💫 Summary
The video discusses the 10 most powerful factions in the Warhammer 40k lore, including the Adeptus Custodies, Craftworld Eldar, Chaos Space Marines, and more, highlighting each faction's strengths and weaknesses within the universe. It explores their unique abilities, technologies, and influences, leading up to the revelation of the Necrons as the second most powerful faction and the Tyranids as the overwhelming force of the galaxy. The video provides an in-depth analysis of each faction's capabilities and their impact on the fictional universe.
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The video discusses the 10 most powerful factions in Warhammer 40k lore and their unique abilities.
Every faction in Warhammer 40k is god tier and has unique abilities.
The forces of humanity are powerful due to their disregard for human life and ability to throw millions of soldiers at a problem.
The video discusses the top 10 most powerful factions in Warhammer 40k lore, including ancient alien undead robots, giant alien space dinosaurs, and forces of humanity.
The video is sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends, and the top three factions in the game are discussed.
The Adeptus Custodies, also known as the Ten Thousand, are the immortal and highly skilled royal guard of the God Emperor in Warhammer 40k.
They are like an army of anime main characters, each one being an apex killer in their own right.
They have complete mastery over every form of combat and are trained in every weapon style.
They possess unbelievably powerful and valuable equipment, given the best of the best.
They are not only physically powerful but also incredibly intelligent, needing to be on par with the God Emperor intellectually.
The greatest weakness of Chaos in Warhammer 40k is its lack of unity among the Chaos Space Marines.
Chaos Space Marines fight amongst themselves more than they fight their enemies.
Resources within the Eye of Terror are scarce, leading to chaos marines scavenging from their fallen comrades.
Chaos gene seed is unstable due to corruption by the warp, making catastrophic consequences likely.
Abaddon the Despoiler is the only one who has been able to somewhat unite the traitor legions.
The Chaos Gods are powerful entities in eternal conflict with each other, but if they were to unite, they could overpower the Emperor and become the most powerful army in existence.
The Chaos Gods fight against each other more than anyone else.
The Emperor holds back the Chaos Gods within the warp.
Demons rarely unite, but when they do, it is for a limited time.
The Chaos Gods are undeniably one of the strongest forces in the universe, but they have weaknesses.
The Adeptus Astartes, or Space Marines, are transhuman super soldiers with various enhancements and abilities.
Astra Militarum is the fourth powerful faction in Warhammer 40k Lore with over 30 trillion active guardsmen.
Astra Militarum makes up more than 80% of the Imperium's fighting force.
They control vast legions of tanks, artillery, and human fighters.
For every soldier killed in combat, there are a hundred more ready to take their place.
Orcs in Warhammer 40k are an unorganized group that only wants to fight and incapable of building an advanced society, but the prophet of Wag Gaz Kolthraka could unite them all under his great walk.
Orcs grow larger based on how many fights they've been in.
The Necrons are the oldest faction in the galaxy with technology millions of years past humanity's creations.
Each individual Necron is an undying warrior with a body made of a living metal known as Necrodermis that can repair itself from all but the most catastrophic of injuries.
The problem with the Necrons is that not all of the tomb split across multiple different.
The Tyranids in Warhammer 40k are a powerful faction with the ability to synchronize battle strategies across billions of battlefields and control quintillions of creatures simultaneously.
The Tyranids are controlled by the hive mind, an intelligence that exists outside of the Milky Way.
The hive mind knows everything that any single Tyranid has learned and can control quintillions of Tyranids at the same time.
The Tyranids have already conquered every other galaxy, making the Milky Way the last remaining bastion of sentient species.
The Tyranids can quickly adapt to new situations and learn to counter enemy tactics, making them a formidable force.
00:00so i think it's fair to say that
00:01warhammer 40k is one of the most
00:03ridiculous fictional universes ever
00:05created every single faction seems to be
00:07god tier and it's absolutely baffling
00:10why they haven't completely destroyed
00:11the universe yet from giant alien space
00:14dinosaurs that literally consume every
00:16living thing on a planet and then pop
00:18out infinite more dinosaurs to ancient
00:21alien undead robots that have weapons
00:23designed to kill gods or how about the
00:26forces of humanity that may just be
00:28regular people at the end of the day but
00:29when you have little regard for human
00:31life and can throw millions of soldiers
00:33at a problem until it goes away you're
00:35definitely gonna rank pretty high on the
00:37power tier but if every single faction
00:39is this ridiculous who is the strongest
00:41who has the best chance at dominating
00:43the entire galaxy well that's what we're
00:45going to figure out today as we dive
00:46into the 10 most ridiculous and powerful
00:48warhammer factions in existence and
00:51stick around to the end of the video
00:52because there's going to be a bonus
00:53segment that helps clarify this list and
00:55gives you a real good picture of what
00:57this galaxy actually looks like and
00:58although this is meant to be a
00:59standalone video it's technically a part
01:02two as the video i made right before
01:03this one covered 10 more factions that
01:05didn't quite make the cut so if you
01:07don't see your favorites here they were
01:08probably mentioned in the previous one
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02:54okay let's get this video started with
02:55number 10 the tao empire so the really
02:58interesting thing about the tau is that
02:59they're actually the youngest race in
03:01the galaxy but despite not having been
03:03around for as long as the other factions
03:05their technological advancement rates
03:07are downright supernatural you see they
03:09only discovered fire some 3000 years ago
03:12and yet now they maintain a galactic
03:14presence and with each new sphere
03:16expansion they conquer more territory
03:18and without getting into the motivations
03:20of their leaders because there may or
03:22may not be some shady stuff happening
03:23there but the tao people themselves
03:25honest to god seem like the closest
03:27thing to actual good guys in the 40k
03:29franchise they all collectively believe
03:31in this thing known as the greater good
03:33which is basically a creed that states
03:35to do the most good for the most people
03:37with every action that you take
03:39now don't get it twisted the tau
03:41definitely aren't perfect they utilize a
03:42pretty rigid cast system and a lot of
03:45the times the do the most good for the
03:46most people thing kind of boils down to
03:49doing the most good for the tau empire
03:50now it's definitely true that they value
03:52peace and diplomacy far more than any
03:54other faction in the grim darkness of
03:56the far future but their expansion
03:58requires compliance so the tao will
04:00basically give a new species a hundred
04:03different opportunities to join their
04:04empire but at the end of the day if they
04:06still refuse them
04:08let's just say the tau don't take no for
04:10an answer
04:11however despite the tao's ruthless
04:12technological advancements and their
04:14unbelievable progression rate they're
04:16still a relatively small faction now
