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Joe Rogan shares a variety of conspiracy theories on his podcast, including theories about the afterlife, Hitler being alive in South America, advanced civilizations in Antarctica, the moon landing being fake, and the existence of parallel universes. Other guests on the podcast also discuss theories about time travel, the White Helmets, and the Vatican's desire for a One World Government through an extraterrestrial threat.
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Joe Rogan shares his theory on the afterlife, suggesting that death opens up a chemical gateway in the mind that transports consciousness into a new realm.
Ancient cultures that used substances like Ayahuasca and mushrooms believed in a realm of disembodied spirits.
Many religions discuss the concept of an afterlife.
Joe Rogan discusses the theory that Hitler may not have died, citing declassified documents that show continued efforts to search for him after the war.
This section discusses the presence of German-speaking communities in Chile and the conspiracy theory of Hitler being in South America.
There are German-speaking communities in Chile, such as Colonia Dignidad.
There are eyewitness accounts claiming to have seen Hitler in South America.
The wealth and background of individuals connected to these accounts raise suspicions.
Graham Hancock discusses the presence of Antarctica on ancient maps, suggesting advanced civilizations existed before its official discovery in 1820.
This section discusses two conspiracy theories - a cataclysmic event involving a continental size tsunami and the possibility of the U.S. moon landing being fake.
The cataclysmic event is mentioned in a document, suggesting a two-mile high tsunami.
The Bible's reference to six days and a new beginning is connected to the cataclysmic event.
The press conference from the 1969 moon landing is described as cryptic and the behavior of the astronauts as suspicious.
There is speculation that the moon landing may have been faked for various reasons, including military superiority and political benefits.
Joe Rogan discusses the conspiracy theory about the missing 2.3 trillion dollars and the theory of infinite universes.
Someone claimed that 2.3 trillion dollars couldn't be tracked right before 9/11.
Donald Rumsfeld mentioned the inability to find 2.3 trillion dollars.
The accounting office supposedly blew up, but it's important to verify the truth.
Joe Rogan talks about the theory of infinite universes where every possible variation exists.
The section discusses the discovery of bones beneath Benjamin Franklin's house and Joe Rogan's theory on time travel.
Conservationists found over 1200 pieces of bone in a pit beneath Benjamin Franklin's house, dating back to Franklin's time.
The bones were believed to be from an anatomy school run by Franklin's friend William Houston.
The section also mentions the dark undercurrents of Masonic rituals and a mishap during a 2004 initiation ceremony.
Joe Rogan's theory on time travel suggests that once a time machine is invented, anyone from that moment forward can travel to any point in time.
The Rishat structure in Mauritania shares several similarities with the mythical city of Atlantis.
The Rishat structure has concentric circles of water and land, similar to Atlantis.
It has an opening to the sea in the south, just like Atlantis.
The Atlas mountain chain in Mauritania is named after the first king of Atlantis, Atlas.
Mauritania is rich in gold, similar to the abundance of gold in Atlantis.
Mansa Musa, the richest person in history, was from the Mali Empire, which included modern-day Mauritania.
Eddie Bravo shares a conspiracy theory about the Vatican wanting to rule the world and using a fake alien invasion to create a One World Government.
The Vatican wanted to rule the world but couldn't do it without an extraterrestrial threat.
Paintings in the Vatican depict aliens, suggesting their knowledge of extraterrestrial existence.
Eddie Bravo believes that the idea of UFOs is being used to prepare people for a fake alien invasion to make them embrace a One World Government.
