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The video highlights 200 light PC games that can run on weak systems without a dedicated graphics card, covering various genres including action, adventure, strategy, FPS, fighting, survival, and 2D games. The games mentioned range from classics like Assassin's Creed and Batman to indie gems like Celeste, offering a diverse selection for gamers with low-end PCs. The video provides detailed descriptions and recommendations for each game.
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This section introduces a list of 200 light PC games that can run on weak PCs without a video card.
Games mentioned include Alice Madness Returns, Assassin's Creed series, Harry Potter game, Batman City, and Dead Rising 2.
The Assassin's Creed series is described as realistic and involves using a device to revisit past lives.
The Harry Potter game is praised but has strange dubbing for the Magics.
Batman City is mentioned as a game that revolutionized the superhero genre.
Deadpool is briefly mentioned as an almost hero game.
This section of the video discusses various PC games for low-end systems without a graphics card.
Sonic game that alternates between 3D and 2D is recommended over the new and heavy Sonic Frontiers.
Ultimate Spider-Man 2 is suggested as a lighter alternative to Spider-Man: Morales.
99 Lives and 199x are beat 'em up games with different graphics and gameplay.
Blood Root is a choreographed game where the environment is used to defeat enemies.
A classic hand-drawn game with cool music, character evolution, and crazy bosses is mentioned (name not provided).
The new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game is praised for its resemblance to the Super Nintendo version.
Highlight Drifter and Outside of Family are top-down camera games with pixel art and Norse mythology themes.
This section mentions several PC games that can be played on low-spec computers without a graphics card.
Action of War is a command-style game that runs lightly on PC.
Age of Empires and Age of Mythology are strategy games that have remastered versions that are not too heavy.
PC Desgaia is a game similar to Final Fantasy and worth trying.
There is a game similar to Halo Infinite with similar graphics, but it is a monkey game.
Bomber Créu Bomber Grill is a complex airplane game with missions and tower defense elements.
Company a Fer Heroes is a command-style game with action phases.
This section recommends several FPS games that can run on weak PCs, including Far Cry 1-3, Call of Duty franchise, and Counter Strike 1.6.
Far Cry 2 features a realistic gameplay where the character has to take medicine for malaria.
Bulletstorm is an exaggerated FPS game with unique mechanics that reward creative enemy executions.
Call of Duty franchise includes Modern Warfare 1-3, Black Ops 1-2, and revolutionized the multiplayer of the genre.
Counter Strike 1.6 is a classic FPS game that can run on weak PCs.
Crazy Zoom is a very light game that doesn't require a video card to run.
The video recommends various games for weak PC without graphics card, including Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 3, Final Fantasy 13-2, The Witcher 2, Crimson Land, Pac-man, Stardew Valley, Minecraft, Terraria, The Binding of Isaac, and Vampire Survivors.
Final Fantasy 7 classic is recommended as better than the new one by root fans.
The Witcher 2 is considered more addictive than the newer versions.
Crimson Land is a zombie survival game with classic Bald character.
Stardew Valley and Minecraft are recommended as the best farm and 2D games, respectively.
The Binding of Isaac and Vampire Survivors are highly addictive games with a lot of content.
The speaker recommends various PC games, including Zombie games, Back Ops, Splinter Cell Blacklist, and 2D games like Chrome Blazer and Celeste.
