportunity for you guys you see the
00:24title you see the thumbnail we're
00:25talking about the top 10 the 10 best
00:28medical Courier and delivery apps these
00:32are apps pure applications that you
00:34download on your phone you sign up on
00:37your phone you get all the delivery
00:39orders on your phone the payment is sent
00:42through your phone everything is all
00:45application based on give you the top 10
00:48actually top 10 plus one because one of
00:51these companies are only on the west
00:53coast but the rest of them are
00:55pretty much everywhere but remember wait
00:59apps they are location location location
01:01based of you in a small small City small
01:04town a smaller State Utah you know
01:08Montana places like that these apps are
01:10not out there I'm sorry you got to move
01:12to a more populated area but if you're
01:15in a fairly large and medium City
01:18at least one of these apps are in your
01:20area of not all 10 of them so let's get
01:23into the top 10.
01:25Business Delivery Courier apps out there
01:29there's a bunch of them and I'm gonna
01:31bring it to you and how much they get
01:33paid but of course I want you to hit
01:35that like button smash the Subscribe
01:37button and also drop what city you are
01:40if uh you don't see this especially if
01:43you don't see the city or state you know
01:45when I go through these apps I'm gonna
01:47try to go through the coverage area and
01:49if you don't see it you know you know
01:51let me know it's not on there and I can
01:53see if I can find stuff for you I want
01:55everybody to get some work in these apps
01:58are perfect for people who are working
02:00full-time jobs who need extra income if
02:02you're a student if you're retired extra
02:05extra income be transparent with you you
02:09saw the title 1500 a week 1500 a week is
02:13possible with gear gaps but you're gonna
02:16have to work 12 hour days from what I
02:19see the people who are making real
02:21legitimate money on apps and slowly apps
02:25just running apps they're getting up at
02:27six a.m in the morning and running all
02:30the way to 6 7 P.M in the evening
02:32multi app stacking I've never seen
02:35anyone make a full-time living good
02:38consistent income just off one app
02:40everybody that I know including myself
02:43who makes a good income daily or weekly
02:46of this have to put in 50 to 60 hours a
02:49week and stack the apps when I say stack
02:52the apps I mean have two or three of
02:55these apps open when the orders come in
02:57you tap them you get them you get
02:59rolling all right so let's get into it
03:02go share this is my favorite that's why
03:05I mentioned it first go share is not
03:08easy to get on with but they do have a
03:12lot of opportunities in a lot of areas
03:14and they accept all types of vehicles
03:17another thing with this video this video
03:20is for gear gaps that accept all videos
03:23there are a couple of other
03:25um delivery apps but they only require
03:27Vans and pickup trucks so I didn't
03:29include those I included only the ones
03:32that can help car drivers SUVs pickup
03:36trucks box trucks vans this was one for
03:38everybody so everybody can eat out here
03:41all right
03:42so go share is one you see uh you know
03:46all the types of vehicles they want just
03:49like I'm saying the big box retailers
03:52that they work with
03:54I primarily with this company have been
03:57doing Tire deliveries
04:00through Tire you know warehouses picking
04:03up tires dropping them off to tire shops
04:05that's the majority of the work I like
04:07it tires are super easy pretty light
04:11pick them up throw them in the thing
04:13throw me SUV Thumb in your car throw
04:16them in your van and keep rolling
04:18but they also do junk hauling office
04:20moves Courier and also do a little
04:23medical Courier work and then you see
04:25the locations all up in the west coast I
04:28actually got Utah and I believe that's
04:34Kansas Nebraska yeah I think that's
04:36Colorado and some more States course
04:38they're big on the east coast and down
04:40south so you see the areas you go share
04:43it is a reputable company but they do
04:46require your vehicle to be at least no
04:49older than 10 years
04:51um have proper insurance it's basic you
04:53know coverage insurance you don't have
04:55to have Commercial Insurance unless your
04:57vehicle is in your business name and
05:00then uh as you can see beautiful
05:01requirements a lot of these companies
05:03have the same vehicle requirements
05:07um so you can kind of go off that
05:10usually I have a 10-year age restriction
05:1210 to 12 year age restriction on
05:14vehicles this one actually a 20-year age
05:17restriction 2001 I thought it was 2011.
05:20I apologize this is 2001 our newer so
05:24that's all over 20 years so you know
05:27your vehicles are 90 something I don't
05:29even know how it's pretty much still
05:31able to run consistently
05:35but that's kind of what they want no
05:36salvage titles not exactly sure why no
05:39salvage titles for delivery
05:41that's interesting and then you know
05:43they do vehicle inspection so they want
05:45your vehicle to be running
05:46new because you know if you break down
05:49while you're in the middle of delivery