00:00these are 15 of the craziest conspiracy
00:04theories ever shared on The Joe Rogan
00:06Experience Podcast beginning with
00:101954 where Joe Rogan shares his theory
00:13on the afterlife the theory that many
00:16people have is that death opens up a
00:19chemical Gateway in the mind and that
00:22chemical Gateway takes whatever the soul
00:24is whatever Consciousness is and
00:27transports it into this new realm it
00:29allows you your conscious mind to access
00:33this new realm which is available to you
00:36upon death
00:37and so a lot of the ancient cultures
00:39that did Ayahuasca and all and and
00:42mushrooms they would talk about this
00:45realm as being like a Well of Souls that
00:49you encounter disembodied life forms
00:54disembodied spirits and this has been
00:58it's been a staple of so many religions
01:01there's so many religions that talk
01:03about the afterlife I mean I get that
01:05you would want to come up with something
01:07like that just because you wanted to
01:09have some sort of a reason to keep going
01:13with the rational mind when you're
01:15dealing with those existential angst of
01:17a temporary existence and one day you're
01:19just going to be worm food what's the
01:20point of it all why don't I end it now
01:21it's too much life is to live is to
01:23suffer no there's something waiting for
01:26you when it's over on episode
01:291117 Joe Rogan is absolutely shocked by
01:33this crazy Hitler Theory because a lot
01:36of people are like finding Hitler get
01:37the [ __ ] out of here they found Hitler
01:39he died yeah I mean not really we don't
01:41know right that that's the that's this
01:43isn't like Ancient Aliens this is we
01:46they Declassified a bunch of documents
01:48um they both the Israelis
01:51um the British and the Germans and
01:53Americans in the past 20 years have been
01:55decl consistently Declassified documents
01:57and there were a bunch of specifically
02:00FBI documents that we were spending
02:02millions and millions of dollars
02:03actively searching for Hitler after the
02:05war as was yeah like millions of dollars
02:08who was like no no no send more FBI
02:12agents to South America
02:14um to North Africa go to the Canary
02:17Islands go to Spain trying to find out
02:20where this guy went the Russians got the
02:22body and they got his skull and when
02:25they brought it back to Moscow nobody
02:27has ever been able to independently
02:30verify who and what this body is they
02:34let one genetic test occur and the body
02:37and with the bullet holes that they said
02:39was Hitler
02:40and have said and that's the narrative
02:42that's a story that's all the eyewitness
02:44accounts that are in even in the
02:46vicinity of collaborating with each
02:49um and cooperating each other's
02:51testimony like the closest version
02:53because none of it seems to be very
02:55accurate is that okay here's Hitler's
02:58skull and when they did the genetic
03:00testing it's that of a 35 year old woman
03:02so like oh well this isn't Hitler so
03:05what you had in South America both Chile
03:07and Argentina back to back had fascist
03:10regime regimes you had uh Peron who was
03:13part of the Nazi party starting all the
03:16way back into the mid-30s he's the
03:17president of Argentina
03:19so the Red Cross there was about three
03:22different rat lines that guys were able
03:23to successfully get out of Europe into
03:26South America
03:28um and these are there's no question
03:31that we're talking thousands if not tens
03:33of thousands of high-ranking Nazis made
03:35it there tens of thousands tens of
03:37thousands and I'm not talking like
03:38little soldiers I'm talking high-ranking
03:41Nazis but what you got in South America
03:43were isolated german-only communities
03:47you could go into baraloce Argentina and
03:49you know I'd be like what was these
03:51Amigos and they're like Guten Morgen
03:52like oh yeah I I meant good morning yeah
03:56sorry it's 2017 right I thought we spoke
03:58Spanish so in 2017 you were there and
04:02they were speaking German yeah
04:04well I I'm I don't look very
04:07I might look more European than I do so
04:09it's just them seeing me walking down
04:10the street and be like
04:13and there's tons of communities I mean
04:15if you go to Colonia dignidad which is
04:17now called via barbaria it is uh only
04:20Center of Chile in the mountains of
04:22Chile like you there's no Spanish being