04:18they are an entire empire so they're
04:20gonna rank a little bit higher than
04:21smaller factions like the grey knights
04:23or the sisters but in the grand scheme
04:25of things like the orcs or the imperium
04:27they still have a lot of growing to do
04:28and the tau fleets are undeniably
04:30powerful but one of their major
04:32weaknesses is they still haven't
04:33mastered faster than light travel so
04:35when they're expanding into new
04:36territory it's comparatively slow when
04:39you look at other species that utilize
04:40the warp now don't get me wrong not
04:42having to rely on the warp to travel
04:44through space does have its benefits
04:46it's definitely far safer than going
04:48through hell itself but it is
04:49comparatively slower so they haven't
04:51expanded quite as much as other factions
04:53and additionally considering the size of
04:55their empire right now not being able to
04:57utilize the warp for travel or even move
04:59faster than the speed of light isn't
05:01actually that big of a deal for them now
05:03all that being said in the most recent
05:05tau sphere expansion they were able to
05:07utilize the warp to travel let's just
05:10say it went really really really badly
05:12though and they may or may not have
05:15accidentally created a new chaos god now
05:17that's not a hundred percent confirmed
05:19though so we'll have to dive into that
05:20in another video but let's just say they
05:22still have a lot of learning to do
05:24despite this the tao operates some of
05:26the most advanced technology in the
05:27galaxy and at the moment still truly
05:29believe in peace and unity however due
05:32to their smaller numbers it's unlikely
05:34they would win in an all-out war against
05:35many of the other factions
05:37if they manage to survive to the year
05:3950k it's very likely that we would see
05:41them take the top spot but at the
05:43present time they unfortunately rank a
05:44little bit lower
05:46in the number nine slot we have the
05:47adeptus custodies also known as the ten
05:49thousand the custodians are the royal
05:51guard of the god emperor himself every
05:53single one of them is immortal and a
05:55hero in their own right you can honestly
05:57think of them like an army of anime main
05:59characters they're that ridiculous they
06:02have complete mastery over every form of
06:04combat and are trained in every weapon
06:05style in the novel false gods one space
06:08marine remarks that the custodians fight
06:10like a pack of lions each one being an
06:12absolute apex killer in their own right
06:14whereas him and his battle brothers
06:16fight more like a pack of wolves
06:18designed to be a unit first and foremost
06:20additionally the equipment that the
06:22custodians utilize is unbelievably
06:24powerful and valuable they are given
06:26literally the best of the best
06:28not only is each one an absolute unit of
06:30an individual but they are all
06:32incredibly intelligent as well as a
06:34custodian warrior must become a master
06:36of not only combat in all its forms but
06:39in every conceivable path of education
06:41they were the emperor's royal bodyguards
06:43and had to be as close to his level
06:45intellectually as possible and this is
06:47actually kind of difficult to comprehend
06:49because the emperor at this point in
06:50time is literally considered a god and
06:53having to be intelligent enough that you
06:54can hold a conversation with god himself
06:57is a monumentous accomplishment and to
06:59be fair they themselves don't consider
07:01him a god and neither did much of
07:03humanity when they were originally
07:04created but he was undeniably the
07:06greatest human being that ever lived so
07:08honestly from my perspective that's
07:10still kind of badass now the custodians
07:12weren't just his royal bodyguards they
07:14were also his closest friends and the
07:16emperor knew literally every single one
07:18of them by name they conversed with him
07:20consoled him and in some instances even
07:22offered guidance to the emperor to be on
07:24the level of a living god so much so
07:26that you can offer guidance to him
07:28requires a mind like no other it's
07:30stated in the lore that every single
07:32custodian is so unbelievably valuable
07:35that the only way to actually put a
07:37price tag on them is to use entire
07:39worlds as the monetary sum each one
07:42stands around 10 feet tall and are so
07:44strong that it takes 15 normal men just
07:46to lift their spear and if all of that
07:48is true i bet you're wondering why they
07:50would be so low on the list the only
07:52weakness that custodies has is similar
07:54to other entries on this list and that's
07:56their numbers even if they do currently
07:58maintain around 10 000 members which
08:00isn't exactly confirmed that still pales
08:02in comparison to even the space marines
08:04as it is estimated that there are around
08:06a thousand chapters each with a cap of a
08:08thousand members and there's honestly
08:10probably far more than the imperial
08:12record state as not every single space
08:14marine chapter is what we call chapter
08:15compliant so there's roughly as many
08:17custodians as around 10 chapters of
08:19space marines the second major thing
08:21here is that the custodians had actually
08:23failed in their primary mission they had
08:25allowed the emperor to be mortally
08:27wounded by his son horus this would
08:29induce several thousand years of
08:31mourning where the custodians basically
08:32stayed on holy terror guarding and
08:34protecting the emperor's body from any
08:36would-be assassins and it's unfair to
08:38say that during this period of time they
08:39were doing nothing as they were pretty
08:41instrumental in ending the rule of
08:43george van dyke not to mention standing
08:45guard over a vault of truly horrific
08:47relics but unlike the other forces of
08:49the imperium they were no longer taking
08:50the fight directly to the enemy itself
08:52however in recent times this has changed
08:54and the legio custodies has become the
08:56adeptus custodies and they have set off
08:58to bring the fight to the enemies of
09:00mankind once again and satiate their
09:02wrath in the blood of heretics as a
09:04single army they are no doubt the most
09:06powerful beings mankind has ever seen
09:09however they are but ten thousand
09:11compared to the million plus space
09:12marines or even the 30 trillion active
09:15guardsmen now that being stated in a
09:17one-on-one fight a custodian could
09:19probably beat just about anybody on this
09:21list with the exception of maybe a
09:22knight but compared to an entire empire
09:25of say the next entry on this list
09:26they're not going to be able to hold
09:28their own
09:29in at number 8 we have the craft world
09:32in the 41st millennium the eldari empire
09:34is in a fractuous state but of all the
09:36different eldar factions the craft
09:38worlds are by far the strongest not only
09:39are they all long-lived and disciplined
09:41warriors but every single one of them is
09:43psychically gifted and although the
09:45cycle scourge is becoming more
09:47commonplace in the 41st millennium by
09:49human standards psychers are still
09:51pretty rare so it's difficult to
09:52comprehend an entire species of people
09:54who are able to manipulate the warp now
09:57the eldar are long-lived but seldom born
09:59and as such are a dying species although
10:02that being said it wasn't always like
10:03this for the eldar as after the war in
10:05heaven 60 million years ago they had the
10:07largest empire in the entire galaxy
10:10however millions of years of peace led
10:12to them getting kind of weird and
10:14experimental and their hedonism
10:16eventually spawned a chaos god which
10:18destroyed their entire society overnight
10:21now the craftworlders that we know today