Recommends Zombie games with good level design and story-based game Back Ops
Suggests Splinter Cell Blacklist for Mission: Impossible fans
Mentions 2D games like Chrome Blazer and Celeste, praising their quality and surprise factor
00:00When it comes to PC games we have
00:01several games that are much better
00:03than many games for strong PCs and in this
00:05special, which is the biggest video on the channel
00:07on the subject, I will present you 200
00:09light games that will run on your
00:12humble PC, just you You will need a
00:14simple, very old processor, an
00:16integrated video, yes, you don't need a
00:19video card and a maximum of 4 GB of Ram, but
00:21many games on this list run with much
00:23less than that, so leave
00:25your like, this video took a lot of work
00:27to make. Don't be selfish, starting with
00:31third-person action and adventure games, we have Alice Magnes
00:34Returns, which brings a bizarre and
00:36macabre version of the story Alice in
00:38Wonderland, seriously, this game can be
00:40disturbing, especially its ending,
00:41now if you want something a a
00:43slightly lighter footprint, there is this other
00:45Alice in Wonderland game based on the
00:47film. Remembering that all the names of the
00:48games will be here in the description,
00:50leaving the fantasy a little aside,
00:52we have the killer from Assassin's Creed
00:542, brotherhoods and Revelations, which are
00:57very light and we have the assassin and
01:00Assassin's rogue and they are a little
01:02heavier but they still run on weak PCs
01:04this is an extremely realistic series
01:06where your character can be 500 meters
01:08high on top of a little bit of straw
01:10and you don't die you use a device
01:12electronic to revisit past lives
01:15and has an apple with mystical powers all
01:17based on real facts we also have the
01:19Harry Potter game which is really cool but
01:21the only problem is the dubbing of the Magics
01:23which are a bit strange
01:38City which are two games Batman, these
01:41games revolutionized the genre, being
01:43copied by several other games out
01:45there and gave life to quality
01:48superhero games, but forget about life, how about
01:52death, we have the classic Dead Rising 2,
01:54where there are a lot of very crazy dead people and
01:57you create several crazy weapons for
01:59their rebbe talking about death in
02:02hero games and such Deadpool who is an almost
02:04hero and even has a romance with death
02:06this game is phenomenal very funny and
02:09has great combat I
02:10highly recommend another game that I highly recommend is
02:13sleevit here You control a Monkey that
02:15is inspired by the tales of Son Goku, the
02:18monkey god in the game. You meet a beautiful
02:20woman who puts a tiara on
02:22his head where she forces him to do everything
02:25she wants, otherwise the Tiara kills him, yes, it's
02:27almost like a wedding ring
02:29we also have GTA San Andreas and GTA
02:31vai se City and they are very light and there is
02:34GTA 4 which is also light because it is a bit
02:36poorly optimized on some hardware. It is
02:40for a weak PC but requires a
02:43slightly better integrated video and Tell me,
02:45who needs to play Hogwarts
02:47Legacy, that new Harry Potter game
02:49with realistic graphics? Of course no
02:51one needs it. This modinha game has
02:54very realistic graphics and the reality is
02:59happy there is
03:02also LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Lego
03:04Batman 1 2 and 3 LEGO Hobbit and Lego
03:08Harry Potter These were the Lego games
03:10that I played and I highly recommend it and speaking
03:13of LEGO We remember bricks and for those who
03:15like bricks there is a Prince of
03:18bricks game translation Prince of pieces there's
03:21this one that's drawing Dinho it's
03:22just called Persian brush there's Forgotten senses
03:25which is the latest released with more
03:26advanced graphics and it has the breasts of time it's the
03:29lightest and for me it's the best of
03:31them all but if do you want a
03:33darker and more adult game Play liram nightmart
03:36This is one of my favorite games
03:37of all time it really surprised me
03:39and for those who like destruction I totally
03:41recommend Prototype 1 and then Type 2
03:44these games are insane you feel
03:47very powerful and it's very fun and very
03:50disgusting, talking about power, we have a group
03:53that has these powerful women in
03:55bikinis throwing water at each other.
03:57For example, this character here who
03:59runs a program.
04:06your victory and how about running,
04:08yes, running a lot because I'm going to
04:10recommend you my favorite Sonic of all I
04:12've played in my life, Sonic Generations
04:15This is that Sonic that keeps alternating
04:17between 3D and 2D, you know, it's really cool, better
04:20than that new and heavy Sonic frontiers
04:22and to finish the category we have
04:25spider-man but Morales and you don't want to
04:28play because he is very heavy and we
04:30are on a diet we are Light very light
04:32so play the ultimate spider-man 2 which
04:35is just the same, lets go of the Web in the same way,
04:37hits the enemies in the same way way and everything,
04:39now moving on to the btn up games and they
04:42are those games where you move
04:44forward and hit everything you see, we have the
04:46very Brazilian 99 lives with
04:49really Turma da Mônica graphics and Pilares voice acting,
04:52the game is really cool, we also have
04:54199x, it's a game very similar to the last one but
04:58totally different
04:59also Blood root today you use the
05:02scenario to finish the enemies and
05:03here a Hit kills both yours and the