04:25been spoken there it is exclusively
04:27German and these are the descendants of
04:29Nazis powerful Nazis holy [ __ ] are there
04:33any legitimate eyewitness accounts of
04:36Hitler in South America absolutely
04:40yeah eyewitness counts I saw him get off
04:42a boat I saw him meet here and if it was
04:45just some person saying it it's almost
04:47meaningless right but if you look at the
04:49context of who this person is the wealth
04:52that they have that they shouldn't have
04:53like can you explain how you got so rich
04:57in two generations you know like okay
04:59your grandpa got here from Germany in
05:021946. that's weird
05:05um and he he he's on a legitimate Visa
05:09with an Argentinian passport also weird
05:12um and now he's a war Refugee that's now
05:15worth millions of dollars
05:16how does this how does this work on
05:201897 Graham Hancock shares his theory
05:24that Antarctica on ancient maps is
05:28evidence of for advanced civilizations
05:30one of the things I find most striking
05:32is the presence of Antarctica on ancient
05:35maps because we didn't Discover it until
05:381820 and yet it's on maps drawn in the
05:411500s with great detail which again were
05:44based on much older Source maps that
05:46have now been lost to us
05:48um astonishing thing is the the
05:50so-called Pinkerton world map I don't
05:52know if you can if you can find it Jamie
05:53uh drawn I think in 1813 or 1818 based
05:57on the latest exploration data at that
06:00time and where Antarctica is Antarctica
06:03is yeah that one keep going right it
06:05just shows a hole where Antarctica is
06:08um because they did it was an honest map
06:10nobody had found it by then but if you
06:13go back to for example the Wolseley
06:14Willow world map drawn in 15 30 or
06:17thereabouts you find Antarctica is
06:19present that map shows shows Antarctica
06:22exactly where it should be and it shows
06:24it there we go Antarctica at the tip of
06:27South America just south of South Africa
06:29and what did they call it back then well
06:30they call it the southern land
06:32um and it's and it's larger than it is
06:34today but it was larger than it is today
06:36during the Ice Age Antarctica was a much
06:39bigger now what the [ __ ] is it doing on
06:41a map drawn in the 1500s which we know
06:43was based on older Source Maps when
06:45nobody knew it existed in the 1500s to
06:48me the obvious answer is we are dealing
06:50with the Fingerprints of the Lost
06:51Civilization that mapped the world and
06:54that left evidence of that mapping which
06:57ancient map makers found and used and
06:59incorporated into their Maps these Maps
07:01can be very confusing because they were
07:03trying to mix exploration data from
07:05their own period with data from the
07:07older Maps but when you look at these
07:09maps in depth they're very very
07:11intriguing on episode
07:131928 Jimmy corsetti shares his theory
07:17about Adam and Eve and the magnetic
07:19poles um but the Adam and Eve Story the
07:22theory of that is that these it happens
07:24in cycles of 6 500 years and that it's a
07:2790 degree flip but six days later or on
07:30the seventh day it corrects itself
07:31Planet flips it that correct it's a it's
07:35a planet flip 90 degree and that because
07:37of it the Earth essentially does a
07:39standstill the sun will be direct will
07:41basically stay in the same spot causing
07:43heating like we've never experienced and
07:46that the wind and the waters continue
07:48with their momentum because essentially
07:51the wind travels at approximately a
07:53thousand miles an hour at the Equator so
07:55the theory is that when that event
07:56happens it's going to be cataclysmic and
07:59here's the wild thing is that in that
08:00document it says uh a continental size
08:04tsunami being two miles high well I
08:06showed you the mikusi volcano in Africa
08:09in the Sahara which is at 11 300 feet
08:11that has salt as well as evidence of
08:13gastropods sea lice two miles high yes
08:16and I'm like it's just it would make a
08:18lot of sense like if you look at the
08:19Bible and involving like Revelations and
08:21it's saying like six days Six Days on
08:23the seventh day God rested and that
08:25document it says six days things start
08:27simmering down a bit in the set you know
08:29by day seven things are starting over
08:38with Joe Rogan's MMA show number 12. Joe
08:42Rogan explains his conspiracy that the
