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The video reviews the top 15 stock Android smartphones including the Google Pixel 7 series, ASUS Zenfone 9, Motorola Edge 40 series, and Nokia x30 and x35g, highlighting their specifications, camera capabilities, and overall user experience, for those seeking the best stock Android handsets for Spring 2023.
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The video discusses the best stock Android smartphones, with a focus on Google's Pixel series.
The most affordable option is the Pixel 7e, which has similar specs to the Pixel 7 and offers excellent camera technology.
The Pixel 7e has a 6.1-inch display, a plastic frame, and is water-resistant.
It is powered by Google's Tensor 2 chipset, has a stunning OLED screen with a 90Hz refresh rate, and features stereo speakers.
As a Google handset, it offers a stock Android finish with guaranteed timely updates and exclusive Pixel features like call screening.
Asus Zenfone 9 is a compact smartphone with a stock Android experience, Snapdragon 8 plus gen 1 chipset, and impressive battery life.
Zenfone 9 has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 plus gen 1 chipset for high performance.
The compact smartphone has an impressive battery life.
It has a stock Android experience with some extra features like gesture support and a game mode.
The software support is limited to two guaranteed Android OS updates and just over two years of security updates.
Motorola Razer 2022 is a strong rival to Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip 4 and cheaper, but the Motorola Edge 20 Pro's camera lags behind its similarly priced rivals.
Motorola Razer 2022 has boosted battery life and runs on Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1, with a 50 MP camera and external display as a viewfinder.
Motorola Edge 20 Pro has 64 MP primary camera sensor that lags behind similarly priced rivals like Pixel 7A, but has 68W wide charging and full wireless charging support.
Motorola G82 has a gorgeous OLED screen, 120Hz 10-bit eye pleaser, stereo speakers, 5000mAh battery, expandable storage, and is backed by Snapdragon 695 chipset.
The Nokia x35g and Nokia G60 are affordable stock Android smartphones with eco-friendly designs and guaranteed OS updates.
The Nokia x35g is built from recycled materials and features a Snapdragon 695 chipset, OLED display, stereo speakers, and a 50MP camera with optical image stabilization.
It offers three years of OS updates, including Android 15, and comes with a three-year warranty.
The Nokia G60 is also constructed from recycled materials and powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 695, offering smooth performance.
00:00now as much as I love some Android
00:01launchers they can often feel like an
00:04unnecessary top and slapped onto an
00:06already very tasty base kind of like
00:08taking a steam and hot Greg stake bake
00:11and then just hauling on a load of Angel
00:14so here's my pick of the very best stock
00:16Android smartphones that have been
00:18completely untouched with random
00:20launchers and for more and latest and
00:22greatest Tech please do POG subscribe
00:23and ding that notifications Bell cheers
00:26now your first choice when it comes to
00:27stock Android smartphones should always
00:30be Google's own pixel blowers and right
00:33now you've got a choice of three the
00:34most affordable of which is this here
00:36pixel 7e which will cost you 449 gbps or
00:40you can upgrade to the pixel 7 or even
00:42the mega sized pixel 7 Pro if your
00:45wallet is getting a bit weighty most
00:47people should be perfectly happy with
00:49the pixel 7e which boasts similar specs
00:51to the pixel 7 and some of the best
00:53camera Tech at this price point so you
00:55can point and shoot and get great
00:57looking picks the day or night and the
00:59pixel 7 air boosts another benefit the
01:01fact that it is a proper pocket pleaser
01:03at just 6.1 inches you don't get a
01:06premium glass finish like with its
01:08siblings but it still looks and feels
01:10great and it is water resistant too so
01:12no worries if it gets super damp packed
01:15into the pixel 7 is plastic frame is
01:17Google's on tensor 2 chipset and that's
01:20the same bit of tech that powers the
01:21flagship phones this can handle
01:23everything up to and including some hot
01:25gentian action although the pixel 7A can
01:28get a wee bit toasty at times that OLED
01:30screen is a stunner now Boston a creamy
01:33smooth 90 Hertz refresh rate and you got
01:35a stereo speaker setup so your flicks
01:37sound as good as they look and of course
01:39as this is a Google handset you've got a
01:41lovely stock Android finish with
01:43guaranteed timely updates for years to
01:45come plus those brilliant pixel
01:47exclusive features like the call
01:48screening which is worth its bloody win
01:50gold for this price it's one of the best
01:53mid-range phones right now never mind
01:55one of the best stock Android handsets
01:57now if you've got a bit more cash and
01:58you want some more premium Tech well you
02:00might want to Chuck a little bit more
02:01cash Google's wear for a flagship pixel