05:05enemies it seems choreographed the game
05:08seems like a dance when you get the hang of it you
05:10know it looks really cool you just go
05:12understand when you pick it up to play and
05:14of course there's a classic I forgot the name
05:16but the name is there in the description this game
05:18is all hand drawn it has really
05:20cool music a glass and really cool evolution of
05:23characters and really crazy bosses But the
05:25best of them all is the new Teenage Mutant
05:27Ninja Turtles game that is very reminiscent
05:29of the Super Nintendo which is one of my
05:31favorite snes games, now moving on to
05:33the top camera games, you know those
05:35games with the camera in the clouds up there, you
05:37know, from above, focusing on your bald
05:40So we have Highlight drifter it's a
05:43Spectacular pixel art game where you
05:45play and tell me if you like
05:47Norse mythology and play it now four of course
05:50you don't want to play it now outside
05:52of Family what do you want to play
05:55which is the same but totally
05:57different look So I bet they didn't even
06:00notice the graphic difference, it's the same
06:02thing and here you control a respectable Viking
06:04who will kill several good
06:06giants and you know, strange things
06:08happen here on this channel so you play
06:10Stranger Things and it has the same graphics as the
06:13series, you can't even tell If it's a game or
06:15reality it looks like the actors are being
06:17controlled to finish the category
06:19we have lansoved is this game there now going
06:22to the racing games we have bler
06:24in this game you can't go to the
06:26graphics settings and turn off
06:29the game and how about playing Burnout Paradise
06:32version classic Yes, in this game you
06:34run freely around the city
06:36Open World which is pretty cool but I hate it and
06:38you destroy everything exaggeratedly we
06:41also have formula 1 2018 which brings
06:42insane details for those who like the
06:44sport and can't drive a car like
06:46that because you're poor and to
06:48make you even more excited we have Grid 2
06:51which has beautiful graphics even though it is
06:53light, great destruction of the car with
06:55physics in the destroyed parts and
06:58well-made Gameplay this game calculates but man
07:00who remembers the racing game Rei do
07:03Pedaço the Master of Mages of the genre Top
07:06Gear Well, the little song already comes to our
07:08mind right away, right? So we have Horizon
07:11Chase Turbo, which is totally inspired
07:13by it and is very fun and addictive, look,
07:16it's a Brazilian game, it's also worth
07:18playing, it's really worth it, even if it
07:19irritates you to drive
07:22two-wheeled motorbikes in moto gp13 Yes
07:26Man doesn't live by cars alone, we have motorcycle games
07:28too and of course we couldn't miss the entire
07:31unforgettable Need for Speed ​​franchise
07:33for weak PCs Underground 1 step out of
07:35two from Run Most Wanted and the rest me
07:37I forgot there is also Reis driver Grid I
07:40loved this game here there are normal cars
07:42crazy cars Formula 1 and several other
07:45crazy types of cars there is also Red
07:47out which is a kind of different f0
07:51it is one of the coolest I played here
07:53you turn on the turbo and destroys
07:56enemy walls with insane animations and the
07:59graphics are very beautiful even though it's light and of
08:01course there is, yes, Sonic Race is
08:05very fun and addictive, I played the
08:07first one frantically as well, but the
08:10second one is the dream that Reis transforms from,
08:12it's even better, despite because I played
08:14about 200 hours less, we also have the
08:17split century that you fill up the bar and
08:19use to cause catastrophes in the scene by
08:21sweeping enemies off the map and to
08:23finish there is a track Mania is a
08:25little game where the community creates the stages,
08:27so just There's an impressive fun phase,
08:30anyway, it's free, right?
08:43Action of War and you control exchanges
08:46in the style of commands with color 3 is one of the
08:49best games of the genre and the
08:51old version runs on PC from Show do Milhão very
08:53lightly we also have Age of Empire
08:56Zoom it was once Empire 2
08:59the classic versions we we have the
09:01remaster versions that are a little
09:03heavier, right, the student game weighs but the
09:05remaster versions are not that heavy,
09:07maybe they even run on
09:10your poor PC and of course there is Age of
09:13Mythology which is the same but with
09:15Greek mythology I love this game it
09:17was one of the first games dubbed in
09:19pt-br that I played in my life there is also the
09:21PC desgaia which reminds me of that final
09:23fantasy Ted who played it on PS1 I
09:26loved that game Remember once a
09:28guest arrived at home I was excited
09:30for everyone, although just for me
09:32to play this game again, it's very similar But I
09:35still prefer Final Fantasy from PS1 so
09:37this one is also worth it and
09:38how about playing Halo Infinite, no, you don't
09:41want to play Infinite kingdom After all, it's
09:43not even a strategy game Yes, and it has ugly, heavy graphics,
09:45but there is another game very
09:48similar because it is also a monkey game. And
09:50this one, strategy, has
09:52identical graphics. Look, I'm going to change it and you won't even
09:55notice this one. It
09:59's also a monkey game, but here you
10:01won't. face boring aliens, no
10:03here it's much cooler here you face
10:06balloons yes you will evolve your monkeys
10:09to blow up all the
10:10evil threatening balloons and look at this game here
10:14it's insane I bet you didn't know