10:23were individuals who at the time of the
10:24great apocalypse were aboard massive
10:27ships known as craft worlds you see
10:29these ships are inconceivably enormous
10:31some being documented as being thousands
10:34of miles long you can think of them as
10:36mobile planets now don't get me wrong
10:38there are a lot of different craft
10:39worlds from the craft world of uthway or
10:41baltan or even the black library that
10:43the harlequins protect but outside of
10:45these craft worlds they really don't
10:47maintain much of a galactic presence
10:49they haven't conquered a whole bunch of
10:50planets so in terms of population they
10:52kind of pale in comparison to something
10:54like the imperium which has a million
10:56worlds under its control now that being
10:58said compared to humans the eldar live
11:00impossibly long lives many of which are
11:02thousands of years old and originally
11:05upon their death they would be reborn
11:07like a phoenix however that ability has
11:09long since been lost to them as nowadays
11:11as soon as they die their soul is
11:13devoured by slaanesh now the craft
11:15brothers are able to protect themselves
11:16using a series of stones known as soul
11:18stones which capture their psychic
11:20energy of their soul as soon as they die
11:23the craft welders are then able to plug
11:24these stones into what is known as the
11:26infinity circuit which allows the souls
11:28of the eldar departed to basically live
11:30forever in the confines of their ships
11:32meaning that the destruction of a single
11:34craft world is not just the loss of
11:36their home but of all of their ancestors
11:38as well and these spirits are capable of
11:40offering more than just guidance as they
11:42can be plugged into what are known as
11:43wraith constructs which you can think of
11:45like an eldar dreadnought it's a machine
11:47constructed entirely of a substance
11:49known as wraith bone and the soul of the
11:50departed eldar is able to take full
11:52control over it now these things are
11:54actually pretty controversial to a lot
11:55of eldari because they are undoubtedly
11:57effective in war but on the other hand a
12:00lot of them see this as basically
12:01necromancy and that they're not allowing
12:03the souls of the departed to finally
12:05rest and instead forcing them back onto
12:07the battlefield probably one of the most
12:08useful things that the eldar have access
12:10to is a parallel dimension known as the
12:12webway it's a pocket dimension that
12:14exists between the physical universe and
12:16the immaterium its infinite corridor
12:18spread out like roots across the entire
12:19galaxy and it offers a much faster and
12:22safer way of travel than utilizing the
12:24warp however in spite of their
12:25undeniable power and abilities they are
12:28still a dying empire the eldar death
12:30rate far outpaces its birth rate and
12:32despite the fact that the eldari of the
12:33craft worlds are undoubtedly one of the
12:35major players in the galaxy right now
12:37unless something major changes they are
12:39a species that is doomed for inevitable
12:41extinction in the number 7 slot we have
12:43the adeptus mechanicus
12:47so the adept is mechanicus is a faction
12:49of machine worshiping cultist they pray
12:52to the machine god in order to create
12:54and maintain all of the marvels of
12:56engineering that humanity is capable of
12:58from the humble last rifle to the
13:00gloriana class battle cruisers the
13:02adeptus mechanicus is responsible for
13:04all of them now mostly known for the
13:06forged world of mars where the
13:07mechanicum originated they actually
13:09control many planets each known as a
13:11forge world as the entire thing is
13:13basically a giant factory every square
13:16inch of it dedicated to the production
13:17of the imperium's tools of war now to
13:20say they control one of the greatest
13:21armories of all time is a massive
13:23understatement and each individual
13:25member of the mechanicum is also
13:27incredibly intelligent as they see the
13:29pursuit of knowledge as a holy quest
13:32that logic is divine and there is
13:34nothing more holy than calculations they
13:36see flesh as weakness and thus
13:38ritualistically replace more and more of
13:41their organic parts with the sanctified
13:43metal of their creations many of the
13:45mechanicum's individuals no longer even
13:47look remotely human the only thing left
13:49that holds them to their origins is
13:51potentially a few leftover organs so
13:53they can still maintain the moniker of
13:55humanity however there is a very
13:57important distinction to be made here
13:58they do not want to be entirely machine
14:01as thinking machines are forbidden ai or
14:04abominable intelligence as it is known
14:07is blasphemy and it spits directly in
14:09the face of the omnisia so many of their
14:11creations that are still capable of some
14:13form of thought have to have a human
14:15brain powering them the vast majority of
14:17weaponry used by humanity can trace its
14:19origins back to the mechanicum they
14:21control massive fleets of warships and
14:23not to mention the titan legions as well
14:25so they are undoubtedly one of the most
14:27powerful singular factions in all of
14:29humanity but as far as weaknesses are
14:31concerned they do have a couple the
14:33first is that even though the adeptus
14:34mechanicus is normally seen as part of
14:36the imperium
14:37they do maintain independence and are
14:39allowed to operate as basically a free
14:41state this is due to the signing of a
14:43document known as the treaty of mars and
14:45at the end of the day if their interests
14:46conflict with that of the imperiums
14:48they'll pursue their own first
14:50additionally they are also ruthlessly
14:52addicted to tradition innovation is seen
14:54as heresy machines created by humanity
14:57at the peak of its power are seen as
14:59perfect in all their forms so to improve
15:01upon perfection is blasphemy to their
15:03machine god now in the novel mechanicum
15:05we see one of the main characters
15:07literally on death row for having
15:09committed the ultimate sin of trying to
15:11make her workshop goggles just a little
15:13bit better
15:14their superstitions and belief in
15:16machine spirits the idea that every
15:18machine literally has a soul may keep
15:20the machines they create functioning
15:22however they get in the way of making
15:24any form of actual progress they're
15:26basically stuck in the dark ages and
15:28refuse to move forward they do however
15:30have seemingly limitless resources in
15:32comparison to the dark mechanicum and
15:33those materials will keep the fires of
15:35their forges burning for a long time to
15:37come in the number six slot we have the
15:39chaos space marines
15:41the nine traitor legions of the chaos
15:43space marines are astartes that have
15:44figuratively and all too often literally
15:47sold their souls for power they are dark
15:50and twisted race that lurk deep within
15:52the space between universes their ranks
15:54include the rotting and undying forms of
15:56the death guard the mighty and terrible
15:58arcane sorcerers of the thousand suns
16:01the depraved lunatics of the emperor's
16:03children and the frothing berserkers of
16:05the world eaters just to name a few they
16:07are damned and lost souls who once
16:09served at the emperor's side but
16:11betrayed him and everything they ever
16:12knew to follow warmaster horus and his
16:15great rebellion
16:16after nine years of brutal warfare the
16:19traitor legions were inevitably pushed
16:20back and forced to take refuge in the
16:22bleeding wound in reality known as the
16:24eye of terror there time flows
16:26differently and many of the traitors
16:28that besieged the imperial palace ten
16:30thousand years ago are still alive today
