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The video discusses 25 safe places for people living in their cars to park and sleep overnight, including hotel parking lots, emergency room parking lots, campgrounds, and industrial parks. Other options mentioned are welcome centers, dealership lots, and city street parking.
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This section discusses three safe places to park and sleep in your car overnight.
Hotel parking lots are safe due to the presence of people, lights, and sometimes security.
Emergency room parking lots are also safe because of the constant flow of people and the familiarity of cars parked overnight.
Campgrounds, although typically requiring payment, provide a safe and undisturbed environment for sleeping in your car.
Good places to sleep when living in your car include Walmart parking lots, Cracker Barrel locations, industrial parks, and welcome centers.
Walmart parking lots offer safety in numbers, access to bathrooms, and various amenities.
Cracker Barrel allows people to park and camp behind their locations, mainly for RVs but also possible for cars or vans.
Industrial parks are usually empty in the evenings and on weekends, making them a quiet and safe place to sleep.
Welcome centers at state lines can sometimes provide large areas for parking and resting.
Some places to sleep when living in your car include dealership parking lots, well-lit parking garages, casino parking lots, and BLM land.
Parking at a dealership of the same car type can make it look like your car is waiting to be fixed.
Well-lit parking garages with security and cameras can be a safe option, even if it requires paying a few dollars.
Casino parking lots are generally safe due to the constant presence of people, and security mainly focuses on protecting the cars.
BLM land, which is owned by American taxpayers, is often located in remote areas and can be a good place to park for the night.
Tips for finding safe places to sleep in your car:
Police stations might be an option if you can't find anywhere else, but make sure you don't have any warrants.
Churches often have big parking lots where you can ask the reverend or pastor if you can sleep.
City street parking is legal in some cities after a certain time, but be stealthy and leave before the meters start again.
Apartment complexes without assigned parking spots or gates are a good place to park overnight when living in a car.
Some apartment complexes have visitor parking that can be used overnight.
A car in a visitor parking spot is less likely to be noticed or questioned.
If no one catches you sleeping in the car, you can keep returning to the same spot.
Truck stops such as Loves and Flying J are also good places to park.
Safe parking programs and 24-hour gyms can be good places to sleep in your car.
Safe parking programs provide designated parking lots with security and facilities.
24-hour gyms allow you to park your car unnoticed and provide access to bathrooms and showers.
Consider sleeping in a friend or family member's driveway as a last resort.
00:00so in today's video we're going to be
00:02talking about 25 places
00:04where you can park overnight and sleep
00:06in your car safely
00:08all right let's jump right into the list
00:09number one is hotel
00:11parking lots hotel parking lots are a
00:13great place to park
00:15because there's a lot of people coming
00:16and going uh there's usually lights the
00:18hotel's right there
00:20sometimes there's parking lot security
00:22not usually gonna have people breaking
00:23into cars and doing things to people
00:25in a hotel parking lot so it's a great
00:27place if your car is stealthy enough
00:29or your vehicle is stealthy enough for
00:30you to pull in bed down for the night
00:33a lot of times hotels also have like
00:34bathrooms in the lobbies in some cases
00:37you can pretend to be a guest going to
00:39use the bathroom if you need to i
00:40personally have used hotel parking lots
00:42and i think they're a very safe place to
00:44park and sleep
00:45overnight number two we have emergency
00:48room parking lots
00:49kind of the same deal a lot of people
00:50coming and going all hours of the night
00:52no one will be surprised to see a car
00:54parked there overnight also too with
00:56emergency rooms
00:57a lot of times people drop a family
00:59member off they don't want to sit in the
01:00in the hospital
01:01they'll go sit in the car so a lot of
01:03times even when there's security at the