10:16Bomber Créu Bomber Grill here you
10:19command your airplane very complex way
10:22to complete missions and defeat
10:24enemies in a Tower Defense style,
10:26going through several adventures here in the
10:29afternoon session and also the classic
10:31Company a Fer Heroes, which is like
10:33a Comper command with a phase plus action
10:35where instead of you
10:37none of my favorite games that
10:39got me hooked for dozens of hours Defense
10:42Grid 1 and Defense 2 I love these games which
10:45are very fun Tower Defense with
10:48really cool challenges I love this game here
10:50I'm so fascinated by this game I
10:52like to play it and here's the thing: if
10:54an enemy passes by, if one passes by, I
10:56reset everything, man, I like to play it
10:58perfectly to see if it's Perfect and it has a
11:00technical Defense that I didn't like as much as
11:02the others but I still thought it was
11:04pretty cool And also the fake taxi and it also
11:07goes in the same vein as Final Fantasy
11:10this one is sensational and very unique
11:14Seriously, my little friend, give
11:16this game a chance and there's also my cockatiel
11:18singing in the background no no no no no it doesn't
11:19count for the video take a point there
11:21is an insanely wonderful addictive
11:24this extremely fun Monster train
11:26This is one of my favorite games that
11:27I played in recent years it has the beagle
11:29that runs on any potato and as
11:32simple as it seems it is very
11:35shadowhunders is a very focused game in the
11:37narrative with Gameplay reminiscent of xcom
11:39and anime before Slade Spider or Slender
11:42inspire How to pronounce it and practically
11:45it is the father of monster train and of course there are
11:47also The Classics Of the classics, the
11:49kings of the genre are Warcraft 3 and Starcraft
11:512 and there are two The most awarded games in
11:54history are a reference on the subject my
11:56friend and you didn't play my friend you
11:58are in for everything and download these games
12:01because man These are a culmination of the
12:03Summit of the Summit of extraordinary and
12:06Starcraft 2 is free on the Launcher
12:09from Blizzard And it's time
12:12to turn off your brain so you don't ruin it
12:14due to fatigue and you leave it idle for too long,
12:16right, so you can't go too far
12:17and turn on your Gamer mode on kill kill
12:20because now we're going to talk about FPS games
12:23which means fire, beatings and crying
12:25starting with betofield Beth Company 2
12:28for many this is still the best in the
12:30series with destruction of the scenery
12:31Impeccable varied story mode But I
12:34still prefer the Beta and all three and it was
12:37responsible for making me quit Call
12:39of Duty at the time guys, this is the game it got me
12:41so addicted and I left Call of Duty
12:43aside collecting dust for a long time.
12:44There are also Shock 2 and Bioshock
12:47Infinite and they are totally focused on the
12:49campaign and highly awarded, praised by
12:52everyone except me, I don't like them that
12:54much, but for But my
12:55opinion is more important than the entire
12:57universe, I still recommend it if you
12:59like it. There is also Far Cry 1, which I have
13:01never played, and Far Cry 2, which is very
13:03focused on realism, where your
13:05character even has malaria and you
13:06need to stay taking medicine and there's the
13:08best one of all time which is Far
13:10Cry 3 and it's the one with Vasco everyone
13:12knows, right the guy with the weird mohawk and
13:14of course there's his DLC and colic or Blood
13:17Dragon Blood Dragon the Blue Dragon and it
13:19makes everything futuristic and even the
13:22game's tutorial is a joke the game is
13:24very crazy bulletstorm is an
13:26exaggerated FPS with unique and very
13:28satisfying mechanics Here the more creative
13:31you are in executing enemies the more
13:33points you earn and of course we have the entire
13:35Call of Duty franchise which runs on
13:37weak PCs and the most famous, popular and
13:39most played franchise of its kind, it's causing
13:41chaos at the moment I'm recording
13:43this video because Microsoft wants to
13:45buy it, it's a desperate matter and finally
13:46we have coffeed 2 Call of Duty 3 for weak PCs
13:49can 4 Modern Warfare and
13:52revolutionized the multiplayer of the genre has
13:55its sequel the modern Fire 2
13:57also has Modern Warfare 3 the World Art
14:00work brought back WWII themes
14:02and we also have Black Ops 1 and
14:05Black Ops 2 all of these run with these
14:07weak and when it comes to FPS games on
14:09PC, of ​​course, the
14:11Lan House fever couldn't be missed, Counter Striker
14:141.6, tell me, have you ever done Corujão
14:17in your life
14:22? I miss you and you can forget that
14:25stereotype if my PC runs Crysis because
14:28time has passed my friends, the good PCs
14:30of the past are the weak fish of
14:32today and nowadays Crazy Zoom doesn't
14:34need a video card to run it It
14:36's very light already both and three also
14:38runs on a weak PC But they are a
14:41little heavier and of course you couldn't
14:43miss the classic dum and its sequel
14:46one two and speaking of classics like
14:48forgetting the Duke nuke in 3D or famous
14:51than ever in 64 I had the
14:54console tape, my Nintendo 64 friends, for
14:57me this game is pure nostalgia, of course it
14:59was Piratão, right, because I was poor like
15:01you, in fact I still am to this day,
15:03but anyway, I remember there was a little
15:05tape where you put an
15:07original tape on the back and the little tape that you don't
15:09even want to mention that it was Piratão, right?