16:32and to put that in perspective the
16:34loyalist marines of the 41st millennium
16:36weren't alive back then the siege of
16:38terror is all but a legend that has been
16:40passed down for several millennia the
16:42traitor legions remember it far too well
16:44as many of them were literally there so
16:47the chaos space marines are what you get
16:49when you take a superhuman warrior and
16:51then further empower them with the
16:52blessings of the chaos gods they're
16:54basically an unholy unification of the
16:56peak of humanity's gene forging mixed
16:58with the arcane sorcery of the warp not
17:00to mention a whole lot of heresy and
17:02blasphemy thrown in for good measure and
17:04on an individual level a chaos space
17:06marine is far stronger than their
17:08loyalist counterpart however as a
17:10cohesive fighting force the inherent
17:12greed and selfishness of the chaos space
17:14marines leaves a lot to be desired and
17:17thus the greatest weakness of chaos is
17:19its lack of unity the traitor legions
17:21fight amongst themselves more than they
17:22fight any of their other enemies in the
17:24novel black legion we see a gathering of
17:26chaos space marines just outside the eye
17:28of terror waiting for the new war master
17:30of chaos abbott on the despoiler before
17:32embarking through the rift into real
17:34space when the war master finally
17:36arrives he is greeted with constant and
17:38non-stop battle as old grudges and
17:40rivalries between the traitor warbands
17:42runs deep and in retrospect gathering
17:44them all in one place was sure to incite
17:46violence this occurs for a few reasons
17:49the first is that resources within the
17:51eye of terror are incredibly scarce now
17:53in the novel storm of iron we see chaos
17:55space marines literally descending upon
17:57their recently deceased battle brothers
17:59like a pack of vultures looking to
18:01scavenge anything they can from their
18:03corpses whether that be bits of armor
18:05ammunition or even their weaponry
18:07everyone is out for themselves it
18:09doesn't matter how powerful you are if
18:11you can't stand united with your
18:12brothers and you're constantly expecting
18:14one of them to stab you in the back
18:16this is a major weakness that can be
18:18easily exploited by your enemy not to
18:21mention the fact that although the
18:22traitor marines are able to create new
18:24recruits each warband doing so in their
18:26own unique way their gene seed is
18:28incredibly unstable as it has spent
18:30generations being corrupted by the warp
18:32now on one hand this can lead to some
18:34pretty interesting and useful mutations
18:37however it makes the implementation of
18:39their gene seed far more likely to
18:40encounter catastrophic consequences now
18:43abaddon the spoiler seems to be the only
18:45one that's been able to unite the
18:46traitor legions for his black crusades
18:48even still this is not perfect unity
18:50warban's often breaking off to pursue
18:52their own interests despite his commands
18:55now don't get it twisted don't mistake
18:56my words for evidence that they are not
18:58a threat to mankind as the arch enemy is
19:00getting stronger every day as the
19:02imperium of man continues to fracture
19:05and over time they have been pushing
19:06further and further outside of the eye
19:08of terror and conquering new territory
19:10in real space and recently we've seen
19:12the 13th black crusade bear fruit as
19:14kadia was destroyed and the galaxy was
19:16split in half with the forming of the
19:17sycatrix maledictum a festering wound
19:20that spreads from rim to galactic rim
19:22plunging half of the imperium into
19:24darkness when the legions are able to
19:26set aside their differences for but a
19:28moment calamity ensues if they were ever
19:30to truly unite the resulting carnage
19:32would be catastrophic but right now
19:35their lack of resources and territory
19:37fuel deep feuds and old wounds and
19:39betrayals are never allowed to fully
19:41heal now tied for the same spot we have
19:44the chaos demons and i'm gonna add these
19:46two together as they're pretty
19:47intrinsically linked and it's difficult
19:49to comprehend just how powerful demons
19:50are as on one hand which we're going to
19:52get into they could be the most
19:53potentially dangerous faction in the
19:55entire galaxy or the weakest and if i'm
19:58being a hundred percent honest it's
20:00because this list was supposed to have
20:0220 entries and i'm just now realizing
20:04there's 21 so i'm gonna fix that by
20:06adding demons and chaos based marines
20:08together and in my defense this is
20:09exactly where they were gonna go on the
20:10list anyway so just think of them at
20:12like 5.5 so the chaos space marines are
20:15unquestionably powerful individuals they
20:17have been blessed by the dark gods and
20:19have reached power levels thought
20:20impossible by mortals however the true
20:23power of the primordial four rests not
20:26in the hands of mankind but in their
20:27demonic servants every single demon is a
20:30twisted reflection of their paternal
20:31deity and the chaos gods and their
20:33creations see the physical universe as
20:35little more than a diversion the realm
20:38of the physical is but a massive board
20:39game to them the great game as they call
20:42it nurgle slaanesh zinch and corn vi for
20:44dominance and sea mortals is little more
20:46than pawns existing solely for their
20:48entertainment their corrupting influence
20:50spreads far and wide and each one of
20:52them maintains armies of incredibly
20:54destructive potential seemingly with
20:56limitless soldiers if the two realms
20:58were to ever merge and the infinite
21:00horrors of the warp were allowed to run
21:02free through our universe mankind would
21:04quickly perish and the universe would
21:06inevitably collapse in on itself however
21:09the denisons of the realm of chaos have
21:11a massive weakness and that is that they
21:13can't maintain their presence in the
21:14physical realm for long periods of time
21:17it normally takes a particularly
21:18powerful summoner or a really egregious
21:21act of sustained blasphemy to allow them
21:23to inhabit our realm the gods do not see
21:26this as a problem as what fun would a
21:28game be without limitations nevertheless
21:30demons or the never born as they're
21:32often referred to as make for incredibly
21:34potent allies and when summoned into
21:36battle they'll wreak untold havoc upon
21:38the imperium of man and any alien force
21:41that would dare impede the pursuits of
21:42the forces of chaos so each one of the
21:44four gods has different strengths and
21:46weaknesses and are radically different
21:48from their siblings and when they
21:49actually manage to set aside their
21:51differences and unite they can create
21:52some truly unstoppable armies you see
21:55the forces of the blood god are massive
21:57and hulking melee monsters they are
21:59literally the personification of
22:01violence whereas the forces of zinc are
22:03all masters of the arcane and excel in
22:05ranged warfare the demons of nurgle
22:08however are incredibly resilient and
22:10each one being ludicrously difficult to
22:12put down
22:13not to mention his armies carry with
22:15them demonic plagues that were never
22:16meant for our universe the forces of
22:18slaanesh are as beautiful as they are
22:20cruel and their agility is unmatched by
22:22any force in the physical universe to
22:24really oversimplify it you can think of
22:26a united demon army as having four major
22:29factors strength toughness speed and
22:31magic and when they all come together
22:33they make for an incredibly dangerous
22:35force there's just one major problem
22:37here the four gods are not united and
22:40war against each other more than anyone
