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This video is a list of the top 10 NTR manhwa with gorgeous art-style, featuring stories of cheating and unfaithfulness in relationships.
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This section introduces the concept of NTR and discusses the first two manhwa on the list.
NTR is a Japanese term for cheating or being unfaithful in relationships.
"Fruitless" is a manhwa about a girl named Fate who resorts to sleeping with old men for money to take care of her ill grandfather.
"Lady Long Legs" is about a man who receives an offer from a rich and powerful woman that changes his life.
This section discusses three NTR manhwas and provides brief descriptions of their plots.
"8 Fatal Woman" features a strong female protagonist who gets involved with a married man and his girlfriend.
"Taming a Maid" revolves around a scum MC taking advantage of a gorgeous maid, with an abusive theme that transitions into a love story.
"Soothe Me" follows a newlywed man with an unsatisfactory sexual relationship who meets someone named Eunjoo.
This section discusses two NTR manhwas: "Run Away" and "Secret Class."
"Run Away" is about a wife who loses her memory and ends up making out with another man.
"Secret Class" follows a clumsy young man who receives special educational lessons from the girls in his house.
The video discusses three NTR manhwa with intriguing storylines and beautiful artwork.
The first manhwa features a protagonist who is having an affair with his brother's wife and another girl.
The second manhwa follows a male protagonist who is branded as a "shag beast" after a misunderstanding at a party.
The third manhwa, "Queen Bee," showcases a protagonist who transforms from being a wimp to a stronger character.
00:00Top 10 NTR Manhwa
00:00You are here my friend, you degenerated weebs are  here so that you can watch some boys and girls  
00:06cheating on their partners. Damn! Anyway, as I am  making this video, I am even worse than you. And  
00:12I hope this video doesn’t get taken down LOL!  Anyway, if you are new into the manhwa world,  
00:17you must be thinking, what is this  NTR? The full form of ntr is Netorare,  
00:23Japanese term for cheating or being unfaithful.  So the plot will be basically about cheating.  
00:28In this video i will be talking about the list  of top 10 best NTR manhwa with gorgeous artstyle.  
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00:40anime and manga related content on my  channel. So make sure to subscribe and  
00:44like this video. So if you are ready, i mean of  course you are! Let’s just start with our video!
00:5010 Fruitless In this manhwa,  
00:54our main character is a girl whose name is fate.  She has very poor financial conditions at her home  
01:00and she needs money to attend college which  becomes difficult for her because of her  
01:05family situation. It's not just that but  her grandfather’s health is not so good.  
01:09He is the one who helped her and cared for her  since she was a child and he is always ill. She  
01:15also wants to treat him with medicines and make  him healthier but again there are money issues.  
01:20This desperation for money leads her to the  wrong way in her life and In this secretive  
01:25town where she is living, she gets paid enough  to take care of him by sleeping with different  
01:30old men. But will her life be okay from now on? The story is really dark from the first episode  
01:36and shows us what people have to do in their  life to survive. This is a preety good harcore  
01:42NTR manhwa so it's definitely worth checking  out if you are into these kinds of plots.
01:489 Lady Long Legs 
01:51Hyunwoo is a pathetic man, he is not good at  anything in life and is living a miserable  
01:57life for a long time but one day he gets an  offer from a rich and extremely powerful woman.  
02:03He needs to sign a contract with a rich woman.  This contract will make him like a slave for her  
02:09for a particular period of time and he will  get a lot of money to do that. Hunwoo think,  
02:14either way my life is worthless then what’s  wrong with being a slave and get a lot of  
02:19money? He signs the contracts and accepts the  offer but is his life really getting better? 
02:24Lady Long Legs is a type of NTR manhwa where the  MC is a wimp. I felt bad for this mc constantly  
02:31as he is played and toyed with and i was  hoping for some beta to alpha development  
02:36but he stayed beta till the end. But overall  a good read, So check it out at your own risk!
02:438 Fatal Woman The Female main character  
02:48in this manhwa is very cool. A lot of people  won't like to hear this because of sexist crap. 
02:59Story goes on a strong FMC screwing around  married guy who's wife's f*cking someone  
03:05else too so it's a win-win situation. Some guy from the past showup and act he  
03:11cares about FMC and end up hurting his current GF  ( that was soo stupid of him) and end up with FMC  
03:18who's friends with his GF. so its a pretty  fun story to read and as she does the thing  
03:24with different people in different scenarios.  This could be the best choice if you love NTR.  
03:29I love how the story takes turns. Overall, it  is a great NTR manhwa with an excellent plot.
03:357 Taming a Maid The MC's parents return home from foreign,  
03:42but upon arrival, they bring a gorgeous maid.  Now our scum MC is going to take advantage of her  
03:48as she is going to live in their house forever.  Despite its abusive theme and blackmail this is  
03:54quite and enjoyable read, though I did find myself  sometimes cringing or feeling uncomfortable with  
03:59abusive scenes, but that ended in the maids  Arc to transition the second half of the story. 
04:05At the core of the story it is a love story  and this shines mostly in the second arc,  
04:10a longing for love of people  who are being abandoned.  
04:14And that anybody is searching for love or dealing  with loneliness would jump at every chance to be  
04:19loved despite what it entails. Definitely  a worthy read if you are a big fan of NTR
04:266 Soothe Me Jung Hoon is our main  
04:30character who is working as a freelance novelist,  and he just recently got married. Although he is  
04:36newlywed, his s*xuál relationship is  unsatisfactory. Then he meets Eunjoo,  
04:41the girl who lives next door. in this where the  main MC that is married goes and sleeps with his  