01:06they're used to seeing people sit in
01:07vehicles so even if they see you
01:09in your car it might not be that big a
01:11deal they're also well lit
01:13safe areas where you can sleep in your
01:15car number three is campgrounds
01:18now a lot of the a lot of the places i
01:20list are going to be free
01:21campgrounds is one where you know you
01:23have to pay typically but a lot of times
01:24they're cheap
01:25five ten fifteen twenty dollars um but
01:28the cool thing about campgrounds is no
01:29one can bother you once you pay your
01:31no one can bother you for the night that
01:33is one of the big things when you sleep
01:34in your car
01:35you're always worried someone's gonna
01:36bother you also campgrounds a lot of
01:38times has facilities
01:39they got bathrooms some have showers you
01:42know a lot of them have like fire pits
01:44and water
01:44and all these other things so sometimes
01:46after a few days of being in your car
01:48just you know normally sleeping places
01:50you might want to check into a
01:52it's kind of a luxury number four would
01:53be rest stops now this one is kind of uh
01:56area specific some rest stops or these
01:59little rinky-dink rest stops and
02:00nothing's going on
02:01but then other parts of the country they
02:02have these huge rest stops
02:04where it's it's normal for people to
02:06pull in and sleep for hours sometimes
02:08these rest areas are patrolled they have
02:10security they should typically have
02:12bathrooms vending machines
02:14nice areas you can get out stretch your
02:15legs so rest areas are a great place
02:18to park overnight if you find one that
02:19looks like a lot of people are doing
02:21number five is the granddaddy of them
02:24walmart parking lots but i do have to
02:26say that i think this one
02:27is slowly going the way of the dinosaur
02:30i think more and more walmarts are
02:32putting up no overnight camping signs
02:34just because they've been getting
02:35inundated with rvs
02:37and people sleeping in vans and people
02:39sleeping in cars and you know some
02:40walmarts just don't want to deal with
02:42that so check ahead
02:43if you're going somewhere or you know
02:44this if you're going to be sleeping in
02:46your car in the town you live in
02:47you know check and see if the walmart
02:49allows you to sleep there some do
02:51and the ones that do it's still a great
02:53place because walmart
02:54uh is right there you know lots of
02:56people coming and going all hours of the
02:58if it's a walmart that allows you to
03:00sleep in the parking lot there will be
03:01other people sleeping there
03:02so you know there's more safety and
03:04numbers and if you need something you
03:06just get them going to walmart they got
03:07bathrooms in there they got everything
03:09you can imagine in there
03:10so walmart parking lots are always a
03:12great place to park
03:13if you are allowed to park there number
03:15six is another
03:17kind of chain and that's cracker barrel
03:19cracker barrels all over the country
03:21um i personally did not know this but
03:24one of the one of the things cracker
03:25barrel allows
03:26is people to park and camp and sleep
03:28behind the cracker barrel mainly
03:30rvs but if you find a spot you can
03:32probably pull a car in there
03:33a van in there do the same thing number
03:35seven we have industrial parks
03:37okay industrial parks are like those
03:39business parks where there's a lot of
03:41just businesses
03:42you know after six seven o'clock
03:44nobody's there you know they're usually
03:46pretty nice maintained
03:47areas um plenty of parking spaces but in
03:50the evenings no one's there
03:52maybe a couple cars someone working late
03:54maybe there's a you know an
03:56overnight shift there's a couple cars
03:58and definitely like on the weekends
03:59there's never anybody there
04:00but it's a great place to kind of pull
04:01in and sleep kind of lonely
04:04probably won't be a lot of people around
04:05so maybe you won't feel as safe as if
04:07you park somewhere where there's a lot
04:08of people around but
04:09it's an area where no one's gonna bother
04:11you even if your car is like the only
04:13car in the parking lot
04:14people will assume that you're just
04:16someone working there
04:17overnight or on the weekend number eight
04:19is welcome centers
04:20welcome centers are usually when you
04:22cross state lines say you go into
04:25there will be an arizona state welcome
04:27center and sometimes these are almost