22:42else something like 99 of all battles
22:44that the demons fight in takes place in
22:46the realm of chaos rather than the
22:48physical universe now it is said that
22:50the emperor is strong enough to hold
22:52them back within the warp but in reality
22:54he's holding back four individuals that
22:56are locked in eternal conflict with each
22:58other if they were somehow able to unite
23:01they would quite literally overpower him
23:03and additionally if they managed to not
23:05become completely dependent on their
23:07mortal followers to help them manifest
23:09in our universe they would be by far the
23:11most powerful army to have ever existed
23:14now thankfully for us this is not the
23:16case and demons rarely ever unite it's
23:19not like this doesn't happen as it has
23:21in the past
23:22but normally it's for a very limited
23:24amount of time
23:25sometimes being even far less time than
23:27they're able to exist in our universe so
23:29that is why it's kind of difficult to
23:30quantify just how powerful the never
23:32born truly are but one thing is for sure
23:34they are undeniably one of the strongest
23:36forces in the universe they just have a
23:38few major weaknesses that hold them back
23:40from the number one spot
23:42and coming in at number five we have the
23:43adeptus astartes okay so there's a lot
23:46to say about space marines as they make
23:48up something like 80 of all warhammer
23:50lore but in the interest of being fair
23:52we're going to stick to the basics here
23:54they are the poster children for
23:56warhammer 40k potentially its most
23:58iconic warriors they are trans human
24:00super soldiers clad and ceramide power
24:02armor each having undergone relentless
24:04and rigorous gene therapy and
24:06augmentative surgeries from the time
24:08they were children to become the
24:09ultimate warriors they are the
24:11imperium's mass-produced super soldiers
24:13and each one is given upgrades such as a
24:15third lung or a second heart a mechanism
24:18that allows them to heal from pretty
24:19much any injury or even the ability to
24:22spit acid and they get so much more
24:24ridiculous than that they have one that
24:26lets them consume the flesh of their
24:27enemy and learn all of their secrets
24:29another one that puts them into a coma
24:31if their injuries are so catastrophic
24:33that there's no way that they can heal
24:34from them which will basically keep them
24:36alive long enough for an apothecary to
24:38get to them and if their injuries are
24:40too great for even that of the
24:41apothecaries it's possible that space
24:44marine will be entombed in a dreadnought
24:45a walking life support tank basically an
24:48iron lung with machine gun hands and in
24:50this way they'll be able to serve the
24:52emperor indefinitely the space marines
24:55are so far removed from normal humans
24:57that it's actually really difficult for
24:58them to relate to us as a space marine
25:00can process information a hundred times
25:02faster and they're practically immortal
25:05we know now that they do age but just
25:07incredibly slowly the oldest space
25:09marine on record danteok having been
25:11well over 3000 years old and as of the
25:14time of this recording we've never
25:15actually seen a space marine die from
25:17old age so we don't really know how old
25:19they can get most base marines will end
25:21up perishing in the line of duty
25:23somewhere between 200 and 400 years into
25:25their service now the space marines were
25:27originally divided into 20 different
25:29legions each with their own strengths
25:31and weaknesses such as the ultramarines
25:33the space marine's master tacticians and
25:35depending on who you ask the greatest
25:37space marines that ever lived who are
25:39capable of doing literally everything
25:41there were the space wolves space marine
25:43vikings that rode giant wolves into
25:45battle and acted as the emperor's
25:47executioners there was also the imperial
25:49fists whose fortresses were said to be
25:51completely impenetrable or even the
25:53raven guard who somehow managed to make
25:548 foot tall super soldiers and thousand
25:56pound ceramide armor incredibly stealthy
25:59seemingly able to disappear without a
26:01trace and make no sound with every step
26:03they took these are only a couple of the
26:05great legions that made up the space
26:07marine forces and although all the space
26:09marines ultimately served the emperor
26:11each one of them was led by what was
26:12known as a primark this was one of the
26:14emperor's 20 sons a demigod level
26:16individual and some of the most powerful
26:18beings in the galaxy the genes he'd used
26:21to create their warriors was pulled
26:22directly from each of the primarks
26:24making each of the primarks a figurative
26:26and semi-literal father figure to the
26:28space marines nowadays however the
26:29legions are no more and the vast
26:31majority of the primarks are either dead
26:33or missing space marines are now divided
26:35into chapters of no more than a thousand
26:37individuals at any given time now even
26:39though this is supposed to be a hard and
26:40fast rule there's a lot of chapters out
26:42there that kind of conveniently ignore
26:44this requirement now it's difficult to
26:45put into perspective just how many space
26:47marines are out there but it is
26:48estimated to be somewhere around a
26:50million although the actual number may
26:52be far higher as we don't have accurate
26:54numbers for all of the chapters even
26:56still the space marines are one of the
26:57greatest fighting forces at mankind's
26:59disposal seemingly able to counter any
27:02strategy the enemy may throw at them so
27:04i know what you're thinking here if the
27:05loyalist and trader space marines are
27:07genetically similar to one another but
27:09one of them has been empowered by the
27:11chaos gods then why do the loyalists
27:14actually rank higher and it's something
27:16i've referred to in this video series
27:17with a couple of different factions but
27:19the number one thing is unity you see
27:21loyalist marines can count on their
27:22brothers to have their backs and whether
27:24that be members of their own chapter or
27:26reinforcements from other chapters they
27:28can all work together to accomplish
27:29certain goals chaos space marines are
27:32inherently selfish each one of them
27:33pretty much out for themselves above
27:35everything else and yeah loyalist
27:37marines may have long-standing grudges
27:39between chapters such as that between
27:41the dark angels and the space wolves but
27:43chaos space marines actively hate each
27:45other one pretty interesting example of
27:47this can be found in the 8th edition
27:48death guard codex where it says that
27:50they do not view the forces of the
27:52imperium as some great enemy they just
27:54view them as ignorant and deeply
27:56misguided and one day the death guard
27:58will show them the error of their ways
28:00and they will be joined together in
28:02unity when it comes to worshiping the
28:03grandfather however they actively hate
28:07the thousand suns as the thousand suns
28:09know the primordial truth of the
28:10universe yet still choose to follow
28:13loyalist astartes fight like a unified
28:16force whereas the chaos space marines
28:18are for lack of better words chaotic
28:20which may cause them to be a very
28:22difficult enemy to fight as you never
28:23really know what you're up against but
28:25in the grim darkness of the 41st
28:26millennium knowing that you actually
28:28have brothers that you can rely on is
28:30one of the greatest strengths you can
28:31ask for
28:32in at number four we have the astra
28:34militarum so the imperial guard doesn't
28:36get nearly enough credit and i know
28:37there's definitely going to be someone
28:38in the comments section that is