08:45U.S moon landing was fake the press
08:48conference from 1969 when they returned
08:50from the Moon is one of the most cryptic
08:52weird things you'll ever see these guys
08:55look like they just stole something and
08:58they're being questioned it's it's still
09:00it's I've never seen a video where
09:02people look like they're more full of
09:04[ __ ] than that video of the press
09:06conference from 1969. weird man it's
09:09weird they're like a fidgety and looking
09:11nervous like they're getting away so
09:13they didn't do it then they might have
09:15done it
09:16they might have been forced to say some
09:19things that they didn't want to say and
09:21that could be part of it absolutely you
09:22know they could have done it but there's
09:24a lot of weirdness with the moon landing
09:26it's it's if you wanted to have like a
09:29conspiracy that to wrap your head around
09:31it's exciting it's one of the best ones
09:34who benefits from it the United States
09:37government did because it showed
09:38military superiority of the Russians and
09:40we were able to do that it also you know
09:42it was the Nixon Administration people
09:45just flat out full of [ __ ] well yeah I
09:47mean they were just lying to people left
09:48and right back then that's government
09:49though yeah but even more so then
09:51because it was unchecked there was no
09:53media social media yeah there's nothing
09:55that would expose them for this and this
09:58stuff I mean they would air it on TV
10:00once in 1969 you never see it again
10:02unless you watched it on film there's no
10:04YouTube where you could go back and
10:06watch the astronauts on trampolines
10:09watch this and like their feet are
10:12hidden look at this watch these guys
10:14bounce up in the air it's like they're
10:16on some sort of wire like they're being
10:18yanked up into the air oh yeah
10:20like what the [ __ ] are they doing and
10:21they're playing like falling down and
10:24it's very weird but it could have been
10:26that they were really on the moon and
10:28these guys were [ __ ] Cowboys and
10:30yahoos and they wanted to bounce around
10:32but there was there's videos of the flag
10:34moving in a non-existent breeze which is
10:38weird too and there's they try to make
10:40some logical explanations for why the
10:43flag could be moving in a vacuum and
10:45some of it makes sense but some of it
10:47like the the wires one is weird if you
10:50watch them fall down like go to that one
10:52right there Jamie it might not have been
10:54real footage what they might have done
10:56is use some test footage like right
10:59there Jamie right there Let It Go like
11:01homeboy falls down and then it looks
11:03like he has yanked back up look at this
11:04oh he did not that's not him standing up
11:07yeah what is this on episode number
11:091308 Joe Rogan explains his conspiracy
11:13that 911 was an inside job you want to
11:16hear another conspiracy theory that you
11:18probably don't know it's gonna blow your
11:19mind let's do it the day day before 9 11
11:21the day before the attacks Rumsfeld
11:24gave a press conference where he talked
11:27about trillions of dollars missing
11:29the day
11:31then a plane slams into the very part of
11:34the building where they were doing the
11:36accounting blows up half the [ __ ]
11:39building of the Pentagon blows up a wall
11:41Donald Rumsfeld
11:43was on where was it the White House lawn
11:45According to some estimates we cannot
11:47track 2.3 trillion dollars in
11:55okay now again somebody told you that
11:58literally like right before 9 11
12:02they said they they couldn't track 2.3
12:06trillion dollars no that didn't happen
12:08that did not happen but it did happen
12:10what the [ __ ] yeah so think about what
12:12Kennedy said think about what you saw
12:14when you saw that Vice movie where Dick
12:17who was the CEO of halberton becomes the
12:20vice president and gets billions of
12:22dollars in no bid contracts now think
12:25about what we just saw with Donald
12:26Rumsfeld saying they couldn't find 2.3
12:30trillion dollars I don't know where what
12:32I don't know I don't know it seems like
12:34we should have had it so we'll keep
12:36looking oh no the spot where we look
12:39just blew up oh my God
12:43what find out if that's true if the it
12:46was the accounting office because this
12:48is what I loved I love to say it because
12:50it sounds good but let's make sure it's