15:10And you managed to play the pirated game on the
15:12console, it was like unlocking the consumer,
15:14at the time it was a tape that you put in
15:15an original tape and another pirated one to
15:18make it work crazy, but it was a
15:20very good, there is also the movie 3 and
15:23I am excellent FPS games more focused
15:25on horror with great
15:28gameplay mechanics power and much more and we have
15:31the impeccable revolutionary half-life 2
15:34which was the only one in the series that I played the
15:37physics Artificial Intelligence
15:38setting of this game they are
15:40impressive, worthy of an Oscar,
15:42really something unique and within the same
15:45ending we had Left for Dead 1 and Left
15:48for Dead 2 where you play with three other
15:50companions and face hordes of zombies,
15:52these games are wonderful, it's a shame that
15:55Valve doesn't know how to count to three and I don't
15:57I could leave out the games from the
15:59Medal Fiona franchise, I played more on
16:02PS1, I confess, but there are
16:04excellent games for PC like medolflor
16:06Pacifico and Assault, it gives me the
16:08most recent thread there and there's also Metro
16:112033, which is very immersive. and
16:13cinematography the entire franchise
16:15including In fact I'm going to put it here
16:17only play 3 repeats Castle ofenstein and
16:21used adasso but very fun from
16:23House of Death and it's like those
16:25shopping mall games where you just aim and shoot
16:27while the game runs alone, well Arcade
16:30Right at the moment, there are a lot of FPS games
16:32But that's enough Let's talk now about
16:34Slash hacker games and I didn't put many on the
16:37list but the ones I did are excellent,
16:39starting with Bayonet which is my
16:42favorite, on the list a great variety of combos
16:44Great gameplay, fast, fluid, but it
16:47needs almost 1 GB ram to run
16:49too so it's for a weak PC but a
16:52little decent like that shitty PC but
16:55not that much and I said this one is
16:56my Favorite because I didn't put the
16:58MC3 one ok because I already made another
17:00special one I spent Almost 10 minutes
17:02talking about this game, so here to give it
17:03some variety, let's move on to the next one,
17:05which is very light and equally
17:07wonderful, which is Castlevania Lord
17:09Shadows 1 and I also have question 2, two
17:12excellent games that are very reminiscent of
17:14combat, but with a soundtrack in
17:16unique ambience and of course a story
17:19worthy of the franchise there is also the
17:21blue darksider Darksiders 2 and it has graphics that
17:23remind me of Warcraft with the figures that are a bit
17:25large and a bit clunky, I already admit, I have to
17:28admit that these two here are
17:30my least favorite but maybe you will like them Go
17:32deep But what I really like is Devil
17:34May Cry 4 which is very good and is also a
17:36DM if Mc Cry is the reboot, right And yes
17:39I know that the new Dante wasn't
17:42as charismatic but the gameplay of this
17:44game salvo is very good and at the end of the
17:46day that's what matters isn't it and
17:48even now for fighting games Let's
17:49start with 10 Bull Corona ghost a
17:52hand drawn graphic and great
17:55gameplay mechanics each character is
17:57very different in their techniques
18:00the famous Knights of the Zodiacs is
18:03amazing guys it's one of my
18:04favorite games of the genre here it has all the
18:07anime sagas Saga Hades
18:09golden knight Asgard this game is fantastic it's
18:13my favorite fighting game deadline 5 and it's
18:16no use coming to make fun of me Isn't it
18:18because of these girls who are good at fighting, it's
18:21because of the game itself, it has a lot of combos, it's
18:24fun, scenery animations,
18:27addictive gameplay, and so on, this game is really
18:29good, if you go to the menu and
18:31slide down there to see the
18:33number of combos that It never ends,
18:34man, it's a plethora of combos, it's
18:36impressive, it also has Dragon Ball
18:38Z on the back with a camera and gameplay
18:40like Budokai, it has a PS2 box, but
18:43as an original story of changing
18:44timelines, for those who like it, not
18:47everyone likes it. Dragon Ball, right? It's very
18:48interesting to see this
18:50original story of the game. There's also Mortal
18:52Kombat 9, which is still my favorite of the
18:54new ones, I think it's better than 10 and
18:5611, this was the violence, which is much
18:58more exaggerated in the middle. in the fight you see their
19:00characters there, a face all
19:02torn apart, the skin coming out and they
19:04cut some of that off in the sequence, it's
19:06really worth it, there's Naruto Ultimate Ninja
19:08Storm 2, Storm 3 and Revelations which