28:40completely baffled that i would rank
28:41them higher than their beloved
28:42ultramarines but the fact of the matter
28:44is that more than 80 percent of the
28:46imperium's fighting is done by the
28:48regular old men and women of the astra
28:50militarum the imperium is made up of
28:52many different types of warriors each
28:53with their own strengths and weaknesses
28:55and that's honestly its biggest strength
28:58however none are more prevalent than
28:59that of the imperial guard and i know
29:01the majority of the 40k novels tend to
29:03focus on space marines or other such
29:05individuals clad and power armor but the
29:07reality is that the universe is an
29:08incredibly large place and the forces of
29:10the space marines or the custodians just
29:12can't be everywhere all at once so the
29:15space moons tend to act more like a
29:16supplement to the main force that is the
29:18guard it's honestly difficult to wrap
29:20your head around just how large the
29:21astra militarum truly is they control
29:23vast legions of earth-shattering tanks
29:25and artillery and seemingly infinite
29:27supplies of human fighters that drown
29:29out their enemy and wave after waves
29:31sent in to crush all those that would
29:32stand in the emperor's way
29:34for every soldier that is killed in
29:36combat there are a hundred more ready to
29:38take their place now when i was
29:39researching the guard for this video i
29:41found a lot of different conflicting
29:42numbers for them but the most common
29:44figure that i found was that it's
29:45estimated there are around 30 trillion
29:47active guardsmen and that is just such
29:49an inconceivable number especially when
29:52you think about how there are only a
29:53million space marines that's
29:56that's honest
29:57hold on a second i gotta do some quick
30:00allegra what's 30 trillion divided by a
30:0330 trillion divided by 1 million is 30
30:06million that means there are 30 million
30:10guardsmen for every single space marine
30:13that's absolutely ridiculous and using
30:15the same quick maths that would mean
30:17there are three billion guardsmen for
30:19every single stode i'll be honest with
30:21you i wrote out 30 trillion when i was
30:22scripting this out but i hadn't really
30:24put together just how many that was and
30:29i'm a little bit blown away the big boys
30:31in power armor are pretty powerful but
30:32they're not that powerful they're not
30:34dealing with 30 million or three billion
30:36guardsmen by themselves and it's
30:38starting to make a lot more sense why
30:40many of the sources that i've found
30:41point to the guard as the largest
30:43cohesive fighting force in the entire
30:45galaxy okay getting back on track so the
30:48guards numbers make them masters of
30:49attrition-style warfare and they're
30:51mankind's first responders to pretty
30:53much any threat not to mention they're
30:55spread out all over the galaxy
30:57maintaining thousands of different
30:58regiments and thousands of worlds all of
31:00which are normally in pretty strategic
31:02positions ready to respond to any threat
31:05no matter where it may appear and it's
31:06really easy to underestimate these guys
31:08since they're essentially just human
31:10especially when you compare them to the
31:11limitless threats found in the 40k
31:13universe but the guard are absolutely no
31:15joke and are by far the most powerful
31:17fighting force in the entire imperium
31:19and that's not even to mention the
31:20imperial navy which controls some of the
31:22largest fleets in the entire galaxy and
31:24the imperial navy to be fair can
31:26arguably be called a different faction
31:27altogether however that really depends
31:29on what era you're reading about because
31:31during the grand crusade they were both
31:33considered part of the same force and
31:35even nowadays with them being
31:36technically separate entities they're
31:38pretty intrinsically linked the guard
31:39operates as the front-line soldiers
31:41while the imperial navy offers air and
31:43space support but i think we've spent
31:45enough time on the guard so let's get
31:46into the top three
31:48and in the number three spot we have the
31:50orcs if you thought the numbers of the
31:52guard were ridiculous the orcs take it
31:54to a whole new level so the orcs or the
31:57unending green tide as some people like
31:59to call them outnumber humanity a
32:01thousand to one now that's a rough
32:03guesstimate but that's not just talking
32:05about the guard that's all humans and
32:07across the million worlds of the
32:08imperium the human population is said to
32:11be in the quintillions yet despite that
32:13absolutely ridiculous number the orcs
32:15still outnumber humanity and honestly
32:17this makes a lot of sense as they've
32:19been around for 60 million years when a
32:21single orc dies it sheds a whole bunch
32:23of spores which grow into new orcs and
32:25reach maturity in about a year each one
32:27of them is quantifiably tougher and more
32:29dangerous than any normal human many of
32:31which rival even that of the astartes
32:33you can think of the orcs like a
32:35sentient fungus being closer to that of
32:37mushrooms than people they have an organ
32:39system very similar to humans but the
32:41major thing about them is that not all
32:43of these organs are essential to life
32:44meaning that an ore can suffer grievous
32:46injuries that would kill a normal human
32:48and keep on fighting needless to say
32:50this makes their force incredibly
32:51resilient and hard to put down so not
32:53only are the orcs a seemingly
32:55unstoppable army that can quickly
32:57overrun a planet's defenses but once a
32:59single orc shows up on your planet the
33:01infestation will linger practically
33:03indefinitely the orcs also have this
33:05weird type of psychic power that we and
33:07even they themselves don't fully
33:09understand it seems like they are able
33:11to bend reality to their whims and in a
33:13sense their beliefs actually become real
33:15an orc psycher known as a weird boy may
33:18only be able to throw fireballs around
33:20because him and the orcs in his vicinity
33:22believe that he can orc engineers are
33:24able to basically smash wooden metal
33:26together and create massive war engines
33:28or even spaceships
33:30now whether or not this is due to their
33:31ability to bend reality or some innate
33:34knowledge left over in their
33:35subconscious from their creators is
33:37still unclear all of these factors
33:39combined make for one of the most
33:40powerful armies in the entire 41st
33:42millennium however the orcs are not
33:44without their weaknesses you see the
33:46major problem with the orcs is that
33:47they're incredibly ununified they have
33:50no greater goals than to fight and to be
33:52fair that is what the old ones literally
33:54bred them for during the war in heaven
33:56fighting to the orcs is like eating or
33:57drinking is to humans if they go too
33:59long without a good scrap they'll get
34:01physically sick and orcs grow larger
34:04based on how many fights they've been in
34:05and theoretically there's no limit to
34:07how large an orc can get but despite the
34:10overwhelming amount of orcs that
34:11currently infest the galaxy you can
34:13think of them as millions of unorganized
34:15groups just fighting millions of
34:17pointless wars in every sector of the
34:19galaxy at any given time there's no
34:21major arcing goal for the orcs they just
34:23want to fight and seeing as how the orcs
34:25only care about fighting they're
34:26basically incapable of building an
34:28advanced society because if the orcs run
34:30out of enemies to clobber they'll start
34:32fighting themselves this is what makes
34:34the prophet of wag gaz kolthraka such a
34:37threat as he seems to be able to unite
34:39the orcs under his great walk