04:29like rest stops
04:30this is another one that's location
04:32specific some places no
04:34but some places have huge welcome
04:36centers and there's bathrooms
04:38and there you know there might be
04:39vending machines and they allow people
04:41to park there
04:42for long periods of time moving on
04:43number nine this is what i came up with
04:45i haven't seen this on anyone else's
04:47list and that is auto repair or mechanic
04:51now this is one that if they catch you
04:53they definitely gonna run you up out of
04:55but i like the fact that um no one else
04:57is really talking about it
04:58no one's gonna expect you to pull into
05:00the mechanic shop and sleep
05:02you know one of the things is there are
05:05lots of other cars
05:06there's always lots of other cars at
05:08mechanic shops um
05:10and they're the cars coming up so it's
05:12not like
05:13the the neighbors can be able to peep
05:15you know if there's a car there that
05:16shouldn't be there
05:18no there's always different cars at
05:19mechanic shops there's usually no one
05:20there past
05:22you know seven o'clock at night get in
05:24there when it's dark
05:25pull in bed down you know leave in the
05:28morning before seven before the
05:29mechanics get there
05:30no one should ever be the wiser number
05:33ten this is another one
05:34no one else is really saying car
05:35dealerships okay i thought about this
05:38one because there's there's been times
05:39when i had to leave my car
05:41overnight at a car dealership to you
05:43know get serviced or something like that
05:45and you might drive by that night just
05:47to make sure your car is okay
05:48um there's always cars at the car
05:49dealership lots of security cameras
05:51though so
05:52you know you should be able to pull in
05:54especially it's a good tip if you go to
05:55the dealership that's the same type of
05:57car as you have
05:58if you have a subaru pull into the
06:00subaru dealership it's just gonna look
06:01like the car is waiting to get fixed or
06:03something like that there's gonna be a
06:04bunch of other subaru's up there as well
06:06um but definitely they're gonna be
06:07security cameras things like that so i
06:09would not do
06:10this tip more than like maybe you know
06:13once a week you know or if you're just
06:16passing through a town
06:17you might do it like one night number 11
06:19parking garage
06:20this is another one that might cost you
06:21a few dollars but parking garage is
06:23usually well lit a lot of them have
06:26some have cameras a good place even if
06:28you have to pay four or five dollars
06:29whatever it is
06:30to pull in sleep for the night and you
06:32should not have
06:33any problems number 12 would be casino
06:36parking lots
06:36now obviously you have to live in an
06:38area that gambling's legalized and they
06:39have casinos
06:40but casinos love people to be around
06:43okay and and you know gamblers they're
06:44there all
06:45hours of the night so a casino is a good
06:47place for you to pull up
06:49park you should not have any problem
06:51even if there's security room in the
06:52parking lot they're not checking to see
06:54what people are doing in their cars
06:55they're checking to make sure no one's
06:56messing with the cars
06:57so if you in your back seat or crawled
07:00in your trunk or however you sleep
07:01lean back in your driver's seat if it's
07:05no one's probably gonna bother you no
07:06one's gonna see you and also you
07:07probably can get away with going in the
07:09casino um you know they might have a
07:11go in there grab a meal or um you know
07:13going to use the bathroom maybe
07:15you can go in there and gamble number 13
07:17is blm land
07:18that's bureau of land management land
07:20and that is land that we
07:21as american taxpayers players own it's
07:24usually you know out in the middle of
07:26it's kind of naturey kind of woodsy if
07:28you do a
07:29google search of blm land in whatever
07:31area you're going to or whatever area
07:33you live in
07:34lots of stuff will pop up there will be
07:35lots of people telling you where the
07:37exact land is where there's some
07:39dispersed camping maybe
07:41it'll all be laid out trust me and you
07:43can also use uh they got apps and
07:45different websites that that this is
07:46what they deal in
07:48places where you can camp for free
07:49things like that so blm land is a great
07:51place you can go
07:52usually you can be there up to 14 days