19:11are the lightest, right? And of course it couldn't be
19:13missed a game from the biggest
19:15fighting game franchise in history Super Street
19:17Fighter 4 I played a lot of multiplayer in
19:19this game here I just chose the team which
19:22was Pilão for hell he
19:24also had Akuma Ryu the goal who I was
19:27also very good with Dan that
19:29ridiculous character who was just
19:30playing around looks like a skinny Steven Seagal
19:33and finally we have Ultimate Marvel
19:35versus Capcom which is a mess on the screen
19:38that you can't understand anything but it's
19:40fun now moving on to the
19:41puzzle games we do have hygiene and it looks like
19:44a card game but with bosses
19:46very cool RPG animations there's
19:48country lady where you need to put
19:50things in your hole and make your
19:51hole wider and wider there's Poly
19:54Bridge 2 which is a
19:56very complicated bridge building game I thought it was good
19:58Some of the phases of this game are difficult, here they are
20:00only for those who have done engineering, the business is
20:03complicated, go on faith and have otar, so
20:05I'm the ones who are basically a Shadow of
20:07Colossus Wind where you use an arrow
20:09that goes back and forth, now moving on to
20:11RPG games now I say that we have several
20:13masterpieces starting with Battle chasers
20:15nightward and it is simply excellent it has
20:18very beautiful graphics I like this
20:19style drawn here and what can I say about the
20:21acclaimed Chrono Trigger guys this game
20:24is on the list of the top 10 best
20:26RPG games ever made by everyone and also one
20:29of the best Super Nintendo games and it has a
20:31PC version, take advantage of it, it's not
20:33because you're poor that you can't
20:35be happy, have fun, we also have the echo
20:38Diablo 2, which is addictive, and there's also
20:40Diablo 3, and it's also light, but a little
20:43heavier, both have addictive gameplay,
20:453 can be played cooperatively with a friend,
20:47it's very good, the copy of this game here
20:49is not with Dragon's Dogma, in a little while
20:51this game is for spending 100 hours
20:53or more playing too much Eco, there's also
20:56talking about the three mentioned in Vegas which are
20:59I've never seen any game similar to the
21:01proposal of these games here the mechanics
21:03and look at the delights of the 3 are really cool
21:05huh I remember there was one of
21:07Leonardo's aliens it's a very
21:10satisfying game And what How about playing Final
21:12Fantasy 7, but not this one, the one
21:15you're seeing is very good but it's
21:17heavy, there's another one that's much lighter with the
21:19same graphics, it just loses a little
21:22texture here Final Fantasy 7 classic,
21:24seen identical I bet most of
21:26you don't even notice I changed
21:27games and look, the root fans say that
21:30this classic here is better than the
21:32new one, don't waste time, go
21:34play it, but if you want something more modern,
21:36there's a Final Fantasy 3 Final Fantasy 13
21:382 and Final Fantasy Light in Returns The
21:41Light trilogy, all three are
21:43very light and wonderful, I know that
21:46the two games you're
21:48watching, I only played about five minutes
21:49to put in the video, but it looks
21:51good, but I didn't play much, it was The
21:53witcher 2 runs on a weak PC and I've
21:55always said I much prefer this one
21:58over the three, I like this one much more and
22:00it's one of the most addictive games of its
22:02kind that I've played in recent years and it's
22:05Lacrimosa, as this game is really cool.
22:07to play evolve you have to test it
22:10right now but for you to test you
22:12will have to be alive right And to be
22:14alive you need to survive So let's go
22:17to the survival game genre
22:19for you to train after all being
22:22poor is not easy for us survive in the
22:24hard mode new game Plus more more more
22:26so let's start a Crimson Land in which
22:29you will devastate order of zombies and the
22:31cloth your character also has the
22:33most classic Bald in the World of Games the
22:35Pac-man and you know when people
22:37send you and plant potatoes So go play
22:39stadium they are worth the best farm game
22:42there is And how about playing Minecraft
22:442D very different then play Terraria
22:47This game has a lot of content there is a game
22:50that you love it is this one here the debate of eisen
22:54this game is addictive every ramp you
22:55put together a completely different build
22:57and a lot of content, but the game that surprised me the most
23:00recently was the most
23:01addictive Vampire survivals. This
23:04game was so good and I saw several copies
23:07after it was released.