12:51true that that part blew up but either
12:53way that he did say that and then they
12:57did get hit by a plane a couple of days
13:00it's unbelievable it's so crazy no one
13:03talks about that trillion dollars on
13:061314. Joe Rogan shares his infinite
13:09universe theory and then there's
13:11hundreds of billions of galaxies so the
13:14idea that we're the only one not only
13:16that Neil deGrasse Tyson's explained
13:18this to me because this is a mind
13:20[ __ ] a half that the universe is so
13:22big that not only is there another you
13:26out there that has done everything
13:28exactly as you've done to every pause
13:32like that pause
13:34every pause down to the second yeah an
13:37infinite number yeah yeah you're talking
13:38about is it called the uh infinite in an
13:40infinite universes
13:42there's this exact conversation
13:44happening that people look exactly like
13:46that because Infinity implies infinite
13:48variations there's there's one where you
13:50get up right now and you have to take a
13:51piss right and you run out of the room
13:52well Charlemagne's there you are here
13:54I'm there there's one when you get up
13:55and you're mad that we don't believe you
13:56that you saw Bigfoot or something you
13:58know that kind of [ __ ] yeah this the
14:00idea that when you think of infinity
14:02right we think about it as being really
14:05big it's not it's impossible to put in
14:07your head yeah the infinite infinite
14:10universes like the size of the universe
14:1214 billion light years apart infinite
14:15numbers of those not only that they
14:16think that inside every Galaxy is a
14:18supermassive black hole and inside that
14:21black hole may be another Universe with
14:23hundreds of billions of galaxies with
14:25hundreds of billions of black holes
14:27inside each one of those hundreds of
14:29billions of galaxies hundreds of
14:31billions of black holes that it's
14:32fractal and it's impossible for you to
14:34even conceive on episode number
14:371852 guest Sam Tripoli shares his theory
14:41that Ben Franklin was doing experiments
14:44on human bodies did you ever hear about
14:46what Ben Franklin was okay that's a
14:49different story but what did he do you
14:51never heard that like what he was found
14:53in it they found in his house no like
14:55tons of bodies bro what Ben Franklin
14:59they found tons of bodies in his Ben
15:02Franklin was a serial killer no he was
15:04like doing some weird [ __ ] dude
15:06yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah is this
15:10real yeah everything I say
15:12was Ben Franklin's basement filled with
15:15skeletons repairs on Franklin's old
15:18London house turned up 1 200 pieces of
15:21bone from at least 15 people
15:25holy [ __ ]
15:28for nearly two decades by the way this
15:30is from the Smithsonian
15:32this is not some wacky conspiracy
15:34thought this ain't Sam
15:36for nearly two decades leading up to the
15:39signing of the Declaration of
15:40Independence Benjamin Franklin lived in
15:42London in a house on 36 Craven Street in
15:451776 Franken left his English home to
15:48come back to America more than 200 years
15:50later 15 bodies were found in the
15:53basement buried in a secret windowless
15:55room beneath the Garden in 1998
15:58conservationists were doing repairs on
16:0036 Craven looking to turn Franklin's old
16:03haunt into a museum from a one meter
16:06wide one meter deep pit over 1200 pieces
16:10of bone were retrieved remnants of more
16:12than a dozen bodies said Benjamin
16:14Franklin's house six were children
16:18forensic investigation showed that the
16:20bones dated to Franklin's day
16:23holy [ __ ]
16:26the most plausible explanation is not
16:29mass murder but an anatomy School run by
16:32Benjamin's young friend and protege
16:34William Houston oh just an anatomy yeah
16:37and we're just gonna bury them
16:39downstairs note to add in another
16:41article about this oh boy Franklin's
16:44history is a Mason was one of the
16:46historians initial points of inquiry
16:48though shrouded in secrecy Masonic
16:50rituals have dark known undercurrents
16:54which have at times gone horribly wrong
16:56for example the 2004 initiation ceremony
16:59a new member was accidentally shot by a
17:02member who meant to fire an empty gun
17:04but instead fired a loaded one yeah they
17:07fake shot at each other yeah but when
17:10historic and historians dug deeper into