02:04both the pixel 7 and the pixel 7 Pro
02:06upgrade the primary camera sensor to a
02:0850 meg quad beer effort this definitely
02:10proves more capable in ambient lighting
02:13and also you've got a more dependable
02:14Focus you've once again got Google's
02:16fresh tensor G2 chipset plus extra
02:19memory on the pro model and although
02:20it's no Snapdragon air Gen 2 and the
02:22pixel 7 handsets can occasionally heat
02:24up a bit these phones will cope with
02:26anything you Chuck at them and as for
02:28the media chops well these flagships
02:30once again serve up some stunning AMOLED
02:32screen Tech 90 Hertz on the pixel 7 and
02:34120 hertz on the Pro Plus you get an
02:37upgraded Quad HD Plus resolution and of
02:39course like the pixel 7e you've got that
02:41gorgeous stock Android experience with
02:43years of updates to come you've also got
02:45wireless charging support again like the
02:47pixel 7 here but the pixel 7 and 7 Pro
02:50boast faster wide charge and support and
02:52if you upgrade to that pro model you've
02:54got An Almighty 5000 milliamp hour
02:56battery that said any of these pixel
02:58phones should last you the full deer
03:00even with several hours of screen on
03:02time and I have done a full side-by-side
03:04pixel 78 versus 7 versus 7 Pro
03:06comparison if you want to see what the
03:08difference is between them all are now
03:10if you're not sweared by a pixel but you
03:12fancy a compact blower just like the
03:14pixel 6A well definitely don't sleep on
03:16the Asus Zenfone 9. this 5.9 inch
03:19smartphone is one of the most lovable
03:21little buggers launched in 2022 and it's
03:23the perfect alternative to the also
03:25excellent xiaomi 12. if you want a
03:27compact smartphone but with a stock
03:29Android experience some top-notch hand
03:32feel and effortless one-handed action is
03:34just the cherry on the cake though
03:35because Asus has crammed in qualcomm's
03:38Snapdragon 8 plus gen 1 chipset for
03:40proper Beefcake performance and they've
03:42also smartly improved the coolant system
03:44of the last year's blower so the Zenfone
03:46doesn't get all sweaty and moist Under
03:48Pressure like when you're smashing these
03:50weed troll knobbers into mushy paste and
03:52even more impressively for such a dinky
03:54handset the battery life is off the
03:56scale you'll easily make it through the
03:58most intensive of days on a full charge
04:00with this thing even with lots of camera
04:02play good but a game and media streaming
04:04all that heavy lifting other way you do
04:06finally manage to kill the Zenfone 9
04:07sadly there isn't any wireless charging
04:09support as for the software it's as
04:12close to stock Android as you could
04:13possibly hope for with just a few extra
04:15bids bolted on top like some Nifty
04:17gesture support you've also got a pretty
04:19bloody good game and mode packed in
04:21there as well with all kinds of features
04:23similar to asus's Rog phones however
04:26don't dive on in expecting the same
04:27level of software support as you would
04:29get from Google's pixel blurs because
04:31unfortunately it's just two guaranteed
04:32Android OS updates and then just over
04:34two years of security updates as well
04:37and if you're after a stock Android
04:39smartphone another quite Jazzy
04:41alternative is called Piers nothing fun
04:43one which sports the most talked about
04:45rear end since Beyonce yes all of the
04:47headlines are focused on that flashing
04:49disco bollocks known as the glyph
04:51lighten it is basically just a glorified
04:53notifications light though and you'll
04:55find if you dive on beneath the
04:56literally very flashy exterior you'll
04:59find a serious competitor to that Google
05:01pixel 6 Action performance is much
05:03better here compared with the pixel 6
05:05here for gaming while you once again
05:07have a gorgeous OLED display at this
05:09time with faster refresh that camera
05:11Tech is pretty bloody good too coming
05:12close to the pixel a lot of the time and
05:14really be chucking up a bad looking pic
05:16and you've even got support for wireless
05:18charging something that's missing from
05:20Google's mid-range pixel the nothing
05:22launcher does tweak the Aesthetics with
05:24a2core for School dot matrix design and
05:26the less said about those wallpapers and
05:28ringtones the better but otherwise this
05:30is stock Android through and through
05:32with three years of guaranteed Android
05:34OS updates and four years of security
05:36support as well so definitely an
05:38improvement on that Zenfone gotta say
05:40when I first reviewed the Notting phone
05:42one the battery life was pretty CAC and
05:44the fierce recognition worked about as
05:46well as a chocolate dildo but thankfully
05:48updates have sorted out these problems
05:49so now it is one of the better pixel
05:51Rivals out there and if you are tempted
05:53by the nothing phone well don't forget
05:55the cold pair has already confirmed that
05:57the nothing fun to is on its way should
05:59be launching in just a couple of short
06:01months now Motorola is another mobile
06:03manufacturer who loves to slap a bit of
06:05stock Android on all of its smartphones