23:11a developer just the guy was brilliant
23:13This game is very satisfying to play play
23:15now going to the horror games
23:17Survival horror Let's start with Dead
23:19Island Where you are trapped on a
23:22paradise island infested with zombies and has
23:24a very RPG feel there is also the
23:26wonderful Dead Space 1 Dead Space 2 and
23:29Dead Space 3 are all highly
23:31recommended for men and women with
23:33good taste and who leave a like, but if
23:35you are selfish and have a bad character, don't leave a
23:38like, relax, there's this game here
23:39for you to play too, Resident Evil 6
23:42the pride of the franchise goes there it's good
23:44trust But going back to the
23:46beautiful and polite people who left like
23:48I recommend Resident Evil 0 and Resident
23:51Evil remake if you have a
23:52better PC now if you are very bad
23:55Resident Evil 3 classic and Resident Evil
23:574 classic the version that you only play
24:00on the keyboard is much lighter than the one on
24:02Steam, just epic games And there is also a
24:04Resident Evil 5 for those who like a
24:05more action-oriented approach to Coap And if I talked
24:07about Resident Evil then I have to
24:09talk about biggest competitor Silent Hill
24:112 and Silent Hill home eat and both
24:14are very light and very good
24:15especially the two are the best in the
24:18franchise in my opinion, lie I
24:19prefer one but there isn't one for PC As far
24:21as I know and of course there is a game of the year
24:23until the end The Walking Dead as a
24:26story worthy of an Oscar or not, but
24:28horror is not playing these
24:30games here, of the TPS genre, the best
24:33saying is a third-person shooter,
24:34starting with Gears of War, that
24:37old version, this game on PC even has
24:39a bonus stage where you face the
24:41brumaki is that giant armed egg there is
24:44also the purple one and with Future Soldier it is a
24:46great tactical game it is the chaotic Just Cause
24:492 where you can do everything in the most
24:51exaggerated way imaginable it is
24:53pure fun trash 2 which is gameplay remember
24:56that the shape, but the highlight goes to the
24:58camera, it looks like someone is filming you
25:00all the time, it's a hit and bomb shooting game
25:02and just action all the time, there's Mafia
25:042, which is a mafia game where you
25:05control the guy in the Kill and do
25:07mafia things but Ephesians 2 is one of the
25:09best games ever made or not but
25:11seriously this game is wonderful with a
25:13very rich universe and story is very
25:15good and Max Payne 3 is one of the best
25:17third person shooters for
25:19Weak PC in the Frantic combat of the Initial
25:21yes movement you jump in
25:23Matrix style paralyzes the camera you will switch
25:25to pistol and you hold Shotgun with
25:27one hand and with the pistol it is very cool I
25:28highly recommend Max Pain 3 it has a
25:31Sniper it sees you two that It's very
25:33satisfying to see the animations of the
25:34bullet's trajectory, the x-ray of the
25:36enemies' bodies and better than that,
25:38imagine this all mixed with the
25:39zombie apocalypse, my friends, the
25:42Zombie games, the gun and trails, mixed the
25:43two and it's really cool. It's better than the
25:46new ones, there are some new ones that I played, I
25:47hated them, but this one is very good
25:50because of the level design, trust me, this one is
25:52the best, but if you want a really story-based game
25:55with a heavy theme, play this
25:57Back Ops one there. This game is a very
25:59disturbing channel, it's a game with a really
26:01heavy story, but if your business is something
26:03more like Mission: Impossible and something
26:06like that, play Splinter Cell Blacklist, this
26:08game is fantastic and of course we have the
26:10wind, basically this game is crazy,
26:12it's a lot The thing happening on the screen is
26:14laser shots everywhere very fast and
26:16frantic and going to the last category
26:19of the video we have the 2D games, the one about
26:21moving forwards and backwards, starting
26:23with the techniques, this game here is really [ __ ],
26:25we also have a Batman Arkham Origins
26:27Black Gate which features a version of
26:29Batman that's a bit weird, but it's really
26:31cool. And also the biolado Wars, which is
26:34pretty rubbish, but you can play really
26:36well and we have an insane blast. Yes, it's
26:39good, it's practically a place where it's the
26:41two of him and me. Say, remember
26:43Super Nintendo's Contra Three So we have
26:45Chrome Blazer, which is very similar, it's really
26:48cool, I really liked this game, but
26:49you have a game that surprised me
26:51a lot,
26:52already made, I loved it, I didn't expect
26:55this game to be as good, but better. I still
26:56play a 10 out of 10 even though the perfection of the Seven
26:59Seas gamers is Celeste, this game is
27:02impeccable and shows that the simple can
27:04be magnificent and the standard of qualities
27:06has risen because look, the next one has a