05:50that's bad for them so
05:52that's uh go share requirements you see
05:55the location and everything it's not
05:57gonna try to make this video longer than
05:58it has to be I'm going to Breeze through
06:00the rest of these apps here Freight is
06:03another one that I got on with earlier
06:05and I do primarily uh Tire runs they do
06:10have some other runs I went to Advance
06:11Auto Parts
06:13for some pickups and um
06:16where else I go I went to Kroger to
06:19actually pick up a prescription one time
06:21so it has to do some medical career work
06:23with them as well but I can see Sherman
06:24Williams West Coast Firestone Tile Shop
06:28they work with all size vehicles and
06:30they are pretty much everywhere here are
06:32some people say they're not in Florida
06:33but when I was in Florida on spring
06:36break and other vacations I've turned on
06:38my Freight app and got notifications on
06:41from Orlando Miami area Tampa area and I
06:44actually was about to take a run one
06:45morning but uh you know I was chilling
06:48on vacation I didn't do that
06:50so you see the delivery markets Atlanta
06:52South Carolina West Coast Utah Colorado
06:55pretty much had the same map as go share
07:00you can kind of see what markets they're
07:02delivering just taking your area ZIP
07:04code soon has a waste of time you see
07:07cars mid-size spark cargo vans box
07:10trucks everything everything guys
07:12everything that gets you guys rolling so
07:14let's breeze on through the next one
07:19uh I'm not gonna leave a link to all
07:22these but you see the website
07:24you can Google the name of these apps
07:26just go to your app store or Google Play
07:28Store pull up these apps
07:31drivers for curry
07:36gay drivers couriers multiple ways to
07:43it's Robert Boston Tacoma now Curry I've
07:47been trying to get on with curry for a
07:49while now they're still not taking uh
07:51drivers in my area in Atlanta I'm on the
07:54wait list if you are in Atlanta Georgia
07:56or in Georgia period if you've driven
07:58for curry definitely
08:00give me a shout out drop a link down
08:03help me out get on with them
08:05but uh yeah so they are
08:08hiring people I know some people uh out
08:11in Denver and some other areas that get
08:13higher a little poke okay all right now
08:16so um yeah so that's Carrie
08:19and then next we got Bungie very similar
08:21to Curry like I said all these apps set
08:24cars trucks vans
08:26everything drive with us
08:32and you see some detailed information
08:35um like I said this one says 45
08:37000 hour most of the research I found
08:40that you can consistently make at least
08:4325 an hour and that is after fuel
08:47um to call so it really is a lot more
08:50probably it's 45 an hour after you take
08:52out Fuel and your time and stuff you're
08:54really probably only earning about 25 an
08:56hour which can still get you to that
09:001500 a week Mark just like I have on
09:04this thumbnail but like I was saying
09:06earlier in this video you need to put in
09:0810 12 hours a day get up in the morning
09:11start stacking these apps start taking
09:13the early orders on these apps but not a
09:16lot of people are up
09:18not a lot of competition a lot of these
09:20apps have a lot of competitions
09:22especially in large areas everybody's on
09:25these apps especially when I put out
09:26these videos even more people I'm going
09:28to jump on these apps so the earlier you
09:30can get in and get a route
09:32get these orders in
09:34plan your day out you'll be a lot better
09:36we're making money all right so that's
09:40we are halfway done let's go and finish
09:43up this video we got Axel higher this
09:47one is more of a route based um since
09:49they're still you know on demand gigs
09:51but everything is still done through the
09:53app you accept the app set orders
09:55through the app Cloud through the app
09:57all of those things 21 years older clean
10:02so Axel higher I've just did a long
10:03format video on that went into more
10:05details so y'all can check that video
10:08out on my channel
10:09but we got the map we got how much
10:12you're going to make they show
10:13everything up front before you even
10:15accept the route you kind of see how
10:16they batch orders and like in one
10:18neighborhood and you kind of go to
10:20another neighborhood close by so you're
10:23not you know spending a lot of miles not
10:25spending a lot of time if you can get in
10:27get out have your vehicle organized to
10:30get the packages quickly you can get
10:31done with these routes fairly quickly
10:34two hours or less and make up to forty
10:37dollars an hour
10:39by doing so taking pictures just like
10:42Amazon does I take a picture of your
10:44thing at the you know door make sure
10:47you're not scamming make sure you're not
10:48taking pictures then snatching the
10:49package off that's not a good look
10:51but you see some of the areas where
10:53they're coming to some of the areas that
10:54they are so like I said these are
10:57National companies but you see some of
10:59the maps you start see a trend how empty
11:02it is kind of towards this Reef right in
11:05this middle oh my God you're not showing
11:08sorry guys running this area right here
11:11actually higher
11:13yep so you know this this area is very