34:41but as of the time of this recording
34:43even though he's gathered the largest
34:44 that the universe has ever seen he
34:46still hasn't united all of the orcs if
34:49all of the orcs were truly to band
34:50together under a single banner and be
34:52aimed at holy terror itself it could
34:55spell out the end times for humanity but
34:57thankfully that hasn't happened yet in
35:00the number 2 spot we have the necrons
35:03the technology level of the necrons is
35:04unlike anything we've ever seen before
35:06they are the oldest faction in the
35:08galaxy and the weapons they bring to
35:10bear kind of put all of the creations of
35:12humanity to shame as their technology is
35:14millions of years past our own each
35:16individual necron is an undying warrior
35:18their bodies made of a living metal
35:20known as the necrodermis that can
35:22literally repair itself from all but the
35:24most catastrophic of injuries if the
35:26damage is too great the necron can phase
35:28out of existence and back to the safety
35:29of their tomb world where they can
35:31either be fully repaired or their
35:32consciousness can be downloaded into a
35:34new body making them basically immortal
35:37the problem with the necrons is twofold
35:39the first is that not all of the tomb
35:41worlds have come online yet now the
35:42necrons that have woken back up are
35:44split across multiple different
35:45dynasties spread across the entirety of
35:47the milky way and although the necrons
35:49are more unified than most species all
35:51of the dynasties have different goals
35:53and ambitions which constantly conflict
35:55with one another and when it comes to
35:57arrogance the necron may even surpass
35:59that of the eldar so alliances tend to
36:01be rather short-lived the other major
36:03weakness is the ability to repopulate
36:05the species as all of the necrons that
36:07currently exist were the necrontier from
36:0960 million years ago and the necron tier
36:12went extinct there is no way to make a
36:14new necron warrior they can surely build
36:16new ships and canoptic constructs but
36:18once a necron is truly and utterly
36:20destroyed they have no ability to
36:22replace them this is why one of the
36:23major goals for the necrons is to
36:25reverse the process of biotransference
36:27which is what made them into the necrons
36:29we know today you see the idea is to
36:31download the necrons consciousness into
36:33a host species basically allowing them
36:35to pick back up where they left off 60
36:37million years ago these individuals
36:39would trade immortality for a normal
36:40life however the sentience of the host
36:42species would be completely wiped out so
36:44needless to say humanity's not
36:46volunteering for this
36:48to put into perspective just how
36:49ludicrous the technology of the necrons
36:51truly is i want to tell you about this
36:53thing known as the celestial orary which
36:55may be the most powerful weapon in
36:56existence you see it's basically a giant
36:59holographic map of the entire galaxy
37:01every single star sector and system are
37:04represented in perfect detail and it
37:06actually updates in real time so not
37:08only does the celestial orary act like
37:10an incredibly powerful scrying device
37:11that gives the necrons access to insane
37:13levels of information but the dark
37:15secret of the ory is that if an
37:17individual was so inclined they could
37:19literally tap stars out of existence on
37:21it if an individual was to tap one of
37:23the moats of light within the celestial
37:25ory that represents a star the
37:27corresponding star in real space would
37:29supernova causing absolutely
37:31catastrophic damage now thankfully
37:33there's one dynasty in particular that
37:35guards the orary and won't let anyone
37:37else use it they see themselves as
37:39gardeners of creation plucking and
37:41trimming certain elements out of
37:42existence in order to preserve the
37:44timeline needless to say many other
37:46necron dynasties would love to get their
37:47hands on this thing but they don't allow
37:49it so it is theoretically possible that
37:51the necrons could just tap terra out of
37:53existence however the orascar would
37:55never allow such a thing to happen as
37:57the resulting consequences on the course
37:59of history would be absolutely
38:00uncountable and despite how crazy the
38:02truth of the orary is there's actually a
38:05fact that's far crazier you see during
38:07the war in heaven the orary wasn't
38:08completely unique as there were many
38:10creations that were capable of damage on
38:12similar scales before the silent king
38:14ordered all of the necrons to go to
38:16sleep in their tomb worlds he ordered
38:17the destruction of all of them seeing as
38:20no good could come from weapons of such
38:22immense destructive capability
38:24however the celestial orry was given the
38:27pass and was allowed to remain
38:28functional so if this thing was seen as
38:30safe enough to be allowed to continue to
38:32exist we can only imagine how powerful
38:35these other weapons could have been and
38:37it's probably a really good thing for
38:38the galaxy that they don't exist anymore
38:42okay so we have one faction left to go
38:43on this list and although in my opinion
38:45they are more of a threat to humanity
38:47than the necrons ironically the necrons
38:50probably stand the best chance at
38:51beating them compared to every other
38:52race in the galaxy i am talking of
38:54course about the number one slot the
38:58so it is my opinion that at this moment
39:00in time in the 41st millennium there is
39:02no greater threat to the galaxy than
39:03that of the tyranids they are seemingly
39:05infinite in numbers and are able to
39:07adapt to any situation they come in
39:09infinite variations each more horrifying
39:11than the last and for all intents and
39:13purposes are the ultimate life form now
39:15i have mentioned the concept of unity
39:17many times throughout this video when it
39:18comes to determining the power of a
39:20certain faction the tyranids are
39:21possibly the most united faction that
39:23has ever existed as they are all
39:25technically the same organism every
39:28single one of the quintillions of
39:29tyranids in our galaxy are not just the
39:31same species but they are all seemingly
39:34part of the same creature they're all
39:36controlled by an impossibly vast
39:37intelligence known as the hive mind a
39:39creature we really don't know much about
39:41other than it exists outside of the
39:43milky way and is able to control all of
39:45the tyranids simultaneously this means
39:47that this thing is able to synchronize
39:49incredibly complex battle strategies
39:51across billions of battlefields at the
39:52same time this is absolutely unthinkable
39:55not even the most advanced
39:56supercomputers in the world are capable
39:58of such a thing and considering that the
40:00hive mind knows literally everything
40:02that any single tyranid has ever learned
40:05and is capable of controlling
40:06quintillions of tyranids at the exact
40:08same time this would put the hive mind
40:11on the level of a god
40:12and what's even more horrifying than
40:14this is that it is said that all of the
40:16tyranids we have currently seen in the
40:17milky way
40:18are nothing but the scouts and that they
40:21have already conquered every other
40:23galaxy now whether or not this is true
40:24or not we don't really know but if it is
40:27it would mean that the milky way is the
40:28last remaining bastion of sentient
40:30species and once we're gone there will
40:32be nothing but tyranids so the tyranids
40:35as a species are supposed to represent
40:36the never-ending swarm wave after wave
40:39of horrifying creatures from an endless
40:41plague of gaunts and gene stealers to