27:09Dead Cell, this procedural game is insanely
27:11good, very addictive, fun and there is
27:13also Dead Light, the quality standard has already decreased
27:15here Bad Light is not that
27:18good, here you play
27:19Zombie Apocalypse in 2D, it is different, it
27:22is cool, but anyway, there is also The Tails,
27:26Adventure Hunters and of course
27:30I couldn't miss the dush and liesel lie
27:33this one could be missed like
27:35this game doesn't even make a difference but it's good
27:36but really good and it really
27:39couldn't be missed I rollonite for
27:41everyone looking forward to the sequel the threads
27:43song and you haven't even played it First you're going to play
27:45there's also a weird kingdom village
27:48where you build your fortress and
27:50face hours of crude and silly enemies and
27:53there's the classic Mega Man
28:02it on Game Pass and I decided to
28:03record it and I was surprised It's really
28:05cool but not as cool as
28:07friend Pedro the banana game this game
28:10is very bizarre you jump turning mortal and
28:13shooting in slow motion I thought it was really
28:14fun but absolutely nothing if
28:18compares it with gold and Blind Forest is the
28:20best game of its kind on this list
28:22this game is simply perfect a
28:24work of art Impeccable and I always cry
28:26at the game's intro every time No Fail man it's
28:29very sad but on the other hand I'm
28:31happy playing the game heyman Legends and I'm already going to
28:33cause controversy listen just king me Legends
28:37is better I said better than any
28:40Mário ever made And how about playing Roblox
28:43no then it's playing a movie then it's
28:47a very good navinha game Seriously
28:49this game is really cool with some good
28:51parts very seasony you kill the enemies
28:53to gain more time if the time runs out
28:54you lose then the game becomes Frantic it's
28:56very good but if you want to play a
28:58more responsive game there's a School not that this
29:00game is bad I just didn't really like it
29:02because it's really bad and there's the real Claro slain
29:04Back From with incredible visuals and the
29:07best part is the heavy rock soundtrack,
29:09there's Claro Sonic mania that revived the
29:12style of the classics and it was excellent
29:13but if you want a Subway Adivânia game,
29:15here's another one for you Dude, Wonder
29:19labyrinth I think this game is simply
29:21fantastic, using the arrow and floating,
29:23the mechanics of the game are really cool and
29:25to finish off we have the classic warmus
29:27Armageddon I played this game a lot on the
29:29PS1 dubbed, I went from the dubbings to pure
29:31nostalgia, a huge amount of
29:33weapons, it gives to play with friends,
29:35playing against it, it has a cool campaign,
29:36wonderful classic game, it's really
29:39worth it and guys, this video was a lot of work,
29:42don't forget to like, comment a lot
29:44below, seriously, saying that you played it helps me
29:47a lot Don't be selfish, I made this video
29:49with so much care in whim Thanks guys,
29:51a big hug and I went
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are some light PC games that can run on weak systems without a dedicated graphics card?

Some light PC games that can run on weak systems without a dedicated graphics card include classics like Assassin's Creed and Batman, as well as indie gems like Celeste. These games offer a diverse selection for gamers with low-end PCs, covering various genres including action, adventure, strategy, FPS, fighting, survival, and 2D games.

2. Which genres of games are covered in the video highlighting 200 light PC games?

The video highlights 200 light PC games covering various genres including action, adventure, strategy, FPS, fighting, survival, and 2D games. It provides detailed descriptions and recommendations for each game, ranging from classics to indie gems, offering a diverse selection for gamers with low-end PCs.

3. What type of systems can the mentioned games run on?

The mentioned games can run on weak systems without a dedicated graphics card. They are suitable for gamers with low-end PCs, offering an enjoyable gaming experience without the need for high-end hardware.

4. Can you recommend some indie gems for gamers with low-end PCs?

For gamers with low-end PCs, indie gems like Celeste are highly recommended. These games provide an enjoyable gaming experience without requiring a dedicated graphics card, offering diversity in gameplay and storylines.

5. What are the key highlights of the 200 light PC games mentioned in the video?

The 200 light PC games mentioned in the video range from classics like Assassin's Creed and Batman to indie gems like Celeste. They offer a diverse selection for gamers with low-end PCs, covering various genres including action, adventure, strategy, FPS, fighting, survival, and 2D games. The video provides detailed descriptions and recommendations for each game, catering to the gaming needs of those with low-end hardware.

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