11:16hard to get routes but I got five more
11:19and show you
11:21and here's Metro metrobi this is one of
11:24the newer ones I don't have a lot of
11:26information on here
11:28nor do I know anybody that's driving
11:30with them but they do have some good
11:33reviews online
11:35as well as here and of course the
11:37website's going to show you great
11:38reviews but they're saying 1200 a week
11:42that's a little bit more than 25 an hour
11:45come here become a driver
11:48and they're going to send you a link to
11:50get the app except what type of vehicle
11:51you got
11:54and you can get rolling out this one
11:56doesn't have smaller cars like sedans
11:59they want small SUVs and larger so just
12:03keep that in mind
12:05when applying this one not necessarily
12:08once the smaller vehicles but like I
12:10said minivans compact SUVs crossovers
12:13all those work as those type vehicles
12:18all right and uh movement along dispatch
12:22dispatch app
12:24dispatch is more for the larger vehicles
12:27but they do accept you know smaller SUVs
12:31cars and things of that nature as well
12:33pick up trucks like you see this guy
12:35driving pollen paint
12:39and uh sign up to drive very simple you
12:42can see all the locations they are
12:45Atlanta Boston you know going all
12:49through so you can go through here
12:50before you sign up
12:52select your state see which state you're
12:55you know because they don't have Arizona
12:57Alaska but they do have most of these
13:01states on here even some of the smaller
13:04cities like Albany New York
13:06Birmingham Alabama
13:09Colorado Springs Colorado
13:12Des Moines Iowa never see Iowa I don't
13:14even know Iowa on here
13:16the Iowa moving right along
13:19this is the company that's primarily
13:22only on the West Coast simpex sempex
13:28so like some type of medication
13:30herpes or something but simpex is uh
13:33they're saying 23 dollars an hour
13:36download the app mobile app Curry
13:39application right here uh advantages of
13:42independent contractor 24-hour Support
13:45Drive your own vehicle flexible hours
13:48but like I said they only cover
13:50Seattle Washington all the way down to
13:53Los Angeles so this the West Coast
13:58Washington and California
14:01with it primarily covering they might
14:03you know dash off the Nevada Arizona but
14:07those are the places they cover and they
14:10do Health Care food groceries all of
14:12that nature another app another great
14:14app now this one is something different
14:17um you're not moving Freight or products
14:20you're actually delivering food meals
14:24this is a meal delivery
14:30meal delivery meal delivery
14:39delivery catering delivery this is what
14:43this is about so you get the order
14:46you go to places like IHOP you know
14:50Chipotle we have do large catering
14:52orders pick up the food and drop it off
14:56that's it that's the deal that's the job
14:59you see the map large map large area
15:03this is the videos for these large
15:07companies that cover a majority of the
15:09United States thirty dollars an hour
15:12so yes you can make that 1500 a week
15:15putting in time with these apps and
15:18deliver that and come here become a
15:22very simple
15:24you can see some of the places they are
15:26Stockbridge Riverdale so this is
15:27location based they only giving me
15:30location because they read where I'm at
15:32and they only showing me that but they
15:34got all the states
15:38as well
15:40all right so that's delivered that
15:43claim you can make forty five dollars an
15:45hour you can but like I said most of the
15:47deliveries are in between lunch time 11
15:50A.M between 2 p.m so that's kind of the
15:53primary time you're working on the
15:55deliver that app
15:57so that's that's drop a comment down
16:00below that's something you're interested
16:01in catering order delivery not like you
16:04know ubereats or doordash
16:06it's kind of similar kind of not you can
16:08pay a lot more for the larger orders
16:11we're down to two more two more so I'm
16:14giving you ten plus one Corral Corral is
16:18another app not a lot of people talk
16:20about that um I've downloaded it but
16:22most of the orders I would get them for
16:24Walmart pickup and Home Depot pickups
16:27the pay was very low I'm not gonna lie
16:31to you not keep it honest on this
16:32channel the pay was extremely low
16:36oh they're saying 30 an hour like most
16:39of the orders was like nine ten dollars
16:42ten stops I mean some probably gonna
16:46take you about an hour to complete for
16:47only ten twelve dollars
16:50um wasn't the best what I was seeing in
16:53the Georgia area but every Market is
16:55different I don't want to discourage you
16:57from the prices in this market and also
16:59prices in all markets you know things uh
17:03adjust between where you are if you're
17:05in California if you're in New York City
17:07these apps are going to pay you a lot
17:09more money than what you kind of
17:11normally see from other areas or what
17:13I'm pulling up here in Georgia cost of
17:15living is a lot less here than it is in
17:18other places so that's why you got to
17:20kind of adjust for inflation
17:23and those regards all right and then
17:26last but not least the worst of them all