07:54um there won't be any facilities things
07:56like that but if you just need somewhere
07:58where you can legally go
08:00and and stay for a while you know blm
08:03land is a great place number 14
08:05is one you got to kind of be careful
08:07with but that's grocery store
08:08and mall parking lots got to be careful
08:11with this one um because a lot of times
08:12grocery stores and malls they close at a
08:14certain time
08:15and if there's cars up there after that
08:17time the cops might come by bothering
08:19whatever so so peep it out you know
08:21there might be a mall or grocery store
08:24that has
08:24one place that's open late and you can
08:26blend in with those cars
08:28maybe there's an area where like the
08:29cops don't care if you crash in that
08:31parking lot
08:32you know you have to check it out but
08:33that is an option number 15
08:35is one i saw it in articles like that's
08:38actually good i never thought about
08:39police stations police stations no one's
08:42thinking about going to the police
08:43station and sleeping overnight
08:45okay which makes it great no
08:48cops are patrolling their own parking
08:50lot to see if somebody's sleeping there
08:51so it might be a good one
08:52um but also uh the article i read the
08:54lady said she went inside and talked to
08:55the police officers
08:56hey she's like i'm she was just
08:58traveling through she's like i'm a woman
08:59you know i need a safe place to sleep
09:01don't have money for a hotel
09:02can i sleep in your parking lot and they
09:04ran her information trust me they're
09:05gonna run your license your id
09:07everything facial recognition maybe your
09:09finger fingerprints
09:11but if you ain't got a warrant tonight
09:12you should be good but if you can't find
09:14anywhere else to sleep
09:15police stations might be an option for
09:17you number 16 churches
09:19churches are another place big parking
09:21lots nobody there
09:23go inside ask the ask the reverend ask
09:25the pastor
09:26uh you know hey can i sleep in the
09:27parking lot it'd be hard for for a
09:29pastor to say no you can't sleep in the
09:30parking lot
09:31okay or you might just want to pull in
09:33sleep there probably not any security
09:35patrolling the church parking lot
09:37number 17 city street parking so a lot
09:40of cities um like downtown they'll have
09:42like metered parking
09:43but after a certain time of night it's
09:45free you it is perfectly legal for you
09:47to pull there
09:48um and and have your car there now if
09:51they catch you in the car some cities
09:53have ordinances on sleeping in your car
09:54it's important to have a stealthy setup
09:56you know if you're gonna be sleeping on
09:58city streets
09:59but as long as you leave before the
10:01meters kick back in which is usually
10:02like seven in the morning or something
10:03like that
10:04you're fine you're perfectly legal for
10:06you to park your car there
10:07and sleep in it as long as they don't
10:08catch you sleeping in it uh but make
10:11make sure you're out of there before the
10:13meters get back kicked back in
10:14because the meter mage is gonna be out
10:16if it's seven o'clock you have to have
10:18the meters kick back in
10:20um at 6 58 they're gonna be out there
10:21cruising so make sure you're up early
10:23and get out of there move your car so
10:25you don't get a ticket number 18 is the
10:27same but the exact opposite
10:28it will be residential street parking so
10:31this will be parking in a neighborhood
10:33and i honestly think this is one of the
10:35places to park a lot of times your car
10:37in a neighborhood
10:38people are going to assume it's it's the
10:40car of the house closest by
10:42probably not going to mess with if
10:44you're in a decent area so i definitely
10:46look for a decent part of town but look
10:48for for residential streets
10:49maybe not right in front of someone's
10:51house but you know maybe if they've got
10:52a fence
10:53maybe around the corner you know you
10:55want to be close to a house but not
10:58i want to be close to a house but not
10:59like directly in front of it you want
11:01your car to look like it belongs to a
11:02house but not
11:03anywhere where if i'm looking out my
11:05window i can see it you know but
11:07residential areas i think are one of the
11:08best places to park
11:09and if you scout around you can usually
11:12find a residential street
11:13and be like oh that'd be a nice spot to
11:14park what do we got now number 19.