17:12what was going on the Franklin home
17:13during the years the bones dated back to
17:16they discovered the real culprit behind
17:18the bones is one of Williams
17:20yeah they're basically saying the same
17:23crazy right yeah Joe Rogan's theory on
17:26time travel you know that was the that
17:28was the theory that Terence McKenna had
17:30to the thing that's going to change the
17:32universe is that one day someone's going
17:34to invent a time machine and that when
17:35they invent a time machine all time
17:37ceases to become linear so you think if
17:39you have a time machine well oh I'll
17:41just go back to the time where they were
17:42making the pyramids and I watch them do
17:43it that's not what it works like when he
17:45was saying you can't travel where there
17:47are no roads so once a road gets built
17:51then you can travel so once a time
17:53machine gets invented then anyone from
17:55the invention of the time machine
17:57forward to Forever can come back to that
18:00moment and can go to any point in time
18:04from that moment to the end of time so
18:07all time ceases to be linear so there's
18:09no like tomorrow will be Wednesday and
18:12the next day will be Thursday no no it's
18:14everything happens everywhere all at
18:16once all right so people can travel back
18:19and forth through time you can never own
18:21anything because someone could just
18:22travel through time and check take it
18:23away from you when you weren't looking
18:24like like as time travel gets more and
18:27more sophisticated you can go back and
18:29forth in time while you're talking to
18:30people you know if you don't like what
18:32you said you could rewind and start all
18:34over again if you're in an argument with
18:35your wife you can go to the library and
18:37get information and come back and go
18:38actually you know Herodotus once said
18:41and then bam your wife thinks you're the
18:43smartest guy in the world like this but
18:45it would it would would there would be
18:47no normal life anymore it would like the
18:50world itself would be completely
18:52unrecognizable because time would mean
18:55nothing you'd be able to travel back and
18:57forth Through Time on Joe Rogan
18:59Experience number
19:011928 YouTuber and investigator Jimmy
19:05corsetti shares his theory about the
19:08lost city of Atlantis there's a location
19:10in the western Sahara Desert of
19:12Mauritania called the Rishad structure
19:14it's also commonly referred to as the
19:16eye of the Sahara
19:18it is a site that most people have never
19:21seen or heard of before which is truly
19:23peculiar because it's so spectacular
19:25it's a site that astronauts typically
19:28use to reference from space it is a
19:30geological feature that is said to be
19:32volcanic in nature and what's so
19:35spectacular about this is that it just
19:37so happens to match more than a dozen
19:40striking similarities to what Plato had
19:42described as the Lost ancient capital
19:45city of Atlantis Plato had described
19:46Atlantis as being the capital let me
19:48just mention that because it was an
19:49Empire said to be made up of ten
19:51kingdoms and what I'm focusing on is the
19:53Lost capital city which was said to be
19:55made up of concentric circles three of
19:57water two of land which matches the
19:59rishat structure it also is said to have
20:01an opening to the Sea at the South and
20:03if you look at it from satellite imagery
20:04you can clearly see that water had ran
20:06through it and furthermore it was said
20:07to have mountains to the north and you
20:09just so happen to have mountains called
20:11the Atlas mountain chain which Atlas was
20:13said to be the very first king of
20:15Atlantis and what's interesting is that
20:17the very first known king of Mauritania
20:19which is where the restaurant structure
20:20is located is also their very first
20:23known King was also named Atlas and
20:25though I'm not saying that that's the
20:27same individual but what we do today is
20:30we pass down names right like people
20:31like oh my dad's name is John and so is
20:33so is my son and so it's it's another
20:36striking similarity but it goes further
20:38than that like there's geological
20:39similarities such as the fact that
20:41Atlantis was said to be made up of red
20:42black and white color stone which is
20:44another similarity you see at the Rishad
20:47um it was said to have an abundance of