06:07and if you've got plenty of cash stuffed
06:10under your mattress well I highly
06:11recommend checking out the fresh new
06:12Moto Edge 40 Pro there's no 200 Meg
06:16camera slapped on here unlike the
06:18previous Flagship but that 50 meg
06:19shooter does a proper job and even quite
06:22tax in conditions and you've also got a
06:2450 meg Ultra wide and a telephoto
06:26Snapper for a bit of flexibility the
06:28Motorola Edge 40 Pro also serves up An
06:31Almighty 6.67 inch 165 Hertz OLED screen
06:35and stereo speakers slapped into a
06:38stunning and skinny chassis now that's
06:41not just a locker either this Mortal
06:42blower is powered by a Snapdragon air
06:44Gen 2 so it is a proper beefy bugger
06:47there's also space for a 4 600 milliamp
06:49hour battery with 125 watt wired
06:53charging support and a bit wireless
06:55charging as well if you want it not to
06:57mention up to half a terabyte of storage
06:59and last year's Motorola Edge 30 Ultra
07:02is still available spot in very similar
07:04specs plus that 200 Meg Snapper so if
07:07you see a good deal on it it could well
07:09be worth a punt now if that's all too
07:11much tech for your face to handle or you
07:13don't have quite enough cash for the pro
07:14the Ultra well no worries you can always
07:17NAB yourself the regular Motorola Edge
07:1940 for almost 300 quid less than that
07:21pro model this more affordable option is
07:23powered by mediatek's still pretty beefy
07:26dimensity 8020 and Plus premium bits
07:29like a 144hz pure LED screen and a
07:31capable 50 meg camera the battery has
07:34only shrunk slightly versus that Pro
07:36effort with 68 watt wide charging and 15
07:38watt wireless charging adjusted backup
07:40and all of that is wrapped up in a
07:43strokably delightful vegan leather frame
07:45you can also grab the slightly more
07:47sedate Moto Edge 30 Fusion which again
07:50boasts a 50 meg main camera that's
07:52absolutely fine for everyday photography
07:54performance is smooth enough with an
07:56older Snapdragon 888 plus chipset run in
07:59the show well The 4400 milliamp hour
08:01capacity battery puts on a proper shift
08:03giving you all deer play no worries
08:05you've also got 68 watt wide charging
08:08which fills a backup in a jiffy although
08:10sadly no wireless charging support here
08:12on the fusion then there's the Moto Edge
08:1413 Neil a pleasantly compact 6.28 inch
08:18blower similar to the Zenfone 9 and
08:19pixel 7A this comes in special Colors
08:22hand-picked by mod Roller's latest
08:24partner Panton including this spangly
08:26very Perry option around the other side
08:28is a gorgeous 120hz pure LED display
08:31although the Neo serves up more basic
08:33performance than its siblings with a
08:34Snapdragon 695 running the show and
08:37still enough grunt from the latest games
08:38albeit on Lower graphic settings if
08:40they're proper memory guzzlers like
08:42genjen impact on the flip side the Neo
08:44is considerably cheaper than the other
08:46two Motorway smartphones I just banged
08:48on about just then and the 4000 milliamp
08:51hour capacity battery while a little bit
08:52smaller still offers good returns helped
08:54by the more energy efficient platform
08:56and you've got that 68 watt wide
08:58charging and full wireless charging
09:00support here as well unlike the more
09:02expensive Fusion however the 64 Meg
09:05primary camera sensor lags behind
09:07similarly priced Rivals such as the
09:08pixel 7A so if photography is a priority
09:11for you I'd say go Google and I also
09:13gotta say it in my experience and so far
09:15the Motorola isn't quite as Dependable
09:17as Google and some of its other Rivals
09:19when it comes to the software updates so
09:21if that's a big thing for you you might
09:23be sweared elsewhere and if you happen
09:25to be partial to a bendy smartphone and
09:27who isn't well Motorola can also drain
09:29your savings account with the rather
09:31snazzy new Motorola Razer 2022 this
09:34third generation Razer reboot Smooths
09:37over all of those bumpy crappy bits from
09:39the previous pair boosting the battery
09:40life as well as the power this thing
09:42runs off the Snapdragon 8 plus gen 1 so
09:44you can game away on whatever your
09:46lovely little heart fancies the 50 meg
09:49camera does a decent job for snaps ad
09:51day or night and it could also snap your
09:53mug using that big and bright external
09:54display as a kind of viewfinder it's a
09:57strong rival the Samsung's Galaxy Z flip
09:594 and it's 50 Quid cheaper too oof and
10:02if you don't happen to have the cash for
10:03any of these mortar other small phones
10:05what I've been telling you about well no
10:06worries maybe try the Mortal g82 instead
10:09which costs under 300 quid here in
10:11blighty the Highlight here is that
10:13gorgeous OLED screen green it's another
10:15120 hertz 10 bit eye pleaser backed by
10:18stereo speakers for a Muriel Netflix
10:20session you've got a big old 5000
10:23milliamp hour capacity battery you've
10:25got expandable storage and performance
10:27comes courtesy of qualcomm's Snapdragon
10:29695 not the beefiest chipset around so
10:32no one's going to be dribbling into