40:43the massive heraphin biotitans all the
40:45way up to their ships which are
40:47technically just massive tyranids that
40:48can measure over 10 miles in length now
40:51if their numbers weren't terrifying
40:52enough the fact that they're able to
40:54adapt quickly to new situations should
40:56be equally concerning the tyranids are
40:58often noted as being something like
40:59evolution on steroids now when fighting
41:02the tyranids certain tactics cannot be
41:04used for very long as the tyranids learn
41:06and find new ways to counter them
41:07incredibly quickly whether it be through
41:09the ability to adapt new strategies to
41:11counter the enemy or the fact that they
41:13can evolve in any way they need to the
41:15tyranids are never without options if
41:17the enemy is say using enormous amounts
41:19of anti-tank rounds the tyranids can
41:21adapt to have even more armor is their
41:23target relying heavily on bunkers or
41:25fortified positions then the tyradids
41:27will just produce more burrowing units
41:28to attack from underneath too many
41:30colossal titans on the battlefield well
41:32then the tyranids will just pop out some
41:34of their own there have even been
41:35examples of factions like the death
41:37guard trying to use poison or disease to
41:39combat them only for them to quickly
41:41develop to be immune even grandfather
41:43nergal finds the tyranids unbelievably
41:46frustrating to fight and at this point
41:47the tyranids outnumber even the orcs and
41:50as long as organic matter for them to
41:52consume still exists in our galaxy there
41:54will always be more tyranids from my
41:57perspective the tyranids really don't
41:58have a weakness that i could point out
42:00they have near perfect unity they're
42:02able to adapt to any new situation they
42:04outnumber every single species in the
42:06galaxy combined and with the help of
42:08their genestealer cults are able to
42:10infiltrate any world they want but if i
42:12had to come up with a weakness the major
42:14one that i would point out is they don't
42:15have the ability to travel faster than
42:17the speed of light and they don't
42:18utilize the warp to travel
42:20at the end of the day their ships are
42:22just migratory animals so this takes
42:24them an incredibly long time to reach
42:25their destination they're giving their
42:27enemies an incredibly long time to
42:28prepare for them however most of the
42:30time they don't even get that
42:31opportunity as they have this thing
42:33known as the shadow and the warp which
42:34is a massive psychic disturbance that
42:36the tyranids produce that can shut down
42:38psychic powers on the battlefield but it
42:40also renders their fleets almost
42:41completely invisible to detection
42:44additionally the tyranids do have a
42:45reliance on what is known as a synaptic
42:47link you see the hive mind influence
42:49spreads across impossible distances but
42:51it does this through certain tyranid
42:53species that act as a conduit for its
42:55commands tyrion is to get too far out of
42:57range of such a link end up reverting
42:59into little more than feral beasts
43:00they're still incredibly dangerous but
43:02they're not the unified fighting force
43:04that they once were every single day
43:06that goes by more and more tyranids are
43:08produced and the noose they have created
43:10that is tightening around the throat of
43:11the milky way galaxy is getting tighter
43:13and tighter with every other major
43:15faction in this list there's a lot of
43:17ifs butts and maybes if the orcs ever
43:19managed to make a list of goals and
43:20objectives they're going to be
43:22incredibly powerful if abaddon is able
43:24to fully reunite the chaos warbands once
43:26again for longer than just a single
43:28black crusade it's going to be a major
43:29problem if the necrons tomb worlds start
43:31to come online all at once it's going to
43:33be a major problem if the tower allowed
43:35to continue advancing for another few
43:37thousand years then they may dominate
43:39the galaxy and as i'm sure you can see
43:41there seems to be a pattern here there's
43:43a lot of determining factors when it
43:44comes to where they're going to end up
43:46in the future but as of right now the
43:48tyranids are the apocalyptic level
43:49threat there's no ifs butts or maybes
43:52with the tyranids they are definitely
43:53the apex predator when it comes to all
43:55of the sentient species of the milky way
43:58and if things continue as they're going
44:00now we will all end up being nothing
44:02more than bug food now i know this video
44:04has run a lot longer than all of my
44:06other ones but if you've made it this
44:07far i feel like a quick explanation for
44:09this list needs to be done just to give
44:11you a clearer picture of what the
44:12universe actually looks like now it's
44:14easy to say that something like the tao
44:16empire is stronger than the sisters of
44:17battle i think this goes without saying
44:20but what you have to remember is that
44:21the sisters or even the astromilitarum
44:23only represent one portion of the
44:25imperium as a whole this goes as well
44:27for the forces of the eldar empire or
44:29the forces of chaos when you take these
44:31alliances into account the list starts
44:32to look more like this i would still
44:34rate the tyranids as my number one pick
44:36for the most dangerous faction in the
44:38entire galaxy that's not going to change
44:40the bugs are scary but the imperium of
44:42man as a unified hole scores a lot
44:44higher whereas something like the tao
44:46empire ends up back near the bottom of
44:48the list one of these factions is just
44:50vastly larger than the other now the
44:51great thing about the 41st millennium is
44:53that you could honestly in good faith
44:55make an argument that any one of these
44:57factions could potentially be the
44:58strongest if certain criteria are met
45:00but what are your thoughts would you
45:02change the order of this list do you
45:03disagree with my top pick let me know
45:05down in the comments because i'm always
45:06curious what you guys think and if i'm
45:08being honest
45:09i learn more about warhammer through the
45:11comment section of my videos than pretty
45:13much any other source anyways i hope you
45:15all have a great night and happy
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the 10 most powerful factions in the Warhammer 40k lore?

The 10 most powerful factions in the Warhammer 40k lore include the Adeptus Custodies, Craftworld Eldar, Chaos Space Marines, and more. Each of these factions has unique strengths and weaknesses within the universe.

2. What are the unique abilities and technologies of the factions in Warhammer 40k lore?

The factions in Warhammer 40k lore exhibit a wide range of unique abilities and technologies. For example, the Adeptus Custodies are known for their exceptional combat prowess and loyalty to the Emperor, while the Craftworld Eldar possess advanced psychic abilities and highly advanced technology.

3. Which faction is revealed as the second most powerful in the Warhammer 40k universe?

The Necrons are revealed as the second most powerful faction in the Warhammer 40k universe. Their advanced technology and ability to reanimate make them a formidable force.

4. What is the significance of the Tyranids in the Warhammer 40k lore?

The Tyranids are depicted as the overwhelming force of the galaxy in the Warhammer 40k lore. Their relentless hunger and massive swarms pose a significant threat to all other factions.

5. How do the factions in Warhammer 40k lore impact the fictional universe?

The factions in Warhammer 40k lore have a profound impact on the fictional universe. They shape the narrative, drive conflicts, and contribute to the rich tapestry of the universe's lore.

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