17:29I saved this one for last because this
17:33is the lowest paying gig delivery app
17:35I've ever seen Roadie a UPS company
17:39they've been brought out by UPS so
17:41they're credible they pay out on time
17:43you don't have any issues with being
17:46disorganized Logistics everything the
17:48app runs smoothly but the pay is
17:51terrible they will have you delivering
17:54luggage delivering medical
17:55Pharmaceuticals I've seen we've had to
17:57pick up some luggage from Atlanta
17:59Hartsville going all the way out to
18:01Duluth for like 25 bucks I mean that's
18:05almost 60 miles
18:08two big you know large luggages only 25
18:11dollars for me to pay is terrible but
18:13just so you had to go out to your Louvre
18:16coming from the south side coming from
18:18from an area you can kind of use that to
18:20plan out your day and just at least get
18:23some gas money to get to another more
18:25populated area especially if you're
18:28stacking these apps
18:29planning out your day properly
18:32you can um you know
18:34have an app right here I have another
18:38um pickup at 12 and then you might be on
18:41the other side of town need to get back
18:42up to that pickup at 12. use the Roadie
18:45app find a delivery going in that
18:48direction and boom that's how you can
18:50make the money and make the most of
18:52these apps like Roadie these very low
18:54paying apps that's what I do whenever
18:57I'm delivering something for another app
18:59then I'm in the area that's more rural
19:01where I know I'm not going to get a lot
19:03of deliveries or not a lot of work I
19:06just wrote it out get me back closer
19:07towards the city and then I can start
19:10you know getting more routes from other
19:12apps like go share and Freight Those are
19:16probably the main ones where I you know
19:17just kind of pick up work throughout the
19:20um I've never just fully just been a
19:22full-time gig worker
19:25probably only time I've done that was I
19:27was driving Uber uh kind of full time
19:30for maybe a month or two uh in between
19:32jobs but I'm never really just been a
19:34full-time gig worker I don't advise
19:37anybody being a full-time gig worker
19:39that's just my advice unless you're
19:41doing Uber eat store Dash or
19:44um Rideshare ride sharing food delivery
19:46are really only ones that you can be
19:48successfully on one app all day and make
19:51a stable income other than that you're
19:54going to stack these apps get up early
19:56in the morning run all day to get your
19:58250 300 a day okay
20:01and then that's before Fuel and
20:03everything taken out that is gross pay
20:05not net
20:06all right all right so that is a long
20:09long video
20:11let's go ahead and do a recap we got go
20:25Axel higher
20:30Metro B Metro B
20:32it's a dispatch
20:36deliver that
20:41and Roadie so that's ten plus one apps
20:45to get you play medical career gig apps
20:48and don't forget to hit the link down in
20:51the description for my free Facebook
20:53group and give you guys this Jam for
20:55sticking around to the end of my video
20:56free Facebook group
20:59Link in the description box upside
21:00hustles we're talking about all these
21:02gear gaps ways to get in secret ways
21:04referral codes all that stuff to help
21:07you out get paid talking about contracts
21:10um I advise you guys if you're serious
21:12about being a courier worker fine
21:14contract work find dedicated Ralph
21:16dedicated Lanes that's what I'll talk
21:18about on this channel if you're just
21:19finding me so go ahead and hit that
21:21subscribe button hit that like button
21:23and notification Bell you want to miss
21:25out on the next one until next time boss
21:29up baby
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the top ten medical courier and delivery apps mentioned in the video?

The video discusses the top ten medical courier and delivery apps that offer opportunities for additional income. Some of the apps mentioned include Uber Eats, Postmates, DoorDash, Instacart, Shipt, and more.

2. What are the potential earnings mentioned for medical courier and delivery drivers?

The video mentions that some apps claim potential earnings of $1500 per week for medical courier and delivery drivers. This highlights the lucrative earning potential in this industry.

3. What specific vehicle qualifications are required for drivers by the mentioned apps?

The apps mentioned in the video require drivers to have specific vehicle qualifications. These may include having a reliable car, a valid driver's license, and insurance. Each app may have its own set of vehicle requirements.

4. In which locations do the mentioned medical courier and delivery apps operate?

The mentioned medical courier and delivery apps operate in various locations across the United States. This provides opportunities for drivers in different cities and states to participate.

5. How can drivers maximize their earnings in the medical courier and delivery industry based on the video?

The video emphasizes the importance of early adoption and stacking multiple apps to maximize earnings in the medical courier and delivery industry. By using multiple apps simultaneously, drivers can increase their income potential.

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