20:49gold and that the outer walls were lined
20:51with it and it turns out that Mauritania
20:54is loaded with gold and not only that
20:55the richest person ever known to exist
20:58in all of mankind is Mansa Musa of the
21:00Mali Empire which consisted partly of
21:03modern-day Mauritania and he was so rich
21:05from gold that he would be richer than
21:07Elon Musk in like Bezos combined almost
21:10like many unfathomable amount of
21:12billions of of dollars so that's another
21:15symbol what year was this on Joe Rogan
21:17experienced number
21:191266 War reporter Ben Anderson talks
21:23about a conspiracy theory around white
21:26helmets right now right there are
21:28parallel universes right now that exist
21:30on things that you would have thought
21:31everyone can accept as a basic fact like
21:33what you know
21:35um Syria yeah you know the white helmets
21:37there are some fairly serious people
21:39saying the white helmets are you know
21:41some kind of media front for Al-Qaeda
21:43would you explain the white helmets for
21:45people so when there's a when there's a
21:47bombing and a building collapses they go
21:49in and drag people out and get their
21:51medical attention as quick as possible
21:52and people think that they're somehow or
21:55another involved in it they're a front
21:57yeah and the footage is faked in order
22:00to drum up Sympathy for the rebel-held
22:02areas oh I mean that's I've heard you
22:06know serious people say that serious
22:08people yeah not not loons on Facebook
22:09I've heard you know like journalists or
22:11yeah yeah you wouldn't be able to really
22:14get like I know people that have gone to
22:15Venezuela and they come back and they go
22:17I don't know what the [ __ ] is going on
22:18over there I don't know who to believe I
22:19don't understand it Venezuela is a very
22:21strange one and I get messages all the
22:23time and you know I've had Abby Martin
22:25who goes over there and she has one take
22:27on it and I have other people that I
22:28talk to that have a different take on it
22:30and I do not know I don't know who to
22:32believe and I think you'd have to go
22:33over there and do you'd have to spend a
22:35lot of time to try to figure this out it
22:37would have to be the entire focus of
22:39your life to really try to parse it out
22:40on Joe Rogan Experience number
22:441339 Joe Rogan and Everlast go deep into
22:48parallel universe theories what about
22:51this what if every time you went to
22:54and you woke up you passed into a nearby
22:59in very similar universe but not quite
23:02the same
23:03and depending upon your choices
23:06and how you live your life
23:08it's how you wake up and what new one
23:11you pop into on the other side and
23:13everyone's just a little bit different
23:15the whole world changes just a little
23:17bit each time you make a decision one
23:19way or another
23:20everything changes when you wake up you
23:22think the world is static because it is
23:24when you're awake you have no [ __ ]
23:27idea what's happening while you're
23:28asleep and when you wake up again you
23:30have this foggy recollection of the past
23:33and that's what you're going by you're
23:35going by every morning waking up with a
23:38foggy recollection of the past that's
23:40what you're doing and you're you're
23:42assuming that nothing's changed and
23:44everything's static and while you were
23:46asleep for eight hours nothing weird
23:48happened you know what the [ __ ] you're
23:49talking about you have no idea you're
23:51dreaming you're having crazy fantasies
23:53and [ __ ] weird stuff is happening you're
23:54[ __ ] mermaids you're flying through
23:56the air on a on a helicopter you know
23:58you don't weird things happen when
24:00you're dreaming what is all that about
24:01we don't even know we have no idea what
24:03that is that soup of possibilities it's
24:05[ __ ] swirling around in between your
24:07ears while you're snoring up a storm and
24:09then boom you wake up are you sure
24:12those memories are real are you sure
24:15that this isn't a whole completely new
24:17University living in today or
24:20assimilation or simulator on a Joe Rogan
24:23podcast from February 17 2019 Eddie
24:28Bravo shares his crazy conspiracy about
24:31space and one world government the only
24:34way to make a One World Government work
24:37is to have the people embrace it they
24:40have to want it because nobody wants it
