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This video tutorial explains two methods for exporting SVG files in Photoshop, allowing for scalable vector graphics. The first method is easier for exporting a single SVG file, while the second method is more efficient for exporting multiple SVG files at once.
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There are two methods to export SVG files from Photoshop: the first is easier for exporting one file, while the second is better for exporting multiple files.
SVG files are useful for logos and graphics as they can be scaled without losing quality.
SVG files have the highest quality at the smallest file size compared to JPEG or PNG files.
The first method involves going to File > Export > Export As, but sometimes the SVG option is not available.
To fix this, go to Preferences > Export and check off "Use Legacy Export As".
There are two methods to export SVG files in Photoshop:
Method 1: Use the legacy "Export As" window, select SVG format, adjust image size if needed, and click "Export" to save the file.
Method 2: Add ".svg" to the layer name for each layer you want to export, then go to File -> Generate -> Image Assets, and save the project as an SVG file.
Photoshop can export SVG files by saving them as PSD files and then exporting the image assets as SVG documents.
After creating a PSD file in Photoshop, click on "Save" and locate the saved PSD file on your computer.
The image assets in the PSD file can be exported as SVG files by opening the "Assets" folder and finding the SVG document.
This method allows you to export multiple layers as SVG files at once.
The exported SVG files can be used in other projects in Illustrator or Photoshop.
00:00when working with logos or graphics svg
00:02files are super useful because they can
00:04be scaled without losing quality and
00:07they have the highest quality at the
00:09smallest file size compared to say a
00:11jpeg or a png file now these types of
00:14files are typically used in illustrator
00:16where most people do graphic design work
00:18however you can also create slash export
00:21svg files from photoshop now in this
00:24tutorial i'm going to share two
00:25different ways to do it the first
00:27version is going to be easier if you're
00:28just exporting one svg file however the
00:31second version is going to be better if
00:33you want to export multiple svg files at
00:35the same time so let's get into it now
00:37here in photoshop i have a png file
00:40already opened as you can see right here
00:42it says png so we need to convert this
00:45image into an svg file that way we can
00:47get all that scalable vector graphic
00:50goodness out of this logo
00:53so to do that we just have to go to file
00:55down here to export and then export as
00:58now in this export as window we're going
01:00to go to format and then set the setting
01:04oh there is not an svg option here and
01:07that is exactly what most of you are
01:09probably going to experience and luckily
01:11it's very easy to fix so pressing cancel
01:14we are going to fix this by going to our
01:15preferences on mac that's going to be
01:17photoshop preferences on pc i believe
01:20that is file and preferences if i'm
01:23wrong you can correct me down in the
01:25comments below within your preferences
01:26options we're going to go to export in
01:28the dialog box that appears we're going
01:30to check off the use legacy export as
01:33and then click ok now we're going to
01:35repeat the same process as before going
01:37to file down here to export and then
01:40export as this time we're going to be
01:42using the legacy export as window and
01:44when we go to format you'll notice we
01:46now have an svg option so clicking svg
01:49you now have set that for your export
01:52settings you can adjust your image size
01:54as you wish but then from there just
01:56click export choose a save location that
01:59you would like
02:00and then click save now photoshop will
02:02work its magic and your svg file will be
02:04saved in your location on your computer
02:07now this is a great option to use when
02:09you're just exporting a single image
02:11like i just did here however imagine if
02:13you had a few different layers and you
02:14wanted to export all of them as svg
02:16files at once well in that case there's
02:18a sneaky little thing you can do where
02:21you actually just add svg to the layer
02:24name so for example here i'm going to
02:26just click on my layer name double
02:27clicking there to rename it and then
02:29just type in dot svg at the end of the
02:32name if you have multiple layers you
02:34want to export as an svg you're going to
02:37do the exact same thing to all of those
02:39layers now we're going to go up to file
02:42and then down here to generate and then
02:45click on image assets i've already
02:47clicked on mine so you can see i have a
02:48check mark here but you just want to
02:50make sure that that check mark is in
02:51fact there
02:52now what we're going to do is save this
02:54image as a project and it's going to
02:57create an svg file within it by going to
02:59file and then down here to save as the
03:02save as dialog box will open where we
03:04can choose a location to save our
03:08project with my location chosen on my
03:10computer i'm going to set my format to
03:12photoshop to create a psd file from
03:15there i'll click on
03:16save click ok and now let's go and
03:19locate that psd file on my computer now
03:22here on my computer you'll notice that i
03:24have my svg example psd saved which is
03:27the project i just created but then
03:29there's this folder above it that says
03:31assets and if i open that up there's
03:33this little example logo svg and if i go
03:36and see what file type it is it is in
03:38fact an svg document so photoshop has
03:41taken the image asset based on the file
03:43extension that we gave it in our layers
03:45panel and then exported that asset as
03:47its own file so you can now go and use
03:50this svg file that you just saved in
03:52another project in illustrator or in
03:55another photoshop project or whatever
03:57you're wanting to do so this is a really
03:58helpful option for when you want to
04:00export multiple layers as svg files at
04:02once just adding svg and then exporting
04:05image assets will do just that for you
04:07so now with these two methods you know
04:08how to export svg files in photoshop but
04:11if you're working with logos don't
04:13forget to check out my other tutorials
04:15on how to change logo color or how to
04:17remove the background from your logo if
04:19those are two things that you're
04:20struggling with i'll leave a link for
04:21those down in the description below or
04:23you can find a card for one of them up
04:24in the corner right now anyways my name
04:26is brandon from and
04:28if you enjoyed today's video and i
04:29helped you learn something of course hit
04:31that like button down below i really
04:32appreciate it i appreciate you for
04:34stopping by and i'll catch you back here
04:35next time see you then
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1. What are the two methods for exporting SVG files in Photoshop?

The two methods for exporting SVG files in Photoshop are explained in this video tutorial. The first method is easier for exporting a single SVG file, while the second method is more efficient for exporting multiple SVG files at once.

2. How can I export a single SVG file in Photoshop?

In this video tutorial, the easier method for exporting a single SVG file in Photoshop is demonstrated. You'll find step-by-step instructions for this process, making it convenient for creating scalable vector graphics.

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This video tutorial covers the more efficient method for exporting multiple SVG files at once in Photoshop. By using this method, you can save time and effort when dealing with a large number of SVG files.

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Scalable vector graphics (SVG) files offer several advantages, such as resolution independence and smaller file sizes. This video tutorial explains the benefits of using SVG files and how they can enhance your design projects.

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Using SVG files for web design provides advantages such as scalability, interactivity, and smaller file sizes. This video tutorial highlights the benefits of incorporating SVG files into your web design projects and how to export them from Photoshop.

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