10:33their neck flesh thinking about all of
10:35that raw power but it is good enough for
10:37gaming on Call of Duty and pubg and even
10:39gension impact can run at an alright nip
10:42at the lowest Graphics settings the
10:44Motorola g82's 50 megapixel primary
10:47camera sensor comes with Optical image
10:49stabilization built in and it's a pretty
10:51decent everyday Snapper that
10:53stabilization helps out in dimmer light
10:55and you get sharp colorful results the
10:57rest of the time if you can look past
10:58the limited software support the model
11:00g82 is a banger at this price with a
11:03lovely stock Android vibe to boot and
11:05for even less cash than the model g82
11:07you can Snuffer yourself the Mortal G62
11:10this plastic slab boasts to water
11:12repellent design so it gets splashed
11:14without explode and you've got all the
11:15usual features including NFC a headphone
11:18jack and micro SD support plus of course
11:20you've got all the mod rollers borders
11:22bits chucked on here like the dedicated
11:23gaming mode and the excellent karate
11:25double chop to turn on the torch feature
11:27which I bloody love
11:30the 6.5 inch IPS screen ain't nothing
11:32special but it does support 120 hertz
11:35refresh while the Snapdragon 480 plus
11:37chipset is good enough for your everyday
11:39Shenanigans and some light gaming while
11:41also offering 5G support natch the 5000
11:44milliamp hour battery keeps you going
11:46all day too no matter what you're up to
11:48and the camera May struggle in testing
11:50conditions but it does pack in
11:51Motorola's AI smarts to help you capture
11:53the best picks possible and last up if
11:56you're after an affordable stock Android
11:58smartphone will definitely check out
11:59Nokia's latest blowers one of the best
12:02right now is the Nokia x35g an
12:05eco-friendly mobile built from a fully
12:07recycled aluminum frame and mostly
12:09recycled Plastics packed inside of this
12:11tree hug and body is that Snapdragon 695
12:14chipset which once again does the job
12:16for gearman well a 6.43 inch OLED
12:18display and the stereo speaker setup
12:20means good times when streaming a bit of
12:22the Disney pluses or even your uncle
12:23spurt here on YouTube manufacturer hmd
12:26Global as well the generously
12:28guaranteeing three OS updates Beyond
12:29Android Droid 12 so that means you're
12:31covered all the way up to Android 15 so
12:33they won't be high in this phone in the
12:34bin after just a year or two because
12:36it's out of date and they're also
12:37chucking in a three year warranty as
12:39well so no worries if it muffs up the 50
12:42meg camera features built-in Optical
12:44image stabilization and it's one of the
12:46better Snappers found on a Nokia
12:48smartphone working well even in quite
12:50low light if again not quite up to those
12:52pixel standards like some of its other
12:54mid-range Rivals here the Nokia x30 is
12:56fully water resistant as well and while
12:58the 4200 milliamp hour capacity battery
13:00can't be charged wirelessly
13:02unfortunately it will at least see you
13:04through a full date of use no problems
13:06at all as long as you're not constantly
13:08bashing those annoying little gripply
13:10Hill troll things and gentian impact of
13:12course the Nokia g65g is another
13:15respectable everyday smartphone for just
13:17300 quid with the added bonus that it's
13:20mostly constructed from recycled
13:21materials so making one doesn't hit up
13:23the planet as much as other phones and
13:25with quite a few years of os and
13:27security updates guaranteed as well
13:29hopefully one up to Hawaii in the bin
13:30and replace it with another one in
13:32double quick time the Nokia G60 is
13:34powered by qualcomm's Snapdragon 695 so
13:37once again this phone breezes through
13:39most tasks with a spring in its step and
13:41doesn't disintegrate if you try playing
13:42games either that 6.58 inch screen is
13:45mere IPS Tech sadly but it's not a bad
13:48panel still quite poppy if not quite as
13:50bright as I would have liked battery
13:52life is as good as most of the phones in
13:54this best budget Roundup where you get
13:56plenty of extra perks like expandable
13:58storage and an actual headphone jack and
14:00while the Nokia g65g isn't a patch on
14:03the pixel and quite a few others here
14:04for photography it's still fine as long
14:06as the license isn't being a proper dick
14:08strong contrast and dim conditions are
14:11not this Fun's friend and that right
14:13there my lovelies is my Roundup of the
14:14very best stock Android smartphones that
14:16you can grab yourself right now in 2023
14:19now I might have missed off your own
14:20favorite stuff the chromium as to what a
14:22massive number I am down below and let
14:24us know what your pick of the best stock
14:25Android phones is is or depending on how
14:28many you have and for more than the
14:29latest and greatest please do poke
14:31subscribe ding that notifications Bell
14:32enemy solves a ruddy grid rest of the
14:34week cheers everyone love you
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the top 15 stock Android smartphones for Spring 2023?