11:17moving right down the list we already at
11:18number 19 and that would be renting a
11:22okay we live in a time where everybody's
11:24you know got some for sale online
11:26you know you might be able to hop on
11:28craigslist facebook marketplace someone
11:30might be renting a spot in their
11:31um i know a lot of times when i uh lived
11:35and worked around like a lot of downtown
11:38apartments and things like that
11:39uh sometimes with your rent say i rented
11:42an apartment downtown i get a parking
11:44but i knew a lot of people who did not
11:45have cars so that was one of the things
11:47they would do was they would sell
11:48their parking spot or they would rent
11:50their parking spot you know they might
11:52go and get the uh
11:53if you needed a decal they might go and
11:55get the decal
11:56and then they would rent it out to
11:57somebody else or like sell the decal to
11:59someone else
12:00and be like oh you can park in my spot
12:02some people might just have a huge
12:04realize hey i can make some money
12:06written it out number twenty apartment
12:09apartment complexes are a great place to
12:11park the ones that don't require a decal
12:13or don't have a gate
12:14um because once again lots of cars
12:16coming and going if there's no set spots
12:18you know no one's really going to know
12:20if that car is supposed to be there they
12:21don't know who lives you know apartments
12:23are big most people don't know you know
12:25what their neighbors cars are none of us
12:27know who our neighbors are these days so
12:28um you know
12:29a random car here and there no one's
12:30gonna notice also um a lot of apartment
12:32complexes even the ones that have like
12:35assigned spots they'll have visitor
12:36parking and if you pull in late enough
12:38pull into that visitor parking
12:40um and you're out of that visitor
12:41parking early enough in the morning no
12:42one's gonna care
12:43even if you even if you find a good spot
12:45like that that's one you could probably
12:48forever no one's gonna notice and even
12:50if someone notices oh that red kia is
12:52always over there in visitor parking
12:53they're going to assume that like you're
12:55somebody's boyfriend or girlfriend who's
12:57always over
12:58but just doesn't have an assigned spot
12:59so if you identify a good apartment
13:02where you can park and no one bothers
13:03you that's somewhere that if you are
13:05living in your car like long term in one
13:07you could probably keep hitting that
13:08spot up and be okay because no one's
13:11it's not a big deal as long as no one
13:12catches you sleeping in the car
13:14number 21 be truck stops we all know
13:16what those are truck stops
13:18huge places like loves um flying j
13:21things like that trucks are coming and
13:22going all hours of the night
13:24truck stops could be a little loud but
13:26um you know there are places typically
13:28for where cars can park one good thing
13:30too they also have showers
13:32anybody who's lived in the car you
13:34realize early on
13:36that the bathrooms and the showers are
13:37the things you miss the most so truck
13:39stops have bathrooms
13:40um a lot of them have showers 10 12 13
13:43you can get a shower they're just set up
13:45better for like people who've been like
13:48on the road in vehicles uh when i've
13:50gone through truck stops it just felt it
13:52i liked stopping at them as opposed to
13:54like regular gas stations
13:56you know i just yeah i could get
13:57everything i needed done at a truck stop
13:59and no one looked at me crazy when i had
14:01that sleeping in my car
14:02look about me okay you know if you love
14:04your car you don't talk about
14:06no one looked at me crazy when i had
14:07kind of that vibe about me because all
14:09the truck drivers did too number 22
14:11is if you can find a business that has
14:14is open like 24 hours or has an
14:16overnight shift
14:17and has an employee parking area that'd
14:19be a good place to pull your car in
14:21if you're super stealthy now you got to
14:22be super stealthy with this one but it'd
14:24be a good place to put your car in sleep
14:26um because if you know if employees are
14:28working the overnight shift
14:29their cars are going to be there all
14:30night and this is another one if you can
14:33get it to where people get used to
14:34seeing your car
14:35and no one knows you're sleeping in your
14:37car you can do it every night
14:38they're just going to assume you work
14:39there if they see your van your car or
14:42whatever there every single night
14:43they're going to assume you work there
14:44no one's going to think twice about it
14:46we're up to number 23.