04:47neighbor and she is also married. and the first  10-20 chapters are about how they do it together.  
04:54They have this fetish that they want to do it  outside. Somehow MCs wife get same fetish and  
05:00at the end joins them. That's like the first  half of this manhwa and also the entire story  
05:06second part is just h*ntai. Even though  people don't really like the way it ended,  
05:11it was ok by me and also it had no ugly bastards.  They could’ve done male characters even better  
05:17than this for sure but I was quite satisfied  with girl characters. It was a good read overall.
05:245 Run Away 
05:27Nayeon is Kitae’s wife, and she’s beautiful and  gorgeous. But her husband only cares about his  
05:33work life and promotion. Once, Naeyeon wandered  in the forest, and because of some situations,  
05:39she lost her memories. Dongcheol is a guy who is  also roaming in the forest, he approaches her,  
05:45and he tries to raid Nayeon. And because of that,  Naeyeon ends up making out with Dongcheol. But is  
05:51it going to end just like that? Definitely not,  its going to take a unique turn on the story which  
05:56you will find out after you read this manhwa. Run Away is a wonderful drama filled with love,  
06:02hate, and suspense. Although you  see a mindless number of S scenes,  
06:06in the beginning, the story gets more  intimidating as you go through the chapters.
06:104 Secret Class
06:18Dae-ho is a boy who became an orphan at age of 13  and since he had no one who could care for him,  
06:24he started to live with his father’s friend’s  house. Dae-ho turned 20, but he’s still clumsy  
06:30when he deals with matters which are related to  girls and sleeping with them. He has never done  
06:35it in his life and is now getting his urges as  he is in his 20’s. To make him an enlightened  
06:41person about these things, The girls in the house  decided to give him special educational lessons  
06:47on the things that he is not familiar with. Hence  the name secret class. Probably, this one is what  
06:53you call a sweet NTR manhwa. No ugly bastard,  There is no disturbing plot, and you’ll find at  
06:58least one interaction scene in literally every  chapter. It is a really good NTR manhwa to read.
07:063 One’s in Laws Virgins
07:11Park Hyungsoo has loved Jung  Eunkyung for seven years,  
07:14he not once looked or loved another girl  except his love eunkyun but she married  
07:20his brother Park Kyutae. But he still holds  feelings for her and another girl, Da Boyoung. 
07:25So basically the MC is like I’m having an affair  with my brother’s wife and a girl who I once had  
07:31a crush on, but she has a crush on my brother.  I'm also living with three hot daughter in laws  
07:37that makes my love life even more complicated.This  NTR manhwa features cheating with a sister-in-law,  
07:43and you bet it has too many of those scenes. The  artwork is great, and the story in which you can’t  
07:49expect to be a happy one from smùt NTR manhwa. And  definitely worth the read if you are an NTR lover.
07:562 One-Room Hero
07:59After spending his entire life in  all-male schools till high school,  
08:03Mingu finally enters college where he would  be finally interacting with other girls.  
08:08Making things more exciting is the fact that  he's in the Food and Nutrition Department  
08:13with a male to female ratio of 1 to 9!  Imagine getting into such a department,  
08:18I would be dancing and hitting on everyone. A  v*rgin and single since birth,finally Mingu gets  
08:24his opportunity to date girls and enjoy a romantic  campus life. But one wrong lie during a drinking  
08:30party turns his life upside down and now he's  been branded as a shag beast all over the school! 
08:36Now what the girls of his department will do  after hearing the rumors about this beast? 
08:41The game is just begging! I hate to say this, but the main victim of this  
08:46NTR manhwa is the female lead, and if you love  reading NTR h*ntái manhwa, good luck with that.
08:531 Queen Bee
08:56Oh my f#cking god!!! This s#it was crazy from the  very start,i literally had to bite my tongue and  
09:02kept on reading just to see if the mc beat that  old fart or not and after chapter 80 i can proudly  
09:08say that the mc is not a wimp anymore.... Darla, the landlord’s daughter,  
09:13always treated Junie like a servant since they  were children. Through a series of incidents,  
09:19Junie decides to take revenge on her family for  treating him like that. And he shall first take  
09:25revenge upon the daughter of the landlord.Now  for the the story it's actually pretty decent,the  
09:30start is annoying i almost had to skip most of  it but the 2nd season is where the fun kicks in,  
09:37also the art of this manhwa is top notch  and the well written characters makes  
09:41the story worth your read. And hence queen  bee snatches the first place on our list.
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1. What are the top 10 NTR manhwa with gorgeous art-style?

The top 10 NTR manhwa with gorgeous art-style include titles like [Manhwa Title 1], [Manhwa Title 2], and [Manhwa Title 3] known for their stunning artwork and captivating storytelling.

2. Which NTR manhwa feature stories of cheating and unfaithfulness in relationships?

NTR manhwa featuring stories of cheating and unfaithfulness in relationships include popular titles like [Manhwa Title 1], [Manhwa Title 2], and [Manhwa Title 3], offering gripping narratives and emotional depth.

3. What makes NTR manhwa stand out in terms of art-style and storytelling?

NTR manhwa stands out with its stunning art-style, featuring detailed illustrations and captivating panel layouts that enhance the emotional impact of the stories. The storytelling is known for its depth and exploration of complex relationships.

4. How do NTR manhwa explore themes of infidelity and emotional turmoil?

NTR manhwa delve into themes of infidelity and emotional turmoil by portraying the complexities of relationships, the impact of betrayal, and the emotional struggles faced by the characters. Through compelling narratives, readers are taken on a gripping emotional journey.

5. What are the key elements that make NTR manhwa appealing to readers?

The key elements that make NTR manhwa appealing to readers include the captivating storytelling, emotionally charged character development, and the striking art-style that brings the intense emotions and dramatic moments to life.

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