The top 15 stock Android smartphones for Spring 2023 include the Google Pixel 7 series, ASUS Zenfone 9, Motorola Edge 40 series, and Nokia x30 and x35g. These smartphones are known for their stock Android experience, excellent specifications, and camera capabilities.

2. What are the key specifications of the Google Pixel 7 series?

The Google Pixel 7 series comes with top-notch specifications, including a high-quality display, powerful processor, excellent camera system, and seamless stock Android experience. These specifications make it an ideal choice for those seeking a premium stock Android smartphone.

3. How do the camera capabilities of ASUS Zenfone 9 compare to other stock Android smartphones?

The ASUS Zenfone 9 boasts impressive camera capabilities, offering high-resolution sensors, advanced image processing, and versatile shooting modes. This makes it stand out among other stock Android smartphones, ensuring excellent photography and videography experiences.

4. What makes the Motorola Edge 40 series a compelling choice for stock Android enthusiasts?

The Motorola Edge 40 series combines a sleek design, powerful performance, and near-stock Android interface, making it a compelling choice for stock Android enthusiasts. With its innovative features and reliable user experience, it sets itself apart in the market.

5. Why are the Nokia x30 and x35g considered top contenders for the best stock Android handsets?

The Nokia x30 and x35g are considered top contenders for the best stock Android handsets due to their reliable performance, clean user interface, durable build, and impressive camera capabilities. These smartphones offer a seamless stock Android experience, appealing to those looking for a dependable device.

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