14:48up to number 23 and this is safe parking
14:50lot program parking lots
14:51so some cities in response to the
14:54overwhelming number of people
14:55sadly who are living in their vehicles
14:57have decided they're like okay
14:59um you know it's not safe in a lot of
15:01places for people to be in their cars
15:03um let's set up parking lots that you
15:05know a lot of times they might have
15:06fences around them
15:07um or they're places that you know they
15:09have security on hand
15:11it's just places where they've
15:12designated people can park overnight so
15:14if you have one of these in your area
15:16take advantage of it
15:17take advantage of it and it and it's
15:19camaraderie there's a lot of there'll be
15:20a lot of other vehicle dwellers there
15:22get to meet some people get to know some
15:24people learn some tricks from them
15:26help each other out there hopefully
15:27there'll be bathrooms on hand something
15:29like that
15:29so google it see if your area has that
15:32or if you're traveling through an area
15:33see if they have that see if they allow
15:35people to come for just one night
15:36and stay there but definitely look into
15:38safe parking programs
15:40number 24 24 hour gyms another good
15:44pull in park your car there'll be people
15:46coming and going
15:47not as many people overnight but no one
15:49will know
15:50if they just see a car there they're
15:51going to think you're in the gym also
15:54um if you want to solve the bathroom
15:55shower problem get a membership at the
15:57gym we've all had them late night
15:58bathroom urges okay and it was a problem
16:02it was a problem but if there's a
16:0324-hour gym right there and you're a
16:06you just walk in use the bathroom you
16:07know whatever in the morning we need a
16:09shower go in there
16:10if you remember they can't say nothing
16:11to you last but not least
16:13number 25 and this might be one you
16:15don't want to do
16:16but it would be a friend or family
16:18member's driveway maybe you don't want
16:20your friends to know you're sleeping in
16:21your car maybe you don't want moms to
16:23know you're sleeping in your car
16:24but hey worst comes to worst you can't
16:26find nowhere else to sleep
16:28or if you've got a cool friend cool
16:29family member lots of people don't care
16:32if i got a house i got a driveway i got
16:33a spot in front of my house i got some
16:35land somewhere
16:36i don't care as long as you don't trash
16:37the place and with friends and family
16:39sometimes too they'll let you come in
16:40use the bathroom use the facilities you
16:42know maybe even cook you up some
16:43some some foods uh you know so
16:46friends and family's driveway is another
16:48great place to park and you can do that
16:50long term
16:51so those were 25 25
16:54places you can safely sleep in your car
16:58find a few that work for you hopefully
17:00you can find like a good spot
17:01use it long term but just know you can
17:04sleep in your car safely
17:06you know i've done it i was okay um you
17:09know the first night was kind of weird
17:11but once i got over that one night that
17:13first night of doing it i realized i
17:15could do it
17:16um and actually kind of like it actually
17:17kind of like sleeping in my car
17:19um nobody bothers me i'm all to myself
17:22um and and it's a good time anyway
17:24thanks for watching if you have any
17:25questions please leave them in the
17:26comment box below
17:27um subscribe to the channel we're going
17:28to be doing more content
17:30about living in your car things like
17:32that but also a a wide variety
17:34of other subjects so uh check the
17:36channel out if you like what you see
17:38subscribe i'm tim thanks for watching
17:40talk to you later
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1. What are the 25 safe places for people living in their cars to park and sleep overnight?

The video discusses 25 safe places for people living in their cars to park and sleep overnight, including hotel parking lots, emergency room parking lots, campgrounds, and industrial parks. Other options mentioned are welcome centers, dealership lots, and city street parking.

2. Are there any specific recommendations for safe parking places for people living in their cars?

Yes, the video provides specific recommendations for safe parking places for people living in their cars, such as hotel parking lots, emergency room parking lots, campgrounds, industrial parks, welcome centers, dealership lots, and city street parking.

3. How can people living in their cars find safe parking spots overnight?

People living in their cars can find safe parking spots overnight by exploring options such as hotel parking lots, emergency room parking lots, campgrounds, industrial parks, welcome centers, dealership lots, and city street parking, as mentioned in the video.

4. What should people living in their cars consider when choosing a safe place to park and sleep overnight?

When choosing a safe place to park and sleep overnight, people living in their cars should consider factors such as security, accessibility, and local regulations. The video discusses various options that meet these criteria, including hotel parking lots, emergency room parking lots, campgrounds, industrial parks, welcome centers, dealership lots, and city street parking.

5. Are there any precautions to take when parking and sleeping overnight in different locations?

Yes, there are precautions to take when parking and sleeping overnight in different locations. The video highlights the importance of safety measures and offers practical tips for staying safe while parked in hotel parking lots, emergency room parking lots, campgrounds, industrial parks, welcome centers, dealership lots, and city street parking.

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