24:42so the trick is to make to make people
24:46want it to embrace it there's only one
24:48way the only way and they've known this
24:50forever the Vatican knew this the
24:52Vatican the pope wanted to rule the
24:54world they all knew it but they couldn't
24:56do it they all knew it but they knew one
24:58way but there's no way man the only way
25:01is if there was some extraterrestrial
25:05threat from up above us
25:08that would be the only way to have
25:12everyone embrace the One World
25:14Government they all knew that for years
25:17they didn't work that's the plan they
25:18could never make a brand that they
25:20didn't have the technology 500 years ago
25:22the Vatican knew about it they wanted it
25:24and you go to the Vatican you see
25:26paintings that paintings of like have
25:29you been clothes with aliens in them and
25:31back when I used to believe in UFOs but
25:33before I figured out that
25:36UFOs were are they want us to believe in
25:40UFOs they're preparing us for a fake
25:42alien invasion
25:44a one-world government the only way to
25:47do it is to get us to embrace it and the
25:49only way to embrace it is from an alien
25:51attack Ronald Reagan talked about it
25:53many times at the U.N CFR he talked
25:57about it goes wouldn't it make he looked
25:58at all the leaders of the of the nation
26:00of the world and said wanted to make our
26:03lives easier if we just had some you
26:06know some kind of extraterrestrial
26:08threat on Joe Rogan Experience number
26:121284 Graham Hancock shares his theory
26:15about ancient civilizations is above the
26:19king's chamber in the Great Pyramid are
26:23five further Chambers and these Chambers
26:26are roofed and floored with granite
26:28beams that weigh about 70 tons each and
26:32there are hundreds of them and these 70
26:34ton Granite beams which to put in
26:36context a 70-ton beam is equivalent in
26:39weight to 35 large SUVs these 70-ton
26:42Granite beams have been elevated to a
26:45height of more than 350 feet above the
26:47ground and carefully and precisely
26:49placed in position it is very hard for
26:53archaeologists to explain how that was
26:55done using purely leverage and
26:58mechanical advantage you can say oh and
27:00perhaps they built a ramp and and and
27:02hauled the stones up the ramp then you
27:05have to confront basic laws of physics
27:07you can't haul a stone weighing tens of
27:10tons up a slope that exceeds 10 degrees
27:13then you start doing the calculation how
27:16long a ramp do I need with a 10 degree
27:18slope to get to 350 feet above the
27:21ground and the answer is you need a
27:23[ __ ] long ramp which which should
27:26still be there because not it couldn't
27:28have been a sand ramp it would have
27:29collapsed under the weight of those
27:30stones it had to be as massive as the
27:32pyramid itself so this begins to seem
27:35like an absurd idea the the idea that is
27:37foisted on us by archeology may be the
27:40idea that they regard it as absurd
27:42namely that psychic powers were
27:44cultivated by ancient civilizations that
27:46they could use powers of the human mind
27:48that we have allowed to lapse maybe that
27:50idea deserves further consideration
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Is Joe Rogan's podcast discussing conspiracy theories?

Yes, Joe Rogan shares a variety of conspiracy theories on his podcast, including theories about the afterlife, Hitler being alive in South America, advanced civilizations in Antarctica, the moon landing being fake, and the existence of parallel universes.

2. What are some of the conspiracy theories discussed on Joe Rogan's podcast?

Some of the conspiracy theories discussed on Joe Rogan's podcast include theories about time travel, the White Helmets, and the Vatican's desire for a One World Government through an extraterrestrial threat.

3. What is one of the conspiracy theories about Hitler discussed on the podcast?

One of the conspiracy theories discussed on the podcast is about Hitler being alive in South America.

4. Is the moon landing discussed as a conspiracy theory on the podcast?

Yes, the moon landing being fake is discussed as a conspiracy theory on the podcast.

5. Are there discussions about advanced civilizations in Antarctica on the podcast?

Yes, discussions about advanced civilizations in Antarctica are part of the conspiracy theories shared on the podcast.

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